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Sidego wens spelers geluk

Jong, plaaslike rugbyspelers van Pniel en omgewing, wat onlangs Craven-week rugby gespeel het, het Vrydag ’n spesiale ontmoeting met die uitvoerende burgemeester, raadsheer Conrad Sidego, gehad. Die burgemeesterskomiteelid vir omgewing, fasiliteite, jeug en sport, Quintin Smit, het ook die geleentheid bygewoon. Raadsheer Sidego wou die spelers persoonlik gelukwens met hul sportprestasies. Hier (van links) is Lauraine Erasmus, George-Lee Erasmus, raadsheer Conrad Sidego, Greyton Wenn, Sherwin Cupido, raadslid Quintin Smit, Colin Wenn, wykraadslid Malcolm Johnson en Laban Cupido. FOTO: THATO RUBUSHA


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Cloetesville GPF vergader Dinsdag

’n Vakansie vol pret

Cloetesville se gemeenskapspolisiëringsforum (GPF) sal (vandag) 9 Oktober ’n openbare vergadering hou by die Cloetesville-sportgronde se klubhuis. Die vergadering begin om 19:00. Almal uit die gemeenskap word genooi om oplossings te vind vir misdaad. Vir meer inligting oor die vergadering of bywoning bel asseblief vir Alice by 082 959 1590.

Met die hulp van die Jamestown-biblioteek en ander individue het ’n groep kinders van dié area lekker besig gebly die vakansie.

Special talk on World Arthritis Day THE Arthritis Foundation of South Africa is hosting an awareness morning at Allenwood in Helderberg Village, Somerset West, at 10:30 on Friday 12 October, which is known as World Arthritis Day. The guest speaker is Tereza Hough. She will be speaking on “Osteoporosis - the silent disease”. After the talk, tea will be served. Everyone is welcome to attend the talk. Please RSVP by 11 October for catering purposes. Call or sms Aletta van der Watt on 083 270 4842 or 2

Hulle het vir ’n week lank aan verskillende aktiwiteite deelgeneem. Dinsdag het plaaslike mosaïek-kunstenaar, Lucille Kapperer, vir hulle die kuns van mosaïek geleer. Elkeen kon stukkies glas in ’n sement-gietvorm vaslê. Die vorms sowel as die sement is geborg deur PPC Cement. Hulle het groot pret gehad en elkeen kon sy finale produk saamneem huis toe. Die kinders het Maandag ook ’n besoek van die brandweer gehad en Dinsdag was dit weer tyd vir poppekas. Hulle het ook leer teken en verf met die hulp van die PJ Olivier-kunsskool.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Rainbow Connection musiekaand

Hier (van links) is Saulencia Paulse, Ashwin Oncke, Denzil Arendse, Moses Jansen, Luciano Oncke en Juaun-Paul Witbooi besig met hul mosaïek-patrone. FOTO: ELBÉ VAN HEERDEN

Rainbow Connection is ’n splinternuwe musiekgroep uit die Paarl-gemeenskap met veral ’n fokus op “ballroom” musiek. Hul volgende optrede sal saam met die Strand Combo Band vind op 12 Oktober in die Paarl Gemeenskapsaal plaas. Die vertoning begin om 20:00. Kaartjies kos R60 per persoon. Die tema en drag is swart en wit. Vir nadere besonderhede bel vir Dewald Collins by 078 502 7601 of e-pos

World Food Day next week Celebrate World Food Day on 16 October, an internationally-recognised anniversary meant to focus global attention on the plight of hungry people around the world. The earth produces enough food for everyone, yet an estimated one billion people suffer from hunger. Why? Some areas have a surplus of food while others have a shortage, and fully one third of all food produced is wasted. FoodBank SA is a non profit organisation working to create scaled and cost effective solutions to the hunger faced by 11 million South Africans, in part by linking community organisations that require food for hunger relief with suppliers of that food. FoodBank has four pillars of operation: FoodBank is given thousands of tonnes of

usable surplus food annually by supermarkets and food producers, and donates this food via a network of over 1,700 agencies; FoodBank uses its bulk buying power to purchase staple foods at greatly-reduced prices to nutritionally balance the food it rescues and can donate; FoodBank cultivates new food sources, mainly by nurturing small farmers and ensuring they have access to markets where they can sell their surplus produce; and FoodBank runs an outreach programme which encourages everyone working to relieve hunger relief to collaborate, in order to eliminate competition and foster synergies. FoodBank’s mantra is “Feeding Community Development”, linking hunger relief with empowerment so that people use a plate of food as a starting point to become self-de-

pendent. Please mark World Food Day by supporting your hungry neighbours in South Africa. On Tuesday 16 October, World Food Day, don’t buy lunch. Instead, pack your lunch at home and donate the money saved to FoodBank. To donate, go to the website and click on the Donate button. For just R1.70 FoodBank can provide a meal to someone who really needs it. That means you could feed 10 people for R17, the price of an inexpensive takeaway. And of course, R34 will give 20 hungry people a meal. That’s quite a thought to put on the table! Please don’t wait. Hunger doesn’t! For more information about World Food Day or FoodBank, contact or telephone 082 444 4933.

