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I architecture

kindergarten pedenjped, ljubljana international competition 2012

kindergarten mavrica, brezice international competition


youth area at the border

international competition for ideas



international competition for students

ljubljana bench

public, anonymous, single-stage competition

isover 2009

international competition for students

I design


studio hera d.o.o.

advertisements in newspapers/flyers/ bags/logo/interior design of all shops


porocni dodatki

corporate identity


apple premium reseller iStyle

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T-shirt for tutors

competition for students



and flat ground, accessible location and infrastructure, clear open space, demographicly well defined surroundings. The concept is based on connection of two parts; first are premises for children with all accompanying equipment for playing, and second administrative premises. Orientation of premises where children stay most of the day is the priority, therefore they are positioned on the south and east side of the building. They are connected with tthe playground. un Administrative partt offers r protection of pla rs p playgrounds lay ay yg gr g un nd n d from negative iv iv influences n from om m th tthe h s street. t e

Kindergarten is located in suburbs of capital city, where neighbouring buildings are low. It is positioned near primary school with playing yards, they have common border on the south part of kindergarten. Terrain is flat; however it is bouded with saferty zonez on W, N and SW. The main qualities of location are: sunny orientation

kindergarten pedenjped, ljubljana task: iinternetion internetional in intern nternetion tion i n nal all co c competition, om mp p on n kindergarten in n rg en en investor: or: o Municipality ty off L Ljub Ljubljana jublja bljana blja ana Sl S Slo Slovenia lov lo oven o v ven niia KaršeM ljsukni a cpesllity t a

- 0.35 35

- 0.25 25 25 -0 0.25 .25

- 0.15 - 0.25 25

- 0. 0.25 0


- 0.15 - 1.8 81 8 - 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.15

- 0.20

± 0.00

- 0.10

- 0.15 - 0.10 - 0.10 0 - 0.20 - 0.45

- 0.10

- 0.10 - 0.20

- 0.20 - 0.45

- 0.10

- 0.45 - 0.45 - 0.20 - 0.10




resources restrictions benefits

designing forms protection from negative effects

PATHS OF USERS play children / employees play / connections

children / employees

employees economy


spaces orientation


ground temperature approx. 15 째C 35 째C -10 째C

summer winter

The building is energy efficient, predicted use of active systems - solar panels for hot water and connection to the city hot water sistem or instalation of heat pumps.

EXTERIOR WALL LAYERS - gutex - OSB plywood - wooden structure with mineral wool filler - additional mineral wool - steam barrier - OSB plywood - plasterboard

The new kindergarten Mavrica in Bre탑ice, Slovenia solves problem of overoccupied current kindergaten and significantly improves living environment for children. With 20 departments it is one of the largest objects of this kind, but still it offers a modern and stimulating environment for young children gaining necessary skills for beter later life.

Concept The main conceptual idea and main form of whole kindergarten building is based on embrace. This ensures the safety of children, as if they were inside the fortress. Form part of the fortress is mitigated by wrapping the facade of wood, which is a natural material present in the surroundings, and to unbundle the weight of the wall in the form of terraces, which makes warm appearance and the installation easier. Diagram shows the path from the outside towards the newly created nature indoors.

kindergarten mavrica, BREZICE task: international competition, kindergarten investor: Municipality of Brezice, Slovenia


The form - architecture Kindergarten building from a distance looks calm and discreet. Horizontal lines dominate, vertical oak shutter, which grows in that area, give a facade rhythm and make warm look. Up close, the nursery a lively, colorful and child friendly. Kindergarten is oriented inwards towards the atrium, so that children can play outside, but still be safe. Building is bright and open, privacy can be regulated by shutter panels, which make shadow or dark in resting time and protect from overheating.

vertical communications for children vertical communications

second age groups

green terraces second age departmen


first age groups

economic part development department


main entrance

XLT d=24 cm

beam (laminated wood)

HEB steel beams 20/40


XLT walls on elevator shaft

d=24 cm

HEB steel beams 20/40 XLT walls d=14 cm + 8.00


8 + 8.00

+ 7.95



+ 7.70

15 11 + 7.04


+ 6.84 8





+ 3.88

+ 3.85 5


reinforced concrete slab d=30 cm

+ 3.85

reinforced concrete beam on slab

+ 3.62



+ 3.00

+ 3.00


14 + 3.00

+ 3.00

- 0.05

4 5

13 3

- 0.08

- 0.05

Âą 0.00


- 0. 0 66 - 0.66

1 - 1.05 5

1 - 1.05

2 2

- 1.42

- 1. 19 92 2 - 1.92

-1 1..42 1.42 42

- 0.08

The basic conversation area of the former civil hospital in Gorizia is to create a new space for the living of youth and create a relaxed atmosphere among the people of Gorizia, Šempeter pri Gorici and Rožna Dolina. Degraded area in a wonderful location between two hils and a natural watercourse Vrtojbica, have been transformed into a new meeting point of different streams and paths of young people divided between the two nations to come together in one place. Connecting young people is a way to erase the limits in the minds of people and create a harmony of different cultures. In the area we removed abandoned and obsolete buildings, demolished the walls, which was a natural and psychological barrier between the two nations. In this space we put new programs, which promote the further development of intercultural dialogue.

