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Om kinders te help

GESKENKIES VIR ST IDAS PRIMER: Nicolette Smith (regs) het op Woensdag 6 November vir 45 meisies van St Idas Primêr toiletware geskenk. “Dit is vir my ’n voorreg om tieners te help met toiletware want ek weet daar is nie altyd die geleentheid om te koop nie. Ek het in Februarie begin met hierdie projek en dit is ’n groot passie by my om hierdie jong kinders te help.” Saam met Nicolette is die 45 meisies van St Idas Primêr en Rico du Toit (departement hoof van St Idas Primêr). FOTO: ANJE SMIT


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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Participants learnt that teamwork is very important if you want to succeed.

Paintball lesson NEIL FORTUIN A paintball game in Jonkershoek has taught a group of Grade 10 learners not only the value of working in a team, but also that they always have choices in life.

The excursion to Paintball Passion, which took place earlier this month, was the first time the eight students had taken part Learners took part in the ultimate standin such an activity. off during a paintball game in JonkerAs a result, they were sur- shoek. prised, excited and also a bit scared when they arrived at the had to protect not only themforest where the event took place. selves but also their teammates, Each learner was provided which proved challenging in with clothing, a mask and a paint- some instances. Another key lesball gun. After being told the rules son learned was that one always of the game, the group was divid- has a choice. They could simply sit behind a ed into two teams. Each team was given a flag. The tree and crawl away if danger aim was to capture the opposition threatened, or they could shoot team’s flag without being shot back and protect themselves and other members of their team. and marked by a paintball. It became clear that the option If shot, the player concerned was eliminated, to participate chosen determined the ultimate again, one of your team players outcome (whether they or their teammates were eliminated and had to touch or shoot you. This meant that learners had to whether their team won or lost) – act as team players. To win either a lesson that could be applied to of the two games, participants all areas of life.

Plaaswerkers en hul gesinne sing en dans tydens die gospelfees.

Plaaswerkers hou bielie van ’n fees Die jaarlikse plaaswerker-gospelfees het Saterdag 9 November op die sportveld van Kanonkop-wynplaas buite Stellenbosch plaasgevind.

Sowat 3 000 mense het die geleentheid bygewoon. Die dag was ’n groot sukses en weereens propvol vriendelike gesigte wat hul gate uit geniet het.

Die eiergooi was pret vir oud en jonk.

Die brandweer se skuim bly altyd a wenner.

Cloetesville GPF vergader Die Cloetesville gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum (GPF) hou op 21 November om 19:00 ’n openbare vergadering. Die vergadering sal by die Breughel-teater gehou word. Vir meer inligting bel Eleanor Benn by 073 310 5637 of Alice Gordon by 084 258 8474.

Isaac Frederiks vermaak die skare met gospelklanke.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

News - Nuus

Loose weight, curb diabetes Three-and-a-half million South Africans (about 6% of the population) suffer from diabetes and there are many more who are undiagnosed. This is according to founder and managing director of the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Johannesburg, Dr Larry Distiller. Diabetes, or sugar sickness, is a condition of the body, where sugar is not used correctly to provide energy for living and growing. It develops when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin and without insulin, your body cannot get the necessary energy it needs from food. Normally the pancreas produces insulin which carries the sugar in the blood into the cells, but with diabetes, the pancreas fails to supply enough insulin, or the insulin doesn’t work properly. There are two major types of diabetes: Type I, commonly called juvenile diabetes, and Type II, commonly called adult on-set diabetes. Both have similar symptoms but very different causes. Type I diabetes, usually diagnosed in childhood, is a disease whereby the body’s own immune system attacks and kills the cells in the pancreas which produce insulin, leaving the body without insulin and unable to regulate its blood sugar levels. Treatment usually consists of taking insulin injections, together with a special diet and controlled amounts of exercise. Type II diabetes is a disease that results when the body’s cells become resistant to insulin. In Type II diabetes, unlike in Type

Weight loss can prevent diabetes. I, insulin is still produced by the body; it just isn’t used correctly. The solutions available to lose weight, and thus decrease the risk of diabetes, are numerous. However, by using a professional, scientific and personalised eating programme that changes the way you think about food as well as the way that you eat, like the highly successful The Diet Everyone Talks About, you will be able to lose weight healthily and keep that weight off, as well as ensure that your blood sugar levels decrease.