Watch your cellphone! ACCORDING to a leading insurance company, theft of cellphones have increased significantly. Claims figures from Dial Direct show that cellphone theft is on the rise, with the number of mobile phones stolen from its customers rising by 23,5% between January and June this year. The spike in June is the highest since December 2011. The company’s senior executive, Bradley Du Chenne says insurance claims reports from customers give them some insight into the trends around theft and the modus operandi commonly used by thieves. “Based on our information it seems that the number of phones taken by force, as in a smash-and-grab or mugging incident, are becoming less frequent, while cellphones are increasingly being taken by opportunistic criminals under less aggressive circumstances, such as pickpocketing, off people’s desks at work, or from counters and tables in public places,” he says. According to Nielsen Southern Africa, some 29 million South Africans use a cellphone.

With this in mind, cellphone thieves don’t have to look very far or hard to find a target. Du Chenne says people shouldn’t make it any easier for criminals by keeping a close watch on their cellphones and making them less visible. “It seems like the order of the day is for people to study their cellphone screens while they’re out at shopping malls, in the street, in pubic restrooms, and at restaurants. While you want easy access to your phone, unnecessarily brandishing it about while you heedlessly check your Facebook feed or e-mails is quite simply an advertisement of what phone you’ve got to potential thieves. “ Cellphone users who walk and talk are also particularly vulnerable because thieves know that they are distracted. It is more sensible and safer to tuck it away in a bag or deep, secure pocket and only take it out if really necessary. If you do take it out, make sure you carefully tuck it away again when you’re done using it.” Dial Direct offers these tips to protect your mobile device:

) Conceal your cellphone when you are in a public place. ) Don’t leave your phone in clear view on a table or car dashboard. ) Do not leave cellphones unattended in your office or any other public place. ) Put your phone on silent or vibrate when you are in a public place and only answer it when it is safe to do so. ) When you do pull out your mobile handset in public, make sure you are in an environment you feel comfortable in. ) Keep a safe record of your phone’s PUK and serial numbers. ) If your phone is stolen, report it to your operator immediately and obtain a blacklisting reference number. If the phone is blacklisted, the thief will not be able to use your phone. ) If you use your phone for business purposes or to store sensitive information, take the necessary measures to back-up and protect the content, as well as wipe the device clean should it land in the wrong hands. ) Make sure you have adequate insurance.

Workshop to be held on cyber crime Cyber crime is always evolving to try and outwit and scam more unsuspecting people and businesses as awareness of their existing scams become wide spread. Every year cyber crime increases as more criminals are attracted to the growing number of internet users available to scam anonymity and better fraud prevention techniques linked to offline crime. Within the recent past many large organisations, banks, and small businesses have become victims of the scourge of document and cheque fraud, wire frauds and various types of business frauds. These frauds have resulted in the loss of

funds from tens of thousands to multi-million dollar losses. With continual digitization of financial records and transactions, fraud prevention and detection is set to be more challenging. More than usual, auditors need to be alert for situations, control weaknesses, inadequacies in record keeping, errors and unusual transactions or results which could be indicative of fraud, improper or unlawful expenditure, unauthorised operations, waste, inefficiency or lack of probity. With this in mind, we will hosting a workshop that will address alongside usual forensic audit issues, the challenges that have

emerged as a reason of digitization trends. Whether you are new to the world of trading online, have been lucky to avoid being scammed or are even aware of some scams operating on the internet. This one-day workshop will provide you with a clearer understanding on how to minimise your exposure to scams and strategies to protect your business on line. Cyber Crime and Online Fraud will be held on 20 November at the Sport Science Institute, Newlands, Cape Town. This workshop is facilitated by Dave Oswald, the managing director, Forensic Restitution.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

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Student gee terug ’n Stellenbosse meestersgraadstudent het haar luilekker vakansie onlangs afgestaan om leerlinge van haar alma mater te help om praktiese ondervinding op te doen in watertoetsing. Veronique Meyer, ’n oudleerling van Hoërskool Lückhoff in Idasvallei, is vanjaar besig met haar meestersgraad in mikrobiologie, met ’n fokus op die watergehalte van een van SuidAfrika se grootste riviere. Sy het onlangs van ’n skoolvriend verneem dat leerlinge van haar ou skool sukkel om die praktiese gedeelte van hul biologie-kurrikulum te voltooi. Hulle moet eksperimente op watermonsters van ’n plaaslike rivier te doen. “Ons is nou besig om die aard van besoedeling van die Krommerivier in te ondersoek en het Veronique genader om te help bepaal of die water moontlik met E.Coli-bakterieë besoedel is,” verduidelik Cheryl King, ’n onderwyseres by Lückhoff. Al het sy nog nooit klas gegee nie, het Veronique besluit om tog die kans te waag en navraag begin doen oor die moontlikheid om ’n praktiese sessie vir die leerlinge by die Universiteit Stellenbosch aan te bied. Aangesien dit vakansietyd was, het die departement Mikrobiologie haar toestemming

gegee om ’n praktiese sessie in een van die goed toegeruste voorgraadse laboratoriums aan te bied. . “Ek was aanvanklik op my senuwees, maar toe ek begin sketse trek en verduidelik hoe die prakties uitgevoer sou word, het dit natuurlik gekom. “Al die senuwees het weggeval,” vertel Veronique. Die leerlinge het botteltjies water uit die Krommerivier vir die eksperimente saamgebring. Veronique het die volgende dag die resultate na die skool geneem en die leerlinge verder gehelp om die data te verwerk. “Volgens die leerlinge se toetse kon ons sien daar is wel besoedeling in die Krommerivier.” Volgens King was dit vir die leerlinge ’n onvergeetlike ondervinding om ’n praktiese sessie in ’n goed toegeruste laboratorium te kon doen. Sy meen dit het hulle baie motiveer. “Daar is so baie kinders wat net verlore raak langs die pad. Dit het gevoel asof dit my plig is om, al is dit net een uit die groep, te motiveer om iets met hulle lewe te doen,” verduidelik Veronique oor haar ervaring. Sy sê die ervaring het so ’n vuur in haar aangesteek dat sy hoop om weer by ’n soortgelyke geleentheid betrokke te raak.

