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BPCS respectfully acknowledges the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which our school is situated. We acknowledge their ancestors, who for many thousands of years gathered on this site to live, learn and grow. We are committed to honouring the Noongar people and their heritage by building our young people's connection to this land through the inclusion of indigenous knowledge and perspectives.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT 2016 (Lei Baker, Chairperson, BPCS Advisory Council (Inc) 2016 was a progressive year at Bold Park Community School… As a School Board, we celebrated the rich and diverse successes of our students, from the inspiring musical composition ‘Bare Feet and Happy Hearts’ from the 6-7 year olds, to the design and installation of the primary school nature playground, and the incredible achievement and generosity of one of our beloved alumni, who chose to spend his first year out of school giving back to his community. We dove headlong into strategic planning as a major undertaking. Led by Treasurer Rob De Luca, we took the time to plan and implement a process by which we would develop a comprehensive, inclusive plan, representing the collective inputs of educators, leadership, families and students. Planning began early in the year, with the development of an ambitious timeline and set of goals. The Strategic Planning team was assembled, including Board members and the extended leadership team. We collected and analysed detailed feedback from our community stakeholders. In August, the development began in earnest. The team workshopped, brainstormed, scribbled, role played, explored and debated over a full day workshop and many subsequent forums. The Strategic Planning process led us to examine our intention as a school and to hone our message, to make clear and visible what it is that we stand for at Bold Park Community School. We refined important texts such as our vision statement and identified our unique proposition, but, importantly, our values emerged unchanged. Children, joy, relationships and respect are at the centre of all that drives us at BPCS. We now have a solid road ahead upon which to progress towards a successful and exciting future in 2020 and beyond… Whilst the strategic planning effort was in full swing, our Pedagogista Nicole Hunter was quietly cultivating an initiative that would become a key element in the strategic plan and the future of the school, our Reconciliation Action Plan. Through the natural curiosity and empathy of the children, the provocations of the teachers, and the feedback from community, it had become clear that the school was ready to progress to a new stage of engaging with and having respect for Aboriginal culture and heritage. So, the team was formed, the RAP was set into writing and action, and the rewards were instantaneous. We are so pleased and grateful to welcome Noongar Elder Neville Collard into our school, and we thank and congratulate Nicole for her effort and thoughtful leadership. The continual evolution and improvement of our governance processes and performance remains a priority at BPCS. To progress toward this goal, we undertook a comprehensive Board self-review conducted by Ernst & Young. This insightful process provided opportunities for self-reflection and learning, acknowledgement of our successes and recommendations for improvements. We noted that longevity on Board is increasing, delivering valuable stability and continuity of knowledge and practice. The Board would like to sincerely thank our Principal, Paul Whitehead, for his engaging and skilled leadership. We thank our staff, our students, our patrons and our community of dedicated parents and volunteers for all their immense efforts over the last 12 months, and we look forward to our progress toward 2020 with all of you.

Lei Baker Chairperson Bold Park Community School Advisory Council (Inc)


PEDAGOGISTA REPORT 2016 (Nicole Hunter, Pedagogista) 2016 was a year of transition as the founder of the school and Pedagogista, Gillian McAuliffe retired to focus on other projects. The responsibilities previously held by Gillian were redistributed between the Principal, Team Leaders and a new role of Early Years Pedagogista. I assumed this role at the beginning of 2016. Event to celebrate the contribution of Gillian McAuliffe

A very successful evening was held in April to celebrate Gillian’s contribution to Bold Park Community School and the field of education. Over 70 guests, representing a good cross section of the greater BPCS community, were in attendance. These included: -

Gill’s family, with members of the family travelling from around the country to be there;


One of the first students enrolled at BPCS


Representatives from WA’s Universities were present


Founding staff members


Previous and current students and parents


Previous and current BPSC Committee members

The evening was a joyful and fitting celebration to mark Gill’s achievements to date. Nature Pedagogy In 2016, we finalised the re-arrangement of the Early-Childhood Wildspace Atelier. This space supports the outdoor program by acting as a change room and providing easy access to materials and tools that can enhance the children’s experience.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 The Kitchen Garden Nature Atelier was also completed. This space holds natural materials collection, and provides a research space to support not only the Kitchen Garden but other classrooms as well. Leslie Ray, joined the school as the first Outdoor Provocation Specialist. Leslie brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the role. I acted as a mentor to her in the development of the role and space. Leslie also attended a 6-day Professional Learning with internationally renowned Nature Pedagogy expert, Claire Warden. Brooke Healy also attended this workshop. Whole School Focus “Relationships in Education” A responsibility of EYP, includes conducting a portion of the whole school professional learning sessions. In coordinating this, I chose to reposition the Whole-School Focus as a vehicle for aligning philosophy, values, research and practice. This aligns with our intention to reflect on and strive for continual quality improvement in our teaching and learning environments. The focus of 2016 was the role and meaning of relationships in education. Alongside of whole group learning sessions I also: 

Developed a common planning tool based on the “Understanding by Design” process of Wiggins & McTighe.

Worked with every class to create a documentation panel about the research they are doing in their class regarding the WSF. This promoted the consistency in style and formatting and high quality educator input. These will form the basis of a whole school publication in 2017 on “Education as Relationship”.

The Whole School Focus projects have also resulted in creation of two books from classrooms. “Changing” from Jennifer Francis and Brooke Healey’s class; and “Barefeet and Happy Hearts” from Sarah Polson Brown and Kavi Gunesakar’s classroom.

The documentation from across the school was shared with families in an evening titled “Rich Relationships”. Educators were present to ‘talk’ to their panels as well as display work samples and artifacts from the classrooms. This enabled families to see how the principles and practices of the school philosophy can be applied throughout the school.

Class teaching teams formally presented their research to the whole staff. Again, guided by a common format they discussed their research and its relevance to quality practice.

New Orientation Procedures in Early Childhood This focus on ‘relationships’ also lead to a review of the orientation procedures for our students in PreKindy and Kindy. We have now introduced individual family / teacher conferences at the beginning and middle of the year and refined the ‘start to school’ process to provide a staggered transition at the beginning of the year.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Literacy Professional Learning Focus Over the course of 2016, a number of our primary school educators attended external professional learning opportunities with a focus on teaching literacy. Significantly, the Talk-4-Writing Workshops were considered very valuable. This is a multi-modal methodology that fits well with our philosophy. It provides a coherent framework for educators in the primary school to use when teaching about writing. Two of our staff, Sarah Weaving & Stephanie Hitchings, also travelled to Adelaide to attend an Australian Literacy Educators conference, focused on Wonder and Creativity. Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) A Reconciliation Action Plan Committee was formed in June 2016. The committee is made up of members of the BPCS Board (Lei Baker, Audrey Geste), Leadership (Paul Whitehead and Nicole Hunter) and teaching staff (Pamela Wise and Johanna Riddell). We also have an external member, Roni Forrest, who provides us advise and input to the plan from a Noongar perspective. One of the key successes of the RAP was establishing a relationship with Noongar Elder, Mr Neville Collard. Neville conducted Noongar cultural workshops with students throughout the primary school, as well as acting in a ceremonial and advisory capacity. Initiatives from the RAP, are now in place for 2017.

