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Year 16 • 5 Junie 2012 | Tel. 023 626 5212

Protesters lie in the road in an effort to stop traffic.

Protesters shout out their demands while the executive mayor of the Langeberg Municipality, Alderman Diana Gagiano, accepts a letter containing their grievances. Photos: Daleen Fouché

Mr Soyisile Mokweni, municipal manager, and the executive mayor, Alderman Diana Gagiano, listen to the protesters’ grievances.

Protest ‘political’ DALEEN FOUCHÉ


RAFFIC in the usually quiet town of Ashton was disrupted last Wednesday (May 29) when protesters from Zolani blocked the main road in front of the municipal building during a service delivery protest. A wave of service delivery protests has hit the Boland in recent weeks, including protests in Worcester, De Doorns, Bot River and Grabouw. Protesters arrived at the Ash-

ton municipal offices at 10:00 and left at 12:30 after handing over a list of grievances to the executive mayor, Alderman Diana Gagiano. The list includes a request for a high school, land for houses, a day hospital and job creation. Simo Mketso, general secretary of the South African National Civic Orginisation (SANCO), who led the protest, read out the complaints to the mayor and gave her 14 days to respond. Mketso said they urgently require a high school

and handed over a letter from the Western Cape Department of Education which states that the department is waiting for the Langeberg Municipality to identify land on which to build a school. Mr Soyisile Mokweni, municipal manager, said however that he has not received any communication from the department regarding a request for land. He thanked the community for bringing this matter to his attention. Mokweni told the Gazette last

week that he believes the protest was politically motivated. He said the protesters had their own agenda and were driven by “certain political parties”. He labelled the protest an effort to intimidate the mayor. He explained that the grievances do not fall within the municipality’s mandate, but are rather the mandate of the provincial government. Mokweni believes this protest will have a “domino effect” with more protests likely to follow in other towns in the mu-

nicipal area. “It is part of a strategy to make the municipality ungovernable.” Mketso denies allegations that the aim of the protest was to intimidate the mayor. He says that although the majority of protesters support the African National Congress (ANC), and would like to see the ANC in a position of power in the Western Cape, the protest was “to show the mayor that we are not happy with service delivery in the Langeberg region”.


Breederivier Gazette


Goud vir Rooiberg:

Happy birthday:

Die Breederiviervallei het sy reputasie as muskadelkontrei gestand gedoen en vyf goue medaljes by die tiende SA Muskadeltoekenningsgeleentheid ingeoes. Enartis SA was die borg van dié geleentheid op 24 Mei by Noop Restaurant in die Paarl. Op die foto ontvang Andre Sriven (middel) van Rooiberg Kelder sy toekenning van Swepie le Roux (links) en die voorsitter van die SA Muskadelvereniging, Henri Swiegers. Rooiberg se 2009 Rooi Muskadel het ’n goue toekenning gekry. Die ander vier toekennings is deur kelders in die Worcester-distrik gewen. Foto: Julian Kruger

Molly Ward turned 102 on Wednesday, May 30 and ce-lebrated the occasion with friends and family. Ward is described as “very young-minded”. She reads the newspaper every morning and has never worn glasses. She lives with her daughter and often takes over the kitchen and garden work. Ward claims that her secret to a long life is two glasses of whiskey every day and “one more if no one is watching”. Seen here (from left) are Anne Botha (a friend), Molly Ward and Margaret Weitsz. Photo: Zelda Kloppers

Gazette Gig Guide for the Wacky Wine Weekend , Arabella LIVE presents Brothers Streep and Prime Circle on Saturday evening. , Arendsig Handcrafted Wines presents the Toktokkie band on Saturday from 10:00 until 17:00. , Ashton Cellar presents Tuesdays Gone on Saturday from 13:00. , Bonnievale Cellar presents Adam Tas on Friday evening from 20:00 until late. , Claime d’Or at Rietvallei presents DJ Dewald Forest on Friday from 08:30 until late, on Saturday from 09:00 until late and on Sunday from 09:30 until 16:00. , Excelsior presents Chris Els and Gerald Clark on Saturday from 10:00 until 17:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 until 15:00. , Goedverwacht presents Henry Conradie playing acoustic classics on Friday from 10:00 until 18:00 and live artists playing pop and rock on Saturday from 10:00 until 18:00. , Graham Beck Wines presents True Blue and Bottomless Coffee playing jazz and blues on Friday from 10:00 until 19:00, on Saturday from 09:00 until 17:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 until 16:00. On Saturday night from 19:00 until midnight, rock legends Arno Carstens and Albert Frost will play an acoustic rock and roll set, followed by DJ R René. , Kingsriver Estate presents the local McGregor band playing local folk music on Thursday from 10:00 until 21:30, Friday from 10:00 until 21:30, Saturday from 10:00 until 21:30 and on Sunday from 10:00 until 21:30.

Dinsdag 5 Junie 2012

, McGregor Wines presents Andre Michael on Friday from 13:30 until late and on Saturday from 10:00 until 17:00. , Mo and Rose at Soekershof presents Perpetual Blues on Saturday from 18:30 until 21:30. Mooiuitsig presents a twoman band all day. , Platform 62 Tourism Centre presents the Brass Band on Saturday from 10:00 until 15:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 until 15:00. The Electro Afrikaans act, Draadkar will perform on Friday from 19:00. , Rietvallei presents DJ Dewald Forest on Friday from 08:30 until late, Saturday from 09:00 until late and Sunday from 09:30 until 16:00. , Robertson Winery presents Robbie Wessels and Lianie May on Friday evening from 20:00 until late and Die Heuwels Fantasties and Zinkplaat on Saturday evening from 20:00 until late at the Robertson Show grounds. , Roodezandt Wines presents Renier van Rooyen on Saturday from 09:00 until 17:00. , Rooiberg Winery presents Mathys Roets on Friday from 10:00 and various artist on Saturday from 10:00 until 16:00 and Sunday from 11:00 until 15:00. , Springfield Estate presents the Mediterranean Quartet, playing Jazz and French Café on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00. , Sumsaré Family Wines presents Newton on Saturday evening from 19:00 until late. , Van Loveren presents Jak de Priester and his band on Friday evening

Robbie Wessels from 19:00. , Viljoensdrift Wines and River Cruises presents Rupert Mellor, playing contemporary blues and rock on Saturday from 11:00 until 17:00 and Sunday from 11:00 until 16:00. , Wandsbeck Wines presents Die Eggo’s, playing sokkie hits on Friday from 20:00 until midnight. , Weltevrede Wine Estate presents Chris Chameleon on Friday from 19:00 until late and on Saturday from 19:00 until late. , Wolfkloof presents Jo Martin playing instrumental rock on Friday from 19:30 until 22:00 and on Saturday from 19:30 until 22:00. , Zandvliet Estate presents DJ All on Friday from 10:00 until late, on Saturday from 10:00 until late and on Sunday from 10:00 until 16:00.

