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Skole hou markdag Die eerste markdag, ondersteun deur Media24 se Rachel’s Angels, wat by Hoërskool Stellenzicht op Saterdag (27 April) gehou is, was ’n groot sukses. Talle jong entrepreneurs het aan dié dag deelgeneem. Hier is Tribal Echo wat by die markdag opgetree het. FOTO: ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN








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Stellenbosch Gazette

News - Nuus

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Possible community service for drunk drivers? NICOLE MCCAIN The National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (Nicro) has plans to expand its road-offender pilot project after receiving sponsorship from South African Breweries (SAB). This could see drivers across the province, convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), doing community service instead of jail time. Jacques Sibomana, spokesperson for Nicro, says the project started in Cape Town in 2010 without funding, out of a need to assist the high referrals of DUI cases and the need to educate drivers around driving under the influence. “SAB is the first corporate to come on board to support this initiative in late 2012. We hope that the current pilot programme will give us guidelines to roll it out into other cities and provinces. We are looking for funding to be able to increase the capacity of the programme to courts around the province and also hopefully

nationally.” He says the project currently runs in Cape Town, Athlone, Wynberg and Bellville courts as well as Simon’ s Town and Somerset West on occasion. According to Heathcliff Thomas, acting executive director for Safety and Security at the City of Cape Town, the City’s Traffic Services arrested 2 912 motorists for DUI from 1 April 2012 to 28 February 2013. In addition, the City’s Metro Police officers arrested 2 424 motorists for DUI from 1 March 2012 to 1 March 2013. In the Helderberg, between April 2011 and March 2012, almost 950 arrests were made by the police for driving under the influence. Provincially, over 17 500 arrests were made for the same period. The Gazette was unable to establish how many cases of driving under the influence received court convictions. According to Sibomana, the project also covers elements of reckless and negligent driving and culpable homicide, and all candidates are assessed before their enrolment into the project to determine the risk and need.

“The project aims to educate, empower and increase awareness of drivers as to the effects of irresponsible driving and in this create more responsible drivers on our roads. A fine alone is ineffective as it does not address the root of the problem of irresponsible behaviour on the roads.” However, doubts remain about the project’s effectiveness. “We support initiatives from the private sector that aim at tackling serious issues such as drunk driving as part of road safety. We will be monitoring the project and see where lessons may influence policy. We support initiatives that aim at targeting the very serious problem of drunk driving and are sure that this initiative will go a long way in tackling the problem. Only time will tell as to its effectiveness and possible expansion,” said Siphesihle Dube, spokesperson for the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works. “There will still be a monetary fine in addition to the community service. Depending up-

on the amount of the fine and the type of community service to be done, it will need to be ascertained whether this would act as a sufficient deterrent to ensure the motorist does not commit the same offence again,” said Thomas. Charlotte Sullivan, director of South Africans against Drunk Driving (SADD), said: “It may well deter some people, but ultimately we remain concerned about the large number of people who are alcoholics or who have an addiction problem and they will not be deterred.” Sullivan said ideally the project should stipulate that if you drink, drive and then kill, you must receive a jail sentence and the community service would not be an option. “We have numerous cases pending at the moment where drunk drivers have killed people and they are trying to get community service instead of going to jail – this is unacceptable. “We would also like to see it incorporated with periodic imprisonment – in other words, they can work during the week (and support their family) and go to jail over the weekend.”

Foster grants for grannies NICOLE MCCAIN Grandmothers taking care of their grandchildren as foster parents can breathe a sigh of relief after a ruling earlier in the month that ensures they will continue to receive foster grants. The Gazette reported in October on a South Gauteng High Court ruling that orphaned children in the custody of family members who have a “legal obligation” to care for them, such as grandparents and siblings, would not be eligible for foster care grants, as they are duty-bound to support the child. This would have meant that while grandparents would be able to access child support grants, they may no longer receive foster care grants. However, after uproar from non-profit organisations and the intervention of the national Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, the South Gauteng High Court ruled on 12 April that the initial ruling was not in line with the Children’s Act. Dlamini welcomed the ruling, saying the Children’s Act does not provide for an investigation of the earnings of foster parents, but only that a court determines whether a child is in need of care and protection. She added that “the Social Assistance Act categorically states that a foster parent qualifies for a foster-care grant regardless of his or her income”. The High Court ruled that the initial order by the Children’s Commissioner “would exclude children in the care of their grandparents who are found to be abandoned from accessing government sourceofsupport”. ShivaniWahab,senior manager for communications and marketing at the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) in the Western Cape, says caregivers only qualify for foster care grants if a court order gives the child foster status. This is granted when the child has been orphaned or abandoned and has no obvious means of support. Caregivers can receive a child support grant or a fostercare grant, but not both, and Wahab says 20 000 foster-care grants and 82 000 childsupport grants have been given out in the province. A child support grant amounts to R280 per month, while a foster child grant totals R770 per month.

