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A Place To Thrive


irst, Carnegie Hall…then, the moon? Eva’s bow felt light in her hand. Countless hours of practice created a quiet focus. With her instrument gently gripped under her chin, she took a deep breath and began to play. Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 1 resounded through Carnegie Hall.

Eva couldn’t help but be moved as she observed the full venue. The atmosphere, the lights, and the history of the Hall itself—along with the orchestra accompanying her solo performance—all harmonized to sweep her up into the music. Her last note was met with a stunned silence, followed by thunderous applause. Like a seasoned performer, Eva took a bow and gracefully walked off stage. She’s only twelve years old. All Things Possible. Eva is a middle school student at Bolles. She loves the violin, but has other passions. She has a gift for numbers and won first place in this year’s National Math Olympiad. She also enjoys building model rockets and recently won an art competition where her design was printed on a T-shirt. “Maybe I’ll study aerospace engineering in college,” she muses. Despite not being sure what she’ll be when she grows up, Eva knows her parents believe a good education filled with great opportunities will ensure a bright future. It’s why she and her parents chose Bolles. | 3

A Place To Thrive

The Bolles Way One of Eva’s good friends attends a local school. Eva sometimes wishes they could attend school together. Her mom reminds her that Bolles has the greatest variety of educational offerings in northeast Florida. Each of its four campuses is a safe place to learn and the range of courses, sports and activities is extensive, but there are also numerous opportunities to find purpose in helping others. Eva’s worked all year to raise money for The McKenzie Club, a community service organization. The entire educational philosophy at Bolles is to encourage intelligent, compassionate, well-rounded people. A Vibrant, Global Community Eva also enjoys her school’s exceptional international reputation. All four campuses include students from around the world, an integral aspect of Bolles life. Her friend, Garret, from Norway is training to be an Olympic swimmer. Another friend, Ken, is studying robotics, and hopes to become an astronaut. A favorite annual event is the World Cultures and Countries Fair, where students learn an appreciation for the food, clothing, music and language of countries around the world.

This fictional account is based on the successes of actual Bolles students. To learn more about the possibilities for your child, please visit

Nationally Recognized Educators Whatever the future holds for Eva—she’s confident the faculty and staff at Bolles will support her dreams while she is on campus. After graduation, more support awaits. Bolles is known for producing successful, notable alumni, and has connections to opportunities for professional development, as well as an extensive network of graduates that can lead to abundant experiences. Whatever your dreams, Bolles is a place to thrive.

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or call (904) 256-5030 to schedule your All Things Possible tour.

Ponte Vedra Beach Campus


olles Life: Lower School Plant the seeds of passion, talent and opportunity.

The two Lower School campuses are creative, fun and safe places where kids can be kids. They develop character, compassion and a love of learning by experiencing the Bolles curriculum in different settings. Class sizes are small, so students receive plenty of daily attention from teachers. Playgrounds on both campuses promote the power of play for students of all physical abilities. Ponte Vedra Beach Campus Life is lush on the Ponte Vedra Beach campus, located just minutes from the ocean. Expansive greenspace is perfect for physical education, games and wildlife viewing. Each grade tends its own raised bed garden. Students use their harvest in the school kitchen as they learn about the benefits of a healthy diet. Nutritious lunch options are prepared fresh daily by trained chefs. The campus’ focus on art and technology is unrivaled in the area. Students learn fine arts, music and drama from experienced professionals. Technology enhances learning across the curriculum and includes computers, 3D printers and robotics. A new Innovation Lab enables students to be creative and a new multipurpose building provides even more space for performances, events and physical education. | 7

Whitehurst Campus


hitehurst Campus The Whitehurst Campus offers a neighborhood setting on the banks of the St. Johns River.

Classes use outdoor spaces for learning, play and mindfulness. The campus is home to the only stand-alone, independent Pre-Kindergarten class on the river and a treehouse for outdoor learning activities. For physical education, students enjoy a wide variety of athletics, including swimming at the nearby Cassidy Aquatic Complex. Indoor learning includes cooking, counting, reading and understanding the unique cultures of classmates. Students receive daily lessons in fine arts — music, art, drama and dance. In the Innovation Lab, they discover new ways to solve problems and work together. Explore the full academic calendar at

Every day begins with the Lower School Pledge: “I promise to show respect for myself and others and to be responsible for my actions, my words and my work. The Bolles Way: Pursuing excellence through courage, integrity and compassion.”

