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Second Chance Homebuyers: They’re Coming… BY MIKE TURNER - FRONT STREET BROKERS


s 2012 comes to a close; the nation has experienced over 6 months of positive housing data. Almost every analyst and industry professional is convinced that housing definitely turned a corner and we should see homes prices continue to rise conservatively for the next few years.


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However, with the recent elections, not everyone is so sure how the next few years are going to work for the nation’s economy. It is safe to say that even though the housing market is finally improving, America is not out of the woods from this latest recession and we have a growing debt issue that still needs to be addressed. Since the housing market plays such a huge role in overall economic health, the nation needs a thriving real estate market to have a shot at climbing out of the hole it’s in. Which begs the question: How much could the housing market possibly improve with the poor job market, high unemployment and the tight lending market? My answer to this question today is: Second Chance Homebuyers. Before I explain who second chance homebuyers are, let’s first review the housing bubble. The real estate market went on steroids between 2004 and the summer of 2006. Some markets saw home prices increase over 40% in less than 2 years. Depending on your local market, home prices peaked in areas about 2006-2007. Everyone knew there was a price correction coming, and real estate began to sputter and see some signs of increasingly fewer buyers. Fall of 2008 came and the stock market took a major hit and sealed the fate for housing for the next 5 years. 2009 was the first year we saw massive amounts of defaults on mortgages. Most markets saw a peak in mortgage defaults in 2010, then even fewer defaults in 2011, and now in 2012

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the vast majority of markets have seen a major reduction in homeowners entering the foreclosure process. 2013 is on pace to be at near pre-bubble levels of the amount of homeowners defaulting on their mortgage. The important detail from this housing recession is to note that 2010 appears to be the peak year when the most homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure or did a short sale with their lender to sell the home. That peak was almost 3 years ago. Now back to those second chance homebuyers. A second chance homebuyer is a homebuyer who has previously lost their home to foreclosure or short sale, and is now getting approved to purchase a home again. Many of them only have to wait 2-3 years before they can re-qualify for a home loan, and not just any home loan but good loans that only require 3.5% down; and–if rates stay similar–a chance to get in below 4%. One of the most common home loans in America is called an FHA loan. If a homeowner lost their home to foreclosure or short sale, they only have to wait 3 years from the date of the sale or the date of when the home transferred back to the bank. The wait is only 2 years for a VA loan. 2013 is 3 years from the peak of when most people lost their home to foreclosure. It is not hard to qualify for an FHA loan and therefore, I expect to see a new wave of homebuyers impact the market over the next few years. Lenders are already approving new loans for these buyers. We all know people who have lost their homes to foreclosure, who have had to rent a home the last few years. Most of those I speak to are very anxious to get back into homeownership. Rental prices are significantly higher than they were a few years ago, and in many markets it is cheaper to own than it is to rent. Second chance homebuyers will begin to have a huge impact on the housing market over the next few years. They represent a big segment of our population and will help keep the housing sales strong despite a sputtering economy.

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Election Hangover: O

What the Results Mean for the Boise Housing Market

ent, and does well at keeping on, even when times are tough. Yes, the country still has huge problems to deal with, most notably the growing debt crisis. But there have always been and always will be different crises affecting our nation. How quickly or how effectively we deal with them has a lot to do with whom we elect as leaders, but history has shown we do get through them. It is no secret that I typically look for the positive in any situation; hence most people label me an optimist. It is not hard to obtain that label when, in comparison, media and others giving opinions often look for the negatives in any situation, sadly because it is more interesting and captivating. About a year ago, I made it very public that my local real estate market–Boise, Idaho–was showing all the signs that it was going to have a double-digit price


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n the Wednesday after the election, many of my friends, colleagues, and clients asked me how (or if) the real estate market will change as a result. Most who asked were surprised and frustrated by the results of the election– a state I like to refer to as an election hangover. No matter whom they voted for, I think everyone had a bit of an election hangover, thanks to the massive amount of media dedicated to this important event. I can’t imagine what it is like to live in Ohio, with 24/7 election media in your face. So let me get to the question at hand: Do I think the housing market will suffer with the election results? Over the last 4 years I have had many tell me that if Obama was reelected, they would not make any major purchases (like a home) or take any more chances with their businesses or investments because they were convinced the economy would come to a screeching halt. The funny thing is, I remember after George W. Bush was reelected, the number of people in disbelief that he was voted in a second time and extremely worried where the country was heading. However, after that election, most people who didn’t vote for Bush eventually got on with their lives, careers and ambitions. America has shown that it is very resili-


increase in 2012. Nearly 99% of the reaction I got was that I was being overly optimistic and out of my mind to think we would see an increase of more than 3-4% in home prices.

