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New ED Leads Growing BOMA OEB Stoneridge Corporate Plaza Takes Home a TOBY!




With BOMA OEB Executive Director Julie Taylor, CAE

Tell us a little about your previous association position and your background.


(Learn more about TOBYs on page 13.)

BOMA Members Gather for Tailgate and Baseball

Stomper made an appearance at the annual pre-game tailgate party. (See page 15 for more photos.)

So You Want to Be an Asset Manager? Two CRE pros share advice at a BOMA luncheon program. (See page 5.)

BOMA Member Profiles Get to know principal member, Thomas Jajeh, and associate member, Carol Leytem. (See pages 8 and 9.)

I’ve been officially working in the nonprofit association field since 1995, first with the American Management Association (AMA) and then California Water Environment Association (CWEA). However, the volunteer bug was instilled in me at a young age by my parents who were very active in a wide range of volunteer activities from PTA to youth sports to the local hospital to associations. I recall being the “soda” girl at the local section picnics when I was five. The value of giving your time to volunteer and serve what you’re passionate about and what supports your community was one of the messages I learned as a child… I’m always striving to serve and am honored to be able to do so for the CRE field. From the education to committees to membership and governance, I have found the variety provides me many ways to engage members and volunteers. I served on the CWEA staff for 16 years. The first seven years I led the membership services and conferences areas. I found that this exposed my team and me to our members the most and gave us a unique perspective that allowed us to better serve them. We worked with over 250 volunteers annually, so we heard many different perspectives that led to new products and services that prepared members for the future. The last nine years at CWEA I focused on the education and training. We worked and transformed our education from four events a year to more than 25 and introduced adult learning principles to our offerings.


Having been Director of Education in your last role, you bring strength to BOMA’s educational efforts. What is your vision for the organization’s educational programs, especially with so many companies ramping up in this vibrant CRE market?


The key to education is having the right content at the right time. That’s a challenging thing to do, but with BOMA OEB’s committees we’re in great shape to do so. You are the experts in the field. I plan to focus in my first year on asking questions and learning about our members, their needs, challenges and opportunities. I believe in taking the rich history of an organization and enhancing it to engage members both new and long term. Over the past three years, I’ve found the shift to using adult learning practices in education can quickly engage, excite and (Continued on page 12)

2 President’s Corner with Anne Sparks

Too Busy to Read This? We all say it, “I’m too busy for anything else!,” but is it true? Are we simply saying this because it is what we are expected to say? I am busy, but I do not feel that I am any busier that anyone else. And, for that reason, I always ask the people around me, “What can I do to help you?” I have found that by opening myself up in this way, I can accomplish more by pooling time with others instead of segmenting my time into tasks. Once you start doing this, you will realize that collaboration is a great way to save time and headaches. It exposes you to innovations, outside-of-the-box thinking and diversity of information.

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Over the summer I was busy. However, I took the time to go to the BOMA International Conference in DC. By being away from the office for three days, I probably saved a week of research and work. I found new products on the tradeshow floor that fixed issues around my property and will save money (like corrosion detectors in pipes and easy door-jamb rust repair kits). I attended educational sessions that re-energized me and realigned my way of thinking (people in NY have the same problems as Californians, but they have different approaches). I would not have this new outlook without BOMA’s diversity. This is one of the biggest benefits from BOMA — getting out of your silo and exposing yourself to influencers. This is also what makes BOMA buildings different from non-BOMA buildings/management companies. We need to remember this when budgeting and talking to building ownership. They may see BOMA as mixers and parties, but more times than not, it is education and influencing diversity of thought. This makes

CBRE, Inc. CIM Cushman & Wakefield Harvest Properties Nearon Enterprises Next Play Consulting RiverRock Real Estate Group you, the property manager, a valuable commodity as you are making educated decisions to save money instead of hoping to find solutions from random, unknown service providers on the internet. Some of the most successful people in our business are successful because they make time for new ideas. And, the busiest people I know do not talk about how busy they are — they seem to take on more activities, boards, committees, etc. It is (Continued on page 14)