This is what happened to Chantel van Zyl, who lost 111kg after she saw her mother suffering with obesity and diabetes. “My whole life I have been overweight. My whole family had obesity problems so everyone accepted me for what I was. “Two years ago my mom was admitted to hospital with gangrene. She suffered from hypertension as well as diabetes. The doctor attributed her condition to her weight. It was very difficult for me to see her suffering. All our family members decided there and then to do something to lead a healthier lifestyle,” says van Zyl. “After trying many diets and not succeeding, I came across The Diet Everyone Talks About and decided to give it a go. “In 18 months this programme taught me to eat the right foods for my body type and in the right combinations. My energy flowed back and my zest for life returned. The foods allowed are normal everyday foods which make it easier to shop at any supermarket . “I have lost a total of 111kg and am still going strong until I hit my ideal weight,” concludes a very proud van Zyl. If you are worried that either you or a loved one might have diabetes, or even be pre-diabetic, it is important to consult a doctor, your local clinic or your local pharmacist immediately. For more information about The Diet Everyone Talks About, and where it is offered in your area visit or call 016 362 4890.

Stellenbosch Gazette

Water safety focus Along with the impending festive season comes the warm summer weather when kids love nothing more than to splash around in a swimming pool or at the beach. Netcare 911 operations director, Peter Feurstein, says that tragically Netcare 911 is always called out to a large number of incidents involving child drownings or near-drownings over the summer months. The sea, rivers, swimming pools and even the home can pose a threat to the safety of small children, he says. According to Netcare 911 medical director, dr Anchen Laubscher, drownings are one of the main causes of unnatural deaths among children in South Africa. She says most drownings and near-drownings occur around the home and involve children under the age of five. “Young children are extremely vulnerable around water. Babies can drown in just a few centimetres of water,” Laubscher says. “It is therefore not only swimming pools and rivers that pose a threat to them but also baths, toilets, water buckets and basins. “One recent case involved a three-year-old toddler who had a near drowning experience in a shallow pond that was just a few centimetres deep. “His parents found him face down in the pond. Fortunately they gave him life-saving CPR and he made a full recovery. ” Laubscher advises parents to remove or safeguard any water

around the home that could pose a danger to children. ) Swimming pools and ponds should be fenced off to ensure children do not have access to them. ) They should also be covered with safety nets. ) Because young children wander off and fall into swimming pools in the blink of an eye, they should always be closely monitored. Even if they are good swimmers, children should not be allowed to swim in the sea, a dam, a river or a swimming pool unsupervised. Shalen Ramduth, head of the Netcare 911 School of Emergency and Critical Care (SECC), says it is extremely empowering to be able to intervene when a loved one is vulnerable and urges all South African parents to learn first aid, particularly CPR. In children, as in adults, when the heart has failed, CPR can keep the brain supplied with oxygen until an advanced-life-supportparamedic can take over treatment. He says the SECC provides a variety of accredited first aid and CPR training courses of various levels including CPR for family and friends. These are offered to schools, businesses, organisations, homes and any private individuals who are interested in learning first aid. For more information on the courses available, contact the Netcare 911 SECC on 011 695 9600 or visit



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Stellenbosch Gazette

12 NOVEMBER ) Alkoholiste Anoniem (AA Stellenbosch-Sentraal) kom om 20:15 byeen by die kerksaal, NG Stellenbosch-Wes. 0 084 293 3967.

