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Eagle Housing Data Page 7 Brought To You By: Mike Turner Realtor—Top Producer—Owner of Front Street Brokers Realty Real Estate Marketing Expert—Host of Boise Real Estate Radio Top 1% Sales Agent For Ada County For The Past 5 Years.

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Dear Eagle Homeowner, You may have noticed that home prices in the area have been improving. For the first time in 6 years many Eagle homeowners now have some equity in their homes! If you have any desire to tap into that equity, I want you to be aware of a significant change to the housing market that is coming. A big enough change, that it might be a wise decision to consider selling your home in the next few months.

WHY YOU MIGHT WANT TO SELL NOW. 1) Interest rates are increasing Which means homes are becoming a lot more expensive to buy. This is a big deal, as it impacts interested buyers in your home and YOU if you plan to purchase anything else after you sell your home. All signs are signaling that rates will keep increasing.

2) Plateauing Home Prices. The housing market in the Boise area has improved dramatically in the last 18 months, home prices for the county have increased well over 30% in this time. However, now that the market has corrected, due to the reduction of foreclosures on the market (foreclosures are down 95%), home prices have started to level off, and will likely plateau or bounce up and down in small increments for quite some time, which means there may not be any advantage in waiting to sell your home.

3) Improving your lifestyle. One of the top reasons for moving is to improve your lifestyle. Whether it’s to get into a new school district for the kiddos, getting closer to the recreational activities you love, buying some land to stretch your legs, or downsizing to travel more, we all have wants that we talk about doing someday. Well, life is short, so if improving home prices gives you that opportunity to make a great improvement to

your life, you may want to consider it. Of experience to get the job done for you. But course if you love everything about your that is not even the best part. home and have no desire to sell, then you are already ahead of the game. Congrats. SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU! –




With rapidly increasing mortgage rates, plateauing home prices, coupled with high demand, now might be the best time to sell your home. On top of that, you can hire one of the best agents in the state of Idaho AND get free professional assistance moving your belongings. PLUS get free temporary housing if you need it while your other home closes or gets built. CAN

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Did you know that there are over 3,000 active real estate agents in the Boise area? It’s true, and chances are you know many of them. So with all of those agents, why choose us to sell your home over all other 3,000 options? It’s a good question, and if you have made it this far in the letter I YOUR PROBLEMS SOLVED hope you’ll stick with it to give me a shot at The 2 biggest issues facing most homeowners proving why we are the right agents for the who want to move is: 1. Moving is hard and job. backbreaking work. 2. How to sell your current home, and then a buy GET THE BEST MARKETING: 10 Times another home without having More Visibility of Your Home = Selling at a to own two homes or become higher price homeless. So what is the A lot of agents like to brag about all the solution? exposure and marketing they provide sellers with their listings. They talk about all the HASSLE FREE MOVING GUARANTEE! websites your home will be listed on and give We’ve learned that being great you some fancy presentation to make you real estate marketers is not feel like you are getting the best service. enough, we also need to be the Well, that is all fine and good, but I offer my best problem solvers. clients a whole other level of real estate Therefore the Mike Turner real marketing that 99% of agents can’t compete estate team has developed a new hassle free with and I can prove it. For instance, moving guarantee that provides sellers with: Visibility is a key component to selling your 1. Free Professional Moving Services, so you home for the most amount of money. The don’t have to do any heavy lifting. greater the visibility you can have for your 2. Free Temporary Housing if you prefer to listing, the greater the odds wait until your home sells before you buy you will have at finding the another home. right buyer for your home. We provide these valuable solutions at NO So I have spent years EXTRA COST to you. So you end up saving developing marketing thousands and remove a lot of the stress and strategies that give my worry that comes with the moving process. clients 10 to 20 times more effective visibility than even the top agents in town. For example, most agents will get 30-50 online views on a virtual tour of your home a week, while my team averages 500 to 2,500 views per week. What do you think that does for getting you more buyers for your home? You’re right; it does a lot. Plus, we hire the best photographers and stagers in town to make your home look like a million bucks. We are professionals and have the


STEP 1 - Request a FREE home appraisal from us to get started. Even if you plan to sell your home next year, you should request your free home evaluation today so you know exactly how your home stacks up in today’s market. No commitments. No obligations. Just email me: to request your home appraisal. Be sure to include your contact info and some details about your home. Or you can call my office at 208-7405000 and ask for Mike Turner. If for some reason I am unavailable to answer the phone, leave a message with my assistant with your phone number and confirm your home address, so I can do a little homework before I call to talk to you about your home’s value. Thanks again for your consideration! Sincerely,

