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2009 JULY

Leyton Community Action Group East London Youth group film-making workshops where the young people produced insights into their community exploring teen pregnancy and life on their estate.


Haringey We delivered a workshop for detached youth work in Harringey

Liverpool Skate Park A group of young skaters learnt to make a film about the youth culture and identity of extreme sports facilated by our film-making workshop YFC Burton Group of youngsters learnt to make Green Belt Festival a film tackling the issue of We delivered a range ‘global poverty’ during their of workshops on site film-making workshop. at the festival

SEPTEMBER Bristol KTS The entry to employment project produced honest films about teen pregnancy and misuse of drugs Manchester Carisma The Youth Radio Station made a short film about respect during their filmmaking workshop.

Bristol City Council Youth & Play Service Council run youth group on Southmeads Estate held documentarymaking workshop with us for their young residents.

Pheonix Lyric Lounge An NHS funded project working with a mental health youth group who made films using poetry and the spoken word.

Hope Family Project A Community Youth Group in Wolverhampton worked with BoldFace to produce a film about bullying. Fast Film project Otesha We delivered the unique project using We taught Film-making skills to an environmental flip cameras where group. each film took only 3 hours to make. We worked with a number of groups including Ape Mediwa, The Salmon Youth Centre, Jump & Dare London. Bristol Salaam Shalom Interfaith Muslim Jewish radio station made an award winning film ‘Guilty until Proven Innocent’ winning ‘Best Under 18 Documentary’ by the BFI and screened at ‘Next Doc ‘ Film Festival in Poland and Amsterdam after their film-making workshop. Alum Rock The Birmingham Group made a film about drugs & gangs.

OCTOBER Newham Alt Education The East London Pupil referNewham Ape Media ral unit worked with us to make insightful shorts about East London Youth being out of school and emGroup made a short film about Stereotypes ployment. after their film-making Brunshaw Action Group workshop We delivered a film-making workshop to a Youth Group based in Bradford

NOVEMBER Blackpool Banardos DV8 The Youth Group run by We worked with the Banardos made topical films Community Youth about alcohol and choices Group based in Brighton Visionaries: Youth In HD 500 young people attended this film screening held by BoldFace Productions and BFI Future Film at BFI Southbank. It celebrated all the brilliant films that were made in 2009. The films were screened before a panel of industry professionals who offered technical feedback. There was also a Young People’s Question Time, panellists included Richard Taylor OBE, Michael Mansfield QC, Kerry McCarthy MP and Tim Loughton MP. We also hosted a ‘Campaigning day’ empowering young people to use film making as a campaign tool.

Newham Paris LGBTQ Youth Group made a short film around the topic of HIV. Liverpool Harmonize Alternative Education Group produced a short film about the effects of alcohol.

XLP We worked with trainee youth workers in London, passing on our film-making expertise.

Blackpool young carers The City’s Young Carers support group produced an award winning music video ‘Blackpool: The Way We See It’ and came runner up in the Lancashire Typecast awards Oval House We worked with the ‘Young Londoners Programme.’ New Walk Museum Heritage Project The Small Youth group made a film about identity & being mixed race.


JANUARY Alum Rock Youth Community based youth group funded by Screen West Midlands, made a films on the subject of gangs and youth crime.

Manchester Trinity House A Youth Group based in Manchester worked with us and made a film about ‘respect’.


Leyton Community Action Group We delivered a 3 month training programme to marginalised young people in Leyton. They in turn trained members of their community

Newham College of Further Education We delivered a 2 day film production training programme for the young people of Newham

JULY Rank Time to Shine We delivered a one day workshop for Time to Shine Volunteers Hinchingbrook School We worked with and trained AS Level school group in 2 days to make 2 films

William Ellis School One day training delivered in response to a student winning a Guardian human rights award for “Defying Belief! Swiss Minaret Ban”.


Hinchingbrook School We worked with and trained AS Level school group in 2 days to make 2 films

SEPTEMBER Rank Leadership One day training with the production of a vox pop film investigating different types of leaders. Blackpool Young Carers One days training to support them in producing a short film about their organisation

OCTOBER We were successful in the Media Box fundraising bid

Rank Gappers Residential We delivered a workshop focussing on a theme of moral decisions. Citezens UK The youth organization were campaigning for the implementation of the London Living Wage in universities and we supported young people in making a video letter to the Chancellor of Kings College University, London. Director Mo Ali becomes a BoldFace patron

NOVEMBER We The Peoples Film Festival We held workshops as part of the festival programme

Media Careers Interviews We filmed a short interview with Max Clifford which is now on our website

DECEMBER Training of Trainers We delivered an in house programme of film production training for youth leaders in the not for profit sector .

We trained 252 young people in 2010 to make films.


JANUARY Media Box Training a group of young people from the LGBTQ community to make 2 films about homophobia with a film screening at the BFI

Northern Ireland A 6-week workshop project in Belfast and Derry in partnership with the Rank Foundation and the Community Foundation Northern Ireland. 6 of the films were broadcast on UTV (part of the ITV network). We beat not only Newsnight but also The Hour (BBC-2), Lee Evans (C4) and Candy Bar Girls (C5) with 38,000 viewers.Screened also on Belfast’s ‘BBC Big Screen’. Films Screened at the Queens Film Theatre, Belfast with speed networking and panel Q&A’s from industry experts

APRIL Education for Choice Work with us and produce a film about Abortion

British Heart Foundation Delivering a series of short films to communicate their key messages to 11-19 year olds

JUNE Waltham Forest Training young people and community groups screening

Urban Scholars Training gifted and talented students

JULY Foyle Down Syndrome Trust We worked with the trust in Derry training young people with Down Syndrome to make a film

SEPTEMBER The Rank Foundation Training for Time to Shine, September

OCTOBER We launch Film Focus, free fortnightly workshops for young people interesting in pursuing a future in Film or Broadcast Media.

Film training in partnership with Salford City Council and Current TV, with a screening at Media City UK, 48 young people trained.

NOVEMBER We broadcast of 5 short films on Current TV

Southall Black Sisters & Sara Charlton Foundation Working with young women to produce a film about honour based violence used as part of an education programme. The film has been screened internationally in India & Italy.

We The People’s Film Festival Hosted by The BFI, we delivered a series of workshops to accompany the festival programme.

We trained approximately 288 young people in 2011 to make films.


JANUARY First Light Funded a programme of training in Blackpool and Birmingham

FEBRUARY Vinspired We worked with the young people’s volunteering charity teaching them the skills to make a short film

MARCH Waltham Forest Training young carers and local community groups

APRIL We visited to Cyprus to present our 3D film training programme to EU partners who are funding an exciting range of 2D and 3D workshops later in the year.

Rank Time to Shine


Training a youth group in Newham to make a film about domestic violence and teen relationships

Rank Gappers Two days training for the Rank foundation in Sheffield with trainee youth workers

Project Timeline  
Project Timeline  

A timeline of the projects we have worked on and the orgs we have worked with