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From playing pool to the art of winemaking

Save on insurance this year As global economic turmoil continues to threaten household incomes around the world, many people may be tempted to cut costs wherever they can, including on their insurance premiums. According to the MD of Alexander Forbes Insurance, Gari Dombo, it is more important to ensure that you get the maximum value from your insurance cover in tough times than to cut costs which may lead to the taking of unknown risks. He suggests following these tips to ensure that policy holders save costs where appropriate without taking undue risks: ) Review your All Risks schedule and identify items that are less important to you now. ) On your contents cover you may decide that certain items would not be replaced, like that old grandfather clock or a certain category of property like that library of old books. You could negotiate with your insurer to remove those from cover and your sum insured. ) If you have a solid security system or live in a secure complex, you may consider adjusting your insurance policy to a narrow cover that excludes theft. ) Re-look at your insured items in the context of your life. Decide whether the possibility or severity of a risk makes the item worth insuring. If something is unlikely to happen, or happens very infrequently, insurance for that item may not be necessary. ) Consider what level of loss you would be

but that has never stopped them from encouraging their kids all the way. My father instilled in us a thirst for knowledge and an awareness of the world. My mother has always motivated us to be the very best we can. They are my biggest fans!” But why wine? “My mother is a really great cook. She Focused and ambitious, she works with aromatic Asian has worked hard to get where spices and the layering of flashe is. vours every day of her life. I “I won a scholarship to guess the taste for flavour, if study viticulture and wineyou like, came from growing making at Stellenbosch Uniup in her kitchen. But also, versity and was on my way, growing up in Stellenbosch, but then the donor went bankthe heart of the Cape Winerupt after my first year. Luckilands, makes wine a key part ly, the Department of Agricul- Natasha Williams of many people’s lives here,” ture was extending opportunities to students and I could continue my Natasha explains. Her grandfather also played a major role. studies. But before I did, I thought long and hard whether this was where I wanted to be. “He applied the same rule to all the grandchilIt was only then that I discovered how much dren. When we came of legal drinking age, he I wanted this career, and I’ve never stopped introduced us to wine. He wanted us to appreciate and respect wine, not abuse it. We had no wanting it! “Something my dad taught me is that the idea how much wine meant to him. It was only world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to after his death that we found books on wine work for what you want. Neither of my parents among his possessions. Ironically, one of them was in a position to complete their schooling, has a picture of the cellar where I work now.”

She is a mean pool player, she loves shopping for bags and shoes but if truth be told, she is really happiest in the country, confesses Stellenbosch born-and-bred Natasha Williams (29), the new Two Oceans winemaker. |



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HENDRICKS, KAYDO 18.04.2012 - 19.04.2012. We love and miss you always. Love, mommy, daddy, family and friends.

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A wild mushroom identification course will be held by the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy® on 1, 15 and 29 June. The course will give step-by-step tuition on edible, medicinal and poisonous mushrooms. The cost is R1 995 per person, which includes a complimentary mushroom walk in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. Space is limited. Register at or phone Dr Adriaan Smit on 082 749 8553 or email


Spyseniering Catering DECKSTER'S CATERING. Décor / Hiring. Menu's from R110.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers, organza backdrop, arch & red carpet. Contact Ielaahm or Rene. 021 371 4507 / 082 324 9486. www.decksterscatering.


Algemeen Miscellaneous BRAAI / KAGGELHOUT, Rooikrantz, Blackwattel, Bloekom, Firestarters, Spider gum, Myrtle braaihout. Gratis aflewering (radius 50 km), verpakking ekstra. Bestel nou, hout raak skaars Kontak 083 493 6894 / 076 947 0700 / 021 828 9693 / 021 854 7052


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Algemene Dienste General Services NEW HORIZON'S DEKOR. Blindings, sonskerms en vlieësiwwe. ( Fabian: 021 886 6453 of 083 348 1703 . Epos:

DEBT PROBLEMS? Let us help you. We consolidate debt payments. Pay lower installments. Deon 021 811 4670.

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Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs ALLE HERSTEL VAN yskaste, vrieskaste en alle tipe wasmasjiene. Gas hervul vanaf R150. Skakel 076 919 0596. AUCTION APPLIANCE We repair, buy / sell stock parts for most brands. Re-gas fridges @ R140. 135 Bird Street 076 552 0272.

prepared to carry yourself as an additional voluntary excess and in which sections of your policy. ) If you do decide to reduce your cover or self insure after evaluating the risks, consider putting the premium savings away each month to provide for the extra risk that you are now taking on. ) Consolidating your portfolio into a single policy can also result in substantial discounts – especially if you own a number of vehicles, properties or a business. ) Changing your vehicle insurance to a named driver scheme may also reduce car premiums, but policy holders would first have to decide if this is an appropriate arrangement. If you live in a household of two, nominating you and your partner as the only people to drive your car should reduce your premium. But if you have older children who sometimes use your car this probably isn’t advisable. Alternatively, if your car is old, you could reduce your vehicle premium to just third party, fire or theft insurance instead of comprehensive cover. Most importantly however, Dombo advised that people should fully understand what each of the clauses in their insurance policy means. Only then can they assess the appropriateness of their cover. “It is surprising how many people misunderstand their policies and are caught off guard when they are not paid out. I’d like to urge consumers to ask all the questions they need – even if they seem silly or unimportant at the time.

Course on wild mushroom identification

Eikestadnuus 021 887 2840



Tuesday 30 April 2013

Send E-mail for smalls to: smalls@ eikestadnuus. com

Change of church venue The Anglican University Chaplaincy has moved its venue for the Sunday service from St Mary-on-the-Braak to the Chapel of the Faculty of Theology, 171 Dorp Street. The first Holy Communion service is at 11:00 on Sunday 5 May.

Sustainability in the spotlight A discussion regarding a Sustainable Stellenbosch will be hosted on 8 May. The panel discussion will be lead by Alayne Reesberg, Chief Executive Officer of the 2014 Cape Town World Design Capital project, with an introduction by Mark Swilling, editor of Sustainable Stellenbosch Opening Dialogues. The book can be purchased at the event. Come and join the conversation regarding the challenges and potential of Stellenbosch and the role of infrastructure and social capital in reaching this goal. The meeting will take place on 8 May at 18:00. The venue is still to be confirmed. Please RSVP by 12:00 on Monday 6 May as limited seats are available. Phone Jolanda on 083 262 9032 or Anèl on 082 899 4948.

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013  

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013  

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013