13 NOVEMBER ) Department of Trade and Industry presentation: Cooperatives and other services. Pniel Library. 18:30. Franklin Adams 0 083 396 8119.

Farm. R200. 0 083 688 1910. ) Vroue-samekoms vir vroue van Stellenbosch van 11:00 – 15:00 by die Stellenbosch-stadsaal. Tema: “Die Bruid van Christus”. Kleredrag: Wit. Macky Pietersen 0 084 883 3196 of Lilian Daniels 0 021 886 4709 of 0 073 847 6717.

17 NOVEMBER ) Blaauwklippen Antique Fair, part of the Helderberg Wine Festival, from 10:00 – 15.30. Barbara 0 083 444 0133. ) Community of Faith 10de Bestaansjaar. 15:00 te Kahlerstraat, Idasvallei. Prediker: Prof Nico Koopman. Winston Mbambo 0 079 694 9226 of Abraham Brooks 0 072 639 7233.



) Anna Foundation Year-End Showcase from 12:00 at Rustenberg Wine Estate. 0 021 809 1225 or 2 ) Alkoholiste Anoniem en Alanon kom om 20:15 byeen by die kerksaal, NG kerk Stellenbosch-Wes. AA 0 084 293 3967 of Alanon 0 021 889 5791. ) Utopia geldinsamelingsete met Dave Pepler. 18:00. Utopia tehuis vir bejaardes, Drostdystraat 1 (hoek van Dorpstraat). R100. Amanda 0 021 887 6884.

) Boekbekendstelling: Ou-Kaapse Meubels – studies in style deur Matilda Burden om 18:30 by die Universiteitsmuseum, Ryneveldstraat 52. 2 of 0 021 808 2002.

16 NOVEMBER ) “Things my mom never taught me” cooking class from 09:30 – 13:00 at Groenkloof, Dornier Wine

21 NOVEMBER ) Cloetesville Gemeenskapspolisieringsforum (GPF) Publieke Vergadering. Breughel-teater. 19:00. Eleanor Benn 0 073 310 5637 of Alice Gordon 0 084 258 8474.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Tygerberg Kinderkoor hou weer gewilde kerskonserte Die bekroonde Tygerberg Kinderkoor sal weer eens gehore vermaak met hul reeks jaarlikse kerskonserte gedurende November en vroeg-Desember. Geprys vir hul pragtige weergawes van gewilde feestyd-gunstelinge soos Stille Nag, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Holy Night, Hierdie Kind en vele meer, sal hierdie gevierde ambassadeurs van harmonie ’n gevarieerde program uitvoer wat sal byval vind by kinders, volwassenes, oumas Die Tygerberg Kinderkoor is dié maand weer in en oupas. gewilde kerskonsert te sien. Vir diegene wat nie vertroud is met die klokhelder stemme en talle dekades reeds wêreldwyd lof inoes prestasies van die koor nie, is dit dalk en gereeld optree voor staatshoofde, die maklikste om te sê dat onder die politici en koninklikes. Hulle is gekroon as wêreldkampileiding van internasionaal gerespekteerde dirigent Hendrik D. Loock, die oene by die 2010 Wêreld-korespele in koor – wat bestaan uit kinders tussen China en het talle medaljes verower die ouderdomme van 10 en 14 – oor teen veel ouer kore. Hulle is ook ge-

Maak sop vir nagskuiling

30 NOVEMBER ) Junk & vintage mark. 09:0013:00. NG kerk Stellenbosch-Wes, Alexanderstraat. Michelle 0079 380 2004.

Foundation showcase

Ete met Dave Pepler by Utopia

The Anna Foundation’s yearend showcase will take place on 14 November at 12:00. This will be an opportunity to hear more about the impact of the foundation’s “3R’s Programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing” and facilitator training this year. Join them at Rustenberg Wine Estate. For further information contact 021 809 1225 or email Snacks and wine will be served.

