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Anger erupts in flames

Protests because of poor service delivery in Kayamandi broke out on Wednesday. Tyres were burnt at both sides of the main entrance to Kayamandi and several buildings were set alight in the Plankenbrug industrial area by an angry crowd of people. Read more on page 2. PHOTO: ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN


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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Unrest rocks Kayamandi ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN Several businesses suffered extensive damaged, while roads in Plankenbrug industrial area had to be shut down in the violent service delivery protests last week. Residents from Enkanini, Kayamandi showed their anger at the level of service delivery by closing off roads leading into Kayamandi, burning tyres, wrecking traffic lights and hurling rocks at surrounding buildings on Wednesday night. The Kayamandi Tourism Corridor was badly damaged by protesters hurling rocks at the windows. The protests escalated on Thursday when protesters broke into several businesses in

Hot spots The hot spots for crime in the Cloetesville area over the last week were: ) Theft of motor vehicles and robberies reported in Bird Street and at the Du Toit train station. ) Housebreaking reported in Lappan Street and Tennant Street. ) Robberies were reported on Welgevonden Boulevard and the R44.

Plankenbrug, breaking all the windows and burning tyres inside the buildings. They ripped out computers and telephone systems, hurled them on to the street and set them alight. According to Lt Natalie Martin, the police spokesperson, altogether 18 rioters were arrested on various charges including inciting public violence, arson, housebreaking, theft and malicious damage to property. The Stellenbosch Municipality held an emergency meeting on Friday afternoon with members from the Stellenbosch SAPS, the agricultural society and local businessmen in attendance, in order to find a solution to the unrest. The weekend was quiet, with reports of protests late Friday night, but no further damage was reported in the area.

A traffic light at the Kayamandi Tourism Corridor was damaged and tyres were set alight in the road. PHOTO: ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN

Diabetes: make sure you are not at risk World Diabetes Day was celebrated last week to create awareness of the disease. There are two types of diabetes, which are called type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Both are manageable and can be treated if correctly diagnosed. Type 1 Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong disease in which high levels of sugar is in the blood. This type diabetes can occur at any age but is mostly found in children, teenagers or young adults. The cause is unknown but its believed that it is a disorder that the body has developed and it can be genetic. In type 1 there is usually too little or no insulin which causes sugar to build up in the bloodstream. The cells are unable to absorb this glucose that is needed for energy. Some symptoms that you should look out for: ) Being very thirsty. ) Feeling hungry. ) Feeling tired or fatigued. ) Losing weight without trying.

) Going to the toilet more often. These are just to name a few, if you think you have any of these symptoms you should see a doctor and have a general check up. If you have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you will need to manage your insulin, knowing how to treat and recognise if you have low or high blood sugar, that you have the correct eating plan and how to give yourself insulin if needed. Type 2 Unlike people with type 1 diabetes, people with type 2 diabetes produce insulin but their pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin adequately. The body’s cells are not able to function properly, when sugar builds up in the bloodstream instead of going into the cells. Type 2 diabetes is far more common and anybody is able to get it. People who are more at risk are people who are over the age of 45, are overweight, have family history of diabetes or

possibility of high blood pressure. With both types of diabetes the long term goals are both the same in treatment. By controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol with enough exercise and a healthy eating plan, doing regular self-testing of your blood to make sure your sugar levels are okay. Always make sure you take your medication or insulin at all times and always carry it with you in case of an emergency. Regular exercise is especially important for people with diabetes. It helps with blood sugar control, weight loss, and high blood pressure. Diabetes can be treated if correctly diagnosed by your doctor and the correct measures have been taken to help you manage your diabetes. Support groups are available specially if you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and need understanding. Get yourself checked today. Get to know the risk factors before it’s too late.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

News - Nuus

Stellenbosch Gazette


16 Days: Woman talks about abuse During Sixteen Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children a concerted effort is made to highlight the abuse and disrespect meted out to some of the most vulnerable groups of society.