LEERLING HELP SKOOL: Lyle Pool (voor), ’n leerling aan St Ida’s Primêre Skool in Idasvallei het sy deel gedoen om die skool te help deur twee plaaslike salonne te nader vir pryse. Hy het toe lootjies verkoop teen R50 elk en altesaam R7 020 ingesamel. Die pryse is Vrydag oorhandig. Hier by Lyle is (van links) die wenners en borge Maureen Pohl, Maritza Breitenbach (Knots-haarsalon), Melissa Charles (van Knots-haarsalon), Glynis Rippenaar (die skoolhoof), Annerika Cloete (Bliss-skoonheidsalon) Helen Lawrence en Estelle Robertson. FOTO: ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN

Dranklisensies en tweedehandse goedere bespreek Die Cloetesville SAPD hou op 30 April ’n vergadering waar dranklisensies en tweedehandse goedere bespreek sal word. Die vergadering sal om 19:00 gehou word te Pieter Langeveldt Primêre skool. Die vergadering sal fokus op lisensiëring van handelaars in tweedehandse goedere en dranklisensiehouers. Alle belangstellendes uit die Cloetesville- en Idasvallei-areas kan adjudant-offisier Wynand Lubbe by 082 443 6892 bel.

Community safety meetings The Stellenbosch SAPS are hosting two community safety meetings in the coming weeks. Residents and business owners in Die Boord are invited to the meeting on 6 May at 18:30. The meeting will be held at Eikestad Primary School. A meeting will be held for Jamestown on 13 May at 18:30 at Weber Gedenk Primary School. Topics include safety in your area, an explanation of sector community policing and how to better the relationship between the community and the police. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers regarding crime in the area. For more information call WO Hennie Hendricks at 082 522 1690.

Cloetesville GPF verkiesing Die Cloetesville Gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum (GPF) sal binne die volgende twee weke hul subforum-verkiesings in die verskillende sektore hou. Die eerste vergadering, die Cloetesvillearea, is op 30 April om 19:00. Dit sal by die Breughel-teater gehou word. Alle inwoners van Cloetesville is welkom om die vergadering by te woon. Vir verdere navrae kontak Sersant Cynthia Mothibi by 079 894 1714. Die subforum-verkiesing vir Cloetesville se landelike area vind op 2 Mei om 19:00 in die Nietvoorbij-saal plaas.

Dwelms gevind, vier vas Die Cloetesville-polisie het toegeslaan op ’n woonstel in die omgewing en beslag gelê op ’n groot hoeveelheid tik. Volgens sers. Zenobia Sedeman, die Cloetesville-polisiewoordvoerder, het konst. Zain van Graan, konst. Jody Rhode, konst. Charles Farao, konst. Petronecia September en konst. Rion Pool op 9 April ’n visenteringslasbrief uitgereik te Mount View-woonstelle. Vier mense (tussen 19 en 41 jaar oud) is in hegtenis geneem. “Daar is beslag gelê op 29 sakkies tik, met ’n straatwaarde van ongeveer R4 000. “Ons wil weer die gemeenskap bedank vir die inligting wat die klopjag moontlik gemaak het.”

Alle plaasboere en werknemers in Cloetesville en Idasvallei-omgewing word genooi om deel te word van die nuwe plaasforum. Kontak adjudant-offisier Wynand Lubbe by 082 443 6892 vir verdere navrae. Die Idasvallei se verkiesing sal op 8 Mei om 19:00 in die Idasvallei-biblioteek plaasvind. Almal uit die verskillende areas word genooi om deel te word van die forums en so te help om misdaad te bekamp. Vir meer besonderhede en navrae rakende die Cloetesville GPF bel gerus vir Alice Gordon, Cloetesville GPF-voorsitter, by 082 959 1590.

Rapporteer Telkom­slenter Die Stellenbosch SAPD het gewaarsku dat slenteraars wat hulself as Telkom-werkers voordoen verskeie inwoners besteel het. Luidens lt. Nathalie Martin, die polisiewoordvoerder, het hulle klagtes ontvang rakende verdagtes wat sê dat hulle van Telkom of ’n telefoonmaatskappy is en dat hulle aan die telefoonlyne moet werk. “Hulle sê hulle is gestuur om te sien of daar bome of takke is wat aan die lyne raak wat hulle moet wegsny. “Die verdagtes sal dan die area fynkam en wanneer hulle weg is, is daar van die huiseienaars se besittings ook weg. “Ons vra die publiek om niemand in hul wonings toe te laat nie, veral nie as hulle nie ’n klag ingedien het rakende ’n telefoonlyn of iemand gevra het om in hulle tuin te werk nie.” Martin het gevra dat enige verdagte persone dadelik by die polisie aangemeld word, veral indien iemand jou onveilig of bedreig laat voel. Die SAPD se rooilyn-nommer is 021 809 5012.

Tuesday 30 April 2013

News - Nuus

Breughel-teater open 1 Mei Die Breughel-teater in Cloetesville het bekend gemaak dat dié teater se deure weer op 1 Mei amptelik geopen sal word. Die Breughel, geleë in Noordeindestraat, se deure móés verlede jaar Maart sluit weens ’n tekort aan geld om die teater te bedryf en die wateren elektrisiteitsrekening te betaal. Die Stellenbosch-munisipaliteit moes toe die water en elektrisiteit afskakel. Die teater, waar verskeie gemeenskapsaktiwiteite aangebied word, het egter intussen sowat drie weke gelede ná ’n ooreenkoms met die munisipaliteit weer gedeeltelik heropen. ’n Vergadering is daarna met ’n groep belangstellendes van Stellenbosch gehou om die toekoms van die teater te bespreek.

By hierdie vergadering is ooreengekom dat die teater ’n goeie besigheidsplan nodig het en meer aktiwiteite moet inspan om winsgewend te wees. Dus is spesifieke gedeeltes van die gebou die afgelope week geïdentifiseer waar projekte aangebied kan word. Die projekte kan byvoorbeeld die inrig van ’n gimnasium vir gebruik deur die gemeenskap insluit, of ’n heeltydse kantoor op die perseel vir die buurtwag wat die veiligheid van die gebou en die terrein sal verseker. Ruimte is ook beskikbaar gestel vir verhuring aan die publiek en entrepreneurs. Die saal kan nou weer vir funksies gehuur word. Stoorruimte kan ook teen billike pryse gehuur word. ’n Reeks musiekkonserte word beplan om geld in te samel vir die teater se onmiddellike behoeftes.

