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Year 17 • Tuesday 3 December 2013 | Tel. 021 853 0211

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No action after drowning

P 3 Mooimaaksessie in Macassar ....... BL. 8 Strand-rolbalspeler vereer

BL. 12

Toilet service flushed out DALEEN FOUCHÉ AND JAMEY GORDON

The City of Cape Town has rolled out 628 portable flush toilets (PFTs) to informal settlements in the Helderberg this year, but some residents feel the servicing of these toilets is not up to standard. Issues regarding sanitation were scrutinised recently during World Toilet Day on 19 November, which aims to create awareness about the standards of sanitation as well as the lack of sanitation facilities around the world. In a recent press release celebrating World Toilet Day, the City of Cape Town claims widespread success in the field of sanitation. “The City of Cape Town’s achievement of 100% access to adequate sanitation in informal areas, as assessed by the National Department of Water Affairs in 2012, remains unparalleled in South Africa.” The City’s roll out of PFTs in 2013 is an attempt to eradicate the widely criticised bucket system. In the five informal settlements in Sir Lowry’s Pass, 445 portable flush toilets were provided. In Strand, Vlakteplaas received 21 toilets and Morkel’s Cottage received 162 toilets. However, residents of Riemvasmaak in Sir Lowry’s Pass say their PFTs are not adequately cleaned. PFTs consist of a small portable seating structure and two removable bowls. In Sir Lowry’s Pass, the PFTs are cleaned three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by an independent contractor. Gretta Shopane, a mother of five and resident of Riemvasmaak,

says she is not satisfied with how the toilets are cleaned and has to clean it herself. She explains that she has to scrub her toilet under a nearby outside tap, because it still has a bad smell when the contractor returns the toilets after cleaning them. Another resident, Dolphina Steenkamp says she is not happy with the current contractor’s service. According to Steenkamp the previous contractor delivered each toilet to their homes, but the current contractor “dumps” all the toilets at a spot where residents have to collect it themselves. Clint Daniels, also a resident, says this is a big problem for him. He says he never gets his own toilet back. Residents have marked their toilets to ensure that they get their own toilets back. However, Daniels says since the toilets are being dropped at a central point he has not received his own toilet back. Councillor Johan Middleton says the contractor is a local who was chosen by the community and will have the contract until June 2014. He says that all problems regarding the PFTs “are being addressed”. However, not all residents of informal settlements in the Helderberg are unhappy with the PFT system. Jan Vass of Morkel Cottage in Strand says they have an effective PFT system operating in the area. According to Vass the PFTs are cleaned twice a week and to the satisfaction of the residents. They also have three central points allocated for the drop-off and collection of PFTs, where each resident drops off their PFTs at the closest point for collection and the contractor in turn

Toilet buckets are placed at a central point in Riemvasmaak where residents have to collect it. PHOTO: DALEEN FOUCHÉ

drops the cleaned PFTs for collection by the residents. “We cannot complain. When our potties return, it has been cleaned and a cleaning detergent has been put in it to ensure that it does not reek.” Vass says the PFTs have been marked clearly for people to identify their pots. He is of the opinion that the PFT system is definitely more effective than the bucket system. “If there are any residents who are unhappy with the PFT system, they should go back to using the bucket system,” he said.

Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, says the City has given every family in the Helderberg who are still using the bucket system an alternative. “Not all families take up the offer.” Sonnenberg says the City will provide portable flush toilets where they have been requested from the community. The contractor responsible for cleaning the PFTs in Sir Lowry’s Pass could not be reached for comment before going to print.


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Helderberg Gazette

Time for the lights to shine

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Professionele hulp vir mishandeldes Die mannekrag waar professionele mense teen mishandeling in die Helderberg saamwerk, is te min. Daar is ’n oorlading van gevalle en ’n tekort aan opgeleide mense wat terapie kan gee en berading kan doen.

This Somerset West Christmas lights will be switched on this Thursday 5 December. The ceremony starts at 19:00 and the lights will be switched on at 20:00.


