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Year 16 • Tuesday 27 November 2012 | Tel. 021 853 0211

Testing in Sir Lowry’s well supported Wilhemina Adams (63), seen here, was one of more than 100 Sir Lowry’s Pass residents to receive testing for HIV, TB, sexually transmitted diseases and body mass index on Monday. The event, which took place at the old railway station, was arranged by Child Welfare Helderberg, which asked the NGO Right to Care to carry out the tests in their bus. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN

Victims get lost in the system NICOLE MCCAIN The annual 16 Day Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign started on Sunday 25 November. Helderberg non-profit organisations (NPOs) say survivors face a long and drawn-out process before the perpetrator is convicted. “The court is often made out to be the culprit, but it’s more often a system failure,” says Ada Buys, manager of Patch (Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse in the Helderberg), which counsels sexually abused children. Captain Anneke van der Vyver, spokesperson for the Khayelitsha Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit in the police, says “proper” DNA samples cannot be collected after 72 hours. “Therefore it is important for women to report the crime as soon as possible and to refrain from bathing.” “Only 25% of cases are reported in the first

72 hours,” adds Buys, and a lack of DNA evidence can make it difficult to get a conviction. According to Buys, not all doctors are trained in forensics. Doctors also do not necessarily have the criminal evidence kits. This means DNA evidence cannot be collected during the medical examination. Reinette Evans, director of Rape Crisis Helderberg, says medical examinations are conducted at Rape Crisis, which can collect DNA evidence. She adds that she has dealt with cases where rape survivors went to a family doctor who could only complete the documentation but did not collect any DNA evidence. Jane (pseudonym), a Helderberg rape survivor, says she consulted a GP who did not have an evidence kit to collect DNA. Having to complete the identikit was also very difficult. “I was still very shaken, and could only remember certain parts.” She was also asked to accompany police to identify the spot where she was attacked. In the process she came

across her attacker. While this allowed police to make an arrest, she says she was left traumatised by the confrontation with her attacker. Evans says testifying in court can be traumatic and survivors have to be undergo a court preparation process. “They are so scared when they go into court. Sometimes it’s a year later, and they have to relive the trauma.” According to Buys, sexual assaults are crimes of isolation. This means that often there are no other witnesses who can testify. Jane says she was not given sufficient time to prepare before she had to attend court. For her first appearance, she received a phone call informing her to appear in court half an hour before the time. As she was not prepared to testify, Rape Crisis had to submit a letter to the court to say she was unable to testify. For her second appearance, she was given a day’s notice and had to have the case postponed again. And even with all the preparation, testifying in court was still an ordeal. “The court case

was almost more traumatic than the attack . . . The perpetrator was sitting next to me, and everything came back to me. And the manner in which you have to describe the assault, the language you have to use . . . it’s humiliating.” Buys says cross-examination by the perpetrator’s lawyer may sometimes cause a survivor to feel they are being accused of lying. In the case of children, they have the right to testify in a child-friendly environment, but a request has to be submitted by Patch. This allows them to testify in a different room, linked to the court via video cameras. Otherwise, a child may testify in camera. Evans says survivors sometimes don’t remember all the details because of the trauma they experienced. This results in their testimony being called into question, and the perpetrator gets off on a technicality. The Gazette had not received any comment from the Justice Department at the time of print.


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Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012

16 Days: no violence against women and children

No one turned from Ruth’s door NICOLE MCCAIN Ruth Madito is not only a counsellor at the Lwandle Rape Crisis office, a nonprofit organisation working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, she has also thrown open her door to provide a safe place to anyone who walks through it. Ruth (58), while working for Rape Crisis, has become much more to the community and personally deals with almost any problem brought to her. “We never turn anyone away, even if it has nothing to do with rape,” says Ruth. One of these cases was a woman who came to Ruth after her child had been abducted 12 years before. Ruth involved the Lwandle police, who tracked the child to the Eastern Cape and reunited the mother and child. In another case, Ruth worked with a family of children whose mother had passed away, and father had remarried and moved away. The eldest daughter was living with her grandmother, and her younger brother was living alone. With Ruth’s support, she went back to school, completed her education and got a job to support her brother and send him to school. Ruth says that she ends up dealing with cases out of her scope because it is often difficult to access services and organisations in townships. But Ruth does have the assistance of the Lwandle police, where her office is stationed. “They lend our office such an air of dignity, by allowing us to be here. And they are so supportive!”

Ruth also does house visits in the community, to counsel those who are wheelchair bound or bedridden. Ruth says she finds it easy to stay motivated. “The motivation comes from how people receive you as well as the need they have. You see people who are in pain and need your help.” But Ruth refuses to take credit for a lot of her work. “It’s them who are dealing with it. I’m just here to support them.” And she attributes many of the breakthroughs to God, in which she is a firm believer. “The way some people’s problems get solved . . . You had nothing to do with it, but some unseen hand just guided them.” Ruth herself is a survivor of incest (sexually abused by a family member), and says her experience has helped her to relate to her clients. In fact, her involvement with Rape Crisis began while she was attending the support group offered to survivors of incest. “I became aware that I wasn’t the only one.” Although Ruth still finds it difficult to talk about her experience, she doesn’t shy away from it. “Some people feel ashamed, but it’s time people knew about these things. There is help. You’re not alone.” Ruth can be contacted at her office at the Lwandle police station: 021 845 2060 or at the Sir Lowry’s Pass police station: 021 858 1710, or on 072 493 4267. The Rape Crisis centre can also be visited in Batavia Street, next to the Helderberg Hospital, or contacted on 083 484 9409 or

SAPS’ tea Sir Lowry’s Pass residents will be joining hands against woman and child abuse this festive season, with a carols by candlelight event organised by the Somerset West police. The event will take place at Ongegund Lodge on 1 December, with business partners, Arise Billionaires. A high tea will be held at 11:00, with guests requested to remember their hats, gloves and canes. The guests with the most creative costumes will win prizes. The tea will be followed by kayaking on the dam, and then the carols by candlelight - which may even feature a surprise celebrity appearance. Tickets are R100, but any additional donations will be welcome, says Somerset West police spokesperson Constable Suzan Jantjies. The money raised will go towards helping victims of domestic violence at the police station, as well as Christmas gift packets for underprivileged children in Sir Lowry’s Pass. To purchase tickets, phone Constable Jantjies on 071 604 8375, Leswill Lewis on 021 858 1554 or Donavan West on 076 684 7353.