Nicole Hunter Pedagogista Bold Park Community School

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 BPCS TEACHING AND LEARNING - Teaching, Administrative and Support Staff (Paul Whitehead) We are most grateful for our positive, energetic and mission-driven staff. In 2016 the school added three new roles to further accompany and support our unique work on ground; An Outdoor Provocation Specialist (affectionately called “Specials Ops”), a Student Counsellor and a Gardener. Staff Retention 2016 STAFF RETENTION 2016 Admin Retained New Teaching Retained New Teaching Retained New Support Retained New Staff Staff Interns Staff 8











Staff adjustments in 2016 were centred around internal promotional movements, study leave and maternity leave. New appointments to the Bold Park Community School family across 2016 included: 

Bonita Barham

(English Teacher – Middle School / College – Part-time) Replaced Erin Gray who left BPCS to start her family

Leslie Ray

(New Role – Outdoor Provocation Specialist)

Catherine Hamelin

(Student Counsellor)

Linzi Carter

(Tactile Arts Specialist) Replaced Renata who is on maternity leave

Janelle Lundy

(Temporary Contract as Intern at BPCS for 2016)

Paul Host

(Part-Time Gardener – commenced late in 2016)

At the end of 2016, our Founding Principal, Gillian McAuliffe, stepped aside from her part-time role as Pedagogista at Bold Park Community School to focus on new projects. The school arranged a significant opportunity for the community and the educational world to acknowledge Gill’s contribution through a celebration event in 2016, “A Bold Life” (see also Pedagogista Report). It is also noted that Rhys George moved into the role as Arts Team Leader for BPCS in 2016, allowing Felicity to expand her extensive responsibilities as Primary Team Leader. AISWA (Association of Independent Schools Western Australia) continued to provide Psychological School Services and Bold Park Community School was able to secure the ongoing services of Toni Tomlin. Toni continues to be a valuable additional resource to our Inclusive Education Team; which now also includes Cat Hamelin who works three days per week at the school as our Student Counsellor.


BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 In 2016, Bold Park Community School had five of our educators nominated for "Positive Teacher of the Year 2016"! Thank you to those of you who nominated: Jennifer Francis, Trish Hilton, Amy McDermott, Sarah Polson-Brown and Sarah Weaving were acknowledged this year and we are grateful that our community take the time to nominate our staff when these opportunities arise. Our Pedagogista Whilst I acknowledge the incredible commitment and hard-work of all our staff in 2016. I would like to especially mention the work of Nicole Hunter who took up a new role, initially as our Early-Years Pedagogista. Nicole brings a humble and informed voice to the leadership team as well as her responsibilities in serving on the Board. Her leadership in making visible the Whole-School Focus in 2016, encouraging a synthesis of message and mission with our teaching teams across the whole campus and her ability to lead the Reconciliation Action Plan has seen Nicole move from strength to strength – aligning herself with the school’s ‘True North’ in all that she commits to. On behalf of the school I respectfully thank and acknowledge your leadership in this new and challenging role as ‘Pedagogista’ and thank you for your treasured partnership. Staff Wellness In July 2014, the Bold Park Community School staff participated in a Staff Wellness Survey which was externally managed by “Worklife”. The survey provided valuable feedback which was taken back to the staff and team leaders as a way to encourage engagement and discussion. The survey focused on: demands, culture, relationships, change, role & responsibilities, work/life balance and support. Feedback from the survey has provided specific guidance in improving on-ground conditions. The Staff Survey was conducted again in 2016 and demonstrated a significant improvement in Staff Wellness compared with indicators from 2014. The Staff Wellness Survey will be conducted every two years to help determine areas of priority and growth as a teaching, administrative and governance team. In collaboration with staff, the school has also developed a Staff Wellness Action Plan to capture our prioritise and achievements together over time. Student Attendance 2016 The average student attendance statistics for 2016 demonstrate that students across compulsory schooling (PP-Year 12) were in attendance 89% of school days in 2016, a slight improvement from 87% in 2015.


Barham, Bonita Bennett, Trudi Biancardi, Renata Bishop, Kylie Concanen, Mari Dowey, Helen (nee Riley) Francis, Jennifer George, Rhys Hamersley-Rule, Kiah Healey, Brooke Hitchings, Stephanie Horsley, Jarryd Howarth, Gillian (nee Harrison) Hughes, Julia (nee Cox) Hunter, Nicole Kinsella, Felicity Lovelady, Gabrielle MacKenzie, Amy McDermott, Amy Marazzato, Elizabeth (nee Adorno)

Patient, Katrina Polson-Brown, Sarah (nee Venter) Prause, Ursula Ray, Leslie Riddell, Johanna Sanders, Heather (nee Rollerson) Vidler, Timothy Weaving, Sarah Whitehead, Paul

Yonge, Renee

Qualification Master of Education; Diploma of Teaching (Primary); Graduate Diploma in Education; Advanced Diploma of Management. Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Science; Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Degree of Teacher of Arts Education (Australian Associates Degree equivalent) Bachelor of Music Education, Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Diploma of Children Services; LOTE Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary) Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma in Music Technology Bachelor of Arts (Communications); Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood); Master of Education (Learning Difficulties) Bachelor of Education Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Bachelor of Science; Graduate Diplomas in Education (Science and Early Childhood) Bachelor of Education (Physical Education); Diploma of Teaching Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) Bachelor of Education (Primary) Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts); Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary – TSOL & Art Education), Certificate IV Training & Assessment Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) Bachelor of Science (Biotech); Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Applied Science; Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Bachelor of Science (Psychology); Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary) Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Design); Graduate Diploma in Education (Middle Years) Bachelor of Science; Postgraduate Certificate in Education Master of Education (Educational Leadership), Bachelor of Education (English/Drama) & Certificate IV Training & Assessment Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary)

