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Introduction The Beamlock System uses a modular connection that enables you to build quickly and in the knowledge that our engineered components will fit together perfectly every time. With just the three Beamlock components, and your imagination, you can build JUstabout anything from a porch

to a home extension.

Home and Garden Applications




Trellis Gazebo

Home Office I Extensions






Temporary Summer Marquee

Annex Homes

Temporary Summer Dining Area




Commercial Applications ::=ommercial applications range from temporary

structures at trade

5hows and exhibitions to extensive storage and warehouse


o •

Outside Covered Areas

Sun Shelters




Temporary structure

Outside Covered Areas

• • These


poge 4

appl;c.nlo"~ <Ire purely for Illustrative purposes



Car Ports


Garages and Stables





Please note: When referring to 'span' or 'bay' in this brochure, the bay is always on the elevation carrying the roof canopy or first floor load. Generally this will be shorter than the span. These proposed

applications are purely for illurtratWe purposes

Numerous, large property


developers have chosen Beamlock garages and carports as a quick and pleasing solution in their housing

developments, easily satisfying local planning authorities. Including: Cliveden Homes, Gleesons, Hillreed Homes, Kingsoak (Barrett Homes),TaylorWoodrow

(Bryants), Swanhill Homes,

Try Homes, Ward Homes, Wates Homes.

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Decki ng Solutions

suitable for domesticfioor


Reduced Groundwork Beamlock cuts groundwork by up to 50% as support posts can be as much as 4m apart No need to worry about the structural support posts being at right angles,vertically or in line as the Beamlock System automatically creates a right angle along w~h any vertical adjustment.

Making the best of a sloping site I Engineers - Consultation - B Regs No need for structural engineers I consultation fees when you are challenging a sloping s~e, as Beamlock has full building regulation approval on structural and fire performance up to 22m high,You have the choice of a continuous deck level due to 22m height possibility,as opposed to deck level changes, therefore makng ~ more practical and usable,Where a post height


less than 22m please ask for details,

Design Due to the beam section size provided and the assembly process there is no need for an outside joist or frame joist.Also, on a sloping site, the requirement for the diagonal brace (above Im post height) is not only a functional engineering element but also an architectural, attractive,


feature. This all resutts in a very attractive front elevation.

The Beamlock Frame No need to bo~ together the main support beams pnor to the decking sub base. The Beamlock frame is the main support frame and also the decking sub-base, unlike other conventional applications.The Beamlock section 138mm x 16Smm avoids the need to bo~ two joists together to carry an additional platform.

Longer Lasting - Avoid Wet Timber None of the joists or structural support posts will be in contact w~h the ground There is always a minimum of 50mm from the bottom of the support post to the concrete foundation.

Layingthe Deck Boards No need to consider where to place double joists as Beamlock 138mm horizontal plane provides plenty of surface area for when two deck boards meet.

Keep Timbers Clean

Please note on all decking

Keep the timber post elements dean by having the advantage of



Maximum span - 4m

assembly after completion of all groundworks.




:=;.. e to the Beamlock connection system being

: -,,<> and easy to a.. _ _ : me


has been


Decking Structure I-


Beamiock I 38mm x 165mm



Ba~e Plate



Solutions Beamlock has devised a simple solution for building conservatories. The modular Beamlock System nts perfectly with a range of standard windows and patio doors, making most parts

of the conservatory available off the shelf. Beamlock posts and beams provide a solution to nt every design. You can choose between full length windows or part wall and windows.

Braces can provide a decorative feature behind the windows. Cross beams enhance the interior design of the conservatory

Please note: On illustrations

or extension.

0 and e it is essential on conservatories

that a structural wall

is fixed to the Beamlock timber frame (either end or sides) to a height of bOOmm above DPe when you exceed more than one bay from the house elevation .

• Timber Framing Extensions • Quick and easy to assemble • Ready finished I 38mm x I bSmm Pine Beams • Ready to decorate finished

Pine Beams • Unmatched structural merits • Posts supported


adjustable Base Plates

Conservatory/Extension 5.2m wide





Post to post l.4m



~I' .


"""""" E7,.-. """'--.~.. '"



--- . ~\! .


