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GUANAJUATO OVERVIEW Scenario important events in the history of Mexico, considered the birthplace of the struggle for Independence, home of real scenarios the liberal who now constitute a circuit culturally rich tourist. Browse these roads allowing visitors to admire the colonial architecture in historic buildings, churches, temples and monasteries dating from the sixteenth century, all of the styles shown purest baroque and neoclassical churrigueresco. In its rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes are added to hot springs, that flow throughout the territory, where the municipalities have developed a tourist infrastructure that allows a comfortable stay in hotels, resorts, spas and water parks .


Each year in October, the city of Guanajuato is decked to carry out the International Cervantes Festival (FIC), the cultural and artistic encounter important in Mexico and one of the most important in America, it has met manifestations all cultural regions. Its origins date back to the tradition of Guanajuato University Theatre, to its repertoire of Spanish Golden Age, in particular, to the work of extraordinary writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

Historical Monuments MUSEUM ALHÓNDIGA The Alhóndiga houses the Regional Museum since since 1958. It is one of the most representative historical places of the country and has an important collection about the time of the struggle for independence.

MONUMENT TO THE PIPILA Monument erected in honor of Juan Jose de los Reyes Martinez nicknamed the Pípila who performed the heroic act on September 28, 1810, in the first battle of the War of Independence fire door Alhóndiga. The place offers a panoramic view of Guanajuato which is a unique day and night.

GUANAJUATO In the state of Guanajuato are two of the most interesting cities in Mexico for their historical significance and the conservation of its colonial architecture style. The city of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, offering endless views and legends, which allows tourists to know the culture, folk art and history of independence. Besides having a varied cultural scene throughout the year, where you can enjoy from international cultural festivals, even the most entrenched religious and popular traditions.

UNIVERSITY OF GUANAJUATO It was school-hospice in 1732. It is the center of the most important academic activity of the State, as well as being a promoter of arts and cultural activities.

PLACE OF PEACE Semi-triangular square framed by the most beautiful buildings of the city, in the center of it lies a monument of bronze a n d m a r bl e q u a rr y b a s e m a d e t o commemorate the end of the War of Independence.

TEATRO JUAREZ It is considered one of the country's most attractive theaters and recognized for its architecture and for being the scene of several important international cultural events.

KISS ALLEY Romantic corner formed by two balconies separated by just 69 inches. Famous for love legend which owes its name.

The Mummies of Guanajuato Currently the Municipality of Guanajuato has two museums, the permanent museum is located in the Santa Paula Pantheon with a display of 52 bodies, over 10 rooms, and the traveling museum which exhibits 36 bodies in the United States. The total collection is 111 mummified bodies and three



BAR FLY Location: Downtown Area Address: Sosthenes Rocha # 30-32 Phone: 141 5092

FIRE Location: Downtown Area Address: Cantarranas # 15 Phone: 734 2127

TRADITIONAL BAR LUNA Location: Downtown Area Address: Garden of Union # 10

GUANAJUATO GRILL Location: Downtown Area Address: Alonso # 14 Phone: 732 1157

COFFEE THE ATRIUM Location: Downtown Area Address: Inside the Marketplace Agora s / n Phone: 731 1213 DESMOND'S Location: Downtown Area Address: Positos # 79 Phone: 733 5105

OLD GUANAJUATO Location: Downtown Area Address: Ringer # 12 Phone: 738 0153

LOS LOBOS Location: Downtown Area Address: Manuel Doblado # 2 Phone: 732 7040

THE LADY OF THE CAMELLIAS Location: Downtown Area Address: Sope単a # 32 Phone: 732 0455

WHYNOT? Location: Downtown Area Address: Alonso # 34 Altos Phone: 732 9759

OLD JACK'S BAR Location: Downtown Area Address: Sope単a # 14 Phone: 732 3077 TERRASSE Location: Downtown Area Address: Trick # 1 B High Telephone: 72 * 14 * 36190

ZILCH Location: Downtown Area Address: Jardin de la Union # 4 (High) Phone: 732 6903

RESTAURANTS IN GUANAJUATO TRUCO 7 Location: Downtown Area Address: Street Trick # 7 Phone: (473) 732 8374

TASCA OF PEACE Location: Downtown Area Address: Plaza de la Paz # 28 Phone: (473) 734 2225

FLEA CAKES BAR CASA GRANDE Location: Downtown Area Location: Downtown Area Address: Avenida Juarez # 9 Int 9 Address: Avenida Juarez # 220 Phone: (473) 732 9444 Phone: (473) 732 3145

PETER'S PIZZA Location: Downtown Area Address: City # 19 Phone: (473) 732 9636

PANINOS Location: Downtown Area Address: Alonso # 4 B Phone: (473) 734 1455

PEPE AND ROMULO Location: Downtown Area Address: # 30 Esq Pósitos Juan Valle

THE TERRACE (HOTEL SANTA FE) Location: Downtown Area Address: Garden of Union # 12 Phone: (473) 732 0084

THE TIC TIC Location: Downtown Area Address: Avenida Juarez # 119 Phone: (473) 732 9502

EL GALLO PITAGÓRICO CORNER OF SAN FERNANDO Location: Downtown Area Location: Downtown Area Address: Plaza de San Fernando # 32 Address: Proof # 10 Phone: (473) 732 9489 Phone: (473) 733 1257

EMERGENCY TELEPHONES 065 Red Cross (473) 73 2 04 87 Municipal Civil Protection (473) 73 2 35 87 066 Public Safety / Office (473) 73 2 02 66 Road Police Office (473) 73 2 48 82 State Civil Protection office (473) 73 3 19 05

DON OLÉ Location: Downtown Area Address: # 14 B Sopeña Phone: (473) 734 1582

THE Capellina Location: Downtown Area Address: Sopeña # 3 Phone: (473) 732 7224

El Tapatio - RESTAURANT BAR RACK OF FLOWERS Location: Downtown Area Location: Downtown Area Address: Plaza de la Paz # 32 Address: Lascuráin of Retana # 20 Phone: (473) 731 7198 Phone: (473) 732 3291

VALADEZ HOUSE Location: Downtown Area Address: Jardin de la Union # 3 Phone: (473) 732 5546

Mobilizing in Guanajuato, the state capital city of the same name, is quite simple and will not generate any problems. The town is very quiet and safe, so you can walk with absolute calmness and serenity in the middle of the city.



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Considered excellent hosts, the people of Guanajuato are Often altruistic, caring and very good friends of tourists. Respectful of its traditions and, Generally, very religious, the children of this city are proud of Their Land a n d i t s b e a u t i f u l c o l o n i a l f e a t u r e s .

ยกEnjoy this magical city! GUANAJUATO

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