Só meen Hilda Lourens, besturende direkteur van Ukukhanya, ’n niewinsgewende organisasie wat hom beywer vir die regte van slagoffers van mishandeling in die Helderberg. Die 16 dae van aktivisme teen geweld teen vroue en kinders wat jaarliks herdenk word, het verlede Maandag (25 November)begin. Die veldtog wil die impak wat mishandeling op die gemeenskap het, uitlig. Lourens sê Ukukhanya werk met hoërisiko gesinne en die hooffokus is om gesinne wat deur geweld geraak word deur berading, terapie

en ondersteuningsgroepe by te staan. Werk word gedoen met die hele gesin asook met die slagoffer en die oortreder. Sy voeg by dat daar baie suksesstories is, maar dat inligting ten opsigte daarvan sensitief is ten einde die betrokke persone se identiteit te beskerm. “Van die gevalle wat egter die meeste uitstaan is die gevalle waar die mans ná die tyd terugkom na ons en ons bedank vir die bydrae wat ons gemaak het dat hul gesinne weer normaal kan funksioneer.” Ukukhanya hou ook gereeld werksessies asook bewusmakingsessies oor mishandeling omdat hulle glo die gemeenskap het sulke inligtingsessies broodnodig. Ukukhanya is geleë in Michael’s Arkade, Caledonstraat, SomersetWes. Bel hulle by 021 850 0061 of e-pos vir meer inligting.

Besturende direkteur van Ukukhanya, Hilda Lourens

Tuesday 3 December 2013

News - Nuus

No action after boy’s drowning


The stormwater pipe in Asanda Village in Lwandle where Grant Blaauw (9) is suspected to have drowned a few weeks ago, during the floods, is still uncovered. Grant, who lived with his parents in Asanda Village, was last seen playing near the pipe in Mbhele Street on Saturday 16 November. A missing person’s report was filed with the Lwandle police the following day after Grant’s father reported him missing. Constable Mthokozisi Gama, spokesperson for the Lwandle police, said Grant’s body was found in Noncebe Street on Monday at about 16:00 with the help of police sniffer dogs. “It is suspected the boy was playing on a stormwater pipe and slipped and fell into water. Due to the strong current, he was sucked into drain pipe and washed out 500 m downstream in the stormwater canal,” said Gama. According to councillor Samuel

Matha he reported the open stormwater pipe to the municipality three weeks before the boy’s drowning. When the Helderberg Gazette visited the place where Grant is suspected to have fallen into the pipe last Friday, it was still uncovered. Two boys were playing in the shallow stream, meters from the uncovered water inlet. Passersby said children often play in the stream, especially when it had been raining and the stream is fuller. A resident living next to the stream confirmed this, saying that he constantly has to chase children who are playing near the stormwater pipe away. Yesterday (Monday) Matha said he was aware that the stormwater pipe was still uncovered, adding that it was noted at the last subcouncil meeting on 21 November for officials to follow up. Last week Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, spokesperson for the City’s Disaster Risk Management, preferred not to comment on the drowning as it is under police investigation. Grant’s funeral was held on Saturday.

Helderberg Gazette


Residents say children often play in the stream leading to the stormwater pipe. PHOTOS: DELIAH BRINKHUIS

The stormwater pipe in Lwandle where Grant Blaauw drowned a few weeks ago has still not been covered.

A number of stone-throwing incidents on Onverwacht Road in Strand have been reported and police are asking residents to be cautious when driving there. Motorists who often make use of that road are urged to make use of an alternative route should they encounter big groups of people looking to make trouble. Report such incidents to the Strand police on 021 854 9100 or one of the following sector numbers: 082 522 1288 or 082 411 2021.


’n Saak van poging tot moord word ondersoek ná ’n vrou op ’n straathoek in die Strand geskiet is. Die insident het Maandag 18 November op die hoek van Hoofweg en Faganstraat in die Strand plaasgevind. Volgens die polisie was die slagoffer (40) en ’n man in ’n onderonsie betrokke oomblikke voor die skietvoorval. Die man, Pieter Papier (61), is kort daarna in hegtenis geneem en het die volgende dag in die Strand-landdroshof verskyn. Papier het weer Woensdag 20 November in die hof verskyn, waarna hy op borgtog vrygelaat is. Sy volgende hofverskyning is op Dinsdag 23 Januarie 2014.



News - Nuus

Helderberg Gazette

Perlemoenvonds in G’Baai

The police officers who assisted in the arrest are (from left) Const Gary Hess, Srgnt Oswald Adams and W/O James de Ville with the confiscated goods.

Daar is verlede Dinsdag 26 November in Gordonsbaai beslag gelê op perlemoen met ’n geraamde waarde van R1,8 miljoen.

