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Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013

Issue # 029

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About 95% of all households report that at least one family member had dined out in the last month. Come along with Tidbits as we eat out!


• Until the mid-1700s there were no recognizable restaurants as such. There were inns, where lodgers were fed whatever was in the stew pot that night, and there were taverns where limited food played second fiddle to the drink, and there were places called “ordinaries” where a fixed menu was available at a fixed time for a fixed price. • In France, development of the restaurant was stymied by licensing laws. Only stewmakers were licensed to sell stew; only bakers were licensed to sell baked goods; only soupmakers were licensed to sell soup. • In 1765 a soupmaker named Boulanger decided to challenge the licensing system, so he offered his customers lamb’s feet in white sauce. The stewmakers took him to court. • The judge, however, decided that since lamb’s feet were not stewed meat, Boulanger was not breaking any laws. This was the first inroad into the world of restaurants. Boulanger hung a sign above his shop that read in French “Come to me all whose stomachs cry out and I shall restore you.” The French word for restore is “restaurabo” and gave us the word restaurant.

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Tidbits of Boise

Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013 Several Convenient Locations:


3365 S Federal Way BOISE


• On Sept. 14, 1901, U.S. President William McKinley dies after being shot twice by a deranged anarchist. One bullet deflected off a suit button, but the other entered his stomach, passed through the kidneys and lodged in his back. When he was operated on, doctors failed to find the bullet, and gangrene soon spread throughout his body.


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• On Sept. 9, 1942, in the first and only air attack on the U.S. mainland in the war, a Japanese floatplane drops incendiary bombs on Oregon’s Mount Emily, setting fire to a state forest. The president immediately called for a news blackout for the sake of morale. • On Sept. 12, 1951, former middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Randy Turpin to win back the belt at the Polo Grounds in New York City. Robinson, a New York City native, had lost the belt to Turpin two months prior in Turpin’s native London. • On Sept. 10, 1977, at Baumetes Prison in Marseille, France, Hamida Djandoubi, a Tunisian immigrant convicted of murder, becomes the last person executed by guillotine. In 1981, France abandoned the guillotine forever.


• On Sept. 11, 1991, a Continental Express commuter plane crashes near Houston as it prepares to land, killing 14 people. Short of workers, an inspector had been drafted to assist the afternoon maintenance crew. The inspector worked on putting the screws on the plane’s horizontal stabilizer, but did not finish the job.

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Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of its filling a vacuum, it makes one. -Ben Franklin


1330 E Fairview Ave MERIDIAN

• On Sept. 15, 1935, German Jews are stripped of their citizenship, reducing them to mere “subjects” of the state. German Jews were excluded from a host of high-profile vocations, from public office to journalism, radio, theater, film and teaching -- even farming. Jews found it difficult to buy food, as stores would not admit Jewish customers.

• On Sept. 13, 1989, Hurricane Hugo approaches the Leeward Islands. Over the next 12 days, the category 4 storm would kill 75 people from the island of Guadeloupe to South Carolina. The environmental toll in the Carolinas was severe, and one national forest lost about 70 percent of its trees.


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• August is the busiest month of the year for America’s restaurants. A typical family of four will spend more than $200 in various eating establishments in August. • The United States now has over 250,000 restaurants, of which more than a third are franchises. The franchises account for more than 40% of all the income for restaurants. • Americans are dining out even more often than at any previous time in our history. A survey showed that 99.4% of people who were under 30 years old typically eat out about once a week. Of the over 65 group, 87.9% had eaten out in the previous week. The survey also showed that 39.7% of all meals eaten away from home were served by a fast food outlet while only 6% of the meals were consumed at full service restaurants. • Another survey concluded that 56% of adults eat out at a sit-down restaurant at least once a week. 7% of people eat out almost daily • Each American eats almost 30 lbs. (13 kg) of hamburgers each year. McDonalds, the single largest chain of restaurants in the world, serves up 2,250 head of cattle per day. McDonalds has surpassed the Army as the biggest supplier of meals as well as the biggest employer of young people. • The following dishes are the most frequently ordered by people dining out: chicken; roast beef; spaghetti; turkey; ham; shrimp; stew; meatloaf; fish; macaroni & cheese.

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Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013

Tidbits of Boise



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The normal static electricty shock that zaps your finger when you touch a doorknob is usually between 10,000 and 30,000 volts. booking supplies. They are easy to carry from room to room.” -- L.A. in Georgia • If you have too many suds in the sink (or the tub), try pouring salt on the suds. They die down and can be washed away without creating more suds.