“You see people who are in pain, and need your help. I’m just here to support them.”

Ruth Madito has an open-door policy at the Rape Crisis office at the Lwandle police station.

KWEEK GROENTE REEDS 20 JAAR LANK: Shakira Lucas (1) van Macassar staan hier by haar uie-oes, wat sy saam met hul buurman Stephen Lott (62) geplant het. Lott sê Shakira help hom om kompos en mis in die tuin in te werk. Hy kweek reeds groente vir meer as 20 jaar lank, en het ook nou boontjies en tamaties geplant. “Dis harde werk, en dit hou my baie besig, maar ek hoop dat ander mense ook tuine sal begin na hul myne sien,” sê Lott. FOTO: STEPHEN LOTT

Tuesday 27 November 2012

News - Nuus

Gangs in Lwandle schools NICOLE MCCAIN Lwandle principals are concerned about a new threat to their pupils’ safety after a growing number of pupils have joined gangs. Eric Titipane, principal at Khanyolwethu High School, says gangsterism at the school is “worrying”. He says that there are two rival gangs at his school, and estimates that between 40 and 50 pupils are involved. While Titipane says there have been no incidents of violence on the school premises, he can’t be certain of what happens after school. Lwandle police spokesperson, Constable Mthokozisi Gama, says that they have had no reported cases of gang violence, but are aware of cases where pupils have chased each other after school. Gama says the police have been patrolling the main routes used by pupils after school to make sure no incidents occur. Gama says, however, that he has heard reports of gangs being territorial, which makes it difficult for youngsters to move from one area to another. “They won’t be able to go from Lwandle to Asanda Village or Nomza-

A Lwandle principal is worried about gangsterism among the youth. mo,” Gama explains. The principal at Simanyene High, Monwabisi Matshoba, says that some of his pupils are involved with gangs that are run on territory. He says that while he has also had

no incidents on the school grounds, he has received reports of pupils being beaten after school. Gama adds that they don’t know why the youth are forming gangs. “We can’t find out what the fighting is about. We can’t get to the essence of the problem.” However, the friction between gang members has resulted in parents removing their children from the school after they were threatened, says Titipane. And he is concerned that he and his staff will also be put at risk. “I am a very strict principal. I don’t know if I could be a target.” Titipane stresses that parents need to become involved to prevent their children joining gangs. Gama agrees, saying they have been holding a series of meeting to make parents aware of gangsterism. He also says that visible policing will improve the situation. “We need support from the police. The school can only rely on the authorities.” However, Gama says it all begins with parental involvement. “It’s difficult for the police. We need parents to report any threats made against their children.”

Safety first this festive season While you’re away on holiday, don’t forget to make sure your home is safe. Spokesperson for the Strand police, Constable Mbulelo Mafuna, says that property crimes increase at the end and beginning of the year. He encourages the community to take precautions to ensure they are safe, and to be vigilant. “If a neighbour spots any suspicious activity next door, he or she must contact the police or the neighbourhood watch. In this way every street and the community looks after itself.” The Helderberg Crime Watch advises you keep your doors and windows locked whenever you’re not at home. Don’t hide any keys in traditional places, such as in pot plants or under doormats, and change your locks if you lose your keys. When leaving your home for an extended period of time, have a neighbour or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail. Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer, at the times you would usually switch them on and off. You can also leave a radio or television on so that the house looks and sounds occupied. Having the sector numbers for the police in your area at hand during the festive season, will ensure faster response by SAPS in case of an emergency.



GORDON’S BAY: Sector 1: The area includes Anchorage Park, Winslow, Dobsonville (old Gordon’s Bay), Golf Terraces, Whispering Pines, Harbour Island up to the old harbour. Warrant Officer Anton Stemmet is the Sector manager for Gordon’s Bay urban area. Phone 082 522 2672. Sector 2: Gordon’s Bay includes the rural area from Firlands on the N2, including farms, smallholdings up to Gustrouw Road, including Temperance Town and Mountainside. This sector also includes the R44 Coastal Road up to the Rooi Els bridge. Phone 082 302 5570. STRAND: Sector 1: Southfork, Sercor Park, Casablanca, Broadlands Park, Rusthof, Broadlands Road to Onverwacht. Phone: 082 522 1288 or 082 411 2021. Sector 2: Onverwacht, Morkel Cottage, George Park, Voortrekker Park, Die Bos, Kleinbos Avenue to part of Beach Road up to the Spur. Phone: 082 778 6995 or 082 522 2750. Sector 3: Main Road, Lourensriver Road, Gants Centre over the N2 to Van der Stel. Phone: 082 522 3236 or 082 522 1289.

SOMERSET WEST: Sector 1: Somerset West CBD, Garden Village, Land-en-Zeezicht, Erinvale Estate, World View, La Sandra, Stuart’s Hill and all areas within. Phone: 082 411 2703. Sector 2: Areas inside and including Helderzicht, Paardevlei, Somerset Mall, Waterstone, Victoria Park, Westridge, Pearl Rise, Spanish Farm, Helderberg Estate, Bel’Aire, Helderberg Village and Helderview. Phone: 082 411 2715. Sector 3: The top section of Van der Stel, Somerset West Business Park, Somerset Country Estate, Dennegeur, Schapenberg Estate, Somerset Park and surrounds. Phone 082 411 2036. MACASSAR: Sector 1: Areas between Kramat Way up to Albatros Way. Phone 079 894 1641 or the Sector 1 vehicle on 082 522 2668. Sector 2: from Albatros Way and includes Denel and Firgrove. Phone 079 894 1483 or the Sector 2 vehicle on 082 522 1734. The beach area and Sandvlei, including the smallholdings, fall under rural safety. Phone 082 444 2428.

Helderberg Gazette

CPF meets The Gordon’s Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) is having their last meeting for the year, today (Tuesday). It takes place at 18:00 at the old Gordon’s Bay Council Chambers, also known as the old board room. For more information, phone 021 856 1207.


Free HIV tests Lwandle and Nomzamo residents can be tested for HIV on World Aids Day, 1 December. The health department’s sub-eastern district will be at Khanyolwethu High School from 08:00 – 12:00, and will provide blood pressure tests, family planning counselling and dental services. The first 50 people for TB or HIV screening will get gifts from sponsors, Old Mutual and Shoprite. Phone Izak Mofokeng at 074 656 0887.