In the run-up to the campaign that kicks off on 25 November, one woman, Prunella September, told her story of abuse to Stephanie Nieuwoudt. Her boyfriend locked him and her daughter (then eight years old) in the house and tried to force the child to drink a mixture of rat poison, dish-washing soap and coffee creamer. But even then, Prunella (36) could not leave her abusive boyfriend. It would take a few more months of physical abuse, which, amongst other things, left her with a black eye before she finally found the courage to leave him. Six years after ending the relationship the black eye is long gone and so are the other bruises, cuts and slashes on her body. But the emotional scars are still evident. “When the man I am with now unexpectedly raises his arm, I cringe. In my previous relationship a raised arm inevitably meant a blow to my head or other part of my body,” she says. “My current boyfriend is kind and gentle and very good to me.” She remembers the time her ex hit her over the head with a shovel and her subsequent trip to the emergency ward for stitches. “I don’t know why I stayed with him. Maybe it is because he would buy me gifts afterwards. He

would arrive with something expensive like a cellphone. I thought he loved me.” For many years she thought being hit by a partner was normal in a relationship. “However, when I started going to meetings of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) to support a friend who is HIV positive, I realised that I was being abused, that is was not acceptable to be attacked by one’s partner. But even though I had this knowledge, I still accepted the abuse.” It was through listening and actively participating in the TAC-meetings that Prunella also realised that her relationship had drawn her into a deep depression. “When I was involved with my ex, I could never fully concentrate when I was away from him. When I was with friends, a part of my mind would always be busy with my relationship and the abuse. I was not the bubbly person I used to be before I got involved with him. My friends would get upset when I did not react to what they were saying.” Throughout her relationship Prunella worked as a domestic worker. She was financially dependent on her boyfriend by whom she had a daughter. Like thousands of other abused women globally, Prunella was extremely vulnerable to domestic violence. She was financially disempowered and had a child to look after. She also did not have the courage to stand up to her abusive partner. By being actively involved with TAC, Prunella slowly began sharing her own experience in group meetings and in the process she learnt to give voice to her own feelings and ex-

Prunella September periences. She was eventually appointed as chairperson at the KTC branch in Nyanga and awarded a scholarship by the TAC to study at Stellenbosch University. She chose social work and is now in her first year of study. “I hope to help other people who are suffering. There are many people out there who have no voice. I want to help them,” she said. Women and their problems are understandably especially close to her heart.


“I want to share my story with as many people as I can. Doing so just before the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children is a good time to focus on what is happening everywhere in the world to women and children. I hope my story will help other women to gain confidence to walk away from an abusive relationship,” Prunella added. ) Lifeline can be called on 0861 322 322 or 021 461 1111.

Celebrate summer on the Jordan estate The Jordan Summer Festival will be held on the wine estate on Saturday 24 November. This fun-filled family day will be held from 10:00 – 16:00. Entrance is R50, with children entering for free. There will be lots of entertainment, a fresh food market, live music and wine tast-

Fransman by US

KOM STAP SAAM: Die NG-gemeente Stellenbosch-Wes hou ’n pretstap, Papegaaiberg op ’n drafstap, Saterdag 24 November. Die roete loop deur die wynplase in Onder-Papegaaiberg en die Devonvalleiplase en sal 08:00 by Huis Horison in Patrysstraat begin. Toegang is R30 per persoon. Die roete is maklik en toeganklik vir oud en jonk en kan gestap of draf word. Daar sal waterpunte wees vir stappers om hulle waterbottels vol te maak. Vir meer inligting bel Emsie Human by 082 445 2121 of stuur ’n epos na

Marius Fransman, adjunkminister van internasionale betrekkinge en samewerking, sal Woensdag 21 November ’n openbare lesing by die Universiteit Stellenbosch lewer. Die tema is South Africa: A strong African brick within BRICS. BRICS is ’n vereniging van opkomende ekonomieë bestaande uit Brasilië, Rusland, Indië, China en Suid-Afrika. Die publiek word genooi om die geleentheid by te woon. Dit sal 10:00 in die Jannasch-saal, Konservatorium begin. Bespreek asseblief jou sitplek by 021 808 4977 of

ing. Please bring your own blankets and umbrellas. For further information contact Louise on 021 881 3441 or 2 All proceeds will go to the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare.

Talk on Bhutan at Wessa meeting The Hottentots-Holland branch of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Wessa) is hosting their last evening meeting for 2012 on Wednesday 21 November. The meeting will start at 19:30 in the Somerset West public library hall. Hans Heukelen will give an informative presentation on the fascinating country of Bhutan and its colourful and interesting culture. For further information on the event or the organisation or to book your seat call Freya Brett on 021 852 8831 or on 021 851 6951.