Foiled armed robbery Three suspects were arrested in Main Road Strand on Thursday 28 November following a foiled robbery. Two men entered Strand Jewellery at 13:25 posing as customers. “One of the men asked for assistance from the shop owner. He then grabbed her hand and drew out a firearm. The second man then also drew a firearm, and demanded that the shop assistant take him to the safe,” said Const Mbulelo Mafuna, spokesperson for the Strand police. The shop owner screamed for help and these screams were heard by a passerby who got the public’s attention. The men abandoned their mission and fled the scene to a silver Mercedes Benz parked nearby where

a third man was waiting for them. “As the two suspects who were in the shop approached their getaway vehicle, the driver got out and ran away when he saw car guards chasing his accomplices.” The police were contacted and all three suspects were arrested. Two firearms with their serial numbers filed off were confiscated. The men were charged with attempted robbery and the possession of illegal firearms. They appeared in the Strand Magistrate’s Court on Monday (yesterday). The outcome of the court case could not be confirmed at the time of going to print. Phone Det Const Andrew Braaf on 021 854 9100 if you have any information related to the incident.

Please contact the police urgently Lubbe, Monica Truter, Alfred Faro, Casper J. H. Kruger, Stuart Morgan Shone, André Steyn, Mark Cole, Wynand J. Viljoen, Frederick C. Holdt, Anton F. Schultz, Ettienne van Greunen, Elizabeth Juliana Bender, Marthinus Johannes Botha and Seranti Viljoen. These people must contact Seargent Anna Pretorius on 021 854 9100.

Dié 7 156 ongeskulpte perlemoen is om 07:50 by ’n perseel in die nywerheidsgebied gevind. Volgens ao. Nico Beukes, woordvoerder vir die Gordonsbaai-polisie, het die polisie ’n leidraad van ’n naburige besigheid opgevolg. Dié besigheid het skynbaar ’n skerp visreuk uit die perseel waar die perlemoen gevind is, gekry. Beukes sê die operasie is in samewerking met die departement landbou, bosbou en visserye asook die Kaapstadse honde-eenheid vir beskermde spesies uitgevoer. Volgens Beukes het polisiehonde gou die perlemoen uitgesnuffel. Die eienaar van die perseel is in kennis gestel en gevra om na die besigheidseenheid te kom om dit oop te sluit. Nadat die perseel oopgesluit is het

Register at Boland College Strand Campus from 8-10 January 2014, for one of these programmes: > > > > >

Human Resource Management (N4-N6) > Business Management (N4-N6) Office Administration (Level 2-4) > Management Assistant (N4-N6) Civil (N1-N3) > Civil Engineering and Building Construction (Level 2-4) Electrical Infrastructure Construction (Level 2-4) > Electrical (N1-N3) Water and Wastewater Treatment (N1-N3)

For more information, please visit or contact: Strand Campus t: 021 853 7611

Perlemoen ter waarde van R1,8 miljoen is in die Gordonsbaai nywerheidsgebied gekry.


personeel van die departement landbou, bosbou en visserye die perlemoen wat in vrieskaste gestoor was,

begin tel. Volgens Beukes hoop hulle om spoedig mense in hegtenis te neem.

Stolen electronics recovered Two suspects, one of whom is a minor, were arrested in Asanda Village on Thursday 7 November following an incident of housebreaking. According to a police report, the suspects gained access to the house by forcefully opening the security gate and the door. The following items were stolen: a Sansui television, a Toshiba laptop, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a

The Strand police is urging the following residents or their families to contact with the station urgently with regard to their respective cases. The names are: George Alexander Reynolds, Pierre Bernardus Botha, Ricardo Alfred Morris, Roelof Johannes van den Berg, Victor Deon Serone, Hendrik J.J. van Niekerk, Jaco de Beer, Sarel Arnoldus Cilliers

Tuesday 3 December 2013



Blackberry cellphone and a Huwei media pad, with a combined value of R25 000. The Lwandle police followed up on information received from the public about suspects allegedly being in possession of the stolen goods, which led them to the place where the stolen goods were recovered. The two suspects, aged 17 and 22, were arrested and appeared in the

Strand Magistrate’s Court on Monday 11 November. The minor was sent to the Bosasa Youth Development Centre while his accomplice remains in custody until their next court appearance. “The Lwandle police wishes to thank the public for their cooperation and being their eyes and ears in this instance,” said Const Mthokozisi Gama, spokesperson for the Lwandle police.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

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Helderberg Gazette

Die plaaslike vissersgemeenskap is verheug oor hulle nuwe verteenwoordiger.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Ruben Davies, John Pretorius, sameroeper van die Helderberg Communal Fishers, en Dullah Aziz, sekretaris van die Helderberg Communal Fishers. FOTO’S: DALEEN FOUCHÉ

