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Young people hold the only key to a brighter future.

We are


of young people making themselves a better person for a better world.

“We crave for the world Peace & Fulfillment of Human Kind’s potential” – AIESEC founders, 1948

We asked ourselves:

What can we do to bring us closer to that world? Every nation, and every country faces so many different challenges.

Yet we believe there is a fundamental solution for all those problems, we need

responsible and entrepreneurial leadership.

How do you create leadership? Leadership development for us simply starts with a young person living through a challenging environment, reflecting and reinventing him or herself so that this person can change one small piece of the world.

In AIESEC they live it with diversity, integrity, joy and excellence; they live it to connect the past and future generations. In AIESEC they live leadership.

We continue to see the relevance of what we envision with the world today as new problems require such a new model of leadership.

And we want to enable every young person to live that transformation because when we add all those leadership pieces together, we will wake up one day and realize that

we changed the world

This is who we are and this is what we do: We are youth. We are 1 million stories of young people becoming better versions of ourselves for our families, our communities, our countries. We create experiences today, and shape how the world will be lead tomorrow.



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