News - Nuus

Stellenbosch Gazette

889 5791 (Alanon).

23 – 25 NOVEMBER 19 – 21 NOVEMBER ) Pniel Congregational Kerk jaarlikse blommefees. Elfde bestaan van die fees. Tema is vanjaar: “This is the word of God, our King”. Toegang is gratis, maar ’n dankseggingsdiens sal by die deur opgeneem word. Deure open 10:00. 0 021 885 1300.

) Kaapdistrik jeug-afdeling van die Metodiste Kerk van Suider-Afrika hou ’n jeugsaamtrek op die Raithby-sportvelde om jong mense weer te laat deel in die positiewe wat die lewe bied. Die naweekprogram skop Vrydag om 20:00 af met ’n lofsangsessie. Dit eindig Sondag met ’n nagmaaldiens om 10:00. Alle jong mense, ongeag hul denominasie, is welkom. Vir nadere besonderhede, bel Ian Lamont by 083 891 1654.



) Alkoholiste Anoniem ontmoet 20:00 in die NG Kerk Stellenbosch-Noord. Bel 084 293 3967 vir meer inligting. ) Stellenbosch Blommeklub byeen: Lorraine Rose en Charmaine Newton-Foot demonstreer hoe om ’n kerskrans uit natuurlike plantmateriaal te maak. Begin 09:30 met tee in die NG Kerksaal Stellenbosch-Wes. Bring ’n vriendin. Greta van der Merwe: 0 021 886 5367/072 202 4572.

) Sisonke Social Circus live performance. 14:00, Sustainability Institute. Doors open at 13:30. Free entrance. ) ATKV Rooitapyt- en Oase-takke bied ’n hulpvaardigheidsklas vir vroue aan. 08:30 tot 12:00, Eikesaal, Cloetesville. Alle benodighede en verversings sal voorsien word. Elize Anthony: 0 084 645 7354.

22 NOVEMBER ) Alkoholiste Anoniem (AA) sowel as Alanon, ter ondersteuning van die vriende en familie van verslaafdes, ontmoet 20:00 in die NG Kerk Stellenbosch-Noord. 0 084 293 3967 (AA) of 021

30 NOVEMBER ) 160th Anniversary Celebrations of the St. Mary’s Anglican Church Stellenbosch gala dinner: It’s a black tie affair. 19:00, Stellenbosch Town Hall. R250 per person. Dress: Formal evening wear. Cash bar will be available.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Kry jou kaartjie nou Groot opwinding heers in aanloop tot die Blue Rock-gospelfees wat Saterdag 1 Desember deur Eikestadnuus op die Blaauwklippen-wynlandgoed aangebied word. Bekende sangers soos Louis Brittz, Rouchelle Liedemann, Neville D, Ivan Siegelaar, Anders, Louis Loock van Romanz, Onbeskaamd, Heinz Winckler en talle ander sal optree. Luidkidz sal daar wees om die kinders in lofsang te lei. Plaaslike kunstenaars soos Alban Petersen, Kenny Simon, Starlit Sky, Heavenly Quartez, Elton Jansen, Gareth James, Henri Kriel en Francois Louw sal gedurende die dag optree. Die fees begin 10:00 en feesgangers sal by Tegnopark kan parkeer, waar ’n pendelbussie hulle na Blaauwklippen sal neem. In die onlangse #KLINK-wyntoerismekompetisie het Blaauwklippen die toekenning ontvang vir die mees kindervriendelike plaas.

’n Gesinsmark met hope stalletjies sal van 10:00 tot 20:00 oop wees waar feesgangers alles van vars produkte tot smaaklike kos en wyn, kuns, handwerk en modes en dekor kan koop. Feesgangers kan hul eie komberse, sambrele of gazebo’s bring en die hele dag lank op die gras piekniek. Blaauwklippen se internasionaal bekende wyne sal te proe en te koop wees. ’n Spesiale doekruilstasie en ’n moederskamer met TV-skerms word ingerig en Radio Tygerberg sal ’n regstreekse uitsending van die plaas af doen. Vir diegene wat van ver kom, bied Protea Hotel Stellenbosch kamers teen R420 per persoon aan. Dit sluit ’n aandete en vertoning na afloop van die fees in, asook ontbyt die Sondagoggend. ’n Kerkdiens word die Sondag by die hotel aangebied. Kaartjies is nou beskikbaar by Computicket en kos R100 vir volwassenes en R50 vir kinders onder 12 jaar. Bel 079 716 4593 of 2 vir meer inligting, of hou Eikestadnuus dop.

