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The offering this year is a collabo again using ultrasound pedigrees of like-type cattle. We are ut under the hide. This to gage what these cattle are all abo ction over the years, and information has provided us with dire in the traits measured. the group has become more uniform are going to see that this As you go through this offering you nced conformation, and group has breed leading EPD’s, bala form and result in cattle a focus on calving ease traits that per sed on cattle that with optimal carcass traits. We are focu cattle will work under are Hands Off. It is our belief that the a shorter calving our premise of more grazing days with females that perform in a Hunter, Kevin, Marie & Emilie period. Good bulls here come from are themselves and nt me iron env itive pet com controlled and Hands Off. opportunity ction of bulls that will offer you an It is our intention to catalogue a sele r bulls ble price. It is important to us to offe to add value to your herd at a reasona nity to ortu opp etics which give your cows the that will calve easily and provide gen of your nity r success in maximizing the opportu rebreed and wean heavy calves. You ls. ble … is the pedigree behind our bul cow herd to be efficient and profita control. We realize that the prices are not in our With beef prices up since the fall, we getting a and g inin tion … we respect that mainta remain focused on costs of produc group of a a costly venture. We are again offering Sandy & Keith female into the production cycle is vigorous at birth, are are , ght wei h birt low e hav ls bul 1/2 and 3/4 Angus bulls. These petitively. hardy and able to grow and feed com phenotypical that it offers more merit than actual EPD consideration has proven to us and offers a guide as to rement against an entire population measurements. EPD’s offer a measu expression in as many ulation. We strive for average number pop t tha into fits al anim t tha re whe to the big picture. traits as possible. All traits contribute y impactful to the the right selection of a herd sire is ver Peter Time waits for no-one, and making to give us a call to d for years to come. We welcome you success of your calf crop and cow her le. enjoyab ke your time with your cattle more help with selecting bulls that will ma unbiased assessment of rson Marketing Services to give an Boh with er Snid ryl Dar ted invi e We hav al. 780-385-5561. He is a true profession our bulls. Please give Darryl a call at to show you our would appreciate the opportunity We le. catt our ut abo es uiri inq r We welcome you look forward to seeing king selections for your program. We cattle and assist you in any way in ma St. Patrick’s Day!! you on or before March 17th. Happy Kevin

Join us on March 17th

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“Genetics for the Beef Producer”


Porter Ranch Bull Sale 2017  

Stony Plain, AB