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Year 15 • Tuesday 3 December 2013 | Tel. 021 887 2840

Stellemploy graduates

STELLEMPLOY GRADUATION: Students studying in the fields of chef: basic food and preparation, carpentry and general maintenance graduated on Friday at the Stellemploy Training Centre. The group of 36 students was very eager and excited and this prestigious event has attended by Stellenbosch Mayor Conrad Sidego. Stellemploy helps youth to empower themselves and boost their self-confidence. Two of the courses were funded by the Belgium Federal Government as part of City link Dilbeeks and another by the community development department at the Stellenbosch Municipality. Back (from left): Liz Thatcher, Dos Blok (director of Stellemploy),Betta Augustyn (Stellemploy), Sidego, Aldridge Frazenburg and Sadarkar De Villiers (Tjeka trainer). Front (from left): Andre du Toit(business owner from the construction industry in Franschhoek), Gawie Burger (director of Tjeka), Vernon Geduld (Tjek trainer) and Michelle Aalbers (community development department at the Stellenbosch Municipality)

Stay safe this holiday season As the festive season draws closer, Stellenbosch Watch has issued these safety tips for keeping your home safe from burglars this holiday. ) Burglar bars should be installed in conjunction with a burglar alarm system that is linked to a monitoring and armed response service. ) Reduce all heavy foliage near the garage entrance and front door to reduce the possibility of those spots being used as a hiding place. ) The front of the house should be visible to passersby so that any burglar or suspicious activity can be noted. ) Ensure all windows are fitted with ade-

quate locks or burglar bars that cover all glass. ) Fit suitable locks or bolts to all sliding doors to prevent them from being lifted off their tracks (the most common method used by burglars on sliding doors and windows). ) Install security gates on outside doors and keep them locked. ) When approaching your house entrance on foot or by car, make sure that it is safe to enter and that you have not been followed. Be on the lookout for persons loitering at the entrance, vehicles stopping when you slow down or anything out of the ordinary. ) Make sure that your gate and driveway are well lit after dark. Replace fused light bulbs immediately.

) Ensure that the number of your house is clearly visible at all times. ) At night, always lock perimeter doors and securely fasten windows. When retiring to bed, lock inter-leading doors of those rooms in the house that are not occupied. ) Conduct thorough background checks before employing anyone (permanent or casual workers). ) Know your neighbours and build a relationship of mutual trust and support. When going away on holiday inform them, or make arrangements for your house to be watched and unusual activity to be noticed. ) Do not leave curtains open at night as this allows observation into the house.

) Do not go outside alone to investigate at night. Rather switch off all lights and open curtains to allow you to see what is occurring outside. ) Never leave any important documents in your car, including cheque books, bank statements, invoices, telephone accounts, credit cards, keys, remote controls or personal post, or anything that may provide your personal details. ) Photograph and maintain a register of your valuable items, with serial numbers, where applicable. Marking valuable items makes them easy to identify if they are stolen and may even help the police to arrest the perpetrators.


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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Prepare for fire season

Children play in the water in Tennantville to ward off the summer heat.


Keep kids safe around water The festive season and warm summer weather are here – a time when kids love nothing more than to spend time at the swimming pool or beach. Netcare 911 operations director, Peter Feurstein, says that tragically Netcare 911 is always called out to a large number of incidents involving child drownings or near drownings over the summer months. The sea, rivers, swimming pools and even the home can pose a threat to the safety of small children, he says. According to Netcare 911 medical director, Dr Anchen Laubscher, drownings are one of the top causes of unnatural deaths among children in South Africa. She points out that most drownings and near-drownings occur around the home and involve children under the age of five. “Young children are extremely vulnerable around water. Babies can

drown in just a few centimetres of water. It is therefore not only swimming pools and rivers that pose a threat to them but also potentially baths, toilets, water buckets and washbasins. “A recent case involved a threeyear-old toddler who had a near drowning experience in a shallow pond that was just a few centimetres deep. “His parents found him face down in the pond. Fortunately they gave him life-saving CPR and he made a full recovery.” Laubscher advises parents to remove or safeguard any water around the home that could potentially pose a danger to children. ) Swimming pools and ponds should be fenced off to ensure that children do not have access to them. ) Pools and ponds should also be covered with safety nets. ) Young children should always ne closely monitored as they wander