Halfway through the year, real estate agents in Boise started seeing firsthand that a double-digit price increase for the local market was not only likely, but probable. From my experience and observations with the housing market, I feel it tends to move like a big ship at sea. It takes a lot for the ship to change direction; it is no skiff that can turn on a dime. Changes in the housing market are slower and more predictable than other markets. People often talk about the housing bubble and

how when it burst, it was fast and painful. It was painful, but it wasn’t fast. In the Boise real estate market during the “bubble period,” house prices increased 50% in a 2-year period, then took close to 5 years to lose those gains. Meaning the bubble didn’t burst…it got a leak. Now we see prices in the Boise market moving back in a positive direction. This is true nationally for over 90% of the local markets. Most places are seeing a small improvement over last year, 1-5% is typical, with a few places like Boise and Phoenix which have seen 10-20+% price increases over last year. The point is that the ship has already turned, and it changed direction well before the election results were in. The housing market is being fueled by its extreme affordability and now the threat that affordability will soon go away if home prices continue to rise. The herd mentality is already in effect. I predict we’ll see home price gains in the U.S. for the next 4 years, and I was predicting that no matter who was elected President. Mike Turner is the host of the “Boise Real Estate Show” on KRBX and the owner of Front Street Brokers, a local real estate firm dedicated to providing unmatched market expertise and support to their clients. To read more of Mike Turner’s insights on real estate go to http://

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Boise Housing Stats and Charts

Boise Homes Disappearing A Segment in the Boise Real Estate Market is Disappearing Home Sales are up in all price ranges in Boise (Ada County). All prices ranges except homes priced below $120,000.The supply of homes priced under $120,000 is disappearing, which has lead to a sharp decrease in sales in this price range.

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to buy a home price near $100K or below, better start getting busy. Most sales in this price range today are from old short sales started months ago. As of this writing there are only 59 available homes in ADA County priced under $100K (including townhomes and condos). Exactly one year ago there were 266 homes available under $100K. Ada County homes priced under $100K are a relativity new thing for Boise. This price range was effectively created due to the massive outpouring of foreclosures on the market. Banks often competed with each other to make sure their homes sold, which caused a sharp drop in home prices and a large uptick in homes sold under $100,000. Now that Foreclosures have slowed down, there is no longer the downward pressure on home prices and almost no inventory of homes below $100,000 available anymore, unless a new distressed property comes available. The lack of home sales below $100,000 is Boise’s biggest insurance policy protecting homeowners from further price declines in the area. For home prices to drop significantly in the Boise area again there would need to be another surge in inventory priced below $120,000. If that surge does happen it would be an early warning sign that prices will dip again. Right now the entire county is sitting at record lows for available supply. There are no active threats influencing the Boise housing market except for winter slow downs. Therefore, I am predicting home prices should stay strong into 2013 and stay way above last year’s numbers.

Boise Sale Price Discount


efore you list your home for sale, it’s a good idea to examine the sales/list price ratio. The Boise real estate market has seen a big change in average sale price discount on home sales in Boise. (See chart below.)