task: internetional competition for ideas “youth area at the border” for the redevelopment of the former civil hospital Gorizia area

investor: Municipality of Gorizia, Italy

youth area at the border



URBAN tetris Proposition a simple fusion of heterogeneous population. Every visitor of this playground has his own cube with dimensions 60 cm Ă— 60 cm, which he can use in his own way; an elderly person can sit on low cube while watching his grandchildren play while the children can climb on higher cubes. Some people could share their cube with the neighbor to watch an interesting game or discus current issues.





young vs. old

Designing a tribune consisting of trimoterm SRV and FTV panels (60 mm) attached to lightweight stainless steel construction. The panels are adapted to the dimensions and load. The panels would be gray at the beginning and later they could be painted by the users to suit their ideas. Some cubes could be removed and replaced by trees to make a shadow in the summer. Our idea is to make a pleasant place for people spending their free time.

urban tetris

the cube the modul the game

task: The Life Stand, international competition for students location: FuĹžine, Ljubljana investor: Trimo, Trebnje


trimo floor plain, scale 1:50

+1,60 m +1,20 m +0,70 m

+0,60 m

section A-A, scale 1:100

section B-B, scale 1:100 +1,20 m

+0,90 m +0,70 m

section C-C, scale 1:100 +1,60 m +1,20 m

+1,20 m

+1,20 m

+0,70 m

+0,60 m

+0,45 m

+0,30 m

east elevation, scale 1:100 +1,60 m

+1,60 m +1,20 m

+1,20 m

+0,30 m

+0,30 m

south elevation, scale 1:100

north elevation, scale 1:100 +1,60 m

+1,20 m +0,90 m +0,70 m

+0,60 m

+0,45 m

+0,30 m

west elevation, scale 1:100 0m




10 m

concept opening the box - release elements - retention of constructive design clean, compact form connection between minimalism and ergonomics comprehending modular elements elements, which can be combined in heterogeneous composition in space monolithic and solidity against vandalism comprehending modular elements → a bench which can be further combined in space forms of abstraction, simplicity, squareness → urban bench / to complicate, organic forms → sculptured figure


→ wood → symbol of nature → concrete → symbol of urbanity

ljubljana bench task: Ljubljana Bench, public, anonymous, single-stage competition

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia investor: Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia

3D models

3D models

3D models

The inner essence of architecture pertains on the dialoge between the observer and the observed. An observer absorbs the overall effect of materiality and the movement of form, which influences the observations as the observer engages the design. Therefore, architecture is not merely about the statement of the built form, but the implications of the form; its feeling and presence. Successful design resolutions consistently satisfy various necessities and are meaningful on several levels. The network of layelr communicates the sharing of physical, cultural, and intellectual knowledge of place and context to allow for the total circumstances to gain understanding and meaning. This significance and identity of place is thus formed by the layers of the palimpsest and are subjective to personal experience, which enhance the feeling of space as place.


revitalisation and renovation of an existing postindustrial building in multi-comfort standard, international competition for students location: Paris investor: Isover, Saint-Gobain


future - excanging information - technology - medias the interactive media technology center - research, design, and education center

ground floor, scale 1:400

first floor, scale 1:400

situation, scale 1:1000

SECTION 1:1000 installation scheme - winter mode

installation scheme - winter mode

elevation 1:400

studio hera

advertisements in newspapers/flyers/ bags/logo/interior design of all shops flyers

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vjenĀanice (Maggie Sottero, Demetrios, La sposa, Eddy K) sveĀane haljine (Sherri Hill i Maskara) pozivnice, zahvalnice i papirna galanterija za vjenĀanja cvjetiþi za svatove baloni, balonske i druge dekoracije prostora navlake i mašne za stolice organizacija vjenĀanja sveĀane cipele i torbice (Menbur, Albano i Chaniotakis)

Ad Adelee

Nor Nora

Ma Mabel

POZIVNICE & BALONI Marije Bursaþ 1, Banja Luka + 387 51 220 700 + 387 66 540 045 SALON VJENÿANICA Bana Milosavljeviþa 26 (Parkiþ), Banja Luka + 387 51 346 010 SHERRI HILL haljine Gospodska (RK Kastel), Banja Luka + 387 51 212 440 e-mail:

Isadora ra

Aberdeen een en










Ivanka Marie


versions of the logo advertisements in Vjenčanja magazine

final logo

final version for bag POZIVNICE & BALONI LA SPOSA vjenčanice 1 Marije Bursać 1, Banja Luka Bana Milosavljevića 26 + 387 51 220 700 (Parkić), Banja Luka + 387 66 540 045 + 387 51 346 010 e-mail:

