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inner fire Issue Four

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Letter by Emberlyn Chase


Around here, summer means hot days spent soaking up the rays and stargazing on warm nights. It is a time of sun-fueled play and nighttime adventures, but fireflies aren’t the only things we’ll be chasing. Summer also brings a revitalized energy and creativity that sparks dream-catching. Following our dreams means letting our passions fuel our inner fire to bring our unique gifts into the world. Join us in this very special issue as we chat with some of the most creative dreamers and doers about how they inspire and empower others through Tarot. In Following Your Tarot Dreams, entrepreneur Ethony shares with us how her deep love for Tarot as a transformational tool ignited her multi-faceted business. Professional Tarot reader Jessi Huntenburg shares with us how she transitioned into reading professionally and the struggles and blessings of following this dream. If anyone knows how to follow a dream, it’s The Tarot Lady. Renowned Tarot reader and author Theresa Reed shares with us the most important lessons she’s learned in her 30 years of experience. But Tarot readers aren’t the only ones following their dreams, we also catch up with Jenna Diaz, creator of Moonlit Faye. Jenna shares with us how she has blended her love of crafting and Tarot into a budding bag business. Thoughout this issue we’ll also hear from our very talented staff as they share their own advice, spreads, messages and creative offerings for unleashing your inner fire and following your Tarot dreams. I hope that within these pages you will find the inspiration and insights to help you ignite your own inner fire with Tarot.

Contents IN THIS ISSUE 6

Igniting Your Inner Fire with Tarot by Emberlyn Chase


Following Your Tarot Dreams with Ethony, Jessi Huntenburg, Theresa Reed and Jenna Diaz


The Unknown Path to Unleasing Your Fire by Zoe Howarth


Personalizing the Tarot by Sam Lofgren


Tarot Doodles by Kimberly M. Tsan


Channeled Reading by Ker Cleary


A Skewed Perspective by Valeria Black

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DECKS FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Yuri Leitch, and Flavia Kate Peters The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington Universal Waite Tarot Deck by Stuart R. Kaplan, Pamela Colman Smith, andMary Hanson-Roberts Sacred Wild Oracle & Sacred Soul-Searching Oracle by Zoe Howarth The Universal Mind Oracle by Michelle Black Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans Food Fortunes by Josh Lafayette *This issue contains affiliate links which help support the creation and publication of each issue. Making a purchase through the links provided in this issue will not cost you more but will help fund Boho Tarot. We appreciate your support!


inner fire WITH TAROT

by Emberlyn Chase

Your inner fire is the vital energy inside of you that ignites your passion, fuels your purpose and helps your cultivate the life of your dreams. It is your North Star, the guide by which you set the course of your life. It is the essence of your true and meaningful work. It is the creative drive that burns within you and encourages you to live a life in alignment with what moves you. It is the stillness within that revitalizes your energy and your faith in yourself. Just as Tarot is a powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness and nurturing personal growth, it is also a powerful tool for igniting your inner fire. Through your readings you can discover your purpose and passions, reveal and overcome your challenges, take back your power and fuel your big dreams. Through the exploration of these spreads you will discover your inner fire, hear the call of your true work and fan the flames of your self-faith...

Discover Your Inner Fire Becoming aware of your inner fire helps you to live a life in alignment with your true passions.




6 5


1. The essence of my inner fire 2. What ignites my inner fire 3. How my inner fire fuels my life 4. How my inner fire fuels others 5. What I need to fan the flames 6. What gifts will come from my inner fire

Hearing The Call of Your True Work Your true work is not so much about what you do in the world, it is how you go about doing it.






1. The nature of my calling 2. What inner gifts my true work offers 3. What inner challenges my true work brings


4. What outer gifts my true work offers 5. What outer challenges my true work presents 6. How my outer work reflects my inner self

Fan the Flames of Your Faith Having faith in yourself and your own abilities is the kindling to ignite your inner fire.




8 2 1

4 3

1. Speak my truth 2. Follow my heart 3. Give of myself 4. Receive from others

5. Release limitations 6. Respect my boundaries 7. Honor my gifts 8. Align with my faith

“Cast aside your fear of the flame and bring more warmth to your inner world.� Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards

Emberlyn Chase is an author, artist and seeker with a passion for soulful living, manifestation and tarot. She is the owner of Boho Tarot and the editor for the Boho Tarot Journal. Join me to discover your path to a beautiful and connected life. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

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Following your TAROT

Dreams by Emberlyn Chase


Having aspirations and dreams is good for the soul, for it is in dreaming that we are inspired to pursue a purpose beyond ourselves. Endeavoring to implement our dreams is even better. We have a responsibility to ourselves to cultivate our dreams, to follow the call of our soul and pursue our passions. Following our dreams means bringing our big beautiful gifts into the world. It means being of service and sharing our knowledge, our passion and our guidance with others. For some, the Big Dream is inspiring and empowering others through Tarot. Whether you are an aspiring Tarot reader, writer or artisan, the advice and insights from this group of talented individuals will surely ignite your inner fire and help you to follow you own Tarot dreams.

