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Welcome to BOLD: Your gateway to ‘BLOGLAND’! Recently we did a search for an accurate definition of the term ‘Blogland’—to our surprise; we found none that truly portrayed the pulsating energy of this strange land. It almost appears as if this world exists alongside the real world, but in its own alternate reality. Millions of Earthlings inhabit it, work in it, play in it, support it, and abuse it, but no one governs or rules it. Don’t misunderstand, there are certain conventions that cover content and conduct, but even within those perimeters, the boundaries are almost non-existent. That being so—the discoveries are limitless. BOLD’s mission is to create a Federation of Alien Nations, or at least a compilation of the world’s Best Blogs, and to provide our readers a sort of intergalactic map enabling them to discover these new worlds, enjoy their content, and meet their owners and followers. We will accomplish this and still provide a publication that is Family Friendly. We hope you enjoy BOLD’S Launch Issue. We always want to hear from our readers. In fact, we have a whole page on our blog dedicated to giving our readers a voice. So don’t be timid—let us know what you think. BOLD’S Publishing Staff

Link up with BOLD’S many blog pages and make it easy for our readers to find your blog. Why not start a blogging club and connect with BOLD’S Club Page? Don’t be the only one in our world without your personal subscription to BOLD. Check our Submission Page. How better to connect with readers than an article written about the subject you’re most excited about. Tell your friends about our E-Zine. ‘Friends don’t let friends miss out on the good stuff in life.’

BOLD: January 2010

3 childhood cancer. No, really, I do. A dear friend of mine lost her daughter to Stage 4 NB a year and a half ago, and every since Tuesday's diagnosis, I have done what I can to help raise funds for families and research. Check out to find out how you can help! 3. Why did you begin blogging?

Brandi Best is the blogger behind

Life with Five Monkies, and if her family photos are to be believed, she’s the mom of a very creative and funny group of children and one very good-natured husband. When you visit Brandi’s blog, check out the Mustard Shrimp recipe. We field-tested it here at BOLD and it really is as good as it looks. Brandi also does reviews, giveaways, and hosts guest blogs. Brandi’s blog is PR Friendly and very active in promoting her clients. Brandi was kind enough to give BOLD the following interview: 1. In your opinion, what is the hardest part of writing a blog? The hardest thing is finding balance. I don't want to only write reviews, host giveaways, and promote companies. Even though I love doing all of those and it gives me a thrill to be able to see a company get exposure because of something I did. I also want to write other things. Stuff like tips for blogging, stuff about family, and now diet stuff as well. It just is hard sometimes to find a balance. When I have written a ton of reviews, I am just too tired to think of some great family thing to write. I think that is why I like Wordless Wednesday so much :) 2. Give us three ‘Good to Know' facts about you. Hmmm. I always have a hard time trying to think of things to tell about myself. But here goes. (1) I am obsessed with chocolate. Oh, yes. It is the downfall to my good days on a diet plan. My mom has often said I would eat anything dipped in chocolate. She is probably right, to a certain extreme. (2) I like to argue—a lot. A good debate is fun for me. Give me something to hash out back and forth and I am all yours for hours! Dad use to say that I would argue with a fence post and it would end up talking back. If people would just agree that I am right, then I wouldn't have to argue. (3) I want to abolish BOLD: January 2010

I started as a way to connect with others after I had my twins. As a SAHM I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of adult interactions going on during the day, and a blog seemed to be the way to get me some of what I was missing. Then it merged into being able to work the PR side of it, and I fell in love all over again. 4. What is your ideal place and time to work on your blog? Place is pretty stationary as I only have a desktop computer. For now, it is in the living room at my desk (which I ADORE, I found it at Goodwill for $5 and it is antique, and I just love it!). When I do manage to convince Apple that they really would like to give me an iPad, then I will be blogging from my favorite section on my couch! Time wise, I do most of my writing from 11 pm to 1 am. That is my "creative juices are flowing" time. 5. Do you blog alone, or do you have a co-blogger? All me, but I would love to one day start a blog with a co-blogger. It would take some of the pressure off me and it would be fun to bounce ideas off each other! 6. What were the biggest mistakes you made when starting your blog? Not starting my blog out on WordPress. By far that is the biggest mistake! Now I am dying to switch but don't have the time, energy, or the creativeness to switch over. If I could ever find a web person to do the switch for me for cheap, then I would be all over it like white on rice. (By cheap, I mean free or much less than $100 LOL) 7. How do you handle deadline pressures? Before Donnie had surgery and so many medical issues back in May, I would write a post within two days of getting the product in. Then I got behind—and behind some more with Savanna's illness. I’m finally caught back up. I find as long as I sit down and write the post