LA SPOSA vjenčanice 2 Gospodska (RK Kastel), Banja Luka + 387 51 212 440

porocni dodatki

corporate identity

ON LNI B € DARI st bona 30

o vredn

na ka bo Števil

a nakup

ona. nost b v vred akupa. šteta n in je v od dneva je 5 € DV-a 6 mesecev nost D je • Vred nost bona v • Velja


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5.4.2011 13: 29:02


o okolje

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a , SII a, na ja n bllja ub 00 Lj u pi ra), 10

Inc .

zna mke App le Inc .

selitev 270 x110.indd 2

1, 10 00 Lju

App le, App le log o, Ma c, iMa c so bla gov ne

2/Am eri šk a art ins ka 15 tsk a 6, Šm .si Go sp os ve

© 2011 App le Inc . Vse pravice prid rža ne.

ne . pr idr ža ice e pr av Inc . Vs Ap ple © 2011




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blj an a, SI

Ap ple ke e zn am vn so bla go c, iM ac log o, Ma Ap ple Ap ple ,

tin sk et sk a 6

Apple In c. Vse pr avicce pr prid drž

sv i G os po .is ty le .s

© 2010


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Obišÿete na s V novem tr na novi lokaciji. žnem cent ru Na veÿ ko t 100 m² pr Kristalne palaÿe (BTC odajnega City). prostora. S tem kupo nom vam do 01 . sept v Kristalni embra 20 palaÿi, po 11 v novi darimo 15 drugih proi trgo % popusta zvajalcev. za Apple po vini iStyle, vezane izde Vaš iStyle. lke

oja dpira sv

PC raÿu nalniki Z vkljuÿ enimi o rodji za konfere video nce Z vkljjuÿ enimi p e-p poštto o, koled rogrami za arjem in kontak ti Kopiicca poslovn ih aplik acij Praktiiÿ no brez virusov Vgrajen WiiF Fi in blu etooth Avtoma tsko vva arnostn o kopir anje

le iSty

na info


iStyle o

bilen z

(s e za pi

iStyle i tyle le.s isty Tel: +38 .si• Ameriška fo@ 6 (0)1 2 8 • 10 • in Ameriška 8 • 1000 Ljubljana a• 0 3 0 p n on 3 a ja ed eljek-pet 1 40 10 • Mob 0 Ljubljana jublj 476 8Tel: +386 (0)1 231 40 10 • Mobi: +386 (0)40 476 830 • Lju ek: 9-1 i: +386 0 4 ) 9 (0)40 4 h 0 in sobot • 386 ( ™ and 76 830 ponedeljek-petek: 9-19 h in sobota: 9-13 h 6 a: 9-13 © • info@ i: + ska h þe ne že 2010 Apple istyle.s svet • Mob Inc. Vse lit o e i p ve ÿ prejem pravice os 0 10 G ™ and © 2010 Apple Inc. Vse pravice pridržane. pr at idržane. i promoc i• 31 4 .s dd le ijs e Inc Inc. nc. Vs V þe ne želite veÿ prejemati promocijskih sporoÿil, pošljite elektronsko pošto na TM1 in © 2010 Apple Vse pravicekipridržane. h sporoÿ sty (0)1 2 .i w il, pošljit ww +386 e elektr onsko po Tel: e-mail.indd 2 28.5.2011 11:47:01 što

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Pridite v iStyle in si poglejte, zakaj je Mac najboljši partner za vaš posel.


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fo dvaja o inte izved p ska o ejan il: prekanjem i testi s k s. ov; d prav bajt eÿih o med brs aterijs i proce a d rd .B a ja le dn milij janje s elovan kolišÿin proizvo 1 = izva ih o o in ga d GB ¹ 1 mo za kinjene in drug guracij opre nepre orabe a konÀ 9 ur rave, upglede n nap kujeta 0 razli 100

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+ el: •T

Mac >

Pripravljen za delo!

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(0)1 +386 • Tel:


lja jub

d iPalucionareni.

lek izde



d ito ov

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Trgovina iStyle • Gosposvetska 6 • 1000 Ljub Ljubljana bljjan na • Tel: Tel: +386 +3 (0)1 (0 231 40 10 • Mobi: +386 (0)40 476 47 830 •

Mac > poslovno okolje


Ljub 1000

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• ska 6 osvet Gosp tyle • ina iS Trgov • ww is info@


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Želimo vam am iskrice iskriice v o očeh in nasmeh u :)) na obrazu Naj bo Srečno ečn leto 2011! ee ki Vaša iStyle ekipa

advertisements/flyers/gift vouchers/business cards/t-shirts/visual style

T-shirt for tutors

competition for students

task: design of T-shirt for student tutors on University of Ljubljana and the logo fot tutorship client: University of Ljubljana

architectural & graphical design

@ in

+1 540 449 4093 S skype: bojanna28 docs/bojana_cemazar_portfolio

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Portfolio in English

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