Vissermanne in hul noppies oor nuwe permit DALEEN FOUCHÉ Die plaaslike vissersgemeenskap is verheug ná hul versoek aan die departement van landbou, bosbou en visserye vir ’n nuwe verteenwoordiger toegestaan is. Die departement het Vrydag 22 November met die Helderberg-vissersgemeenskap vergader by die Suider Strand-biblioteek en aangekondig dat 2013–’14 se groepspermit vir kreef in Armien Samuels se naam uitgereik sal word en nie in Andries van der Merwe se naam soos die vorige seisoen nie. Samuels is deur die vissersgemeenskap gekies as verteenwoordiger op ’n vergadering 6 November wat deur die Hottentots-Holland

Vissersvereniging sowel as lede van die Helderberg Kleinskaalse Vissersvereniging bygewoon is. By dieselfde vergadering is daar ’n mosie van wantroue teen Van der Merwe aanvaar. Plaaslike vissermanne beskuldig Van der Merwe daarvan dat hy met die vorige kreefseisoen nie hul volle bedrae uitbetaal het nie en vissermanne is tans besig met regsaksie teen hom om uitstaande geld in te samel. Van der Merwe sê hy “gee nie om” dat die permit nou aan Samuels uitgereik word nie. “Ek sal saam met Samuels werk.” Maar Van der Merwe sê hy is wel bekommerd oor die vissermanne wat nie by die huidige permit gaan baatvind nie. In ’n vorige onderhoud met Van der Merwe

River Gorge and Crystal Pools hiking trail closed Following the recent severe rains and flooding, the Steenbras Nature Reserve’s River Gorge and Crystal Pools hiking trail will be closed for restoration until further notice. Due to the overflowing of the Steenbras Dam, the area has experienced severe erosion, damaging the trail completely in some areas. The water level in the gorge is currently very high and about 80% of the trail is under water. The City of Cape Town urges the public not to enter this section of the nature reserve. The steep terrain of the area and the extent of the damage in the gorge, which includes

loose rocks and soil, as well as the increased water flow makes the area extremely dangerous for visitors While the gorge is closed to the public ,the rebuilding of the trail and implementation of soil erosion measures will take place. Although it is difficult to provide an opening date until a proper assessment of all the damaged areas has been completed, the reserve hopes to have the trail accessible to visitors early in the new year. For enquiries or information regarding this area please email the reserve at or visit

het hy ontken dat hy geld weerhou het van vissermanne en sê die geld is met die medewete van vissermanne by ’n trust wat vroeër vanjaar gestig is, inbetaal. Verdeeldheid onder die vissersorganisasies is ook nou ’n ding van die verlede, volgens Dullah Aziz, sekretaris van die nuut gestigte Helderberg Communal Fishers. Hy sê die twee gemeenskapsgroepe wat hulle beywer vir die regte van vissermanne, naamlik Hottentots-Holland Vissersvereniging en die Helderberg Kleinskaalse Vissersvereniging, is vir eers opsy geskuif en dié nuwe organisasie sal vir die huidige seisoen aktief wees. Die organisasie verteenwoordig vissermanne wat deel uit maak van die huidige groepspermit wat uitgereik is in Samuels

se naam. Die vorige seisoen se groepspermit het 70 vissermanne toegelaat om elk 167 kg kreef vir die seisoen te vang. Die 2013’–14 groepspermit laat 76 vissermanne elk 138 kg kreef toe. Die name van 11 vissermanne wat by die groepspermit gevoeg moet word is ook deur die departement goedgekeur. John Pretorius, sameroeper van die Helderberg Communal Fishers, sê die 11 vissermanne vervang vissers wat oorlede is of wat reeds ’n maandelikse inkomste verdien. Die groepspermit is Maandag 25 November aan Samuels oorhandig en vissermanne hoop om so gou moontlik op die see uit te gaan. Pretorius sê hoewel die kreefseisoen al op 15 November begin het, was die water nog nie gunstig vir die vang van kreef nie.