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Help those in need Can you imagine a Christmas with no presents? This is the harsh reality of many of the children registered with The Santa Shoebox Project. Thanks to the community’s overwhelming generosity, this sad reality will no longer be the case, as 2 044 boxes have been pledged to date. However, with only 20 days left to the drop off boxes in Stellenbosch, 2 665 box pledges are still short. The local project organisers appeal to all individuals, schools, churches, clubs and companies to please join them in transforming the underprivileged kids of the community’s expectations of being empty-handed to box-full. Your participation in the project has a huge impact on these children’s lives. All of the items in each shoebox are truly treasured and carefully cared for. The process of pledging is as simple as logging on to the website and registering your email address. From there, you are able to select your very own child whose life you will certainly enrich. The Santa Shoebox Project is a non-profit organisation that has been working to collect gifts at Christmas time for thousands of underprivileged children since 2006.

Donors personally choose and fill gift boxes and then decorate and label each one with the recipient’s name. Visit the website at for step by step instructions. The drop-off of completed boxes in Stellenbosch will take place from 23 to 25 October at the NG Kerk Welgelegen. For financial contributions, please contact Ally Knight on 072 679 7491 or 2

Veronique Meyer, ’n meestersgraadstudent en oudleerling van Hoërskool Lückhoff, het praktiese klasse vir leerlinge van dié skool in die vakansie aangebied. FOTO: VERSKAF

Miss and Mr Kayamandi competition The Miss and Mr Kayamandi 2012 competition will be held at the Kayamandi Corridor on Saturday 20 October. It forms part of the Kayamandi Arts and Cultural Festival that was held recently. The event will be held from 19:00 to 02:00.

Tickets are R40, but pre-sold tickets are between R20 and R30. Seats are limited. Poetry, comedy, hip hop and DJs will provide extra entertainment. Please call Paul Khambule on 072 610 8441 for more information.


High tea vir outisme

Die NG-gemeente Stellenbosch-Sentraal hou Vrydag 12 Oktober ’n buitelug lofprysingsaand by die Hoërskool Stellenbosch-sportvelde om 19:00. Canticum Novum-koor, musikante van die kerk, Endler en die US sal optree. Toegang gratis. Navrae: Francois Lamprecht by 082 374 3983 of 2

Die Boland Skool vir Outisme hou 11 November ’n spesiale high tea. Dit sal 15:00 in die Weber Gedenk Primêre Skool skoolsaal begin. Kaartjies is R50 per persoon. Almal is welkom om dit by te woon. Bel Lilian Daniels by 021 886 4709/073 847 6717 vir meer inligting.


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tjies, heerlike eetgoed, lewendige vermaak, ’n biertent en nog baie meer. Almal is welkom. 0 021 886 6021.

19 Oktober 9 tot 10 Oktober – gesprek oor Islam ) Die Islamitiese Vereniging van die Universiteit Stellenbosch bied ’n reeks oop gesprekke daagliks op kampus tussen 13:00 tot 14:00 aan. Doel is om te verduidelik wat Islam regtig is. Aldi: 0 082 096 1262 of 2

11 Oktober ) Jannie Mouton, stigter en voorsitter van die PSG Groep, tree op as gasspreker by ACVVwynveiling en ete. 19:00, ACVV-saal, Merrimanlaan. Kaartjies is R150 per persoon. 0 021 887 6959.

12 Oktober ) Buitelug lofprysingsaand op die Hoërskool Stellenbosch sportvelde. Aangebied deur die NG kerk Stellenbosch-sentraal. Begin 19:00. Toegang is gratis. Kore en verskeie musikante sal optree. Francois Lamprecht: 082 374 3983 of ) The Anglican Chaplaincy Trust Bishop of False Bay dinner and wine auction. 18:30, Barrique Restaurant, Vredenheim Estate. Fivecourse dinner with sherry on arrival. Beyers Truter will be the auctioneer. Tickets are R200, includes table wine. Lionel Cloete: 0 082 850 7845 or Bereneace Katts: 0 021 887 6519.

19 en 20 Oktober – Karnaval ) St.Idas RK Primêr karnaval. Vrydag, 16:00 tot 01:00 en Saterdag, 10:00 tot 24:00. R15 vir volwassenes en R7 vir kinders. Stalletjies, spele-

) Pieter Langeveldt Primêre Skool se jaarlikse skooldans met die alombekende Strand Combo-dansorkes. Eie platters en xyz. 19:30 tot laat, Stellenbosch-stadsaal. R80 per persoon. 0 021 889 5449. 20 October ) Mr and Miss Kayamandi at the Kayamandi Corridor from 19:00 to 02:00. Part of the Kayamandi Arts and Cultural Festival. Tickets are R40 per person, but pre-sold tickets are between R20 and R30. Poetry, comedy, Hip Hop and Dj’s will triple the entertainment. Paul: 0 072 610 8441.

