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Contents Brand Identity Description Project 1 - Violence in Beauty Project 2 - Ghost Jacket

Mejou Girl

A new brand ‘Mejou’ is womenswear which reinterprets menswear items. Nowadays,the women express freely their own character and wear with no stereotype about clothing. And this attitude is that I want to be and represented. The goal the brand ‘Mejou’ is to give satisfaction to modern girls who have cynical attitude and manish style .

Brand Identity Key Words Disobey Manish Cynical

Project 1 - Violence in Beauty Inspired by movie ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ and Zoot suit.

Disboey Manish Cynical

‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’

Mejou’s main point inspiration key and design resource word is ‘disobeying’. Especially, this time I focused on Movie called ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ . Summary of movie is that a boy named ‘Kevin’ has done terrible things to his mother and his own life. And his mother keeps thinking about what was happend to her and what she has done to his life. Each recalling scenes shows history of these two characters. Starting by accident pregancy to pure violence of Kevin’s character shows contradiction by expressing beauty and evil at the same time. Moreover, I could slightly understand Kevin’s behavior. I thought we do not understand one-hundred percnetly about his evil, however sometimes we want to break something or make noise with no reason and with just pure evil. In conclusion, I thought one of my intrinsic mood of disboeying matches to this movie. Also, I was trying to use this movie’s visual expression to my design elelments.

It’s like this: you wake and watch TV, get in your car and listen to the radio you go to your little jobs or little school, but you don’t hear about that on the 6 o’clock news, why? ‘Cause nothing is really happening, and you go home and watch some more TV and maybe it’s a fun night and you go out and watch a movie. I mean it’s got so bad that half the people on TV, inside the TV, they’re watching TV. What are these people watching, people like me?

Fabric Development Process #SCENE NO.1 - SHOWING SPRAYED ALL OVER BY RED COLOR KEVIN’S HOUSE. Occasionally, red color means pure evil , passion, accidient and sin. In the movie, ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’, shows red color for showing its mood and result of violence. It was interesting that mother of Kevin’s house was sprayed all over by red color paint. So, trying to show similiar mood of movie, I did some work at fabric by spraying acrylic red color to white wool. Moreover, at the red color wool, I was trying to make spliting visual expression by acrilic fabric paints. Key points of spiliting fabric painting is showing actions and movement at the fabric to express intensity from movie. Also, I thought it is the most insticific way to show my concept that ‘violence in beauty’.

#SCENE NO. 2 - FINIDING OUT WHAT KEVIN HAD DONE TO HIS MOTHER’S HOUSE. At this scene, Kevin made his mom very angry by splitting painting all over to her own room ,which was her dream and privacy. And he recalled this situation as the moment that she honestly reacted that she never has done to him. After finding out what Kevin had done to her room , she broke his tools that made her room like that and throw and hurt him. It shows the violence and the mood of movie continuously like scene no.1 that I focused on. This time I used other colors sucha s gold, tinted green and black to express like her room and the intensity.

Apping to PVC same way as wool by using red acrylic spraying and other colors of acryl.

Zoot Suit

The ‘Zoot Suit’ is menswear one of the fashion trend in between 1930’s to 1940’s. These called ‘A Weird Coat having shoulder pads’ includes culture of Halem Jazz. The main features of this suit are large shoulder silhouette,long length and wide-legged pants. I thought one of the main difference of biological and body silhouette between woman and man is shoulder. The brand feature of ‘Mejou’ express manish style can be applied to zoom suit and this features can be used for reinterpretation of design elements.

Disboey Manish Cynical

Zoot Suit Character Large shoulder and long length is the key points that I focused on. The reason that I choose this item is this silhouette represents men’s feature of body. Moreover, oversized silhouette makes strange and new mood in modern days.

Study in Stripe One of the main key point zoot suit fabric is stripe pattern. The red color from ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ with stipe shows conceptual design.


In the same way, movie tries to show red color by some items. She was trying to not encounter the person who is the parent that her son, Kevin, killed. Most interestinting part is that tomato is relatively to her pregancy of Kevin in the movie. It shows that result of the sin and accident by showing hiding scene behind tomato soup can.

Zoot suit’ DNA High waisted pants and wide fitting silhouette to new design line for zoot suit jacket.

Fabric Swatches

Final Illustration

Project 2 - Ghost Jacket Inspired by a Buddhist dance

Maybe it is just a dream not to be ambitious and free from being human. Even it is just dance that hoping is get away from limitaition of human. Maybe we can be what we want by death.

Disboey Manish Cynical

“Ghost JAcket” 2nd Project Key Points From Budhist Dance Cloth Long Sleeve Oversized Jacket White and Red

A buddhist Dance A buddhist Dance is one of the famous Korean traditional dance. It was dnaced by clown, especially pansori-singers. A buddhist dance tells us that limitation of human and hope by rasing the long sleeves of costume. Moreover, its origins are very interesting. The origin of theory that I focused on was ‘Hwang-jin theory’. This theory is that Hwanjin , who is famous as entertainer in Joseon Dynasty, tried to tempt Buddhist monk by playing this dance. It represents that even A buddhist dance represents pure of religion, but its origin shows limitation of human by temptation. Conclusionly, I was inspired the action from this dance and conflicts of of its origin and purpose. Moreover, I was trying to use to design elelment such as its mood; dreary and lonesome.

Disboey Manish Cynical

The main key point that I need to have was designing modern way, traditional ‘Buddihist Dance Cloth’ to ghost jacket. A Buddhist Dance cloth main characteristics are white color, slightly transparent fabric, red color , long sleeve and oversized Korean traditional jacket named jeogori. By using these characters to modernized desgin I decided which items that I am going to have my brand, such as shirt, over sized coat, raglan sleeve which emphasizes arms length. Also, I tried to have transparent fabric and flimsy cotton like Buddhist Dance cloth.

Modernized by using red elastic band to the gathered jogger pants . disadhesions raglan sleeve bomber jacket.

Traditional Korean Buddhist Dance Cloth

Sutdy in Red Color as design line

There is red color in Buddhist Dance Cloth for “gasa�. It is from religion of Korean Buddhism. I thought it will be attractive cloth by using this color as same proportion of traditional cloth. My first tryout design was using red eleastic or ribbon bands to emphasize side seam, shoulder line, opening and edge. Moreover, long ribbon details are used for reminding long sleeve that traditional Buddhist Dance cloth has.

One of the most interesting part of the dance in Buddhist is silhouette of long sleeve. Each movement from dancer twists his long sleeve. And because of gravity and dance it shows unque volume. I thought it will be interesting to use this to my new look ‘ghost jacket’ for sleeve design. Moreover, not just sleeve but also to the whole silhouette of cloth would be worked. First looking represents the application of this design way. Also, I used detail for tuck at the edge to make same volumes of twisted sleeve.

Fabric Swatches

Transparency I used transparent fabric to make ghost mood for my design.

Ghost Jacket Mood She has long white hair with transparent jacket for dacning on the moon. And hope to be beyond of herself.

Final Illustration

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devoted suit who wants to be manly.

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