Search for the ‘extinct’ geometric tortoise continues Helderberg residents who think they may have seen a geometric tortoise (see picture) are encouraged to report their findings to the City of Cape Town. Although the geometric tortoise is believed to be extinct in the Helderberg, a sighting of a young female in Gordon’s Bay last year may suggest otherwise. The geometric tortoise is endangered. Due to the critical status of the species and the vulnerability of their habitat, there is a need to allocate areas for their protection. There are a number of nature reserves protecting the geometric tortoise. There is evidence that geometric tortoises could be found in the Strand and Gordon’s Bay. It is illegal to keep these animals as pets and legal action can be taken against those who are found in possession of the species. To report people who are illegally keeping geometric tortoises as pets, contact Cape Nature Conservation’s services unit on 021 955 5940 or the Helderberg Nature Reserve on 021 851 6982. Send your photos of geometric tortoises to HelderbergNature.Reserve@cape- or for verification. For more information visit

The geometric tortoise.

Make cleaning the beach part of your holiday fun The Helderberg Beach Clean-up for this month will take place on Saturday 7 December where the beaches of Strand and Gordon’s Bay will be attended to. It starts at the usual spots; at the Gordon’s Bay Main Beach parking lot at 09:00 followed by the Hottentots-Holland Sailing Club on Strand Beach at 10:00. “As an added bonus we will be having the beach clean-ups every Saturday during the December holidays. Gordon’s Bay beach is also in for a special treat with Radio Helderberg DJ Mark Taylor who will

be providing the entertainment and music there for the duration of the clean-up,” said organizer Marla Nortjé. “This is a special way for us local residents to show tourists how much we care about our beaches and maybe even get them in on the action.” Those interested should bring their hat and sunglasses as bags, sunscreen and hand sanitizer will be provided. For more information phone Nortjé on 082 410 4004 or send an email to

Tuesday 3 December 2013

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Helderberg Gazette

Enjoy Christmas musical

Gazette-lesers sê... Onveilige taxis Niemand sal dit ooit ontken dat van die onveiligste, die mees onnet, en die mees onverskillige asook gevaarlikste taxi bestuurders op die Helderberg se paaie ry nie. Moontlik nog sonder permitte, en nogal oorlaai ook. Ek was ’n passasier in ’n oorlaaide taxi wat oor ’n rooi robot en teen ’n spoed oor ’n stopstraat gery het. As ’n mens die arrogante drywers konfronteer raak hulle aggressief. Taxi eienaars is nie meer be-

Laaste vergadering Alle inwoners van Salvo Park en Firgrove word uitgenooi na die Salvo Park /Firgrove Belastingbetalersvereniging se laaste vergadering van die jaar. Dit word op Woensdag 4 Desember om 19:00 by die Firgrove Primêre Skool gehou. Bel mnr. Fortuin by 073 885 9087 vir meer inligting.

AWS holds year-end fete The Helderberg Animal Welfare Society will host its end of year fete on 7 December. The fete, to be held at 42 Reitz Street in Somerset West, will start from 08:30. There will be a variety of stalls including a white elephant table; novelties, jewellery, toys, books and ar. Fete-goers can also enjoy a cup of tea in the tea garden and boerewors rolls will also be on sale. For more information phone Moira on 021 852 2268.

Gustrouw-kliniek hou jaarvergadering Alle pasiënte van die Gustrouw Gemeeenskapsgesondheidsentrum en personeel word genooi na die algemene jaarvergadering om 09:00 op Saterdag 7 Desember. Jaarverslae sal by die vergadering voorgelê word en die verkiesing van ’n uitvoerende gesondheidskomitee sal bespreek word. Daar sal ook geleentheid vir die publiek gegee word om vrae te vra. Vir meer inligting bel die ondervoorsitter van die Gustrouw gesondheidskomitee Dullah Aziz op 073 313 8507.

wus van die belangrike diens wat hulle moet verrig om weerlose moeders, en bejaardes daagliks by hul werk te besorg om ’n inkomste te verdien nie. Ouers is ook heeltemal onbewus van die oorverdowende geraas wat leerders moet trotseer. Elke taxi moet met ’n klankmeter ingerig word, en elke drywer moet ook ’n nasionale gevorderde bestuurslisensie kry. Ons het slegs ’n paar taxi eienaars en drywers wat ten alle tye goed gedissiplineerd is. Joseph


BODY OF DANCE IN ACTION: Rhapsody Dance Centre in Strand is hosting a show on Thursday 5 December. Catch all the talented dancers in action on stage at the Strand Town Hall from 19:00. R40 gets you in. For more information, phone 082 499 9082.