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 PROFESSIONAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT 2016 Bold Park Community School invests heavily in staff development and we are grateful that the community supports our adjusted timetable to allow all staff to meet on Wednesday afternoon. In addition to the focus areas outlined by Nicole in her Pedagogista Report (especially related to the Reconciliation Action Plan and Whole School Focus) and the Staff Retreat (featured elsewhere in this report); we also prioritised a number of features in our Wednesday Professional Development. Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum - Early in 2016, the school prioritised the training of all teaching staff in the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. Keeping Safe aims to help children and students from preschool to senior secondary learn to recognise abuse and develop ways of protecting themselves from abuse. In wider terms Keeping Safe covers rights, relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour. Parents were updated on the content and caliber of the curriculum via Newsflash with links to all curriculum materials. This forms part of our ongoing mandated curriculum at BPCS from 2016. Our Wednesdays have also included the following elements:  Workshops with Toni Tomlin (School Psychologist)  Staff Wellness – Developing a comprehensive Staff Wellness Action Plan – ways to manage our own wellness, to enhance one another’s wellness and to determine how the school can support our corporate wellness.  Team Time – This time provides opportunity for teams to meet, plan, write letters, reports, access specialist arts and support staff, etc.  Staff Updates – Paul presents on: General Updates, Announcements, Changes on site/policy, Staffing, Strategic Planning, ‘Future Schools’, Priorities, etc. (Staff also meet each Tuesday morning at 8:00am for a weekly briefing). The opening and closing weeks of each year are also a concentrated time for staff; particularly in the relation to the development of environments, handover of student information, induction, planning and adjusting to new staffing arrangements. We always start our year with a Staff Breakfast and end with a Staff Lunch on the last day for teaching staff.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 External Professional Development Staff are able to attend a wide range of development opportunities. BPCS also seeks opportunities to support staff in specific focus areas by sending multiple staff to individual development events and opportunities. In 2016, these included:  BPCS continues to maintain our links with Reggio and past friends in 2016; we had a wonderful opportunity to learn from Tiziana Filippini both at BPCS and through her public workshops and Toni and Robyn Christie provided a perfect overview of Rituals whilst Robyn presented on development of environments (outdoors and provocations) and ukulele!  As mentioned by Nicole in her report, the school has had a concentrated interest in developing a strong reading/writing research base for BPCS. Multiple Primary Staff were able to attend Whole School Approach to Reading, ‘Talk 4 Writing’ Training, Sharp Reading, The Big Six, Exploring Fairy Tales, Stories of Place (History focus), Perth Writer’s Festival Events and Amanda Weldon and Sarah Weaving were able to attend the ‘Celebrate Reading National Conference’ in Adelaide.  Similarly, in Mathematics and Science, teachers were able to attend School Science Workshops, Scratch Training, Message in a Plastic Bottle, Robotics PDs, Maths Headstart. Staff also attended a range of Paul Swann’s training Mathematics workshops.  Prior to our public screening of Most Likely to Succeed the whole teaching staff attended a screening at Scitech with ‘TeachMeetWA’; Nicole was asked to be a panellist for Q&A following the screening.  Paul was able to attend the “Future Schools Conference” in Sydney, meeting with Lane Clark and Larry Rosenstock (Principal of High Tech High and featured in Most Likely to Succeed).  Staff and Student wellness and well-being continues to be a major focus at Bold Park. In 2016 we were asked to present a showcase of our Middle School “Positive Girls” program at the Positive Schools Conference and a number of staff were able to attend. Pamela and Felicity were also able to attend the Health and Wellbeing Summit in Melbourne; they were also able to visit Cornish College with Kirsty Liljegren (Gabbi and Amy M were also able to attend a local workshop of Kirsty’s in 2016).  Our Indigenous Heritage priorities and RAP were well represented with a wide range of opportunities pursued by our staff; Exploring Aboriginal Culture, Cultural Mapping, Indigenous

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Culture Workshops as well as a wide range of incursions in partnership with Neville Collard and Bindi Bindi Dreaming.  Our Nature-Based approach to learning was well supported through our on-ground works in 2016 but also with some of our staff attending Nature-based workshops, Claire Warden Workshops and Sense of Place.  Bluearth Training: This is our second year of training and in 2016 Gabbi Lovelady and Jennifer Francis achieved Bluearth Accreditation. Similarly, Jarryd bolstered his expert skills in Rock and Water and Aquatic Rescue and Mental Health.  Youth Mental Health First Aid – This was achieved through a partnership with AISWA and was delivered over multiple weeks for six of our Secondary and Support Staff to be trained.  Compliance both educationally and operationally are always a necessity and 2016 was no exception; WACE & AISWA Compliance Meetings, Financial Grants and Updates, Briefing the Board, Mandatory Reporting, VET Training, Certificate IV & II Training, Small School Collegiate. Practically, our administration team also received updated training in Word, Excel and Outlook to further hone their skills.  Sue Wyatt was able to attend the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA) Conference.  The school is delighted to be supporting Julia Hughes’ AISWA application to travel to Reggio Emilia in 2017. Reporting Software Update in 2016 We were pleased to introduce changes to our reporting format for 2016 after feedback provided through our 2015 Parent Survey, All-In Parent Night Report feedback and staff reflections. Adjustments have been made to the Student Snapshot Report template to offer a more concise and clear format and to meet new legislated reporting demands. A sample copy of the new report format was available to families prior to reports being distributed to allow families to familiarise themselves with the content and look of the school report. The list of changes in 2016 to our compulsory schooling reporting format for PP-Year 9 (Year 10-12 have an individualised format to reflect the WACE requirements) can be accessed at: . I would like to thank Felicity Kinsella who has consulted widely and managed these changes in negotiation with our software partner.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 STAFF RETREAT 2016 - Camp Leschenaultia, Chidlow (Paul Whitehead) Retreat is an opportunity to come together as a staff in new contexts, to face new challenges, enjoy one another over a longer time range, to mix and mingle with the wider team – beyond the connections we might normally make throughout the school week. It is also an opportunity to reflect on our whole-school focus; to appreciate our history and be challenged to envision future possibilities. This year our staff travelled to Camp Leschenaultia (Chidlow) and engaged in a range of activities. We enjoyed Welcome Packs, lessons from Bob Hunter on Vision and Teamwork, Star-Gazing Astronomy, Yoga or an early walk around the lake, structured ukulele sessions with Tim, Canoe rides, Art sessions and a game of “Castle” and late-night Karaoke! Our fire-pit was a cosy spectacle throughout the Retreat and was the meeting hub for many a long conversation. A particular highlight were the heart-felt messages and pictures from the children and families within our community. We have all appreciated our many Staff Retreats at Bold Park Community School over the years. Through these times we have learned to value; being together in a different place – with the generosity of time, to move away from the safety found in our busy-ness; Stillness and the opportunity to connect with nature; To see ourselves, our mission and one another in a renewed light; and to share a common experience in laughter and love which can be drawn upon in more challenging times. On behalf of all staff, we do say “Thank you” to our community for supporting this wonderful bi-annual school tradition. The art work completed on Retreat is on proud display in the front office.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 NAPLAN & SCHOOL RESULTS 2016 Although we do not put an emphasis on this kind of assessment, we do encourage all students to prepare for the experience by engaging in practice tests at school, but more importantly, being physically and mentally prepared. This means getting lots of sleep, focussing on eating well, and generally having a positive and confident attitude that minimises stress and maximises self-confidence. We endeavour to provide a positive and healthy environment with a healthy focus, plenty of breaks, and encouragement to take on the challenge and be confident in what you CAN do. For more information about NAPLAN visit the NAP website

Bold Park Community School Results (NAPLAN) – Data Overview 2016 The NAPLAN tests were administered in May 2016 and the results were distributed in Term 3 2016. Total number of students administering the test in 2016 were 39 in total.