When did you first know that you wanted to build a business around Tarot?

A Canadian born, Australian raised Tarot Reader, Teacher and Author, Ethony has been been reading the cards for over 20 years. She has also been running workshops and classes on Wicca, Paganism, Spellcraft and Tarot for over 10 years. Ethony is the creator of the Awakened Soul Oracle, Bad Bitches Tarot, Money Magic Manifestation Cards and the High Priestess of the Awakened Soul Coven. Ethony is an Reiki Practitioner, AuraSoma Consultant, award winning Photographer, Artist, Gamer and allround Tarot Goddess.

I have been reading Tarot since I was 15 and, since I can remember, have had a side gig as a Tarot reader and teacher in Australia, while working full time in a Muggle job. When I moved to Canada it really got me to look at things from a different perspective. I had no clients here and no one knew who I was, so it was the perfect time to move everything I was doing online. It was also a chance to be able to step into that work 100% without being tied to any preconceived ideas of what I was doing work wise in Australia. I felt like I could do anything that I wanted with this fresh start and what I would be doing even if I were not being paid, what I will be talking about until I can no longer talk is the Tarot. I really got serious about making my business work when I found out that I was pregnant with my son. I did not want to go back to a office job, I wanted to be able to be home with him for those precious years and do the work that I know I was put on this planet to do. So moving countries and a baby were my real game changing moments. If anything is going to get you to reevaluate life, it is going to be changes like that.

How did your passion for Tarot influence the offerings at My intention is for everything that I offer to be a reflection of who I am and what I am passionate about and Tarot is at the very top of the list of things that I am passionate about. My Tarot reading offers have been built around my years of reading experience and what people have come to me the most with. My Tarot and Oracle decks were born from being a reader first and then a creator, which I truly believe was a great way to go as I knew what I wanted in regards to content and quality from working with hundreds of decks over the years. The Tarot Readers Academy and my Tarot Business coaching came from wanting to be able to share my knowledge with others and share my deep love of how the Tarot can be a transforming tool for personal growth and clarity. I love teaching and connecting people, it is what I do. The Tarot Readers Academy was the most natural step for me to take along with being a Tarot Reader. The Awakened Soul Coven was created as I was longing for a spiritual group again after leaving my Coven in Australia and it has connected me with

some of the most amazing, magical souls all over the world and people that I now call friends. What inspired you to create the Bad Bitches Tarot? The Bad Bitches Tarot actually started out as a ebook project I was working on, where I was going to write about the Tarot cards as if I were talking to a good friend over a cocktail. Where I would be able to be as free and sassy with my wisdom as possible without loosing the core message of the cards. When brainstorming images for the ebook it quickly evolved into something better, being the actually deck itself. Which I am so proud of and work with every day. I was really inspired to create something modern and feminine as there is just so many decks that have men as the predominate figures shown in the deck. Even in cards that could be either gender neutral or asexual there are more male archetypes in a traditional Tarot deck than there are female. I also wanted a deck that showed modern women. Different body shapes,

Conversations with Ethony ages and what these tarot card energies would look like in a fashionista world. I am obsessed with fashion (even though I wear yoga pants like every day) and I loved that each one of the Bad Bitches in the deck wore something that was like an extension of the cards energy. Most of the looks in the deck I designed myself and specifically for the cards they represent. How has Tarot transformed your personal journey? The Tarot has been a constant companion and spiritual tool for so long. Tarot is a language and a system that spoke to me the second I touched it and I never looked back. It is my jam. The Tarot has allowed me to get out of my own way and see perspectives that I may have not been able to otherwise. It has allowed me to tap into my psychic abilities and connect with my spirit guides in a direct and profound way. It has allowed me to help other people on their journey, create sacred space for people, guide them and witness their growth. That has been the most humbling and rewarding thing about what I do as a Tarot reader.