By JoAnn Derson • This week we offer a hodgepodge of tips. Here’s one of my favorites: Use kitchen tongs to retrieve an item that’s stuck behind a heavy piece of furniture. It is much easier than trying to move the couch. -- JoAnn • “To save money on going out to eat, we purchase gift cards at the local warehouse club we belong to. It’s usually 10 percent or 15 percent below face value, but that helps with the tip and tax.” -- E.S. in Missouri • “Old suitcases (hard-sided ones) are really fun holders for craft supplies. You can use hook and loop tape to secure smaller containers to the inside lining. This has worked well for my scrap-

• “We attached an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer to the back of our pantry door. The slots that are reachable by the kids hold healthy, single-serving snacks for the morning, to include in lunches or for after-school snacking. It’s easy and the kids have choices!” -- M.M. in West Virginia • Trying to lose weight? Many of us eat portions that are waaaaay too big. Try using a smaller plate, or one with a border around it. Studies show that people who do so serve themselves less food and still feel satisfied. Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475 or e-mail JoAnn at (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.


Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. -Winstion Churchill

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Tidbits of Boise

Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013


• When a food critic reviewed a restaurant, he used phrases like “a ghastly concoction” and “pretentious failures” and “green plague” and “yellow death.” The restaurant owner sued for $2 million in damages claiming that the reviewer ruined his reputation and humiliated him. If you were the judge, how would you rule? • The courts said the review was “degrading, malicious, and unprovoked” but that it still expressed the writer’s opinion which was protected by the Constitution.


• A restaurant in Washington, D.C. opened in 1992, specializing in insect dishes. They served mealworm wontons, cricket meatloaf, candied mealworm, and cricket popcorn. Chef Mark Nevin claimed he went through some 20,000 mealworms and 8,000 crickets every two weeks. All of his dishes contained insects that had been ground into flour or paste and no recognizable bugs or bug parts showed up in the fare. • George Pappavlahodimitrakopoulous owned a restaurant in Lansing, Michigan in 1961. He said he’d give a free meal to anyone who could pronounce his name correctly.

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• When Gordon and Jasmine Geisbrecht decided to open a new restaurant in Winnipeg in 1986, they wanted to make it really different. They decided to make toilets the theme of the restaurant. Called “The Outhouse,” toilet bowls were placed here and there in the decorating scheme, and menus featured a toilet bowl logo. Ironically enough, health inspectors suspended their license when it was found that their restroom facilities were inadequate.

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Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013

Tidbits of Boise

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Serving you for over 15 years, we are Idaho's leader in satellite TV. Call us today for all your TV needs and expect quality & friendly service.

by Samantha Weaver

Satellite Systems, Inc.

• It was noted American author Ambrose Bierce (sometimes known as “Bitter Bierce” for his acerbic wit) who made the following sage observation: “It is by the goodness of God that we have in our country three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the prudence never to practice either.” • Did you ever wonder why pirates often had pierced ears? It seems that the belief at the time was that wearing an earring improved eyesight. • You might be surprised to learn that there is a world record for the tallest recorded hairdo. Even more surprising is the fact that the record-holder’s beehive measured a whopping 6 feet, 6 inches tall. • Food trucks are rapidly gaining popularity all over the country, both at fairs and at stand-alone food-truck bazaars. You might be surprised to learn that the origin of the food truck goes all the way back to 1872. At that time, in Providence, R.I., all the restaurants closed at 8 every night, leaving factory workers who got off late without a place to eat. At the time, a man named Walter Scott (obviously not Sir Walter Scott) was working as a pushcart peddler, selling odds and ends out of a glorified wheelbarrow. Like a true American entrepreneur, Scott saw a need and moved to fill it. He put a small stove in a horse-drawn wagon and began roaming the streets late at night, selling sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and coffee. His success spurred imitators, and soon the city was teeming with the “after-hours lunchwagons.” *** Thought for the Day: “I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.” -- Umberto Eco