Year 3 – 12 students

Year 5 – 9 students

Year 7 – 10 students

Year 9 – 8 students

The numbers taking the NAPLAN tests at Bold Park Community School are very small so the statistical data presented must be considered within this context (especially when being compared with National or Larger School cohorts). The school is very pleased with the results and especially the individual efforts of each student. The results do not provide the journey individual students have been on in order to achieve their personal results. There were 4 students withdrawn from testing by parents. These students are not included in the statistical data collected. It is in this context, that Bold Park staff analyse the data in a ‘micro’ sense, we examine individual results within the wider context, developing and continuing growth within areas of strengths and more specifically to address areas of concern. Many areas shown as requiring some attention, are already identified and given attention prior to receiving the NAPLAN results. This is through the use of other testing tools with immediate feedback for educators such as the ACER PAT testing.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 The following table indicates the performance of BPCS students by Year Level in each of the NAPLAN tests in 2016. It shows the number of students within each year who performed below / at or above the National Standards for each testing area. Test taken

Year level

Number of students at BPCS demonstrating performance in this test that is below the National Standard

Number of students at BPCS demonstrating performance in this test that is at the National Standard

Number of students at BPCS demonstrating performance in this test that is above the National Standard


Year 3 Year 5 Year 7 Year 9

0 0 0 0

1 1 1 2

11 8 9 6


Year 3 Year 5 Year 7 Year 9

0 0 0 1

0 2 0 1

12 7 10 6


Year 3 Year 5 Year 7 Year 9

0 1 0 1

0 0 2 1

12 8 8 6


Year 3 Year 5 Year 7 Year 9

0 0 0 1

0 2 0 1

12 7 10 6

Grammar & Year 3 Punctuation Year 5 Year 7 Year 9

0 1 0 2

0 0 1 0

12 8 9 6

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 TEACHING AND LEARNING 2016 Early Childhood Report on 2016 for AGM (Gabbi Lovelady – Team Leader) National Quality Standards (NQS) Audit The NQS Audit was conducted and our Early Childhood Team was proud to receive ‘met’ or ‘exceeded’ in all seven quality areas. The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services in Australia. The NQS brings together the 7 key quality areas that are important to outcomes for children. 1. Educational program and practice 2. Children’s health and safety 3. Physical environment 4. Staffing arrangements 5. Relationships with children 6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities 7. Leadership and service management Early Childhood - Engagement with Families Apart from the whole school events, Early Childhood also held many events to build relationships with, communicate with and inform our families. 

One-on-one meeting with all new families before their child commences.

Pre-Kindy, Kindy and EC5 Parent Nights in term one.

EC Garden Tea featuring the ‘Dr Flow Bubble Show’.

Morning/Afternoon Teas to present student portfolios.

Combined Early Childhood Parent Night in term three involving socialising by firelight with food, chai tea and mulled cider in the Kitchen Garden with live music from EC5 teacher Julia and her husband Matt. The teams and parents then split back into their rooms for discussion.

Parent/Teacher meetings early in term three.

Various classroom projects involving families, such as Family Stories in Pre-Kindy and ‘Bread from Around the World’ cooking project in Kindy.


Lyndal Ebert joined EC5 as a Murdoch University Long Term Intern

Ashlea Turpin resigned early in the year and after advertising, her position was filled by Amy McKenzie who had been our Murdoch University Long Term intern in EC5 in 2015.

Mira Dragecivic was on maternity leave.

We mentored other short term placement practicum students from ECU.

We hosted a Year 10 work experience student from MLC.

Gabbi Lovelady completed her Bluearth accreditation.

Whole School Focus Early Childhood engaged in many interesting and varied ways with the ‘Relationships’ focus. There were explorations into ways to strengthen relationships within class groups through song, rituals and shared spaces and an investigation into connection with an art medium (paint). We were fortunate to have a specially tailored presentation from Toni Christie (Childspace, New Zealand) on Rituals which fitted with our interest in this in connection to our Whole School Focus. Early Childhood Works & Maintenance 

The Lakehouse interior was painted and the end room was converted into a Nature Atelier where our natural collections are housed together with scientific equipment for discovery.

A new stove was installed in the Kindy/PP kitchen and a small fridge and pantry in the Pre-Kindy kitchen.


Literacy Focus & Initiatives in 2016 Developing Writing, Punctuation and Grammar: Extensive ‘Talk-for-Writing’ teacher PD training, increased teacher resource purchases and continued development of our whole school approach to writing. Within area staff skill building to improve student engagement and writing skills. Developing Reading, Phonics and Spelling Skills: Increased levelled texts in our School Library resources, increased teacher guide resources aligned with texts. Professional Development training in differentiation; phonics; decoding and skills consolidation. Unpacking current resources and decisions made on expanding resources to further develop programme choices. Poetry Readings, Integrated Classroom Exhibitions, Lucid rapid Screening Assessment introduced and utilised to target skill growth, PAT Assessments for Student Growth Diagnostics and targeting skills growth and program success.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) Developing Math: Increased math manipulative kits and hands on resources, teacher PD training in Dr Paul Swan methods, RIC Math Teacher Resources, MTS Online memberships for Scope and Sequences. Developing Science/Technology: Robo-Gals Workshops, Coding Maker Spaces, new laptops in Upper Primary Class, Woodside Stem Workshops, Scitech membership and class visits, STEM Day with Moerlina and Chrysalis, Year 4-6 Podcast Exhibition. Developing Design: New primary playground completion as the end of a two-year project involving community surveys, purposeful research and experts from within our community and through Childscapes Landscape Designers.

Social Emotional Focus in Primary 2016 Further implementation of the Zones of Regulation Curriculum, sitting alongside the implementation of the Protective Behaviours Keeping Safe Curriculum and the BPCS Behaviour Management Guide. Teacher guide books purchased and teacher skill development with AISWA School Psychologist, Student

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Primary School Report (PP-Year 6) for AGM (Continued) Counsellor, IEC and Primary Team Leader. Social Groups for skill development and support with counsellor and TL. Mindfulness Rituals implemented (Zentangles, Chair Yoga, Meditation, Music). BPCS WAVES of Learning Consolidated.

Primary - Outdoor Focus New sand pit equipment, new verandah furniture for students, Lake Galup as project focus, Year 4-6 Wild Space Sleepovers, Outdoor Provocation Specialist. New Sports Equipment Purchased. Sporting Schools after school program offerings.

Incursions / Excursions Examples include: ‘Constable Care’ visits, Ride-to-School, Writers Festival, Book Week and Dog Walk, New Zealand Playhouse Theatre (Cyber Safety), Lake Monger Primary School Connections, Arbor Day at Lake Galup, ANZAC Cottage, WA Museum, Fremantle Literacy Centre, Upper Primary Nanga Camp.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 TEACHING AND LEARNING 2016 Middle School and College Report 2016 for AGM (Tim Vidler – Team Leader) Once again Middle School and College grew significantly in 2016, seeing our biggest enrolment numbers and best retention in MS/College, our first “full” cohort of 28 students in Middle School (Years 7-9) and 16 students in College (Years 10-12)! We had three wonderful Graduates in 2016, a tight but very diverse group that well demonstrate the different pathways of our college program:

Sophia: Studies at BPCS: Certificate 3 in Media (Film and TV) through North Metro TAFE ATAR English and ATAR Maths Applications through Tuart College. Integrated Science, Media, Health, Philosophy with Peter, and Options activities Duke of Edinburgh (Silver Awardee) ANZAC day talk at Town of Cambridge event, Amnesty International “The Rights of the Refugee” student conference. Future pathway: Sophia completed a portfolio entry into Journalism at Curtin University. Cameron: Studies at BPCS: English, Integrated Science, Media, Health, Philosophy with Peter, and Options activities: VET in Schools Electrical apprenticeship 0ngoing (one day work, one TAFE, 3 in school) including completing a Certificate II, working towards a Certificate III. Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Awardee) Future pathway: Currently continuing in his apprenticeship full time. Jacob: Studies at BPCS: Integrated Science, Media, Health, Philosophy with Peter, and Options activities Yearbook awesomeness! ATAR English through Tuart College, Certificate II in Visual Arts ANZAC day talk at Town of Cambridge event. Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Awardee) Future Pathway: Jacob is currently studying Radio Broadcasting.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 “Options” in Middle School & College 2016 - ‘Options’ activities are designed to get students outside of the school, exploring and engaging in the community through nature and outdoor activities, clubs and community benefit organisations, ‘getting outside our comfort zones. In 2016 our activities íncluded: 

Fencing lessons through the University of Western Australia

Woodwork at ‘The Shed’, a community initiative of Livestream’s Christian Church in South Perth, continuing our relationship and support of this facility.

