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Negative Equity: The Cause for Low One Positive To A Supply in Housing Down Economy By Mike Turner Front Street Brokers The US housing market is experiencing a 21% decrease in available homes on the market compared to last year. The cause of this sudden drop in supply results from a string of events, including the lack of or non-existent new construction market, fewer foreclosure properties entering the market, and the biggest reason of all– negative equity. Homebuyers are often surprised and shocked when they start to look for homes and find very few available for sale. Most assume that with a sluggish economy, the market would be littered with unsold homes. This is not the case because negative equity is keeping the bulk of homeowners from putting their homes up for sale. Foreclosure numbers have impacted markets by pushing home prices far below what most homeowners can compete with. Although US foreclosure activity has now decreased on a year-over-year basis for 20 straight months, allowing a chance for more non-distressed listings to sell, many of the markets that were hurt the most during the housing crash have seen such steep price declines that most homeowners owe too much on their home to compete with today’s home prices. Thus we see many homeowners not even attempting to sell their homes. The housing markets with the most homes underwater are now seeing the biggest drops in the supply of homes. Oakland, CA has seen their inventory of homes on the market drop over 56% in just one year. In Phoenix, AZ supply has decreased 44% in the last year. Figure 1 shows that higher negative equity equals

a lower supply of homes. However, I would argue that negative equity is also a cause for helping the housing market recover faster than expected. Because negative equity is restricting supply,

it will ultimately help push up home prices. Phoenix, AZ and Boise, ID are good examples of markets where the lack of inventory led to an extreme and quick increase in median list price for their markets. Phoenix home prices are up over 32% year-over-year. Boise is up over

14% year-over-year and up 30% year-todate. Here are the Top 10 Cities with the largest year-overyear gain in median list price (provided by Note that they all have huge decreases in total inventory. Every Top 10 city listed with big gains in median list price has also seen a 20% or more decrease in available inventory. As home prices begin to rise, fewer homeowners will have negative equity, which will allow them to re-enter the marketplace to sell their home and cause the market to cool down. Meaning, once cities experience the price bump caused by low supply, real estate markets should return to a more gradual and healthy rise in home prices.

Summer is in full swing in my neighborhood, and there's something I've noticed that's pretty encouraging. As you probably know, I think it's pretty important for parents to teach their kids about finances. Personally, I feel like it's important to teach my own kids about entrepreneurship and owning a business. I feel these principles are overlooked or ignored in academia. My daughters are still very young but I hope to teach these principles at an early age so it is second nature when they are older. The cool thing I've noticed in my neighborhood this summer is that I see more and more kids getting involved in business. I've gotten flyers for:

     

A pet-sitting/dog-walking service Two grass-cutting services A "snack-wagon" (little girl with her wagon selling snacks) Hair decorations for girls Home made scented candles A used-toy sale (with trade-ins considered)

All of these little businesses were operated by children. What's also pretty cool is that some of these ventures have been marketed via social media - Facebook and Twitter - with their parents' help. I'm not a huge fan of kids being on social media sites, but if they're old enough and supervised, it's fantastic that they're getting some lessons in modernday marketing that they probably won't get at school. My wife drove by two adorable kids, probably 6 and 8 years old on a busier street around 7pm on her way to a meeting. When her meeting ended at 8:30pm, she drove that same busy street (this was not in a neighborhood, but actually in a high traffic area in front of a business park). The two girls were still there. She stopped and talked to them and found out they were raising money so they could help their team travel to Nevada for a sporting event. They went into great detail about the different lemonade options they had for just $1.00. My wife said these girls were so cute because they took their jobs so seriously. Pouring the cup of lemonade was like watching a doctor perform surgery. Complete and total focus. At 8:30pm no less. Amazing. I don't know whether it's the kids growing up enough to start understanding how to earn money, or if it's that parents are seeing things like I am and encouraging their kids to be more entrepreneurial. I hope that's the case. I'd also like to think that the economy of the past few years has had at least one positive effect. I do believe that with high unemployment, less corporate structure and more mobility there have been more opportunities for freelancers, contractors and the self-employed. If this economy can re-generate that American spirit of entrepreneurship, then we'll get something out of tough times. Apparently, it's working with some of the kids around town. I hope that by sharing that encouraging sign with you, you'll be a little more enthused that maybe there is an underlying upside to this down economy. - Mike T—FS Brokers

ur very own Amanda Turner (Mike Turner’s wife) has come out with another book this summer and it’s already taking off like wildfire. If you are looking for a good and funny book to read this summer then go to Amanda’s website:, local bookstores, or Amazon to get yourself a copy. Amanda is not only a local author she is also very much involved in promoting the local writing community so if you haven’t heard the radio show she produces called “The Writers’ Block” or checked her Blog, then be sure to make your way over to FYI—Don’t be surprised if you’re at Front Street Brokers office downtown that you see Amanda walk into the office. She still handles our bookkeeping; at least for now, until she becomes totally famous . Congratulations Amanda on your latest Book! - Staff at Front Street Brokers


