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Tian Investments Group Ltd


[Investor’s Name]


[current date of signing] ACCEPTANCE

1. Pursuant to my exercising the put option of my shares in China Agro Technology  Limited ( “CATHL” Nasdaq OTB), I confirm the following:­ Principal Amount paid by me    

[amount in S$ or US$]       :

Total Number of Shares  [number of CAT shares] Purchased by me                               : 2. I hereby accept your offer to repurchase my shares at the price of USD 1.215 per  share as follows:­ 20%                             :      to be payable in cash, 10%  [S$_________________]                                             immediately upon execution of all necessary                                            documents, and another 10% within 90days from the                                             date of payment of the first 10% .                80%                             :     to be payable in shares in Esmart Holdings Ltd, by way                                           of a Redeemable Exchangeable Short Term Note issued                                           by Tian International Holdings Ltd, a copy of which has                                           been extended to me. 3. Upon payment of 10% of the purchase price of the Shares, I will transfer  _________shares in your favour. 4. I enclose the following documents duly executed by me together with this  Acceptance of Offer :­              A Redeemable Exchangeable Short Term Note issued by Tian               International Holdings Ltd.               Dated this       

day  of                                       2008

Name:                   ___________________________ IC Number:          ___________________________

Acceptance template  

2. I hereby accept your offer to repurchase my shares at the price of USD 1.215 per share as follows:­ 4. I enclose the following documents...

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