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Shape Your Office Building’s 2017 Budget with BOMA’s Office EER Budget season has arrived, making now the perfect time to subscribe to BOMA International’s 2016 Office Experience Exchange Report, the most comprehensive benchmarking resource in the commercial real estate industry for the office sector. The 2016 Office EER offers income and expense data from more than 5,200 office buildings in nearly 275 markets across the U.S. and Canada. Use the information found in the interactive online database of the Office EER to identify the best opportunities to grow income and reduce costs, refine operating strategies, meet annual budget goals and more. Below are just five of the many great ways to put the power of the Office EER to work for you: 4 Compare your income and expense figures with properties that most closely match yours by running customized reports based on building location, size, age and other characteristics. 4 Determine where you can grow income or reduce operating expenses by comparing this year’s income and expense numbers with last year’s. 4 Discover where your building service contracts are over or under market averages and use the data to help rebid your contracts. 4 Get a quick snapshot of market occupancy rates as they correlate to NOI. 4 Export data from the Office EER straight into Excel and create custom charts and graphs to plug right into your budget documents. As you prepare your 2017 budget, be sure to have the Office EER’s valuable market data on your side. And, whether you need data from just one market or you would like access to all markets in the database, you can choose your subscription type based on your needs, so it won’t break the bank either! Subscribe to the Office EER now at eer.boma.org.


Transitioning From Property Manager to Asset Manager: Do You Have What It Takes?

Sarah MacIntyre (above) and Gail Ringer (right).

Do you want to move your career toward asset management? Do you wonder what it will take and if your current skills will transfer? Sarah MacIntyre, Portfolio Manager, and Gail Ringer, Asset Manager, both with Kilroy Realty Corporation, shared their journeys in making this career transition to attendees of a recent BOMA OEB luncheon.

Asset managers focus on the financial and leasing aspects of a property. Though they are less involved in the day-to-day operations, they still need to understand how the property runs in order to make sound financial decisions and to negotiate leases with prospective tenants. Ringer noted that there are two types of asset managers: those who enter the industry straight from college/business school or from a financial asset role, and those who come up through the ranks as a property manager. The good news is that you don’t have to get an advanced degree! Associations like BOMA, IREM, NAIOP and CCIM offer classes you can take to gain the skills and knowledge that you need. (Continued on page 6)

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Transitioning to Asset Management


(Continued from page 5)

MacIntyre and Ringer offered advice on how property managers may leverage their existing property management skills by becoming more involved with leasing and financial analysis. These additional skillsets can help a property manager move up to asset manager.

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Some highlights: w Educate yourself about the market and familiarize your self with industry terminology. Learn about overall trends in your local market, including micro-markets. You are building your own brand! w Research and understand the goals of your asset management team. w Know and understand cash-flow analysis. w Learn what goes into a TI (tenant improvement) and observe the scope of work. w Consider what you already know that is transferable, such as operating expenses and budgets. These skills will help you negotiate a lease. w Follow what’s happening in the lease stage and contribute to the conversation. w In your current role, when a lease is being negotiated ask if you may sit in on a conference call with an attorney. w Understand capital costs by reading notes from previous negotiations. w Leasing is all about relationships, so build your network and stay in touch with contacts. w Use BOMA as your network. MacIntyre said she got her current job because she got to know Kilroy executive Mike Sanford by serving on a board with him. w Go on brokers’ tours whenever you get a chance, since asset managers are in charge of marketing a space. w Brokers will bring you tenants and shape tenants’ choices. Be friendly and approachable. w Find a mentor at an organization like BOMA. w Be a diplomat to people both above and below you. w Network outside your comfort zone. w Realize that what you don’t know, you can learn. Finally, if you take these steps and then decide that asset management is not for you, you will have learned skills that will make you better at your property management job.


UPDATE Do you need to recruit talent for your company? Would you like to host an intern or mentor those new to the industry? Check out CREATE (the Commercial Real Estate Alliance for Tomorrow’s Employees) at the new website, www.createworkforce.org. CREATE provides employers with a progressive selection of “job ready” employees with relevant industry training and an enthusiasm for a promising career in asset management, development, or real estate. CREATE connects San Francisco State University’s Commercial Real Estate Certificate Program to local employers and is an alliance of BOMA San Francisco, BOMA Oakland/East Bay, NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and IREM San Francisco.

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Principal Profile

Thomas Jajeh, Portfolio Manager Milestone Properties Group, Inc.