4 when I have item fresh (no more than a week after receiving it) then the post sounds better, I don't feel pressured to be working too hard, and it stays fun.

people though. We all have to remember that. Then you have the companies and newspapers and everyone else jumping on the Blog Bandwagon and they think they HAVE TO HAVE a blog. Honestly though, I don't read too many company blogs. They just don't interest me.

8. Do you think blogs are getting more/less popular? I think that in some areas, blogs are getting more popular, but with the influx of new PR bloggers it gets to be where every single blog you read is about some product. People are all for the free and want to get into it. Many times, newbies do not realize how much work actually goes into having a good PR blog. I don't know if mine is good or not, but I do know I worked my tuckus off to get the work I have and to make the money I have. People still want to read the personal journeys of real

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Snowflake Science

Mystery Blog – You’ll never know unless you click!

In this feature of BOLD, our Rating Team gives their honest opinion on blogs only after having thoroughly read those blogs. We strive to review the blog fairly, keeping in mind the type or category of each blog. To understand the rating better, you may want to check out our rating system.

Description: Still Blonde after all these YEARS is targeted toward Women over 45 and anyone who loves Giveaways over $50. It covers any topics that relate to women over 45 (and their younger friends) including fashion, hairstyles, books, food/wine, recipes, travel, and consumer electronics. Companies seem to love working with Still Blonde after all these YEARS as it always has a varied bunch of prizes!

BOLD Review: In reviewing this blog, we were looking to see

that embraces the whole image of women over 45, definitely unafraid and willing to circle rather than inhabit the proverbial ‘box’. PR and Giveaway blogs are by nature ‘busy’, but this blog manages to keep a neat, well-arranged appearance. (Rating Points 3 – 6 Retained) Naturally, PR and Giveaway blogs do want to facilitate sales for their clients; however, this blog handles that in a dignified manner with style, not pushy or ‘in-your-face’. We would return and encourage women over the age of 45 to examine this blog for themselves. (Rating Points 7-10 Retained)

BOLD Rating: (10) A Big Box of Chocolates!

if it would stay true to its intended audience and whether or not that intended audience was served content that was both informative and entertaining. (Rating Points 1 and 2 Retained) This blog changes décor often to fit with different seasons and special occasions. Its writer has a strong voice and personality

BOLD: January 2010

Mystery Blog You’ll never know unless you click!


WHO KNEW WHAT TREASURES LURKED IN YOUR NEWSPAPER? No Ordinary Homestead Whenever I start thinking about spring, my thoughts wander to my garden. If you want to start growing your own vegetables, it's usually best to start planting your seeds a few weeks or even months ahead of time to increase the success and yield of your garden. This is especially truly if you live somewhere with a short growing season. Buying seedlings can be very expensive, but starting seeds is not only simple but amazingly easy on your wallet. Especially if you make your own newspaper pots out of newspaper that you would otherwise throw away. In this easy to follow tutorial, you can learn how to fold your own origami newspaper pots by following written instructions or folding along with the video tutorial.

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd books reviewed are personal purchases, (no publisher tie-ins, free books received, library books, etc.) In this feature of BOLD, our Rating Team gives their honest opinion on blogs only after having thoroughly read those blogs. We strive to review the blog fairly, keeping in mind the type or category of each blog. To understand the rating better, you may want to check out our rating system.

This blog spotlights the joy and benefits of reading to your children. The book reviews are outstanding! The blogger’s voice is clear, opinionated, and worth listening too. Seldom do we find a blog that draws both children and adults with its content. However, Read Aloud Dad has crossed the age barrier with this blog. This blog retains all points except #3. We feel that the blog’s theme should be reflected immediately in its design. At first sight, the stark whiteness is cold and not especially inviting. A design that says children are welcome and adds inviting warmth would encourage more visitors to get comfortable and stay awhile.