Eenrigtingverkeer dié week in Dorpstraat Die Stellenbosch-munisipaliteit sal vandag (Dinsdag 30 April) voortgaan met die vervanging van die hoofwatertoevoerstelsel in Dorpstraat. Die verwagte voltooiingsdatum van hierdie projek is 31 Mei 2013. Die vervanging van die hoofwatertoevoer vorm deel van die Stellenbosse stadsraad se goedgekeurde pypvervangingsprogram. Die hoofwatertoevoerpyp in Dorpstraat sal van Die Laan tot en met Piet Retiefstraat – deur middel van slootlose tegnologie – vervang word.

Volgens die munisipaliteit kan slegs eenrigtingverkeer in ’n ooswes-rigting toegelaat word om die konstruksiewerk te voltooi. Gedeeltes van Dorpstraat sal dus omgeskakel word na ’n eenrigtingstraat gedurende die konstruksietydperk. Die munisipaliteit sal enige wateronderbrekings deur middel van kennisgewings aan die eienaars oordra. Die Stellenbosch-gemeenskap se samewerking word gedurende hierdie tyd gevra. Skakel 021 808 8209 vir meer inligting.

Die teaterproduksie, Eenie Weenie, geskryf deur die alombekende dr. Ben Dehaeck, sal opgevoer word. “Die Breughel-teater wil ’n kuns-enkultuur-sentrum wees en doen ’n beroep op die breë gemeenskap van Stellenbosch om hierdie sentrum met sy behoeftes en doelwitte te ondersteun. “Ons nooi die gemeenskap uit om ’n koppie koffie te kom drink en hul idees met ons te deel. “Ons wil die Breughel, wat in die verlede só ’n groot rol in baie mense se lewe gespeel het, weer op die been bring. Daarvoor het ons die gemeenskap se hulp nodig. Enige vorm van hulp, bystand of idees sal waardeer word,” sê ’n woordvoerder van die teater. Belangstellendes kan Eleanor Benn by 021 889 5765 of 073 310 5637 vir meer inligting bel.

Training for observers The next training session for fisheries observers will be held in May at Stellemploy. Suitable candidates must be between 20 and 26 years old and in possession of a valid grade 12 certificate with physical science or biology and mathematics on grade 12 level. After having completed the theoretical training trainees still need to do practical work to qualify. Observers work away from home for up to three months at a time. For more information phone Gaino or Betta on 021 886 6993.

Van Schaik supports Book Day Every year Van Schaik Bookstore celebrates World Book and Copyright Day in April by inviting pupils from disadvantaged communities around the country to participate in bookrelated activities at either the selected bookstores or schools. This year Van Schaik took hands with Jonathan Ball Publishers, Penguin and On the Dot to give storybooks to 400 pupils from grade 3 to 6. Van Schaik also reached out to its suppliers who generously supported this worthy cause to supply each pupil with stationery, Flip Files and magazines. The contributors were National Geographic Kids, Freedom Stationery, Pilot, National Stationery, Pentel, Dala, Flip File, Bantex, Boland Drukpers and Berco, an Aramex Company who couriered the items to the participating stores. On Tuesday 23 April grade 5 pupils from St. Peter’s Academy (John Walls Street, Strand) were entertained by staff members from the Stellenbosch branch at their school. They read stories, discussed the importance of reading and surprised them with goodie bags. St. Peter’s Academy is an independent school with pupils from poor communities like Lwandle, Nomzano, Zola, Asanda Village and Rusthof. “Van Schaik Bookstore is a responsible corporate citizen and believes in giving back to the community and developing literacy projects from the foundation phase onwards. We support the South African government and United Nation’s drive to eradicate illiteracy in our communities,” said Stephan Erasmus, the managing director of Van Schaik Bookstore. The public can also participate by buying storybooks or stationery at the Stellenbosch store at the Stellenbosch University, which will be donated to the school. In addition to the book readings and art activities, Van Schaik Bookstore also runs a yearly countrywide awareness campaign against copyright infringement and plagiarism in April. “We need to teach and guide learners and students to respect the intellectual property of others, in fact to enjoy and appreciate their efforts,” said Erasmus. World Book and Copyright Day is an annual event on 23 April, launched in 1995 by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation).

Stellenbosch Gazette

Mixed reaction to literacy incentive NICOLE MCCAIN The Western Cape Education Department has allocated R30 million to fund a cash-incentive programme as a reward system for schools that improve their literacy rates. However, the announcement has received a mixed response from schools. Eager to learn. According to Bronagh Casey, spokesperson testing for grade 3, 6 and 9. This has also raised some confor the MEC of Education, Donald Grant, “the Western Cape cerns for local principals. However, Casey says the criEducation Department (WCED) aims to improve language and teria will be set in such a way mathematics outcomes in all that ensures that schools that improve on their results are also schools in the province. “To further this aim, the rewarded. “It will not be just for WCED will be allocating R30 schools with the best results. million to the incentive pro- Therefore, schools that have not gramme during the course of the achieved good results in the past next financial year to schools have greater opportunities for that improve their literacy and improvement than a school that has been excelling at a high level numeracy performance”. Casey says the incentives are already.” The WCED is invested in helpto show appreciation for schools and teachers which have per- ing schools improve their literaformed well. “We also want to in- cy despite a lack of resources, accentivise other schools to im- cording to Casey. The WCED has a language prove their results in order to reand mathematics strategy in ceive the cash rewards.” The funds received through place and each school’s lanthe reward programme must be guage and mathematics stratedistributed back into the gy has been adapted and imschools, and are earmarked for proved taking into account extra reading materials, equip- where weaknesses of their ment in classrooms or new tech- learners lie in the 2012 testing. In addition, the WCED has nology. According to Casey, the crite- over the last two years provided ria for the 2013 rewards have yet millions of textbooks and classto be set, but will be based on the room readers to schools, says 2013 WCED language and maths Casey.