The Somerset West Baptist Church, on the corner of Hendriksz and Louw Avenues, presents a Christmas musical titled God’s Love Gift. The event takes place on Friday 6 December at 19:00 and Sunday 8 December at 09:30 and 18:30. Beautiful music, solos, choir performances and dancers will entertain the crowd. Entrance is free of charge. For more information, phone Vanessa Loots on 082 828 2990.


Helderberg Gazette

Die vroue is met ’n voetversorgingsessie en pedikuur bederf.

General - Algemeen

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Agter van links is Adriana Pieters, Patricia Matthews, Alida Miggels, Sylvia de Wet, Gene Jantjies, Sylvia de Wet, Ester Abrahams, Elizabeth Adams en Sarah Sauls; middel: Elsie Arnolds, Lydia Steyn en Susan Messias; voor: Jo-ann Petersen en Doreen Herbert. FOTO’S: BERNADETTE ROSSI

Mooimaaksessie vir Macassar-vroue Die Macassar Village Outreachprojek het onlangs vroue in die gemeenskap met ’n pamperlangsessie bederf.

Dié projek is meer as tien jaar gelede deur ’n Macassar-inwoner Elizabeth Adams, beter bekend as Beaty, begin om mense in haar gemeenskap se lewe te verryk. Volgens Beaty bedryf sy hoofsaaklik ’n voedingskema en speelgroep

Doreen Herbert stileer een van die vroue se hare.

asook ’n nasorgprogram vir kinders. Sy beplan ook ’n Kerspartytjie vir sowat 300 kinders in Desember. Dié gekwalifiseerde haarkapper het onlangs besluit sy wil ook ’n paar vroue spesiaal laat voel. ’n Paar van haar vriende het ingewillig om te help om die vroue se hare te stileer en hulle is ook bederf met ’n pedikuursessie. Om die vroue ekstra spesi-

Die vroue se pamperlangdag is met ’n grimeersessie afgesluit.

aal te laat voel is dié bederf met ’n grimeringsessie afgesluit. Mense wat die Macassar Village Outreach-projek wil ondersteun kan Elizabeth Adams by 073 690 2604 bel.

Beaty Adams knip een van die vroue se hare.

Holiday fun at Strand Library Various fun activities are available for children to participate in at the Strand Library during the holidays. Among them is a puppet-show presented by Party Mania at 10:00 on Friday 6 December. Decorating the Christmas tree and colouring-in will follow after. On Monday 9 December Bernina will present their “I love Rhino” sewing for fun session at 10:00. Children are invited to bring their own T-shirt where they will learn to sew in two sessions. There is no cover charge for this event. A bake and create cup cake demonstration takes place on Tuesday 10 December at 10:00. All materials are included in this activity. A Christmas-card making session follows this. The cost is R10 per child. The second Bernina “I love Rhino” sewing session takes place on Thursday 12 December at 10:00. Following the session, children will also be able to enter their design into a competition at R20 per entry. Booking in advance is requested. Phone Rina on 021 850 4173 to book.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Groot eer vir Macassar-meisies Drie gr.7-leerders van die Macassar Primêre Skool, Britney Hendricks, Kaydé Hendricks en Sonja van Zyl sal volgende jaar hul skoolloopbane by Somerset College voortsit. Dit is moontlik gemaak deur middel van ’n borgskap van ’n Johannesburgse maatskappy, die “Student Sponsorship Programme”. Volgens die skool-

hoof Mark Williams het die leerders hul staal gewys met die aflê van ’n reeks strawwe toetse. Williams sê dat die skool asook die leerders se ouers graag vir Somerset College wil bedank vir die geleentheid wat aan die leerders gebied word. “Die skool en die hele gemeenskap is trots en wens die drie alle sukses toe vir die toekoms,” sê Williams.

General - Algemeen

Helderberg Gazette

All the award winners are (back from left), Ivan Hartley (taxi owner), John May (Strand), Thys Harmse (Strand), Gwynneth Hendricks (Strand), Bethwel Masekwane (Lwandle) and Nkosiyedwa Mpanga (Lwandle). In the middle are Mitta Hendricks (Macassar) Elizabeth Smit (Sir Lowry’s Pass), Marie Jooste (Sir Lowry’s Pass) Patricia Jansen (Macassar), Julianna van Wyk (Macassar) and Ivor Kammies (Strand). In the front are Wendy Sifumba (Lwandle), Elizabeth (Nono) Booysen (Sir Lowry’s Pass), Setta August (Sen-Cit Resthaven Strand) and Louise Hendricks (Strand). Erika Muller was absent when the photo was taken.

