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Division 4 North Region 3 CNH District

The Ottador

Bolsa Grande Key Club Newsletter| Volume 3| Issue 2| May 2014

BGHS Lip Dub 2014

BGKC representing their club by decking out in teal and showing off all their spirit!

“Hey Ottadors, “

What's up? May has been one hectic month in terms of testing and of service. In 31 days, we managed to dedicate our weekends to service and saved so many lives for Project Eliminate. This month, we've had services like LEC, KKids, OC Marathon Expo, OC Half Marathon, Rocket Launch, WADY with KKids, Duck-a-thon, Corn Booth, and Game Booth. For Project Eliminate week from May 5th to May 9th, we managed to inform so many members about Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus and saved hundreds of dollars to save lives. Also, our two committees have been working efficiently for Lip Dub, the DCM, and 7 Leaves Fundraiser. We've also had a Kiwanis meeting with three branches of the Kiwanis family: K-Kids, Key Club, and Kiwanis. At the May DCM, we reached the second round of the spirit battle, had the most attendance of all schools in the division, and earned the title of Club of the Month. We could not have won that award if it weren't for all of you. Both the officers and the members have worked so hard. Nonetheless, that was only a glimpse of what happened in May. Thank you for such an amazing and eventful month; it only gets better from here!

President's Note”

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LIP DUB 2014













Editor's Note KEY CLUB. As it is being acknowledged all across the nation, what is your first instinct when hearing the two words, Key Club? In my head, numerous of words and phrases are disseminating all across my mind. I could think of hundreds of words that could describe Key Cub: amazing, family, love, "How do you feel?", leadership, opportunities, future, happiness, and so much more. In Key Club, the KEY which stands for Kiwanis Educating Youth, is popular all over the world. People mistaken it for a club that "makes keys", well, some people have a wild imagination. Here at Key Club International, we come together to help serve for our school and community, working together with others, and building core values. Many members, as I observe their changes, grow core characteristic traits such as leadership, caring, inclusiveness, outgoing, responsibility, and character building. Whether you're a new or past member, each and every one of you are in progress of growing or have already grown these values. My purpose of this and many more newsletters to come, is to give YOU, the members of Bolsa Grande's Key Club, a voice. At meetings, officers are mostly overpowering as they update and inform the club on past/upcoming events and keeping every individual up-to-date, but how about the members? These newsletters will allow the members to reveal their thoughts of Key Club, their purpose and opinions. These newsletter will contain articles on past events or Key Club in general which had been written by YOU. These newsletters will show the world through visuals of how YOU help and serve the community. It's all about you. YOU are there reason for the existence of this club. With the combination of an otter and a matador, you are an “Ottador." Your involvement, suggestions and ideas, help strengthen the club. With these daily newsletters, I hope your passion for Key Club develops as I encourage you to step forward and show the world how you as a member could change the world.


Vyvien Pham, Tech Editor '14-'15

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Project Eliminate What is Project Eliminate?

SOCIAL MEDIA MONDAY Members changed their social media profile picture to anything related to Project Eliminate.

Project Eliminate is the biggest Key Club project for children. It raises money and awareness for children all over the world from Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT). BGKC, organized a week to support Project Eliminate. Officers also passed out UNICEF boxes to members so they could help receive donations. Up to $1.80 could save a mother and her future children from MNT. FACT


Members were able to receive and wear a sticker that contained facts about Project Eliminate.

SPIRIT GEAR WEDNESDAY Members wore blue or white to support the cause.

Project Eliminate Over Lays


Members went to the usual meeting on Thursday to learn and discuss more about MNT.

I LOVE MY MOM FRIDAY Members changed their social media profile picture or uploaded any photos of their mothers or mother figure.

During Project Eliminate week, I had created overlays for members to use as their profile picture so they could help spread the word about Project Eliminate Week. Not only did I create these overlays for members of Bolsa Grande High School, but also for members from different schools, divisions and even regions!

Here is an overlay that I had created for one of BGKC's member, Mindy Tran(10).