off and fall into swimming pools in the blink of an eye. Even if they are good swimmers, children should not be allowed to swim in the sea, a dam, a river or a pool unsupervised. Shalen Ramduth, head of the Netcare 911 School of Emergency and Critical Care (SECC), says it is extremely empowering to be able to intervene when a loved one is vulnerable and urges all parents to learn first aid, particularly CPR. In children, as in adults, when the heart has failed, CPR can keep the brain supplied with oxygen until an advanced life support paramedic can take over treatment. He says the SECC provides a variety of accredited first aid and CPR training courses at various levels including CPR for family and friends. These are offered to schools, businesses, organisations, old age homes and any private individuals who are interested in learning first aid.

With all the fun that comes with the summer sun, there are also some added dangers during this season, which is very conducive to fires. Volunteer Wildfire Services, which works under the authority of SANParks and CapeNature, would like to offer basic wildfire safety tips for the months ahead. ) If you are going into the mountains check the Fire Danger Index (FDI) available at ) When hiking or walking always carry at least 2l of water. ) If you spot a wildfire, make a plan, don’t panic. ) Phone for help, alert authorities to your presence. ) Never run uphill or up a slope from a wildfire. ) If possible, move sideways towards the flatter ground. ) Wildfires move with the wind, so move away and against the wind. ) Look for anything that could help shield you from the fire’s heat. ) If caught in a wildfire, look for natural breaks in vegetation such as cleared or rocky areas, depressions or large bodies of water. Clear away any vegetation you can before the fire arrives. ) Get into those areas, get low to the ground and breath through a natural fabric. ) On a mountainside, the back side is safer. Avoid canyons (kloofs), natural “chimneys” and saddles. ) If a road is nearby, lie face down along the road and cover yourself with a shield that will not melt or burn. ) Discard any non-cotton clothing as this could catch fire or melt onto you. ) After the fire passes remember danger is not over. Burned trees fall without warning. ) After a fire, the burnt ground and debris is still hot and can burn you. ) Never leave a campfire unat-

tended, always completely extinguish the fire before sleeping or leaving. ) Make sure camp fires or braais are a safe distance from any flammable material. ) Never braai or make camp fires in prohibited areas. ) Never throw cigarettes or matches from a car window. ) Never make bonfires in windy conditions. The Western Cape government provides the following tips for safety in the home: ) Keep a well-maintained fire extinguisher in your house, and know how to use it. ) If you have a garden hose, keep it rolled up and ready in case of a fire. ) Where possible, have more than one exit from your house. ) Have an escape plan, and make sure that the whole family knows the plan. ) Do not park in the way of a fire hydrant (and remind your neighbours and visitors to do the same). Anyone can get involved with the Volunteer Wildfire Services and help curb wildfires. Visit for their next training dates.

Wildfires are common throughout the fire season.

Joostes hou reünie

JOOSTES BYMEKAAR: Die Jooste-familie is een van die oudste families in Jamestown. Afstammelinge van die familie van oral in die Wes-Kaap het die onlangse reünie bygewoon. Die byeenkoms was gehou op Bredell-paas net buite Stellenbosch. Christy Jooste het ook by dié geleentheid sy 80ste verjaarsdag gevier. Almal was dit eens dat dit nie die laaste familie saamtrek sal wees nie.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

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Alistair Izobell at GrandWest In a fitting climax to 2013, veteran performer Alistair Izobell will star in Just Me/Net So at the Grand Arena, GrandWest on Saturday 21 December at 20:00. Alistair will strip away the high kicks and glitter, leaving just him, net so. The show is a celebration of his life’s journey and an extraordinary performance career that began when he was just five years old. In the show you will get insight into Alistair’s world – from his childhood to his day to day lifestyle. Strung together with awesome music and great performers, you will get to know how Alistair sees the funny side of life and also another side to the person you thought you knew. With his unmistakable wit, charm and talent as a performer, Alistair will get you moving and rolling in the aisles with laugh-

ter. Bookings can be made through Computicket and tickets cost between R120 and R170 each.