PRAISE FOR THE BOOK This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store chronicles what happens when a little girl who scorns the idea of marriage and children (in favor of becoming a stiletto-wearing, attache-carrying Secret Agent), majors in Russian, minors in Vodka, and then one day finds herself with child… and in-laws. “Empty bladder before reading.” -Laurie Notaro, New York Times bestselling author of We Thought You Would Be Prettier. “Reading This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store is like going to your neighbor’s house for a play date and discovering that she’s just as clueless and crazy as you are.” -Stacy Dymalski, Confessions of a Band Geek Mom

Local Author

“A.K. Turner’s witty essays explore the raw realities of raising children so they won’t become serial killers, showing that it’s okay to put the little darlings to bed and then guzzle a bottle of hooch. This is the perfect cross between Nora Ephron, David Sedaris and Chelsea Handler.” -Elaine Ambrose, Menopause Sucks


Available Bank Owned Foreclosures – Boise Metro Down 90% Since Peak (Peak= Sep 2010)

Bank Owned Foreclosures 1.8% of Total Supply – Ada 4.0% of Total Supply – Canyon

Pending New Construction Home Sales Up over 100% - Ada Up over 270% - Canyon

Boise Home Prices VS Inventory (Supply) of Homes 

Total Inventory Homes For Sale Down 61% Since Peak – Ada Down 66% Since Peak – Canyon

The Tipping Point

Up 26% Year to Date Up 16% Jun 2011 – Jun 2012 Price Bottom = Mar 2011 

Median Home Price – Canyon Up 31% Year to Date Up 25% Jun 2011 – Jul 2012 Price Bottom = May 2011

Months of Supply In Ada County

Median Home Price – Ada

Home Buyer Demand - Ada Up 8% Year to Date over 2011 Up 11% from last month

Home Buyer Demand – Canyon Down 13% Year to Date from 2011 Down 5% from Last Month

White Line = 6 months Supply Anything below that normally indicates a Sellers’ Market

Monthly Average 30yr Interest Rate 3.55 % in July 2012 4.55 % in July 2011

This chart uses a 3% appreciation line versus actual median sale price for homes in the Treasure valley. You can see in 2002-2004, the local housing market was growing at a healthy pace. We all know what happened next… Massive and uncontrolled growth. We peaked in summer 2006 (6 YEARS AGO). The

bubble burst and 5 years later we appear to have bottomed out in the Treasure valley in winter/spring of 2011. From looking at this chart one could make a strong argument that the local market overcorrected, but with a recent explosion in median home price we appear to be close to where we should be. We are

forecasting the market will start settling out and will begin to follow a similar pattern we saw 10 years ago. Affordability of our marketplace is keeping demand levels strong. For reasons why Boise is seeing such a strong come back in median home prices...see page 6.

CANYON County-Pending New Construction

New Construction Explosion in Treasure Valley Shocking numbers in the new home sector of the market. New Construction home sales are up over 100% in Ada county and up over 200% Canyon county. This has to translate into JOBS and a lot of them. I’m guessing that a lot of the jobs will go to folks who are NOT collecting unemployment benefits, so I doubt we will a huge drop in jobless claims but this

should translate to a great natural stimulus for this local economy. Right now it seems builders can barely keep up with the demand. I have spoken to many builders about this new wave of demand and most of them are excited but are concerned about the lack of quality lots for buyers. Either the best lots have already been taken or the quality lots were purchased by sellers in the past at double today’s rate and they are holding onto the land until prices comeback. I expect to see other markets have a jump in new construction by next spring as Boise has been a leading indicator for many other markets for the last few years.

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Why Boise Home Prices Are Up Over 20% Year To Date In February of 2012 I wrote about how I expected to see double digit increases in Boise area home prices for 2012 and possibly even 20+% increase. Of course everyone thought I was crazy for saying this. Even in the summer in 2011 when I announced on the radio the market bottom in Boise was the 1Q of 2011, I still got people telling me that I was being over optimistic. But the reason I was so confident in making these outlandish forecasts of the Boise area housing market was because I wasn’t predicting a 20+% increase in appreciation, but rather a median price bump due to rapidly decreasing foreclosures.

Ada County Home Prices CHART 1

In the Boise market the majority of foreclosure properties are found in the bottom price ranges. Only 1% of foreclosures can be found in homes priced above $300,000. If all of sudden we lose 50% of the inventory of homes priced below $120,000, it is logical we can expect the average and the median price of homes sold to go up substantially. On Chart 1 you can see that home prices in Ada County have jumped as much as 29% Year to Date. Chart 2 shows how the supply of available distressed property in the Treasure Valley decreased 90% in the last 18 months. Chart 3 depicts how Ada County had almost zero home sales priced below $100,000 prior to 2009. The tidal wave of foreclosures drove down the median price of homes, having the largest affect to home prices in 2011 (when we hit the market bottom locally). Chart 4 shows how the number of homes listed below $120,000 in Ada County is steadily decreasing, thereby almost guaranteeing that Boise area home prices will increase on the whole. You would need to see the inventory of homes available for sale priced below $120,000 to increase to get back to the median home prices we saw in early 2011.