This new blog is about children's books that the blogger researches, buys, and reads aloud to his three-year-old twins, with personal impressions from all three. All BOLD: January 2010

BOLD Rating: (9) A Big Box of Chocolates!

When/Why did you decide to join the Blogging Community I think, like many others, I began a blog to keep my family up to date. I then began one to show off some items I used to craft, but found that it wasn't fun. What was fun was chatting up mommy things and things on my mind—and so from there I have found that promoting moms for their business to grow is a lot of fun too! What has surprised you the most sense publishing your first blog?

Meet ‘BreeBees’ “Just a mom, enjoying blogging, PR, 'thinking outside of the box' & all things edifying!”

What's the toughest thing about juggling an online event like the Dream Team and Blogmania with a family and home obligations? Making sure it remains 2nd to them. I am a wife and mom first. However, I incorporate many things into my life and my laptop usually graces every room in the house over the course of a week!

I think it’s very neat how we can connect with someone we have never met! I so enjoy that and can still be surprised by it. On the flip side, at times I am very surprised at how expressive some people are online and often wonder if I were to sit next them (on the bus) if they would speak of the same topics and in the same tone. I think that even though there is an element of anonymity online that we still should function as if we were face to face. What has been your most memorable blog comment? I did a posting about 'when will I ever potty alone again' and the response was amazing, the comments that followed were exciting and very touching. When I moved to Wordpress the comments did not make the transition but I was so thankful that just pouring out my heart caused people to 'pour' theirs back!

What keeps you excited about Blogmania?

How do your friends, family, and local community react to your blogging?

I enjoy many elements of Blogmania. I enjoy giving, but with my current life arrangement, I ‘m challenged to give like I used to. Being online and a part of a large group offers me opportunities to give. Since I don’t get out as much as I used's like a virtual party of sorts and Blogmania is very fun, exciting and a great way to socialize.

I have a mixed response, overall, they are amazed at the products I am aware of, have tried and won! Some wonder 'where I find the time' (it helps my kids are in bed at a reasonable hour!) and a couple are clueless. They appreciate that I have been able to make a living online so I can stay home per my preference!

If you could describe yourself as a flower, which one would it be?

Catch Bree on her Blogmania FB Fan Page

This one is tricky because I don't know flowers or a ton about outdoor things, I wasn't ever much for getting dirty. So, without knowing anything about flowers, what I enjoy looking at are hydrangea's. I like the blue, the roundness and the classy look it has, yet still somewhat 'casual'. They can be in a casual or formal setting and fit in well—that is sort of like me.

Simply Stacie offers Blog Outreach List


Jewelry Made From Recycled Paper In this feature of BOLD, our Rating Team gives their honest opinion on blogs only after having thoroughly read those blogs. We strive to review the blog fairly, keeping in mind the type or category of each blog. To understand the rating better, you may want to check out our rating system.

Description: Simply Stacie is a blog that offers Product Reviews, Book Reviews, Giveaways, and Blogging Tips. In addition, it raises major blogging issues of the day and is a real leader in teaching/mentoring/and supporting other bloggers. This is another outstanding PR blog. Full, and we do mean FULL, of giveaways and product reviews. Content is focused and pertinent to the blog’s overall theme. In some miracle, Simply Stacie manages to give oodles of information in precise clips, not overwhelming its reading audience. Constantly updated and pleasing in appearance. Besides the obvious PR posts, Simply Stacie offers blogger resources and Guest Blogs. Content is varied and informative. The sheer amount of content tends to draw a reader back to this site. (Rating points 1-10 Retained)

No Dig Vegetable Garden

When you win...then loose It feels really good to win. Whether it's a blog giveaway or a $10 off a scratch ticket. And it feels even better once you receive your winnings. But what happens when you don't?