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Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012

‘16 Days’ too little to fight violence

16-dae Veldtog teen Geweld teen Vroue en Kinders 25 November 10 Desember

The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children started on Sunday 25 November, and will run until 10 December. The campaign aims to create awareness of the negative impact of violence against women and children and to encourage people to act against abuse of this kind. In addition to creating awareness, the campaign also aims to build support for victims and survivors of abuse. FAMSA Western Cape, an organisation focusing on building family relationships, estimates that one in every four women are victims of domestic violence, based on a report submitted to the Department of Justice. The Gazette spoke to local police and organisations working with women and children affected by violence, to find out what impact the campaign is having.

Warrant officer Nico Beukes, social crimes officer and spokesperson for the Gordon’s Bay police, says they see an increase in cases in October and November, not during the 16 days of activism. But he believes the campaign does good. “It makes an impact. The feedback we get from the community is that they don’t know where to get assistance. We empower people through our awareness programmes.” Patricia Thakholi, who runs the Lwandle office of Patch, says that she thinks the campaign works. “Women come forward to report cases and are more aware of their rights because of the 16 days of activism. But the awareness programme must not only be at the end of the year. It needs to be a continuous thing.”

Ada Buys, manager of Patch, says that they see an increase in the number of reports during the 16 days of activism. “We’re not sure why there is an increase in reports. I think sometimes people have been keeping it a secret, and feel they should come forward after all the awareness.” She says the period of activism takes place at a good time. “We’re heading into the festive season, where children are home for the holidays. That’s when the abuse usually takes place. However, it is a concern that the children might not report abuse until they return to school in January.”

“Violence has become so huge that 16 days is not enough. It is enough for people to know there is a problem, but not to know the extent or depth of it,” says Hilda Lourens of Ukhukanya, an organisation working with victims of domestic violence. “We need to create more awareness, all year, so that people will come forward and eventually the situation will get better.” Lourens is also worried that domestic abuse is on the increase, despite the yearly campaign. “Over the last two years, we’ve seen abuse become more intense, vicious and sophisticated.”

Reinette Evans, director of Rape Crisis, has concerns over the 16 days of activism campaign. She says Rape Crisis sees a huge increase in the number of cases they deal with during the period. “I don’t know if it’s because more rapes are being reported, or if more are taking place, but we get very busy. I see the period of activism as being everyday, throughout the year, and not just for 16 days.”

Social Crimes officer and spokesperson for the Strand police, Constable Mbulelo Mafuna, says while he cannot be sure if more cases are reported, he thinks the 16 days of activism definitely make people more aware of domestic violence. “Even though it should be all year round, the 16 days definitely reduce domestic violence by making everyone so aware of it.”


UKHUKANYA (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) – 021 850 0061; RAPE CRISIS (OVER 18 YEARS) – 021 852 5620; PATCH (CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE) – 021 852 6110; STOP WOMEN ABUSE HELPLINE – 0800 150 150; CHILDLINE – 0800 055 555; POLICE: GORDON’S BAY – 021 856 2677; SOMERSET WEST – 021 850 1300; MACASSAR – 021 857 7100; STRAND – 021 854 9100; LWANDLE – 021 845 2060 OR SAPS ON 10111;

Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Helderberg Gazette

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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Vergemaklik lewensredders se taak

Lifesaving South Africa recommends you pay attention to the following flags to keep you safe at the beach:

NICOLE MCCAIN Terwyl baie Helderberg-families die strande hierdie somer gaan geniet, sal min mense ’n gedagte gee aan diegene wat die strand bewaak om besoekers se veiligheid te verseker. Volgens Tandeka Gqada, burgemeesterskomiteelid vir gemeenskapsdienste by die Stad Kaapstad, sal agt lewensredders by Kogelbaai uitgeplaas word, drie by Bikini-strand, drie by Gordonsbaai en ses by Strand. Geen lewensredders sal egter diens doen by Hendon Park, terwyl die getal by Harmony Park nog bevestig moet word. Lewensredders sal aan diens wees tussen 10:00 en 18:00 gedurende die vakansiemaande Desember en Januarie. Gqada noem dat vyf mense verlede jaar in die Helderberg verdrink het – drie by Strand en twee by Harmony Park. Peter Helfrich is al 13 jaar betrokke by lewensredding en doen tans vrywillig diens by Harmony Park en Macassar-strand. “Ek is nie ’n lewensredder oor Baywatch nie,” skerts die 27-jarige Peter. “Die herinnering aan die eerste keer wat ek iemand se lewe gered het, laat my aanhou om dit te doen. Daardie dag het ek besef ons maak ’n verskil. Ons red werklik lewens.” Bradley Arnold (33), ’n voormalige lewensredder by Macassar-strand, is al 25 jaar betrokke by lewensredding. Bradley sê daar is nie ’n beter gevoel as om iemand se lewe te red nie. “Die beste gevoel in die wêreld is as jy ’n jong kind uit die see haal en aan sy ma gee.” Albei vertel hul beste herinnering is die dag toe hulle saam met tien ander lewensredders 32 mense gered het wat in ’n getystroom vasgevang was. “Ons het hulle almal uitgekry,” onthou Peter. Al hul reddingspogings eindig egter nie so

Lewensredders Peter Helfrich en Bradley Arnold. gelukkig nie. “Om iemand te verloor is die ergste gevoel. Nog erger is wanneer die familie by jou wil weet hoe dit gebeur het.” Bradley stem saam: “Die ergste is as ’n ma na jou toe kom om te sê haar kind het in die see weggeraak.” Bradley sê kinders raak dikwels verlore tussen groot skares waar dit moeilik is om hulle te sien. Om verdrinkings te verhoed het lewensredders die hulp van die gemeenskap nodig, sê Peter en Bradley. Peter benadruk dat mense nooit op die strand moet drink nie, of onder die invloed van alkohol of dwelms moet swem nie.

PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN Daarby moet swemmers altyd op hul hoede wees en na die lewensredders luister, sê Peter. “Kyk na die vlaggies op die strand. Die lewensredders baken die veiligste plek om te swem af.” As mense nie weet wat die vlaggies beteken nie, moet hulle vra. Hy pleit by swemmers om gehoor te gee aan die fluitjies en die harde mikrofone. “Dit is hoe ons met swemmers kommunikeer.” Lewensredding SA moedig mense aan om tussen die rooi en geel vlae te swem. Wanneer swemmers in die moeilikheid raak, moet hulle hul hand bokant hul kop waai om die lewensredders se aandag te trek.