they are forced to look at non-distressed listings. For example, a client of mine bought a small 3 bed 2 bath newer home in Boise in 2009 for CHART 2 $125,000. At the time they thought they got a great deal because the home had been previously sold in 2006 for $189,000. In 2011 that same house could have been purchased for $110,000. Fast forward to summer of 2012, that home can now likely be sold for $130,000. That is almost a 20% increase in 1 year. Do you think that has anything to do with appreciation? I think not. As foreclosures become less impactful on the market we should see more natural increases in This disappearing bottom price range is starting to effect other home prices. markets that have seen a large decrease in foreclosures. Phoenix is a good example of another market that has seen a sur- As far as the threat of a new foreclosure wave impacting the Boise Market, our only true indicaprise jump in home price exceeding 20%. tor of this is tracking Foreclosure Starts. A foreAs mentioned before we don’t want to confuse this jump in closure start happens when a home owner stops have peaked in March 2010, which lead to the supply of foreclohome price as appreciation. It is rather a price correction that paying their mortgage and the lender files an initial notice of sure properties peaking in late 2010. Since then foreclosures has been skewed by an abundance of foreclosures grouped in default. have been decreasing steadily. the lowest price range on the market. Nationally foreclosure starts are down 10.6% so far this year This is all good news for the Treasure Valley marketplace. The However, you may be able to sell your house for 10% or more if compared to the previous year. In Idaho they are down 54.5% worst is behind us, at least as far the housing market is conit is priced below $200,000. The reason is now the foreclosures according to Realtytrac. Idaho appears to have cycled through cerned. If anything changes in that regard, you can be sure you are almost gone in the Boise market, but people want to buy their supply of distressed inventory much faster than other will hear about it first in this publication. them now more than ever, but they are not finding them so states. In the Treasure Valley, new foreclosure starts appear to

Homes Sold in Ada County Under $100,000



Number of Homes For Sale Priced Under $120,000

Builder Spotlight







They appear to avoid the hassle of constantly trying to keep sub-contractors on the job to finish the job. I think just about everyone has had a contractor horror story of something that should have taken a week turn to months or a year.



With Innovative Custom Homes I can personally speak for their quality and it opens new doors for my clients that really didn’t exist before now. Think about it. What if you see a home in a perfect location for you and your family but the home is extremely dated or the layout is just all wrong. A big project like that would discourage most buyers and for good reason. Typically large remodels can be extremely expensive and take forever. However, with Innovative Custom Homes they have the experience and the manpower to completely transform your home in a month. The end product is like a brand new home, the cost is a fraction of what you may have paid another service and you get to move in and enjoy the home in no time flat.







I am extremely impressed with Innovative Custom Homes as I am constantly running into their work around town from Brand New Custom Homes they have built to homes that I would call serious fixers that they have completely transformed in a matter of weeks. They have truly figured out a great system. Instead of hiring many sub-contractors, they instead take on many employees who are extremely skilled personnel. The benefit appears to be consistency and speed. I watched them remodel this Boise home pictured here in about 3 weeks time. I also saw them build an absolutely gorgeous home in “The Shores” in Eagle - start to finish about 85 days!

The next time I have a client who loves the location and yard but the house doesn’t work for them I’m going to suggest they contact this company to see what it would take in time and cost to transform the home. The answer just might surprise you… in a good way. Also, if you can’t find a home on the market that suits you but you can’t afford the 6-9 months that it typically takes to build a home. Now I can recommend a builder that can build a very high end quality home in 2 1/2 months! How cool is that? I highly recommend you give Innovative Custom Homes a call. The owners are Ben and Heather and you can reach them at 208.695.5846 or go to

Also the pictures shown on the right are all from the same home. It is amazing they did all that work in just a few weeks. FYI—This property is listed for sale by The Real Estate Shop, and is priced at $374,890. I previewed this home and what you can’t see from the pictures is that this home is located on a cool rim view property in the Boise Bench and it overlooks a baseball stadium. You could literally watch a live baseball game from your living room or porch! Hello sports fans! This might be the home for you. The address is 6014 Randolph Drive, Boise Idaho. Look it up if you are in the market. - Mike Turner, Managing Agent with Front Street Brokers

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Untold Secrets on How To Sell Your Idaho Home for the Maximum the Market will Bear you finally move on to what you really desire. Whether you are looking to lower stress levels, or maybe seeking the ability to buy your dream home, or the freedom to relocate for a better opportunity… whatever your situation is, I often see how selling a home helps people accomplish their goals and I want to see that happen for you. But first, we need to understand WHY homes don’t sell, and then FIX THE PROBLEM.

2) Don’t Blame The Market Yes, the market is extremely tough for sellers right now, but the market is not the only reason homes don’t sell. Homes don’t sell because it wasn’t presented to the market in a way to give you the best chance of selling. I agree, having foreclosures in your neighborhood is awful and adds a great deal of difficulty to selling your home now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home for a reasonable price. Understanding Foreclosures and the Buyers in this market can actually help you leverage the situation so your home can stand out from the crowd, and even demand a higher price, and be sought after, rather than being pushed aside. But you must use the right tools and strategies.