Horse Care at Carine Riding for the Disabled.

2016 Camp - Collie

This year, Middle School and College went to Collie and stayed in the old DPAW Rangers Cottages, now Wellington Forrest Cottages. We participated in several DPAW “Nearer to Nature” forest management activities focused on wild life, fire management, and fauna diversity. We also had an indigenous culture session with Troy Bennell, including dance, his family’s connection to the place, and to Galup (Lake Monger) We spent a day at Collie Riding for the Disabled trail riding, and vaulting, and spent time at camp writing and sharing poetry and songs. Big Projects: Ursula led Middle School in developing areas in and around the upper school, as part of our Relationships focus. One team developed mud huts first on paper, then digital models 3D printed, then the real thing! The Meditation mazes made it to the 3D model stage, and await the right time and place.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Our Tea Project naturally flowed from an investigation of relationship building in Health integrating with Johanna in the kitchen garden, and gave the students an authentic product to explore for entrepreneurship in HASS, building on the student’s previous involvement with the Casetta, and colour festival businesses. The College group investigated Soft Skills, from the provocation of the iZRA incursion. This involved a group of young people pursuing their own pathways, with presentations and workshops. Liz and Bonita then led College to explore essential work and life skills, as well as how to turn their skills and passions into a career. As always the Yearbook is a huge project in the second part of the year, completely student run and managed with College acting as the development team, and middle School supplying wonderful content with all students represented.

Expanding Horizons – Certificate IV in Design We also explored possibilities and locked in our brand new and unique Certificate IV program in Design with Mount Pleasant College, which is successfully underway in 2017. The Certificate IV in Design allows us to integrate the arts languages so essential to our learning at BPCS throughout our College program, through combined tasks, as well as providing another university pathway. Design process and design thinking goes outside of the career pathway of design, and gives students a broad experience of problem solving, concept exploration, as well as life skills in social media, creating and publishing documents, and managing IT software and data.

Senior Secondary Handbook 2016 / 2017 Our Senior Secondary handbook outlines our Course Offerings in Years 10-12 in more detail and is available via our website or directly at:


‘Pharaoh on Fleek’ Performance 2016 The biggest celebration of the arts was the ‘Pharaoh on Fleek’ performance at Telethon Speech and Hearing. It showcased a huge spectrum of student talent through a script written by staff and developed through student consultations. It included work from students Years 1 through to Year 9, in a range of different capacities, with all 7 different art specialty areas contributing in different ways.

The mixed media production included prerecorded advertisements that were all created and produced by the middle school group. The advertisements were developed with inspiration from a range of experts in the field through ‘Filmbites Youth Film School’ in a grant secured with the Town of Cambridge. Whole Choir songs and small group performances were performed in the production, developed throughout the year. Dance was showcased in the live performance and within a media video segment that included footage captured by a drone in collaboration with media artist Sohan Ariel Hayes.

The celebration was a success through the eyes of the many staff, teachers and audience members involved. The production was captured and documented by a small group of Year 12 College students, edited and made available to the school community online.

Whole School Focus The Whole School focus was a vehicle to integrate the arts into the classroom and multiple projects demonstrated the collaborative learning: 

The Tea Project Stalls (Middle School) - The tea stalls were a project where the kitchen garden was used to grow and make tea to sell to the community over two weeks. The project worked in collaboration with the health program, putting a focus on mindfulness and wellness of the students through enterprise.

Bare Feet Happy Hearts (The Deep Thinkers) - Bare Feet Happy Hearts was a song developed with music, showcasing an arts language that allows for a deeper reflection for the student’s

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 existing investigations of local site. The children’s ideas and reflections were developed into lyrics and songs, working collaboratively together to tell a story of Bold Park’s history and learning environment through their own voice. The song was recorded and scored for preservation. 

Big Rain Coming (Detailed Detectives) -

In collaboration with a literacy project, media

investigated relationships through fiction. The final product was a student made multimedia book, a recreation of a popular indigenous children’s book using their own narrations, photographs, graphic design and produced all by the children. 

Changing (Dragon Keepers) - The children’s investigation of local site Galup manifested into a book chronicling the changes of the Lake Monger site over the past centuries. The book was in collaboration with the visual arts and included many drawings and descriptions of flora and fauna from the area.

I am pleased to acknowledge the many other celebrations of the arts programs like: Rhythm2Recovery drumming relationship program, Lego Robot tournaments, Pathway and garden design and beautification, collaborations with FORM and excursions to ‘The Good Shed’, visits from a Mars One candidate, listening to Australian History podcasts, etc.

College Media 2016 College Media should be celebrated for their Camp Documentary, comedy productions, photograph portfolios, short films and podcast productions created throughout the year.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 EXTRA CURRICULAR SPORTS & ACTIVITIES (Paul Whitehead) After-School Activities In addition to a range of after-school activities available at BPCS we were pleased to once again receive funding from the Federal Government through the Sporting Schools Program. In 2016 this allowed for Pre-Primary to Year 7 students to engage for free with the following after-school sporting options: 

Term One, 2016 - Netball with Netball WA (PP-Year 2) & (Year 3- Year 7)

Term Two, 2016 – Athletics with Athletics Australia (PP-Year 2) & (Year 3 – Year 7)

Term Four, 2017 – Basketball with Basketball WA (PP-Year 3) & (Year 4 – Year 7)

The school also partners with Coastal Tennis for tennis lessons after school on Wednesdays. BoPPA (Bold Park Performing Arts) had another successful year but have decided not to continue into 2017 (as the pursue other opportunities). Educated by Nature have held an after-school Nature Carpentry Club on Tuesday afternoons which has also been well-attended. Fun Directions – School Holiday Program Fun Direction is a vacation care service offered to Bold Park Community School families; whilst it is not directly associated with the school, we are grateful for the close discussions that Sophie has had with the school in establishing her service and feedback from participants in 2016 was very positive. Fun Direction is a government approved, licensed service and operates from Bold Park Community School with fully qualified and experienced childcare staff. Minky Hockey - The Minky Hockey team has been ably managed and coached by our wonderful parents. It was a delight to attend the “finals” and be asked to present the team with their medals on the ‘final’ day! Special thanks to Alex Yonge for his able mentorship with this young team!