Lifesavers are on duty in the area between these flags.

It is safe to swim 200 m on either side of this flag.

Swimming wed.

It is temporarily unsafe to swim.


Swimming is not allowed.



Surfing is not allowed

Surfing is allowed.



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Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Letters - Briewe

Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012

SMS-lyn: Gee hulle meer DRUGS IN BROADLANDS ( Congratulationstothepeoplewhoaregetting rid of drug dealers themselves. Rae Smith. ( I support the City of Light project. As a parent I would like to raise my child in a drugfree zone and Broadlands Village is not safe any more. We want the drug dealers out so we can leave our homes with peace of mind when we go to work. PLAASWERKER-STAKING ( Plaaswerkers, julle moet liewer huil omdat julle aksies (gedryf deur opswepery van politici en vakbond-bendes) gelei het tot miljoene rande se skade aan boorde, pakhuise en skure. Dit neem boorde tot sewe jaar om te herstel. Dit is ’n groot verlies aan inkomste vir julle wat julle nie gaan inhaal nie en die SA-ekonomie verloor miljoene. Zuma, elke keer wanneer u en Cosatu lekker borde kos eet, kom dit van boere wat nie u ondersteuning kry nie.

Zuma, wat gaan u doen as die landbou in duie stort en SA hongersnood ervaar? Rickus van Graan, Strand ( Wanneer die werkers op die plaas woon en gratis behuising kry is R80 per dag vir my aanvaarbaar. As hy nie op plaas woon en nie gratis verblyf, krag of water kry nie verander dit die situasie. Dit is natuurlik net van toepassing op permanente werkers en nie op seisoenwerkers wat van elders kom, hul moet met die werkgewer onderhandel alvorens hul werk aanvaar. ( The prestigious and wealthy Lourensford Estate should be ashamed for paying their farmworkers R72,50 per day when 2 litres of milk cost R15, a bread cost R8; 1 kg bananas is R7; 1 kg boerewors is R49, totalling R79. The farmworker will have to go and beg for R9 or give back the bread. An average bottle of wine is sold at R72. Therefore R250 per day sounds more rewarding for the farmworker. He may have some change in his pocket for the next day. L.D. Somerset West

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: This past Saturday Metro police, Strand SAPS, and the Strand Community Police Forum (CPF) launched their 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children programme. Instead of the planned walk along Beach Road, the event was held at the Surfside Bistro due to the rain and strong wind. Talks were delivered by the Strand Police, Metro Police and Strand CPF, and the audience was entertained with dance by a local group from the New Apostolic Church (pictured). PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Maak ’n verskil en stop geweld Die jaarlikse 16-dae-veldtog van aktivisme teen geweld teen vroue en kinders het Sondag 25 November (internasionale dag van eliminering van geweld teen vroue) afgeskop. Die veldtog eindig op internasionale menseregte-dag (10 Desember) en het ten doel om geweld teen vroue en kinders uit te roei.

Wêreld Vigsdag (1 Desember) en die internasionale dag vir gestremdes word ook in die tydperk gevier. Plaaslike kampvegters vir geen geweld teen vroue en kinders meen dat die veldtog wat in 1993 in SuidAfrika van stapel gestuur is, tog in ’n mate suksesvol is. Hulle sê meer aanmeldings word in die tydperk gemaak. Dis egter nie duidelik of die

toename is omdat slagoffers tydens die tydperk groter vrymoedigheid het om na vore te kom, en of daar wel in die tydperk ’n toename in geweld teen vroue en kinders is nie. Dis egter belangrik dat alle vorms van geweld, veral teen vroue en kinders elke dag die hok geslaan word. Maak ’n verskil en raak betrokke meld geweld aan.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Delicious diabetic pasta November is diabetes month, This healthy chicken and vegetable pasta is both tasty and diabetes friendly. Ingredients: 250 g dry spaghetti 2 tsp olive or vegetable oil 2 tsp minced garlic 1 medium baby marrow, cut lengthwise in half, then into 2 cm thick slices 3 medium tomatoes, coarsely chopped

½ cup chicken or vegetable stock 2 cups cooked chicken pieces or strips ¼ cup sliced fresh basil 2 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese (optional) Method: Cook pasta according to package directions. Heat oil in large non-stick pan over medium heat until hot, before adding garlic. Cook

and stir for 1 to 2 minutes, until garlic is softened. Add baby marrow and cook for one minute. Add tomatoes and stock, cooking for 3 to 5 minutes until marrow is crisp but tender. Remove from heat. Drain pasta. Add to pan and toss. Add chicken and toss. Sprinkle with basil and parmesan cheese. Source: American Diabetes Association

Spaghetti with chicken and vegetables.

KENNISGEWING VAN ‘N VERGADERING VAN DIE RAAD VAN DIE STAD KAAPSTAD ‘n Vergadering van die Raad van die Stad Kaapstad word op Woensdag 5 Desember 2012 om 10:00 in die Raadsaal, 6de Verdieping, Podiumblok, Burgersentrum, Hertzog-boulevard 12, Kaapstad gehou. Let asseblief daarop dat daar ‘n beperkte aantal sitplekke in die openbare galery in die Raadsaal beskikbaar is en dat dit dus op ‘n eerste-daar-eerste-gehelp-grondslag toegeken sal word. As u die vergadering wil bywoon, moet u asseblief tussen 09:00-16:00 vir Michelle Alberts by 021 400 3708 skakel en ons u van, voorletters en kontaktelefoonnommer voorsien. Alle versoeke om bywoning moet teen nie later nie as een dag voor die vergadering ontvang word. Besoekers word versoek om asseblief hulle sitplekke teen 09:30 in te neem.



Mediclinic offers free testing In support of Diabetes Awareness month Mediclinic Vergelegen will have free blood glucose screening tests. The tests will be done today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday 28 November) in the hospital’s restaurant from 09:00 to 15:00. According to a study by the Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) one in three people screened for diabetes were at high risk of developing diabetes in the next decade; - a further 50% were at an increased risk. These results were taken from 10 000 tests and form part of the ICPA drive to

collect 100 000 tests to aid the department of health. Outcome of screening: 68% had no family history of diabetes 65% of patients tested were overweight, of which 13% were severely obese; 68% believed they were not diabetic; 71% believed they did not suffer from hypertension the study proved that 800 people had raised blood sugar and 648 people had very high blood pressure 30% of patients tested were at high risk Phone the hospital on 021 850 9000 for more information on the glucose screening tests.