Self-development workshop A self-development workshop, “Take off the mask”, will be held on Saturday 24 November in the Women’s Society Hall in the Neelsie centre from 12:00 to 15:00. The speakers will include Kholekile Dlakiya, Lelemba Phiri and Reverend SSS Nxumalo. Tickets are R100 each and available

through Computicket. The workshop is hosted by the non-governmental society Single Parents in Action. For further information on the self-development workshop on 24 November, please call Noku Katom on 079 284 1757; 2 or Nosipho Singiswa on 078 362 5203 or 2

Louis Brittz

Louis Loock

Matric class of ‘92 to reunite A matric reunion for Lückhoff High School’s class of 1992 will be held on Friday 7 December. The reunion function will start at 17:00 on the Bontevlei Estate, just off the R44. Tickets are R200 per person. Please visit the Facebook page for updates, otherwise call Averil van der Rheede at 082 994 0291, Shirle Cornelissen at 083 412 3670 or Shann Lewis at 084 409 3959.

CAB hou vergadering Die Christelike Afhanklikheidsbediening (CAB) hou Dinsdag 30 November sy algemene jaarvergadering. Die vergadering word om 14:30 in die VGK Kerk in Cloetesville gehou. Errol Band, van die departement maatskaplike dienste, is die gasspreker. Die tema is die belangrikheid van geloofsgebaseerde ondersteuningsgroepe binne die gemeenskap. Almal is welkom om die algemene jaarvergadering by te woon. Vir nadere besonderhede of om jou sitplek te bespreek bel gerus vir Wilfred Pietersen by 082 896 8422.



Karaoke-pret vir ’n goeie doel Die Idasvallei karate-organisasie bied ’n spesiale karaoke-aand op Vrydag 30 November aan. Die geleentheid word gehou om fondse in te samel vir ’n plaaslike leerling se toer in 2013. Die karaoke sal in die Brückner de Villiers-skoolsaal om 19:30 gehou word en toegang is R20 per persoon. DJ Beelie sal optree. Kom sing saam vir ’n goeie doel. Bel Samantha by 072 610 6636.

Rieldans-finaal Die ATKV-Rieldans-finaal word Saterdag 1 Desember by die Liqui-Fruit-amfiteater op Paarlberg gehou. Die geleentheid sal 19:00 begin en almal is welkom om dit by te woon. Aanlynbesprekings kan by gedoen word of by 021 886 7156.

Jeugsaamtrek op Raithby Die Kaapdistrik jeug-afdeling van die Metodiste Kerk van Suider-Afrika hou ’n jeugsaamtrek oor die naweek van 23 tot 25 November op die Raithby-sportgronde. Alle jong mense, ongeag hul denominasie, is welkom. Die saamtrek het ten doel om jong mense te laat deel in die positiewe goed wat die lewe bied.

Die naweekprogram skop Vrydagaand 20:00 met ’n lofsangsessie af. Verskeie aktuele programme sal Saterdag aangebied word, waarna die aand weer met ’n lofsangsessie afgesluit sal word. ’n Nagmaaldiens sal Sondag 10:00 op die sportvelde gehou word. Bel Ian Lamont by 083 891 1654 vir nadere besonderhede.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