)) Gaste kan elke laaste Vrydag van die maand ’n koppie koffie of tee en ’n sny melktert by die Jouberthuis op Montagu geniet teen net R20. )) The Montagu Village Market is held every Saturday morning from early until 12:30 at the Euvrard Park, Bath Street, opposite the Tourism Bureau. For more information, phone Mareletta van Zyl-Wohlfarter on 0 023 614 1895 or send an email to )) The McGregor Market takes place every Saturday from 08:45 on the corner of Voortrekker and Church Street. )) The IT Factor will hold auditions on June 9 in the Robertson Town Hall at 17:00. For more information about the IT Factor auditions, phone Helen Gooderson on 0 082 886 8023 or send her an email at )) The Wacky Wine Weekend takes place from Thursday, June 7 to Sunday, June 10. Visit the website at www.wackywine )) The Breede River Hospice will host several fun activities during the Wacky Wine Weekend at the Robertson Winery, including a Redbul stand, a photo stand and a wheelchair race, which takes place on Saturday, May 9 from 10-:00. The Hospice will also have a snack and drink stand at Van Loveren on Saturday.

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012


Breederivier Gazette

Animal abuse rife in Langeberg DALEEN FOUCHÉ


IVE badly neglected and malnourished dogs were confiscated by the Winelands Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) within the space of only two weeks. This has sparked concern and a new strategy by the Winelands SPCA. A small dog was recently fished out of a river by members of the community and brought to the SPCA. Ms Lesley Beviss-Challinor, investigator for the SPCA, says although there is no proof, she suspects that the dog was thrown into the river because of its neglected condition. The rescuers of the dog have adopted him and named him Lucky. “He has made a full recovery, but his coat still needs to grow back.” Another dog was rescued with the help of the community after residents informed the SPCA of a neglected dog in their neighbourhood in Robertson. The female dog found by the SPCA had a seri-

ous skin condition which had been left untreated. The dog was confiscated and the owners were given a warning letter. The whistle-blowers adopted the dog and named her Hope. Beviss-Challinor says it will take a long time for Hope to recover from her skin disease. Two more dogs were confiscated by the SPCA, but were too badly neglected and had to be euthanased. Beviss-Challinor says the owners of these dogs were given a warning by the SPCA and “will be monitored”. She says that if these previous owners are found in possession of an animal, the SPCA will approach the magistrate for a court order to prohibit them from owning an animal. A fifth dog was confiscated last week. Beviss-Challinor says Simba had been starved and neglected and adds that the owner is to be prosecuted. “Despite Simba’s history, he is a gentle, sweet dog

and needs a loving new home for the rest of his life.” Currently two people are doing community work as punishment after being found guilty of cruelty to animals. Beviss-Challinor says one of them is currently doing 100 hours of community work over weekends at the Worcester SPCA. “I think they are learning their lesson.” Beviss-Challinor says these incidents are cause for concern. The SPCA embarks on a new strategy this week to help more animals with the help of volunteers. Previously the SPCA would patrol areas, especially townships, with a car. But starting this week, volunteers will go from house to house to inspect animals and enquire about abused animals. BevissChallinor reminds people that animal abuse is against the law and that transgressors will be prosecuted.

Langeberg se klinieke, hospitaal kry nuwe gesig DALEEN FOUCHÉ

DIE Robertson-hospitaal gaan oor die volgende paar jaar opgegradeer word om meer pasiënte te akkommodeer en meer pasiëntgeoriënteerd te wees. Twee klinieke in die Langeberg-area is reeds opgegradeer met geld wat die departement van openbare werke aan die Langebergstreek vir dié doel gegee het. Dr. Luise Lunnon, bestuurder van mediese dienste in die Langeberg-subdistrik, sê die departement het Langeberg se mediese dienste geïdentifiseer vir opgradering. Die kliniek in Nkqubela is reeds opgegradeer teen ’n koste van R157 000 en vier nuwe vertrekke is tot die kliniek bygevoeg. Voorheen het dié besige kliniek slegs een konsultasievertrek gehad. Vandag spog die kliniek met ’n TBtoetskamer, ’n beradingskamer en twee konsultasiekamers. Die McGregor-kliniek is opgegradeer teen net minder as R1 miljoen. Dié

pragtige kliniek spog nou met nuwe stoele in die wagkamer, ’n nuwe laag verf, lugversorging in die medisynekamer en opgeknapte houtbalke. Lunnon sê altwee klinieke lyk nou baie beter en het ’n groter kapasiteit om pasiënte gemaklik te behandel. Bonnievale en Bergsig se klinieke is volgende op die lys vir opgraderings wat in die volgende drie tot vier maande aangepak sal word. Lunnon sê sy het besluit om eerder een kliniek volledig te laat opgradeer in plaas daarvan om stuk-stuk aan al die klinieke in die Langeberg te laat werk. Groot opgraderings word vir die Robertson-hospitaal in die vooruitsig gestel wat oor die volgende drie jaar geïmplementeer gaan word. Lunnon sê die hospitaal gaan van ’n 46- na ’n 80-bedhospitaal opgegradeer word. Tydens fase een, wat vanjaar afskop, gaan ekstra stoorfasiliteite en ’n nuwe ambulansstasie op die hospitaalperseel teen ’n beraamde R5,4 miljoen opgerig

word. Lunnon sê dat stoorkamers uiters belangrik is vir hospitale om mediese voorraad en toerusting te stoor wat nie maklik en vinnig bekombaar is nie. Verder verduidelik sy dat daar tans slegs parkeerplek vir ambulanse op die terrein is. Sy sê Robertson- ambulanse word van Worcester se ambulansstasie uitgeroep. Die tweede fase van die Robertsonhospitaal se opgradering, wat in die 2013-2014 finansiële jaar sal geskied, sluit ’n nuwe kraamsaal en teaterkompleks met twee volledige teaters met die nuutste tegnologie in. Lunnon sê die opgradering skep ook nuwe werksgeleenthede vir mense in die mediese bedryf. Die derde en laaste fase behels die opgradering van die noodgevallekamer, nuwe apteek, administrasiekantore en ’n nuwe aanmeldpunt vir pasiënte. Lunnon sê sy is baie opgewonde oor die opgradering omdat die hospitaal in die toekoms meer pasiëntgeoriënteerd sal wees.

Simba was found malnourished.

Lucky has found a new, loving home.



Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012

The new face of medicine DALEEN FOUCHÉ


HE new manager of medical services in the Department of Health’s Langeberg subdistrict is a “passionate” and highly experienced doctor who has already started to make improvements in the area. Dr Luise Lunnon took up her new post last year in June and has since been responsible for the Robertson and Montagu hospitals, and the seven clinics and five mobile clinics in the area. Lunnon obtained her medical degree at the University of Stellenbosch and started her professional career at the Worcester Hospital. At the time, she was the only female doctor there. After nine years she accepted a post at the Cape Winelands District Municipality and later the provincial Department of Health as the director of health for the district. During this time she established 34 clinics within the district municipality, including the Bergsig, Bonnievale and Mon-

tagu clinics. Since Lunnon’s arrival in Robertson, she has established and filled three new doctors’ posts and introduced a new specialist to the area. She has also introduced two new mobile clinics. Lunnon says a big challenge of her new post is to amalgamate the Robertson and Montagu hospitals into a single unit with two facilities. She says space within medical facilities is another big challenge in the Langeberg municipal area and welcomes the new renovations planned for the Robertson Hospital. Lunnon says her goal is to re-establish an operational hospital board for the Robertson Hospital, which last had one in 2008. She says that the hospital has approached people for the positions, but has not yet been able to establish a board. Lunnon says it is empirical that a hospital has a board consisting of members of the community in order for the community to have input into their medical structures. “A board keeps the hospital accountable and patient orientated.”