Lip Dub 2014 The yearly lip dub at Bolsa Grande High School took place on May 27 , 2014, during fourth period. All clubs, athletics, students and faculty gathered to make this year's lip dub a success! If you haven't already known, lip dub is a school event where all the clubs, administration and students gather to film the daily routines and fun activities that takes place at their school. At Bolsa, lip dub is hosted by our amazing yearbook crew. This year's song was All of Me (Tiësto Remix) by John Legend. Key Club was placed at the start of where the lip dub route began. Members decked out in teal and white, painted their faces, and cheered. With the help of the spirit committee, lead by our spirit chair Andrew Nguyen, Bolsa Grande Key Club showed so much spirit with balloons, Bam Bam sticks and streamers. It was an exciting day as members all gathered to represent their club with such high spirit. th

Out of all of my experiences in Key Club, lip dub has to be one of my favorites. I enjoyed seeing all the happy and enthusiastic faces of my fellow members.



Past Events

At the booth to which I was assigned, I had to package shirts into a bag and pass them by size to incoming prospective marathon runners. I was responsible for the shirts at the Marathon booths, and later the Half-Marathon booths. I’m not quite sure how many shirts I passed out, but it might have been hundreds! After a while, it all became routine, and I settled into a very automatic shirt-passing mode. Still, it wasn’t a dull six hours, either. From meeting an eccentric pair of fellow volunteers who seemed to be from OCSA (based on their very theatrical attempts to master British accents throughout the entire time) to a certain confused gentleman who kept coming up to the booth to pinch a free shirt from us, things were fairly hectic until the very end. I ended the day waiting for a very belated ride back to school alongside Robert Ramirez and a couple of others whose names escape me at the moment (Sorry!). As it happened, our ride decided to make up for such a late arrival that we were able to have pizza in return. An awesome end to a long day of volunteering. KELLY PHAM| GRADE 12

OC Marathon Expo

We started off by filling water jugs and pouring water into cups. Due to the large amount of water cups, we had to stack them on top of each other to meet every jogger’s demand. Not only were we filling water cups, but we also needed to mix Gatorade packets to make Gatorade cups and before we knew it, there were already warnings for incoming joggers. Luckily, it started off a little slow because there were only a few fast runners that were ahead of the rest of the joggers. We handed them the water with ease, but as time passed by the amount of joggers increased exponentially. The demand was extremely high and our arms were running marathons trying to pour water and put out water cups for our thirsty runners. By the end of the race, we were soaking wet with water and sticky from the Gatorade, not to mention stained with a lime green color. Though it was a highly demanding service event, it gave us an exhilarating rush and a showed us the perseverance of the human spirit through the determination of the runners. ANDREW NGUYEN| GRADE 11

OC Half Marathon

This service event includes the delivering of food boxes to the elderly residents of the retirement apartments. This month, however, had a twist. We decided to invite the students of the K-Kids club we sponsor to help us out. After we had awaited for the K-Kids to arrive, we then split up into groups of at least three Key Club members and one K-Kid. My group consisted of my best friend, Michelle Phan; the aforementioned throne-builder, Quinton Ta; me; and a KKids girl we had just met who was also named Michelle. The four of us went door to door, Little Michelle with the folder of paperwork for each resident to sign, Michelle handling the cheese boxes that came with every delivery, and Quinton and me carrying the food boxes. We finished our deliveries and relaxed on the couch. It was one of the best WADY events I had ever attended and I was especially glad to see all three age groups (the K-Kids, Key Club members, and senior residents) all in one building. JACQUELYN DO| GRADE 11



More Past Events

My experience at the Strawberry Festival was very fun, super awesome, yet frightening at the same time. I got to meet and bond with new members while husking, buttering, and selling corn. I met very special friends, like Tran, Jen K, and Christy. While working with them, they made it super fun by keeping the conversations going and just stating the weirdest things for everyone to laugh at. I loved the Strawberry Festival, except for the husking part. Whenever we husk a corn, we would sometimes find a caterpillar, worm, or maggot wiggling around. That was one of the scariest experience ever, because you would never know when you would find one. Its like a birthday surprise that you don't want. I will never forget everyone that I met and everything that happened there! We also came up with a cheer while selling these corn. Whenever we wanted to attract customers we would scream, CORNx16 + EVERYBODY! KIMBERLY TRAN| GRADE 9

Corn Booth

On May 18th, Bolsa Grande's key club was fortunate enough to volunteer at the Duckathon at Huntington Beach. I like this event due to the fact that it was at the beach and we got to spend the day volunteering and enjoying the view of the beach at the same time. At the event, I got to volunteer at the kid's booth and helped children paint their ducks by handing them supplies and other materials. The kids were so cute and really enjoying themselves. The parents of the children thanked us for helping out at the event and made sure to tell the coordinator that we were doing a good job helping the children and their parents. We got to eat free snow cones and popcorn as well and it was one of the perks at that service. During -the Duck-a-Thon, we had to jump in the water to collect the ducks that the participants had released at the top of the pier. It was a fun service because it wasn't like any other marathon services. After the event was finished, we got to spend time around main street and ate great food. CATHERINE TRUONG| GRADE 11