3) Blame The Agent..? Unfortunately, most real estate agents (like 98%) don’t understand marketing and buyer behavior to a level sufficient enough to sell homes in this tough marketplace. Agents, for the most part, seem to take a quick guess about what they think your home is worth and throw your home on the Internet and MLS and then hope the market will sell your home for you. I caution blaming your agent because they might be trying hard or doing everything they know to sell your home, but without the right advertising knowledge, market expertise, understanding of selling strategies that work for buyers, and the right available tools to use, their chances of selling a home in this market are significantly low.


elieve it or not, there are secrets to selling your home. If you follow these proven strategies, you dramatically increase your chances of selling your home faster and for more money than you would believe. But, before we talk about that, there are three things we need to establish.

1) Why Homes Don’t Sell If you tried and failed to sell your home recently, it’s ok; it may have nothing to do with your home. However, it’s very important for you to understand why your home (or any other home on the market for that matter) did not sell before you think of listing your home. That way you don’t waste any more time and endure the emotional

burden of wondering if your home will ever sell in this market. Believe me, I completely understand the emotional rollercoaster of selling, the inconveniences of listing your home on the market, the hoping and wishing that someone would just buy it so you could move on. I’ve been there. It’s a pain in the butt to regularly have to vacate your home on short notice for showings to have it judged by random people… or worse: not having ANY showings in months. The good news is that your home WILL sell in this market so long as you position yourself with the right tools, strategies, and assistance. Selling your home now as opposed to pushing it off could help

The problem is that almost every agent from what I can see does the same useless stuff over and over again. This one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your home puts them (and you) at a disadvantage – especially in this market.

Here’s the #1 Secret to Selling Your House… In This Market: I know this may fly in the face of what your last agent told you. The secret to selling your house is not about price. The secret to selling your house in this market is focusing on the buyer. The reason your past agent didn’t tell you this, is probably because they don’t know how to do that. You see, buyers want to fall in love with the house, and then feel like they got a good deal. If the deal leads buyers to start with… you attract the wrong

buyers. I could go into great detail on this but let me just give you a few crucial insights. Let’s talk about how most agents work. It’s a dirty little secret in the real estate world, but it’s time someone came out and admitted it. Most agents primarily focus on just acquiring more listings (often at 6-12 month long contracts) just so they have better odds – with more listings they have a better chance of selling a few of them to make a living. It’s a numbers game, which is good for them, but bad for you. Now let’s talk about what it looks like when your agent’s focus is actually on the buyer. Instead of focusing on quantity, they develop their selling strategies to attract the highest quality buyers. They use aggressive and innovative marketing to get the attention of people who are actually interested in buying a home… not just looking at house after house after house. They know that when they focus on the buyers, they can control, not just hope, that the home will sell. I work with an agency that is extremely focused on Buyers, almost the exact opposite of every other real estate company in town. We go to great lengths to engage, attract, and service home buyers in this Valley. The reason is simple: if you have the buyers you can better predict, influence, and advertise to the people that will actually be buying the homes on the market.

Silver Bullet #1 – Attracting the Buyers Most agents –if they are lucky– have just a small handful of buyers or an office of other desperate agents they can market their listing to. Unfortunately, this is the norm. Outside of this small area of influence they really only have the MLS to hopefully attract other agents and buyers to their listing. But at that point, for these agents, it is left up to a lot of wishing and even more luck. What kind of impact do you think it would have if your listing agent could speak directly to not hundreds, but thousands of buyers about your listing? Do you think it would help you sell your home faster? Heck yeah, it would.

Silver Bullet #2 – Keeping the Buyers’ Attention The perfect buyer for your home may not even be looking when you first list your home. Therefore it is extremely important to keep getting buyers attention so your home doesn’t get lost or get what we call Market Fatigue. We found we can accomplish this in many ways but one of the best ways is to provide them information they can’t get anywhere else, even in this day and age where information is everywhere; This is no easy task, by the way. It takes a lot of hard work and money. But for me and my team, it is worth every minute and dime because this strategy alone (of keeping the buyers’ attention) has helped us to sell a lot of homes. So to recap what if your listing agent had 1,000’s

of buyers seeking them out specifically because of the unique way they provide information that buyers can’t get anywhere else? Do you think that would give those listing agents a huge advantage to attracting interest in your home? You Bet Your Bottom Dollar.

Silver Bullet #3 – Understanding the Market If you take the time to get to know us, you will quickly see that we research and study the market at a much deeper level than what you might have come to see with other agents. That’s because 99% of agents won’t do this extra work. It’s not just because they are lazy… it’s because many don’t know how to do it. Really, it’s a little embarrassing to admit… but my team and I are almost like addicts when it comes to real estate statistics and studying the trends and micro-details of our local neighborhoods and cities. Frankly, we don’t understand how other professionals in our industry can give advice on such life-impacting events (like selling your home) without doing everything in their power to become a true authority on that subject matter. In fact, it seems a little irresponsible to us, which is why we do things differently. By understanding where the market is, where it is going, and the factors that can change its course, we can leverage that knowledge to get in front of those trends instead of being left behind wishing we had done something differently. In short, our market expertise helps us find where the demand is and allows us to simply step in front of that demand to get your home noticed and sold… and our results can prove it.

