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Swedish Inspired House Extensions Think of IKEA, Volvo, Nokia… In Sweden we make a virtue of working hard, living frugally, making the most of meagre resources, and creative design. From our origins in Malmö, we have instilled these virtues in all aspects of our business in all the markets we serve. Rather than building expensive house extensions that few can afford, our goal at Bohus is to make great home extensions affordable to the many. Our mission is simple - to build house extensions... • That create the extra living space and comfort that families need • With a high level of functional design • At the lowest build cost • In the shortest time on site • At the lowest ongoing cost to heat and maintain. We always look to cut unnecessary costs, but never at the expense of quality.

Design Process Our interactive 7-step design and costing process helps you get to the information you need quickly and efficiently... and it's FREE.


Photographic Survey

You take photographs and send them into us for review. We confirm suitability of your project for our extension system.


Site Visit & Cost Estimate

We visit your house to complete our survey and design assessment. You tell us what you need, we give you an initial cost guide.


Confirmation of Availability of Funds

You provide confirmation of availability of funds, should you decide to proceed.


3-D Design

We do a 3-D visualisation of your house and proposed extension based on our experience and what we learn from you on our site visit. From this you can visualise what your extended house will look like. Every project is designed from scratch and custom built to suit.


Agreement on Mock-Ups

You confirm general agreement on the size and design style of our designs.


Detailed Costing Proposal

We do a detailed costing proposal that gives you certainty and clarity for everything to do with completing the project. You know exactly what's included and what's not. You know the price won't change through the project. You know there will be no unpleasant surprises.


Decision to Proceed

Now take a visit to see one of our projects, and you decide.

Our Installation Process Once you decide to proceed with a BoHus house extension, our BoHus 6-step installation process takes over to ensure the completed project is everything you expect it to be, and more.

Step 1 – Drawings Sign-off We generate a full drawing pack for checking and sign-off. All detailing is included. Once drawings are signed off, we confirm your delivery day (D-day).

Step 2 – Site Technical Survey We complete a full technical survey checking dimensions, levels, services, and access. This also confirms the exact manufacturing instructions for the building size.

Step 3 - ManufactureBuilding

commences at our factory in Ireland. All stages of the build are independently checked and approved by our technical team.

Step 4 – Site Preparation Site preparation drawings are issued by our project management team, and preparation work commences typically one week before D-day. All work on site is compressed to keep total time on site to the absolute minimum.

Step 5 – Delivery and Installation

D-day is a well organised event, and a spectacle to behold. Your extension is weatherproofed and secure on the day of installation. Completion works take 2-3 days after installation.

Step 6 – Sign-off on Completion Once work is completed we go through our completion sign-off process to ensure everything is just as you want it.

The reality is always so much more than the drawings can ever portray.

Warmth and Comfort Our extensions are built to look good, reduce building time on site, and most importantly, to feel warm and comfortable. In Malmo on the south western tip of Sweden we know all about cold, wet winters. We get the baltic chills from the east and the atlantic and north sea weather systems from the west. We believe in maximising the available resources to stay warm. Our buildings are designed on this principle, and our insulation levels considerably exceed even the latest building regulations in Ireland. With a BoHus house extension, the cost of heating will be considerably less than you will normally experience. In a recent building completed on which tests were run, the cost of lighting and heating the building for 8 hours per day over 52 weeks taking average mean temperatures in Dublin, was only â‚Ź69. Not only will you feel warm, it will also make the existing house feel warmer.

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Building house extensions in Ireland in 2013

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