Insette gesoek oor ‘Idasvallei­ muur’­kwessie Alle belangstellendes word uitgenooi na ’n vergadering vandag (Dinsdag 30 April) om die “Idasvallei-muur”, soos dit al gedoop is, te bespreek. Die Idasvallei-leraarskring sal die vergadering lei wat om 19:00 in die Metodistekerk in Bloekomlaan sal begin. Volgens ds. Danny Bock,

Erna Minnie, the Stellenbosch branch manager, hands out goodie bags to the pupils at St. Peter’s Academy.

The pupils were very excited and immediately started reading.

voorsitter van die leraarskring, sal die geleentheid gebruik word om te besluit wat met die muur, wat die sportterrein in Bloekomlaan omring, gedoen behoort te word. Almal is welkom om die vergadering by te woon. Bel ds. Bock by 021 883 3919 vir meer inligting.



News - Nuus

Stellenbosch Gazette

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Neem deel aan teddiebeer-fees op Werkersdag Die jaarlikse TeddieBeerFees word vanjaar op Werkersdag 1 Mei, op die Buitenverwachtingwynplaas op Constantia gehou. Duisende teddiebere sal uitgestal en verkoop word. Besoekers kan ook hulle eie teddiebere saambring om vir kompetisies in te skryf. Heerlike pieknieks kan ook op die grasperk gehou word, terwyl die kinders op die springkasteel speel. Daar sal heerlike kosstalletjies met onder meer ontbytrolletjies, pannekoek, potjiekos, warm skyfies, koeldrank en lekkergoed, poeding, boereworsrolle, tuisgebak, wyn, kaasborde en nog vele meer wees. Almal is welkom.

10 tot 12 Mei

30 April ) Chris Hani: 20 years. Remembrance service at 18:30, Kruiskerk (on the corner of Victoria and Ryneveld Street). Refreshments will be served. Simon Adams: 0 083 363 6821. ) Alkoholiste Anoniem (AA Stellenbosch Sentraal) ontmoet om 20:15 by die NG Kerk Stellenbosch-Wes in Alexanderstraat. Navrae: 0 084 293 3967.

2 Mei ) Alkoholiste Anoniem (AA) sowel as Alanon, ter ondersteuning van familie en vriende van verslaafdes, ontmoet om 20:15 in die NG Kerk Stellenbosch-Wes in Alexanderstraat. Navrae: 0 084 293 3967 of 021 889 5791.

3 Mei ) Die preprimêre skool Jessie Keet hou ’n diskoparty by Club Boulevard in Birdstraat, van 21:00 tot laat. Toegang is R30 per persoon. Yolande Segers: 0 021 887 2061.

9 Mei ) VLV-vergadering om 09:30 by die NG Kerk Welgelegen. Sonja van Zyl sal praat oor reis deur Afrika. Navrae: mev. B. Oberholster, 0 021 883 3224.

) Wild Clover se eerste Hops-oesfees. Die fees fokus op die proe van bier van verskeie mikrobrouerye, insluitend Wild Clover se eie spesiaal gebroude bier. Daar sal ook vermaak wees vir die kinders, musikante wat optree en warm geregte om die bier aan te vul, soos wildevark op die spit en ’n paar Duitse lekkernye. R100 vir volwassenes en gratis vir kinders onder 18 jaar. Die kaartjie sluit alle bierproeë in. Ma’s kry op Moedersdag gratis toegang. http://

24 Mei ) Ondersteuningsgroep vir persone met outisme bied ’n dans aan om 20:00 in die Weber Gedenkskoolsaal in Jamestown. R70 per persoon. Alle gaste moet hul eie xyz en platters saambring. Kallies Dance Band sal die musiek verskaf. Navrae: 0 083 679 2863 of 073 147 6208.

31 Mei ) Stellenbosch Community Learning Centre will hold their annual winter ball with the Kallies Dance Band from 20:00 to 00:45 in the AF Louw School Hall. R70 per person. Bring your own xyz and platters. Contact: 0 021 882 8357.

in the Stellenbosch area. For further information about this special event in aid of charity or to take part in it, please send an e-mail to

my abstract expressive works and 10 of my other works will be exhibited and for sale at this event,” she says. PETS was able to organise a venue at the Blaauwklippen Wine Estate. PETS strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. They work with communities to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by giving them daily meals, warm shelters, regular inoculations, sterilisations and vet care in emergencies. They also re-home those ones that are unwanted, unloved or lost. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend the exhibition. For further information please send an email to or visit the Facebook page on events/633517126663517/.

insameling en aanwins, waardebepaling (insluitende die waarde van rekords asook afskryf-instruksies); sortering en rangskikking; beskrywing/indeksering; bewaring; die rampbestuurplan; en wenke oor die ontsluiting van argiewe. Die kursusfooi is R2 000 per persoon en sluit ’n ligte middagete en koffie/tee in. Bel Amira Clayton by 021 863 4809/0543 of stuur ’n e-pos na vir meer inligting.