German market


FESTIVE LIGHTS SWITCH-ON 2012 Sun 2 December 15:00 Grand Parade

FREE concert featuring LIRA, Freshlyground, Jimmy Dludlu,

Alistair Izobel, Emo Adams, DJ Ready D, Joe Barber, Mynie Grove, Zayn Adam

Our entire festive season programme of events is available on #CTfestivelights We work together to build a city that we can enjoy together.

The German Lutheran Church of Stellenbosch /Somerset-West will host its popular, traditional Christmas Market on Saturday 1 December. It takes place in the church centre in Hofmeyr Street, Stellenbosch (near the Jan Marais Park) from 08:00 to 13:00. Traditional German cookies, decorations, candles, wreaths and gift items will be on sale, as well as plants, crafts and books. You can also enjoy a hearty breakfast, filter coffee, pancakes or even Bratwurst and beer in a festival atmosphere.

Crafty Cats exhibition

The Crafty Cats hold their annual exhibition of crafts on Tuesday 27 November. The event will be held from 10:00 to 11:30 at the Church of Christ, on the corner of Irene Avenue and Lourensford Road. For more information, phone Lilian on 021 855 2658.

Helderberg Kersmark

Die Helderberg-gemeente in Firmountweg hou van 27 November tot 1 Desember hul kos, kuns- en Kersmark. Die geleentheid vind elke dag vanaf 09:00 – 18:00 plaas. Besoekers kan gehalte kuns en handwerk, asook heerlike lekkernye by die mark koop.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

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D EA L Freshers Peanuts or Peanuts & Raisins 45g Pieman’s Pie, Pasty or Sausage Roll (Excludes Burger Pie) & 330ml Coke

Tasty Treats 100g Assorted

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Nestlé Chocolate Bars (Bar-One 55g, Kit Kat 4 Finger 45g, Tex 40g)

2 R10 for


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General - Algemeen

Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Much fun with Halli Trust The Halli Trust, a social development and educational organisation hosted a children’s Christmas party in Macassar on 17 November. Five hundred children from Smartie Town and Macassar Village flocked to the sports field on Kramat Road in excitement. Their day was filled with games, face painting, ice-cream, sweets and a concert. Heidi Naudé of the trust says, “Halli our cool mascot was there and we danced and had lots of fun with him, we handed out all the gifts and ended the day with more dancing and the national anthem.” The children did go home empty-handed and each of them recieved a gift pack with sweet treats.

Victoria Mangqwengqwe shows the area where the new school hall is being constructed.


A hall for Lwandle school Building is underway at the Umnqophiso Pre-Primary school in Lwandle. The school, after receiving funds from a donor overseas, is building a school hall after moving into their current premises ten years ago. Construction began at the end of October and the school principal Victoria

Mangqwengqwe hopes the hall will be ready by April next year. “We will now have a place to hold our concerts, school fundraisers and graduation ceremonies,” says Mangqwengqwe. “Before, all these events were held outdoors in the courtyard.” Mangqwengqwe says she would also like to build two

additional classrooms, to provide a computer room for her pupils and one where local women can be trained to sew. Mangqwengqwe currently only has funds for the hall and would welcome any donations. If you can contribute in any way phone Victoria Mangqwengqwe at 021 845 6305.

Halli, the mascot, danced with the children.

The day was filled with fun, games and dancing.

The children tucked into the delicious muffins.

A group of children enjoy ice-creams at the party.

Face painting was provided by volunteers Belinda van Zyl and Licha Roux PHOTOS: THEO NAUDÉ

Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Helderberg Gazette



The South African Social Security Agencys (SASSA), responsible i for the management payment of social grants. SASSA must ensure e right thatsocial th grant is paid to person at the right time and place. With the upcoming festive season and thepublic numberholidays of during this per SASSA would like to inform all beneficiaries ised payment of rev dates for December 20 only. This has been effected to ensure of all the our safety beneficiaries and to al that no social grant beneficiary goes unpaid the festive duringseason. Consult the schedule below which highlights yment your day, pa your old payment date your new payment date for December 2012.





03 DECEMBER 2012

27 NOVEMBER 2012


04 DECEMBER 2012

28 NOVEMBER 2012


05 DECEMBER 2012

29 NOVEMBER 2012


06 DECEMBER 2012

30 NOVEMBER 2012


07 DECEMBER 2012

03 DECEMBER 2012


10 DECEMBER 2012

04 DECEMBER 2012


11 DECEMBER 2012

05 DECEMBER 2012


12 DECEMBER 2012

06 DECEMBER 2012


13 DECEMBER 2012

07 DECEMBER 2012

DAY 10

14 DECEMBER 2012

10 DECEMBER 2012

DAY 11

18 DECEMBER 2012

11 DECEMBER 2012

DAY 12

19 DECEMBER 2012

12 DECEMBER 2012

DAY 13

20 DECEMBER 2012

13 DECEMBER 2012

DAY 14

21 DECEMBER 2012

14 DECEMBER 2012


0800 60 10 11 021 4690235


Helderberg Gazette

General - Algemeen

Stay out of the red! ) Remember to keep your account and For many the month of January may just be the longest one of the year, after all the deco- credit card balances below your credit limit. rations are packed away, children are back Aim for balances of under 30 percent. ) Calculate the addiat school and your day-totional expenses you are goday activities resume. ing to have to fund in JanuIf not careful, consumary and put money aside ers may carry part of the for them. Don’t “borrow” holidays with them into from this fund. 2013 – in the form of debt. ) If you are lucky TransUnion encouragenough to receive an endes consumers to properly of-year bonus, use the manage their money in money to pay your existDecember so that Januing credit cards and other ary does not start in a debt. rush of red – which can ) Make a new year resotake months to pay off. lution to buy your ChristExcessive debt can remas presents throughout flect negatively on your the year (preferably at credit report and can lead sales) and put them away. to challenges when try) Obtain your free creding to obtain any addiit report from tional credit. So, how does one avoid a financial hangover that Consumers are urged to spend wisely to ensure your report reflects your payment histocan last long after the during the upcoming festive season. ry and behaviour accuChristmas carols have rately. Every South African is entitled to a faded? ) Set yourself a festive season budget and free credit report once every 12 months – verification requirements apply. stick to it.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Noddy’s back at Vergelegen The Somerset West Round Table 31’s annual Noddy’s Party will start on Thursday 29 November. The popular event for young and old will once again be hosted at the Vergelegen Wine Estate in Somerset West. This year marks the 37th anniversary of the party and will, according to this year’s convenor Wayne Hartung, include a few new characters. The show will start at 19:00 until about 21:30. Gates open at 17:00 on week days and 16:00 on weekends. Tractor rides will begin at 18:00. Parents can bring a picnic to enjoy while Noddy and friends entertain the children. More shows will be held on Friday 30 November, Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 December, ending on Saturday 8 December.Tickets, R40 to R65, can be bought online at or at Pam Golding Properties in Main Road, Somerset West, Mondays to Fridays 09:00 to15:00.