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• A homeless man paying for his meal in Salt Lake City apologized for not tipping, saying, “I’m going to go rob a bank and I’ll be back.” He walked across the street, relieved First Interstate Bank of $1,200, and was arrested at the restaurant after leaving a $2 tip. • At the New House Hotel in Wales, Chef Albert Grabham decided to hide the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve earnings in the oven. He forgot about it until he lit the oven to prepare New Year’s Day lunch. • Timothy George was a busboy at a restaurant in California in 1982. When a customer was robbed in a restroom, Tim chased and captured the mugger, retrieving the stolen items. When he returned work, he was fired. Why? For leaving work… and for fighting. • In 1964, Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of President Johnson, was traveling from Cleveland to Washington, DC. Her secretary called ahead to a Howard Johnson’s restaurant to make reservations for Mrs. Johnson and her party. After they had eaten and left, a reporter interviewed the waitress. “How did it feel to serve Mrs. Johnson?” “I was pretty nervous,” replied the waitress. “Have you ever met a first lady before?” inquired the reporter. “First Lady?” cried the waitress. “That was Mrs. Lyndon Johnson? I thought it was Mrs. Howard Johnson!” • Entertainer George Jessel once arrived for dinner at the prestigious Stork Club with the talented black actress Lena Horne as his companion. The Club had a “whites only” policy and the restaurant owner pretended that all the tables were filled. “Who made the reservations?” he asked as he looked over the reservation book. George Jessel leaned forward and said, “Abraham Lincoln!” The couple was seated. • Musician Gerald Berners was listening to a hightoned woman of his acquaintance as she complained about a local restaurant. She was upset because the head waiter had refused to seat her and her husband immediately. “Why,” she exclaimed, “We had to tell him who we were!” Gerald inquired politely, “And who were you?” • Dining with friends at a fancy restaurant, Dorothy Parker rose and excused herself saying, “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.” She paused a moment, then added, “I really have to use the telephone, but I’m too embarrassed to say so.”

(c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

Coping With Colic (NAPS)—If you ever find yourself walking the floor with a colicky baby, here’s something you may find comforting: You’re not alone. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, colic—a condition where otherwise healthy newborn babies cry for more than three hours a day, for three days a week, for more than three weeks in a row—affects an estimated 20 percent of newborns in the U.S.—and nearly 80 percent of pregnant women are concerned their baby might have it. “Colic can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience for families, and many parents don’t know what to do to help relieve their baby’s discomfort,” says pediatrician, author and renowned children’s health expert Dr. Alan Greene. “Several colic solutions have been demonstrated to be effective for some children.” The Doctor’s Advice • Motion. Gentle movement, whether from a swing, a car ride, a ride in a stroller or a parent’s arms. • Massage. Baby belly massage can help. • Changing the mother’s diet. For breast-fed babies, eliminating certain foods can help—especially if there’s asthma, eczema or allergies in the family. • Changing to a hypoallergenic formula. • Changing feeding technique. Switching from nursing at both breasts at each feed to prolonged emptying of one breast cut colic in half in one study. Sucking on a pacifier or thumb between feeds can also help. • Soothing noise. Heartbeat recordings, white noise machines, recordings of babies yawning or the gentle voices of parents sshhing, humming or singing a lullaby. • Swaddling. Being wrapped snugly in a wrap, such as the SwaddleMe® wrap from Summer Infant, comforts some babies. • Probiotics. Compared to placebo, taking beneficial bacteria reduces crying for some. • Changing bottles. Nearly 80 percent of moms with colicky babies say bottles play a role in reducing the symptoms. Any bottle change can produce improvement in some babies, but in one clinical trial, switching to Born Free® bottles with ActiveFlow™ made a significant difference for 80 percent of babies.