Post to post lAm




-' poge 7


Timber 1imber

- full compliance

to Hazard

Class 3a.


for external

use, not in ground contact

All timber is supplied in accordance with the Pan European Forestry Scheme, the Beamlock System is produced using Pinus Sylvestrus (10,800 - 13,000 bending per N/mm', comparison Oak 10,500 - 14,500 bending N/mm'). It is made up using lamellas of pine laminated togethe" thus providing incredible strength (see "Stronger Than Oak Mortise and Tenon System"). I. Timber sections are dried in a climate-controlled


2. The lamellas are then laminated together to form a single solid beam using a high frequency hot press. 3. The beams are planed to section to achieve a tolerance

4. The finished components



I mm.

are then treated to Hazard Class 3 uSingVacsol Aqua

double vacuum pressure impregnated preservative. This manufacturing process ensures that all Beamlock timber components

are of the

highest quality. avoiding all the typical problems such as shrinkage, splitting and variation

in size, nonnally associated with timber sections of these dimensions. All extemal timbers must be coated with a proprietary

brand of wood preserve" stain

or paint within 6 months of installation to avoid UV light degradation of the treatment.

Colour and Finish The timber colour is unaffected by the Vacsol Aqua treatment complete

individual choice as to how the finished project



process, which leaves

can be decorated.

of Timber

All Beamlock timber has been treated with Vacsol Aqua double vacuum treatment, the most effective and environmentally treatment

on the market

with an anticipated

service life of 60 years in Hazard

Class I and 2 applications. Cutting


of the timber

on site

is unavoidable. ThiS Will expose untreated timber and it is imperative that crosscut, notches and bored holes be liberally swabbed with

Vacsele End Grain Preservative.

Vacsol Aqua Vacsol Aqua is approved to standards and speCifications of Building Regulations of England and Wales and Building Standards Scotland and the NHBC for many different applications and complies with the following standards: C I-I 0 BWPDA, BS5707 (1997), BS5589 (1989), BS5268 Part 5 (1989) BSI 186 (1986) BS5502, BS6566 Part 7. The design life is for 60 years in Hazard Class I and 2. The design life is for 30 years in Hazard Class 3.





This table is based on the Hazard Classes as defined in the British and European Standards.

TYPical service Situation Above ground, covered. Permanently dry Permanently < I8%


Internal with no risk of wetting nor condensation.

All timbers in normal p~ched roofs except tiling battens and valley gutter members. Floor boards, architraves,

moisture content.

internal joinery and skirtings. All timbers in upper floors not buik into solid external walls. 2

Above ground, covered.

Fungi Insects

Occasional risk of wetting.

Internal with risk of wetting

Tiling battens, frame timbers

or condensation.

in timber

Occasionally> 20%

frame houses,

timber in pitched roofs with high condensation risk,

moisture content

timbers in flat roofs. ground

floor JOISts,sole plates (above dpc), timber joists in upper floors built into external walls.


Above ground,


not covered.

A - External, above damp proof course (dpc) - coated.

External jOinery including roof soffits and fascias, bargeboards etc. cladding. valley guttering timbers, fence rails, gates, fence boards, deck boards, agricultural timbers not in

Exposed to frequent wetting.

Often> 20".-6moisture

B - External, above damp proof course (dpc) - uncoated.


soil/manure contact.

Stronger than Oak Mortise and Tenon System The Beamlock Pine System has had extensive structural testing OFFICIAL TEST RESULTS

at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Centre.

Compo',son belwe,." ~ock

System and

lmtiond monist' & (""lOI'l oo.k ~Y"rem

To establish a fair comparison to mortise and tenon oak




timber framing currently available from specialist companies,

we decided to do an identical test.


.......... ..........

The results are shown in the graph. This is all achieved by uSing


the intelligent Beamlock connection system, a number of


sophisticated, modern methods - from laminating timber in

Finland to computer

programming for cutting accurate timber

sizes.The final result is a remarkably strong and simple, yet






....:J;. .........

.......... ..........







, ,

o'"f~."""'_&T..... --


... f1earr!od<'40,.,...,.,









C,",,~,"')(l'7'1", Ileum â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ k SY'r~m" up 10]5% >"'"'!I""' moo trtJd~




mor~," & 1<'1,,", "'" ,vstem

3.rchitecturally attractive system.