The Round Table’s annual Noddy party will start next week Thursday at the Vergelegen Estate. Alternatively, send an e-mail to or visit the Facebook page at Proceeds are distributed to the various local welfare organisations throughout the year.

World Aids Day Gala concert The 8th Annual World Aids Day Gala Concert will be held at the Artscape Opera House on Saturday 1 December at 20:00. The concert is presented by the Africa Centre for HIV and AIDS Management at Stellenbosch University, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). It also acknowledges the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children which takes place every year from 25 November to 10 December. “HIV and AIDS still remains a formidable challenge in our country and around the world. At the Africa Centre we continue to inspire our fellow countrymen and this year our star studded event is honoured to have the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) playing classic favourites conducted by Mario Verster,” says Prof Jan du Toit, the director of the centre. The director and producer of the gala concert, Jimmie Earl Perry, will share the stage with the talents of two South African, international opera divas, Golda Schultz and Janelle Visagie. Fourteen-year-old Stellenbosch High School student, Roné Roux, will debut with one of her original compositions with the CPO and a special guest vocalist, Nurlaila Karim from the Netherlands, will also make an appearance. The New Apostolic Church Cape Choir, Ricardo de Ruiter, Amy Campbell and Spha Mdlalose, will add their voices to this annual celebration and the Cape Dance Company (Debbie Turner) will grace the stage with one of their original pieces. Additional musicians include Andrew Ford (piano), Romy Brauseth (bass), Barry Van Zyl (drums) and Aldert du Toit (guitar). The evening will be hosted by international motivational speaker and illusionist, Wolfgang Riebe. Bunmi Makinwa, director of the Africa regional office of UNFPA, describes the gala concert as a non-threatening way of getting their message on HIV to specialised audiences. “UNFPA believes it is the collective efforts of different publics that will help humanity end AIDS. It is also important for young people to continue to receive the comprehensive sexuality education they need to become a truly HIVfree generation.” The World Aids Day Gala Concert has been

held since 2005. According to the UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador to South Africa, Jimmie Earl Perry, the impressive programme of classical, pop, adult contemporary music will be a joyous celebration honouring unsung heroes, individuals and organizations for their tireless work and dedication to these causes. It is a formal occasion with a touch of red. Tickets are R80 or R120 from Computicket. For more information phone Bianca on 021 808 3006 / 3707.

Ready for a change? Google us. Selfmed Open Medical Scheme me Selfmed Medical Scheme

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Building industry annual holidays The Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope) has stated that the annual builders’ holidays for this year will run from close of business on 14 December 2012 and the industry re-opens Monday 14 January 2013. The builders’ annual leave is traditionally three weeks and is legislated as part of the BIBC’s Collective Agreement. This year however the Council negotiated an additional unpaid leave day since the start of the working period would have fallen on a Friday if they had not done so. For a full explanation of the leave days, visit, choose “News” from the left menu, and open “BIBC Holiday Period 2012” and “201209 ER Circular”. The Building Industry shutdown period is determined by the Council by 30 June each year. An employee may agree with his/her employer to work during the annual leave period and shall be paid the basic wage paid for any time worked during such period, whilst security guards and other employees who work during the annual leave period shall, by agreement with their employers, be granted leave equal to the period worked during annual shutdown. The Council has once again issued a reminder for persons wanting to build to ensure that the contractor is duly registered and compliant with the BIBC This can be done by visiting the Council’s website or phoning 021 950 7400.

General - Algemeen

Helderberg Gazette


Inskrywings nog oop vir Miss Dreamgirl Die Miss Dreamgirl-kompetisie word op Vrydag 30 November om 19:00 by Strand Sekondêre skool gehou. Die kompetisie vind oor drie weke plaas met die semifinale op 8 Desember en die finale op 15 Desember. Deelnemers het ’n kans om groot kontantpryse te wen met die wenner wat met R3 000 kontant sal wegloop, en haar naaswenners R2 000 en R1 000 onderskeidelik. Toegang is R25 per deelnemer. Dié fondsinsameling is ten bate van die Strand Vernuwings Bedieninge-kerk se boufonds. Meisies tussen die ouderdomme van 14 en 22 jaar oud kan tot môre (Woensdag) inskryf. Registrasie is R25. Kontak Eltesha op 083 981 0587 of e-pos,

Oretha van der Westhuizen neem deel aan die Miss Dreamgirl-kompetisie.

Candice Young

Chrizelda Kemp


opportunities. Anywhere, anytime!

Domestic workers to get wage increase

Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphone

The minimum wage for domestic workers will increase from December, the labour department said in a statement released on Monday. The new increases in large cities would differ from those in small towns, said spokesperson Page Boikanyano. In large cities, the rate for domestic workers who worked less than 27 hours per week will rise from R9,85 an hour to R10,48; from R165,94 per week to R285,62; and from R1 152,32 per month to R1 237,60. The rate of those who work more than 27 hours per week would go up from R8,34 an hour to R8,95; from R375,19 per week to R402,96; and from R1 625,70 per month to R1 746. In small towns, those who worked more than 27 hours per week should receive the new rates of R7,65 per hour, R344,30 per week, and R1 491,86 per month. Those who worked less than 27 hours should get the new rate of R9,03 per hour, R243,83 per week and R1 056,35 per month. The increases are effective from 1 December. Boikanyano said spot inspections will be carried out to ensure compliance.


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Helderberg Gazette

General - Algemeen

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Wen ’n boek Een gelukkige Gazette-leser kan elk ’n kopie van dié boeke wen. Om in te skryf, SMS die boek se titel, saam met jou naam en kontakbesonderhede na 32513. Die sluitingsdatum is môre (Woensdag) om 16:00. Elke SMS kos R1.