Op Donderdag 14 November hou Utopia ’n ete vir hulle geldinsamelingsprojek. Dave Pepler sal die aand as gaspreker optree. Pepler sal praat oor Uganda, Ysland en Etiopië. Die geleentheid vind om 18:00 plaas te Utopia tehuis vir bejaardes, Drostdystraat 1 (hoek van Dorpstraat). Daar sal Sjampanje en heerlike eetgoed bedien word. Koste beloop R100. Bel Amanda vir verdere inligting by 021 887 6884.

nomineer vir die 2011 kykNET Fiesta-toekenning vir klassieke musiek. In Desember 2012 het hulle vier dekades van uitnemendheid met ’n 40-jaar reüniekonsert in Kunstekaap gevier. Die hoogs talentvolle jong musikante sal gehore op ’n onvergeetlike musikale reis neem ter viering van die Kersseisoen. Optree-datums vir die Tygerberg Kinderkoor Kerskonserte sluit in Sondag 10 November (16:00), Sondag 17 November hul (16:00), Sondag 24 November (16:00), Saterdag 30 November (20:00) en Sondag 1 Desember (16:00). Alle vertonings sal plaasvind in die Endlersaal, Universiteit Stellenbosch. Kaartjies is beskikbaar by teen R90 per persoon en R70 vir kinders en studente.

Soek jy dalk ’n manier om betrokke te raak by dienslewering aan diegene in die gemeenskap wat swaarkry? Inspireer jou medewerkers of vriendekring om deel te maak van ’n span wat ’n aantal keer per jaar sop aan die Stellenbosch-nagskuiling kan verskaf. Die resep is eenvoudig en die sop word met liefde ontvang. Vir meer inligting, bel Tilda Schoonwinkel by 021 887 2421 of Gideon Van Schalkwyk van die nagskuiling by 021 886 6173.

Some of the many timeless treasures you can find at the market.

Nostalgic Antique Fair awaits The Blaauwklippen Antique Fair takes place on Sunday 17 November at the Estate. The Antique Fair started 5 years ago as part of the Heldeberg Wine Festival. Sunday promises to be an exciting event with an abundance of antique

and costume jewellery, silver, china, glass, art, Africana collectables and small furnishings for sale. The fair is from 10:00 until 15:30. Entrance is free, so come and enjoy the nostalgia and ambience. For more information call Barbara 083 444 0133.

Studie en besprekingsgroep met dr. Annemaré Kotzé Stellenbosch Studie- en Besprekingsgroep oor “Ons Godsdiens en die Wetenskappe” kom op 19 November byeen. Die geleentheid begin om 17:00 tot 18:00 en word gevolg deur ’n bespreking wat tot 18:30 sal duur. Die onderwerp sal handel oor een van die beroemdste frase uit Augustinus se Belydenisse “Tolle lege: Hoe maak dit sin om Augustinus se Belydenisse na 16 eeue nog op te neem en te lees?”. Dr. Annemaré Kotzé sal die bespreking lei. Die bespreking vind plaas by die kerksentrum, NG Gemeente Stellenbosch-Sentraal, Merrimanlaan & Martinsonstraat, Uniepark, Stellenbosch.

Pastorale berading Is jy raadop, moedeloos, gefrustreerd? Albert Titus kan help. Kontak vir Titus, ’n geregistreerde pastorale berader, by 084 464 4405 of stuur ’n e-pos aan

Tuesday 12 November 2013

News - Nuus

Stellenbosch Gazette


Matric SuperModel search An initiative to help matric to achieve their goals has resulted in the fifth annual Mr and Miss Matric SuperModel Educational Empowerment project. The driving force behind the pageant is Clayton Robyn, better known as Enigma von Hamburg, a former Miss Gay Western Cape Queen and well known public figure in the LGBTI community. “I came to realise that for communities to succeed, we as members of the community have to take the lead by empowering ourselves,” said Enigma, who has won 69 beauty pageants. The aim of the pageant is to give talented pupils the opportunity to further their education. “Over the past four years I have managed to give five deserving pupils the opportunity to further their studies by sponsoring five bursaries.” The pageant is only open to fulltime Grade 12 learners. Prizes include a R10 000 cash bursary (terms and conditions apply),

