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ABOUT US Single is the new married! For the first time ever, there are more single women than married women. That’s why we created Bolde: to give badass single women new ways to inspire, support and celebrate each other. We launched in 2017 and our cards have been flying off our virtual shelves ever since. Every month, over 3 million women visit us and confirm that we’re on to something big… Join us!

Trying To Find Love

Operation Move The Hell On 1030

Why You’re Single 1033

You’re Not Going To Die Alone 1007

Remember 1016

Lame Guys 1043


Thank You For Helping Me 1008

First Love 1053

Contract 1010

Married by 25 1012

Co-author 1017

Being In Love

You’re Everything 1011

It’s Valentine’s Day 1050

I Think I Like You 1051

I Hate Everyone 1052


Dodged a Bullet 1026

Poop breakup 1020

Karma 1006

Grown Ass Man 1015

Basically An Asshole 1002

Promises 1018

Clitoris 1024

Good Woman 1027

XO Bye 1019

Single Empowerment

Marriage Is Overrated 1032

I Promise Never 1031

You Are Whole 1028

Freeze Our Eggs 1044

Work Wives

Gossip And Talk Smack 1046

Work Would Be Unbearable 1045

General Badassery

You Are A Badass 1057

You Are A Rockstar 1055

You Are A Rockstar 1056

You Are A Rockstar 1054

You Are A Badass 1058

Queen 1 1022

Queen 2 1023

Boobs, Brains & Balls 1059

Boobs, Brains & Balls 1060


Operation Move The Fuck On (explicit) 1001

I Promise Never (explicit) 1003

Marriage (explicit) 1004

Why You’re Single (explicit) 1009

Xo Bye (explicit) 1019

Gossip And Talk Shit (explicit) 1013

Work Would Be Unbearable (explicit) 1021

Freeze Our Eggs (explicit) 1025

Shitty Guys (explicit) 1034

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Bolde Cards Catalog 2018  

We make greeting cards for your badass single BFFs!

Bolde Cards Catalog 2018  

We make greeting cards for your badass single BFFs!