It has creatively inspired me with the incredible decks available, thanks to Tarot’s popularity and ridiculously talented people that are producing decks today. It is a evolving and living divination and spiritual tool and I hope it continues to transform my journey in positive ways. Are you working on anything new that readers can look forward to? Ever the Gemini with a million things on the go at once, I sure do! The Tarot Readers Academy - Tarot Summer School is currently underway. We have 13 workshops on offer this year from Tarot masters all over the world. This is the third annual Summer School and it has just gotten bigger and better every year. We have community events that run through Tarot Summer School as well. I created this program to run like a virtual conference for people who may not be able to get to some of the location based, in person conferences around the world. It runs until August 31st 2018. My first full Tarot book is going to be available through Llewellyn in Spring 2019. It is called Your Tarot Court – Read Any Deck with Confidence and I present a way of looking and working with the Tarot Court that is based on archetypes and not necessarily hierarchy and gender. The Tarot Court are cards that a lot of people struggle with so my aim for

the book was to make it so that those cards do not strike fear into the hearts of Tarot students and readers ever again. All joking aside I love the Tarot Court cards and I hope that with this book people will have a new framework to enjoy them through. I am also working on three new decks but they are all in varying different development stages but I am doing some really fun stuff that I can not wait to share with the world. What advice do you have for others looking to follow their Tarot dreams? Have a plan. Really. As I mentioned before I worked in a regular job for a long time before I transitioned over to being a Full Time reader and I did had a lot of different experiences as a reader. I worked from stores, psychic fairs, events, corporate events, private readings and so on. You name it and I probably did it and that was some excellent experience and character building. Having a plan means that you are giving yourself the best chance at success and you can build it in a way that does not put undue stress on yourself, your relationships and your finances. There is no get rich quick scheme when it comes to this work. Anyone trying to tell you that there is is trying to sell you

something so that they can hit their ‘5 figures a month’ nonsense that they are sprouting. We can only output so much as readers and there are easier ways to get rich. This is not, nor should it be one of them. Or at least I feel so. You have to genuinely love the Tarot to make this thing work. You are going to deal with burnout, jealously from people, haters and have really difficult client sessions. The thing that is going to get you through all of that is your genuine love for what you do. I can and do talk about Tarot all the time. I provide a lot of free content and run free events because this is what I freaking LOVE. So if you love it that will keep you going.

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How has your personal experience with Tarot shaped your professional life?

I’m in the business of helping you find clarity and step into your power. I work to help you to free yourself from the limiting beliefs that hold you hostage, that tell you that you’re not worth the risk. I base my services on the core belief that you can work through whatever you’re struggling with and emerge stronger and better equipped to meet the next challenge. And I design each session and reading with your specific thoughts and concerns in mind–you lie at the center of the work we do together, and the goal of our work is helping you develop the awareness you need to navigate your experience in a way that feels good to you.

Whenever I feel stuck or uncertain, I turn to the tarot as a source of guidance and inspiration. Since the business journey can be described as a continuous learning curve, tarot’s been an amazing tool to help me navigate it. Sometimes it seems like tarot and business are made for each other. Each time I have a biz question, I whip out a deck and write up a spread that specifically addresses where I am and where I’m going. Each spread varies, but most include at least one of the following questions: where should I go next? What’s working? What do I need to explore or consider? Which avenues are opening themselves up to me, and how can I make the best use of my skills and abilities to create opportunities for myself? I throw a biz spread at least once a month, and when I’m in a transitional period, I’ll throw a spread every week until I figure out where I’d like my business to go. Since I perform business readings for others as well, this process serves both myself and the clients I work with.

What inspired you to become a professional Tarot reader? I’ll risk hyperbole and say that I’m driven by the dynamism of the human condition. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been interested in the ways that folks navigate their lives—the decisions and choices they make, the way they react to things, the depth of their emotions and how they express them. Even though I was often observing, it seemed as if I could feel how others felt, could sense their pain or shame and knew how deeply certain things affected them. I never wanted anyone to feel pain so deep that it lived in their bones. I always wanted to help others move from a space of sadness and helplessness to a space of power and agency. I found the tarot later in life, but I’d already been working with the psychology and the archetypes that inform tarot for so long (former critical theorist here) that I was quick to learn. The tarot became the vehicle through which I did the work I felt destined to do, so going pro was a choice that made itself and I haven’t looked back since.

