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Artist in Residence Rocketing Onward!

Gavin is the founder of ZEN PENCILS. Zen Pencils is a website of inspirational quotes/ speeches from famous people which have been adapted to cartoon form by Gavin. Gavin’s website was picked as one of the 100 best websites and has since garnered a large list of followers who have been inspired by the quotes and his illustrations. Gavin has over 250,000 followers world-wide and has published a range of books – his latest exciting venture into graphic novels were today featured in the 'Play' section of  the West Australian Newspaper.

Gavin writes about his work at Bold Park Community School (October-December, 2018):

College Certificate IV - Graphic Design

Working with the Year 11/12 Certificate IV students I organised the year book production - showing them basic graphic design and print skills. We went through the whole design process, from initial book theme, inspiration mood boards and design theory to master page templates and final layout design. Each student was allocated a number of pages to be in charge of, from collecting the words and pictures and then designing it. The students gained basic knowledge of how to design a book or magazine for print using Adobe InDesign.

Caricature, Year 3/4

I had a blast showing the Year 3/4 students the fundamentals of face caricature. We covered how I approach drawing a face - starting with initial face shape, then the nose, eyes, mouth and hair. Each class was spent on a different aspect. I demonstrated by drawing each of the students over the term and they in turn, practiced drawing their own face multiple times. There was clear improvement over the 9 weeks and lots of fun was had drawing a range of funny faces.

Digital Illustration, Year 5/6

The Year 5/6 students were in the process of writing their own short stories so it was decided that I could help them illustrate the cover and an inside image to go along with it. The first half of the term was spent on the pen and ink drawing where I helped the individual students with drawing skills, design and lettering. The second half of the term was spent digitally colouring their illustrations using Adobe Photoshop. I gave the students basic tutorials on how to colour on the computer, which they picked up remarkably fast. By the end of the term they had created beautiful covers for their story that was eventually put together as a hard copy book they could take home.

It was challenging but very rewarding, and overall a fun and creative experience was had by both the students and myself.