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BOMA Membership: Excellent ROI Education…Networking…Advocacy Mean Greater Profitability

2012-13 TOBY Winners 555 12th Street (above left) and Century 21 2100 Franklin2101 Webster Streets (above right) (See back page for details)

BOMA Beats ADA Lawsuit Abuses ADA reform legislation, supported by BOMA California, will curb lawsuit abuses arising from the Americans With Disabilities Act, while promoting increased compliance with disabled accessibility building codes.

BOMA 360 Buildings Get Higher Tenant Scores A recent CoStar survey shows that buildings that attain BOMA 360 status are likelier to retain tenants. And a Kingsley & Associates study detailed the reasons in recent survey. (See Page 8 for details)

Why do companies join BOMA? For more than a century the Building Owners and Managers Association has been delivering tangible benefits to commercial real estate and allied companies to a network that has grown to more than 100 BOMAs in metro areas like the East Bay. BOMA collectively represents 16,500-plus members who own or manage more than nine billion square feet of commercial properties. “BOMA delivers,” says Manny Moreno, chair of BOMA Oakland/East Bay’s Membership and Member Services Committee and a commercial real estate professional. “That’s why people in our industry who want to operate the most profitable facilities join BOMA, take advantage of its educational and networking programs and support its government advocacy goals.” “There is a definite payback to membership,” says BOMA Oakland/East Bay Executive Director Stephen Shepard. “BOMA provides training for BOMA advocates for members’ employees in the latest methodology, keeps indusinterests before local, state try professionals up to date on the latest code, and federal governments. regulatory and statutory developments — and brings allied service professionals much closer together with property and asset managers to achieve industry-wide goals—like sustainability.”

Serving Oakland...Bayside Cities...and Along the 680 Corridor BOMA serves every type of commercial facility throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties: office buildings, industrial and retail. And we provide membership opportunities for firms that sell every type of product and service needed for building operations. Numerous firms that serve buildings reportedly generate much of their business through active membership in BOMA. Their representatives serve on committees, help create events and provide financial and intellectual resources to BOMA. Many BOMA members report enjoying the camaraderie of being with people at social events like golf outings, theme parties, luncheons and serving on committees with others who understand the unique nature of commercial real estate. “Mixing business with pleasure can also deliver some ROI, because people tend to share insights and knowledge when they are relaxed sometimes more than sitting across from each other in a conference room,” says Shepard. Photo by Marlo Lao, Courtesy of Visit Oakland.

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News from BOMA Oakland/East Bay

BOMA Horizons Winter  

News from BOMA Oakland/East Bay

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