Tips For Boise Home Sellers: Note the rapid change in the discount most sellers are having to accept on average closing a home sale in Boise. This is great news for homeowners. However, what you can’t see in this chart is just which homes are selling. Some Boise homes are selling very fast and for full price, others are not selling at all. Can you guess why some homes are not selling? It’s because they are not priced right for the market (or they have hired the wrong agent who is not marketing it well). The inventory of homes in Boise, Meridian, and Eagle is extremely low so homebuyers don’t have a lot of choices. When a nice home hits the market and is priced right, it sells very fast and at a good price. Believing they can capitalize on these quick sales, many sellers make the mistake of pricing their home too high, then complaining when it doesn’t sell. Now focus again on this chart–the sellers who are having to give the biggest discounts off their list price are sellers who have overpriced their homes to begin with. I t doesn’t matter what price range your home is in either. I just sold a home priced over a million that was originally priced a bit too high for the market; then the seller decided they wanted the best chance of selling the home this fall so they lowered the price significantly to a point we knew it would really stand out in the market. The seller soon got a full price offer. If you list your home at market price you can dictate not only the sale price better, but can also often control how quickly it sells. If you discover your desired sale price doesn’t match the market conditions, then be prepared for a longer marketing period for your home. Which is ok, so long as you and your agent are on the same page. This chart shows both Ada (Blue) and Canyon (Red) Counties average sale price discount. Currently it is close to 100% because the homes that are selling are priced very good and often get full price offers from Buyers. ** Chart provided by

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Homeowners—You Have Options The Turner Group at Front Street Brokers are quickly becoming known in our community for our ability to sell homes while providing homeowners options. If you speak to 10 listing agents you are likely to get quoted the exact same fee from all 10 agents. We are happy to report to you that we have developed options to help you save thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars when selling your home, without having to settle or compromise on the marketing of your home. In fact I am extremely confident our listing marketing is second to none, yet we still charge less for our services compared to 98% of all agents!

If you would like to sell your home sometime in 2013 then I strongly recommend… 1.

Contacting my team now. Timing on when you list your home to sell is extremely important, there are also many easy and inexpensive projects you can do around your home now that will help you net thousands more when you sell your home. Contact us and we can help you develop a strategic plan to have the best outcome next year. Email me at or call my cell 208-340-8399.


Get a free Appraisal of your home. My team and I will gladly appraise your home to see what the market will bear today and our best estimate on what it would sell for next year. Discussing the market value of your home now helps in developing a budget for your next move.


Learn as much as you can about available options you have. For example, have you considered renting out your home as opposed to selling it? The market rent for your home may exceed your mortgage payment which could lead to a great investment opportunity for you. Be proactive now, learn the pros and cons about all the available options you have, whether you decide to stay in your home or make a move. Knowledge is power. Asking questions doesn’t cost you anything.

Options for Sellers - Provided by Mike Turner and his Team at Front Street Brokers

Creative Commissions

By Owner—Assist

We have creative commission plans that give you our full boat of marketing services and our full service guarantee, while offering you alternatives to the traditional commission model. This can save you thousands.

For Sellers who are wanting to be more involved in the marketing of their home, we have a marketing package that gives your home a ton of exposure—while you save bundles of money on Realtor commissions.

Private Listings If you don’t want to list your home until 2013, but would consider offers now, then a private listing might be the perfect solution for you and it’s one of our specialties.

Transform Your Home Whole House Remodel For Less Our fix n flip remodeler/builder knows how to totally transform a home from top to bottom crazy fast and for a crazy affordable price. We can personally vouch for their quality and expertise. Why move when you can trick out your current home for less?


638 E Observation Dr

Meridian $549,000

638 E Observation Dr

Mike Turner

Hands-down the finest Modern/Contemporary home in Meridian. This home was built to impress and can accommodate parties from casual to cocktail with its multiple entertaining spaces. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces give the home warmth and comfort. Indulge yourself in the high-tech steam shower or the jetted tub. Don't miss the ample storage and parking with the 5 car garage! Set up currently with two offices, the additional bedroom spaces on the main floor could easily be a perfect mother-in-law suite. 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 5816 sqft. Listed by Mike Turner – Front Street Brokers Call Sandi at 208-850-3681 for details or showings.