26 Oktober ) Weber Gedenk Primêr hou debutantebal. Vorm deel van skool se 50ste bestaansjaarvieringe. Stellenbosch-stadsaal met die Ikey Gamba-orkes wat musiek sal maak. R120 per persoon, sluit kaas en wyn sowel as ete in. Gilroy Williams: 0 083 701 2682 of 2

27 Oktober ) Die St. 10 (E) klas van 1981 van Hoërskool Lückhoff hou reünie van 16:00 tot 21:00. Vir meer inligting bel Denver Paulse by 083 957 9643 of Henry Linders by 084 618 2984.

11 November ) Boland Skool vir Outisme high tea. 15:00, Weber Gedenk Primêr skoolsaal, Jamestown. R50 per persoon. Lilian Daniels: 0 021 886 4709/073 847 6717.

Museum vier 50 jaar Die Stellenbosch-museum vier vanjaar hul 50ste bestaansjaar as volg: ) Vrydag 19 Oktober word die gewilde Safari-ete met tradisionele disse in die museum se historiese huise in die middedorp gehou. Pietman Retief sal gaste van 18:00 af op ’n staptog van die Schreuder-huis in Van Ryneveldstraat neem. Die koste is R200 per persoon en besprekings moet teen 17 Oktober gedoen word. ) ’n Jolige kermis word Saterdag 20 Oktober tussen 09:30 en 13:00 by die Erfurthuis aangebied. Toegang is gratis. Daar sal ’n verskeidenheid stalletjies wees wat lekkernye en handgemaakte items sal verkoop. ’n Plaaslike blaasorkes sal optree, die towenaar PG Engelbrecht is die seremoniemeester en die baas-storieverteller Nico Nel sal besoekers om 10:00 vermaak. Valiant Swart tree om 11:00 op. ) Saterdag 27 Oktober van 10:00 tot 12:30 word Stellenbossers genooi na die argitekto-

niese baken by 37 Constantialaan, Dalsig. Die Breuers, eienaars van die bekende Bruynzeel-huis, stel hul woning en tuin vir besigtiging oop. Die huis is vanjaar 50 jaar oud. Kaartjies kos R100 en sluit die toegang, vonkelwyn en ’n ligte ete in. Belangstellendes moet teen Donderdag 24 Oktober bespreek. ’n Aandwandeling deur die historiese dorpskern sal Woensdag 31 Oktober gehou word. Pietman Retief en Sandra Krige sal as toergidse optree. Die vertrektyd is 19:00 vanaf die Kruithuis op Die Braak. Die wandeling word afgesluit met ’n kerslig-ete by die Erfurthuis. Die koste beloop R150 per persoon. Bespreek voor Maandag 29 Oktober. Almal is welkom om die geleenthede by te woon. Alle besprekings kan gedoen word by Esmé Adriaanse by die Stellenbosch-museum by 021 887 2902 /37 gedoen word.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Bacon and mealie bread for any braai This delicious bacon and mealie bread is until slightly crisp. ) Meanwhile, sift all the dry ingredients perfect for the braai. into a large mixing bowl. Beat together the Ingredients eggs, butter and milk and 250 g bacon, diced pour into the dry ingredi625 ml all-purpose ents. Mix well. (cake) flour ) Fold in the corn and ba10 ml baking powder con and pour into the pre15 ml sugar pared loaf tin. 15 ml salt ) Sprinkle the grated 4 large eggs cheese over the loaf and 125 ml butter, melted place in the oven. 250 ml milk ) Bake for 60 to 75 minutes, 410 g whole corn ker- Bacon and corn bread for the braai nels PHOTO: FOOD24.COM or until the loaf is golden brown and a skewer inserted 200 g creamed sweetcomes out clean. If the loaf is browning too corn fast, turn the heat down. 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated ) Remove from the oven and allow to cool Method ) Pre-heat the oven to 170 °C and grease for 5 minutes before removing from the tray. a standard-sized loaf tin. – ) Fry the chopped bacon in a very hot pan

Talent 360 now in Kayamandi If you live in Kayamandi, you are between the ages of 16 and 35 years of age and can sing, dance or act, this is your opportunity to enter the Talent 360 contest. Auditions will be held at Amazink Live on 13 October. Please register between 08:00 and 09:00. Entry forms can be collected from Amazink, the library, Makupula High School or Kayamandi High School. The top five singers, dancers and actors will be announced by the 20 October and will be asked to perform in front of the Kayamandi community at the sports stadium. At this

event the community will vote for their favourite artists. The winner in each of the three categories will participate in the semi-finals at Stellenbosch University’s Woordfees from 1 to 8 March 2013. The finalists will be selected during a gala event in April 2013. Fantastic prizes are at stake. Visit the facebook page at for photos of the first leg of the Talent 360 contest which was held in Idas Valley in September.

Malan-bond kom byeen die naweek Die Malan-Familiebond sal Saterdag 13 Oktober ’n saamtrek op Allesverloren, Riebeek-Wes hou. Dit is die geboorteplaas van dr. D.F. Malan, voormalige eerste minister van Suid-Afrika. Die dag begin om 09:30 by Malan-stasie op pad na Hermon waar ’n kranslegging vir wyle Hannes en Nico Malan gehou sal word. Danie Malan, die eienaar van die plaas, sal

die groep oor die geskiedenis van Allesverloren vertel. Ná middagete sal wyle Hannes Malan se biografie, Die geluk by die ongeluk, bekend gestel word. Die middag word met ’n besoek aan die Smuts-museum afgesluit. Bel Dennis Malan by 083 375 3251/021 853 5319 of 2 vir meer inligting.