Vino Donnas flourish ARE you a wine lover, interested in how wine is made and how it tastes? Do you enjoy socialising over a glass of wine? Then the Vino Donnas might be the group for you. Vino Donnas, a social wine appreciation group, was founded in 2000 by Renate le Roux and A few of the Vino Donna girls are (from has since grown left) Nelmarie Baard, Aletta Loots, Nelfrom strength to marie Matthee en Cinette du Toit. strength. Over the years, various ladies have taken over the reins and currently Sandra van Zyl is the leader of the group. Exciting wine-tasting evenings take place at interesting old and new wine cellars in the region every two months. These are combined with light meals and, of course, a fun get-together with other ladies. Currently, Vino Donnas has 25 members from Robertson and the surrounding towns. Membership is R300 a year which includes six tastings. Guests pay R60 per visit. Vino Donnas is an exclusive group of ladies who recognise good wine and like to try something new, but they invite all wine-lover, or those who want to learn more about wine and are prepared to also help organise a tasting, to contact Van Zyl for more information. Phone 0 082 925 1183 or send email to

Lunnon, who lives with her husband on a farm between Robertson and Worcester, says that since she took up het new post, she has received a “warm welcome” from the community. She says she loves the shops in Robertson and no longer goes to Worcester to do her shopping. “I have only had positive experiences with the staff and patients.” Lunnon says that since she started, there have been very few complaints from patients. She says the hospital, however, has received several complaints regarding bills. Lunnon explains that the Robertson Hospital is transferring to a new accounts system, which has caused various mistakes to slip in, but assures the community that the hospital is paying attention to this problem. Lunnon says all clinics and the hospitals have a box for complaints and compliments, and she welcomes both. Lunnon says her goal is to make all medical facilities in the Langeberg area patient orientated and friendly.

Dr Luise Lunnon, the new manager of medical services in the Langeberg subdistrict.

Oudvalleier laat hom nie onderkry EBEN VAN ECK, ’n oud-Robertsonner, is 68 jaar oud en ken die betekenis van deursettingsvermoë. In 2011 het komplikasies met sy gesondheid ingetree en in die proses moes Van Eck se linkerbeen bo die knie geamputeer word. Vir baie sou dit op hierdie ouderdom die begin van die einde beteken, maar nie vir hierdie “kannie-dood” nie. Hy is bekend by Robertson Kelder waar hy heelwat jare gewerk het. Hy het daagliks in wind en weer met sy bromponie werk toe en terug gery om sy taak te verrig. Nie alleen het hy werk toe gery nie, maar baie keer vir vriende op Bonnievale met sy bromponie gaan kuier. Tydens een van hierdie besoeke was hy betrokke in ’n ongeluk waar hy oorspronklik sy been Eben van Eck met sy handewerk. beseer het. Dit was dus een van die eerste bekommernisse houtkerfwerk. Hy het egter meer as net kerfwerk dat Van Eck sy onafhanklikheid sou verloor met gedoen en begin om kapkarre, ossewaens en kakedie verlies van sy been. Hy was egter vasbeslote beenwaens uit geelhout, Oregon-dennehout en anom nie sy onafhanklikheid op te gee nie en met der afvalmateriaal te maak. Sy nuutste skepping is die African Queen-seildie hulp van vriende het hy sy bromponie aangeskip wat hy op skaal sonder enige spesiale gereedpas sodat hy onafhanklik kan rondbeweeg. Van Eck kom uit ’n familie wat bekend is vir skap gebou het.

Geniet ’n oggend se teetuinplesier DIE winter is hier, maar inwoners kan steeds by die Robertson Museum ontspan, ontbyt nuttig of sommer net rustig saam met vriende of familie verkeer by die maandelikse teetuin wat weer op 2 Junie by die anneks aangebied word. Benewens die ontbyt, is daar ook vars pannekoek, soetgebak of soutterte wat saam met ’n koppie filterkoffie of tee geniet kan

word. Daar is altyd iets interessant op die museumtafel benewens die tuisgemaakte produkte wat te koop aangebied word. Die mark begin om 09:00 en duur tot 12:00. Mense wat daarin belangstel om hul handwerk of tuisgebak by die oggendmark aan te bied, kan mev. Liesbeth Curtis bel by 0 023 626 6622 of die museum by 023 626 3681.

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012

Anna Nasri

Foto: Daleen Fouché

Eerste indaba vir klein besighede DALEEN FOUCHÉ


IE eerste indaba vir klein ondernemings op Robertson is op Maandag 21 Mei in die munisipale saal op dié dorp gehou. Die indaba is deur Winile en Andiswa Mabhoko, direkteure van Andiswa Mabhoko Trading CC, aangebied. Mabhoko sê hulle doel is om mense van voorheen benadeelde gemeenskappe te help om klein ondernemings op die been te kry. Die indaba het ’n platform vir eienaars van huidige en toekomstige klein besighede geskep om sodoende kennis te maak met die verskeie hulpbronne wat tot hul beskikking is. Verteenwoordigers van die departement van handel en nywerheid was by die indaba teenwoordig, sowel as banke, wat hul pakkette aan eienaars van klein besighede bekend gestel het. Mabhoko sê hulle bied die afgelope twee jaar werkswinkels aan in samewerking met die Langeberg Munisipaliteit, maar sê dit is die eerste indaba wat gehou is. Die indaba was volgens Mabhoko “’n groot sukses” omdat die saal volgepak was met onder andere die 107 huidige en toekomstige entrepreneurs en ander gaste. Me. Anna Nasri van Ashton het tydens die indaba aan die Breederivier Gazette vertel van die sukses wat sy as entrepreneur behaal het. Sy het in 2005 ’n informele wassery op Ashton begin. In 2010 het sy haar wassery geregistreer en met drie wasmasjiene begin. Vandag het sy twee sakevennote en doen hulle flink sake. “Ek is baie trots op wat ek bereik het,” sê sy. Volgens haar het Andiswa Mabhoko Trading CC haar gehelp om geld te bekom asook die tegniese besonderhede vir die onderneming. Nasri spog dat sy sukses bereik het omdat sy goed is in wat sy doen. “Ek doen al die strykwerk self.” Sy beplan om vanjaar haar besigheid uit te brei en mense voltyds aan te stel.