Silver Bullet #4 – Understanding Buyers

Sell Your Home


Sadly, the lack of effort that most agents put up to attract buyer interest in your home is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH to sell your home, not in today’s market. Your listing agent is your hired gun for selling your home. With our research and market knowledge, we know what is going to sell your home BEFORE a buyer even steps foot in your home, PLUS we can help identify the little, often overlooked details that will drive buyers away. You would not believe how quickly these ―little things‖ can turn a buyer completely off to your home. We are talking about truly easy fixes. Not taking care of the little things can literally cost you the sale. This step is where we can often help you the most. We understand buyers and their fairly eccentric behavior. We study them on a daily basis, which means we can put you on the fast-track to leveraging that expertise. Together, we can get buyers to stop and really pay attention to your home. We are definitely not shy about pointing out what will turn away qualified buyers. It’s not that we are going to criticize your home, in contrast we will bring perspectives and insights that can mean the difference between showings and selling.


You may not have heard of Front Street Brokers. We are not focused on being the biggest company in town, but we do want to be the most successful and effective brokerage in the Valley.

We know times are tough. Homeowners have lost a ton of equity in their homes. If you are going to sell your home in this market you need an agent who can market the heck out of your home but who will also work with you on the selling fees... Which leads us to...NAME YOUR PRICE. You want to sell your home and NET as much as possible. We want listings so we can prove how good we are at selling them. Therefore, for the month of August, homeowners who interview us about selling their home have the unique opportunity to also NAME THE PRICE of our commission.

If you have any interest in selling your home I invite you to give us a call. We’d be happy to swing by your place to give you our professional opinion on what your home could sell for in this market.

CALL 208-740-5000 for Details

We are constantly amazed when we see crappy photos used to sell a nice home. I mean come on. Your agent should be hiring a professional and the photos should be so good you question even moving when you see them. Not making this a priority is absolute insanity.

The Fine Print

But there is one catch… you actually have to take the first step and call us. We can’t do that part for you. By calling us you can get professional insights about your home and the market, and discuss timing. There is no obligation or fee to meet with us. But we would love opportunity to meet with you. Sincerely, Mike Turner—Front Street Brokers

PH: 208-740-5000

Some restrictions we don’t work in all locations or list all homes. Mostly though we just want to prove to you we can do a superior job selling your home so we hope this offer gets your attention and that you will be finally compelled to give us call. Go ahead...We’re Ready. Page 9

Private listings NOT ON THE MLS! Family Home in Great Location! An ideal place to raise a family! Gorgeous semi-custom home in a great neighborhood, close to schools. Plus the home is just across the street from the community clubhouse and pool! Great modern craftsman style on the exterior and thoughtful traditional finishes inside. 3,000 sq ft: 4 bedrooms , office, and 3 baths. Lots of upgrades including extensive hardwood, trim work, molding, and built-ins. Chef’s kitchen includes granite counters, warm cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances. There’s also the ultimate “mancave” complete with a full wet bar and outdoor deck access! Fully fenced .33 acre lot. Was $335,000, now privately listed at $324,900. Call Sandi Rubio, 208-7405000.

Eagle Custom Luxury Home with Saltwater Pool Beautiful custom luxury home in desirable Castlebury subdivision in Eagle. 5,917 sq ft of luxurious, move-in ready space. 4 bedrooms, 7 baths, and a second level bonus room that could be converted into a 5th bedroom. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, two dishwashers, professional-grade appliances, custom tile, butler’s pantry and a wine fridge. Other upgrades include extensive built-ins, custom paint, and dual HVAC systems. Outside, you’ll love the low-maintenance in-ground saltwater pool with diving board. Roomy covered patio features an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space with sound system. Plenty of room leftover for play and gardening. The whole acre lot is nicely landscaped. Private listing priced at $979,500. Call Sandi Rubio, Front Street Brokers, 208-850-3681.

WHY LIST YOUR HOME PRIVATELY? THE PROBLEM: * The hassle of having to drop everything and frantically clean your home for the random, unexpected showing request from an agent. * Worry that someone will misuse the lockbox on your front door. * Answering questions from neighbors as to why you are moving.

THE SOLUTION: With a private listing you can avoid: * Having a sign in your yard. * Having your home on the MLS, which causes potential unwanted interaction with agents, neighbors, etc.

With our PRIVACY LISTINGS you get the full power of the Front Street Brokers marketing systems to sell your home, without having all the normal hassles of listing your home. If we find someone interested in your home either through our brokerage or through another agent, we make sure they are well qualified and your home definitely meets their criteria before we call you to set up a private showing. Our database of buyers is likely twice as large as any other brokerage in town, and we use different marketing techniques to sell our homes that most agents haven’t even heard of. Some of our privacy listings sell within a few days, due to already having a large database of able buyers looking. We have also been able to obtain higher prices on our privacy listings due to the home always remaining at Zero days on the market, buyers are less likely to lowball the seller, compared to when they see a home listed on the MLS for 90 days+. If a PRIVACY LISTING sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 208-740-5000 Or go to:

Private listings 6474 N. Hillsboro: Nestled on a foothills lot with killer views of the city and valley. Bright, open floor plan with tons of windows and a contemporary but timeless feel. 5 bedrooms, 3.75 baths, 3,875 sq ft.

