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Dear English buffs! We, your English teachers, are very proud of some of your additional work you do at school and wanted to brag a bit, so here it is: a brand new – all yours, all English – online newspaper! This is our school’s very first newspaper in a foreign language and this year we decided to make it all about the English language, which is taught from the first to the last grade at Primary school Mislinja. We’ve included work done by some of the younger and some of the older students and hope that you like it. We also hope that some of those who haven’t had your work published this year find it an inspiration – try your best and maybe you’ll find your name in the next year’s issue of the newspaper  Next year, we might include other languages taught at our school too. Anyway, go on, leaf through our “Yearly dose of English” and enjoy! Your English teachers

AN INTERVIEW WITH A DAREDEVIL A: You’re one of the most famous daredevils in the world. Who inspired for this? B: Thank you for the compliment. I love dangerous sports so much and I have a lot of adrenaline. When I was a child, I watched dangerous sports on TV every day, and this inspired me. A: How old were you when you started? B: When I was young, my parents didn’t let me try this because it was too dangerous. What I was 22 years old, I started this. The feeling was fantastic. A: When did you first start this and where? B: At first, I started in the forest, where I was cycling, and when I fell, I still continued, and I broke my arm. A: What was you first most dangerous experience? Describe it. B: My most dangerous experience was mountain skiing. When I was 25 years old, I tried it. I was very excited. I went up a mountain called Mount Everest. What I was on top of the mountain, I started skiing down. I broke my leg. Nobody was there. 12 hours later someone helped me. It was so painful. I will remember this for my whole life. A: What dangerous sports have you also tried and which do you want to in the future? B: It’s a lot of them, too many, but I would like to try also bungee jumping, rafting and sky diving.

Ana Pogorevc, Manca Tisnikar Svečko in Tia Podvratnik

DAREDEVIL Being a daredevil is a very dangerous sport. When and why did you start doing it? When I was 11 years old, I started watching clips from you tube where people were doing dangerous activities. And I found them interesting, so I tired rooftop jumping and I became good at it.

What was you first enterprise? It happened 2 years ago when I was just starting. I climbed on the top of our house. I walked to the edge of the roof. And I did a handstand.

How did your parents react to your dares? My dad is really supportive. Although he had his doubts in the start was always my 1. Fan. But my mom does the opposite, she is always stressed while I am doing rooftop jumping.

Was your life ever in danger while doing stunts? Of course! There is always a change that something might go wrong.

Do you have a professional camera man? No, when I am filming for my channel my dad always records me. And when I need a photo for my IG I call my uncle because he is a photographer.

What is your most famous stunt? It was when I climbed with a rope on the top of the Empire State Building and did a human flag.

Loti Založnik, Maša Šmon.

HOW TO START A BAND (10 EASY STEPS) 1 Find your bandmates: -

Traditionally, you’ll need a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a singer.

2 Find your sound: -

Who are your favourite artists? What’ve you all been listening to recently? Are there any genres that you have in-common?

3 Find a place to practice: -

Basement, garage, bedroom?

4 Start to write your songs: -

Go wild. Be creative as you want.

5 Come up with a cool band name: -

You can’t play shows until you come up with a band name.

6 Make a “band agreement”: -

In-fighting is the number one reason that bands break up.

7 Record a demo: - You want to have something that you can send venues when looking for gigs . 8 Pick your look: -

Remember: You are performers! You’re putting on a show.

9 Star searching for gigs: -

you’ll need to convince venue owners to let you play there.

10 Spread the word:


You’ll need to be putting up posters, creating events on social media, and

telling your friends.

THE BAND NEXT DOOR 1. FIND YOUR BANDMATES: - drummer – Levi - singer – Emma - pianist – Ava - guitarist – Brady 2. FIND YOUR BAND: - indie, pop, country, rock - Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Khalid 3. FIND A PLACE TO PRACTICE: - basement, garage - after school 4. START TO WRITE SONGS: AMERICAN SOUL Many places to visit, many places to go, only one is the real American soul. Big as hell, 50 states, but their connection is hard to break. Explore, discover, feel the love and your soul being set free. 5. MAKE A »BAND AGREEMENT« - the money is divided equally between all members of the group - we all take credits for our songs - we practice every day after school 6. PICK YOUR LOOK: - all black like goth rock - black jeans and shirts - a leather jacket with some snake pattern on it 7. START SEARCHING FOR GIGS: -the Vicar street – Ireland - Fonda – L.A. 8. SPREAD THE WORD: - Hey guys! So… we are preforming in the Fonda in L.A. tonight at 8 p.m. We have a big surprise for you guys. It is kinda huge I would say. Come watch our concert if you wanna find out. With love, The Band Next Door.