Breederivier Gazette



Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012


Breederivier Gazette



Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012

Titanic-fassinasie O

Begin iets BYNA ’n kwart van alle Suid-Afrikaners wat kan en wil werk, het nie werk nie. Dit is op sigself ’n skrikwekkende syfer, maar voeg dit by die hoeveelheid werkende mense wat steeds ’n bittere stryd voer om aan die lewe te bly, en die armoede-prentjie in die land raak duiselingwekkend. Boonop het die ekonomie sedert 2008 ’n groot knou gekry en dit is algemeen bekend dat liefdadigheidsorganisasies toenemend begin sukkel het om geld in die hande te kry. Mense wat van ander se goedheid en geld afhanklik is, het dus toegeneem terwyl die geldpoel om hulle te ondersteun kleiner geraak het. ’n Indaba wat verlede week op Robertson gehou is om entrepreneurs leiding te gee in die begin van hul eie klein onderneming, is dus ’n sprankie hoop in ’n andersins donker situasie. En hoewel klein, is enige poging om selfs net ’n handjievol mense die nodige toerusting te gee om meer afhanklikheid te bekom, ’n uitstekende inisiatief. Ongelukkig is ’n eie onderneming ’n moeilike en lang pad wat deurlopende goeie gehalte en diens en ’n reuse dosis deursettingsvermoë vereis. En natuurlik is die sukses daarvan afhanklik van die ondersteuning wat die onderneming geniet. Om plaaslike ondernemings te ondersteun, is dus ’n manier om waarlik ons mede-inwoners op die langtermyn te help.

P 12 April vanjaar was dit presies 100 jaar dat die passasierskip die Titanic in die NoordAtlantiese Oseaan teen ’n ysberg gebots en gesink het. Meer as 1 500 mense het in daardie ramp gesterf. Dit bly die grootste seetragedie in die geskiedenis en die mensdom het byna ’n obsessie daarmee ontwikkel. Ek onthou duidelik toe daar in 1986 aangekondig is dat die Franse ontdekkingsreisiger dr. Robert D. Ballard die wrak van die Titanic ontdek het – ’n ongelooflike tegnologiese prestasie. Die ontdekking was wêreldnuus en ek, geskiedenis-freak wat ek is, het alle koerant- en tydskrifartikels gebêre. Ek het ook steeds die heel eerste artikel wat ek uit die tydskrif National Geographic gehou het, asook die een in 1968, die een in 2004 en onlangs die nuutse uitgawe met die herdenkingsuitgawe daarvan. Toe die rolprentmaker James Cameron in die 1990’s sy rolprent oor die ramp vrystel, het dit weer eens ’n stortvloed van artikels in die koerante, tydskrifte en nou ook op die internet tot gevolg gehad. Toe die Titanic in April 1912 sy tuishawe verlaat op sy nooiensvaart na New York, was dit die grootste, die beste en die weelderigste skip in die geskiedenis. Daar is beweer dat die skip onsinkbaar was – trouens, een van die eienaars of aandeelhouers

het destyds beweer dat selfs die Hemelse Vader nie die skip sou kon sink nie. Wel, hy is verkeerd bewys en meer as 1 500 mense het met hul lewens geboet. Deur die jare heen is talle redes vir die ramp ondersoek – samesweringsteorieë, flaters deur die kaptein en sy personeel, die feit dat daar te min reddingsbote was – noem ’n rede en dit is ondersoek. Daar is selfs beweer dat mense visioene of voorbodes gehad het van die skip wat sink. Die rede vir die ramp is later met behulp van moderne tegnologie bewys en dit was, na alles, ’n menslike fout. Swak staal wat gebruik is vir die klinknaels van die skip se waterdigte kompartemente, het met die botsing gebreek en die kompartemente is oorstroom. So, hoekom bly die ramp steeds mense se verbeelding aangryp? Is dit die “romantiek” van die skip of die tragedie van die lewens wat dit geëis het? Dit bly ’n enigma vir my. Dit was egter interessant om te lees dat die Titanic se susterskip, wat as die Gigantic bekend sou staan, se naam ná die ramp verander is. )) Anita de Kock is ’n lid van die Breederivier Skrywersburo.

Liefdadigheidsorganisasies baat op groot skaal by skenking TENMINSTE 20 welsynsorganisasies en voedingskemas in die Langeberg-area het verlede week gebaat by die skenking van tien ton groente deur Greyton Frozen Foods. Greyton Frozen Foods is al die afgelope vier jaar betrokke by die honger- en armoedeverligtingspoging van die Centre of Hope van Montagu. Hulle skenk gemiddeld 30 ton groente per jaar. Volgens Alida Cilliers, bemarker van die Centre of Hope, word dié groot skenking moontlik gemaak deur vervoer wat verskaf word deur plaaslike boere, onder andere mnr. Ernst Botha van Kruispad en mnr. Ben Kriel van Silver Oaks. Cilliers sê hulle is ook opreg dankbaar teenoor mnr. Pieter Lotter van Armada Pakstoor en mnr. Kobus

van Antwerpen van Robertson Vrugteverpakkers wat die kratte verskaf en hul persele beskikbaar stel vir die aflaai van die groente. Die Centre of Hope-armoedeverligtingsprogram het ook 20 ton mieliemeel van verskeie boere in die Bothaville-distrik in die Vrystaat ontvang. Die vervoer van dié skenking is ook gratis verskaf deur ’n vervoermaatskappy van Kaapstad. Cilliers sê sy verwag binnekort nog ’n skenking van ’n hele paar ton mieliemeel vanuit Delmas in Mpumalanga. Sy sê die Centre of Hope is betrokke by voedselverskaffing aan 1 700 kinders, 250 senior burgers en omtrent 250 huisgesinne uit die armste van die arm huishoudings in die Langeberg-area en Worcester. Die hulpprogram is ook betrokke

Tien ton groente van Greyton Frozen Foods is verlede week op Robertson afgelaai. Foto: Zelda Kloppers

by sewe voedingskemas waarvan een geborg word deur die Shoprite- mobiele sopkombuis op Ashton, wat daagliks sop aan 400 mense verskaf. Die Centre of Hope het die afgelope twee jaar onder meer ’n erg verwaarloosde gebou in ’n netjiese akkommodasie- en konferensiesentrum omskep waar verskeie vroue ontluik het in kranige entrepreneurs wat onder mentorskap hul eie ondernemings gevestig het. Daar is reeds ’n gevestigde spysenier, naaldwerksentrum, skoonheidsalon, gimnasium, naskoolsentrum met gekwalifiseerde onderwysers, ’n biblioteek en rekenaarlokaal. Kinders ontvang ekstra wiskunde- en taalgeletterdheidsklasse en hulp met skooltake, inligtingsherwinning en studeerwerk. Volgens Cilliers is die sukses van die Centre of Hope te danke aan hul geloofsbasis en totale afhanklikheid van die Here. “Ons word ondersteun deur 24 uur-gebede en die samewerking en hulp, donasies en gebede wat ons so mildelik ontvang van verskeie gemeenskappe en boere in die Langeberg en vanuit verskeie provinsies in die land.” Inwoners word genooi om die Centre of Hope in Sultanasingel, Montagu (net na Montagu Droeëvrugte) te besoek. Cilliers kan ook bereik word by 0 082 896 3435 of per e-pos by

Successful students: This group of students from the Huis Herfsvreugde old-age home and Jane’s Nursing Care in Bonnievale successfully completed a five-day bereavement course facilitated by Joa van Kuijk of Breede River Hospice. The students are Brenda Elstadt, Anna Slinger, Tanya Pienaar, Nazelda Cekiso, Gersha Farao, Johanna Prins, Carmen Kühn, Mandy Smith, Porcher van Beulen and Sister Avril Sampson.