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Stellenbosch Gazette

Music and summer picnics The summer season is here, so pack your picnic baskets, gather your friends and family and come and enjoy the fabulous late afternoon sunset concerts at the Helderberg Nature Reserve in Somerset West. Ranging from big band and jazz to pop and rock, there is something for every mood and age. Presented by the Friends of the Helderberg Nature Reserve, the summer season kicks off on 25 November with the SA Navy Staff Band, followed by the Delft Big Band on 9 December. Playing in the new year is the ever popular local cover band Shiraz, on 6 January 2013. Ian Smith & Virtual Jazz Reality will entertain you on 27 January with popular and

classical jazz and swing, followed by Early Edition on 10 February. Expect a rocking end to the season when Jesse Jordan and his band takes to the stage on 24 February. All concerts start at 17:30 and tickets can be bought at the gate or at the information centre. The tickets cost R40 per adult and R10 for scholars and the price includes entrance to the reserve. There is no admission fee for children under the age of five. Parking is available inside the reserve. All proceeds generated by the sunset Concerts go towards environmental projects in the Helderberg Nature Reserve. For more information call 021 851 4060 or visit

The Muffinz will also be performing at the World Aids Day concert in Grabouw.

The Parlotones at World Aids Day concert The Parlotones and Watershed to headline great line-up on World Aids Day in Grabouw. This World Aids Day, hosted annually on 1 December, the tranquil Elgin Valley will be shaken from its usually peaceful existence by the pulsating rhythms of some of South Africa’s most renowned bands. Thousands of people will be gathering from far and wide for a day of great music and festival fun to mark this important day and to support the Thembalitsha Foundation. For the past 12 years, Thembalitsha has been working tirelessly to restore hope to those infected and affected by HIV / Aids in the Western

Cape. The Foundation currently runs seven projects, two of which are based in Grabouw, Elgin Valley – a town which as been ravaged by poverty and HIV. There will be gourmet food, Elgin Valley wines and plenty of activities to keep the youngsters amused. The Parlotones and Watershed will be headlining supported by The Muffinz, Margaret’s Daughter, Tailor and more. Gates open at 15:00 and the show starts at 16:30. Tickets are available at Computicket at R150, and R75 for children. For more information contact Emily House, 071 494 7616,

Red berry oats cheesecake Try this delicious cheesecake made with the new Jungle Oats Red Berry Flavoured oats. Crust 300 ml Jungle Oats Red Berry Flavour 300 ml Marie biscuits, crumbled (about 12 biscuits) 75 ml Butter, melted 15 ml Brown sugar Filling 10 ml Gelatine 397 g (1 can) condensed milk 250 ml Cottage cheese 175 ml Plain yoghurt 75 ml Lemon juice Grated zest of 1 lemon Preheat oven to 180° C Crust 1. Thoroughly mix all the crust in-

gredients 2. Press into the base of a greased 23 cm springform cake pan. 3. Bake for 10 minutes. Allow to cool. Filling 1. Dissolve gelatine in 50 ml lukewarm water. Allow to cool. 2. Mix all the other ingredients and add cooled gelatine. Mix. 3. Spoon mixture into crust and leave in fridge until set 4. Remove from pan. Garnish with fresh berries or other fruit of your choice. Makes 1 cheesecake Tip: This filling makes a cheesecake of medium size. For a bigger cake, double the filling ingredients.

The Helderberg Nature Reserve’s summer sunset concerts series starts on 25 November. Bring your friends and family to enjoy live music and the outdoors.

Prag-bonsais op skou te sien Uitsonderlike bonsais word op 24 en 25 November in die Stellenbosse Botaniese tuin uitgestal. Die uitstalling van die beste bonsais in die Boland is Saterdag van 09:00 tot 17:00 en Sondag van 09:00 tot laatmiddag oop. Dit word deur die Boland Bonsai Kai aangebied. Daar sal heeltyd lede van die klub by die uitstalling teenwoordig wees om vrae te beantwoord en raad te gee. Belangstellendes kan hulle eie bonsais ook bring om te bespreek. Bel Marie-Louis du Plessis by 082 715 0856 vir meer inligting.



General - Algemeen

Stellenbosch Gazette

Skenk speelgoed aan kinders Skenk nou speelgoed aan die jaarlikse Shoprite en Checkers Toy 4 Toy-veldtog en bring Kersvreugde aan talle minderbevoorregte kinders. Shoprite en Checkers, in samewerking met die Nataniël Progress Project en Badisa vra verbruikers om nuwe of gebruikte speelgoed te skenk. Nuwe of tweedehandse speelgoed kan tot 7 Desember in die Toy 4 Toy-waentjies voor in alle Shoprite-, Checkers-, en Checkers Hyper-winkels landwyd geplaas word. Vir elke speelding wat deur die publiek geskenk word, sal Shoprite en Checkers ook iets bydra. Klante wat ’n nuwe speelding in Checkers of Shoprite koop om te skenk, kan een van tien Shoprite- of Checkers-geskenkbewyse ter waarde van R5 000 wen.