Mother’s Day at Pniel Tea Garden

) VGK Idasvallei (Rustenburgweg) bied ’n gospelfees aan. Dit begin om 15:00. Toegang is R20 per persoon. Dumisani en nog vele meer sal optree. Andries Wewer: 0 079 891 6270.

Exhibition to raise money for township animals Art for Animals, an art exhibition to raise money for PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) will be held at the Blaauwklippen Vineyards wine centre from now until 10 May. Earlier this year Marcelle van Zyl, social entrepreneur, PETS supporter and part-time artist, approached PETS with an idea for a fundraiser. Marcelle wanted to give her current art collection to PETS for a fund-raising exhibition of which 25% of all sales will go to the PETS cause. “I have always been a PETS supporter. My little dog Baloo (my best friend and life saver) was given to me by PETS after rescuing him from the Macassar township. “Painting is my way of expressing myself. I do art part time as I own two companies and work with a third. I wanted to give back to PETS by giving some of my art. About 13 of

’n Inleidende argief-slypskool, geskik vir bibliotekarisse, museum- en erfenisbeamptes, dokumentering- en argief-assistente, word van 27 Augustus tot 29 Augustus by die Afrikaanse Taalmonument in die Paarl aangebied. Die fasiliteerder, Pétria Marais, is ’n gekwalifiseerde argivaris met baie jare se ervaring in die veld van rekordbestuur en argivering. Die slypskool sluit praktiese sessies in en fokus op onderwerpe soos die verskille tussen biblioteke, argiewe en dokumentesentrums;

19 Mei

Wine and golf in aid of Safe House The Safe House Stellenbosch is hosting a golf-and-wine day at the Stellenbosch Golf Club on 16 May. The event will be a charity day to raise awareness of abused women and children

Argief­slypskool later vanjaar

Treat mom at Spier A special three-course menu, with a glass of wine for each course, and a special homemade gift from Chef Lolli’s kitchen, is planned for a Mother’s Day lunch at Spier Wine Estate on Sunday 12 May. Lunch will be served at 12:00. The cost is R200 (adults) and R100 (children), which includes lunch, three glasses of wine (grape juice for teetotallers), and a homemade gift for mom. To make a booking call 021 809 1100 or send an email to

An early Mother’s Day breakfast will be held at the Pniel Tea Garden on Saturday 11 May. The delightful breakfast only costs R50 per person and includes muesli, fruit, yoghurt, croissants filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms, as well as Appletizer, juice, coffee and tea. It is important to book in advance if you wish to attend the breakfast. Please call 071 452 5073.

VGK Vlottenburg hou reünie Die VGK Vlottenburg hou 1 Junie vanjaar ’n reünie. Alle gemeentelede, van 1963 af, word genooi om dié spesiale geleentheid by te woon. Dit sal 14:00 in die VGK Vlottenburg-kerksaal begin. Bel asseblief vir Desmond Solomons by 082 757 2190.

Rotary brings free medical services from 9 to 11 May Civil society, big business and the government are teaming up next month from 9 to 11 May to promote family health and create awareness around polio, HIV/Aids and TB. Rotarians For Family Health & Aids Prevention, Inc. (RFHA), Rotary’s mobilising and implementing partner in the area of disease prevention, has received an unprecedented commitment from the Department of Health, Coca-Cola South Africa and SABC, to support the implementation of the Rotary Family Health Days programme across the country. The health days are a comprehensive, holistic offering of free healthcare for parents, children, grandparents, friends and all family members in over 160 sites across the country. About 4 000 Rotarians from 225 Rotary Clubs will be managing and working the sites to assist the medical staff and deliver the services to South Africans.

Over the three days, testing and counselling of over 50 000 people for HIV/Aids will take place simultaneously in all nine South African provinces. Other services will include TB symptomatic screening, diabetes and blood-pressure screening, polio and measles vaccination, deworming and the dispensing of vitamin A tablets. The Health Department will provide free medical services and bring their existing health counselling and testing and expanded programme on immunisation and prevention of non-communicable disease campaigns to each site over the three days. To find out more about the Rotary Family Health Days and the sites in your area visit or dial *120*7343# In Stellenbosch, the health days will take place at the Eike Hall in Long Street, Cloetesville. For more information, contact Geraldine Nicol of the Stellenbosch Rotary Club on 082 857 7044

Tuesday 30 April 2013

News - Nuus

Stellenbosch Gazette


Creamy chicken, leek and mushroom soup Winter is fast approaching. Keep warm on cold nights with this delicious, hearty soup. Preparation time: 15 min Cooking time: 40 min Serves 6 Ingredients ) 3 chicken breasts on the

bone ) 2 l water ) 30 ml chicken stock powder ) 1 carrot - sliced ) 1 celery stick - sliced ) 1 onion - roughly chopped ) 2 bay leaves ) 50 g butter ) 2 bunches leeks - trimmed

Warm into winter with this delicious creamy chicken soup. PHOTO: FOOD24.COM

and chopped ) 400 g brown mushrooms - chopped ) 62 ml cake flour ) 1.5 l reserved chicken stock ) 250 ml cream ) salt and pepper to taste ) Handful of fresh parsley - chopped Method Place the chicken in a large pot. Add the water, stock powder, carrot, celery, onion and bay leaves. Cover and bring to the boil, then simmer gently for 30 minutes. Remove chicken from the stock and allow to cool. Strain the stock and discard the veggies. Set aside. When chicken is cooler, remove skin and bones and shred into small pieces. In a medium pot, heat the butter and sauté the leeks until soft and glossy, then add the mushrooms and cook until softened and fragrant. Stir in the flour until veggies are well coated, then add 1,5 l chicken stock, heat through and continue stirring until it starts to thicken. Add the shredded chicken and cream and heat through for 15 minutes to allow all the flavours to combine. Add some parsley and season to taste. Serve with fresh crusty bread.