Agt dekades oud: Die orrel van die NG Moedergemeente op Robertson se 80ste bestaansjaar in die gemeente word vanjaar gevier. Die orrel, ‘n Rushworth en Dreaper-model, is op 20 Mei 1932 ingewy en die totale koste daarvan was destyds £2 682. Deel van die herdenking wat deur die kerk gevier is, was ’n spesiale orreluitvoering verlede Saterdagoggend by die kerk. Mario Nell, ‘n dosent in orrel by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, was die orrelis. Die kerk het tans twee orreliste – Susara Stemmet en Dave Reed. Die traporrel (onder) staan in ‘n sykamer van die kerk wat soms gebruik word. Die orrel word dan deur Dave Reed bespeel. Foto’s: Anita de Kock

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012


Breederivier Gazette


Bookworms gather to support the donkeys T

HE Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary held its sixth annual Book Fair and fund-raiser in McGregor this weekend and announced on Monday that it had been a big success. The fair serves as the sanctuary’s only fund-raiser for the year. Held in the community hall in McGregor, it kicked off on Friday and concluded on Sunday. The hall was jam-packed with books on every imaginable topic, ranging from favourite fiction novels to recipe and hobby books. A special table with collectors’ books attracted many people who took part in a silent auction for rare books. Inside the hall, a quiet murmur could be heard as people walked around with their eyes on the tables and their noses in books. The sanctuary announced on its Facebook page that this year’s sales were better than the previous year. The book fair also attracted over 125 people to the Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary over the weekend.

From left are Edma Colliston, Jenni Johnson and Bruno De-Robillard. Photos: Daleen Fouché The Enslin family all found books to enjoy. From left are Jaco, Christiaan, Jansen and Karen.

The book fair was described as a big success.

Amtje Piper (left) and Wendy Parris from Worcester show off the new additions to their book collections. David Christianson had a grand time at the Eseltjiesrus Book Fair and had a wide variety of books to choose from.


Breederivier Gazette

)) Die Ashton-polisie ondervind tans ’n kwaai styging in eiendomsverwante sake soos huisbrake en diefstalle. Inwoners word vriendelik versoek om hul eiendomme te beskerm deur diefwering en veiligheidshekke by hul eiendomme aan te bring. Inwoners word ook versoek om die polisie in kennis te stel wanneer hulle nie tuis gaan wees nie sodat gereelde patrollies in dié spesifieke areas geloods kan word. “Moenie voertuie snags op sypaadjies of op die ryvlak van die pad laat nie. Kwaaddoeners beweeg rond en neem hul kans waar wanneer die publiek nie daarvan bewus is nie,”waarsku die polisie. Gesteelde eiendom word vinnig van die hand gesit en die polisie vra die gemeenskap se hulp in die bekamping van misdaad. )) Die polisie op Ashton is bekommerd oor motoriste wat veral gedurende naweke jaagtogte hou. Die polisie sê dit hou ’n groot gevaar vir die gemeenskap in, omdat nie voetgangers, diere, ander motors en ongelukke soos ’n band wat bars, in ag geneem word nie. Die polisie sê oortreders word gewaarsku dat daar streng teen hulle opgetree gaan word. )) ’n Vriendelike beroep word gedoen op eienaars wat tweedehandse goedere verkoop en plaaseienaars om ’n dringende vergadering op 30 Mei by die Ashton-polisiekantoor by te woon. Wetgewing rondom die verkoop van skrootmetaal in die toekoms sal ook bespreek word. Daar sal ook ’n vergadering op Donderdag 14 Junie om 18:00 in die Zolanigemeenskapsaal gehou word, een vir die Kogmanskloofarea op Donderdag 28 Junie om 18:00 by die Barnardsaal en een vir die landelike gebied op Woensdag 27 Junie om 18:00 in die Excelsiorsaal. )) Die polisie op Robertson is in besit van ’n gesteelde CD-speler (vir ’n motor) wat op 6 Februarie in die omgewing van Dagbreekstraat gevind is. Die polisie is op soek na die eienaar.


’n Bewys van eiendom word verlang. Bel ao. Clive Stemmet by 0 023 626 8340 of 072 269 6113. )) The Robertson police are looking for Zana Xolo Jack Nabhekade (39) from Hermanus. He can possibly help the police with the investigation of a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. He was arrested by the Robertson police on November 30, 2010 and appeared in court on May 8, 2011. He was due to appear in court again, but did not show up. If you have any information, please contact WO Clive Stemmet on 0 023 626 8340 or 072 269 6113. )) Die polisie op Robertson is op soek na Ernst Moller van Namibië wat hulle moontlik kan help met die ondersoek van ’n bedrogsaak. Dit hou verband met die koop van petrol ter waarde van R350 met ’n petrolkaart wat glo nie goedgekeur is nie. Enigiemand met inligting word versoek om ao. Julian Stevens by 0 023 626 8340 te bel. )) Die Robertson-polisie waarsku alle motoriste op Robertson om hul motors te alle tye te sluit en om geen waardevolle items in die motor te laat nie. Die versoek word gedoen ná ’n reeks inbrake in motors die afgelope tyd. )) Die gemeenskap word herinner aan die vergadering van die gemeenskapspolisiëring-subforum op Woensdag 30 Mei in die Dawie de Wetsaal om 19:00. Die doel is om die misdaadstatistiek van die landelike areas met inwoners te bespreek om sodoende ’n beter verhouding tussen die polisie en die gemeenskap te vestig. Lede van die gemeenskap sal geleentheid kry om voorstelle te maak en om spesifieke probleme te bespreek.

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012

LEONARD IVAN. Geb.1/06/1967Gest.26/03/2010 Still miss you a lot. You will be forever in our hearts. Haneli, Ivanece en Sune.

STILBAAI.Toegeruste rivier-oewer, selsorf eenhede. Privaat, Jetty en speelpark. Skakel 083757 4604.

STANFLIET PIETER. Geb,30/05/1927Gest.11/3/2010 Pappa jou 3de verjaarsdag weg van ons. Die verlange is groot, maar ons berus ons in die Vader se besluit. Van jou kinders Mitchell, Bibby, Matthew, Linda en die klein-en agterkleinkinders.

Die polisie is op soek na die eienaar van hierdie gesteelde motor­CD­spe­ ler.

FORTUIN BRIGETTE. Baie geluk met jou 6de verjaarsdag, 27 Mei. Ons hoop jy het jou dag geniet. Van Ouma, Oupa, Mammie, jou suster, ooms en familie.

Belangrike gas:

Die Willem Buchholz Primêre Skool het op Vrydag 19 Mei ’n besoek van raadslid Henry Jansen, onderburgemeester van die Kaapse Wynland Dis­ triksmunisipaliteit, gehad. Dit was ‘n eer en verrassing vir die skool om uit te vind dat Jansen ook ‘n oudleerder van Willem Buchholz Primêr is. Die skool sê dankie vir die rugsak met eetgoed en skryfbehoeftes wat elke leerling ontvang het.