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Tidbits of Boise

Sep 5 - Sep 12 , 2013


By Sam Struckhoff EDITOR’S NOTE: DVDs reviewed in this column will be available in stores the week of Sept. 9, 2013. PICKS OF THE WEEK “Star Trek: Into Darkness” (PG-13) -- Captain James. T. Kirk (Chris Pines) and Spock (Zachery Quinto) are called back into action when a new threat cripples Starfleet. John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a mysterious terrorist with an icy gaze and wicked intelligence. This installment falls right in line with the 2009 reboot piloted by J.J. Abrams -- classic “Star Trek” themes infused with flashy action sequences and an attractive cast. As the opening blast to this summer’s barrage of blockbusters, “Into PHOTO: Rachel Mwanza in “War Witch” Darkness” contains many exploding bits. Between the exploding bits are mushy emotional bits, as well as blustery arguing bits (Spock is still going on about that logic stuff.) Diehard fans and cinephiles might take issue with film’s formulaic nature. Ultimately, it’s not a bad idea to go into the darkness for a few thrills. “War Witch” (NR) -- When rebels attack her village, 12-year-old Komona (Rachel Mwanza) is kidnapped and forced into the life of a child soldier. She is given a gun, and all of the other children kidnapped that day are told that their rifles are their new mothers and fathers. After Komona is left as the sole survivor of a government ambush, the rebel leaders decide she is witch, and a powerful asset to their army. This film was shot on location in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where writer/director Kim Nguyen did extensive research, speaking with local families and former child soldiers. The movie handles its subjects with genuine empathy and sensitivity. The lead roles are played by non-actors, who bring even more substance and reality to story. This is one of those films that will stick with you long after it’s over. “Chasing Ice” (PG-13) -- This documentary follows National Geographic photographer James Balog on his quest to gather footage of vanishing ice. The nature photographer makes trips to the far reaches of frozen climates with other naturalists and adventurers. The purpose is to set up cameras and gear to get compelling evidence proving the effects of climate change. The result is a stunning series of time-lapse footage -- showing glaciers, ice flows and mountains that seemingly melt away in moments. “Peeples” (PG-13) -- Wade (Craig Robinson) wants to propose to Grace (Kerry Washington), but first he has to impress her quirky family at their wholesome home. While this is standard “Meet the Parents”-style comedy, it has two differentiating factors. First, Craig Robinson is very funny and very likable. Second, the harder this movie tries to be funny, the more it hurts. (Oh, my goodness! The family dog is humping his leg! Such laughter.) While it may have the Tyler Perry branding all around it, this film comes from writer/director Tina Gordon Chism (writer on “Drumline.”) (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

����������������� ���������� �� ����������� ���� ��������� ���� ������� ��� ������� ����� ������� ����� ���������� ����� ����� ��� ����� ���� �� ��������������� ���� �������� ������ ���� ����� ��� ��� ������������������������ ��� ��������������� ������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������ ���� ����� ����� ���� ������� �������� �� �����������������������������������

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���� ����� ������ �������� ������ ����� ����� ����� ����� ����� ������������������������������� ���������������������������� ��������������������������������� ����� ��������� ������ ���� ������ ����� �������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ���� ����� ����� ������� ������ ����� ���������������������������������� �������������������������������� ���� ���� ��������� ������ ���� ����� ��� ������� ��������� ��� ������ ������ ����������������������������������� ��������� ���� ��� ���� �������� ���� ������ ���� ������� ����� ���� ����������������������� ������������������������������ ���������������������������������� ���� ������ ���� ����� ����� ���� ����������������������������������� ����� ��� �� ��������� ��������� ��� ��� ������ ����� ������� ��� ����� ����� ��������������������������������� ����� ���� ���� ��������� ����� ���� ��������������������� �������� ���� ������� ����� ���� ���� ���� ��������� ������ ������� ����������� ���� ����� �������� �������� �� �������� ����� ������� ������� ��� ���������� ���� ����� ����������������������������� �� ���� ���������� ���� ����� � ���� �������� ����� ���� ������� �� ������� ���� ���� ���� ���� ��� ���� ����� ���������� ������ �������� �� ���������������������

Sep 5 - Sep 12, 2013

Tidbits of Boise

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rs e n w O g o •D ARIES (March 21 to April 19) With your Arian charm quotient at an almost all-time high this week, plus all the facts to back you up, you just might win over the last doubters to your proposal. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You might be in line for that job change you applied for. But be advised that you could be called on to defend your qualifications against supporters of other applicants. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Creating a new approach to an old idea is one way to get beyond that workplace impasse. No such problems in your personal life, where things continue to flow smoothly. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Be more forthcoming about your feelings concerning a proposed change either in your workplace or in your personal life. Your opinions are valuable. Don’t keep them hidden. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A changing situation in your life needs more patience than you appear to be willing to offer. Allowing it to develop at its own pace is the wisest course you can take at this time. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) With more stability in your life -- on both personal and professional levels -- this could be a good time to strengthen relationships with both friends and colleagues. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) People have always relied on your integrity not only to get the job done, but to get it done right. So don’t be pressured by anyone into cutting corners to save time. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) While others might get rattled over unexpected changes, your ability to adapt calmly and competently helps you make a positive impression during a crucial period. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A changing environment might be daunting for some, but the adventurous Sagittarian takes it all in stride. A friend from the past could awaken some meaningful memories. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) With your self-assurance rising to full strength, the bold Goat should feel confident about opening up to new ventures as well as new relationships. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Reaching out to someone who has been unkind to you might not be easy. But in the long run it will prove to have been the right thing to do. A friend offers moral support. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your keen insight once again helps you work through a seemingly insoluble problem in your workplace. The weekend offers a good chance to develop new relationships. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a knack for finding details that others would overlook. You would make a fine research scientist. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

FREE - Open to the General Public!