Ons Gee Om. DIE Stellenbosch Gazette vra Stellenbossers om die volgende welsyn- en gemeenskapsorganisasies in hulle dringende behoeftes te ondersteun. ) Huis Horison: Toiletware en materiaal vir handwerk. 0 021 887 5080. ) Stellenbosch werksentrum vir volwasse persone met gestremdhede: Daar is ’n behoefte aan verf om hul gebou op te knap asook artikels wat as kersgeskenke vir volwassenes gegee kan word. 0 021 887 8688 ) Safe House Stellenbosch: Slaapklere vir vroue, handdoeke, doeke vir babas, seep, deodorant en klere vir seuns tussen vier en sewe jaar word dringend benodig. 0 021 883 2574. ) Marcelino Singh-stigting: Brood, broodsmere, vars groente en pasta. Frank Rhode: 0 021 889 9555/072 888 7188. ) Kindersorg SA, Stellenbosch: Kantoorstoele, nie-bederfbare voedsel en klere is nodig. 0 021 887 2816. ) Stellenbosch Hospies: Geskenkpapier vir Kersgeskenke, geskenke vir pasiënte (mans, vroue en kinders), vrywilligers om in |




Geld/lenings Money/Loans

Onderrig/Education iPAD and iPHONE setup and training. SCA 021 887 7577. REKENAAROPLEIDING kort kursusse. Beskikbaar elke dag van die week. SCA 021 887 7577.

LENINGS TOT R100 000. Dieselfde dag uitbetaling. Kontak: Michael @ 082 707 9169. Faks: 086 758 6359. E-pos: sheldon.michael@hotmail. com



Bote en Toerusting Boats & Equipment 2 SEATER PEDAL BOATS for sale. R9990. Contact Nico 084 837 5374.

ATKV hou oggend vir vroue Die ATKV Rooi Tapyt hou ’n oggend vir vroue in Cloetesville op Saterdag 24 November. Vroue vanuit die hele gemeenskap word genooi om saam met die ATKV hul eie kersgeskenkies te kom maak by die Eikesaal in Cloetesville van 08:30 tot 12:00. Alle toerusting, materiaal en versnaperings deur die loop van die oggend word gratis verskaf. Vir meer inligting of om jou plek te bespreek bel Elize Anthony by 084 645 7354 of 021 889 6514.

die Hospies-winkel te werk én vrywilligers wat handwerkklasse kan aanbied word benodig. 0 021 886 5994. ) Kayamandi Women and Children Project (trauma room): Ketel, mikrogolfoond, stoof, beddens en matrasse, linne, handdoeke, klere vir mans, vroue en kinders, speelgoed en ’n hangkas. Bel Natalie Scheepers: 0 076 753 7766 of Gladys Bakubaku: 0 074 717 9676. ) Stellenbosch-voedingsaksie: Sopmengsels, pasta, rys, mielierys, boontjies, grondboontjiebotter, blikkies vis, brood en groente. 0 021 886 8986/071 322 0747. ) Ikhaya Trust Centre: Kryte, werkboeke vir kinders en matte vir leeshoekies in die klaskamers. 0 021 889 8774. ) Stellenbosch-nagskuiling: Tandeborsels, badseep en toiletware vir mans en vroue word dringend benodig. 0 021 886 6173. ) ACVV Stellenbosch: Warm komberse en klere. 0 021 887 6959. ) Jeuguitreik kinder- en jeugsorgsentrum: Brood, suiker, pasta, broodsmere, vars vrugte en groente en blikkieskos. Werkende ketel, winterklere vir meisies en seuns (8–16 jaar), onderklere, papier en tydskrifte vir aktiwiteite. 0 021 886 6216. Rig navrae en versoeke aan Samantha van den Berg by 021 887 2840 of e-pos haar by samantha.vandenberg@eikestadnuus. com.

Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs

HERSTEL by die huis. Ys- en vrieskaste, stowe, wasmasjiene en mikrogolfoonde. Skakel 071 755 3390.