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Bartram Campus

olles Life: Middle School Spring up and reach out on the Bartram Campus. Organize a food drive. Be a star onstage in the Betsy Lovett Arts Center. Train to be an Olympic swimmer. Build a robot and compete against other schools. Learn to code and design apps. The possibilities are endless as a Bolles middle school student.

Approximately 85% of Middle and Upper School students participate

Freedom to Explore The Bartram Campus is the only independent school in the region with a campus designed exclusively for students in grades 6 to 8. It’s a place to discover who you are and what you want to become. Here you have more freedom to explore, but you also have mentors, advisors and teachers for guidance whenever you need it.

in more than 100 performances and gallery openings within the Fine and Performing Arts Department each year.

Be a Scholar Attending Bolles means you have more choices than most young people when it comes to academics. Sure, the classes are challenging, but they’ll prepare you for the Upper School San Jose Campus and beyond. | 11

Bartram Campus

Be an Artist Discover your passions and talents and explore dance, art, drama, band and chorus in the Betsy Lovett Arts Center. You can exhibit your best work in Murchison-Lane Gallery. Be Innovative Head to Tarver Hall for hands-on learning in robotics and to explore the sciences. You can even write on the walls there! Be an Athlete If you’re interested in athletics, choose from football, basketball, baseball, softball, crew, cheerleading, volleyball, lacrosse, track and more. All the facilities at Bolles are first rate. Be a Philanthropist Join one of many service clubs, where you’ll learn how to rally support for a cause. Middle School students raise needed funds each year to give back to those who need it most in our community. What Will You Discover? Bolles Middle School students often discover new interests or unlock talents they didn’t know they had. Just imagine what you will discover here! View a 3D and 360º photo tour of campus, videos and interactive campus maps at

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San Jose Campus


olles Life: Upper School Flourish, thrive and serve. Welcome to a world of opportunities.

There’s a reason the San Jose Campus attracts students from all over the world: It is simply stunning. You’ll find historic buildings, a beautiful landscape and endless opportunities for academics, athletics and the arts. Whatever your interests and talents, the San Jose Campus is your place to thrive. St. Johns River You’re never far from the St. Johns River on campus. You can study marine science on its banks, build an underwater robot for exploration or row its waters on a Bolles crew. The river is visible from classrooms, dining areas and dorms, where up to 60 male boarding students are fortunate enough to live. World-Class Technology The School’s technology rivals what you would find on most college campuses. There’s an Anatomage digital dissection table, 3D printers, robotic equipment and excellent Wi-Fi throughout the grounds. A Bring Your Own Device policy means you’re always connected. Highly Qualified Faculty and Staff You’ll learn from highly educated and credentialed teachers, all experts in their fields. 128 faculty hold a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D. Academic advisors and college counselors ensure you’re on the path to achieving your dreams. | 15

San Jose Campus

Vibrant Global Community The campus community is a diverse blend of cultures and backgrounds. Annual events like India Week, China Week and Latin Week highlight music, food and traditions from around the world. You can learn one of six languages on campus and even travel abroad as an exchange student or as part of a global learning experience. Service Opportunities Go beyond participating in a service project. In the Upper School, you’ll learn how to lead and manage one of 80 or more service clubs. Meaningful Upper School students raise money for charitable causes each year ranging from autism awareness to environmental conservation. A Place to Belong As you explore all the opportunities at Bolles, you’ll forge deep personal relationships through learning, socializing and peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities. The connections you make could last a lifetime. Explore all the activities available at the Upper School by visiting

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Bolles Life: Living At Bolles

I “On International Night we get the chance to see other cultures and traditions.

f you decide to make Bolles your home away from home, you’ll live and study with students from all over the world. Some are drawn to the School’s academics or its arts opportunities. Others are here to train for the Olympics while studying at an exceptional school. In this rich environment, you’ll learn about cultural diversity, a global community and respect for others.

Preparation for College and Life The Resident Life program at Bolles is the only coeducational boarding school in Northern Florida. You’ll feel independent in this beautiful, college-like setting, but have plenty of support from the resident director, dorm parents and families. Spend a night to see what Resident Life is like!