TRAP AVOIDANCE CLINIC Hands-On Workshop (A Conservation Perspective)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Benchmark • 625 Vista Ave., Boise, ID

Pat Carney - President of the Idaho Trappers Association Dr. Craig White - PhD, Furbearer Biologist, Idaho Fish & Game Veterinarian - Idaho Humane Society Trap Awareness/Avoidance • Trap Types • Trap Removal • First Aid for Dogs

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -Plato ����������������������������������

����������������������� ���������������� ����������������������������������������� Near the intersection of N. Orchard and Chinden by Time Automotive ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������

O Winter! Ruler of the inverted year...I crown thee king of intimate delights, fireside enjoyments, homeborn happiness, and all the comforts that the lowly roof of undisturb’d retirement, and the hours of long uninterrupted evening, know. -William Cowper • www.facebook/UsfulGlass



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DONNA’S DAY: CREATIVE FAMILY FUN By Donna Erickson Turn Upside-Down Right-Side Up

One out of twenty people has an extra rib.

“Upside down and right side up” sounds like an impossible combination unless you’ve just read a chapter from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” where things aren’t always what they seem. Or, imagine mismatched household objects upside down and right side up, and anyone’s junk drawer comes to mind. Yet with this DIY craft, the upside-down-ness isn’t part of a jumbled mess. And its quirkiness engages kids’ imaginations, big time. That’s why they like it. By turning a cup or mug on its head and attaching an unsuspecting plate or bowl on top with dabs of glue, two ordinary objects are transformed into humorous, eye-catching pedestals. The conversation piece is perfect for serving food or for displaying collections in your child’s room. Here’s how: 1. Collect interesting objects for useful and comical pedestals. Start in your own cupboards, and pull out sports cups, a chipped serving dish or a coffee mug. For fun, suggest that your kids stand on their heads to see how an object will eventually look! If that’s not enough, hit secondhand stores and neighborhood garage sales. Challenge your kids to find unusual combinations that capture their imaginations. 2. Wash and dry collected items. An adult should glue glass and plastic objects together at the midpoint with a strong adhesive, such as Gorilla Glue brand. Let dry completely. Here are some ideas to get you started: --A margarita-style glass and a colorful bowl. Fill the bowl with salsa and set next to a basket of chips. --A drinking glass and a vintage flowerpot. Fill the flowerpot with fresh mint sprigs for adding to a pitcher of lemonade. --A mug and a narrow tray. Line up crackers, cheese and fresh fruit for an elevated afternoon snack. --A teacup and a relish tray. Arrange pickles, olives and radishes for crudites at dinnertime. --A goblet and a china plate. Set a cupcake inside, or stack brownies and cookies for dessert. --A plastic sports cup and a dish. Store coins or display shells, rocks or a stack of baseball cards. *** Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.” (c) 2013 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

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Sep 5 - Sep 12 , 2013

Women In History:



By Fifi Rodriguez 1. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Maldive islands located? 2. COMICS: What is Superman’s dog named? 3. TELEVISION: When did MTV go on the air? 4. MOVIES: What movie features a character named Popeye Doyle? 5. ENTERTAINERS: Which comedian came up with the character called “the hippy dippy weatherman.” 6. SCIENCE: What is the softest known mineral in the world? 7. ADVERTISING: What company used Elsie the Cow to promote its products? 8. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president pledged a “New Deal” for the United States? 9. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Dr. Zhivago”? 10. ANATOMY: What is a sarcoma?

• Juanita Musson was an extraordinary woman who ran restaurants in California from 1954 until she retired in 1984. She was a large woman whose girth was underscored by her favorite garb, a muumuu, which also served to emphasize her colorful personality. • She was born Juanita Hudspeth in Texas in 1923. She married a soldier named Richard Musson in 1944, following him to his station at the Presidio in San Francisco. Although they were later divorced, she remained in California for the rest of her life, running one restaurant after another, each one more unique than the rest. • She started out with a place she called Juanita’s Gallery, a rowdy dive that occupied a former bait shop in Sausalito. Later she moved the restaurant into the decrepit remains of a paddlewheel boat. A columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle discovered her quirky restaurant and wrote about it in the paper, which brought comics, entertainers, and other celebrities flocking to the joint following their late night performances in San Francisco. “She was something else,” Tommy Smothers said of her. “She was the most intimidating personality,” Smothers said, while also describing her as charming, fiery and fearless. • Over the years she ended up running eleven different restaurants. She often lost them due to tax problems or health department violations, and more than one of them burned down. She always found a way to move on. For many years she ran an eatery in and old gas station in the town of El Verano. Patrons coming to dine might run into her pet fawn Sissy, a pig named Erica, a monkey named Beauregard, as well as various ducks, cats, dogs, goats. (cont’d on page 11)