Algemene Dienste General Services NEW HORIZON'S DEKOR. Blindings, sonskerms en vlieësiwwe. ( Fabian: 021 886 6453 of 083 348 1703 . Epos:

ALLE HERSTEL van yskaste, vrieskaste en all tipe wasmasjiene. Gas hervul vanaf R150. Skakel 076 919 0596. APPLIANCE REPAIRS Specialize Speedqueen and Whirlpool repairs. Plus do all other makes of washing machines, fridges, stoves etc. Contact 072 843 2219.

Finance available - No Deposit

Gedurende die middag is sowat 36 braaidromme met vleis gepak en daar is geëet soos nooit te vore nie. Verskeie orkeste het musiek gemaak op ’n verhoog wat uit druiwekratte gemaak is. ’n Aparte verhoog is vir die kinders opgestel waar die kinderbediening van die Logos-gemeente hulle vermaak het. Hier geniet Jeremy en Sylvia Arries van Kanonkop die heerlike braaivleis wat die middag gebraai is. Slaai, broodrolletjies en tamatiesmoor is deur die feesorganiseerders voorsien.

GraceLife Ministries is hosting the Good News Conference 2012 with Arthur Meintjes in Stellenbosch from 14 to 16 December. Everyone is invited to come and experience the unconditional love and grace of God in a relaxed family atmosphere through inspirational teaching and spiritled worship.

FRIDGE / FREEZER / AIRCON. Dead or Alive. I buy / repair. Regas @ R200. No call out fee. Promt Service. 076 552 0272.


PLAASWERKERS BYEEN VIR GROOT FEES: Die jaarlikse Plaaswerker Gospelfees is onlangs op Kanonkop gehou. Die gewilde fees is vanjaar deur sowat 3 500 mense vanoor die hele Boland bygewoon. Die Waterval Bedieningstrust het in samewerking met die Kanonkop-plaaswerkerskomitee die dag aangebied. Die brandweer het ’n vertoning en opvoedkundige praatjie gelewer. FOTO’S: DAAN WILLIAMS

Good News Conference 2012 to be held in S’bosch

Eikestadnuus 021 887 2840


Tuesday 20 November 2012

Spesiale dienste

The vision for the conference is to leave all those attending motivated, inspired and full of His joy. Entrance to the conference, which will be held at the Rhenish Girls’ High School is free. Kids are welcome. Register by sending an e-mail to

Rape Crisis Helderberg needs help Rape Crisis Helderberg urgently needs the help of the community to carry on helping survivors of rape. The centre needs good second-hand clothing, electrical appliances, secondhand furniture and all other unwanted goods to sell in their bargain shop. The much needed money raised is used to run the Rape Crisis centre and safe house. For further information or to donate call Colleen, Reinette or Joy at 021 852 5620.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

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Entrepreneurs’ fair strengthens sector

Eikestadnuus Tekkies vir kinders

Creative thinkers from the business world are set to gather at the Seda Entrepreneurship Fair with the aim of growing this sector. The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) will host this fair in partnership with the Stellenbosch University (SU), the Stellenbosch Municipality and participating venue, The Woodmill. The fair runs from 27 till 29 November. Errol Gardner from the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (Sefa), André Gouws from GAP Entrepreneur and Nic Dupper from Flying Kites are some of the speakers at the event, positioning entrepreneurship as the backbone of a limping global economy. Seda encourages both start-up businesses and more specifically, existing businesses, to participate in the fair. It aims to facilitate the growth of small businesses, hence the fair’s slogan and theme “Expanding and Growing Your Business”. The fair is an opportunity for business owners to network with Seda’s business advisors and the other support organisations who will be exhibiting. This would be an ideal platform for business owners to network with each other as well. Seda will be showcasing access to opportunities and support for all SMME’s. The event includes an exhibition of business support agents who assist small businesses. A breakaway room will be available where each exhibitor will have the opportunity to market their product to the public. Hourly presentations are planned. Confirmed exhibitors include Absa, Cape Chamber of Commerce, Educraft, Flying Kites, FNB, GAP Entrepreneur, Innovative Finance, NYDA, Productivity SA, Sars, Seda, ShowMe Stellenbosch, Standard Bank, Stellenbosch Municipality, SU’s Institute for Student Leadership Development, Centre for Applied Entrepreneurship – and InnovUS Technology Transfer, the dti Cooperative Development