Alistair Izobell


Kersversieringsessie vir kinders in Jamestown Jamestown Biblioteek bied op 11 Desember ’n werksessie aan vir kinders van 10:00 tot 12:00 by die biblioteek in Pajarostraat, Jamestown.

Die kinders sal die geleentheid kry om Kersversierings te maak. Bel die biblioteek by 021 808 8372 vir meer inligting rakende die geleentheid.

Annual candy run On Monday 16 December the annual Candy Run will take place. Organisers of the event aim to hand out an estimated 3 000 packets filled with candy to children from underprivileged communities on the day. The mass run will start at 08:00 to leave

at 09:00 from McDonald’s Stellenbosch in Merriman avenue and ending off at the Cloetesville sports grounds. There will be a bring and braai – fires will be supplied. Contact Antio Pasquallie for more information 076 199 3220 or Francois Shad 060 507 0730

Rieldansers gaan die stof laat staan in Paarl Op Saterdag 7 Desember gaan daar weer gedans word dat die stof letterlik staan tydens die jaarlikse ATKV-Rieldansfinaal wat in die Liquifruit-Amfiteater op Paarlberg plaasvind. Rieldansers van so ver as Loeriesfontein in die Boesmanland kom wys hul staal teen die beste rieldansgroepe van regoor die land, en soos altyd beloof dié geleentheid om ’n jolige aand onder die sterre te wees. Al gewonder waar die uitdrukking “dans dat die stof so staan” vandaan kom? Dan móét jy kom kyk – ’n rieldanser se vermoë word onder meer beoordeel aan hoe hoog hy of sy die stofwolke kan opdans. Die rieldans word beskou as die oudste danssoort in Suider Afrika, en die hedendaagse vorm van die dans kan direk na die Khoisan, die eerste bewoners van die suidpunt van Afrika, herlei word. Die Khoisan het die danse in sirkel om ’nvuur gedans om ’ngoeie oes of jagtog te vier, en baie van die hedendaagse rieldanse word vandag steeds in ’n sirkel gedoen. In Nama staan die dans as die khapara bekend, maar die naam rieldans is afgelei van Skotse immigrante se “reel dance”. Die riel is veral tussen die 1940’s en 1960’s deur die werkersklas gedans, en hedendaagse rieldansers probeer om iets van daardie era vas te vang in hul kostuums. Weens onder meer verstedeliking en die aanhang van die Amerikaanse popkultuur het die riel byna uitgesterf, maar danksy die ATKV se ingryping en veral die werk van Elias Nel, het dié tradisionele dansvorm weer herleef. Die eerste ATKV Rieldanskompetisie is in 2006 aangebied, en dié kunsvorm gaan sedertdien van krag tot krag. Jong rieldansertjies het die afgelope paar jaar onder meer by ’n amptelike parlementsopening gedans, en vroeër vanjaar het die huidige junior kampioene, die Betjies van Betjiesfontein, selfs by die luisterryke Huisgenoot Skou-