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Answers 1. Indian Ocean 2. Krypto 3. Aug. 1, 1981 4. “The French Connection” 5. George Carlin 6. Talc 7. Borden 8. Franklin Roosevelt 9. Boris Pasternak 10. A malignant tumor in connective tissue, bone or muscle (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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HOLLYWOOD -- When Sylvester Stallone dropped Bruce Willis from “The Expendables 3” because he said he was “greedy and lazy,” he pulled out an ace by landing Harrison Ford. In addition, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal are out. The cast of “used to be action heroes” reads: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Jason Stratham, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mickey Rourke and Nicolas Cage. Stallone wanted to add some “20-somethings” to the cast, signing Milla Jovich, Kellan Lutz (the new Tarzan and Her- PHOTO: Bruce Willis cules, as well as a “Twilight Saga” star) and handsome Glenn Powell, the 24-year-old actor from “The Dark Knight Rises,” to fill the void left by Liam Hensworth, who’s doing “The Hunger Games 3” instead. Don’t worry, Bruce Willis isn’t crying in his beer (he used to be a bartender). He’s already got “Sin City: A Dance to Kill For,” with Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt and Mickey Rourke, being released next August. Sounds like he chose to hang around with a younger crowd, instead of the “Over the Hill Gang.” *** Apparently, Honda wants to save the traditional drive-in movie genre. When the major studios announced they’d no longer provide 35 millimeter prints for drive-in theaters, hundreds of drive-ins made plans to close down by the end of the year. “Project Drive-In,” being sponsored by Honda, aims to save as many drive-ins as it can by providing digital projectors. So far, it’s provided five drive-ins with the new equipment. To raise awareness, Honda plans to launch pop-up drive-ins at 1,000 Honda dealerships across the country by having free screenings of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.” So if you want to save a drive-in in your neck of the woods, get involved, go online or call Honda to see what you can do. *** Producer Frank Marshall has been trying to get Matt Damon to join Jeremy Renner in another “Bourne” sequel. But Damon says he won’t do the film without his “Bourne” director, Paul Greengrass, who just finished directing Tom Hanks in “Captain Phillips” for an October release. If they want Matt badly enough, Universal will cave in and hire his director. Stay tuned. *** Alec Baldwin isn’t sitting around waiting for the birth of his new baby. He’s signed to do an as-yet-untitled Cameron Crowe film, with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Danny McBride. It’s a love story along the lines of Crowe’s “Jerry Maguire” and “Almost Famous.” Between a new film, a Broadway show and those commercials for that horrible credit-card company, we know what will be in his wallet ... baby pictures and big bucks! (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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TOP OF THE CHARTS as of Aug. 26, 2013 Top 10 Pop Singles


This Week Last Week

1. Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell No. 1 “Blurred Lines” 2. Miley Cyrus No. 2 “We Can’t Stop” 3. Imagine Dragons No. 3 “Radioactive” 4. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams No. 4 “Get Lucky” 5. Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake No. 5 “Holy Grail” 6. Anna Kendrick No. 6 “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)” 7. Bruno Mars No. 7 “Treasure” 8. Zedd feat. Foxes No. 8 “Clarity” 9. Capitol Cities No. 9 “Safe and Sound” 10. Maroon 5 No. 10 “Love Somebody” Top 10 Albums 1. The Civil Wars new entry “The Civil Wars” 2. Various Artists new entry “Now 47” 3. Robin Thicke No. 1 “Blurred Lines” 4. Jay Z No. 3 “Magna Carta ... Holy Grail” 5. Asking Alexandria new entry “From Death to Destiny” 6. Soundtrack No. 6 “Teen Beach Movie”

PHOTO: The Civil Wars Imagine Dragons No. 11 “Night Visions” 8. Five Finger Death Punch No. 2 “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell: Volume 1” 9. Tye Tribbett new entry “Greater Than” 10. Florida Georgia Line No. 10 “Here’s to the Good Times” Top 10 Hot Country Singles 1. Florida Georgia Line No. 1 “Cruise” 2. Hunter Hayes No. 2 “I Want Crazy” 3. Luke Bryan No. 4 “Crash My Party” 4. Randy Houser No. 3 “Runnin’ Outta of Moonlight” 5. Brett Eldredge No. 5 “Don’t Ya”

