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East Bay Property Managers Enjoy Their Jobs

Holiday Celebration

The holiday party was a festive occasion (See page 5.)

BOMA Member Profiles Meet loyal BOMA members, Tyler Morley and Manny Moreno (See pages 6 and 7.)

TOBY Award Winners BOMA Bay Area TOBY winners were announced last fall. Congratulations to the winners of these outstanding buildings! (See page 11.)

A recent survey by CareerBliss revealed that property managers and facility managers rank in the top 20 among the happiest jobs for Americans — and a check with some members of the Building Owners and Managers Association Oakland/ East Bay not only confirms this, but explains it. “In what other industry can you act like a CEO in leading the team to financial success for an investor's prized trophy building and, at the same time, be beaten down to humility's doorstep by an irate tenant wielding choice words of derision because the toilet paper ran out this morning? Where's the happy factor? Answer: the extreme dichotomous nature of this business. I think we embrace the highs and lows of it all,” says Cushman & Wakefield Director Scott Kirkpatrick in Walnut Creek. “We are tasked with being generalists in a myriad of disciplines. We are experts in no one particular area, but Scott Kirkpatrick we know how to put on the right hat to get the job done. This, at the end of the day, is satisfying,” says Kirkpatrick. Shelly Cox, assistant property manager at LBA Realty in Emeryville, feels much the same way. “Property managers are among the happiest workers because they are master multi-taskers, thrive under pressure and get pleasure out of getting things accomplished. This getter-done mentality pans out in happy customers, which makes it rewarding. It’s a job where you feel useful and are rewarded for it.” BOMA Oakland/East Bay Executive Director Shelly Cox Stephen Shepard, who has worked in several diverse industries during his career, says he suspects commercial real estate companies do a good job of finding personality types who are “balanced people.” “The PMs and FMs, as well, that I work with at BOMA seem uniquely able to hit curve balls. They’re mostly unflappable people who enjoy challenges. That’s usually a pretty good recipe for happy people,” says Shepard. The CareerBliss report said, “The people they work with, organizational culture and work freedom are three of the most important factors that directly influence (workers’) happiness. It must feel good to help shape and mold our future through education.” Also cited in the top 20 most enjoyable jobs were other occupations closely associated with commercial real estate: facilities manager, realtor, construction manager and contractor.

Profile for BOMA Oakland/East Bay

Horizons q1 2014  

News about BOMA Oakland/East Bay.

Horizons q1 2014  

News about BOMA Oakland/East Bay.

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