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Could Eagle Idaho Experience Another Housing Bubble in 2014?..Maybe Doing the Math. By Mike Turner—FS Brokers


OCT 2013

Total Homes on the Market


Total Building Lots for Sale

110 62

I find myself thinking about a few important facts about the Boise real estate market that trouble me.

1. 2.

Inventory of Boise homes is up 56% year to date. Yikes!

Total Homes Sold Last Month

Pending sales are down 15% from last month, and down 5% from same month last year.

Supply of Homes in Months


New Construction Pending sales are down 9% compared with same month last year, yet inventory over new homes is up 12% from last month.

Average Days on Market



Housing Supply is still at a record low, currently at 3 months for Ada county, but that is up from 2.3 months just last month.

Total Pending Home Sales


New Offers Pending Last Month


Based on what I am seeing in the market, it appears to me that our housing supply in Ada county could possibly jump up to 5 or 6 months of inventory this fall/winter, which are numbers we haven’t seen since January 2011. Does that mean the party’s over? Not Really. 6 months of inventory is considered healthy. But I do believe that the market has been so hot in the last 2 years that many agents, lenders, title companies, builders, etc are going to be caught off guard this fall and winter. Meaning it will be slower than they expect it to be, because they have been seduced into a false sense of market predictability after 6 months of red hot sales in the valley. I by no means feel that the Boise market is going to be distressed again or slide backwards in another crash, but I do feel that industry professionals have gotten used to selling homes in a low inventory market. Now the game is changing more back to normal. Normal is ok with me. Because we are used to marketing hard to sell homes (like million dollar properties). I do the same marketing tactics for a $300,000 home as I do for a 1.3 million dollar home, which is, to try to crush-it online. It’s working too, my listings are getting 10x more hits than competing listings right next door! More exposure, and more visibility on a home for sale = much higher odds of selling at our target price. The fall/winter slowdown will catch a lot of people off guard, and will cause some negative news in the media. So consider this your official heads up.

But here is my 2014 prediction… Barring some government implosion...which at the time of writing this seems entirely possible, I believe that the Boise, Meridian and Eagle areas are going to do very well next year. The reason is I still see people fleeing other states and moving to the Boise area. These people are often coming with Jobs, since they work from home and bring outside money into the local economy. If people with money keep moving in, we help the market from sliding backwards, and keep it strong going forward.


Average Sold Price Last Month


Median Sold Price Last Month


Average List Price Last Month


Median Listing Price


Home Price Recovery Update Ada County - Chart 1 to the right shows Ada County has bounced back to historically normal levels. Due to such a large market correction over the last 18 months, I predict that home prices in Ada County will begin to plateau in 2014. I don’t expect home prices to keep racing up to home values we saw in 2006 and 2007, but rather slowly increase over time. Of course any significant change in the national market good or bad could alter this prediction. But the good news is that the county has recovered roughly 80% from the losses it endured from the market crash. [The Yellow Line] – is a 3.7% appreciation line starting from year 2000. [The Pink Line] – is a median price of re-sale homes in the county that EXCLUDES foreclosure sales. [The Blue Line] – represents median sale price for ALL re-sale homes in the county. * Data from Jere Webb Publishing and from Intermountain MLS. ** Article by Mike Turner, Boise Real Estate Agent at Front Street Brokers. Contact at 208-740-5000,

The Supply of homes is increasing in Boise Idaho – See what price ranges are most impacted See Video for further details. Normally the Inventory increases in summer and then maintains a downward trend towards winter. It will be interesting to see whether the trend continues in 2013 because there has

their homes on the market for sale this fall. The overall supply of homes on the market, compared to previous years, is still low. I see that short sale inventory and REO inventory are much lower as compared to previous years. Non distressed inventory has gone up in recent months but is not as high compared to 2010.

been so much positive news about the housing marketing in the last few months, that might encourage more people to put

The 3rd chart in the video shows inventory levels for each price range. From which you can see that $160,000199,999 price range has gone up by 45%. The $200,000-$249,999 price range also went up by 42% while $250,000$299,999 price range has gone up by 33%.