DIE HEUWELS IN STELLENBOSCH: Die Heuwels Fantasties is eersdaags in Stellenbosch tydens hul Blackberryskoletoer. Hulle sal hul nuwe album, Alles wat Mal is, bekend stel. Die vertoning vind op 8 Mei om 19:00 by Paul Roos Gimnasium se Japie Krige-saal plaas. Kaartjies kos R20. Vir nadere besonderhede bel vir Ronella van Rensburg by 079 693 5457 of e-pos:

Disko by Club Boulevard

Dave Pepler by Woordpret Dave Pepler, avonturier, omgewingskundige, skrywer en akademikus is op Vrydag 10 Mei die gas by die tweede Woordpret van die jaar van die Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT). Dave se onderwerp is Parfuum, woude en ys en hy sal praat oor onlangse hoogtepunte in sy merkwaardige ervarings oor die wêreld heen. Tobie Fourie, wynbemarker van Brenaissance in die Devonvallei, sal van hul wyne kom bekend stel. Wyn, sap en ligte verversings is vanaf 12:30 beskikbaar en Dave kom om 13:00 aan die beurt. Die program duur sowat 45 minute en sal dus voor 13:45 ten einde loop. Kaartjies kos R25. Skakel Cecile of Tanja voor of op 8 Mei by 021 887 3113 of kontak die WAT by om u sitplek te bespreek. Daar is sitplek vir slegs 50 persone. Die Buro van die WAT is by Banghoekweg 115, Stellenbosch.



Clover Gouda, Cheddar or Tussers 240g

1679 Each

Fair Cape Ecofresh Milk Assorted 2 Litre

All taken care of BUY ANY 2 FOR

PnP Soup Mix Assorted 600g

Bulk Pork Shoulder Chops

Sushi Freshly Prepared In Store


The Stellenbosch Community Learning Centre is hosting its winter ball on 31 May. It will be from 20:00 to 00:45 in the AF Louw School Hall and entrance is R70 per person. Kallies Dance Band will provide the music for the evening. Guests must bring their own platters and xyz. Please call 021 882 8357 for further information.



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Winter ball in May



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Die Jessie Keet preprimêre skool sal op 3 Mei ’n disko by Club Boulevard in Birdstraat hou. Die disko is van 21:00 tot laataand aan die gang. Toegang is R30 per persoon. Vir meer inligting bel Yolande Segers by 021 887 2061.



Coca Cola Regular 2 Litre and Willards Cheese Curls 150g



Cadbury Countlines Assorted


Spekko Parboiled Rice 2kg


Porcupine Ridge Sauvighnon Blanc 750ml Alcohol Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.

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From playing pool to the art of winemaking

Save on insurance this year As global economic turmoil continues to threaten household incomes around the world, many people may be tempted to cut costs wherever they can, including on their insurance premiums. According to the MD of Alexander Forbes Insurance, Gari Dombo, it is more important to ensure that you get the maximum value from your insurance cover in tough times than to cut costs which may lead to the taking of unknown risks. He suggests following these tips to ensure that policy holders save costs where appropriate without taking undue risks: ) Review your All Risks schedule and identify items that are less important to you now. ) On your contents cover you may decide that certain items would not be replaced, like that old grandfather clock or a certain category of property like that library of old books. You could negotiate with your insurer to remove those from cover and your sum insured. ) If you have a solid security system or live in a secure complex, you may consider adjusting your insurance policy to a narrow cover that excludes theft. ) Re-look at your insured items in the context of your life. Decide whether the possibility or severity of a risk makes the item worth insuring. If something is unlikely to happen, or happens very infrequently, insurance for that item may not be necessary. ) Consider what level of loss you would be

but that has never stopped them from encouraging their kids all the way. My father instilled in us a thirst for knowledge and an awareness of the world. My mother has always motivated us to be the very best we can. They are my biggest fans!” But why wine? “My mother is a really great cook. She Focused and ambitious, she works with aromatic Asian has worked hard to get where spices and the layering of flashe is. vours every day of her life. I “I won a scholarship to guess the taste for flavour, if study viticulture and wineyou like, came from growing making at Stellenbosch Uniup in her kitchen. But also, versity and was on my way, growing up in Stellenbosch, but then the donor went bankthe heart of the Cape Winerupt after my first year. Luckilands, makes wine a key part ly, the Department of Agricul- Natasha Williams of many people’s lives here,” ture was extending opportunities to students and I could continue my Natasha explains. Her grandfather also played a major role. studies. But before I did, I thought long and hard whether this was where I wanted to be. “He applied the same rule to all the grandchilIt was only then that I discovered how much dren. When we came of legal drinking age, he I wanted this career, and I’ve never stopped introduced us to wine. He wanted us to appreciate and respect wine, not abuse it. We had no wanting it! “Something my dad taught me is that the idea how much wine meant to him. It was only world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to after his death that we found books on wine work for what you want. Neither of my parents among his possessions. Ironically, one of them was in a position to complete their schooling, has a picture of the cellar where I work now.”