Enigma von Hamburg R2 000 cash for both male and female winners, designer vouchers, profes-

Warren Elliott back to entertain Following his successful performance last year, Warren Elliot will be back to perform at the Golden Valley Casino by popular demand. Elliot will perform on 16 November as part of the entertainment line-up in celebration of the casino’s seventh birthday. Warren is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Cape Town and he has recently released a new CD Vuur-

warm. The album is a mix of easy listening and dance music. He sings in Afrikaans and English and besides his own songs, his repertoire often includes songs made famous by Elvis Presley, Queen and Neil Diamond. Catch Elliott at 21:00 on Saturday 16 November at Winners Action Bar at the Golden Valley Casino. Over 18s only. Free entry.

sional photo-shoot vouchers, hair and make up vouchers, luxury chauffeur transfers to matric ball, a modelling contract (terms and conditions apply) and much more. To enter the pageant, SMS or email, your name, surname, school, contact number and email address to 073 707 1851 or Entries close on 5 December, and the grand finale takes place on Friday 4 April at the Bellville Civic Theatre. Enigma started the project as he became aware of the socio-economic challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, physical and sexual violence, poverty and a lack of opportunities plaguing his community from a very young age. “Education is considered as one of government’s core priorities and rightfully so, as education is the cornerstone of any well-functioning society.” For more information about the pageant, or to become a sponsor call or Whatsapp Enigma on 073 707 1851 or

The Rockets is eersdaags te sien by die Taalmonument.


The Rockets is terug Die gewilde R&B popgroep, The Rockets, tree op Saterdag 21 Desember as deel van die Tuinteater Piekniekkonsertreeks by die Afrikaanse Taalmonument in die Paarl op. Dié piekniekkonsertreeks word ten bate van die Taalmonument se voorleesprojek, Laat ons Lees!, vir kinders aangebied. Dié Sama-genomineerde groep het al by bykans elke glansryke geleentheid in Suid-Afrika opgetree. Hulle het reeds die verhoog vir verskeie internasionale kunstenaars geopen, waaronder Ronan Keating, Will Young, Patrizio Buanne en Alicia Keys. Internasionaal het hulle al in Australië, die Midde-Ooste en Afrika opgetree. The Rockets is ou bekendes op menige radiostasie en veral liedjies van hul Afrikaanse album, waaronder Namakwa Daisy en Ek is Lief Vir Jou, word gereeld gehoor. Die vertoning begin om 19:30 in die Tuinteater, ’n kleinboetie van die be-

kende Paarl-amfiteater, wat op die grasperk reg aan die voet van die monument geleë is. Besoekers is welkom om hul eie wyn en piekniekmandjie saam te bring of een by Volksmond Koffiewinkel te bestel (by 021 863 2800). Koffie, ligte verversings, wyn en bier sal te koop wees. Kaartjies is vooraf te koop teen R60 vir volwassenes en R10 vir kinders (by ’n Beperkte aantal kaartjies is by die hek te koop teen R70 vir volwassenes en R10 vir kinders. Bring ’n kombers of kussing en warm klere saam. Veilige parkering is beskikbaar en toegang word beheer. Geen honde of vure word toegelaat nie. Piekniekkonserte vind ook plaas op 25 Januarie (Boeremusiek) en 8 Februarie (Elvis Blue). Vir verdere inligting, bel 021 863 4809/0543 of besoek en afrikaansetaalmonument.


General - Algemeen

Stellenbosch Gazette

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Annual World Aids Day Gala Concert FAMILIEKENNISGEWINGS









DECKSTER'S CATERING, DéCOR / HIRING. Menu's from R120.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers, organza backdrop, arch & red carpet. (Ielaahm or Rene.) 021 371 4507 / 082 324 9486. www.decksterscatering.