Crossing Oceans, By Lisa Brandel-The Widow Lady

Giveaway: Code – 334 Submit a comment to our Readers Corner Page by 1/15/2011 and you’ll be entered to win this soft-cloth Tic Tac Toe Game. Submit comment by email to and don’t forget to put the code – 334 in the subject line. Winner will be announced in our February issue of BOLD

BOLD Rating: (10) A Big Box of Chocolates!

BOLD: January 2010


MOZRANK? WEBSITE GRADER? The New Alternative to Google PageRank?

I’ve become accustomed to, pulls me back to reality and makes me see that I still have a whole lot more to write about! Even though I often blog about sustainable living, gardening, home renovation, cooking, parenting and more, all of these aspects of our lives have now been influenced by where we live. My daughter and myself at Oktoberfest from 2009

Blogging from Germany By Tiffany Muehlbauer of No Ordinary Homestead Nearly ten years ago, my husband and I found ourselves setting out on a journey to a foreign country for what we thought would be a two year adventure in Germany. Living in a new country where I didn’t know the language and had no idea what to expect brought interesting challenges. If only I’d started blogging back in 2001 instead of 2006… I first began blogging as a way to keep all of my friends and family involved in our lives while we lived so far away. But over the past few years, No Ordinary Homestead has become so much more than that. Being an expat blogger is sometimes like being a travel writer, food blogger and everyday lifestyle blogger all rolled into one. You start out thinking that everything is foreign and strange, but after ten years, it all starts to become routine. So you just write about life and almost forget yourself that some of your daily adventures would never happen if you lived in your home country. I’ve even found that many of my readers don’t even realize I live in Germany until they’ve been reading NOH for a while.

Just a few months ago, readers from around the world voted No Ordinary Homestead the Go! Overseas Germany #1 Blog. I have met so many incredible people through NOH because they are also expats themselves or used to live in Germany and want to continue experiencing German life, even though they’ve moved elsewhere. No matter where you go or what you do in life, you’ll often find that people enjoy being able to live those moments with you vicariously, or relive their own memories through your words.


Then someone who is about to move to Germany sends me an email and starts asking questions about the life BOLD: January 2010


Why Teach Your Baby Sign Language?

Dangers Of Using Traffic Generators To Boost Site Traffic! I would like to offer a coupon code for my son's Dog Treat Business. He just started it for FFA and his Vocational Agricultural Program at school. They are all natural and homemade. With the coupon code, BOLD, they will receive 20% off their order!

Too Much Digital Distraction for Teenagers? 

Lily Bits All Natural Dog Treats

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Reduce Holiday and Post-Holiday Depression With These Tips!

How Sweet it I$ - $1000 social media hop Jan 14 – Feb 13

Jump Start Your Genealogy Blog: 52 Ideas for 52 Weeks

List one or all - Your Blog, Twitter and FB Page. WOW!

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Guest Blogging to Jump Start Your Career Tell us what you think of BOLD Reader’s Corner Travel The World Through Blogs - Mexico BOLD: January 2010



By Texas Mommy If you’re a mom, then you instantly know exactly what I mean when I say terrible twos. I have a beautiful little girl. However, she is without a doubt a very normal two-year-old. I recently hosted a play day at my house for all my daughter’s friends. In planning these things, I go into it thinking I'm being a good mom and giving her these wonderful play days to enjoy. For the most part that has been true, she does enjoy them very much, and I enjoy the long nap she takes after she has been playing with her friends. Our last play day we chose to have it in our home, I thought to myself, my daughter will love showing off all her toys to her friends. She is such a social bug and I was just sure that this would be fun for her. Well, I thought wrong!

few moments of pointless, one-sided conversation, I led her back into the hallway and attempted to have her rejoin her friends. At this point pizza was ready for all the kids to enjoy. I thought this was a great distraction and hoped that we had seen the end of her ugly terrible twos for the rest of the play day. I was wrong. Next, she became extremely possessive and started taking the pizza off all of her friend’s plates. She was just sure that since the pizza was in her house and on her table it must belong to her. Finally, after a lot of apologizing, the play day was over. I was glad I had given my daughter a chance to play with her friends but I was disappointed she had not enjoy it as I had assumed she would. After her friends left, she and I sat down on the couch and my daughter asked where her friends had gone. I told her they had all went home. Of course, I was expecting her reaction to be one of relief. Instead, she threw herself onto the floor and launched into yet another temper tantrum...I give up. I can't beat the terrible twos!