Mike Turner

1670 N. Stagno Bello, Eagle MORE INFO

$895,000 Private Listing

Stunning Tuscan home in Eagle Idaho. Located in the very popular Corrente Bello Subdivision. You’ll see instantly that this home was built with the finest materials and will last for generations to come. 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths. Large master on the main level, spacious upper level deck provides valley and mountain views. Great entertainment spaces are everywhere you look. Outdoor kitchen and fireplace pull you outside. Enjoy peaceful tranquility with private garden, fountains, and green house. Contact Mike or Sandi at 208-740-5000 for more details or showings. Private Listing

New Construction Update NEW CONSTRUCTION - 2012 Summary (Jan - Sept) TOP 35 BUILDERS – VOLUME SOLD IN MLS ADA COUNTY / BUILDER


Ada County Total



CBH Homes





Brighton Homes





Boise Hunter Homes





Coleman Homes





Tahoe Homes





James Clyde Custom Homes





Hubble Homes





Berkeley Building





HFS Homes





Hayden Homes





Ted Mason Signature Homes





D.R. Horton, Inc.





Ninety Degrees





Eaglewood Homes





Syringa Construction










Tresidio Homes





Avimor Partners LLC





Blackstead Building Co





Reflection Homes










Wood River Builders





Paradigm Development










Stetson Homes





Canyon Crest Homes





Hallmark Homes





Stacy Construction





Harris Homes





Brookhaven Home Company










Amyx Homes





Cambridge Homes





Clark & Co Homes





Innovative Custom Homes





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Avg Cost/SF Avg Sold Price

Total Sold

$241,272 $261,539,174

CANYON County-Pending New Construction

New Construction Update Builder Spotlight Innovative Custom Homes – Ben and Heather Echevarria


nnovative Custom Homes is making a rather large splash in the Treasure Valley. Word continues to spread about the quality and style of homes they build, perfectly mixed with extremely competitive prices and a home building experience that is free of drama and anxiety. In the 2012 Fall Parade of Homes, Innovative’s model home had the honor of winning the most votes for “Favorite Home on the Tour.” They were also featured in Eagle Magazine for a custom home they built in Corrente Bello. Innovative Custom Homes is comprised of husband and wife team, Ben and Heather Echevarria, both born and raised in Idaho. Both Heather and Ben are extremely hands-on in the building process, working directly with contractors to make sure the job gets done right. Their experience stems from many years remodeling homes across the valley, and they continue to do Whole House Remodels, either for themselves as investments or for clients who want to make their entire home new again in less than a month. When asked how the two got into building New Custom homes, Ben says that it was a natural progression. In fact, remodeling an existing home is often more difficult than building a new one. The remodeling business taught them to be creative to get the most out of a home, and that creativity has shown in their new homes. When they built their first home, they employed the crews that had worked for them in the remodeling business and found that they were able to complete the job faster and for less money than their builder peers. Since then, Innovative Custom Homes has kept their contractors working and busy, even throughout the market crash, which has resulted in a quality team of professionals who are efficient, loyal, and predictable. Not all couples can work side by side, but Ben and Heather say that they actually work best together. Each have their own strengths which they leverage to provide the best experience and outcome for their clients. Ben’s mindset is more that of an investor than a builder. He not only wants to build a great new home, but to do it in the best, most efficient way. “We work diligently to meet our budgets by focusing on the entire project from start to finish, and we know what we’re doing.” By viewing the project as a whole instead of piecemeal, they keep the process on track and as projected. Heather’s strengths are in details and design, but also in the numbers. A former accountant, she provides precise cost details and plans for her clients. She also loves working with them to find the perfect floor plan and style for their new home. The popularity of her design ideas can be attributed to the passion she has for studying new design and building concepts. The couple also spends time visiting other markets to study changes in the needs and wants of buyers. Heather recognizes that their clients enjoy working with a husband and wife team, and having both Ben and Heather to discuss the different aspects of building a home. The Echevarrias never claim to be able to build a home for a client for “such-and-such a square foot”. They know that every lot and home are different. They always calculate with precision what the cost will be upfront, to be sure they provide the right price and timeline by which they can complete the job, and if they can save the client money and come in under budget, they will. They like to be very transparent with their clients so they have confidence they are getting the home they desire at the right price. Innovate Custom Homes have current and impending projects in Strada Bellessima, Meridian, waterfront homes in Legacy in Eagle, and a golf course frontage home with a shop in Trellis on the border of Star and Eagle. They also completed a panoramic view home in the Boise foothills that is available. Photos and designs of previous homes that Ben and Heather have built are on their website at