spel opgetree. Die riel beeld dikwels die liefdespel tussen man en vrou uit, maar diere en voëls word ook deur dans uitgebeeld: ’n volstruis wat vlerksleep, meerkatte, ’n bobbejaan se streke, ’n pronkende springbok. En dan is daar natuurlik die askoek. In dié dans, wat teen ’n ysingwekkende pas gedans word, word die regtervoet gedurende die dans vinnig en sekuur bokant die linkerknie geplaas sonder dat die danser sy balans verloor. Vernuftige voetwerk en hope energie is nodig om die riel goed te dans, en daarvan is daar elke jaar volop by die Rieldans-finale. Dansers van ses tot sestig wys hul passies en ding mee vir die prysgeld en trofeë wat deur die ATKV geborg word. Benewens die pryse en prysgeld vir die dansers, is daar ook twee spesiale pryse (beste rieldansmusikant en beste Afrikaanse rieldansliedjie) op die spel. Daar is ’n junior en senior afdeling, en in vanjaar se junior afdeling ding die heersende kampioene, die Betjies van Betjiesfontein, mee teen Korbeel (Carnarvon), die Calvinia Sitstappers, die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers (Wupperthal) en Rapystone (Fraserburg). In die senior afdeling sal Witzenberg, die 2012-kampioene, hul slag moet wys teen die Grasvlei Grastrappers (Wupperthal), die Suurrug Suurtrappers (Wupperthal), die Boesmanland Bitterbessies (Loeriesfontein) en Griekwa Ratelgat (Vredendal). Moenie hierdie heerlike kultuurgeleentheid vir oud en jonk misloop nie! Kaartjies kos R60 vir volwassenes, en R20 vir kinders, en is te koop by die ATKV-streekkantoor in Ryneveldstraat, Stellenbosch (021 886 7156/7162) of by die Cultivaria-kantoor in Hoofweg, Paarl (021 872 9754) Hekke open om 16:00 en die kompetisie begin om 19:00. Vir onderhoude skakel Elias Nel by 078 247 2682

There is lots of fun to be had at GrandWest this holiday season.

Keep the kids busy this festive season at GrandWest Almost every day during the festive season, GrandWest will offer an exciting line-up of free entertainment for youngsters, starting from Thursday 12 December and running through to 11 January 2014. Children will encounter face painting, magic shows, Christmas arts and crafts, juggling, drumming, stilt-walking, story-telling, balloon twisting, break dancers, a ballerina, sand art, a cartoonist, a hula hoop dancer, Christmas

beads, cookie decoration, clown face-painting and of course the highlight of the season, visits by Father Christmas in the week leading up to Christmas Day. There will also be appearances by a host of characters such as the fun Traffic Officer, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy. Bring your family and come and enjoy what promises to be a fun season.


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Stellenbosch Gazette

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Loads of talent at Bakgat Somer Opskop Celebrate summer with the return of the popular Bakgat Somer Opskop at the GrandWest Grand Arena on Saturday 14 December. An impressive line-up of local and national performers have been scheduled to appear in the fourth Opskop. The dynamic, entertaining and always popular Emo Adams can be expected to deliver a versatile and humorous performance, and needs little introduction to his Cape Town fans. He will share the spotlight with high calibre artists such as Snotkop, Gerhard Steyn, Amore, Wicus van der Merwe, Pierre Roussouw, Andriette Moolman, Adam Tas, Manie Jackson, Nadine, Dillon Lerm and Desmond Wells. As always, the evening promises to be a fine example of “local is lekker” and will appeal to a wide range of music lovers no matter what your age.

The show starts at 19:00. Tickets are available from Computick-

et and cost between R130 and R195 per person.

) Alkoholiste Anoniem/Alanon. 20:15. NG kerk Stellenbosch-Wes. AA 0 084 293 3967 en Alanon 0 021 889 5791.

6 DECEMBER ) Stellenbosch Catholic Church St Nicholas feast day. St Nicholas Church, 16 Paul Kruger Street. 19:00 till late. Mercia 0 021 887 5976 or email 2

7 DESEMBER ) Joan Hambidge praat oor Meditasies, 11:00 by Proteaboekwinkel. Navrae: 0 021 882 9100 of 2 ls. ) Stellenbosch Catholic Church St Nicholas feast day. St Nicholas Church, 16 Paul Kruger Street. 08:00 – 14:00. More information: Mercia 0 021 887 5976 or email

9 DESEMBER ) Pleinstraat-biblioteek, vakansieprogram: lapverf-klasse. 10:00. Meer besonderhede en besprekings: 0 021 808 8385/7.

Dillon Lerm will be entertaining the crowds at the Bakgat Somer Opskop on 14 December.