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Building System The Beamlock building achieves a traditional

look, with the security and reduced

costs that only modern technical production

methods can bring, leaving you to

enjoy the beauty of traditional construction in a natural material. Build times are significantly reduced with a perfect result every time, the Beamlock parts just connect uSing the pin provided. With just three major components, the Beamlock

System is an easily understood assembly process. The modular concept also guarantees compact storage and transport solutions. Beamlock products are compliant to the most recent wind code BS6399.

Beamlock Connection This is the ultimate in timber connection. It is designed not only for high strength (as tested at the BRE.), but also for use in our

variable climate. Due to the fundamental connection relying on the stainless steel plates and tubes matching up. the moisture

changes in the wood do not cause any concern or inhibit the connection system from working efficiently and easily.The Beamlock


system is made with a combination

of high tensile BZP, stainless steel (grade 304L) and aluminium components. The

Beamloek design is durable and can achieve a service life of a minimum of 60 years in internal dry environments

and a minimum

of 30 years for external exposure.

Installation Advantages

Two people can easily build a Beamlock structure with minimal tools and skills. Simple assembly means that you will benefit from the

unique time saving design reducing build times and labour costs.


Hour Fire Approval

Beamlock System complies to BS 476-21 half hour fire exposure, which


considered suitable for the support of upper floor loading.

This negates the requirement for fire calculations if half hour fire determination is required.

Weight and Construction


Beamlock is a safe site product providing strength at easily managed weights. Posts and

beams are supplied in easily transportable

modular lengths to a maximum of Sm.There is

no need for a crane or multi lift as two people can handle all components. Typically. on a

4m span, the Beamlock components

weigh just 48kg.

Compact storage and transport solutions.

Kiln Drying All timber spends approximately

I S days in individual kilns drying out to I S% (+/- 3%) humidity.The timber contracts by about 10%

and reduces in weight by about 40%. This is a great benefit in indoor applications as the Beamlock components will not split or move

dramatically in the future when heat is applied.


The system allows easy extension at any time from a Beamlock post, allowing your buildings to grow with your needs and budget

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'4EAMLOCKO Last Minute Changes

With such a flexible system you can decide on brace positions suitable for garage doors, patio doors or windows just before you put the building togethec

Treatment & Finish Factory pre-treatment

ensures a hazard class 3 approval allowing the posts to be exposed to the elements. Note: Class 3 approval is

subject to further application of surface coatings. Beamlock components

are supplied ready to decorate. They are planed to the highest

joinery standards and need no extra preparation before painting or staining.

Quality Beamlock is proud to guarantee consistent high quality manufacturing. We provide joinery grade timber machined to +/_ I mm.

True 90' degree Angles The Beamlock System automatically creates appropriate

angles and upright. Due to the simplicity of the connection system, you cannot

get the angles wrong'

End Tension Plate This attractive plate is also an essential technical component

of the Beamlock System. Each unused face is finished off

with the end plate which reduces the longitudinal stresses in the timber

Adjustable Post Base Plate The Beamlock System includes a comprehensive

and unique post to ground fixing solution. There are two choices of fixing. (An

additional bOmm can be achieved from the same post length giving a maximum eaves height of 2220mm.) I. New purpose built ground bearing over-site, (partially cover in concrete). 2. On an existing suitable surface, drill and fix. This specially engineered base plate is deSigned to maximise full support up to 10 tons, (tension pulling strength 1.3 tons) and at the same time positively fix the post to the ground below. An additional benefrt is the bOmm of height of the base plate for an over-site that may not be level, an ideal solution, especially in garages and stables where frequent washing occurs. Anchor bolts must be designed to

resist the minimum unfaetored loads

The post base

referenced elsewhere in this manual.

that the timber

plate ensures post is kept above ground level.

.•..:~ . :•....




.. :•.•. :

" ...":,. '

•••• o



•• •••••

: •• "



Only for decking and balconies

• EA




Beam K~ (2 x Beam Plates,4 x Seam Plate fixings)

Post Kit

Post 2165mm (max eaves height 2,2m)

End Tension Plate


Base Plate

Beam (available in suitable lengths of 2628mm and 4968mm)


Template Kit

We have carefully selected post length and thought about beam dimensions to make sure that they are appropriate to fit with

standard doors, windows, patio doors, garage doors, patio frames, garage frames, etc. However, to guarantee a frt for every possible

a~ernative you can cut the beams to your chosen length. All you need to do is cut the beam to your chosen length, and by using the templates supplied. router the appropnate grooves and chamfers to fix the Beamlock beam connector:

It's as simple as that.

poge /2


Components Lists 2 Post Kit

3. Post 138xl38mm


ii 4. End Tension Plate Alternative

7. Beam -


5. Brace Kit

6. Base Plate

designs available


. o


0- 4.0m



Maximum 4m along fixed elevation. with a post height up to 2.2m. If post heights shorter than 2.2m are required please ask for details.