Support group thanks members Courage, strength, friendship and support were the qualities celebrated at the Helderberg Stroke Support Group (HSSG)’s end of year function on Thursday 21 November.

Macassar Primêre Skool-leerders Britney Hendricks, Kaydé Hendricks en Sonja van Zyl sal volgende jaar hul skoolloopbane by Somerset College voortsit nadat hul beurse ontvang het.


After facing a difficult year, members were treated to music, snacks and juice to celebrate the improvements and success stories of members as well

as the group’s 20 successful years of providing support to stroke victims. The highlight of the day was the awards given to members of the group who showed the most improvement, members who inspired and encouraged others, as well as long serving members and friends of the group. Judy Cawood, treasurer of the HSSG says the group still needs financial support.

These members of the HSSG were awarded for inspiring and encouraging others who have suffered strokes. At the back from left is Marie Jooste (Sir Lowry’s Pass), Elizabeth Smit (Sir Lowry’s Pass), Gwynneth Hendricks (Strand). In the front from left is Thys Harmse (Strand), Setta August (Resthaven) and Louise Hendricks (Strand).


General - Algemeen

Helderberg Gazette






Agterstallig met jou voertuig paaiemente, laat ek jou help. Of wil jy jou voertuig verkoop, laat ek dit vir jou doen Kontak nr 083 493 6894 / 079 560 9088

0 DIRK 084 8299 332 Alle opruim & verwyder van tuin- & bouafval . Saag van bome & tuinwerk • Vervoerwerk • Braaihout te koop!

Tuesday 3 December 2013


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Dinsdag 3 Desember 2013


Helderberg Gazette


Rugby tournament at Gustrouw held to fight crime The u.13 and u.16 rugby teams who played in the Sports Against Crime tournament at the Gustrouw sports fields in Strand on Friday 22 November produced some top class rugby, which thrilled spectators and organisers alike. The tournament was held in partnership with Usave Sports Against Crime SA, the SAPS Western Cape’s provincial social crime projects and Erijaville United Rugby Club from Strand. The participating teams were: Erijaville United, Grace United, Sir Lowry’s Pass Harlequins and Rebel United. The Sir Lowry’s Pass team won the u.13 competition and Erijaville United won the u.16 section of the tournament. The winning teams each received a rugby ball and medals. The balls were sponsored by Usave Shoprite and the medals by Eugene Voster of Spectrum Plastics. Vincent Daniels, president of Sports Again Crime SA, said he was pleased that the tournament was such a success and said he was

also impressed with the quality of rugby played at the event. Sport Against Crime has been in operation for 22 years and has achieved some outstanding results in the fight against crime by hosting sports events for the youth, Daniels said. According to him they started out small in the West-

ern Cape, but have since spread to numerous other provinces around the country. Although it is hard work and, at times, quite a struggle, Daniels vowed to continue fighting crime with sport. For more information phone Vincent Daniels on 082 865 1144.

Erijaville United won the u.16 section of the tournament.

Sir Lowry’s Pass Harlequins won the u.13 competition in the rugby tournament held at the Gustrouw sports fields in Strand on Friday 22 November.

Last Vital Run at Lourensford

Many keen runners and walkers from in and around the Helderberg will converge on Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West on Saturday 7 December for one of the most popular athletics events in the Western Cape, the Vital Run. This annual event, being held for the fourth time, is in aid of the Patch Helderberg Centre for Abused Children. The organisers, Run/Walk for Life Western Province Athletics Club, in association with Vital Health Foods, hope to see even more entrants than the 4 300 who turned up for last year’s event. Sad news however is that the Vital Run will be held on the Lourensford Wine Estate for the last time this year. This is due to the estate’s decision that fewer events of this nature will be staged there as of next year. Participants can enter the 21 km run, the 10 km run, 10 km walk or the fun 4 km run or walk. The 21 km and 10 km races are both off-road scenic routes. Participants can relax and indulge in a variety of breakfast delicacies and tastes, as well as ice-cold drinks and Lourensford wines, which will be for sale on the day. Online pre-entries closed yesterday (Monday), but late entries will be accepted on the morning of the run between 05:00 and 06:15 at the venue. As there is only one public access road into Lourensford, athletes and supporters are urged to arrive early to avoid the frustration of congestion and traffic buildup before the race. For more information, contact race organiser Marié Barnard on 021 852 8473 or 083 713 2858. Alternatively, visit

Golf day in aid of old age home Sencit Resthaven Old Age Home in Strand is hosting a golf day on Saturday 7 December at the Fairview Golf Club in Gordon’s Bay. Entry fee is R1 000 per four ball team with great prizes to be won. Funds will be used to provide for the needy senior citizens at the home. Phone Willie Engebrecht on 072 022 7494 for more information.