Free Printable Recipe Cards Her friends starting showing up and at first she was very excited. They all sat around a table playing with Play-Doh and everything was just as I had foreseen. Then the scene slowly changed. One by one, each child migrated into my daughter’s room and began playing with her toys. Eventually she went into her room to join her friends and that's where the trouble began. She slowly made her way to the center of her room where she began to look around and see all these kids playing with HER toys. In an instant, she threw herself in the middle of the floor kicking and screaming! All of her little friends were standing there staring at her and wondering what was wrong. She was having a temper tantrum, one that I completely blame on the terrible twos. I picked her up off the floor and took her into my bedroom so that she and I could take a moment and calm down. I told her that her friends were here to share her toys and she said NO NO NO NO! After a BOLD: January 2010

"Dreamers, Realities, and the Trappings of Life" By Mark Glamack "Littluns"

Everybody has creative ideas and dreams. It's the courageous few, through their determination and perseverance who turn dreams into tangible realities, with sustainable consumer needs, and/or purposes in industry or the marketplace. Playing it safe and doing nothing usually ends with unfulfilled dreamers, looking back over their lives,

11 asking the question, "What if?" What if I followed my bliss and took a chance? What might have happened? Could I have been successful and would I now be more happy and content than I am? Those that do nothing will never know. When first starting out on the road to independence, self-realization, and fulfillment, young dreamers feel invincible, visualizing the world at their feet with unlimited possibilities. If at first the world doesn't share the dreamer's enthusiasm, it doesn't necessarily mean that the dreamer is wrong, or that their vision doesn't have any value. It does mean that the dreamer will now have to figure out why, and then go on to the next step, or move on to their next big idea. The obvious problem with this process is that everybody has to make a living. Unless the dreamer is very rich or gets lucky and the dream actually starts generating an income for them, finding a paying job soon becomes a priority.

know neither victory nor defeat." It's an exciting place to be, even if it takes a lifetime to get there. We are all better off from those who are actually in the arena, pushing the envelope beyond what is, to what can be, while constantly reaching ahead of us to the infinite possibilities beyond. There are countless stories of people who were ahead of their time, with their work only appreciated after their death. Whether they succeed in life or not is not as important as their determination to make it all happen, and after years of hard work, to finally realize their dream as something real and tangible. By doing nothing, the dream remains but a dream, and dies with the dreamer - as so often tragically happens. At least the courageous followed their bliss and took a chance with that first step to a higher calling instead of just leaving the dream a mere fabric of their unfulfilled imagination. So follow your bliss, dream big dreams, hold your standards high, reach for the stars - and by all means remember that nothing really good comes easy because if it did everybody would be doing it.

Along the way, if the dreamer is not careful, soon the trappings of life replace the dream with tangible possessions, which includes the responsibilities and commitments to sustain them. The dreamer's focus changes from what could be, to what is. Life, time, and space are so finite and at best uncertain with death the only certainty and inevitable outcome for all existence. With that understanding, keeping up with the Joneses hardly seems as important as following one's bliss. When courageously taking any first step, in an attempt to rise up above complacency; realize our dreams, to give us more value and completeness, and fulfill our potentials, we all soon find that if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

BLOG: SEE TABS at top of page. This has the most information including buying options, awards, reviews, and articles. WEBSITE: See sample chapter, video, and merchandising, and for purchasing the book.

If everyone played it safe succumbing to their own selfinflected limitations, we would all still be living in the middle ages. We all benefit from the risk takers, if only to inspire us to reach our full potentials. Personally, I gravitate to people who think outside the box; not afraid to try new things. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "...there place shall never be with those timid souls who BOLD: January 2010

Mexican Grilled Street Corn

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BOLD - January 2011  

The E-Zine for People Who Love Blogs - A showcase for writers and readers worldwide. If Blogging is your passion, you'll love exploring the...

BOLD - January 2011  

The E-Zine for People Who Love Blogs - A showcase for writers and readers worldwide. If Blogging is your passion, you'll love exploring the...