0- 2.6m


Decking and Mu~iple bays

Mu~iple bays fixed parallel to fixed elevation. post height 2.2m.

0- S.Om



Maximum span Sm. Introduce central post I38x 138mm for satisfactory domestic fioor loading. Bay size not suitable for roof loading unless supported by studwork and structural sheathing.




0- 2.6m


Porches. Lean-Tos,

Conservatories. Extensions. Freestanding Structunes

Maximum 2.6m span for roof loading when unsupported by studwork or other post support

page /3

Post Sections

Brace Pins Positions




comer external

l~TERNAl " Above Ground Application


:: "





" "


centro! double external & tie beam brpce Internal centrol post

Structural Beam to Post Framing Requirements The Beamlock System The Beamlock System has been designed to comply with the most recent wind code (BS6399). We highlight a variety of framing solutions that are all pre-approved

within limitations assessed by BRE Certification/BRE


and therefore

do not require further

structural justification providing the Beamlock System is used, thus saving professional fees and also enabling you to plan a projed


To assess whether the geographical position of the proposed building has a windspeed which will comply with our strudural



please follow the

general guide on page 21.

Fittin Se uence Back of post


Braces are essential on all independent posts where neither studwork nor sheathmg ore presen~

Support Post Exception

."1: --cr


Front of front post

page /4

Braces are occasionally not required on an independent post or when the post is a support post only, See illustration C. page 15.


Building Cross Sections No structural calculation required within limitations assessed by BRE Certification/BRE Limited, compliant to most recent wind code BS6399. Beam Suitability Proposals 1200mm and 1800mm Uses: Porches, lean-to's, main frame extensions and gazebos.

Examples of Cross Sections The examples are for illustrative purposes only.


Beam Suitability Proposals 2400mm, 2600mm, 3740mm, 4940mm

Uses: Extensions, conservatories, garages, gazebos, stables. sunshelters, garden rooms, outbuildings and commercial.




Suitable span building code C I, EI, G I and G2


Studs @ 400mm & OSB or plywood sheathing

Suitable span building code C I, EI and GI

Support post Braces are not required when the post is used as a support post only. as illustrated. Attach beam to support post to restrict

05.'11 571.'11

lateral movement. (See Critical Assembly Points page 20)

Suitable span building code C I and G2 5,7.'11


Suitable span building code G2 & G3 Spans relate to pages 22 and 23. poge 15


Beamlock Manufacturing Cruciform

The cruCiform is manufactured by ALCAN manufacturer

in the world.

which is the largest aluminium

using the most sophisticated




assess strength and manufacturing process.

Shown here is a picture of tension

loading on the cruciform

- the blue


having the least

amount of tension, the red areas showing the most This diagram is computer generated and is done to make an assessment of strength to establish a final design prior to manufacturing.




is an operational unit that concentrates on the development production

and marketing of semi products in aluminium alloy and

consists of 5 extrusion presses. The Cruciform is made with a S500 ton press which is capable of

manufacturing a unit roughly every 2 seconds to a remarkably high strength.

The pictures below show Beamlock personnel visiting the Alcan factory. The large blocks of aluminium seen will be cut into smaller blocks of approx


cubic feet and heated



becomes a soft aluminium compound before being placed into the SSOOton press used to extrude

page 16

the Beamlock



Post and Beams LAMACO

is one of the biggest and most experienced timber laminating companies in Europe.

Beamlock timber sections are dried in a climate controlled kiln and then laminated together using a high frequency hot press w~h a final tolerance of +/- I mm.

Beam Plates ELKUCH GROUP are known worldwide

for manufacturing laser cut materials, which have

been supplied to numerous large companies including NASA ~

The Beamplate is cut to its

design from a 5mm sheet of stainless steel in seconds using a 5000kw laser and then placed In

the jig of a robotiC welder which affixes the tubes in seconds. By using these sophisticated methods the

majority of purchasing costs remain in the raw materials and not the manufacturing.