Mike R. Turner Mike R. Turner Front Street Brokers – Owner Office 208-740-5000 Mobile/Text 208-340-8399

SPECIAL NOTES: - The FREE home appraisal you get from us is awesome (over 20 pages) - If you also BUY or SELL a home through us we will PAY FOR YOUR MOVE...Seriously, Just contact us for the details of how it works. - FYI—If you have lived in your home for more than two years you qualify to sell it tax FREE! - This letter is not intended for any homes currently listed on the market by another agent.

Buy or Sell Your Home…With Mike Turner as Your Agent and MOVE FOR FREE! We all know that one of the biggest downsides of moving is the huge hassle and expense of moving your furniture and belongings. It’s a real drag, right? Well, if you use Mike Turner to buy or sell your home sometime between today and the end of May 2014, you’ll not only be getting one of the best real estate agents in town to assist you, but you’ll get Professional Movers to help you pack and do all the heavy lifting and provide a

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1670 N. Stagno Bello, Eagle MORE INFO


Stunning Tuscan home in Eagle Idaho. Located in the very popular Corrente Bello Subdivision. You’ll see instantly that this home was built with the finest materials and will last for generations to come. 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths. Large master on the main level, spacious upper level deck provides valley and mountain views. Great entertainment spaces are everywhere you look. Outdoor kitchen and fireplace pull you outside. Enjoy peaceful tranquility with private garden, fountains, and green house. Contact Mike or Sandi at 208-740-5000 for more details or showings. Private Listing

Featured Properties 5000 sqft—1+ Acre—Shop—$565,000—30 mins from Boise

PRIVATE Listing—Eagle Waterfront Home—Not on MLS

3300+ sqft—Meridian—Meticulous Owners—RV Parking

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3500+ sqft—1.7 Acres—Golf and Water Front—$698,000–Listed Best Deal In Boise Area Under $150,000

Waterfront Home in Eagle—RV Garage & Guest Apartment

7500+ sqft—Rock Star Living—Awesome Downtown Views

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A lender I know recently told me how there is about to be a MASSIVE CHANGE in the timeline to get financing to buy a home AFTER you have a Short Sale, Foreclosure or a Bankruptcy. In the past we borrowers had to wait 3-7 years to get new financing after defaulting on a home loan. Now that timeline is about to be shortened down to 12 MONTHS! This new timeline will allow a whole sector of the market who has been forced to rent a home these past few years to be eligible to get a home loan, further fueling the housing market. This announcement was shocking to hear, since all we have seen from the lending market these past five years is further tightening. The shortened timeline to acquire financing after a foreclosure or bankruptcy is not without a condition however. The condition is that this only applies to borrowers who actually had a financial hardship that lead to the foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy. You need to prove that prior to the default your income dropped by at least 20% for 6 months or more. Therefore, if you short sold a home because it lost so much value but not because you couldn’t make the mortgage payments then you have to wait along the standard timeline (for most people it’s 3-4 years). There are many questions to be answered with these new guidelines, such as does a medical hardship or divorce constitute a financial hardship? For those answers I will be leaning to the lender who first told me about this new program and who you should call to get more details about this major change in home loan financing: Call Paul Anderson with Prospect Mortgage: 208-794-2830 NMLS #182954 “Paul Anderson is a very knowledgeable lender who works very hard for his clients. I highly recommend clients to call Paul when they need to get a home loan or to refinance. Paul just knows his stuff. “ - Mike Turner

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About Mike Turner: Mike Turner is the Founder and CEO of Front Street Brokers, Host of the Boise Real Estate Radio Show, Editor of the Boise Real Estate Newspaper, and can be heard sharing insights about the local real estate market on numerous media outlets around the valley. Mike has been a full time licensed real estate agent in Idaho for the last 9 years, and has consistently sold more homes than 98% of agents licensed in Ada County for the last 5 years. Front Street Brokers is a Boise based real estate firm that has an A+ rating with the BBB and is a long time member of the Boise Chamber of Commerce. Front Street Brokers is located on 9th and Front in downtown Boise. In 2013 Mike celebrated his 14th year of marriage to his wife Amanda, and has two daughters ages 4 and 6. For information about Mike and his real estate company go to

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