As Portfolio Manager for Milestone Properties Group, Thomas Jajeh is responsible for leasing, acquisitions, institutional-level reporting, project management and supervision. The Danville–based firm owns and manages a national portfolio of office, retail and light industrial properties. “Since the portfolio is national, I need to stay current with both broad trends as well as specific local forces which affect the tenants, lease rates and capital markets. Maintaining a broad base of relationships and an ability to synthesize a plethora of market research are key,” Jajeh remarks about his role. Milestone’s investment committee is very seasoned and has ready access to both equity and debt sources. “This readiness provides us the ability to execute quickly for the right opportunity— which is important in today’s competitive market,” notes Jajeh. “In the second quarter we completed a trade into a stabilized NNN (Triple Net) portfolio located in Houston and Dallas, Thomas Jajeh enjoys spending time with with the assistance of the firm HFF. I am currently pursuing value-add and his wife and three children. build-to-suit-development opportunities.” Being actively involved in BOMA Oakland/East Bay helps Jajeh build his network and gain industry knowledge. He recently was named to the board of directors. “After successfully leading the Medical Office Special Interest Group, becoming a member of the board was a way for me to become more engaged at a higher level and to offer my leadership talents for the benefit of the organization,” he says. “The relationships, training and diversity of viewpoints have helped me to become a more effective leader.” After work hours, Jajeh enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children. “When I get a breather from our busy schedule, I enjoy hiking, reading, golf and volunteering,” he adds.

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Associate Profile

Carol Leytem, Business Development Manager Rossi Builders Inc.

Rossi Builders, a family business that started in San Francisco more than 80 years ago, brings a depth of experience to its clients’ projects. “Rossi Builders is the real thing— a third-generation builder with extreme ethics and loyalty to our customers, coupled with competitive pricing and delivery,” says Business Development Manager Carol Leytem. “In our 80+ years of success, we’ve built great projects for great clients with great people, and I am honored to be a part of such a dynamic team!” Leytem says her day always starts with communication. It’s the culture of Rossi Builders. “I am learning what the needs of our customers are and communicating those needs back to our team. The success we have is because we communicate well .” Carol Leytem with husband Rossi Builders’ portfolio includes office, lab, medical and capital projects that it has done Rick on a cruise. across the entire Bay Area. “Our signature East Bay project is the Kaplan Building renovation in downtown Berkeley, and we are currently back in Berkeley building a ground-up project,” Leytem notes. “As well as being expert builders, we have partnered with brokers, architects and designers, which is always a plus when it comes to large projects like a 42,000 square-foot interior renovation, which earned the Merit Award of Interior Architecture in the AIA San Francisco Design Awards.” At BOMA OEB, Leytem is active on the Membership Committee. “The reason that I chose this particular committee was the ability to meet and greet attendees at the monthly luncheons and other events. I also enjoy talking with people and hearing about not only their professional, but their personal lives as well. I am intrigued by life stories,” she says. During her off-hours, Leytem enjoys spending time with her husband, Rick (also part of the Rossi team). Cruising is their favorite pastime. She also likes to read. “My current read is David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell. I am a firm believer that “life is not a chance, it’s a choice” and “a dream without a plan is only a wish.”


BOMA... Enhancing the Value of Your Assets By using BOMA’s standards and best practice and benchmarking tools, you can increase the ROI of your assets. In addition, by fighting against costly code changes, BOMA was instrumental in saving the industry more than $6 psf for existing buildings, mostly in avoided costs. The numbers tell the story. Take a look at these impressive statistics from BOMA International.

(Graphics courtesy of BOMA International.)


How Does BOMA Increase Your ROI? Billions of Reasons to Take Notice

BOMA members contribute more to U.S. GDP than pharma or auto industry R&D annually. Through the 91 local associations in the United States and 17 affiliates around the world, BOMA International represents the owners and managers of all commercial properties. In the U.S., the 10.4 billion square feet of office buildings alone represented by BOMA members generated 1.8 million jobs; $227.6 billion in GDP; and supported 46.6 million office workers. With a mission to advance a vibrant commercial real estate industry through advocacy, influence and knowledge, BOMA is the business partner helping its members enhance NOI and asset values.

Industry Best Practices Net Higher Revenue

At least $1 per square foot BOMA is the recognized leader in developing high-performance programs that turn market-based best practice solutions into increased profitability. Take BOMA 360 Performance buildings as an example; they outperform the market in attracting and retaining tenants and generate higher net operating income. The numbers speak volumes:  BOMA 360 buildings achieve $1.77 more per square foot in revenue according to the BOMA Experience Exchange Report (EER) than the average building in the Kingsley Index.  BOMA 360 buildings achieve $1.04 more in revenue than the average LEED-certified building.  BOMA 360 buildings receive higher tenant satisfaction scores in all 54 Kingsley quantitative rating areas including property management, leasing, maintenance, security and property features.