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 MUSIC PROGRAM AT BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL (Paul Whitehead) Kylie Bishop has been instrumental in leading a range of musical initiatives in 2016. This has demonstrated itself both in classrooms across the school where music is richly featured (“Barefeet and Happy Hearts” being one example from this year) but also through out-of-school opportunities which Kylie has managed and lead such as Musica Viva. Lunchtime Concerts & Partnerships Our end of term, lunchtime concerts have quickly become a pre-holiday treat for our families and a stellar opportunity for our budding musicians to perform to a real audience. We also acknowledge the relationships that Kylie has fostered with our





opportunities to engage and appreciate musical excellence! Ukulele Club! Ukulele Club commenced at 8am on Wednesday 24th February for Upper Primary & Middle School students who had already started their ukulele journey. This has been a wonderful initiative of Kylie Bishop’s and we are very excited to see the continued growth of skills in our school instrument. After-School Music Tuition We are most grateful to all our after-school tutors who not only provide lessons at school but have also volunteered their time for our lunchtime concerts and during parent events. In the 2016 the school has been able to partner with these professionals to provide instruction in: Guitar / Bass / Ukulele, Violin/Viola, Drums/ Percussion and Piano.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 MARKETING AND ENROLMENTS (Paul Whitehead) The school’s strategic plan (2014-2016) required an ongoing focus on the communication of “Who we are” and “What we do best” in reaching out to prospective families and in broadcasting our credentials as educational leaders. Enrolment Tours 2016 In










approaches, conducting five pairs of 1 hour, whole-school tours (in addition to our 1:1 tours and Open Day). This strategy allows families to tour our school based on the area of the school they most wish to consider (i.e. Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary). The school tours now average 103 prospective parent attendees per Tour date (Tour dates averaged 90 in 2015). In addition, our Whole-School Open Day held in May 2016 had 135 prospective parents attend (and over 50 visiting educators). Advertising, Website & Social Media The school actively promotes our tours through Offspring Magazine and many local publications and by equipping word of mouth advertising through a simple postcard prompt (which has proven most successful). Our school website ( continues to be a central hub for the school’s marketing strategy and the school has actively sought to make visible many aspects of Bold Park success ‘visible’ both through our timely blogging, update of core content and via direct feeds and promotions through Facebook. We are also proud to let you know that Bold Park Community School’s website also won a national web award in the Education Category (2016) working with Clever Starfish! In 2016, we also initiated targeted advertising campaigns through Facebook to reach our local target markets. Our Facebook following at the end of 2016 was a respectable 1,400; however, many individual posts have reached an audience 50,000 plus! It would be remiss not mention the media coverage of Julian Dear’s “Walking the Gap” mission in 2016 which attracted a great deal of external media coverage for Julian and the school; his journey is outlined later in this report. The media has extensively promoted the more, gloomy WA economic backdrop and the move of

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 student populations to the public-school system which has had a measured impact on many local independent schools. BPCS’s quality delivery of excellent programs, competitive pricing and face-to-face marketing (e.g. through multiple tours) has seen the school enjoy a growing enrolment and interest trajectory. We are pleased that many areas of the school are now full or in a waitlist situation. 2013-2016 Enrolment Census Data (PP-Year 12) Does not include non-compulsory student numbers, i.e. Playgroup, Pre-Kindy or Kindy enrolments

Total Enrolments









We are committed to further expanding opportunities for the children we serve and the school will further develop our enrolment capacity in 2017 with growth initially in our Primary spaces. We believe BPCS continues to enjoy good favour in the enrolment and retention space for many reasons; particularly, the quality and calibre of our graduating Year 12s since 2011 which gives our community a great sense of confidence and pride.


BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 BUILDING DEVELOPMENT, MAJOR WORKS AND MAINTENANCE (Paul Whitehead) Warren McMurtrie is commended for his hard-work in managing a dynamic and demanding site and in responding positively to the many challenges that arise across the campus. It has been a point of celebration that we have been in a stronger financial position to focus more resources on site in 2016 and to enjoy some more tangible rewards as a community. The Boat House – Grand Opening Whilst the bulk of this work was completed through 2015, the school finalised works on “The Boat House” early in 2016 and it was officially opened (complete with champagne ‘launch’) by Maggie Dent and Paul Whitehead at our Community Breakfast early in term one. Mr Mark Baker’s significant role in working through the complexities of compliance with the Town of Cambridge are specifically recognised. We also acknowledge the Town of Cambridge for their willingness to work with us on this project and their community grant which paid for Linzi Carter’s fantastic entry “wave” mural!

New School Entry Statement - The front of house is looking much fresher after artist Greg Banfield delivered and installed another piece of work for us (Greg also designed the school's entry statement in 2012).

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 New Primary Playground - The New Primary Playground was devised in collaboration with the Upper Primary class of 2015/2016 as they researched and fundraised toward this significant project (Raising over $3,000 through business stalls in 2015). This is an outstanding example of project-based learning at Bold Park Community School and the teaching staff and students are to be commended for their longterm commitment to this project (two years) in partnership with the school.

Walking the Gap – Julian Dear Similarly, the community united behind Julian Dear’s commitment to fundraise for this project by hiking 1,000 kms from Kalamunda to Albany along the Bibbulmun Track, a journey which took him 52 days! We would like to thank all the fundraising efforts around the school over the last year that have helped to make the playground project a great success! We especially acknowledge Julian Dear who made a huge contribution to the school's play space upgrade with his “Walking the Gap 2016” mission.



transformation cupboards,





significant with





transformed storage room. Ursula and Malora also opened the Science Centre for interested scientists during school lunchtimes to introduce the space to younger children in the school.

Multi-Function Room In 2016, the library was transitioned from the multi-function room space to the Writer’s Hub. This has allowed us to expand the use of the Multi-Function Space as an additional meeting space, whole class facility, arts centre, meeting place, central resource area and computer hub. Rhys writes: - “An all ages environment, known as the Multi-Function Room was developed using the central building, the space was developed into a studio lab area that would be able to cater for multiple age groups and disciplinary areas. The space was used frequently by all classes.”

Community Garden Works commenced on the Community Garden outside the school grounds, including trenching works, erecting the fence and establishing the reticulation for the 16 raised garden beds!

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Three Schools Collegiate Group The Three Schools Collegiate Group comprises BPCS, Telethon Speech and Hearing and Lake Monger Primary School, and meets together once a term with representatives from the Town of Cambridge, Police Liaison and the Community Garden to discuss local issues of impact to our school communities. Following a range of meetings with the Town of Cambridge and the Deputy Premier, Liza Harvey; we were able to secure additional lighting which is now permanently installed along Dodd Street and CCTV camera mounts and signage installed in the immediate vicinity of the school near the toilet block adjacent to Dodd Street. In 2016, the school has also worked toward new plans for our site and have actively pursued a range of grants and low interest loans to explore our potential as we move into 2017 and beyond.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Sue Wyatt joined BPCS in 2015 has been a significant presence in the success of our financial transparency and the positive trajectory of the school’s finances and resources. Sue is a critical part of the leadership executive and has been a welcome addition to the school both in her leadership and genuine care for our staff and community! We congratulate Sue on her ongoing success in prioritising the mission and vision at Bold Park Community School! Paul Whitehead