The biggest jump in housing inventory was in the $300,000-$399,000 price range; up 63%. So watch out if you’re trying to sell a

home in this price range. Interesting to note however, there has been no year over year increase in listed homes for sale in the price range of $400,000 to $700,000. But homes priced over $700,000 have increased since last summer over 20%. The only price ranges that have seen any decrease in supply are homes priced below $120,000. This inventory has dropped over 50%.

In summary Boise homes priced between $160,000 – $400,000 have swelled considerably since last summer, but the number of homes priced between $400,000 – $700,000 has not changed at all compared to 2012. For more details or the Boise Real Estate Market, contact Mike Turner at

About Mike Turner: Mike Turner’s real estate career began in 2004, and he has managed and operated his own real estate brokerage since 2007. Prior to working in real estate, Mike held management and leadership roles in both a Fortune 500 company and as a Military Officer. Mike’s first successful business was a landscaping company he started at the age of 16, which grew in size and scope until he was able to sell it to pay for college where he earned a Degree in Business Administration. Mike’s love of marketing and helping others has played a crucial role in the success of Front Street Brokers. Mike has been the lead host in a weekly real estate radio show over the past four years, and he is the editor of the Boise Real Estate Newspaper and the Boise Agent Weekly.

As a real estate agent, Mike’s strengths are his ability to work with all personality types and calmly work to solutions in high-stress situations. Mike makes it a priority to have an expert level of knowledge of local market housing trends and changes, and is often called upon by local media to share his opinions and insights to the market.


Prior to working in real estate, Mike worked for few years on movies and TV shows around the world as a Camera Boat Operator and Marine Logistics Coordinator, including the TV series “Survivor”. Mike has been married for 14 years, and has two daughters, ages 4 and 6. Mike loves to go on adventures with his family and mountain bike in the Boise Foothills.

About Front Street Brokers Formerly known as Turner Real Estate Group, Mike Turner re-branded his brokerage to Front Street Brokers (aka FS Brokers), when moving his company to one of the busiest street corners in Boise. From the beginning the goal of FS Brokers was to develop a reputation in Boise as a real estate office that is known for their superior knowledge of the marketplace, their good-natured, hard working, work ethics and their innovative marketing efforts to sell homes. The first thing agents who work at Front Street hear from the owner is that above all else, do the right thing. Put your clients and colleagues before yourself, because this business is about the long game, not short-term gains. The reputation of our firm is our most valuable asset and therefore taken very seriously.

FS Brokers is a small firm consisting currently of just 5 full-time agents. However, we are happy to report that even though we are small in numbers, we carry a marketing impact greater than some of the largest brokerages in town. Having one of the most visible offices in the area, combined with our local newspapers, radio shows, weekly newsletters, and media appearances, FS Brokers appears to be an 800-pound gorilla to the public. FS Brokers likely spends 5-10 times more on re-branding and listing marketing than any other firm of its size.

Evidence of the marketing power and social media impact Front Street Brokers carries in our community: FS Brokers website gets more traffic than even the biggest real estate firms in Boise, the closest brokerage that comes close to the traffic that FSB has is KWBOISE who has over 400 agents vs. 5 at FSB. This proves that bigger is not better. Front Street Brokers are just better marketers, and when it comes to getting your home sold, don’t you want the best? ( ranks #1, #2)

Real Estate Company


Front Street Brokers

Keller Williams Boise

# of Agents in Brokerage Global Website Ranking 5







Group One



Better Homes & Gardens: 43o North



Silvercreek Realty



Coldwell Banker Tomlinson



Our prevailing marketing efforts can also be seen in our listing marketing. Many homeowners believe that real estate agents’ abilities to market their listings are all fairly similar. That they predominately rely on MLS traffic and builder marketing efforts to get more online and onsite traffic to their homes. However, we can prove that we can offer listing marketing in a whole different class than 99% of agents.

When sitting down with homeowners I often show them the amount of online traffic (which is easy to track) another listed home in the community is getting, and then show them one of our listings nearby that is generating 10 to 20 times more online buyers looking at the home. I also show them how we do it, so they know that not only do we get more visibility on the home, but targeted visibility. Our goal is to get the home sold, so marketing efforts are focused on getting the home in front of the right people.

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