@heart AGM Info on ADHD Die organisasie @heart hou Donderdag 18 Oktober sy algemene jaarvergadering. Die vergadering sal 11:00 in die Kayamandi Corridor begin. Persone wat belangstel om die vergadering by te woon moet asseblief hul bywoning teen Maandag 15 Oktober bevestig. Bel asseblief 021 808 2931 of stuur ’n e-pos na Almal is welkom om die vergadering by te woon.

The Clinic of Natural Medicine will hold a morning of presentations in support of ADHD Awareness Day on Saturday 20 October. Those attending can look forward to presentations by a psychologist specialising in ADHD, a nutritionist who deals particularly with childhood nutrition, and a homeopath who will look at definitions, risks, causes and natural treatment options. The presentations will be held at 63 Dorp Street from 09:30 to 12:30. Entrance costs R50.

18 000 copies distributed weekly in Stellenbosch,

Tuesday 9 October 2012

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Toets jou vir chroniese siektes Dit is veel goedkoper om gesond te bly as om ongeskik te raak vir werk of om gereeld die kliniek te moet besoek oor komplikasies weens voorkombare siektes soos hipertensie en diabetes. Die Wes-Kaapse Regering Gesondheid se veldtog van twee maande ter voorkoming van chroniese siektes onder pasiënte het pas afgeskop. Chroniese siektes soos hipertensie en diabetes verteenwoordig vyf van die top tien oorsake van sterftes in Suid-Afrika. Mense met chroniese siektes het aanvanklik geen simptome nie en dus soek baie pasiënte met chroniese siektes eers hulp wanneer kardiovaskulêre siekte, diabetes en chroniese respiratoriese siekte ’n akute stadium bereik.

Om siekte op hierdie laat stadium te behandel is nie net duur nie, maar ontneem mense van die voordele daaraan verbonde om hul toestand in ’n vroeë stadium te beheer of om verdere komplikasies geheel en al te voorkom. Die Wes-Kaapse bewusmakingsveldtog sal tot en met Desember duur en by alle gesondheidsfasiliteite aangebied word. Gemeenskappe word uitgenooi om hulle plaaslike sentrums vir ondersoeke te besoek. Die Kaapse Wynland-distrik gaan hom egter in die volgende twee maande op twee groot chroniese siektes, naamlik diabetes en hipertensie (hoë bloeddruk), toespits. Hier volg meer inligting rakende die siektes: ) Diabetes (tipe 2) is volkome voorkombaar as ’n persoon ’n gesonde leefstyl lei. Dit het egter baie komplikasies as dit nie behandel word

nie. Dit is een van die hoofoorsake van blindheid in Suid-Afrika. Dit het ook voetprobleme tot gevolg, wat soms tot amputasie kan lei. Gesonde leefstylingrypings vir mense met ’n hoë risiko van diabetes kan die voorkoms daarvan met 35% tot 58% verminder. ) Die meeste gevalle van hipertensie (hoë bloeddruk) kan voorkom word of makliker hanteer word as leefstylveranderinge vroeg in die diagnose gemaak word. Hipertensie, wat deur rook, stres, oormatige alkoholgebruik, vetsug, ’n ongesonde dieet en ’n gebrek aan oefening veroorsaak word, kan moontlik tot kardiovaskulêre (hart)probleme en beroerte lei. As jy reeds op medikasie is vir ’n chroniese siekte, onthou jy kan steeds ’n gesonde, vervulde lewe lei deur jou medikasie te neem en ’n goeie, gesonde leefstyl te handhaaf.

Bergzicht hou konsert Die Bergzicht Opleidingsentrum bied op Saterdag 27 Oktober ’n fondsinsamelingskonsert in die Volkskerk-saal in Idasvallei aan. Dit sal 15:00 begin en toegang is R30 vir volwassenes en R15 vir kinders.

Kom dans by Pieter Langeveldt Die Pieter Langeveldt Primêre Skool hou sy jaarlikse skooldans Vrydag 19 Oktober in die Stellenbosch-stadsaal in Pleinstraat om 19:30. Die alombekende Strand Combo-dansorkes sal optree. Toegang is R80 per persoon. Gaste moet hulle eie platters en xyz bring. Bel 021 889 5449.

Lückhoff klas van 1981 hou reünie Die standerd 10 E-klas van 1981 van Hoërskool Lückhoff hou ’n reünie Saterdag 27 Oktober van 16:00 tot 21:00. Bel asseblief vir Denver Paulse by 083 957 9643 of Henry Linders by 084 618 2984 vir meer inligting oor dié geleentheid.

CALL A SPAYED A SPAYED: The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS) is making good progress in its Kayamandi spaying project. Thus far almost half of the projected dogs and cats in the area have been spayed, and those involved are hoping to complete the project by the end of November. Seen here are some of the local children with their dogs at the base at Kuyasa in Watergang. The dogs are transported from the base to the AWSS, where local veterinary surgeons perform the operations. The project is led by Dr Annelize Roos and supported by Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Geniet Papegaaiberg op ’n drafstap |


Onderrig/Education JCT COMPUTER Training offers MS Office 2010 careers. We offer a pmt plan. SMS your name to 084 769 3614. We will call you


Geld/lenings Money/Loans 1 2 10 CASH LOANS. Lenings tot R200 000. Swartlys welkom. Goedkeuring in 5 min. Kontak 021 696 0676.