The voice of a generation: Kurt Cobain Of what do you think, when you hear Kurt Cobain? A drug addict? A suicide attempt? Or a voice of a generation, that too quickly rose to fame. Most of the time his life story is misunderstood, so let me tell you the tragic story, of the man who wasn't from earth.

-Kurt Donald Cobain was a very bubbly child, loved everybody, played a lot and he was also very good at art. He had a lot of friends and was a very popular boy, but as his parents divorced ,that quickly took a dark turn. No more social life, no more playing out till dark, all he could think about was where he went off. His parents hated each other, they couldn't even see eye to eye, that hatred made Kurt a very fragile guy. After his mother started dating and his father found another wife, Kurt turned to rebellion and smoking pot. He dropped out of school and was thrown out of his home, he slept under bridges, crashed in friends’ homes and so on and so forth.

He was depressed and lost in his own mind, but a present for his 14th birthday changed his entire life. He had a choice between a bicycle and a guitar. And of course he was mind-blown by the guitar's musical charms. He quickly started playing and by eighteen meet a cool guy that introduced him to his dear friend who also knew how to spill some rhymes. Krist was his name and they quickly became good friends. They turned their depression into a punk-rock band.

-Kurt guitar and the angel voice and Krist on the bass with intimidating chords. They started out slow in some venues and bars, and Kurt being a perfectionist they couldn't ever get a solid drum. They went through hundreds and hundreds of drummers , but nothing ever

fitted Kurt's and Krist's covers. They had to settle on one quick, so they chose one who was at least a minor fit. -With the newly formed band, there wasn't any cash, so Kurt got a job cleaning bathrooms and school halls between class. He got around only 150 bucks, but had hopes and dreams that were waiting to corrupt. They signed an indie label and recorded some songs, but looking at it now 150 bucks did a lot of harm. In 1989 they came out with they're first album Bleach.

His songs were about anti-rape, sexism, racism and more. He was more of a feminist than anyone I know. He fought for women’s rights for heaven’s sake. He wrote a song called RAPE ME ….. can it be more in your face? He blew everyone with his painful screams, but did anyone ever care to look at the meaning? The timing was right, they rose to fame quick. The songs were on the radio. They said ''This is legit!''. They still played in bars, but bigger crowds came, the tour wasn't only going to be in the United States. The dates for Europe were settled and they got a new drummer named Dave. He was very talented and also knew how to play guitar and bass.

-Fast forward to Rome, Kurt had a panic attack on stage, he threatened to kill himself, he wasn't made for the pressures of fame. -That's where it all started to go downhill, the pressure of stardom, that's what he couldn't deal. He had some girlfriends but broke up with them too and that's what helped him turn the frustration into tunes. -Smells Like Teen Spirit is Nirvana's leading track, it has the teenage angst that we all have. When you listen to it once you think ''Oh yea, that's a hit.'', but the story behind it cuts deeper than you think.

-In the early 1990s Kurt married Courtney Love and they had a beautiful girl named Francis Bean Cobain. Kurt loved her like nobody else, but by that point depression hit like a brick. He tried all the ways to deal with the pain, but all that helped were needles and little white grains.

-Kurt Cobain, the voice of a generation, who wrote a lot of songs to get rid of his frustration. He had loved ones and friends who helped him a lot, but all the pain was too much. -In the early start of 1994, Nirvana was the biggest band in the world. They were the most successful band, they played for over 350 thousand fans. Kurt fell into a numb state and all that could ''save'' him was heroin and cocaine. The album In Utero was the last Nirvana album.

There won't be anymore, because of the tragedy that happened. -On the 8th of April 1994 the body of Kurt was found dead on the floor. He overdosed on heroin and took a gunshot to the head. This was his second suicide attempt. He left a heartbreaking note, thanking all his loved ones and fans. He says that it's better to end like this. ''Francis, I love you and your life will be better like this. Dave, Krist I love you both thank you for all the laughter and wits. And Courtney, the love of my life, I love you with every piece of my breaking heart.''

-Kurt Cobain's music and body and mind, will be appreciated for decades of life. - For me his music cuts deep in the heart. -Courtney and Francis long for their husband and dad, Dave and Krist lost a dear old friend.

-Kurt was a wise and brave young man, but depression got the best of him. Just 27 years old, you left us too soon. But Kurt we're still playing your tones. -Kurt, although it's been 25 years, we still remember you, and all the things you did.

And this is a story of his tragic end, do you still see him as only a waste of air?

Love, NuĹĄa Borovnik<3

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