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You should go prepared with a good camera, like walking and the curious eyes of a child. Dive into the stage of history. Discover enchanted places. Thrill in an evening of theater. Descend into the depths of the tunnel and ascends to heaven carried by the magical music of an organ. Walk alleys where time has stopped. Enjoy dinner by candlelight on a hidden square. Guanajuato, founded in 1557, is one of the most peculiar sites around Mexico. The vibrant city of many colors comes and goes underground. Delve into the labyrinth of steep streets, cable cars, tunnels and mines rests on squares that are filled with life at night, admiring palaces, art galleries and thrill to the legends that accompany you.


5 REASONS to visit Guanajuato: Discovering corners of legend among alleys and squares. Walk in the footsteps of Independence. Celebrating theater, dance, music and art. See the city come and go from the tunnels. To admire the monumental palaces and mines.


CALLEJONEADA • As the sun sets, the streets of Guanajuato begin to swarm figures that seem goings of other times, dressed in breeches, trials and layers of black rigorous ... armed with songs and humor. We already have tickets, get in the Jardín Unión and now waited there, in front of the temple of San Diego to get our estudiantina. It is about time, it's 9:00 pm and began a teaching and witty ride through the alleys of the city. There is no respite, sang and danced in the streets, we hear stories of legend and we offer a mix of mezcal for wanting to try. A night out on the town!

There is a place in Guanajuato transmitting as few vital essence of this city. Between Angel and San Roque (others not to be missed), San Fernando literally transports us to the time where the children played in the streets yet, families talked to banks everyday stories, and source water flowed slowly by pacing the minutes and hours. Sitting at a table in any of its terraces, dimly lit by small lanterns, night falls, share a beer and a snack with two good friends. Hearing a faint compasses troba we get carried away until a callejoneada snatches it all and brings us back to reality, but very well could be the set of a movie from another era ...

The Day of the Dead tradition is considered more representative of the Mexican culture. The celebration takes place in two days: November 1 is dedicated to the souls of children and November 2 to adults.

The origin of the Day of the Dead has a history associated with miscegenation. Includes indigenous and Spanish cultural traits that led to mixed all the rites and ceremonies that take place around the holiday.

This church cost him three hundred and seventy thousand dollars at the time of Don Antonio de Obreg贸n y Alcocer, the guide told us from the center of the church. He dedicated it to San Cayetano, who is the patron of gamblers and unemployed, but now everyone knows as La Valenciana, having been built on the very grain of the silver mine beneath and profits have been financed.

For there to visit Guanajuato Hidalgo market. Often the cities are like people and attitudes and perceived ways how they breathe better in certain historical remains. The market is an imposing building which was opened 100 years ago by President Porfirio Diaz as part of the celebrations of the centenary of Independence. They say it was initially intended as railway and Gustave Eiffel who designed it, but two architects planned Mexicans (Ernesto Brunel and Antonio Rivas Mercado) at the site occupied by the old bullring Gaviria. Anyway, the beauty of this place is not based on data but little details like the ritual cadence with which the vendors display their wares or the dim light that wraps around the perimeter of the building.

Enchiladas Mineras Hidalgo market is reached by choice or chance grata. So it is almost everything in Guanajuato, sites come to our meeting around a corner and paralyze us. After a long circular walk up and down the streets of the city, will result in front

of his imposing facade and searched among the posts of basketry, fruit and juices something to calm my stomach. Please?, Get me the same thing you are eating the citizen ... The Guanajuato mining enchiladas are a seamless dish prepared with corn tortillas stuffed with onions and ranchero cheese topped with guajillo chile sauce and tomatoes, a trip to the keeping our memory flavors smell and taste, traditional flavors of home, intense and comforting. Something we should not lose.

CHILLING MOMENTS To give it a different ending to a day of walking through the charming streets of Guanajuato, and having heard the legends that keeps every corner, we offer a unique experience: the Mummy Museum. For unknown reasons, in Guanajuato found hundreds of mummified bodies, the first during the last century. This excellent museum holds you intense moments and an excellent photo opportunity shocking.

Seven years of happiness .. There was a time when husbands and fathers drew the dagger before understanding. At Dona Carmen unhappy her father murdered her fall in love with Don Luis, who courted from balcony to balcony. His love still today blesses all couples to kiss on the third step of this narrow alley. If you are lucky enough to share a love, you can not comply with the tradition.

BasĂ­lica de Nuestra SeĂąora de Guanajuato In the Plaza de la Paz, against the appointment plaque commemorating the historic center of Guanajuato as a World Heritage Site, is situated the church of the patron saint of the city, with the rank of Basilica in 1957. Built between 1671 and 1696 in Baroque style, only original parts preserved facade were replaced as the other elements in the nineteenth century neoclassical other.

It is a beautiful triangular park which bears the nickname "Slice of Cheese", located in the city center and surrounded by cafes and restaurants. It is the meeting place for Guanajuato, national and foreign students and tourists. From Thursday to Sunday meet at this point estudiantinas to depart with the tour groups to the traditional callejoneada.

This monument was built in memory of Juan Jose de los Reyes Martinez "P铆pila" that he was a heroic act in September 1810. During the War of Independence, with a slab on his back to get rid of the shootings, fire door Alh贸ndiga to take place and achieve victory insurgent. This is accomplished by having a panoramic view of Guanajuato, which is a unique day and night.

Considered one of the most beautiful theaters in Mexico, the Teatro Juárez was inaugurated in 1903 by General Porfirio Diaz. Its portico is in the Roman Doric style, and among its many charms is an art nouveau foyer.A magnificent theater in the heart of Guanajuato. Construction was begun in 1872, funded by General Florencio Antillón, who contracted the services of engineer José Noriega. Access to the theater is by a series of wide steps framed by a cantera stone balustrade and flanked by two bronze lions and wrought iron lamps. The portico features Doric columns in green cantera stone with fluted shafts, and a capital of carved lyres; in the entablature, we see a section embellished with garlands and faces of angels. A balustrade and bronze sculptures of the Greek Muses standing atop pedestals crown the theater's facade.

Colonial. Picturesque. Exciting. Adventurer.