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INT. JOHN'S BEDROOM - HALLOWEEN NIGHT JOHN, our hero, sits at his desk studying. His roommate ROSS walks into the room in a loud pimp costume wielding cane and pimp hat. ROSS Hey John, you coming out with Daddy tonight? JOHN Can't tonight. I've got a paper to write and I've got to drop off this lease for us next year before tomorrow morning. I'll be here. ROSS I should backhand you right now. but I won't, because your my best hoe. JOHN Oh come on you say that to all the guys. ROSS (shrugging) You do what you've got to do. I'm heading out now. Party is on 2nd and University. You could drop off the lease before... JOHN Not gonna happen. I'm staying in tonight. Ross walks away. John sits at his desk pondering his tasks for the night. He stares at the blank word document on his computer screen and the manila envelope accompanying him on his messy desk. He flips the page to facebook, STACEY PEARCE. She is a bombshell and he falls victim to the distraction. She has left him a facebook message and since gone offline. It reads... STACEY Hey, I hope I'll see you guys at the party tn ;) (winky face) It's on 2nd and Lincoln. ZOOM through her profile picture to Stacey in a

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INT. DREAM PARTY ROOM She has just taken the photograph. She drops her smile and grabs her camera strutting straight for the door. INT. JOHN'S BEDROOM John sits in his chair as he was, turning to absorb Stacey. STACEY John I really wanted to see you tonight. When are you going to be done with that paper so that you can come spend time with me? She massages John's shoulders as she speaks. He remains planted at his computer screen. JOHN Yea yea. Soon. I've just got to get this paper started. Stacey saunters longingly to the bed and lies down. STACEY But it's not even due tomorrow. Please John... He turns to look at her laying in his bed. JOHN I don't know Stacey. It's really long, and I've got to drop this lease off. It's just not a good night. STACEY Oh come on John, you can drop the lease off on the way... JOHN I guess so...But I don't even have a costume. I can't go. John swivels in his chair, back to the BLINKING CURSOR on an empty word document and reality along with it. John stares at the top of his page, writes his name. JOHN Alright, food and then work. John gets up and walks out to his INT. KITCHEN - MESSY file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

John opens the fridge, nothing but condiments and an open beer. He checks the freezer as his roommate DAVE walks up in a Brett Favre jersey. DAVE Hey man you going out tonight? JOHN Ahhh.., no I'm staying in tonight. Work. Are you going in that? DAVE (Laughing) Hey man a costume is a costume. JOHN I'm not complaining Brett just don't start sending girls pictures of your dick. DAVE Hey don't be so hard on the guy. Brett Favre never had to learn to talk to girls. He was probably a football star in high school, then he was a football star in college, and then he was an NFL player. I bet sending girls pictures of his dick has been his go to move his whole life. John roots through cabinets and finds a bag of crackers. He settles for them. JOHN You think he was sending girls pictures of his dick in high school? What did he send them in the mail? DAVE Yea, probably worked better when they were in black and white too. Hey I'm heading out man, good luck finding food in this place. John dips his head in the fridge again just in case he missed something. The beer contrives to topple and spill down the fridge. He shuts it. INT. JOHN'S BEDROOM John gets back to his room and sees Stacey's message again. JOHN file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

God damnit I miss every party. MONTAGE 1) Ross bursts into John's room, drunk and excited, wearing a basketball jersey SUPERIMPOSE: THE JERSEY PARTY ROSS Where's your jersey??!? 2) Ross bursts in John's room in the same manner holding a wine glass and looking extremely classy. SUPERIMPOSE: THE CLASSY PARTY ROSS Do I or do I not look like a pimp? 3) Ross bursts in again wearing a new jersey nets basketball jersey and with his hair slicked back in his best jersey shore impression SUPERIMPOSE: THE EXTRA JERSEY PARTY ROSS JERSEY!!! 4) Ross again, this time with his entire body painted to make him look black. SUPERIMPOSE: THE MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY PARTY

ROSS I have a dream!! Ross falls over. Headfirst. Dave walks in behind him, checks to see if he's ok. DAVE Damnit I told him this wasn't a theme party. END MONTAGE John is finishing the bag of crackers, when his phone beeps. A text... STACY (text) Hey I hope your coming file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

to the party tonight John. It's gonna be pimpin!!