Sep 5 - Sep 12 , 2013 6. Florida Georgia Line No. 7 “Round Here” 7. Carrie Underwood No. 8 “See You Again” 8. Tyler Farr No. 9 “Redneck Crazy” 9. Keith Urban No. 10 “Little Bit of Everything” 10. Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies & Friends No. 6 “Boys ‘Round Here” Top 10 Movies 1. Lee Daniels’ The Butler (PG-13) Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey 2. We’re the Millers (R) Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis 3. Elysium (R) Matt Damon, Jodie Foster 4. Kick-Ass 2 (R) Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz 5. Planes (PG) animated 6. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG) Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario 7. Jobs (PG-13) Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney 8. 2 Guns (R) Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg 9. The Smurfs 2 (PG) animated 10. The Wolverine (PG-13) Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto Source: Billboard (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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JUANITA MUSSON cont’d • Some people claim she was more into restRANT-eering than restauranteering, and she was never shy about letting the language fly when things displeased her. If she got your order wrong and you complained about it, she’d scream at the top of her lungs, “Eat it or wear it!” and she was by no means above dumping a plate full of food into someone’s lap if they irritated her. The house rules were printed on the checks: Pour your own coffee. Write your own order. Bus your own table. There were boxes to check whether you wanted slow service, didn’t care about the speed of the service, or were in a great big rush. Those in the know knew better than to check that last box. A sign was prominently posted: “Our food is guaranteed—but not the disposition of the cook.” There was the occasional riot, which was always taken in stride. • The decor at Juanita’s was unusual to say the least. One reporter described it as “Grand Rapids Grotesque.” Decorations included Chinese gongs, dentist chairs, fake palm trees, baby scales, and stuffed alligators. A headless mannequin in a seductive gown lounged on a waiting room couch, and after-dinner mints were served from a bedpan. She used anything that resembled a dish for serving food, including a turkey served in an oval enamel baby’s bath pan. When the restaurant was full, she’d feed the overflow crowd in the parking lot on makeshift picnic tables fashioned from old doors and sawhorses. • She was such an unusual local character that two books were written about her. “Juanita: The Madcap Adventures of a Legendary Restaurateur” and “Juanita’s Eat it and Wear It Cookbook.” When she died at the age of 87 following a stroke, all of southern California mourned her passing.


• In Greek, gastro means stomach and nomia means law: gastronomic = the law of the stomach. • In France, grourmet meant a groom for the horses. Later it came to mean any servant. Some servants were wine-tasters; some were connoisseurs of food. Eventually the word came to mean one who is well studied in fine foods— a gourmet. • The Middle Dutch word snacken meant to snap at a thing, such as a dog snaps at a morsel of food tossed its way. Today the English version of the word is snack. • The French word bancus meant little bench, such as one would sit on during a banquet.

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(cont’d next page) The Answer Box