Festival of Lights 2013 This year marks the sixth anniversary of the Festival of Lights event hosted by the Stellenbosch Municipality. The event has evolved over the years to a two-day affair with a free-entry concert on the Saturday where Executive Mayor Conrad Sidego switches on the Christmas lights and a “Carols by Candlelight” evening on the Sunday involving local churches and gospel bands. This year’s festivities take place on 7 and 8 December. The list of artists performing at the free-entry concert includes: Crushanda Forbes from Idols fame, Sekoati SK (Kabelo from 7de Laan), Sima, Afro Jazz


Band, Alen Pakkies (the singing car guard who appeared on YouTube), Nicodemus Oliver, Amore and Zinzi The event will once again be hosted by famed comedian and master of ceremonies Wayne McKay. In 2012, the event attracted about 5 000 people from all around and was highlighted by various activities with the opening and the switching on of the Christmas lights by Sidego. This event created the spirituality of Christmas and was well received by the community. The event also provides an opportunity for informal traders to do business as provision

was made for stalls alongside the Braak in Bird- and Blom Street. Food, toys, clothing and other items will be on sale at the stalls. The festival of lights event is a free event and no alcohol is allowed at the event. Right of admission is reserved. TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURES DURING FESTIVAL The following streets will be closed 7 and 8 December: •Bird Street between the two traffic circles from 14:00 – 23:00 (Direction North only). •Blom Street between Meul Street and the Checkers parking entrance from 14:00 – 23:00. •Alexander service street in front of the Anglican Church from 14:00 – 23:00.

Uitstappie vir inkopies Oak City Rooikruis en Rynse V.G.K. Montagu Streek gaan op ’n dag uitstappie na fabrieke op Maandag 16 Desember 2013. Die uitstappie behels besoeke aan China Town, Mr Cheap en GrandWest Casino. Daarna sal ’n buffet ete by Kaprinos om 17:00 plaasvind. Die koste verbonde is R350 per persoon. Kontak Wilfred Pietersen by 083 437 4343, Estelle Petersen 073 211 8485 of Elizabeth Steyn 083 772 4485 vir verdere inligting.

10 DESEMBER ) Pleinstraat-biblioteek, vakansieprogram: Kom maak Kersversierings. 10:00. Meer besonderhede en besprekings: 0 021 808 8385/7.

11 DESEMBER ) Pleinstraat-biblioteek, vakansieprogram: Magic magic magic. 10:00. Meer besonderhede en besprekings: 0 021 808 8385/7. ) Jamestown-biblioteek bied werksessie vir kinders aan. 10:00 – 12:00. Jamestown-biblioteek, Pajarostraat. Die kinders sal Kersversierings kan maak. 0 021 808 8372.

12 DESEMBER ) Pleinstraat-biblioteek, vakansieprogram: Zumba-dansklasse. 10:00. Meer besonderhede en besprekings: 0 021 808 8385/7.

16 DECEMBER ) Annual Candy Run. Start at McDonald’s, Merriman. Bikers and cyclists welcome to join in the fun. 08:00 to start 09:00. Closing date for donations: 5 December. Enquiries: Antonio Pasquallie 0 076 199 3220 or Francois Shad 0 060 507 0730. ) Oak City Rooikruis-tak en Rynse VGK Montagu-streek bied ’n daguitstappie na fabrieke aan, asook ’n buffet-ete. Wilfred Pietersen 0 083 437 4343 of Elizabeth Steyn 0 083 772 4485.

CANSA Relay for Life Op Saterdag en Sondag 2 en 3 November het ongeveer 1 000 mense deelgeneem aan ’n oornag aflos stap van 12 ure. Die stap het baie simboliese waarde oor die lewe van ’n kankerlyer en ook kankeroorwinnars. Daar het ongeveer 47 spanne die eerbare stap gedoen en R118 000 is ingesamel vir CANSA. Die komitee van CASA RFL Stellenbosch wil graag hartlik dankie sê aan die borge, die gemeenskap van Stellenbosch en die inwoners van Idasvallei. Saam kan ons hierdie siekte beveg.