KNOLLE, BOLLE EN TUINKAPERJOLLE: Kom leer in die tuin van seisoene, water, grond, saad, goggas. Alles terwyl jy die gesondste groente, blaarslaai en kruie in jou eie tuin kweek.

RUGBYBALLE EN BIKINI’S: Goue strande, sonbruin lywe en bikini’s. Niks gaan die vakansie op Duinebaai bederf nie, besluit Anelle. ’n Ander omgewing, ander mense, ander dinge om te doen. Ver weg van hartebreker Pierre du Toit en sexy Jenni Malan. En dan is daar die rugbyveld, Martin Nel, en natuurlik wéér Jenni wat alles omkrap. Dis tyd vir wraak. Net jammer wraak laat harte uitmekaar spat, vind Anelle gou uit.

KOM ONTDEK DIE DIERERYK: Kom kyk na al die verskillende soorte diere wat in die dieretuine, wildtuine voëlparke, reptielparke en akwariums aangehou word en vind meer uit oor hierdie diere se natuurlike habitat, gewoontes en spesiale kenmerke.

DIE AFREIS VAN ABEL LOTZ: In ’n motelkamer in Bez Valley dui bloed en hare in ’n bad op ’n slagting, maar daar is geen lyk nie. Wanneer ’n gelooide vel in formalien gevind word, weet Ella egter sy is weer op die spoor van reeksmoordenaar Abel Lotz. SKRYF ’N WENNER CV: Hierdie boek wys jou hoe om die regte werk vir jou, in die onderneming waarin jy wil werk, te kry. Jy sal uitvind hoe om jou wennerresumé en CV op te stel sodat dit gemik is op die werk en onderneming wat presies reg is vir jou.

SAMBA, REISE MET REËNBOË EN RITMES: Die kitaar harmonieer. ’n Viool sleur mee. Dromme staccatodreun. Jou voete vlieg in pas en jou arms vlerk saam. Jy skop hoog en jou polsslag van menswees bruis deur jou are.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

General - Algemeen

Helderberg Gazette


Treat for children Children and teachers of the Good News Crèche in Strand were treated to an outing to Kogel Bay by the Disgrace Fools Motorcycle Club. As an outreach project, the motorcycle club from Lotus River arranged that all the children and teachers be transported to Kogel The Disgrace Fools Motorcycle Club from Lotus River Bay on Saturday 20 Octo- hands over numerous packs of nappies to the Good ber for a fun-filled day. News Crèche in Strand. There they enjoyed The crèche received about 26 breakfast and lunch and the children were also entertained with large packs of nappies as well as a various outdoor activities like wa- number of smaller packs. Good News Crèche principal, ter sliding, a jumping castle and Mathilda Arnolds said they are truswing ball amongst others. The club members also hosted a ly grateful for the contribution and nappy run in aid of the crèche and support of the motorcycle club “It was really a wonderful day,” the donation was was handed over she said. to them on the day.

TOERGROEP: Dié groep seniors van die Metodiste-kerk in Sir Lowry’s Pass het onlangs ’n heerlike en geseënde naweek op Hermanus geniet. FOTO: HENRY THOMAS

Koop Kerskoeke

KERSPARTYTJIE OM NA UIT TE SIEN: Kersvader deel geskenke uit aan kinders van Chris Nissen Park tydens verlede jaar se Kerspartytjie. Die kinders kan weereens uitsien na die jaarlikse partytjie wat die Metodiste-gemeente in Kerkstraat aanbied. Hierdie jaar se partytjie is Saterdag 8 Desember en sowat 130 minderbevoorregte kinders sal met ’n ligte ete, lekkernye, speletjies en geskenkies bederf word. Die venue vir hierdie jaar se partytjie is nog nie bevestig nie. Mense wat ’n bydrae wil maak kan dit weeksdae tussen 09:00 en 14:00 na die kerkkantoor neem. Bel Marina Sylvester op 072 936 5159 vir nadere besonderhede.

Die Strand Lions verkoop weer eens heerlike Kersfees-koeke teen R70 per koek. Die opbrengste word aangewend in minderbevoorregte gemeenskappe in die Helderberg. Vir bestellings bel Charlene Potgieter op 021 854 8223 of 082 924 8595.

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Helderberg Gazette

Tuesday 27 November 2012


New home for auto electrician Strand has an auto electrician with a heart, and he’s inviting customers to bring any auto electrical problem to his new premises. In October Phillipi Auto Electrical made 40 Newton Street its new home. It’s from here that owner Kassiem Anthony delivers quality auto electrical service to his community, with the aim of trying to help anyone who has auto electric trouble with their cars, bak-

kies and trucks. Anthony started Phillipi Auto Electrical in 2001 in Phillipi, but decided to move his business to the Helderberg to be closer to his family. He opened the doors to his Strand shop in 2011, but as the business grew he had to move to bigger premises. Contact Kassiem Anthony on 021 820 4370 or 072 423 9749 or

APPLIANCE AT ALL Repairs at your home Fridges & Freezers, Stoves, Washing machines & Microwaves. Call 071-755-3390


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Kindervermaak Children’s Entertainment JUMPING CASTLES en Waterglybaan te huur. Tel: Charmaine by 021 8533999 of 083-513-9493

1012 LH 38AEC

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TPhillipi Auto Electrical’s team are, from left, Kassiem Anthony, Ashley Jacobs, Faiz Anthony and Bilal Zaza. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD BRINKHUIS

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0 ATTENTION CLIENTS Elite House Office Cleaning provides service daily/weekly for Spring Cleans, Windows & Ironing. From R80 per shift. ( Dalien 082335-5027 / 021-852 6122



INGEBOUDE KASTE Slaapkamers, kombuise, muureenhede, hang van deure en skirtings. Gratis kwotasies en beste diens! Kontak 083-704-0115


Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs ALL FRIDGE AND DOMESTIC REPAIRS MOBILE WORKSHOP WENTZEL 083 897 2928 081 443 3396


Huise te Koop Houses for Sale STRAND B r o a d l a n d s Village 2Bed house in good condition. Burglar bars, garden, R289 000. Private sale. No deposit 021 8552369 / 082 376 1461.

Professional Handyman NO job to small Just SMS or Call 0825781327

STODART TREES cc Afsaag, snoei, oorplant, uithaal ens van bome. Gratis kwotasies Christoffel: 082 924 8989 Kantoor : 021 850 0277 ELECTRICAL appliances, of repairs to fridges, stoves, 021 903 8842 washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, etc. Established 30 years in the Helderberg. Qualified 1143 trade diploma. Paul Clark Loodgieters (021) 856 5132.