Tonight is about Turkey, which is my native country. We also get to talk with different people and hear about their own stories.” Orhun, Resident Life student

Where You’ll Stay Though you’ll learn side-by-side during the day, male students live on the beautiful San Jose Campus and female students settle into the Bartram Campus on scenic Little Pottsburg Creek — just six miles away. Each location has excellent recreational facilities, healthy dining options and an array of activities. Daily Life As a Resident Life student, your days will include structured study, daily academic counseling, a full extracurricular program, group trips, entertainment excursions and more. Your roommates and neighbors will become close friends and connections throughout your years at Bolles and beyond. A Safe Place to Live and Learn Each campus is fully enclosed, gated and staffed with 24/7 security personnel. Shuttle buses provide transportation between campuses and to activities. To learn more about the Bolles boarding school experience, visit | 19

Alumni Accolades

George Scribner ’70 Artist, Disney Imagineer


Joseph Kittinger ’46 First Man in Space

eyond Bolles: Distinguished Alumni See where your path could lead.

With Bolles as your foundation, All Things Possible is your future. Bolles alumni go on to become judges, Pulitzer Prize winners, Olympians, Rhodes Scholars, renowned artists, professional musicians, CEOs and more. As a Bolles graduate, you will have a network of notable alumni connections to help you in your future career and personal pursuits. The following list represents just a few illustrious Bolles alumni. Not every student will become a famous author, actor or athlete. However, you can be certain to leave with exceptional skills and values to propel your success in college and life. “I am very thankful for the wonderful education I received at Bartram and know that it helped me in my professional life as well as my personal life. Bolles is a great school and offers endless opportunities for students to learn, grow and develop their true potential to be their best. I learned quickly how important it was to have a great education and participate in school plays, sports and the other activities offered at school. The combination of the skills I learned helped me in all aspects of my life, but especially helped me prepare to be a leader. These roles are very important in your early years and help position you to excel in whatever career you may choose.” Kay Krill, ’73 Bartram, Former President & CEO of Ann Inc.

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Kay Krill ’73 Bartram Former President & CEO of Ann Inc.

Ryan Murphy ’13 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

Dr. Trina Chakravarty ’04 OB-GYN, Miss World India, Dancer

Alumni Accolades

Kathy Stark ’81 Bartram Artist, Author

Charles Martin ’88 Author

Joseph Schooling ’14 Olympic Gold Medalist

“Throughout my entire life, it has been important for me to excel in the classroom and the pool. I believe that success is contagious and being able to be around inspiring people in the classroom and the pool has been crucial in helping me reach my potential.” Ryan Murphy ’13, 3x Gold Medalist, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke and 400 medley relay, 2016 Olympics “Bolles really helped shape foundations for all of us and its only in hindsight that you recognize the value of this. I went to the University of Florida, medical school at Florida State University, had my residency in OB-GYN at SUNY in Brooklyn and am working for Harvard-Vanguard in Boston. I see now how those academic strong points at Bolles helped shape my experiences — it really wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of support and dedication from faculty and staff at Bolles.” Dr. Trina Chakravarty ’04, OB-GYN, Miss World India, Dancer “Bolles played a huge role in me growing up. I came to Bolles when I was in eighth grade. Having to take care of myself that first year in boarding school was a whole different perspective for me. Bolles helped me mature. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to go to a school like Bolles. I would recommend it to anyone.” Joseph Schooling ’14, Gold Medalist 100m butterfly, 2016 Olympics Browse the latest success stories from Bolles alumni at | 23

What Does It Mean To Live The Bolles Life?

A Message from Scott Smith Dean of Admission and Financial Aid: On campus, Bolles Life is a daily invitation to explore the widest array of opportunities in PreK-12 academics, the arts, athletics and service. It means dedicated and highly expert faculty and staff guide and mentor students toward their dreams. It’s a life where safety is paramount and students can embrace the greatest version of themselves. Our global community means Bolles Life is rich in the languages, cultures and traditions of many faiths, nations and backgrounds. Constant improvements to all of our campuses ensure Bolles Life includes world-class facilities, the latest technology and unparalleled enrichment opportunities every day. Bolles Life doesn’t end upon graduation. Alumni take with them a lifelong love of learning, meaningful personal connections, skills to succeed and values to make a difference in the world. They have global perspective and an appreciation for diversity. They live the Bolles Way: Pursuing excellence through courage, integrity and compassion. In short, Bolles Life is an exceptional life, where students discover possibilities and build a foundation for a remarkable future with All Things Possible. Are you ready to live the Bolles Life today and for years to come? Visit or call (904) 256-5030 to schedule your All Things Possible tour.

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