Kom help sop kook vir Nagskuiling Soek jy dalk ’n manier om betrokke te raak by dienslewering aan diegene in die gemeenskap wat miskien swaarkry? Inspireer jou medewerkers of vriendekring om deel te word van ’n span wat ’n aantal keer per jaar sop kook wat dan aan die Stellenbosch-nagskuiling verskaf word. Die resep is eenvoudig en die sop word met liefde en waardering ontvang. Vir meer inligting of om betrokke te raak, bel Tilda Schoonwinkel by 021 887 2421 of Gideon van Schalkwyk by die Nagskuiling, 021 886 6173.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

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Tuesday 3 December 2013



IDEAAL VIR JONG paar. Paradyskloof. 2 Slpk huis met komb, sit/eetk, studk, 2 badk, dbl garage. Gebruik van swembad + tuin R9100 pm. Beskik Des / Jan. Geen studente, geen honde. Tel 082 441 2075. BETREKKINGS 3600








HOORAY OUR DENTIST is back from Holland. Wishing you well, strength and success. From the Moerat and Toefy Families. PERSOONLIKE DIENSTE


BRAAI & FIREWOOD FOR SALE, Kontak 083 493 6894 076 947 0700 021 8289693 079 5609088

2 ZIM LADIES ARE looking for cleaning and ironing, sleep out. Available anytime. Aged 28 & 30 061 133 5620 / 083 945 2514



JUMPING CASTLES & WATERSLIDES We deliver, erect & collect. 072 411 6416 LENINGS


HERSTEL BY DIE HUIS Ys- en vrieskaste, stowe, wasmasjiene en mikrogolfoonde. Skakel 071 755 3390.


Agterstallig met jou voertuig paaiemente, laat ek jou help. Of wil jy jou voertuig verkoop, laat ek dit vir jou doen Kontak nr 083 493 6894 / 079 560 9088

Kennisgewings • Notices

Spesiale dienste

From left: Eduard De Kock, Marlee du Preez and Ella van Heerden with a Bladez Jet 125cc scooter valued at R9 000, which was auctioned off online last Friday on the AM2PM show.

MFM 92.6 donates R6 550 to Animal Welfare Society On Friday 29 November, MFM 92.6 announced live on air at 11:45 that a donation of R6 550 would be made to the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Society as part of the conclusion of an 11 week campaign entitled TRADING UP on the AM2PM show. Initiated by show hosts Ella van Heerden and Eduard De Kock, the campaign started with a branded coffee mug, which the presenters sought to trade up to the public for an item of higher value every Friday on the show. The ultimate goal was to end up with a product of sufficient value to auction, with all proceeds from the final sale going to the Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch. Between 13 September and 8 November seven trades took place on air and in the end the coffee mug transformed into a Bladez Jet 125cc scooter valued at R9 000, courtesy of the Marlee du Preez and the team at Mad Mac’s Motorcycles in Somerset West. At 13:00 on 22 November the online auction for the scooter concluded, with Danel Rossouw as the

highest bidder at R6 550. “May the money bring as much joy to all the animals as this scooter will bring to me! Thank you to the AM2PM team for this great venture over the last few weeks,” she commented on the show’s Facebook page after the announcement. Michael Bossenger, programme manager at MFM, added: “This has been a really exciting campaign for us, and one the presenters were very passionate about. We are looking to tailor other similar campaigns to this model in 2014, in an attempt to always continue to give back to the community.” MFM 92.6 would like to extend a thank you to Mad Mac’s Motorcycles, Danel Rossouw and the AM2PM team for their involvement in the overall success of the campaign. The station would also like to extend a thank you to the community of Stellenbosch for their participation in the trades throughout the campaign, which ensured that a sizeable donation was possible.

Dinsdag 3 Desember 2013

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Stellenbosch Gazette

HELDERBERG HARRIER’S HELPING HAND: The Helderberg Harriers-running club recently got together after one of their runs and handed out hampers to show their support to healthy living.

Advocacy group demands action to end genderbased violence Gender-rights groups have said southern African region is in a state of emergency. Governments across the region must to act now to reduce the levels of gender-based violence (GBV) to guarantee women’s human rights.

OLYMPIAN JOINS SONGO: Olympian triathlete Richard Murray (left) rode the first day of the mountain bike stage race the Origin of Trails with some of the kids of the Kayamandi charity,

All the kids from with Richard Murray (right) at the start of the Origin of Trails.