How did you go about transitioning into this profession? As soon as I knew that I wanted to read tarot professionally, I built a website and began blogging. I explored card meanings and wrote deck reviews and shared musings about my spiritual journey. Shortly after, I launched my Youtube account and began chatting about tarot and witchcraft online. I opened Twitter and Instagram accounts and began posting. A few months later, I began offering readings through Etsy. I jumped in with both feet, kept my goal at the center of everything I did, and kept plugging away. I measured my success by my persistence. I knew that I’d only fail if I gave up, so I didn’t give up. What were the biggest challenges and the brightest blessings in following your passion for Tarot? The biggest challenge was definitely putting myself out there in a real, vulnerable way, something I’d arguably

Conversations with Jessi never done before. Before you can read for others, you have to build trust, and the best way to build trust is to be honest. I shared my own personal battles and struggles to let others know that I’d been there, that I’d navigated those waters and could help them do the same. I had to prove that I knew what I was doing, and I did so through sharing my knowledge. This meant opening myself up to criticism. It meant making mistakes in the public eye. I am so much stronger for it and I’m amazed by the love and acceptance I’ve been shown. Even though it was challenging, it was well worth it. The brightest blessings are the emails I receive from clients letting me know that a reading or session was the catalyst for them to make the change they’d been longing to make. And I love seeing this change in action in the online sphere—I’ve watched clients blossom before my very eyes, and it just makes me so damn proud of them and forever grateful that I helped them get there, if even in a small way. I’ve always wanted to create a world where others feel empowered to do what resonates with them and follow what makes them feel good. And through tarot, I feel like I’m helping to create that world—it’s wonderful.

Do you have anything in the works that you can give us a sneak peek at? Many of the projects I’m currently working on are in the early stages of development, but I did just launch my course offering for this year’s Tarot Summer School! I’ll be teaching Ancestral Healing | A Tarot Journey, a course that helps you identify and heal intergenerational wounds through the archetypes of the tarot. I’m offering it alongside twelve other courses created by some of the best in the biz—if you’re interested in the cards, Tarot Summer School is definitely worth checking out.

What advice do you have for others looking to follow their Tarot dreams? I know it sounds trite, but just go for it. Start out small if need be, but take that first step. Transitioning from enthusiast to reader definitely requires a leap of faith and a whole lot of courage. Even if you’re nervous (or hell, terrified), take a chance on yourself. Lean into the discomfort. Hold fast to your skill, your insight, and your abilities. Don’t let a critique or a mistake get you down—

learn from it. Open yourself to your own becoming within the discipline. Don’t expect perfection and give yourself time to figure out what works best for you. Just keep your passion and desire at the center of everything you do, because it will carry you through when things get challenging or tough.

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THERESA REED What inspired you to make Tarot your life’s work?

Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book (Sounds True Publishing), an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck. Theresa is also the creator of The Astro-Biz Digest, a weekly astrology subscription service for entrepreneurs.

I like to say that I fell into this work “by accident.” My first encounter with metaphysics was an astrology reading from a friend’s mother when I was 15. I was intrigued, so I began studying astrology. On a rare outing to the mall, I stumbled upon a tarot deck at the bookstore. I had seen tarot on television so on a whim, I grabbed that deck and I’ve never been without one since! I went pro after I had been reading for about ten years. At that time, I was bartending and trying to figure out what to do with myself after a big move. The shift I was on was pretty dead so I began bringing my tarot cards to have something to do. It didn’t take long before word got out and soon my shift became quite popular. The patrons began asking me if they could pay me for a more indepth session (you don’t have time for that when you’re slinging drinks!) One day, I finally gathered the courage and went for it. That was almost thirty years ago. I still can’t believe I’ve been doing it this long.

What inspires me to keep going: all the amazing people I have been able to serve over the years. That’s always been my motivation. I feel that I am called to help – and tarot is the way I do it best. You’ve been reading Tarot for nearly 30 years (you are a rockstar!) How has your practice changed over the years? My tarot practice is pretty much the same as it was from the get go. I have a few spreads that I consistently rely on. That being said, my business has changed dramatically over the last decade. I had relied on word of mouth for a long time. But once the Internet came along, it was time to change that. I embraced technology and my business boomed. This allowed me to stop doing work that I didn’t like (tarot parties + events) and focus on the work that I loved (one-on-one.) Better yet, I was no longer location dependent. Instead of seeing people in-person, my work is now over the phone, which is

easy for clients – and safer for me. I love the freedom that this gives me – and the ability to connect with people all over the world! The other thing that changed for me is that I began writing about tarot a lot. This lead to book deals and opportunities to teach – two things that I adore. So my practice may be different but my work has expanded – and I couldn’t be happier with that.

The cards tell a story. But you write the ending. - