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The 2nd Annual

Photo: Nicholas Troutman. “Surfing in Heaven.”

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Photo: Kyle Hull “Winter Sun at Spirit Falls�

Stephen Forster lived life to the fullest and loved to share his passion and optimism both on and off the river. He truly enriched and inspired all who met him. In honor of Stephen Forster and his spirit and devotion for kayaking, we asked our fans to create a film or take a photo that inspires others to join the world of kayaking. Enjoy! - B.F.

“African Sunset Airscrew” Photo: Nicholas Troutman Paddler: Dane Jackson

CONGRATULATIONS! You will receive $300 CASH plus Streetgear from bomb flow.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Photo: Adam Snezyk Evining wavetrains in the sunset. Perfect way to end the day.

CONGRATULATIONS! You will receive $100 CASH plus Streetgear from bomb flow.

Photo: Eric Adsit

Harrison Rea, Celestial Falls, OR

Both Photos on this page: Tino Specht

Below: “A campsite on the Amazon Express Expedition in Peru. “In the evening we pulled over to a small outcropping of rock where we decided to make camp for the night. Overshadowing us was a Gold Mine that stayed lit up all night. “

Photo Left: Nick Murphy “Jared Seiler sending on a high flow descent of the untouchables gorge on the fabled Fantasy Falls section.”

Photo: Evan Garcia. Paddler Derek Beitler running a beautiful clean falls in Southern Argentina.

Photo: David Hartman Paddler Joey Hitchins stylin’ Buseater.

Photo: Benjamin Gagnon

“Francis Maheu of Quebec Connection in the: Historical Moments Series. First D of La Demone! Short class V continous rapid.�

Photo: Jakub Sedivy “Ron and Francesco crossing under an ancient bridge in the sacred Dolpo region of Nepal during the langu khola expedition in 2012�.

Photo: Paul Thomson “The Crew.” Vancouver WA

“Johnny Meyers, gets pitted on the North Fork of the Payette River.” Photo: Colton Stifter

Photo: Joaquim Fontan茅 Mas贸 / Location: Salt

Photo: Matt Price / Paddler: Lukas Strobl “First descent 80ft Salza Dam Waterfall in Austria. Overboofed - but fine”

Photo: Evan Garcia

“Jake Greenbaum having an amazing line down The Untouchables Gorge in the fabled California multi-day run Fantasy Falls. This is one of the most intense and powerful rapids ever run and it’s located deep in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Photo: Todd Wells / “Rush Sturges spotting his landing on

Outlet Falls. Shot in Washington State’s classic winter light.”

Photo: Max Irman. “Threshold Baby, Altai Ryder- Basil Porsev.

Photo: Kevin Saussure “The tail of the devil on the Glueyre River / Pddler Mathias Guillot

Photo: William Saunders “Punchbowl Falls - Eagle Creek, OR.”

Photo: Lydia Cardinal “Sam Fulbright with a mean peel out from his first time catching the Birthday Eddy, right above Gorilla on the Green River Narrows. “

Photo: Lane Jacobs / Paddler: Rafa Ortiz, Chiapas Mexico

Evan Garcia runs a super technical line on Racehorse Creek Falls in Washington as Sam Freihofer waits patiently on safety patrol. Photo: Rhys Logan

Ian Volgel on the Salween River in Yunnan, China Photo: Ian Vogel

Photo: Zachary Penman First descent of Maruia falls in Murchison New Zealand on an inflatable whale.

Photo: Paul Schauer “Nirvana.”

Photo: Paul Thomson. “John (Grizz) Watkins and Jeff (the Athlete) Compton running Mosier Falls in Oregon.

David Erns Lining up for Middle Palquin. Photo: Jakub Sedivy

Photo: Jay Nelly / Sam Grafton on Icicle Creek

Photo: Dylan Stewart / Francois Brassard boofing on the Vain River, Saguenay region, Canada.

Photo: Ty Caldwell. “The Brotrain” in Linville, NC.

Golden ride in Camecuaro Photo: Alejandro Perez

UK’s Dembritz Bren Orton going huge over here in the UK. Bren will be rocking it out at the Worlds too so keep an eye out for some more huge moves! Photo: Dale Mears

Bottom Photo: Mikael Ekstrom

“Aniol Serrasolses on a high water day in Voss, Norway last summer.”

Right Photo: Andraz Krpic

“Architecture of nature clashes with architecture of men. Both magnificent in their own way. Rok Sribar running the “California Section” of Reuss in Swiss Alps.”

Photo: David Hartman. “Sven Perschmann bracing for impact at the bottom of superslide on St. Leon’s creek, Nakusp, B.C.”

Left Photo: Jakub Sedivy “Checco passing through one of the countless super deep gorges of Langu Khola

Right photo: Ronnie Plate Chippewa River Bridge Walk

Photo: Max Irman. “Threshold Baby, Altai Ryder- Yegor Voskoboynikov.”

Photo: Nick Gottlieb Carson Lindsay, Rio Nevado, Chile.

Photo: Josh Neilson Paddler Fred Norquist running double drop on the Teigdale in Voss, Norway.

Above Photo: Florian Primetzhoffer. “A well earned night after a hard day of paddling on the Ikopa.- Madagascar.”

Photo Right: Tobias Propster “Offenseebach.”

Photo: Nate Pfeifer “Elbow Room.”

Photo: Martyn Butler “A well known british waterfall photographed a bit differently...�

Photo: Adam Goshorn Matt Taylor on Jones Creek, AL

Left photo: Jackson Blackburn. “Jules!”

Right Photo: Nick Gottlieb “Isaac Levinson, Demshitz Drop, Rio Nevado, Chile.”

Photo: Eliot Berz Hunt Jennings running Desoto Falls, Alabama, TN.

SEE YOU ON THE RIVER!!! Photo: Nick Gottlieb. “WWGP mass start on the Futa.”

Galen Volckhausen finding his Zen on Sahalie Falls. McKenzie River, OR. © Tait Trautman/NRS


We designed the Zen with the philosophy that a rescue vest shouldn’t feel like a rescue vest. That comfort and usability can coexist with toughness and safety. With an ergonomic fit for freedom of movement and refined features for flawless utility, the low-profile Zen becomes one with you so you can be one with the river.

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A big Thank you to our sponsors and to the Forster family for their generosity.

The Film portion of the Challenge starts on on July 22nd 2013. Go to for more details on how to submit your short film for your chance to win over $5000 in cash and prizes.

Forster the Dream Film and Photo Challenge / 2013  

Stephen Forster lived life to the fullest and loved to share his passion and optimism both on and off the river. He truly enriched and inspi...

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