BOMA Sets the Standard for Property Measurement

Rentable square footage increases 2-3% For 100 years, BOMA has set the standard for measuring commercial buildings. In 1915, it published its first ANSIcertified standard for measuring office buildings. Today, the standards have evolved to include Industrial, Multi-Unit Residential, Retail and Mixed-Use, as well as Gross Area. By measuring a property to the BOMA standard, rentable square footage typically increases by 3%.

BOMA Fights Against Costly Code Changes

Saving the industry more than $6 per square foot BOMA International is the only CRE association with a voting seat at the table promoting and enforcing effective building codes. Throughout the three year development cycle of the 2015 I-Codes, BOMA’s representation was instrumental in saving the industry more than $6.00 per square foot for existing building, mostly in avoided costs.

Vital Industry Intelligence Increases Asset Performance

Operating cost efficiencies of 3% BOMA’s EER has three times more usable data than any other comparable source, providing benchmarking data on energy costs, operating expenses, taxes and more to drive a more profitable bottom line—underscoring an industry focus on maximizing building efficiency and smart asset management. Property professionals have experienced up to a 3% savings in operating costs as a result of increased operating efficiencies by benchmarking through the EER.

BOMA Involvement Increases Your ROI

The Numbers Tell the Story Consider the impact BOMA involvement makes on a typical 100,000 square foot office building charging $20.00 per rentable square foot with $7.50 per square foot in operating expenses and a cap rate of 8:  $1/sq. ft. in revenue gained from implementing best practices from BOMA 360 = $100,000  2-3% gain in rentable square footage by correctly measuring to the BOMA standard = $50,850  10% of total captured savings of $6/sq. ft. through last building code cycle = $60,000  3% efficiency in operating costs through EER benchmarking = $22,500

Total potential property value increase of $2.9 million.


New Executive Director (Continued from front page) infuse the membership with new energy and volunteerism. I hope to bring to BOMA OEB some of the principles I used at CWEA to transform our education.


Beyond the educational component, what are some of your goals for the association? Any new programs or initiatives in the works?


Growth, engagement and fun. I hope to be an integral partner in growing the organization in terms of membership and engagement. You have a wonderful community and so many are missing all it offers, I’d love to see sold-out luncheons, overflowing education offerings and our membership growing. My goals are the association’s goals. The strategic plan that the Board of Directors developed is our guiding force. I plan on working that plan with the Board of Directors and from that new programs and initiatives will follow. I’d love to know what new programs and services the members think we should add. What are we missing that would make you more successful at your job? What keeps you up at night from a professional perspective? Please share those with me….the future of BOMA OEB is all of ours, so the more we hear from you the better. The last goal is fun! Without fun engagement, working in good times and bad times is difficult. I hope to build relationships with BOMA OEB members and volunteers that allow us to have fun and work hard together.

bringing me up to speed. I have asked a lot of questions and value the honest feedback.


You’re a long-time East Bay resident. Are there new ways that would you like to see BOMA give back to the community?


The East Bay has gone through so many changes since I moved to Alameda in 1992. It’s so energizing to see the changes as the East Bay is coming into its own. The changes are always challenging and unintended consequences of such growth always happen. How can BOMA OEB be a part of the solution—are there community projects that we can support and engage our members and their organizations with?

Q What do you enjoy doing during your off-hours? A With two kids, ages 15 and 11, it seems my husband

and I have moved to the divide and conquer stage of parenting — Uber service, school events, sporting events and much more. We always make sure to have family dinners every week. This gives me a chance to cook, which I love to do, at least two times a week. I’ve also joined a co-ed softball team with a bunch of parents. It’s a great way to get out and have some fun. We’re not going to win any awards but we have fun! Plus we get to play under the lights! With much less travel in this new position, I’m looking forward to picking up some other hobbies and having time to spend with family and friends.


In this election season, how is BOMA advocating for its members’ interests on the local level. Any hot-button items that the leadership is watching?

A Our Government Affairs Committee is actively engaged

with BOMA CAL and legislative leaders in our area. They are keeping their pulse on the key things that affect the field. As a partner in BOMA CAL, our members can keep up to date via their website and updates. In the election year one key message is to get out to vote! Help ensure the perspectives of our field and geographical area have a voice by voting.


Since coming aboard, what has impressed you most about BOMA members?