What Mike Thinks

What Mike Thinks

2.5 acre lot, beautifully landscaped (over a hundred trees planted). Unobstructed views of the Owyhee Mountains. 5+ Bedrooms, 7,650 sq ft, huge drive-through shop and other amenities too numerous to list. Home is in Wilder, a scenic 35 min drive from Boise. Small subdivision (there are 3 or 4 houses on this street). There is even a small putting green, and grape vines. Perfect country family home or empty nester spot. Original owners put a ton of money in this place, and had it on the market for $1.29 million, so the current $525,000 price the sellers have it at is awesome. Read more of Mike’s review at: http://

Outside, you won’t be able to get enough of your million dollar views, appreciated from the in-ground pool or wrap around deck. Yard opens straight up to the foothills–no behind neighbors. A ton of house and amenities for the below market value price of $679,000. . Remember, this home is NOT on the MLS, so you have a chance to get in on a great, under-the-radar deal. Call to schedule a showing today: Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.

What Sandi Thinks

3443 N. Triple Ridge Pl. Absolutely ideal family home and horse property in a desirable Eagle location. Five irrigated acres (water rights) with horse set up including barn and pasture. 6 huge bedrooms with Jack-and-Jill bathrooms and a spacious master suite. 4,374 sq ft. Year round sunroom with fireplace. Two furnaces and two water heaters ensure whole-house comfort. Open kitchen with granite counters. Listed at $625,000. Call me to have a look at the property today: Sandi Rubio, Front Street Brokers, 208-850-3681

Eagle Luxury Home and Horse Property


Top 10 - Best Buys on The Market go to: See The Full Details on ―WHY‖ These Homes Made The List Group One

4000+ Sqft Condo Downtown

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2400+ Acres—Bank Owned

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Eagle Short Sale

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Keller Williams Boise

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Go To homepage, to download this Top 10 list to see full property details and why we think these are smoking good deals.

Restaurant Review

Alia’s Coffeehouse 908 W. Main St. 208-338-1299

By Jennifer Sanders Peterson You know you have a bit of an addiction when it’s a hundred degree day in August and you still can’t wait to get over to Alia’s for a cup of dark hot chocolate—the one that comes with extra dark chocolate shavings floating in the froth-formed feather on top. The one that puts to shame other local coffee shops passing off generic-brand chocolate syrup squirted in microwaved milk as “hot chocolate.” Alia’s understands quality. Which keeps me (and others) coming back. The fact that they quickly get to know your name and your drink of choice helps, too. Located in a nice spot on Main St, next to the Idanha, Alia’s isn’t as sleek nor as bohemian chic as other downtown caffeine establishments. It reminds me a little of my bedroom in high school with various do-dad’s hanging from the ceiling and a variety of hand painted murals that don’t necessarily make sense together. There’s also an interior iron gate that opens into the outdoor clothing store next door. But, somehow it all works to create a friendly, welcoming space. Even when it’s busy (which it usually is) there’s always a place to sit down. And often Violent Femmes on the stereo. Perfect hot drinks aren’t all that bring customers back to Alia’s. They also have a huge kitchen pumping out all kinds of homemade delicacies. From the generous selection of fresh bagels with cream cheese or house-made hummus, to the vegetarian menu, to the several varieties of quiche. And then there are the baked goods! Cookies the size of your head. Muffins the size of a lumberjack’s fist. Fudge-like brownies available in flavors like cayenne-spice, mint, Mexican chocolate, and cookie dough. Your stomach will leave happy and your wallet still largely intact. In the evening, Alia’s takes on the role of wine bar. So, stake out a spot on the mini outdoor patio and enjoy a glass while you take in the sunset and some prime people watching. Friendly service, quality product, nice prices—there’s a reason Alia’s has carved out a lasting space for itself downtown.

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Matt Rubio 208.473.2418

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Home Buyer Tip: KEEPING AN EYE ON YOUR CREDIT By Alicia Malone Front Street Brokers

When one is attempting to purchase a home, especially in today’s market place, credit is critical. With all the purchasing we do, credit is a vital part of our society. Yet many people are confused about credit, credit scoring, and “the big three” credit bureaus. In some cases, if you don’t have credit you can’t rent a car, get a cell phone, and may even find it difficult to get a checking account. And forget about debit cards! Try and go buy a car without credit--it’s like you’re a nobody. How many people have cash to buy a house? Unless you have sold another home at a profit, most of our population is not in that boat. So how does credit work? What is a bureau? And what’s up with this scoring business?

their credit reports to have at least the same legal dream of home ownership. standing as their driving records, the truth is that the So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase one government has no role in establishing the for-profit of the largest investments in your life, make sure to companies which produce them. keep your credit in mind. Go on-line to freeannuIs it possible that there may be errors on one’s credit, request a copy of your credit rereport? Is it possible that the “big three” may not have port, make sure there are no discrepancies, then call all the information? Do they care? The ultimate truth is me to get started. And remember: Luck is what hapthat it is up to you to check your own credit regularly pens when preparation meets opportunity. and to make sure that it is accurate. If you’re assuming that any other entity out there is rallying on your behalf, you’re sadly mistaken. All one has to do is turn on the T.V. or read the newspaper to see the multiple foreclosures and short sales to see it is a volatile market place. In the past, one couldn’t buy a home without first having a minimum of 20% down, closing costs and job longevity. But today, if one has proven an ability to pay over a period of time and have been careful not to live outside their means, there are ample opportunities to capture the American