This requires a holistic approach, which includes constitutional and legal measures, social, political and economic empowerment, political leadership, and a fundamental change of attitudes from the bedroom to the boardroom. This is the key message of Gender Links (GL), a southern African NGO that coordinates the SADC Gender

Protocol Alliance at the start of the 16 Days of Activism. The campaign runs until 10 December, International Human Rights Day. The largest percentage of women who have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime, live in Limpopo (77%), followed by Gauteng (51%), Western Cape (45%) and 36% in KwaZulu Natal. These are the findings of baseline studies conducted by GL and partner organisations. “For us, the campaign to end violence is a 365 day campaign,” said GL chief executive Colleen Lowe Morna. “However, we will use the political and media at-

tention accorded to the 16 Days of Activism to raise awareness on the extent, causes, effects, and efforts to end GBV as highlighted in the various studies we have conducted. “Through the launch of various country barometers on progress towards achieving the 28 targets of the SADC Gender Protocol, we will send out the message that GBV does not occur in a vacuum.” GL commemorates the campaign under the banner: “Peace begins at home,” which recognises that the highest form of violence women experience is perpetrated by their partners. –


Stellenbosch | Franschhoek | Pniel | Kylemore

Year 15 • Dinsdag 3 Desember 2013 | Tel. 021 887 2840

Sport in kort Somer­veldwedloop Daar word op Sondag 8 Desember ’n veldwed­ loop aangebied deur Dirtopia by die Delvera­land­ goed net buite Stellenbosch. Afstande is 5 km, 7.5 km, 12.5 km en 15 km. Vir meer besonderhede of om in te skryf 0 021 884 4752 of 2 Coronation­krieketklub hou toernooi Die Coronation­krieketklub hou op 15 Desember ’n Gholfdag by die Wellington­gholfbane. En op 16 De­ sember is daar ’n ses­aan­’n­kant kriekettoernooi by die Pniel­sportgronde. Vir meer besonderhede 0 Colin 082 515 5546. Spes Bona­familiedag Die Spes Bona­krieketklub vier vanjaar sy 30ste bestaansjaar. ’n Ses­in­’n­span­kriekettoernooi word beplan vir 21 Desember by die Cloetesville­sportgron­ de. Vir meer besonderhede bel vir Shawn Rhode by 0 071 059 7407 of Samie van Wyk 0 073 162 6237. Skryf nou in vir TSC Belangstellendes kan nou al inskryf vir die Total­ sports­uitdaagbyeenkoms van Gordonsbaai na Klein­ mond op Saterdag 11 Januarie. Die uitdaagbyeenkoms bestaan uit 12 km­seeroei, 1.5 km­swem, 50 km­padfietsry, 13 km­padwedloop, 12 km­roei, 25 km­bergfietsry en 9 km­strandloop. Daar is ook die Terra Firma­item, wat die water­nom­ mers uitsluit. Om in te skryf of vir meer besonderhede besoek of 0 021 511 7130.

SONGO KIDS AT ORIGIN: The first Pennypinchers Origin of Trails mountain bike stage race was held this past weekend in Stellenbosch. Some of the mountainbikers from the project in Kayamandi also participated in the action. PHOTO: EUNICE VISAGIE

Vrouerugby floreer in Pniel Ná ’n suksesvolle eerste seisoen wil die Pniel Villagers-rugbyklub sy vrouespan tot hoër hoogtes neem. Aan die begin van die jaar is die klub genader om ’n vrouespan in sy struktuur te inkorporeer want die klub se prioriteit is om spelers op alle vlakke te ontwikkel tot hulle volle potensiaal Die afrigters, Nazeem Jooste en Ruben November se wenresep het bygedra tot die indrukwekkende spel wat die spelers gedurende die seisoen opgedis het en Pniel het ook sy eerste vroue Springbokrugbyspeler opgelewer in Andrea Mentoor. Die ondersteuning van die bestuur, spelers en ondersteuners het ’n geweldige impak op al die spelers gehad. Vier van die klub se spelers is onderskeidelik in die Westelike Provinsie se vyftien- en sewesspanne ingesluit. Hulle was Mentoor, Theresa Ruiters, Abigail Jantjie en Lee Ann Moses. Van die spelers het hulself bemagtig deur kursusse by te woon wat WP Rugby aangebied het. Met die oog op voorbereiding vir die volgende seisoen, nooi die klub graag belangstellendes uit om aan te sluit by die span. Die spanbestuurder kan gekontak word by 071 142 3038