BRAAI & FIREWOOD FOR SALE, Kontak 083 493 6894 076 947 0700 021 8289693 079 5609088 ALGEMENE & HUISDIENSTE

ALLERLEI KINDERVERMAAK ADAMS: SARAH. Op 05.11.2013 was Mamma 3 jaar van ons weg en 11.11.2013 sal Mamma 91 geword het. Lekker verjaar. Van Johan en vrou en kleinkinders.


JUMPING CASTLES & WATERSLIDES We deliver, erect & collect. 072 411 6416


FRIDGE DOCTOR REPAIR/BUY/SELL Prompt & reliable 076 552 0272.


Spesiale dienste

the theme ‘Getting to The ninth Annual zero’ This means we World Aids Day Gala hope to have zero Concert takes place new HIV infections, in the Artscape Opzero discrimination era House on 1 Deand zero AIDS relatcember at 19:00 and ed deaths. brings another spec“The campaign’s tacular, inspirationfocus signifies a push al evening to the towards greater acSouth Africa stage. cess to treatment for There is a starall. It is a call to honstudded line up of artour promises like the ists and musicians Abuja declaration who will perform and for African govwith the Cape Philernments to reach harmonic Orchestargets for domestic tra (CPO) conducted spending on health by Mario Verster. and HIV.” The 16 Days of AcThe gala concert is tivism for “No Vioa non-threatening lence Against Womway of getting the en and Children”, which takes place The Annual World Aids Day message on HIV to from 25 November to Gala Concert will take specific audiences. Perry, the first Af10 December annual- place on 1 December. rican American/ ly, will also be acSouth African appointed UNAIDS knowledged. Director, producer and per- Goodwill Ambassador to South former Jimmie Earl Perry is to Africa said: “The programme is share the stage with South Afri- stimulating and stirring with can divas, Hanneli Rupert and classical, pop, adult and contemJanelle Visagie. The New Apostol- porary music suitable for the enic Church Cape Choir, Amy tire family. It includes extracts Campbell, Lauren Laing, Lana from Verdi’s Il Trovatore and La Crowster, Rouchelle Liedemann Traviata, Puccini’s O Mio Baband tenor Ivan Siegelaar add their bino Caro, Belle nuit, ô nuit voices to this annual celebration. d’amour from The Tales of HoffChoreographer and dancer mann, Coenie de Villlier’s reHope Maimane from the Water- nowned Karoonag, Whitney Houfront Theatre Company will per- ston’s I Will Always Love You, form his poignant work Umfazi some Christmas cheer, Gospel We Ndoda (Wife of a Man) together and songs for loving, dreaming, with Claire Boswell and Evan toe tapping and clapping. We are Livesly. Additional musicians in- thrilled to be working with so clude Andrew Ford (piano), many exceptional artists.” As a formal dress occasion with Shaun Johannes (bass), Kevin Gibson (Drums) and Aldert du a touch of red, this gala concert Toit (Guitar). Wolfgang Riebe, in- is also a platform for committed ternational motivational speaker artists to perform in support of and illusionist is the MC for the World Aids Day. Tickets cost R80 and R120. Book evening. The event is presented bythe Af- through Artscape Dial-a-Seat rica Centre for HIV and AIDS 021 421 7695, Computicket, ShoManagement at Stellenbosch Uni- prite and Checkers outlets, on line or call versity. Prof Jan du Toit, director of the 0861 915 8000. For more information call Biancentre said: “Between 2011 and 2015, World AIDS Days will have ca on 021 808 3006 / 3707.