By Chris Richcreek

West of Glenwood

1. When was the last time before 2012 (Washington Nationals) that a baseball team from Washington, D.C., made the playoffs? 2. Baseball great Hank Aaron never had a Triple Crown season, but he led the N.L. in each of the three categories at least twice. Which one did he lead in the most? 3. Which team stopped the University of Wisconsin’s 21-game home winning streak in football in 2012? 4. Since the Chicago Bulls won the last of their six titles in 1998, which conference has won more NBA championships -- Eastern or Western? 5. When was the last time before 2013 that the Ottawa Senators won an NHL playoff series? 6. Who was the last gymnast before Gabby Douglas in 2012 to be named The Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year? 7. In 2013, Inbee Park became the second female golfer to win the first three majors of the LPGA season. Who was the other? Answers 1. It was 1933 (Washington Senators). 2. He led in home runs and RBIs four times each, and in batting average twice. 3. Michigan State, in overtime. 4. The Western Conference has won 10 titles; the Eastern Conference five. 5. It was 2007, when the Senators went to the Stanley Cup Finals. 6. Mary Lou Retton, in 1984. 7. Babe Zaharias, in 1950. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Q: Is it true that Courteney Cox is dating her on-screen love, Josh Hopkins, in real life? -- Janie P., via e-mail A: The 49-year-old star of “Cougar Town” -- which has been renewed by TBS for a fifth season -- IS dating one of her co-stars; however, it isn’t Josh. Courteney and Brian Van Holt (who plays her ex-husband, Bobby) are the real-life couple. In fact, they recently vacationed with Courteney’s daughter (with ex-husband David Arquette), Coco, in Cancun, Mexico. They had to cut their vacation short when Courteney fell and broke her wrist, leading them all to head back to the States so she could be treated by her own physician. Q: I am obsessed with Lifetime’s “Devious Maids.” Such a great cast and wonderful story lines that I am just devouring. Please tell me it will be back for another season! -- Nina W., Van Nuys, Calif. A: I also am obsessed with the show, so I’m happy to report that Lifetime has renewed “Devious Maids” -- the network’s fastestgrowing drama ever -- for an even more devious second season. The Marc Cherry/Eva Longoria-produced mystery/comedy/serial drama, PHOTO: Daniel Radcliffe inspired by the hit telenovela “Ellas Son la Alegria del Hogar,” will have a 13-episode second season in 2014. Q: I read somewhere that “A Young Doctor’s Notebook,” starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe, has been renewed for a second season; however, I’m not sure where to find the first season. The show looks incredibly interesting, so I’d like to get caught up. -- Patrick S., via e-mail A: You’re in luck, Patrick, because Ovation has acquired the first season of “The Young Doctor’s Notebook” and will begin airing it in October. Based on Russian writer and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov’s book, “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” is a darkly humorous account of the turbulent experiences of a newly graduated doctor (Daniel Radcliffe), artfully told through the eyes of his older, opiate-addicted self (Jon Hamm). The young doctor lands a post at a small hospital in a remote village during the Russian Revolution, where the patients, staff and extreme medical maladies cause him to doubt his own competence. Q: I loved John Stamos on “Glee,” and I wondered where else I can see him now that his run on that show is done. -- Patty R., Omaha, Neb. A: The 50-year-old actor/musician/singer/songwriter co-stars as Connor McClane on USA’s “Necessary Roughness,” which just wrapped its third season at the end of August. He also stars in the Yahoo! Screen ( original show “Losing It with John Stamos.” From executive producers Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) and John Stamos, the show takes a hilarious look back at celebrities’ first times. With the help of some artistic re-imagining, viewers learn that the entertainers we know and love lived the same awkward, embarrassing years we all did. Featured guests include Michael Ian Black, Alan Cumming, Olivia Munn, Michael Rapaport, Bob Saget, Matt Stone, Casey Wilson and more. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ����������� ��������������������� ����������������������������������� �������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������� ����������� ���������������������� ��������������������������������������� ������������������ ���������� ���������������������


������������������������������������ ����������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������� ����������������������������������� �������������������������� �������������� ������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������� ������������� ��������������������� ������������������������������ ���������������������������������� �������������� ���������������������


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• Prince Charles Phillipe de Condé, grandnephew of Louis XIII, King of France in the 1600s, had a sweet tooth. He wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t sweet. A chef made up a glaze made of sugar, egg whites, and nuts. Poured over meats and vegetables, Prince Condé finally ate stuff that was good for him. The glaze was named after Condé, and the word came to mean anything sweet: candy. • Samuel Benedict was a famous playboy. After a night of partying in 1894, he went into the kitchens at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York and made himself breakfast. It consisted of two poached eggs on top of bacon on top of buttered toast with Hollandaise sauce poured over all. The chef was so impressed that the Waldorf added it to the menu and named it after the inventor: eggs benedict. • Ancel Keys worked at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He invented a nutritious food that soldiers in the field could eat. It was named after the man who invented it: K-rations.


In French, hors means outside and oeuvres means the works: literally ‘apart from the main work.’ The Latin word salsus meaning salted gives us our salad. Cole slaw is a salad which comes from the Dutch terms koolsa meaning cabbage, and sla meaning salad. The French word for head, caboch, gave us our cabbage. Spago is the Italian word for little cord: spaghetti. The cantaloupe was first grown in Cantalupo, Italy, and brussels sprouts come from Brussels, Belgium. Gelatin, Jello, and jelly come from the Latin word gelo meaning to congeal. Desservir is French for clear away, and that’s what you do before dessert is served. If you have some tutti-frutti for dessert, you’re eating an Italian word meaning ‘all fruits.’ If you have some chocolate, you’ll be using a Mexican-Indian work for bitter water, chocolatl. And if your family is giving you heat over the number of calories you’re consuming, well, calorie is Latin for heat.


• Peanuts are known as goobers because the African word for peanut is nguba. • The old French word moisseron was mispronounced by the English and became mushroom. • The German word knappen means ‘to eat’ and a knappensack was a sack holding things to eat: a knapsack.

Tidbits of Boise