Eikestadnuus het die somer ’n Tekkies vir kinders-projek. Lesers word versoek om hul ou tekkies of tekkies wat nie meer gedra word nie na die Eikestadnuus se kantoor in Alexanderstraat 44 te bring. Die tekkies sal aan kinders gegee word wat nie tekkies kan bekostig nie. Eikestadnuus sal die tekkies wat aan ons geskenk word, versprei aan organisasies soos JAG en Anna Foundation. Indien jy nie tekkies kan bring nie, bel ons by 021 887 2480 en ons kom haal hulle self. Vir meer besonderhede bel 021 887 2840 of stuur ’n e-pos aan

Here are Philip Marais (InnovUS) JD Labouschagne (InnovUS), Saberi Marais (InnovUS), Nikki Edyvean (The Woodmill), Corné van der Nest (Seda Cape Winelands), Vusumzi Zwelendaba (Stellenbosch Municipality), De Wet Schoeman (Stellenbosch University Business School). PHOTO: LINIA LEODOLFF unit and the dti TEO unit. Persons who pre-register by confirming attendance via e-mail or fax to attend the fair – which is free to the public – will receive access to lucky draws that will run throughout the three days. Seda already provides business development and support services for small enterprises through its national network in partnership with other role players in the small enterprise support arena. It implements programmes targeted to business development in areas priori-

tised by the government. The Seda Entrepreneurship Fair runs on Tuesday 27 November, from 10:00 to 18:00; Wednesday 28 November from 10:00 to 21:00 with a networking session for existing and established businesses from 18:00 onwards; and Friday 29 November from 10:00 to 18:00. The fair includes a business exhibition, speakers, as well as food –and refreshment vendors. For more information call 021 415 1600, e-mail or fax 086 275 6216.



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Stellenbosch | Franschhoek | Pniel | Kylemore

Year 14 • Dinsdag 20 November 2012 | Tel. 021 887 2840

KARATEKAMP: In Oktober het 160 lede van die Francois du Plessis Goju-Kai Karateskool deelgeneem aan ’n graderingskamp by die Okkie Jooste-kampterrein in Jonkershoek. Studente van Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Bellville, Durbanville, Strand, Parow en Goodwood het die suksesvolle kamp bygewoon. FOTO: VERSKAF

GIMNASTE BLINK UIT: Hier is (van links) Christiaan Cornelissen (SuidAfrikaanse o.9-kampioen), Marius Hattingh, Annette Nel (afrigter), JC Nel en Carlo de Vries van Laerskool Eikestad en die Van der Stel-gimnastiekklub. Hulle het almal onder die top-10 geëindig by die Nasionale Gimnastiekkampioenskapsbyeenkoms in Pretoria. FOTO: VERSKAF

Annual meeting Stellenbosch Local Football Association will have its annual meeting on Saturday 26 January 2013 in Jamestown at the sports field. All the new clubs that would like to join the Stellenbosch Local Football Association can contact the chairperson Joseph Jacobs on 074 185 5501 or the secretary Mr A Bailey on 083 635 2162.

Afrigter gesoek PARALIMPIESE STERRE BESOEK EIKESTAD: Van Suid-Afrika se Paralimpiese atlete het onlangs vir Laerskool Eikestad besoek. Hier is (van links) Anruné Liebenberg, Charl du Toit en Fanie van der Merwe. FOTO: VERSKAF

Die Pniel Villagers-rugbyklub is op soek na ’n afrigter vir die klub se eerstespan vir die nuwe seisoen. Belangstellende kan Dudley Lackay by 084 701 1196 bel vir nadere besonderhede oor die afrigterspos en oor die klub self.

BLOEMHOF-ATLEET: Annie Bothma, Gr.10-leerling van die Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof het die Junior-afdeling van die Spar 10 km-reeks gewen. Dié Grand Prix-reeks het bestaan uit vyf wedlope wat regoor SuidAfrika gehou is. FOTO: VERSKAF

Stellenbosch Gazette 20 Nov 2012  
Stellenbosch Gazette 20 Nov 2012  

Stellenbosch Gazette 20 Nov 2012