Eikestadnuus 021 887 2840

SOEK JY GELD / Konsolidasies? R1 000 - R100 000. Blacklisted welcome. Sameday pay-out. Fiona 082 422 2271.


Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs ALLE HERSTEL van yskaste, vrieskaste en all tipe wasmasjiene. Gas hervul vanaf R150. Skakel 076 919 0596. APPLIANCE REPAIRS Specialize Speedqueen and Whirlpool repairs. Plus do all other makes of washing machines, fridges, stoves etc. Contact 072 843 2219. COOL CONNECTIONS. Repairs to fridges and freezers. Cold rooms. Airconditioning services. Summer special R150. Repairs done at home. Re-gas - R250. Call Neels 079 573 0605. FRIDGE / FREEZER / AIRCON: Dead or Alive. I buy / repair. Regas @ R200. No call out fee. Promt sercive 076 552 0272.


Algemene Dienste General Services DECKSTER'S CATERING. Décor / Hiring. Menu's from R110.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers, organza backdrop, arch & red carpet. Contact Ielaahm or Rene. 021 371 4507 / 082 324 9486. www.decksterscatering.

Will U in die Gazette adverteer? Skakel Fran van Niekerk: 021 887 2840 X 112

Die NG-gemeente StellenboschWes hou ’n prettige drafstap Saterdag 20 Oktober op Papegaaiberg. Die afstande is 10 km, 6 km en 2 km. Die wegspringpunt is by Huis Horison in Onder-Papegaaiberg. Dit begin 08:00. Die inskrywingsgelde is R30

per persoon of R100 vir ’n gesin van vier. Die roete is maklik en toeganklik vir oud en jonk. Daar sal ook waterpunte wees. Almal word genooi om aan die prettige stap deel te neem. Vir meer inligting bel Emsie Human by 082 445 2121.

Enter and win a Yamaha guitar Strings of Hope is giving away four Yamaha guitars to worthy groups. Four lucky organisations, schools, churches, church groups or children’s homes each stand a chance to win a Yamaha guitar worth R1 500. The competition is held in collaboration with, Flam Music Publishers, Musikhaus W Heuer in Stellenbosch, and LIG magazine. And if the winner is situated near one of the Flam task team members, a representative of the winning institution will receive three free guitar lessons. To enter your organisation, simply send an email to with a brief history of the institution, as well as photos, the people involved, the work you do, and your contact details. “Tell us how you can use a guitar in your ministry or service,” a spokesperson encourages. It doesn’t end there – a fifth guitar can be won by anyone in South Africa. To enter, make a promotional flash in a video clip for The video clip must encourage people to download MP3s at, and contain the Fluister tagline: “Listen to all the latest South African gospel music but only pay for those you want – at” Videos must be less than two minutes long and less than 10 MB in size. Email your clip to, or mail a DVD to Flam Music Publishers, PO Box 87, Goodwood, 7459. Entries close on 10 October. The winners will be announced in LIG magazine and on Facebook. For more information point your browser at or find Fluister on Facebook.

Karnaval-tyd vir St. Idas Primêr DIE St. Idas RK Primêre skool hou oor die naweek van 19 en 20 Oktober ’n karnaval op die Idasvallei-sportgronde. Besoekers kan uitsien na stalletjies, speletjies, heerlike eetgoed, lewendige vermaak, ’n biertent en nog baie meer. Die tye is Vrydag van 16:00 tot 01:00 en Saterdag van 10:00 tot 24:00. Toegang is R15 vir volwassenes en R7 vir kinders. Almal is welkom. Bel die skool by 021 886 6021.

Weber Gedenk hou debutantebal Die Weber Gedenk Primêre Skool hou 26 Oktober sy debutantebal in die Stellenbosch-stadsaal. Dit vorm deel van die skool se 50ste bestaansjaarvieringe en word vanjaar deur die Protea Hotel Stellenbosch geborg. Die Ikey Gamba-orkes sal musiek maak. Kaartjies kos R120 per persoon en sluit kaas en wyn asook ’n ete in. Vir meer inligting bel Gilroy Williams by 083 701 2682 of 2

Boekverkoping volgende week Die Universiteit Stellenbosch Biblioteek- en Inligtingsdiens hou sy jaarlikse boekverkoping volgende week van 15 tot 17 Oktober. Die verkoping is in die JS Gericke Biblioteek op kampus. Die boeke begin by R10 een. Vir meer inligting bel 021 808 4401 of stuur ’n e-pos na

Tuesday 9 October 2012

General - Algemeen

Stellenbosch Gazette

Road-show to introduce new banknotes The month of October marks the start of provincial road shows by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), aimed at educating and raising public awareness about the new banknotes, which come into circulation before the end of the year. The communication campaign around the forthcoming new South African banknote series, depicting

and honouring former President Nelson Mandela, was launched in early September by Reserve Bank Governor, Gill Marcus. Retail malls, transport hubs and pension pay points in urban and rural areas of the country’s nine provinces are some of the touch-points that have been earmarked for the public outreach programme. “We want to reach every South African through this communication