The financial position of Bold Park Community School (BPCS) continues to remain sound and strong, with all key budget parameters for 2016 achieved. Financial benchmarking with other independent schools ensures a focus on prudent financial management aimed at maximizing the allocation of resources to the needs of students and their learning. Always keeping ‘children at the centre’. During the year, significant capital investment was made in the area of IT equipment and infrastructure; measures to safeguard our computers from malware, including viruses, and preventing other forms of malicious programs. Ongoing enhancements to buildings and equipment were also made through strategic targeted programs. How is BPCS Funded? BPCS seeks a mix of private and Government funding to continue to challenge the status quo of education by re-thinking and re-imagining what a school can be and to continue to collaborate between teachers and families. This way programs are designed and funded around how children really learn.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Operating Result Revenue for the year to 31 December 2016 was $4,287,384 compared to $3,986,953 in 2015, representing a year-on-year increase in revenue of 7.5%. Other Income comes from workshops, book sales, professional tours, fundraising, excursions/incursions, school trips/camps, interest, uniform sales, facility hire and administration charges. Enrolment numbers have continued to grow reflecting the school’s reputation in the market and the advocacy of our community. This success has supported the School’s finances which have continued to improve providing a solid foundation to support future growth. Expenditure was $4,080,869 in the period compared to $3,554,070 in 2015, increasing 4.8% (the majority of this increase was spent in the area of Teaching and Student expenditure). As a result, BPCS recorded a net surplus of $206,515 for the 2016 financial year.

Teaching and Student Expenses - Include Departmental spending in all areas of the school – Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School College on teaching salaries, superannuation, relief teachers, professional development, supplies such as Text books, stationery, and subscriptions. Administration Expenses - Include administration salaries, advertising, marketing, bank fees, newspapers, magazines, postage, security, insurance, motor vehicle expenses, office supplies, printing, depreciation, IT and communication. Rent and Maintenance - Include cleaning, ground maintenance, general maintenance, rubbish removal, rent, utilities and rates. Other Expenses - Include workshops, book purchases, tours, fundraising, uniform purchases, interest, excursion/incursions and school trips/camps.

Sue Wyatt Business Manager Bold Park Community School

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 DEVELOPING OUR STRATEGIC PLAN 2017-2020 Letter to Our School Community (Paul Whitehead) The Annual General Meeting Report for 2016 is designed to make visible the focus, achievements and standing of the year that has been (2016). A major achievement has been the development of our Strategic Plan for the future. Copies of our new Strategic Plan are freely available from the office or online. Following is a copy of a letter sent to all community members and is reproduced here to summarise the process of development which took place in 2016. The journey together through 2016 has been monumental with many evenings, mornings and weekends dedicated to producing our strategic plan which could not have been achieved without the dedicated work of our Board (Lei Baker, Kellie Prosser, Rob De Luca (who spearheaded the strategic process), Toby Nisbet, Jan Coleman, Audrey Geste, Daniel Habib, Peter Lippman), Pedagogista (Nicole Hunter), Business Manager (Sue Wyatt), BPCS Team Leaders (Gabbi Lovelady, Tim Vidler, Felicity Kinsella, Rhys George and Katrina Patient) and our lead facilitator; Andrea Litchfield. We also acknowledge the contribution of our entire community! We received written input from over 120 individual parents, staff and students and we have been energised by the positive encouragement from our community as we have communicated our processes along the way via Newsflashes and our website in 2016. I am grateful for the passion, commitment and energy that has been given to this process and I am grateful that we have a challenging and exciting Strategic Plan pathway to walk together. Copies of our Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2020 have now been distributed to all families and are freely available for collection from our front office. The graphics and layout have been beautifully managed by Katrina Patient with artwork from the very talented, Linzi Carter. It is our sincere hope that you will read it carefully, refer to it often, share with others and (most importantly); partner with us! We presented the Strategic Plan to the community for the first time at our Community Breakfast on the 15th March 2017 to a small group of attending parents; we will provide other opportunities for you to hear about this exciting journey and I encourage you to come along, ask questions and join the conversation on how we can achieve our “Blue Skies” together. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the vision and work of Bold Park Community School.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 A FLOURISHING COMMUNITY 2016 – The Ongoing Foundations of Our Community The Bold Park Community School Advisory Board To the members of the School Board in 2016; the school thanks you for the work you have completed and supported through the year at Bold Park Community School. This year, the Board have worked alongside management and the Team Leadership team in developing our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and continue to execute the vision and strategic priorities determined by the school community in our previous Strategic Plan (2014-2016) document which focused on: Restructuring Leadership & Management, Culture & Wellbeing, Communication & Marketing, Enhancing Financial Sustainability. On behalf of the whole community; we thank you for your commitment and dedication to Bold Park Community School. All current Board Members are listed on our website under “Our People”.

Four of our Board Members and Sue Wyatt (Business Manager) attending AISWA’s “Briefing the Board Conference” in 2016 Parent Helpers and Volunteers Special thanks for the time and energy invested by our parent body who serve our community in so many practical and dynamic ways in 2016, including: Parent Class Coordinators, Busy Bees, FundRaisers, Volunteering to attend or lead school events, Library, Writer’s Hub, Shade Committee, Excursions and Incursions, Marketing, Photography, Scholastic Books, Cooking and a range of other means. The mission of the school is greatly enhanced by your commitment and the investment of your time.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 BUILDING COMMUNITY 2016 - Celebrations and Highlights Throughout 2016, the Bold Park Community engaged in many successful community events and celebrations as well as offering a wide range of opportunities for our parents to engage in our school community: 

“All-In” Parent Nights, Class Parent Nights, Philosophy Night & Parent / Teacher Team Meetings continue to be significant opportunities to work with parents both at the classroom and wholeschool level. We are grateful for the attendance at these events and encourage parents to remain connected with us through these essential educational opportunities.

Lunchtime Concerts & Ukulele Club (See Music Report)

“Pharaoh on Fleek” (See Rhys’ Report)

Rich Relationships Evening (See Pedagogista Report)

Community Breakfast - The staging of our annual Community Breakfast in Term 1 each year is an opportunity for families, staff and children meet and get to know each other. In addition to the usual festivities of this event, this year offered an opportunity to officially launch Boathouse (see update on Buildings & Grounds Re: Official Opening of the Boathouse in 2016) Open Day is an opportunity to showcase our wonderful school environments and for potential and existing families to mix and mingle with our staff and see first-hand our points of difference. We enjoyed a carnival atmosphere once again with stalls and a gift for visiting mums for Mother’s Day!

Teapots and Mother’s Day Gifts from our 2016 Open Day Event!

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Movie Screening – “Most Likely to Succeed” I would like to thank the community for their support of our screenings of “Most Likely to Succeed” on Thursday the 23rd June. We had over 200 attendees






opportunity to trial some interactive software which provided us with immediate feedback on the ‘mood of the room’. Asked if the audience would recommend the film to friends and family – participants gave a 100% “Yes”. The feedback has been very positive with many comments reflecting that the film helped to validate their educational choice in Bold Park Community School.

ANZAC Commemorative Services In 2016 we held a community ANZAC Commemorative Service in the McAuliffe Arts Centre which was very well attended with performance, song and poetry as a centerpiece of our commemorations. We also had two Year 12s (Sophia and Jacob) attend the Town of Cambridge ANZAC Commemorative Service where a wreathe was laid on behalf of the school community.

International Mud Day – An opportunity to support our friends in Nepal through this BPCS initiated, international event. In 2016, we once again enjoyed a range of muddy events and activities. Gillian McAuliffe and Maggie Dent opened proceedings; we enjoyed our special Mud Songs, The Middle School Mud Hut was a new addition to the landscape and the warm soup and hot chocolate were delicious around the fire!