End Tension Plate ALUWAG

GROUP are experts in

the use of injection cast aluminium. This type of manufacture is ideal

for producing various designs of the end tension plate. Although an

essential structural element the end tension plate is available in 5 different deSigns.

The post base

plate ensures that the timber post is kept above ground

Base Plate


The Base Plate invention is the ideal choice

~,I_ '10.","

for the Beamlock system, especially having a

vertical adjustment of 60mm.

::" [--

.>. '.

Only for decking and balconies

Dope /7

Building Assembly Instructions Stage I Assemble first pair of posts: •

Lay two posts on fiat surface and fix beam by hammenng

pin into post connection,

locking the beamplate

into the

cruciform. Place the 'goal' posts vertically in the setting out

positions and temporally support (with e.g. scaffold board) . •

Check that the post tops are horizontal using a spint level

and straight edge or other means. All post tops must be at the same level. Establish approximate desired eaves height by adjusting base plates, finally level up later

Stage 2 Lower beam into position and fix by hammering fixing pin (apply grease to all pins for ease of insertion/removal) to post connection. Place top plate into position before any further pins are inserted, and continue by tapping pins through top plate into appropriate


Fixthe end plates by using fixing pins to connect to the post cruciform .

poge /8

Secure top plate with two IOOmm wood screws.

spirit level


Offer up brace into mortises and fix with Beamlock 12mm brace pins (apply grease to all nail pegs and pins for ease of insertion/removal). Recommended

- Fix preservative treated 47x IOOmm

wall plates flush to the outer edge of the beam.



rear post


,n. \_


Use template

hole I (or brace pin (rxingA & C


A "'::

.u' r:ronlof front post

Stage S - Important

- Base Plate FIxing

The height-adjustable Beamlock base plate is an integral part of the Beamlock Building System and must be fixed to a suitable base (e.g. concrete or brickwork). The fixing of each column base plate should be according to the following:


Resistance to vertical uplift should be greater than 5.5kN Resistance to horizontal

shear should be greater

than 3.5kN Ma,

The above are working loads and should be

60mm Mo, 60mm


factored according to the manufacturer's


recommendations '.

Chemical fix anchor bolts M I 0 to an appropriate depth should be provided to all holes in the



.<; ,."-:'~. ," " ~' •.•. ," • • : •.:0";" 7.~. ":.:", .:

column base plate and fitted in accordance with

Surface Mounted

Below Surface

the manufacturer's instructions to resist the required loading Ensuring a suitable foundation and pull out capacity of the substance should be the contractor's


page /9

Critical Assembly Points Crucifonm position


=.J it

Ensure the underside of the cruciform is


pos~ioned 55mm above the post shoulder.

more than 60mm from the closed position.

exceed a vertical adjustment of



(i.e. when base plate is in retracted pos~ion w~ all nuts locked.)

Clean all mortises

Central support posts

Remove a debris (e.g. sawdust) from


Optional method of fixingto prevent


mortise cuts. This will ensure a clean, tight fit.

Positioningthe beam plate



lateral movement of the beam.

------.......:: •~

Drill two 12mm holes through the beam


and 75mm into the top of the. support

Always tap the beam plate into

post Tap in the 240mm threaded bar to


position at the point shown between

the tubes. Avoid hitting the tubes.

Brace pin hole (re: template)

Hole I is recommended for the outside walls. Hole 2 is recommended for internal tie beam braces. (i.e. facing into the building.)

hold the beam and post together.

Routers Important the routers supplied are very similar in dimension. Ensure: 7mm router is used for brace mortises 6mm router

is used for beam plate

Finally;the 45' chamfer cutter is capable of cutting from 12mm to 16mm. Please fit in shank suitable to cut to l4mm depth.

Brace pos~ions and fixingsequence For accurate routing and drilling To ensure accurate position of holes and mortises push hard down on the template when marking up posts and beams.

Bolton Buildings Ltd, the sole specialist contractor for Beamlock in the United Kingdom. can offer a flexible service to suit its c1ient.s needs. We have been involved with Beamlock since Its Initial inception and have carried out various projects in different

partS of the country.

We have worked

for a wide range of clients from private

individuals to

major house-building companies including Taylor Woodrow, Gleeson's. and Wates'. We can offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs including:• • • ,

Supply only of Beamlod< produas ready to assembly Supply and erect the Beamlod< fl1Jmeready for completion by other tl1Jdes. Supply only or supply and erea the associated Umber kits including pre<ut rafters, swctwork ond dadd/ng. Design, supply & erect complete projects.