On Saturday May 31, 2014, I attended Division 4 North DCM at mile square park. We started off with a game called “Poncho”. It was an interesting interpretive dancing game where we were split into four groups randomly and had to make up a different dance on the spot without repeating the same dance moves. My group (Group 1) lost first but we were also the smallest group. As a result, we merged with group 4 which lost and last but not least I joined group 3 which won. Afterwards, we moved into the pledge of allegiance and the key club’s oath. Then every club gave a recap of what they have been doing for the month of April. After, we battled for the spirit stick. Bolsa made it through the first round of the spirit battle, however on the second runthrough, Santiago beat everyone with their awesome silent cheer technique and synchronization. Although our club did not take home the spirit stick, we were recognized as club of the month for the month of May. KHANH TRAN| GRADE 10



Meet the Committees “

{ “

Left to Right: Peter Nguyen, Thomas Nguyen, Vivian Leduc, Joann Vuong, Jolyne Dang, Darcy Capistrano, Cristy Tran Missing: Jacquelyn Do and Jenny Nguyen

As treasurer of Bolsa Grande Key Club, I am very honored to have a fundraising committee alongside with me for the 2014-2015 term. They contribute to my job as treasurer by addressing any financial problems, assisting me with creating ideas for monthly fundraisers, and even helping count money collected for projects such as Project Eliminate. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to get the job done. With their great minds and creativity, I’m sure we can clear out debts and hopefully have some extra money in our club bank through outrageous monthly fundraisers and more! I’m excited to see what lies ahead for my fundraising committee and me this year.


- Captain Joann”


I am really glad that I have Spirit Committee because the members help everything run much smoother and faster. Because of them, we were able to gather all the materials to have a successful Lip Dub in addition to winning the first spirit stick of the new term in April. They help come up with amazing cheers for the spirit battles at the monthly DCMs and spend their time and dedication on finding ways to attract new members. With these achievements, I am proud of my committee and know that they will help Key Club accomplish any future endeavors.

- Captain Andrew”{

Left to Right: Michelle Phan, Michelle Pham, Andrew Nguyen, Cynthia Tran, Jen K Ngyen


} 7


April's Member of the Month


Reason: Since the beginning of the year, Roger has been one of our shy members. However, over time, he revealed more of his GRADE: 11 personality and served passionately. He has a DATE OF BIRTH: JULY 31, 1997 caring heart and a great spirit towards the club. Roger truly enjoys service and treats everyone with much kindness. Roger not only YEARS IN KEY CLUB: 1 attends club services, but also division services, such as April's DCM at March of SERVICE HOURS: 82.6 Dimes. Usually members ask for more fundraisers but don't attend them, but that's FUN FACTS: “ I love to sing not the case for Roger! He was one of the few members, who attended the karaoke and dance when at home fundraiser with Pacifica Key Club. He was also alone. I am really chinky. When I yawn, I nearly shed a on time for the pen pal exchange, too! Roger is the true epitome of a great Key Clubber, for tear every time. I go crazy he exemplifies the four core values and goes when I have friends over at beyond of what is expected of him.

AGE: 16

my house.”

April's Officer of the Month

Joann vuong

Reason: For the month of April, Joann blossomed into a leader. Her abilities to serve as a leader are extraordinary, for she is always being timely with her duties. For example, Joann persevered throughout the chaos of the key cap and chocolate money and organized those funds. Moreover, she handled all past and current reimbursements on time. However, there's more! Joann attended the April DCM and provided a chaperon. Joann effectively communicates with the president and the advisor and always asks questions as well. Her eagerness to serve and to answer member's questions exhibits her profound dedication to the club.


AGE: 15 GRADE: 10 DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 1st, 1998 YEARS IN KEY CLUB: 2 SERVICE HOURS: 64.95 FUN FACTS: “ Well to whoever doesn't know this already, I drink A LOT of Starbucks. I also like to go shopping but also enjoy doing chemistry and singing for choir.”

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BGKC May 2014 Newsletter  
BGKC May 2014 Newsletter