Skryf in vir Xterra Inskrywings vir Totalsports Xterra in Grabouw is oop. Die byeenkoms is die naweek van 21 – 23 Fe­ bruarie. Vir meer inligting of om in te skryf, kontak Stillwa­ ter Sport & Entertainment 0 086 138 3591, 2 en­ of besoek www.stillwater­

Vennootskap ten bate van sokker In die lig hiervan gaan die US, deur Innovus, vroeg in 2014 ’n kursus vir sokkeradministrateurs aanbied. Dit volg op ’n opleidingskurus vir afrigters uit die Stellenbosse gemeenskap wat in Julie vanjaar by die Idasvallei-sportkompleks gehou is. Hierdie kursus is deur die Koninklike Nederlandse Dít is die boodskap van beiSokkervereniging (KNVB) de prof Julian Smith, die US aangebied as deel van hul se Viserektor: GemeenskapWorldCoaches-program. sinteraksie en Personeel, en Die vennootskap sal ook fomnr Joseph Jacobs, voorsitkus daarop om jeugsokkerter van die plaaslike sokkerontwikkeling te stimuleer vereniging (die LFA), oorgedeur gesonde interklubdra deur die aankondiging op kompetisie en die aanbieVrydag 22 November van ’n ding van openings- en aflangtermyn-vennootskap tussluitingskompetisies, sen die Universiteit en die asook jeugsokkerfeeste. LFA. Volgens Jacobs het StelDie boek Sokker op Stellenlenbosch ’n ryk sokkergebosch, saamgestel deur Hilton skiedenis. “Ons vennootBiscombe onder leiding van skap met die US gaan oor die prof Albert Grundlingh van spel sokker en die holistiese die US se Departement Geontwikkeling van ons speskiedenis, is ook tydens hierlers en administrateurs. die geleentheid bekend gestel. Maar dit gaan ook oor die Die LFA-US-vennootskap is die eindresultaat van ver- Joseph Jacobs, voorsitter van die plaaslike sokkervereniging (LFA) (links) en Hilton Biscombe, same- ontwikkeling van ons geskeie sokkerinisiatiewe wat steller van Sokker op Stellenbosch, vertoon die boek wat bekendgestel is as deel van die aankondiging meenskappe – en nie net in die afgelope jaar in die Stel- van die vennootskap tussen die LFA en die US deur sy universiteits-bedryfsinteraksie en innovasie- Stellenbosch nie, maar ook FOTO: ADRIAN BAILLIE STEWART in die groter Wynlandlenbosch-streek aangepak is maatskappy, Innovus. streek.” en deur Innovus, die universiDie rol wat sokker in die Stellenbosse geteits-bedryfsinteraksie en innovasiemaatskap- ministratiewe en afrigtingspersoneel, asook sy py van die US bestuur is in samewerking met lede, van riglyne voorsien word vir die beste meenskap speel, vind ook weerklank in Sokker metodes om hul afrigters en administrateurs op Stellenbosch, wat by SUN MeDIA by Maties Sport. Deur die nuwe verhouding sal die LFA se ad- toe te rus en die LFA-organisasie as ’n geheel of Liezel Meintjes by 021 te ontwikkel. 808 2611 te kry is. ’n Vennootskap vir samewerking tussen die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US), die gemeenskap en die plaaslike munisipaliteit is van sleutelbelang vir die suksesvolle bemarking en bevordering van sokker in die Stellenbosch-streek.

Stellenbosch gazette 3 dec 2013  

Stellenbosch gazette 3 dec 2013