See More Photos at

Custom Home in Eagle with Saltwater Pool


Beautiful custom luxury home in desirable Castlebury subdivision in Eagle. 5,917 sq ft of luxurious, move-in ready space. 4 big bedrooms, 7 baths (each bedroom has their own private bathroom). A second level bonus room could be converted into a 5th bedroom. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, two dishwashers, professional-grade appliances, custom tile, butler’s pantry and a wine fridge. Other upgrades include extensive built-ins, custom paint, and dual HVAC systems. Home is well suited for a large family. Outside, you’ll love the low-maintenance saltwater pool with diving board. Roomy covered patio features an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space with sound system. Plenty of room leftover for play and gardening. The whole acre lot is nicely landscaped, and has mature trees bordering the property for enhanced privacy. Call Sandi Rubio, Front Street Brokers, 208-850-3681.

2885 S. White Castle, Eagle

Sandi Rubio Top Sales Associate Front Street Brokers


Take charge of your credit score I

BY ALICIA MALONE Front Street Brokers

f you are considering a home purchase, it is in your best interest to make every effort to increase your credit score, especially if you know you have issues you should be dealing with. It is often the case that people are not aware of bad marks on their credit record until they apply for financing for a major purchase, such as a home. As part of the loan process, the lending institution will run a credit report for you. But you can take advantage of the opportunity to get a free credit report from each of the three main CRA’s: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. ( As a sidebar, you can choose to “purchase your score” report from all three bureaus at the same time, so you are aware of what information each bureau has collected. Be prepared to print, most bureau’s are lengthy. We believe it is best to have the full overview up front. Different CRAs have different methods of calculating these scores, and may also have different information

contained within their findings. Consider the adage, “Why jump over nickels to pick up pennies?” If additional reports are needed within a 12 month period from any of the three CRAs, the cost is extremely minimal compared to the potential savings that can be realized by an improved credit score, and if you run a credit report on yourself it will not affect your own score as an inquiry. The underwriter who is making the decision as to whether or not you should get the loan you are asking for will generally look at the scores generated from all three CRAs. Typically, the score will not be the same from all three reports, and the underwriter will consider the middle score as a barometer. On occasion, a borrower will not have enough credit to obtain the loan they wish to secure. If this is the case for you, start by opening small lines of credit that report to all of the three major CRAs, and make purchases that can be paid off easily. If you don’t have a checking or saving account, open one. Your bank or credit union may be able to provide you with a credit card account once you have established a history with them as a customer.

In this explosive market we all know people who have lost their homes to foreclosure, who have had to rent a home the last few years. Most of those I speak to are very anxious to get back into homeownership. Rental prices are significantly higher than they were a few years ago, and in many markets it is cheaper to own than it is to rent. Second chance homebuyers will begin to have a huge impact on the housing market over the next few years. If it has been two to three years since one has lost their home, it is now time to become pro-active with your credit. They represent a big segment of our population and will help keep housing sales strong despite a sputtering economy. However many of these people have not looked at their credit for years, and still have some work ahead of them to repair and begin to get back on the road to home ownership.

If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to call, Alicia Malone (208) 731-3604 or email at:


1929 S. Tallwood, Boise

Rare opportunity to purchase a completely remodeled home in coveted River Run subdivision. Enjoy the park-like private backyard with new expansive stamped concrete patio. Private cul-de-sac location. Home boasts open floor plan with new hardwood floors, high-end kitchen with granite, modern tile floors and new appliances. New roof, interior and exterior paint. Enjoy a community pool, tennis courts and event center without the hassle!

Jared Cozby


Top Sales Associate Front Street Brokers

Subdivision: River Run—SE Boise Location: Tucked back into a private cul-de-sac Size: 2076 sqft, 3 Bedrooms Amenities: Next to Boise Greenbelt, Pool, Tennis Courts What’s New: Practically Everything—The whole home was remodeled in 2012. Feels like a new home in an established neighborhood.