JOHN Screw it! I'm going to this party. I'm gonna need a costume John roots around his room until he puts together a nerd costume. John grabs the manila envelope and heads outside. EXT. STREET John jumps on his bike and peers at the street signs and houses. 2nd and Lincoln EXT. PARTY HOUSE John sees the house. The music is loud and he can see lights inside. INT. PARTY HOUSE Music is blaring and John walks in to try and find his friends, and of course, Stacey Pearce. He notices he's still holding his manila envelope. JOHN Damn! Alright I'll drop it off after. As he walks in a DRUNK GUY nearly spills his drink on his lease ENVELOPE. John quickly ducks into the nearest bedroom. INT. PARTY HOUSE BEDROOM He puts the envelope down on a desk. Relieved, he exits to the party. INT. PARTY HOUSE BASEMENT John reaches the dance floor. He spots Ross grinding with his PARTY GIRL. ROSS Hey!! You made it man! Get over here. Ross reaches to give John a handshake, which quickly turns into a manhug. Ross and Party Girl continue to grind while this goes on. Party Girl seems not to notice. The two carry file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

on as this awkwardness is happening. JOHN Hey have you seen Stacey anywhere? ROSS No man, I'll keep an eye out though. Remember, your the man. JOHN Thanks, I'm gonna look around. Let me know. John walks off in search of Stacey. He wades through the party without any luck. He tries the door to a bedroom INT. PARTY BEDROOM 2 Sitting at his desk strangely reminiscent to John's a NERDY GUY sits at his computer. He turns as John enters. NERDY GUY What do you want? JOHN Just looking for a friend. You a nerd too? NERDY GUY Do I look like a nerd to you? I'm not going to the party! I'm trying to write my paper tonight! Get out!! Leave Damnit!! He chucks a binder off his desk straight at John. He shuts the door just in time. INT. PARTY HALLWAY JOHN Crazy nerds.... John tries the next door to the original bedroom INT. PARTY HOUSE BEDROOM John opens the door to find his roommate Dave lying on the bed with his pants halfway down. He's holding a polaroid camera. Dave notices John and freezes up. DAVE This isn't what it looks like. John, shielding his eyes, peers around the door in the room file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

to see a GIRL IN A FAVRE JERSEY standing opposite Dave. John, not sure if he's disturbed or relieved, shuts the door. INT. PARTY HOUSE BASEMENT John wades through the party to find Ross, surprise, he is now dancing with Stacey. John strides directly to talk to her. Ross tries to give him the awkward grinding manhug again and John, exasperated, brushes him off. JOHN What are you doing? No! Hey Stacey, I got your text. STACEY What? What text? I thought you were staying in. JOHN What? You texted me like a half hour ago. STACEY Huh? No I didn't. John shoots a look at Ross. JOHN Oh...Pimpin... A NERD COSTUME GUY brushes by John. He goes to give him a high five as he passes NERD COSTUME GUY Hey! What's up nerd? JOHN Shut up! John, pissed, storms off. NERD COSTUME GUY Crazy nerds... Stacy runs after him and meets him at the EXT. PARTY HOUSE PORCH STACEY John wait! She grabs him by the hands and turns him as he's walking off. John is surprised by this show of affection. file:///C|/Users/Dan/Documents/Night%20In.txt[4/8/2011 7:45:20 PM]

JOHN What? STACEY I'm sorry, I didn't know Ross texted you. I didn't mean to cause you so much trouble. I just really wanted to see you tonight. Their eyes lock for a brief moment. John is a bit shocked. JOHN Stacey... As their faces move closer together, Stacey throws up her guts on John's legs. John, moving gingerly with the puke on his leg notices the clock on the wall. It's 2:48. JOHN (CONT'D) Alright, that's enough, I'm leaving. John gingerly removes Stacey leaning on his legs and runs. He's out the door already and in the EXT. STREET He's speeding on his bike towards the post office, puke covered and clutching his manila envelope. He gets to the EXT. OFFICE - LATE NIGHT He drops the envelope through the slot in the door. Finally completing something for the night John pumps his fist in the air. Ring, Ring, John lowers his arm to answer his phone JOHN Hello? DAVE Hey man, what did you do with that envelope? JOHN The lease envelope? I just dropped it off. Why? DAVE Ohhh...I kinda had my pictures in there. The realization of what happened slowly dawns on John.

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DAVE (CONT'D) (trailing off) Also, Stacey is wondering why you ran off. I think she's pretty pissed.

JOHN I really should have fucking stayed in tonight.

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