Baba/Kinderware Baby/Child Goods


Binnenshuisdienste Home Services Interior NEW HORIZON'S DEKOR - Blindings, sonskerms en vlieësiwwe. Skakel Fabian: 021-886 6453 / 083 348 1703

Algemene Dienste General Services


Sambo Granite 30mm granite & Engineered tops

TOMBSTONES from R850 Full packages from R4500 +7 New Designs lncl. installation & vat

Factory/Showroom Athlone (021) 638 0531 Bellville (02l) 949 6070

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Tuesday 27 November 2012


Vital Run at Lourensford on Saturday Runners and walkers from the Helderberg will be heading to the Lourensford Wines Estate in Somerset West on Saturday for the ever popular Vital Run. Participants can enter the 21 km run, the 10 km run, 10 km walk or the fun 4 km run or walk. The 21 km and 10 km races are both off road scenic routes. Athletes running in the 21 km race, which starts at 06:30, can look forward to a tough challenging off road, but scenic route. This route is not recommended for unfit or novice runners. Runners taking part in the 10 km race can also look forward to a challenging and testing route. This race starts at 07:30. Walkers competing in the 10 km walk can rest assured taht this race is not only for race walkers, but for all walkers. The route is fairly challenging, but not too difficult. The fun run will follow a different route through the estate. This course is fairly flat and easy and suitable for all ages. All the runners and walkers finishing these routes within the cut-off time will receive med-

als. There will also be a prize giving function and lucky draw prizes up for grabs after the event. The festive family market will also be taking place at the estate on the day and participants and their families are invited to stay and enjoy the market. The event is organised by the Run/Walk For Life Western Province Athletics Club, in association with Vital Health Foods. Last year the event attracted more than 4 500 entrants and the organisers are expecting even more participants this year, so get there early to avoid traffic congestion. Among the VIP guests at the event this year will be the Olympic swimmer Natalie du Toit, Dr Michael Mol from The Dr Mol Show, and Liezel van der Westhuizen, presenter at Expresso and Kfm. Late entries will be accepted at the venue on the morning of the run between 05:00 and 06:15 for the 21 km run, and 05:00 to 07:00 for the 10 km run. For more information contact the race organiser, Marie Barnard on 021 852 8473 or 083 713 2858/083 448 3090.

METHODIST PRIMARY RUGBY CHAMPS: Five players of the Metho Squirrels rugby team have excelled in the sport this year. Tristen Leitch and Charlton Gertze, both u.13, as well as William Rose, Jaden Visagie and Cole Arnolds, all u.12 players for the Methodist Primary School received Western Province Honours for rugby. The school has 12 teams registered, although they have no sporting facilities at the school and have to train on the fields of other schools. The teams, named after the school mascot of a squirrel, have been on several tours to New Zealand since 1996, and more than 30 pupils have been awarded rugby scholarships over the last decade.

Participants at a previous Vital Run event.

Helderberg Gazette



Year 16 • Dinsdag 27 November 2012 | Tel. 021 853 0211

Macassar-jeugrugby vereer hul spelers Macassar-rugbyklub het hul junior spelers en amptenare beloon vir hul harde werk gedurende die 2012- seisoen tydens hul onlangse prysuitdeling in die Macassar-gemeenskapsaal. Een van die komiteelede het alle ouers bedank vir die ondersteuning gedurende die jaar asook die borge wat die klub deur die jaar gedra het. Dit was ’n baie suksesvolle jaar vir die klub en al die ouderdomsgroepe het omtrent al hul wedstryde gewen. Die jeug-komitee het ook die senior-rugbyklub bedank vir hul ondersteuning aan die jeug. Darren Hendricks is as speler van die jaar aangewys en Vantonio Johnson as sportman van die jaar. Die mees waardevolle speler was Kyosuke Lukas en die speler wie die meeste vordering getoon het, is Yaseer Daniels. Bradley Damon het algeheel die meeste punte behaal en Auden-Luke Noble het die beker ontvang virdie onder 7-speler wie die meeste vordering getoon het. Macassar-jeugrugby het ook twee van hul jong afrigters, Japie Konstabel en Johnny Hosban, vereer nadat hulle diplomas- en skeidsregters-diplomas van die WP-rugbyunie ontvang het. Die oorhandiging van die diplomas is tydens die prysuitdeling deur Hans Vosloo, oudjeugafrigter en voorsitter van Macassar, gedoen.

Macassar-jeugrugbyklub se sportman van die jaar is Vantonio Johnson (links). Johnny Hosban het die skild aan hom oorhandig.

Darren Hendricks (links) is tydens die prysuitdeling as speler van die jaar aangewys. Joseph Noble het die beker aan hom oorhandig.

Japie Konstabel (links) en Johnny Hosban (regs) van die Macassar-jeugrugbyklub het onlangs afrigtings-diplomas en skeidsregters-diplomas van die WP-rugbyunie ontvang. Hul diplomas is tydens die prysuitdeling deur Hans Vosloo (middel), oud-afrigter en voorsitter, oorhandig.

CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPS: The final of the JAG community cross country league was held on 10 November at the NY 49 stadium in Gugulethu. Teams from Mfuleni, Macassar, Cloetesville and Gugulethu competed over four weeks in the build-up to the event. Although Gugulethu Primary School won the overall event, Helderberg runners also excelled, with Macassar Primary School taking second place. Macassar Primary’s Nosipho Sodinga came first in the girls u.7 and u.8 race, while Alela Xameni and Xola Mpana came second and third in the girls u.9 and u.10 races. The school’s Ayande Jali came first in the u.9 and u.10 boys’ race, and Ricardo de Bee came second in the boys u.11 and u.12 race. Corné Petersen (above) came first in the boys u.13 and u.14 race.

NETBALPALE: ’n Groep jong netbalspelers van Macassar se wens om hul eie netbalpale te hê is onlangs vervul. Volgens Juanita Phillips (agter), ’n gemeenskapswerker, is hul baie dankbaar teenoor die Stad Kaapstad vir die donasie. Voor van links is Carol Heuvel, Ishlkyn Roos, Chandé Rosentkrantz, Delia Heuvel, Grant Visser, Jamie de Klerk, Noeshja Jacobs en Alexia Snyders.

Helderberg Gazette 27 Nov 2012  

Helderberg Gazette 27 Nov 2012