On Sunday and Monday the South African Reserve Bank introduced Stellenbosch residents to the new banknotes and they paid a visit to the Bergzicht taxi rank on Monday. Here are (from the left) Alfred Mokoena, Chris Cloete, Kegomoditse Kgwadi, Jabulani Mlambo and Xolani Mahambehlala from the Reserve Bank. PHOTO: EUNICE VISAGIE


campaign. The SARB road show will be in the Western Cape region from 1 October to 16 October 2012 to familiarise communities with the new banknotes prior to circulation,” says Hlengani Mathebula, Head: Group Strategy and Communications, South African Reserve Bank. The road show was in Stellenbosch on Sunday and Monday where they stopped at the Eikestad Mall as well as Bergzicht Taxi Rank. The road shows included demonstrations with the new banknotes; and informative material about the new banknotes. “It is our responsibility as the Reserve Bank to protect the credibility of the South African currency. This can only be done by making sure that the public know their money and its distinct features really well,” says Mathebula. Information about the new banknotes is also available across different communication platforms, such as radio, television, billboards, banners, the SARB website, print and online media, including social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and mobile device sites. To keep up to date with the campaign, the public can follow them on Twitter @SAReserveBank, on Facebook at or Youtube at You can also visit their web site at Members of the public can post a tribute to former President Nelson Mandela by visiting this site.

Franschhoek BUYBOTH FOR


PnP no nameTM Fresh Chicken Braaipack 5s or 16s per kg


Serving Suggestion

Bulk Oukraal Wors per kg

Here is an example of how the new banknotes will look. On the left are the new banknotes and on the right are the current banknotes.


PnP Washed Potatoes 2kg & PnP Onions 2kg


Arista Danish Style Feta 375g



Sasko Brown Toastie Bread 700g





Knorr Cook in Bag Assorted 35g


Tastic Rice 2kg

4899 Each

Nescafé Classic Instant Coffee Dawn Jar 200g

Always there for you



McCain Country Crop 1kg

1399 Each

PnP 100% Pure Fruit Juice Assorted 1.5 litre


23 HUGUENOT STREET FRANSCHHOEK. CONTACT NUMBER: 021 876 3931 Pick n Pay endeavours to meet the demand for these promotional items, but stocks are limited. Please check availability: 0800 11 22 88 (toll free landline only. Cellphone rates apply). We strive to ensure all printed information is correct, but will not be liable for any print errors that may occur. Advertised prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable. We reserve the right to limit quantities. smart shopper terms and conditions apply. Certain products are excluded from the smart shopper programme, please see in store or go online for more details.

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TOLL FREE: 0800 11 22 88



Stellenbosch | Franschhoek | Pniel | Kylemore

Year 14 • Dinsdag 9 Oktober 2012 | Tel. 021 887 2840

Inskrywings vir Die Burger-fietstoer oop Inskrywings vir die Wes-Kaap se tweede grootste fietsresies, Die Burger-fietstoer, open Maandag 8 Oktober om 13:00. Die Burger-fietstoer vind Sondag 2 Desember plaas en die begin- en eindpunt is weereens by die Hoërskool Stellenbosch. Fietsryers kan kies uit twee afstande: ’n vinnige 92 km-roete vir ervare fietsryers, en ’n korter 44 km-roete wat ideale oefening vir onervare fietsryers is. Die 92 km-roete is ook die laaste keuringswedren vir die 2013 Cape Argus Pick n Payfietstoer, wat op Sondag 10 Maart plaasvind. Hoe om in te skryf Besoek en volg die maklike aanwysings om aanlyn in te skryf. Inskrywings is tot 5 500 (92 km) en 1 000 (44 km) vir die verskillende roetes beperk. Roete beskrywings

Die vinnige 92km-roete: Fietsryers sal hul eerste klim van die dag teen die historiese Ou Helshoogtepas teëkom, vanwaar hulle deur Pniel in die rigting van Paarl ry. Wanneer hulle die R101 bereik, draai fietsryers regs en hou aan met Cecelia en Arboretum Rylane na die R301 rigting Wellington. Ná die afdraai links op die R44, sal ryers hul laaste heuwels van die dag klim voor hulle na die eindpunt in Stellenbosch terugkeer. Die korter 44km-roete: Fietsryers volg die 92 km-roete teen die Ou Helshoogtepas uit en ry dan deur Pniel en afwaarts met die R45. Die twee roetes skei by die R45 Simondiumpad. Die 44 km-roete draai links na die R44. Die twee roetes sluit weer op die R44 bymekaar aan, sowat 15 km voor die eindpunt in Stellenbosch.