Runners taking part in the popular Vital Run at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West last year.



Year 17 • Dinsdag 3 Desember 2013 | Tel. 021 853 0211

Jong rolbalspeler vereer Mandla Sixolo (19) lid van Strand-rolbalklub en hoofseun van Rusthof Sekondêre Skool spog met die titel van junior en senior sportman van die jaar. Hy is Vrydag 22 November by die Stad Kaapstad se tweede jaarlikse sporttoekennings-geleentheid vir die genomineerdes van Distrik 6 se sport en ontspanningsraad met dié titel vereer. Hy het ook trofeë en sertifikate ontvang. Uit die 15 kategorieë waarin sportklubs kon deelneem, is die Strand-rolbalklub in drie van die kategorieë genomineer. Mandla is ’n junior lid van die plaaslike rolbalklub en neem sedert 2010 aan die sport deel. Hy het vinnig ontwikkel tot ’n uitstaande rolbalspeler. Hy het van die SA nasionale kampe bygewoon waar goeie leierskapseienskappe by jongmense ontwikkel word. Dié kranige rolbalspeler het uit gestyg as groepleier.

Mandla se vaardighede word na skoolure saam met ander leerlinge van verskeie skole geslyp deur afrigter Aloma Smith, sameroeper: ontwikkeling en bemarking, Strand Rolbalklub. Hy het WP se o.19-span op Klerksdorp verteenwoordig en die nasionale lied met die opening gesing. Mandla se skool het ook die provinsiale sport toekenning ontvang. Vanjaar het hy saam met ander o.19-spelers uit die Helderberg-kom WP in Bonnievale verteenwoordig en die eerste plek losgerol. Mandla het baie struikelblokke oorwin in sy jong lewe. As jong seun het hy ’n ernstige brand-ongeluk oorleef. Hy is geseën met ’n besonder vriendelike persoonlikheid en toon van jongs al sterk leierseienskappe. Mandla was ook seremoniemeester van Mnr. en Mej. WP Jeugkamp 2012. SABC 2 het in 2012 ’n onderhoud met hom gevoer by sy skool (Rusthof Sekondêre Skool) wat uitgesaai is.

Strand Rolbalklub-lid en hoofseun van Rusthof Sekondêre Skool Mandla Sixolo (19) is deur die Stad Kaapstad met die titel van junior en senior sportman van die jaar vereer.

) Die Strand Rolbalklub het met sy volgehoue ontwikkelingsprogram sedert 2002 om leerders uit agtergeblewe gebiede in die Helderberg te leer rolbal speel, ook ’n prestasie-sertifikaat ontvang. Die Strand Rolbalklub nooi almal wat graag rolbal wil leer speel om gebruik te maak van sy afrigtingsprogram. ) Die Strand Sakeliga vind tans saans onder spreiligte plaas en is oop vir alle plaaslike besighede. Vrydagaande en Saterdae kry werkende lede die geleentheid om sosiale rolbal te speel. Daar word voorsiening gemaak vir dié wat Vlag-, Muter- en Provankompetisie te speel. Ná spel word daar lekker gesosialiseer. Elke Vrydag ná werk is daar ook trekkings vir lekker geldpryse. Bel vir Aloma Smith by 021 854 3068/072 469 8635 of Bennita Visser by 021 853 2777/ 082 378 6945 vir inligting.

Trail run at Delvera Helderberg residents are reminded to make their way to the Dirtopia Trail Centre on Delvera Farm, R44 (10 km outside Stellenbosch) on Saturday 8 December for the Summer Trail Run. It takes place from 07:00 and keen runners can participate in the 5 km, 7.5 km, 12.5 km or/and the 15 km events. To take on the challenge will cost each participant between R50 and R105. Please note: distances are 15 minutes apart; pre-entries close on 4 December, but late entries

will be accepted on race day. A medal will be awarded to the three longer distance finishers. There will be one refreshment station on the long routes, and drinks will be available for all participants who cross the finish line. A lucky draw will be held after the run and participants stand a chance to win products from HiTec, Falke socks, Civvio watches. Contact Dirtopia on 021 884 4752 or Alternatively, visit the Dirtopia website (

Helderberg gazette 3 dec 2013