Dinsdag 12 November 2013

General - Algemeen

Stellenbosch Gazette

STERRE VIR 2013: Die Let’s Play/Eikestadnuus Sportster van die Jaar-geleentheid is verlede week gehou. Daar was vanjaar ’n ekstra afdeling vir die Sportspan van die Jaar. Hier is leerders van Hoërskool Lückhoff, Paul Roos Gimnasium en Hoërskool Cloetesville wat hul skool verteenwoordig het by die geleentheid. Saam met hulle op die foto is die seremoniemeester Jeremy Fredericks en die gasspreker Richard Murray. Die wenner was Paul Roos Gimnasium se o. 16-rugbyspan. FOTO: ANJE SMIT


Stellenbosch | Franschhoek | Pniel | Kylemore

Year 15 • Dinsdag 12 November 2013 | Tel. 021 887 2840

Sport in kort Barbarians rugby Die plaaslike Barbarians­rugby­ span soek toernooie om aan deel te neem. Ronald Lackay is die span se kontakpersoon. Wynland­marathon Die jaarlikse Wynland­mara­ thon en halfmarathon is Saterdag 16 November. Die begin en eind­ punt is by Laerskool Eikestad. In­ skrywings vir albei die marathon en die halfmarathon het reeds ge­ sluit. Geen laat inskrywings sal aanvaar word nie. Daar kan wel nog ingeskryf word vir die 5 km­pretloop. Pret by Delheim Die baie gewilde Delheim berg­ fietsry­ en veldwedloopdag is van­ jaar op 23 en 24 November. Bergfietsryers en hardlopers kan kies uit ’n verskeidenheid van af­ stande. Vir meer besonderhede 0 021 8844752 2 of besoek Enter for Origin of Trails Stellenbosch’s status as the mountain­biking mecca of South Africa will be further enhanced with the introduction of the Penny­ pinchers Origin Of Trails, an indi­ vidual two­day mountain­bike stage race that will take place on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 No­ vember. Both stages will start in Church Street and finish at Paul Roos Gymnasium. Visit for information. Skryf in vir Xterra Inskrywings vir Totalsports Xterra in Grabouw is oop. Die by­ eenkoms is die naweek van 21 – 23 Februarie. Vir meer inligting of om in te skryf kontak Stillwater Sport & En­ tertainment 0 086 138 3591, 2 of be­ soek

AJ WINS AGAIN: Stellenbosch runner AJ Calitz (right) defended his Red Bull Lion Heart title successfully when he won the trail running event on the famous Lion’s Head mountain on Saturday. PHOTO: KOLESKY/NIKON/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

Gazette wil ingelig wees oor wenners Wat gebeur in jou sportgebied? Het jou gemeenskap ’n sportster? Presteer jou skool se leerlinge op die sportveld? Laat die Gazette weet! Bel 012 887 2840 of epos

Ashley Wagner, Jean Witteveen, Alcardo van Graan and Sylvin Thomas at the Fives Futbol pitch at the Van der Stel tennis courts. PHOTO: EUNICE VISAGIE

Fives: the future of soccer EUNICE VISAGIE The Stellenbosch branch of Fives Futbol is hosting a coaching clinic presented by former Ajax Cape Town soccer player, Alcardo van Graan from 12 November to 15 December. Five-a-Side soccer is the fastest growing form of soccer in the world. Fives Futbol brings this exciting, fast paced, goal-intensive game to South Africa. More accessible than conventional soccer, Fives is played on all-purpose synthetic grass, and at

floodlit facilities. It can be played in all weather conditions, at any time of the day and all year round. Its the small-sided game, honing players’ movement, touch and agility that advanced the likes of Spain and Brazil to where they are in the soccer world today. The coaching clinic will be held at the pitches next to the Van der Stel tennis courts. The clinic is R400 per player and focuses on primary school players. For more information about the clinics contact Alcardo 0 073 177 7023 2

Stellenbosch gazette 12 nov 2013  

Stellenbosch gazette 12 nov 2013

Stellenbosch gazette 12 nov 2013  

Stellenbosch gazette 12 nov 2013