ROBERTSON RYSKOOL: Kom geniet die avontuur en ontspanning van perdry by die Robertson Ryskool.* Ons bied verskeidenheid van rylesse vir kinders en grootmense vir beginners en ervare ruiters *Outrides tussen die wingerde en langs die Breërivier * Wynproë op ’n perd se rug of met die waentjie by Majors Hill en Springfield. * Perdrykampe vir kinders gedurende skoolvakansies * Mini kommando’s op Saterdae* Kinderpartytjies. Skakel ons gerus by 072 291 7631 of 082 402 7088.

PERSONAL LOANS. Loans from R1 000 R120 000, permanent and contract workers.Bring Id, payslip and bankstatement and also proof of adress. Contact serene Readien 023 626 7035/084 344 5127. WIL jy graag gewig verloor? Indien jy Ja sê is daar ’n antwoord vir jou. Jy kan en sonder om jouself te straf. Verdien ekstra inkomste en werk vir jouself. Vir meer inligting kontak Alida by 082 295 0226. Geen sms’e sal beantwoord word nie,beskikbaar van Maandag tot Vrydag 8h0013h00 en 14h00-16h00.

eDATA Group. Data entry jobs & training, own hours, steady income. SMS your name and postal adress for a full brochure to 072 959 8902.

Dinsdag 29 Mei 2012



Breederivier Gazette




CAPE WINELANDS DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY As part of Standard Bank’s strategic growth initiatives in key areas, we are looking to attract the following critical skills to the organisation: Financial Planner, Standard Bank Financial Consultancy, Western Cape Job Purpose

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

s5PBTTJTUXJUI - Investment Planning, both local and offshore; - Retirement Planning - Estate Planning (Wills and Trust) - Business Assurance - Buy and sell agreements - Keyperson assurance - Loan account cover - Loan account redemption plan - Business contingency plan - Preferred compensation - Deferred compensation - Risk management - Tax planning

s$FSUJGJFE'JOBODJBM1MBOOJOHBOE3& s'"*4DSFEJUT s.JOJNVNUISFFZFBSTFYQFSJFODFJOBGJOBODJBMQMBOOFSDBQBDJUZ s"CJMJUZUPGPDVTPOEFMJWFSZ s1SPWFOFYQFSJFODFJOEFBMJOHXJUIDPNQMFYGJOBODJBMTPMVUJPOT s1SPWFOUSBDLSFDPSEPGCFJOHTVDDFTTGVM To apply, go to select the careers tab, Personal and Business Banking SA, Financial Planner. Please note: in filling this position, we will be guided by the need to meet our employment equity targets.

Closing date for the application: 30 June 2012

Moving Forward


Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP15) The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06). SBSA 116409 – 5/12 Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

PUBLIC NOTICE AND INVITATION IMPLEMENTATION OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT POLICY In terms of paragraph 6.2(a) and 6.3 of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Policy, implementation reports must be submitted to the Municipal Council and Executive Mayor respectively. Reports for the first three quarters of the current financial year were submitted to the Executive Mayor and considered by Council. It was resolved to note the progress made with the implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy, as adopted by the Council on 23 January 2006, with amendments, and that the reports be made public in terms of Section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000).

DISTRIKSMUNISIPALITEIT OPENBARE KENNISGEWING EN UITNODIGING IMPLEMENTERING VAN Voorsieningskanaal-BESTUURSBELEID Ingevolge paragraaf 6.2(a) en 6.3 van die Munisipale Voorsieningskanaal-bestuursbeleid moet implementeringsverslae aan die Munisipale Raad en Uitvoerende Burgemeester onderskeidelik voorgelê word. Verslae vir die eerste drie kwartale van die huidige finansiële jaar is aan die Uitvoerende Burgemeester voorgelê en deur die Raad oorweeg. Daar is besluit om kennis te neem van die vordering wat gemaak is met die implementering van die voorsieningskanaalbestuursbeleid, met wysigings, soos dit op 23 Januarie 2006 deur die Raad aanvaar is, en dat die verslae ingevolge artikel 21A van die Wet op Plaaslike Regering: Munisipale Stelsels, 2000 (Wet 32 van 2000) bekend gemaak moet word.

As required in terms of Section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), Cape Winelands District Municipality hereby invites the local community or interested parties to submit written comments or representations with regard to the quarterly implementation reports. Any person who cannot write may come during office hours to the Supply Chain Management Offices, at the address mentioned below, where they will be assisted by Mr. G Falck to transcribe that person’s comments or representations.

Soos vereis ingevolge artikel 21A van die Wet op Munisipale Stelsels, 2000 (Wet 32 van 2000), nooi die Kaapse Wynland Distriksmunisipaliteit hiermee die plaaslike gemeenskap of belanghebbendes om skriftelike kommentaar of vertoë ten opsigte van die kwartaallikse implementeringsverslae voor te lê. Enige persoon wat nie kan skryf nie, kan in kantoorure na die voorsieningskanaal-bestuurskantoor toe kom, by die adres hieronder gemeld, waar hulle deur mnr. G Falck bygestaan sal word om daardie persoon se kommentaar of vertoë te transkribeer.

Written comments or representations clearly marked on the outside, “IMPLEMENTATION OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT POLICY”, may be handed in at any of the offices or mailed to the address mentioned below by no later than Monday, 2 July 2012.

Skriftelike kommentaar of vertoë, duidelik aan die buitekant gemerk “IMPLEMENTERING VAN VoorsieningskanaalBESTUURSBELEID”, kan teen nie later as Maandag, 2 Julie 2012 by enige van die kantore ingehandig of gepos word aan die adres hieronder vermeld.

The reports are available from the office of the Supply Chain Management Unit, Mr. G Falck, 29 Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch; or can be requested in writing from The Municipal Manager, Attention: Supply Chain Management Unit, PO Box 100, Stellenbosch 7599; or by email from or requested telephonically at 021 888-5144; or downloaded from the website:

Die verslae is beskikbaar by die kantoor van die Voorsieningskanaal-bestuurseenheid, mnr. G Falck, Du Toitstraat 29, Stellenbosch; of kan skriftelik aangevra word van Die Munisipale Bestuurder, Aandag: Voorsieningskanaal-bestuurseenheid, Posbus 100, Stellenbosch 7599; of per e-pos van scm@capewinelands; of telefonies by 021 888-5144; of dit kan afgelaai word van die webwerf:

Enquiries relating to the above may be addressed to Mr. G Falck at tel. 021 888-5144 or fax 021 883-8871. M MGAJO MUNICIPAL MANAGER

Navrae oor bogenoemde kan gerig word aan mnr. G Falck by tel. 021 888-5144 of faks 021 883-8871.