She is a mean pool player, she loves shopping for bags and shoes but if truth be told, she is really happiest in the country, confesses Stellenbosch born-and-bred Natasha Williams (29), the new Two Oceans winemaker. |



In Memoriam


HENDRICKS, KAYDO 18.04.2012 - 19.04.2012. We love and miss you always. Love, mommy, daddy, family and friends.

Betrekkings • Vacancies

A wild mushroom identification course will be held by the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy® on 1, 15 and 29 June. The course will give step-by-step tuition on edible, medicinal and poisonous mushrooms. The cost is R1 995 per person, which includes a complimentary mushroom walk in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. Space is limited. Register at or phone Dr Adriaan Smit on 082 749 8553 or email


Spyseniering Catering DECKSTER'S CATERING. Décor / Hiring. Menu's from R110.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers, organza backdrop, arch & red carpet. Contact Ielaahm or Rene. 021 371 4507 / 082 324 9486. www.decksterscatering.


Algemeen Miscellaneous BRAAI / KAGGELHOUT, Rooikrantz, Blackwattel, Bloekom, Firestarters, Spider gum, Myrtle braaihout. Gratis aflewering (radius 50 km), verpakking ekstra. Bestel nou, hout raak skaars Kontak 083 493 6894 / 076 947 0700 / 021 828 9693 / 021 854 7052


Geld/lenings Money/Loans

Algemene Dienste General Services NEW HORIZON'S DEKOR. Blindings, sonskerms en vlieësiwwe. ( Fabian: 021 886 6453 of 083 348 1703 . Epos:

DEBT PROBLEMS? Let us help you. We consolidate debt payments. Pay lower installments. Deon 021 811 4670.

Spesiale dienste


Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs ALLE HERSTEL VAN yskaste, vrieskaste en alle tipe wasmasjiene. Gas hervul vanaf R150. Skakel 076 919 0596. AUCTION APPLIANCE We repair, buy / sell stock parts for most brands. Re-gas fridges @ R140. 135 Bird Street 076 552 0272.

prepared to carry yourself as an additional voluntary excess and in which sections of your policy. ) If you do decide to reduce your cover or self insure after evaluating the risks, consider putting the premium savings away each month to provide for the extra risk that you are now taking on. ) Consolidating your portfolio into a single policy can also result in substantial discounts – especially if you own a number of vehicles, properties or a business. ) Changing your vehicle insurance to a named driver scheme may also reduce car premiums, but policy holders would first have to decide if this is an appropriate arrangement. If you live in a household of two, nominating you and your partner as the only people to drive your car should reduce your premium. But if you have older children who sometimes use your car this probably isn’t advisable. Alternatively, if your car is old, you could reduce your vehicle premium to just third party, fire or theft insurance instead of comprehensive cover. Most importantly however, Dombo advised that people should fully understand what each of the clauses in their insurance policy means. Only then can they assess the appropriateness of their cover. “It is surprising how many people misunderstand their policies and are caught off guard when they are not paid out. I’d like to urge consumers to ask all the questions they need – even if they seem silly or unimportant at the time.

Course on wild mushroom identification

Eikestadnuus 021 887 2840



Tuesday 30 April 2013

Send E-mail for smalls to: smalls@ eikestadnuus. com

Change of church venue The Anglican University Chaplaincy has moved its venue for the Sunday service from St Mary-on-the-Braak to the Chapel of the Faculty of Theology, 171 Dorp Street. The first Holy Communion service is at 11:00 on Sunday 5 May.

Sustainability in the spotlight A discussion regarding a Sustainable Stellenbosch will be hosted on 8 May. The panel discussion will be lead by Alayne Reesberg, Chief Executive Officer of the 2014 Cape Town World Design Capital project, with an introduction by Mark Swilling, editor of Sustainable Stellenbosch Opening Dialogues. The book can be purchased at the event. Come and join the conversation regarding the challenges and potential of Stellenbosch and the role of infrastructure and social capital in reaching this goal. The meeting will take place on 8 May at 18:00. The venue is still to be confirmed. Please RSVP by 12:00 on Monday 6 May as limited seats are available. Phone Jolanda on 083 262 9032 or Anèl on 082 899 4948.

Dinsdag 30 April 2013

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey 750ml


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PnP no nameTM Chicken, Red or Smoked Viennas 1kg

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DairyBelle In Shape Fat Free or Fruits of the Forest Low Fat Yoghurt Assorted 1kg

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Sparletta Soft Drinks Assorted 2 litre

All Gold Tomato Sauce 700ml



PnP White Sugar 2.5kg





Ariel Auto Washing Powder 2kg


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Carling Black Label Non-returnable Bottles 24 x 340ml or Cans 24 x 330ml



(Consists of Roast, Braai Chops, Riblets & Stew Cuts)


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PnP no nameTM Frozen Chicken Braaipack 1.8kg

Bulk Lamb Pack



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Alcohol Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.



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Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid Assorted 750ml

(Excluding Antibacterial)



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Stellenbosch | Franschhoek | Pniel | Kylemore

Year 15 • Dinsdag 30 April 2013 | Tel. 021 887 2840

Stellenbosch: the apple of athlete’s eyes FRANCOIS BADENHORST A new, cutting edge device at the Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Human Performance Sciences could take South Africa’s sports stars to the next level. The mobile eye looks like a pair glasses but it is mounted with small cameras. With these cameras, scientists are able to see precisely what an athlete is looking at. More importantly, they can then show the athlete what they should be looking at.