Prior to 1970, a credit report would often include such things as whether you were black or white, whether you embraced a particular religion or were atheist, rich or middle-class, whether somebody thought you were an alcoholic, courtroom quotes from ex-spouses, and whatever else they could find. Likewise, bankers once withheld credit to those whose appearance just didn’t FRONT STREET BROKERS WELCOMES fit their idea of what defined a “good human being.” You could even be denied simply because the loan ALICIA MALONE officer thought you looked strange. Sadly, many of the reasons were actually based upon racial preconceptions Front Street Brokers is proud to welcome our new agent, Alicia Malone. Alicia was origior similar prejudices. nally born in Montevideo but recently relocated to Boise from Twin Falls. She lives here If you applied for a credit account anywhere, a with her husband and loves to volunteer for C.A.S.A, golf, ski, snowmobile, ride horses, bookkeeper in some dusty backroom requested a credit and garden. She brings with her extensive knowledge and experience in serving owner/ report from your local bureau. In fact, in those heady buyer clients. Contact: or 208-731-3604. days before corporate titans took over, all credit bureaus were local. HISTORIC GEM IN THE HEART The problem with that business model is that it isn’t OF TWIN FALLS very scalable. Scouring an individual’s credit takes time, Built in the 1930’s, this home maintains beautiand it also takes skilled human beings to render careful ful original details like cove judgments. That’s just not manageable if you want to ceilings, fireplace, hardwood floors and builtextend credit to hundreds of thousands or even millions ins, while boasting upgraded amenities like a of people on a national scale. Automation, of course, new roof and HVAC. If you’re thinking about was the answer, and such technology hasn’t allowed an making the move to beautiful Twin Falls but individualized reading and analysis of everybody’s credit report. want to maintain that Boise North End feel— Contrary to the prevailing perceived reality, there are no official bureaus. And while most Americans believe

this is an ideal home for you! Call for more details.

Contact Alicia Malone 208-731-3604

LUXURY FORECLOSURE REPORT BANK OWNED IN QUAIL HEIGHTS! The sweeping city views make it totally worth the effort to update cosmetic finishes and whip the yard into shape. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, formal living/dining, great room, and family room. 3,659 sq ft. Homes nearby are priced in the million dollar range. This one is foreclosure priced at just

$493,000. This home will move quickly so call to schedule a showing today! Mike Turner, 208-7405000. Listing Courtesy RE/Max.

EAGLE LUXURY HOME and 5.96 ACRES Listed at $999,000 * NOW JUST $545,000




1 ACRE VIEW LOT IN STAR Sold for $814,000

Once listed at 2.2 Million,

NOW $579,900

Now $990,000 Situated on 10.01 acres of prime horse land in Eagle, accessed only by a private gate. Landscaped, sports pool, 600 sq ft greenhouse. Theater room/gallery, game room, even a library with a secret entrance. The finishes are pretty over-the-top (think Venetian opera house) but it is an unforgettable and completely luxurious property inside and out. 7,147 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths. Listing courtesy Silvercreek Realty. For a private tour, call Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000. Great Eagle location--Five horse-ready acres near Beacon Light/Horseshoe Bend roads

Bank-owned, roomy family home and 5.96 acres in Eagle’s Stillwell Estates. Nestled in a hillside location with horse set up including corral, stables, trailer storage, and shop area. 4 large bedrooms, office, 3.5 baths. 5,437 sq ft - Includes two family rooms and media room, Listing Courtesy Eagle Hills Property. For a showing, call Front Street Brokers, 208-7405000.

Beautiful Star luxury home in Hillsdale Estates, located on a 1.01 acre view lot. 4 bedrooms plus bonus space, 4,200 sq ft. Large basement family room features media set up, 9’ ceilings, and access to huge wrap around patio. Other luxury details include custom paint, extensive hardwood floors, builtins, and two HVAC systems. Irrigation available and neighborhood has community equestrian center. Listing courtesy Coldwell Banker Tomlinson EME. Call for a showing: Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.

2370 W. Champagne 1.89

and Dry Creek. Plus a family-perfect home. Short sale priced at $449,900 and sure to

fully landscaped acres in Eagle’s Tahoe Ridge subdivision, you’ll enjoy hill and acreage views. 6 big

move quickly. The acreage property has water rights, corral, shop, and RV Parking. Open property and hill views. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3,900 sq ft. Listing courtesy Coldwell Banker-Tomlinson. For a showing call Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.

bedrooms, 6 baths, 7,426 sq feet. 44ft black bottom swimming pool,


fully fenced for safety, with a 1 meter Olympic-quality diving


board, spa and waterfall. 9 car garage, RV parking. Listing courte-



2588 E. Boomer

Now $600,000

sy Silvercreek Realty Group. Call Mike Turner for a showing. Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.