In every association I’ve ever worked for and volunteered for, I’m always so impressed by the passion and commitment of the members and leaders. The many hours it takes to put on an event, be a board member, be a committee member, or attending the events is so impressive. The people who make up BOMA OEB are very special. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and have been so kind in

Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming BOMA Events Oct. 13 – Luncheon: Be Prepared: What You Can Do TODAY Oct. 17 – Walter Finch Golf Classic & Wine Tour Oct. 19 – Industrial SIG Summit Oct. 20 – RPA Course: The Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I Nov. 3 – Emerging Professionals Mixer Nov. 10 – Luncheon: Annual Membership Meeting Dec. 8 – Annual Holiday Party

Visit www.bomaoeb.org for the latest listings!


Stoneridge Corporate Plaza Team Takes Home a TOBY from BOMA International Convention Stoneridge Corporate Plaza’s team returned home with a big prize from the BOMA International Conference... a TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) for the suburban office park low-rise category. Congratulations to Anne Sparks, Manny Moreno and the entire Next Play Consulting, LLC property management team. Stoneridge Corporate Plaza advanced to International after winning a Bay Area TOBY Award and then winning in the Pacific Southwest Region. See article below for how your team can start preparing to compete in the Bay Area TOBY and EARTH awards, which could start you on the road to victory at the International level.

Kent Gibson, former BOMA Chair; Anne Sparks, Manny Moreno, and Mark Quistgard, Next Play Consulting; John Bozeman, BOMA San Francisco; Earl Madison, Home Depot (event sponsor); and Timothy Harrison, International Awards Chair.

On the Road to the TOBY and EARTH Awards Now is the time to consider entering your building in The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) contest or the Innovative EARTH Awards competition. Winners will be celebrated on the evening of February 9 at the BOMA Bay Area Annual Awards Gala, a joint event of BOMA San Francisco and BOMA Oakland/East Bay.




You can increase the odds of your building winning a TOBY by signing up for a pre-judging session. The TOBY Team will schedule experienced TOBY judges to tour your property. This pre-judge team will offer suggestions, provide helpful insight and answer questions to assist you and your management team in preparing for the TOBY competition. Schedule your date by visiting www.bomasf.org/outstanding-building-year-toby-contest (then select either “San Francisco” or “East Bay” option).


“The TOBY Entrant Workshop gave Kilroy Realty our roadmap to submitting a successful TOBY application for 303 Second Street. The workshop should be a prerequisite for any applicant who is serious about winning the TOBY,” said Justin Sacco, Asset Manager, Kilroy Realty. “The EARTH award application will be approved in September,” said BOMA Energy and Environment Committee Chair Zach Brown. “It’s a very easy application. Properties can submit single or multiple innovations.”


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President’s Corner

(Continued from page 2)

through all of these diverse activities that they are better able to tackle everyday issues quickly. So, that next time you see a BOMA-OEB eBlast in your inbox and think you are too busy to open it STOP and open it — you’ll likely see in our offerings a way that BOMA can make you a better manager by preparing you for the next step at your building or in your career. Two hours spent outside the office at a BOMA event could save you a day of work/research when solving problems. Thanks to the time influencers who give to BOMA-OEB. If you’re interested in being a time influencer, connect with me or another board member. We’d love to have you on board!

Sparks is President of BOMA Oakland/East Bay and Manager, Next Play Consulting’s Stoneridge Corporate Plaza.

15 Scenes from the BOMA OEB Annual Tailgate & Baseball Game

Clockwise from top right: Ryan Valentine, Petalon Landscape Management; Christa Ediger, Perfection Services; Julie Taylor, BOMA Oakland/East Bay; Noelle Blanchard, BOMA Oakland/East Bay; and Tucker Morris, Harvest Properties. Jeannie Nyberg, American Asphalt, and her son. Nick Haycock and Tyler Morley, METCON. Dana Schumacher, Kastle Security, and her family. Manny Moreno, Next Play Consulting, and his family.

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Trade Show Showcased Vendors’ Solutions

BOMA members recently gathered for a beach party–themed Trade Show and Wine Tasting, where principal members learned about services and products offered by associate members.

Clockwise from top right: Overview of the trade show. Alisha Stanfield and Alyssa Overheul, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation. Sonia Bastidas Fuetsch, Harbro. Colton Stokes, BrightView. Team from Calvac Paving, Inc.

Profile for BOMA Oakland/East Bay


News from the Building Owners and Managers Association Oakland/East Bay (BOMA).


News from the Building Owners and Managers Association Oakland/East Bay (BOMA).

Profile for bomaoeb