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 2016 “Grad-itude” Event is an opportunity to say “thank you” to our Volunteers, Helpers and Families and to congratulate our Graduating Year 6 and Year 12 students and families. In 2016 it provided opportunity to officially thank Julian Dear and to “officially open” our new playground space!

Year 12 Graduation Dinner – This event was established for the Year 12 graduating students but is attended by all the students in Middle School and College. In 2016 the students organised the entire event at the Telethon Speech and Hearing Auditorium for the recognition of three Year 12 graduates: Sophia Witte, Jacob Wootton and Cameron Greensmith (See Secondary Report).

End of Year Christmas Party – Every year the school has an informal, End of Year Christmas party to celebrate the school year. These events are complimented with a range of exciting and engaging activities; a truly festival event to celebrate the achievements of the year together!

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 The BPCS Dog Walk 2016 was a new initiative by Jarryd Horsley and the Year 6 Leadership team. Not only did they organise a hugely successful walk but they also thought carefully about all the safety needs in preparation for the day! The team organised for Ash the Ranger from the Town of Cambridge, and his dog Canuck to visit and teach us about the safe way to approach a dog.

The annual Early Childhood Garden Party was a great opportunity for Mums and Dads to mix and mingle at the end of term with their children, extended family and the staff of BPCS. Super-Science Day 2016 BPCS was delighted to receive a grant for STEAM




Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in 2016. We utilised the funds to provide an expanded Science Laboratory and BPCS lead an initiative to invite two local primary schools: Chrysalis and Moerlina schools in hosting a combined Science Event Day at Bold Park Community School on Tuesday the 16th August 2016. The event was coordinated together with Ursula and Malora and was targeted toward our Upper Primary Students. The total funding package and resourcing amounted to over $8,000 with resources shared across the three schools. The event was a great success in partnering with local small schools who consider Bold Park Community School a possible future option for their Middle School and College journey. The event was well celebrated in the ‘Post Newspaper’.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Waste Wise Status - Bold Park Community School was recognised in 2015 as Sunsmart School and a Water Wise School. In 2016, the school was officially recognised as “Waste Wise School”. Special thanks to Johanna Riddell and Vanessa Dow for leading the success of this ongoing project.

Other Celebrations and Highlights (some mentioned elsewhere in this report) 

Reconciliation Action Plan (See Pedagogista Report)

“A Bold Life” – Celebrating the work and mission of Gillian McAuliffe (See Pedagogista Report)

Class Busy Bees were a great opportunity to meet in a practical way to assist in larger class projects and site needs.

Ride & Walk to School Days.

Orientation Morning & New Compulsory Schooling Orientation sessions for parents.

Cyber-Safety Parent Evening and & Workshops through “Think You Know”.

We recognised our first “Silver” awardee for the International Duke of Edinburgh Award; achieved by Sophia Witte (Year 12).

The school continued to host a series of Professional School Tours, which were very well attended and provide an opportunity to discuss the history, aims and purposes of Bold Park Community School with the education community.

Multiple sleepovers / Camps and Expeditions (Sleepover at School, Nanga, Collie)

Staff Retreat (Lake Leschenaultia & Parent / Students Letters to Staff

Staff Vs Students Basketball Game.

Year 12s Final Day and Muck-Up Events (always fun and respectful).

Sewing Library Bags in the Multi-Function Room.

Grand Parents Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Seasonal Rituals and Celebrations.

BOLD PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (INC) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING REPORT AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2016 Fundraisers in 2016 – We are grateful to all our students, parents, staff and volunteers who have raised money toward school projects, charity and other works of Bold Park Community School. In 2016 these included: 

Walking the Gap (Julian Dear)

Open Day Teapot Plants (Lead by Tania Baxter)

Middle School Tea Celebrations (Lead Middle School, Johanna and Tim)

Scholastic Book Club (Lead by Kate Shaw)

2016 Entertainment Books (Lead by Maureen Marsh and our Parent Class Coordinators).

Breast Cancer Awareness Appeal (Middle School ladies)

2016 School Photos lead by Kellie Prosser and the photographic expertise of Bruno Kongawoin. The cherry-picker was a particular highlight!







International Mud Day (Lead by Parent Class Coordinators). 

Scholastic Book Week – Once again lead by Kate Shaw and a great team of parent and staff supporters.

St Vincent de Paul – Christmas Appeal (Run annually by Bold Park families and headed by Gabbi Lovelady). “Earn and Learn” sponsored by Woolworths (Used to purchase outdoor tools) lead by our Administration Team (with special mention to our stellar helper, Ruby!).


Wednesday Lunches Once again, the staff of Bold Park Community School thank the community for their support of our Staff Lunches. This is a unique feature and ongoing tradition of our school and allows our staff to enjoy a delicious lunch prior to our Professional Development each Wednesday afternoon which has been lovingly prepared by our parents. We do not take this hospitality and care for granted; “Thank You” for your ongoing support! As the staff pay for their lunch, it I also a significant fundraiser for the school.

IN CLOSING There is so much to celebrate about 2016! Our strategic priorities as a school are clearly established and confirm the direction that we have already commenced as a school community. o Children at the Centre, Leading Practices and Philosophy, o A Flourishing Community and Accelerated Growth and Sustainability.

o o

2016 has provided us with a firmer foundation to launch toward our ‘blue skies’. It is our hope that this document will capture the excitement and growth we experienced in this past year, but more importantly that it will give us courage and tenacity to embrace all we can be as a school community. On behalf of the leadership and staff of Bold Park Community School, we are grateful for all that you give to make BPCS a magical school and a magical community. You are a part of the magic and we encourage you to join us for an exciting journey to 2020… With Bare Feet and Happy Hearts! Paul Whitehead Principal Bold Park Community School

With Bare Feet and Happy Hearts Written by: The Thinking Detectives (Years 1-3), Kylie, Sarah and Kavi

Many years ago, there were no schools Near Lake Galup the Noongar people played Then Gillian McAuliffe sowed the seed And Bold Park school was made They worked together to make a place where children could share what they know With parents and children, Paul and Nicole Our community began to grow… CHORUS 1: With bare feet and Happy Hearts We learn together and play Climbing the trees and belonging in the Wild Space Bold Park becomes our way! Our school is different from anywhere we know We don’t have to sit at desks all day Patting the chickens and splashing in the mud Working in nature feels like play Taking care of plants in the kitchen garden Dancing and singing in the MAC With teachers who care, it’s easy to feel that Bold Park loves us back! REPEAT CHORUS 1 It’s hard to imagine the future of our school Maybe our children will enjoy it too? Robots, computers, classrooms in the sky So much will be new The environment is changing and we must look after our air, trees and oceans, rivers too Creativity and imagination Thinking is what we must do! FINAL CHORUS With bare feet and Happy Hearts We learn together and play Climbing the trees and belonging in the Wild Space Bold Park is our way!

Hear a Recorded Version:

BPCS AGM Report 2016  

Officially our AGM Principal's Report & Compliance Document for 2016.

BPCS AGM Report 2016  

Officially our AGM Principal's Report & Compliance Document for 2016.