Cape Winelands District Municipality 46 Alexander Street Stellenbosch 7600 Human Communications C94643

M MGAJO MUNISIPALE BESTUURDER Kaapse Wynland Distriksmunisipaliteit Alexanderstraat 46 Stellenbosch 7600

Human Communications C94643A


Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 15 Mei 2012

Ashton Kelder’s rich history


SHTON KELDER celebrates its 50th birthday this month, looking back on an interesting history. The town of Ashton owes its existence to the railway station established in 1887 by Cape Central Railway on the farm Roodewal. A number of farmers, mainly bordering on Ashton, Bonnievale and Robertson, considered establishing a co-operative cellar to cater for their needs. The idea found favour and on May 10 in 1962 an inaugural meeting was held, at which it was decided to proceed. So enthusiastic were the proponents of the scheme, that farmers came along with money in their pockets which they eagerly handed over to get the ball rolling, without even asking for a receipt. Ashton Co-operative Wine Cellar was launched with 28 members and a board of directors was chosen with Mr P.P. Jordaan as chairman. A site for the cellar was selected and Jordaan transferred a water right, which he enjoyed from a Brandvlei irrigation canal, to

the Co-op since the ground on which the cellar was to be erected had no other source of water. Almost immediately, work was begun on digging trenches to carry a pipeline to the site where there had previously been a quarry. The Land Bank was approached for a loan, which was initially refused, but the bank under-estimated the farmers’ determination. When bank officials one day by chance heard the announcement on the regional news service that water was gushing out of the pipeline in the old quarry, they relented and the loan was granted. By the time the cellar was built in 1963, there were 46 members who delivered a total of 2 130 tons of grapes. With the commencement of the 1964 season, there were 56 members and 5 790 tons were pressed. In the 1968 season 10 000 tons were pressed. One of the problems at Ashton was the considerable quantity of grapes being produced which were not suitable for vinifying because of low sugar content. To

deal with these grapes, it was decided to use them for the production of grape concentrate. The most up-to-date machinery for this purpose was imported from West Germany during 1971. Approximately 70 000 hectolitres of juice is converted to grape concentrate annually. The product found great favour and the quality was considered so good, that virtually every wine producer uses it for the sweetening of semi-sweet wine. Ashton wines have won numerous awards at various wine shows. The Co-op currently handles 45 different grape varieties and bottles an extensive range of wines for sale to members and to the public. It also offers a pink Muscat de Hambourg sparkling grape juice. The grape intake normally amounts to 20 000 tons, produced by 60 farmers, making it one of the bigger co-operative cellars in the Western Cape operating under one roof, an example of what can come from small beginnings with a spirit of co-operation and the will to succeed.

Ashton Kelder and its beautiful grounds.

The surrounding grounds at Ashton Kelder are perfect for a picnic.


Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 5 Junie 2012

Robertson Voorbereidingskool hou sportdag DIE Robertson Voorbereidingskool het Saterdag 2 Junie hulle jaarlikse sportdag gehou. Agt skole het aan hierdie jaarlikse instelling, wat op die skool se sportterrein gehou is, deelgeneem. Die leerlinge van die Laerskool Montagu, die Laerskool Swellendam, die Laerskool WesBank (Oudtshoorn), die Hoërskool Bonnievale se gr. een- tot

drie-leerlinge, Worcester Voorbereidingskool, Robertson Logos Christian School, die Laerskool Buffeljags en Robertson Voorbereidingskool het aan rugby, netbal en sokker deelgeneem. Die ma’s was ook daar om koek te verkoop en hul kinders te ondersteun. Hier is ’n paar hoogtepunte. Foto’s geneem deur Deon van Deventer.

Dinsdag 5 Junie 2012


Breederivier Gazette


Warm up with winter winners BY DANIQUE FULLARD


N an almost unrecognisable and mysterious way, winter always seems to lure me into a totally different state of mind. My love of fresh light colours and zesty flavours in summer has been completely consumed by a desire for richer, deeper colours and heartier, warmer meals. Reds, oranges and earthy browns fill my winter palate, so on the menu this week are colour-inspired meals. Roasted butternut soup with Camembert (Serves 4) )) 2 red peppers, halved and seeded )) 800 g butternut, cubed )) 1 head of garlic )) Olive oil )) 50 g butter )) 2 medium onions, chopped )) 120 ml dry sherry )) one litre vegetable or chicken stock )) 250 g streaky bacon, chopped and grilled until crisp )) 1 ripe Camembert round, cut into wedges Place the red peppers and butternut into a roasting pan. Slice the top off the

Draw for Cartoon Network YOUNG artists are invited to participate in Animation Generation, a nationwide drawing competition to promote the art of illustration in schools across the country. The competition is now in its seventh year and sponsored by Cartoon Network. The campaign will target 1 900 primary schools in South Africa, including a number already confirmed in the Langeberg area, with participating children between the ages of 6 and14 years old. Up for grabs are iPads, Blackberrys and iPods for the top three entries in every age group and the school with the most entries overall will receive an awesome R10 000. This years Animation Generation theme is “The Amazing World of Gumball”. Students are encouraged to design and create the newest student to join Gumball and his friends at Elmore Junior High School. The aim is to give students the chance to let their imaginations run wild with Cartoon Network. All entries must be original and as imaginative as possible. The top three entries in each of the three age groups (6 to 8 years, 9 to 11 years and 12 to 14 years) will also be aired on Cartoon Network, giving the winning students the thrill of having their artwork shown in a promotional clip throughout Africa. The campaign kicked off in schools on May 22. The closing date for entries is September 3. Visit for more information.

garlic to expose the flesh, and then add to the pan. Drizzle the vegetables with olive oil and roast at 200°C for 20 to 30 minutes or until tender. Remove from the oven and press the flesh out of the garlic skins, and then discard the skins. Heat the butter in a saucepan. Sauté the chopped onions until soft and add the sherry and the vegetables. Cover and simmer over a low heat for 15 minutes. Transfer mixture to a food processor and blend until smooth. Otherwise, transfer to a dish and blitz using a blendstick. Return the mixture to the saucepan and add the stock. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for ten minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Top each serving of soup with crisp bacon pieces and wedges of Camembert and serve immediately. )) Tomato and beetroot soup with coriander cream )) Serves 4-6 )) 15 ml oil )) 1 large onion, chopped )) 2 cloves garlic, crushed )) 600 g fresh, ripe tomatoes, peeled )) 400 g beetroot, peeled and grated )) 650 ml prepared chicken stock

)) Juice and grated zest of 1 orange )) 15 ml honey )) 1 cinnamon stick )) 2 ml ground allspice )) 30 ml fresh coriander, finely chopped )) 125 ml sour cream Heat the oil and sauté the onion and garlic until soft. Add the remaining ingredients, except the coriander and the sour cream. Bring to the boil, and then simmer for 45 minutes. Remove the cinnamon stick and blend the soup in a liquidiser or using a blending stick until smooth. Season to taste. Blend the coriander and sour cream together until smooth. Serve the soup topped with a spoonful of the coriander cream. Springfield’s Wholeberry Cabernet Sauvignon is a good match. The softer tannins with lively ripe berry flavours will compliment and not overpower this soup. To go with that, living in the beautiful Breede River Valley presents a myriad

of winter activities which I feel inspired to embrace this year. Do not miss out on a morning walk, especially if you have a view of the mistcovered vineyards, followed perhaps by warm toast with homemade jam or a gourmet version of a traditional oats breakfast. When the porridge is thick and cooked through, ladle into bowls and stir into each, 1 tbls honey, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp brown sugar and a knob of butter. Top with 2 tbls raisins and enjoy with freshly perculated coffee.