The mobile eye is the first of its kind in South Africa. The gadget was developed by the Free University of Amsterdam (FUA). It was brought to Stellenbosch with Matiealumnus and current PhD student at FUA, Gareth Paterson. “This information about where a person looks at in the environment and for how long they look is referred to as the visual search pattern,” explains Paterson. “Knowing the points of fixation and visual search patterns are important for helping individuals improve the quality of their decision-making when for instance putting in golf, catching

or batting a ball in cricket, or kicking a goal in soccer.” According to Paterson, the mobile eye helps to improve an athlete’s perception – something which he says not only precedes but determines a successful action in sport. This perception is what Paterson terms “visual search strategies”. “An athlete needs to have a good strategy for how the eyes are moved from place-toplace to find the information needed to perform the action.” The mobile eye allows Paterson to see the difference between visual search strategies

of a successful athlete ¬and those of less successful athletes. It makes the mobile eye an excellent instructive tool for athletes looking to improve. The mobile eye has already achieved significant renown in sport circles. Golfer Richard Sterne achieved excellent results after he had his putting analysed at the institute. He finished second at his next event, the Dubai Desert Classic. James O’Connor, the Australian rugby international, was the first athlete to test the device. The Springbok Sevens team, based in Stellenbosch, also uses the mobile eye extensively.

SuperSport’s Let’s Play goes global

DOING IT FOR ANNA’S KIDS: Three Bishops Old Boys (nicknamed the ‘Three Oaks’) walked from Tulbagh to Stellenbosch to raise funds for three worthy causes: the Anna Foundation, Jacques Kallis Scholarship Foundation and SAB-Boucher Conservation Non-Profit Company. Struan Buchanan, Mark Westcott and Peter Hofmeyr started their Winelands Charity Walk in Tulbagh on 22 April, and walk over hill and dale, stopping overnight in Romansrivier, Rawsonville, Paarl, Franschhoek and finally ending at Muratie Wines in Stellenbosch on 26 April. The day prior to their departure, the Three Oaks spent an afternoon at Steinthal Kinderhuis in Tulbagh, meeting some of the Anna Foundation children who will benefit from their fund-raising initiative. The Anna Foundation runs education, sports and life skills programmes for children living on farms and in rural areas throughout the Western Cape. Many wine farms, children’s homes and rural schools implement their programmes every weekday afternoon, equipping children from Grade R – 12 with essential skills needed both at school and for life-long learning. PHOTOS: CAROLYN CLARK

Let’s Play, SuperSport’s corporate social investment initiative, has been given a platform on the International Olympic Committee’s World Conference on Sport for All, taking place in Peru this week. Vaughn Bishop, SuperSport’s manager of CSI and Enterprises, will deliver an address on “Sports facilities and venues in a developing country”, outlining the importance of the accessibility of infrastructures and spaces to the biggest number of individuals and sectors of sport across the community. “I’m thrilled,” said Bishop. “The timing of our Playing Field project is perfect and central to

Sport in kort Pniel kry vroue­rugbyspan Die Pniel Villagers­rugbyklub se program vir 2013 sluit die begin van ’n eerste amptelike vroue­rugbyspan in. Die span sal in die WP Rugbyunie se vroueliga meeding. Die klub nooi alle belangstellende vroue ouer as 18 jaar uit om die oefening by te woon. Oefening sal weekliks op ’n Dinsdag plaasvind. Vir meer besonderhede bel Andria Stubbs Mentoor by 083 303 9565.

Eighteen winemakers and winemaking assistants representing 13 estates throughout the Western Cape, took part in the Anna Foundation Winemaker’s MTB Challenge. The Anna Foundation Winemaker’s MTB Challenge was the first of such events and the expectation is that the 2014 event will be even bigger and better. Here are some of the winemakers lining up for the start of the event.

my presentation, which will showcase how the private sector is addressing and adding value by creating play and playing facilities.” Every two years the IOC organises the World Conference on Sport for All. The objective is for participants to share their perspectives, experiences and insight regarding sport for all. The International Olympic Committee has recognised Let’s Play’s depth of knowledge in the field of sport for all. The timing of Let’s Play’s Playing Field Project is perfect as it showcases how the private sector is addressing and adding value by creating play and playing facilities.

Running for firefighters Part of the fun at the Fire & Fynbos Awareness Day at the Lievland Wine Estate to com­ memorate International Fire­ fighters’ Day is the VWS Jonkershoek Fireman’s Re­ venge 14 km trail run and the Mellow Yellow 6 km fun run on 4 May. Both routes take in sweeping views of Simonsberg and the surrounding mountains. The Fireman’s Revenge 14 km trail run starts at 07:30, while

the Mellow Yellow 6 km fun run starts at 08:00. Entries are now open. Entry forms are available from, or for online bookings at w w w . e n t r y t i ck e t s . c o . z a / eventview/fireandfynbos. Jonkershoek Mountain Chal­ lenge This year the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge 35 km Extreme is also the official South African Long Distance Trail Running Championships. The Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge over 35 km, 21 km and 10 km will take place on Sunday 5 May. For more information visit info@wild­ Dirtopia­veldwedloop Saterdag 11 Mei is dit weer tyd vir die Dirtopia­veldwedloop by Delvera­landgoed. Koste is R65 vir die 7.5 km en R85 vir die 12 km as jy voor of op 8 Mei inskryf. 0 021 884 4752 of 2

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013  

Stellenbosch Gazette 30 April 2013