Bolton Buildings

Operating from our Head Office and warehouse at Slunts Green, Bolton Buildingscarry a large stock of Beamlock and can offer a fast reliable service ~ bespoke sizes and designs. Our teams of erectors are experienced in working ~

Beamlock and are capable of tackling any project that may be recuired.

Please see our webs~e a range of the buildings that we have supplied and erected. We offer a friendly.efficient service and would be only to pleased to talk to you about any forthcoming project that you may be considering and whether Beamlock would be suitable. We can provide a free no-obligation quotation. Contact: Bolton Buildings Ltd. The Old Bam, Plum HIli fann, stunts Green, HerstmonalUll, Tel: 01323 834634 Fax: 01323 834635 .-mail:

East SUssex BN27 4PN


Geographical Product Approval Chart If you know your altitude and can identify the windline you are within look at the table on the previous two pages for a guide only. If it has a tick (1') In the box you can use the Beamlock System following the principle guidelines shown under specification, which is all pre-approved

within limitations assessed by BRE Certification/BRE


limited under current building regulations.





7 12



IHI~ 11

JI\!! '0




Copyright Building Research Establishment Ltd. Reproduced from BRE Digest 346 Part 3 with permission.

page 21

Building Code





Lean To




Glass Roof Conservatory


TY~lcal Appllcatlo I

Frame Specification

Braces on all posts. Attached to property.

Braces on all posts. Attached to property.

Braces on all posts.

Braces on all independent



22 degree roof

pitch. Attached to property with 16mm chemical fixing anchor.

Tile or slate roof 40 degree maximum pitch. Attached to property with 16mm chemical fixing anchor. 47x ISOmm ceiling joist 12.5mm plasterboard

.. • '.

.. •

page 22

• •

for ceiling.









2 from house

I from house

3 from house

3 from house

Maximum altitude







458m (.I)

420m (.I)

410m (.I)

410m (.I)

380m (.I)

350m (.I)

333m (.I)

333m (,1')

310m (.I)

270m (.I)

262m (.I)

262m (,1')

240m (.I)

200m (.I)

197m (.I)

197m (.I)

179m (.I)

140m (.I)

136m (.I)

136m (,1')






Freestanding Structure open




(no walls)



open on one side only

on one side only wrth facility for up and over door

Braces on all posts. Proposals e.g. open garaging. outside covered area, gazebos, sunshe~ers. Rooftiles, slates, composites or bamboo with maximum

40 degrees


Braces on all independent

Braces on all independent

Brace on all posts.




47x IOOmm studs at 600mm ds nailed to the Beamlock frame. I I mm OSB to be nailed to the stud framework using 3.7SxSOmm wire nails at IOOmm ds. 47x ISOmm joists at 400mm ds to span maxi-

47x IOOmm studs at 600mm ds nailed to the

elevation or more with

mum of2.6m. 12.5mm Plasterboard for ceiling. Rooftiles, slates. composites or bamboo with maximum



Beamlock frame. I I mm OSB to be nailed

to the stud framework using 3.75xSOmm wire nails at IOOmm ds. Pre-formed trusses


to wall on one

16mm chemical fixing. Suitable for domestic floor loading. Intennediate

joist 47x 150mm 400mm ds.




12.5mm Plasterboard for ceiling. Rooftiles, slates. composites or bamboo with maximum 45 degrees pitch.


4.94m lean to: 5.6m

4.94m lean to: 5.6m





10 from house or independent

10 from house or independent

2 bays







4m 2.6m multiple


10 bays Maximum


405m (.I)

505m (,I)

425m (.I)

480m (.I)

325m (.I)

425m (.I)

350m (.I)

400m (.I)

250m (.I)

350m (,I)

275m (.I)

345m (.I)

190m (.I)

280m (.I)

280m (.I)

280m (.I)

30m (,I)

218m (,I)

150m (.I)

195m (.I)

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Bolton Buildings Brochure  

A brochure showing details of the Beamlock system that Bolton Buildings specialise in. There is technical information on this timber frame s...

Bolton Buildings Brochure  

A brochure showing details of the Beamlock system that Bolton Buildings specialise in. There is technical information on this timber frame s...