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INDEPENDENT HOME REVIEWS of the Latest Homes on the Market

Woodhouse Group

Coldwell Banker

Silvercreek Realty

Group One 5,207 Sq Ft in The Colony

Indoor Pool on Table Rock

Remodeled North End Charm

Group One


Keller Williams

1.8 Eagle Acres, Tennis Court

Group One Somerset Ridge, Price Drop

1/2 Acre in Surprise Valley

02 Marketing Group LLC 02 Marketing Group LLC

Creekside in River Run

5.10 Acres in Eagle

Keller Williams Coldwell Banker Tomlin-

Keller Williams Historic North End Home

Boise City Views

6 Bedrooms and Pool

Luxury Home in the Highlands

Woodhouse Group

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Group One Hillcrest Golf Course

Brookwood Luxury Home

LISTINGS LUXURY HOME AND ACREAGE IN EMMETT You will feel like you’re living in a magazine in this gorgeous Georgian-style home nestled on a 6.25 acreage property in the scenic Emmett foothills. Enjoy being outside the city… but not too far outside! Inside you’ll find 6,505 sq ft of the most luxurious finishes. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3 car garage and RV parking. Fabulous entertaining spaces with plenty of room for guests. Family room, great room, and theater room with stadium-style seating. Gourmet kitchen features a dramatic planked ceiling, custom cabinetry, professional appliances, and huge eat-in island. Outside, you’ll love taking in your country and hill views from the big wrap around porch. Could also easily convert to a horse property and has irrigation available. In the Boise/Eagle area, this would easily be a million dollar home–but, with the benefit of a short drive, you get the luxury home AND the 6.25 acres for $737,000.


LIKE NEW HOME IN TUSCANY Listed at just $278,900, this home isn’t in the luxury category price-wise but, trust us, it FEELS like a luxury home! Meticulously cared for inside and out, this home has had no smokers, no kids, and no pets. Located on a .22 acre lot on a quiet street in Meridian’s coveted Tuscany Subdivision. Backs up to a common area. It’s also just two houses away from the community pool and near the neighborhood elementary school. Overall the home boasts 3 bedrooms plus office, 2.5 baths, and 2,453 sq ft in addition to an extra deep 3 car garage. Outside, the owners have invested more than $30,000 into landscaping which includes dramatic accent lighting and a water feature. Long covered patio with hot tub set up is perfect for entertaining or just relaxing with your family. A really great property and location for the price! Call to schedule your showing now and be ahead of the crowd when this home hits the MLS. Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.


Great lot with no behind neighbors—allowing for privacy and open views. Meticulously maintained inside and out. Huge theater room, luxurious main-level master suite, gourmet kitchen, upgrades galore. 5 large bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 4,115 sq ft. Backyard designed for year-round entertaining with its huge patio, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. Plus a custom pool connected to the hot tub by a series of waterfalls. Super posh! Not a foreclosure but priced below market value at $539,000. Call for a showing: 208-740-5000

Ideal six bedroom family home located in one of Boise's most desirable subdivisions, The Hickories. Tucked on a quiet, safe cul-de-sac lot with plenty of room. Great schools, a walking path to the park, AND within walking distance of Hewlett Packard. Formal living and dining rooms are great for entertaining. HUGE bonus room with bathroom, and more than enough space for everyone to gather for movie or game night. Two HVAC systems make sure both levels stay comfortably heated and cooled. 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 4,338 sq ft And wow! Just $349,000. At less that $100 a square foot, that's a TON of home, space, amenities and a great location for the amount. Sellers are flexible and can close quickly or allow for a delayed close date, Call Sandi Rubio , Front Street Brokers, 208-850-3681.


Eagle Luxury Home in Lexington Hills 1741 N. Sevenoaks

LISTINGS Ideal west Boise location, right off Curtis and Northview, close to everything. Schools close by, and WinREMODELED BOISE HOME stead Park /tennis courts half a block away. Here’s your chance to own a big family home, freshly 2417 Bruins Circle remodeled inside and out. Updated interior paint, and flooring. Lots of built-ins for storage and display. Bright, efficient galley-style kitchen. Huge basement family room has warm wood paneling and entertainment center. Plenty of space for everyone to spread out! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2,952 sq ft. The .22 acre lot is dotted with mature trees, fully fenced, and has plenty of room for play and gardening. Was listed attractively at $204,900, now just

at $455,000. Contact Alicia at Front Street Brokers, 208-731-3604

Get Your Home Listed Here Call Us

$194,900. With the bulk of the remodeling done for you, that leaves some nice financial wiggle room to continue with the last of the updates that will truly make this house your home. Call to schedule your showing today! Sandi Rubio, Front Street Brokers, 208850-3681


MILLION DOLLAR HOME REVIEWS *Private Beach * 7 car garage * $2,995,000 * Eagle Listed with Keller Williams Realty

Beautiful Eagle luxury home in coveted Lexington Hills Subdivision. Close to downtown Eagle fine dining and shopping, within walking distance of Seven Oaks Elementary, and an easy drive into Boise. Fine timeless design and finishes throughout. Two master suites with split level design. There’s also a theater room and office space. Overall the home has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and 3,782 sq ft on one level with a walk-out basement. Outside, you’ll enjoy mature landscaping and a stream that runs right through your backyard on the .22 acre lot. Priced

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