SHOW JUMPING CHAMPS HOP TO IT: The WP Junior Show Jumping Championships will be held on 20 and 21 October at Stellenbosch District Riding Club, situated just off the R44, next to Stellenbosch Airfield. The club has rallied many sponsors, including Lexus Helderberg as one of the main sponsors, and the event will feature a display of cars that will be available for test drives. There will also be lots of horse-shop stalls, as well as ample catering. The competition will run between 08:00 and 17:00 each day. For more information visit; alternatively, email Di Arnold at or call 083 638 8608. Here, last year’s 1,3 m champion Liam Stevens and his mare Wanda make a dazzling jump. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

PRG hockey plan annual golf day A workshop on eyeware and visual skills was recently held for the members of Maties Cricket Club. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Maties cricketers get to enjoy a little eye candy A recent workshop held by the Centre for Human Performance Sciences (CHPS) at Stellenbosch University was a sight for sore eyes to the members of Maties Cricket Club. During the workshop the cricketers were given the opportunity to sample specialised Nike Vision cricket eyeware, while also being exposed to visual skills training. Grant van Velden, sports vision specialist at the CHPS, facilitated the workshop and opened proceedings with a presentation highlighting the importance of both sports vision training and eye protection on the field of play. “The idea for this workshop came largely as a result of Mark Boucher’s recent eye injury suffered on South Africa’s cricket tour of England,” he says. “While this was an unfortunate and relatively freakish incident, we believe it served to highlight the importance of protecting one’s eyes while on the field. As a result, we decided to create this platform in partnership with Nike Vision and Mellins I-Style for Maties cricketers to be educated around the issue.” After the opening presentation, the Maties cricketers took part in various visual skills training drills under the watchful eye of Van Velden, while at the same time sampling Nike Vision eyeware during these activities. An optometrist working at the Mellins branch in the Neelsie student centre was on hand to provide input to the interested cricketers.

“All athletes recognise the importance of physical and mental conditioning, but there are still many who do not focus on actual visual training despite the fact that the visual component plays a critical part in their performance,” says Van Velden. “Many athletes do not even realise that the visual system can be trained just like we train our bodies in the gym, and this is an important message that we tried to convey during this workshop.” According to Van Velden, another important aspect relates to the mode of training: “We believe that it is important to conduct visual skills training in a manner that closely resembles actual match situations, since this serves to create a realistic scenario in which the athletes are likely to find themselves on the field of play. “As a result, the drills we utilised largely incorporated cricket-specific elements such as fielding a ball and returning it over the stumps – a lot of which was coupled with a decision-making component.” As far as the immediate future is concerned, Van Velden says the Centre for Human Performance Sciences will certainly investigate the possibility of presenting similar workshops in the future, including for sport codes other than cricket. “We will be discussing the options with our partners for this project, namely Nike Vision and Mellins I-Style, and we are certainly very positive about the potential that this area holds.”

The Paul Roos Gymnasium hockey committee has started a new fundraising initiative, in the form of an annual golf day, to benefit their players. The golf day is set to happen at Bellville Golf Course today (Tuesday). The aim is to raise funds to help the school continue nurturing hockey players with talent, elevate already high standards, and ultimately broaden hockey development at Paul Roos Gymnasium. For further information, get in touch with Cyril Camara on 082 291 5521 or send an email to

Futsal tournament to make an impact Impact Through Sport getting ready to hold the Stellenbosch Futsal Tournament on 27 October at the Lentelus sports fields. Entry will cost R1 000 per team of 10 players. The prize for the winning team is R10 000. The tournament will start at 09:00. Call 082 801 5344 or 082 837 4921, or email, for entry forms.

Matie skole-swemprogram by Rhenish Hierdie swemprogram sal slegs in die eerste kwartaal van 2013 aangebied word. Inligting is op die webblad beskikbaar. Inskrywings daarvoor kan van 22 tot 26 Oktober gedoen word. Inskrywings moet persoonlik by die Matie-swemklub in die Sportwetenskap-gebou gedoen word van 09:00 tot 12:00 en van 14:00 tot 16:00. Volg die aanwysings vanaf die hoofingang van die Sportwetenskap-gebou. Alle inligting en vorms is beskikbaar op die webblad

Sokker Puntestand van die Engelse Premierliga in die volgorde wedstryde gespeel, gewen, gelykop, verloor, doele vir, doele teen, puntetotaal is:

Chelsea Manchester United Manchester City Everton Tottenham West Brom Arsenal West Ham Fulham Newcastle Swansea Stoke Sunderland Liverpool Wigan Aston Villa Southampton Reading Norwich QPR















7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 7 7 7 7 6 7 7

4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 ` 0 0 0

3 2 2 2 3 2 1 3 2 5 4 3 2 2 1 3 3 2

0 1 1 1 1 2 3 2 3 1 1 3 4 4 5 3 4 5

15 14 13 11 13 8 15 8 12 6 5 9 7 6 12 8 5 6

8 8 8 7 5 8 11 11 11 5 7 12 13 12 20 13 17 16

15 14 14 14 12 11 10 9 8 8 7 6 5 5 4 3 3 2

Puntestand van die Suid-Afrikaanse Premierliga in die volgorde wedstryde gespeel, gewen, gelykop, verloor, doele vir, doele teen, puntetotaal is:

Kaizer Chiefs Orlando Pirates Moroko Swallows Tuks Maritzburg United Wits Free State Stars Bloemfontein Celtic Platinum Stars SuperSport United Black Leopards Ajax Cape Town Golden Arrows Chippa United Mamelodi Sundowns AmaZulu

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

5 4 4 3 3 3 2 3 3 1 1 2 1 1 1 1

2 1 0 3 3 2 4 1 1 6 5 1 3 2 1 1

0 2 3 1 1 2 1 3 3 0 1 4 3 4 5 5

15 3 17 8 6 13 13 9 12 11 7 12 9 6 12 8 8 11 6 4 10 8 9 10 8 9 10 7 4 9 11 11 8 9 14 7 3 5 6 4 8 5 3 8 4 3 15 4

Stellenbosch Gazette 09 Oct 2012  

Stellenbosch Gazette 09 Oct 2012

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