Breederivier Gazette


Dinsdag 5 Junie 2012

Spanwerk: Hierdie leerlinge van die Hoërskool Bonnievale is in Noord-Boland- netbalspanne opgeneem. Agter (van links) is Nika Brink, Renette Opperman, Ansa van der Merwe en Thea Stemmet. In die middel is Annelie Wessels, Chameron Hansen, Annamart Wentzel en Anje Oosthuizen. Voor is Luané Wessels, Chanté Human en Nereen Goodman.

JACOBS SALLY. Mamma, 4 Junie is dit ’n jaar wat jy weg is en die verlange is nogsteeds daar. Ons mis jou. Van kinders en kleinkinders.

ROBERTSON RYSKOOL: Kom geniet die avontuur en ontspanning van perdry by die Robertson Ryskool.* Ons bied verskeidenheid van rylesse vir kinders en groomense vir beginners en ervare ruiters *Outrides tussen die wingerde en langs die Breërivier * Wynproë op n perd se rug of met die waentjie by Majors Hill en Springfield. * Perdrykampe vir kinders gedurende skoolvakansies * Mini kommando’s op Saterdae* Kinderpartytjies. Skakel ons gerus by 072 291 7631 of 082 402 7088.

Geluk: Johani Bantjes, ‘n matriekleerNetbalkampioene:

Deborah Brown (o. 12) en Courtney du Toit (o. 13) van die Laerskool Montagu is vir die Boland-netbalspan gekies.

ling van die Hoërskool Bonnievale, het Boland by die nasionale swartbaarskampioenskappe, ’n hengelkompetisie, by Groenvlei verteenwoordig. Johani was die enigste vroulike deelnemer.

Sportdag: Die Laerskool Montagu se 15de Montie Sportdag, geborg deur Montagu Spar, is weer suksesvol aangebied. Tien skole van so ver as Caledon het deelgeneem. Die rugby- en netbalwedstryde het vroeg begin en spelers en ondersteuners het dit ooglopend geniet. Die Masterchef-stalletjie is as algehele wenner onder die stalletjies aangewys. Hier speel die Monties se o.13A-span teen die o.13A-span van Laerskool Swellendam.

OPPERMAN WIHANTé Geluk met jou verjaars-dag Donderdag, 7 Junie. Mag die Here jou seën en nog baie jare vir ons uitspaar.Mammie is baie lief vir jou, jy's Mamie se groot seun. van: mammie, ouma, oupa, auntie Sonja en peetma.

RAAI wie is 70? Maart Rina. Baie geluk Mammie met u verjaarsdag, dankie vir alles . Ek kan die Here net dank vir vir mams, jy’s die beste als wat mooi is vr jou. van Irene, die tweeling, Quitin, Lizahn en Damian.

STILBAAI.Toegeruste rivier-oewer, selsorf eenhede. Privaat, Jetty en speelpark. Skakel 083757 4604.

PERSONAL LOANS. Loans from R1 000 R120 000, permanent and contract workers. Bring Id, payslip and bankstatement and also proof of adress. Contact serene Readien 023 626 7035/084 344 5127.

ALMAL welkom mans en dames, verdien baie geld. Gratis opleiding. Werk vanaf jou huis met of sonder °n rekenaar. SMS jou naam, van en adres na 072 645 4047 vir brosjure. eDATA Group. Data entry jobs & training, own hours, steady income. SMS your name and postal adress for a full brochure to 072 959 8902.

LOOKING for job as domestic worker. Contact Josephine Nyamutamba 078 713 6612. LOOKING for job as domestic worker or any other job. Contact Florette 073 007 8289.

Dinsdag 5 Junie 2012


Breederivier Gazette



VERVAL OF HERNUWING VAN LUPO ARTIKEL 4(6) STRUKTUURPLANNE Volgens die Departement van Omgewingsake en Ontwikkelingsbeplanning is op 5 Julie 2002, in terme van Provinsiale Kennisgewing Nr. 213 van 2002, die geldigheidsperiode van alle struktuurplanne, goedgekeur in terme van die Ordonnansie op Grondgebruikbeplanning, 1985 (Ordonnansie 15 van 1985), vir ’n verdere 10 jaar verleng. Hierdie tydperk verstryk op 5 Julie 2012 wat beteken dat al die struktuurplanne wat deur bogenoemde kennisgewing geraak word op die datum sal verval. Munisipaliteite is genader op 14 Oktober by wyse van Omsendskrywe C14 van 2011 en weer op 2 Februarie 2012 by wyse van Omsendskrywe C3 van 2012 om aan te dui of enige van hierdie struktuurplanne vir ’n verdere tydperk verleng moet word. In reaksie op bogenoemde uitnodigings oorweeg die Departement tans die verlenging van die geldigheidsperiode van die volgende struktuurplanne: Munisipaliteit


Alle Munisipaliteite

Algemene Struktuurplan

Saldanhabaai Munisipaliteit

Langebaan Struktuurplan St Helena Struktuurplan Paternoster Struktuurplan Vredenburg - Saldanha & Omgewing Struktuurplan

Kaapse Wynland Distriksmunisipaliteit

Breederivier Sub-Streeks Struktuurplan Dwarsrivier Vallei Sub-Streek Struktuurplan


Montagu Struktuurplan Robertson Struktuurplan


Brandwacht en Omgewing Plaaslike Struktuurplan Brandvlei/Kwaggaskloof Struktuurplan


Wellington Stedelike Struktuurplan Noorder Paarl Struktuurplan Dal Josafat


Franschoek Kylemore Stellenbosch SSK Stellenbosch Dorp Johannesdal Plaaslike Struktuurplan Groendal Webersvallei


Calitzdorp Stedelike Struktuurplan


Suid-Kaap Substreek Struktuurplan Laer Breederivier Substreek Ontwikkelingsraamwerk


Hartenbos Stedelike Struktuurplan


George (SSK Blokplanne) Pacaltsdorp Regsgebied Struktuurplan Sub-Streek Struktuurplan: Kusgebied van Outeniqua tot Humansdorp Wilderness Plaaslike Struktuurplan Uniondale Kleurling Gebied Hoekwil/Tousranten


Heidevallei Plaaslike Struktuurplan



Belanghebbendes word hiermee genooi om kommentaar te lewer op die voorgestelde verlenging van die geldigheidsperiode van die genoemde struktuurplanne. Die Departement sal die “kennisgewing en kommentaar” prosedure volg soos voorsien in Artikel 4(3) van die Wet op Administratiewe Geregtigheid, 2000 (Wet 3 van 2000) en alle insette sal in berekening gebring word. Kopieë van die relevante Stedelike en Streek Struktuurplanne is beskikbaar vir besigtiging by die onderskeie munisipaliteite. Enige kommentaar oor die voorgestelde verlenging van die geldigheidsperiode van die genoemde struktuurplanne moet skriftelik besorg word aan Kobus Munro ( of aan Privaatsaak X9086, Cape Town 8000. Navrae kan gerig word aan Kobus Munro by 021 483-0764. Die kommentaar moet die Departement bereik teen nie later nie as 29 Junie 2012. Human Communications C94688A

Breederivier Gazette 5 Junie 2012  

Breederivier Gazette 5 Junie 2012

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