CALL JARED: 208-830-3715 Page 12

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Front Street Brokers News FS Brokers has a new agent in the office: Phil Mount. Phil became licensed as a REALTOR in 2009, after a 25 year career as a Marketing Professional. In his first year as an agent Phil closed over $2.1 million in residential real estate transactions. He was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Ada County Association of Realtors. Phil holds an MBA in International Marketing and a BBA in Production and Operations Management, both from Boise State University. Phil earned both degrees while working full time at Hewlett-Packard. In his spare time Phil enjoys driving fast cars, exploring the great wines of the world (but not at the same time) and preparing and eating great cuisine. Needless to say we are totally excited to have Phil joining the team at FS Brokers. Phil has done extensive work in New Construction and Short Sales. | 208-841-0134 Front Street Brokers is happy to announce that we have a new Designated Broker: Dave Ferguson. Dave was recently elected to be the next President of the Ada County Association of Realtors. He has an MBA in Business Administration, is a certified real estate instructor and teaches night classes at the Idaho Real Estate School. Dave is already off to a great start and we are very happy to welcome him to the team! Dave specializes in New Home Sales and North End Properties. | 208-724-0213

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More Featured Properties $129,000 Like New 1704 S. Florence, Nampa Desirable S Nampa Subdivision. Large Master Suite and private bath with dual vanities and soaker tub/ shower. Great 4 bedroom home on corner lot, close to shopping, schools, services, and freeway access. No backyard neighbors. Property is turnkey and would make an excellent family home or investment property. Call Sandi at 850-3681

2272 W Winter Camp, Boise

$149,000 Short Sale 11159 W Bridgetower, Boise Pride in ownership shows in every detail! Remodeled in a well-cared for, established subdivision with no CCR's and view lots just around the corner. Near the mall, movies, and be downtown in 10 minutes! 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage with shelving. Roomy 1/4 acre lot is nicely landscaped. Call Sandi at 850-3681

$170,000 On Golf Course 4819 S Umatilla Ave, Boise Golf course views and so much space! Walk to clubhouse from this renovated single level home featuring recently remodeled Chef's kitchen and extensive oak hardwood floors. Over 2300 sqft on one level. The 1st fairway at Indian Lake GC. 2 miles to Freeway, movies & Costco! Call Phil Mount at 841-0134

$499,000 Short Sale 6474 N Hillsboro, Boise Boise City Views in nearly every room, large low maintenance yard includes a large pool, privacy, and plenty of enjoyment for your family and friends. This home is filled with natural light and offers plenty of space to entertain and relax. Foreclosure pricing. Call Sandi Rubio at 850-3681

$649,400 Awesome Views, Great Layout and the Finest Materials in this New Home Stunning Parade Home in the Boise Foothills with panoramic views. Don't miss this brand new home by Innovative Custom Homes. The high ceilings and open floor plan with lots of light will make coming home each day a real treat. Builder has just dropped the price for a quick sale, don't wait to see this one it won't last. Located above Quail Hollow Golf Course north of 36th. Close to downtown and on top of foothills. High-Tech home, Green built. Huge Master Suite, Theater Room, Game Room, and has lots of storage. Call Mike Turner at 340-8399

$249,000 Short Sale

$299,710 New Const.

12758 N 10th Avenue, Boise Over 2500 sqft and built in 2005. Located in Hidden Springs, a Foothills community that is surrounded by open space and trails. Open main level floor plan. Bonus area wired for projector, surround speakers. Part of the bonus area has been converted to a private office. Foreclosure Pricing. Call Gavin at 890-0591

331 W Orso, Meridian You'll love the open floor plan and great use of space. Your friends and family will be impressed with quality finishes and the great entertaining spaces this home offers. Energy Star Rated. Builder known for their high quality work, efficient building practices, and their innovative designs. RV/Boat parking. Call Mike 340-8399

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Boise Rental Management Matt Rubio 208.473.2418 “I refer my clients to Boise Rental Management. Not only is Matt the kind of guy you want in your corner, he is all business with tenants and helps you keep your investments profitable.” - Mike Turner, FS Brokers

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Boise Real Estate News - Winter Issue  

Boise Real Estate Newspaper: Latest Boise Housing statistics and charts, plus featured homes and important information for homeowners.

Boise Real Estate News - Winter Issue  

Boise Real Estate Newspaper: Latest Boise Housing statistics and charts, plus featured homes and important information for homeowners.