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Label: Merrifield Records Genre: post punk / garage



The 80’s indie and punk background that the band possesses can surely be felt in the music they produce ”

Meet Scott, Dex, Dave, and Brad - these four talented hatchlings slithered into the nooks of the DC indie rock scene in 2007 where dingy bars, a few bottles, and a beat gave birth to innumerable underground bands. Not giving a damn about what the mainstream elites sought, the boys collaborated as COBRA COLLECTIVE, made music in their own favor, and performed in the fringe of venues around their hometown. With the 70’s- 80’s indie and punk sound flattened into their music, one might compare them to Joy Division, The Cure, and The Smiths. Their purpose as a band is to continue creating loud, Members galvanizing tunes while getting their point across Scott Westfall—Vocal in their lyrics…just the way they like it and still Dex Fontaine — Drum intrigue those who stop by for a listen. Dave Barker — Guitar Brad Johnson — Bass

-Jean Paul Sailer (FCNP)

Cobra Collective opened the night with a dynamic set filled with captivating hooks and high-powered rock energy” “


-Elizabeth Kong (IDOBI)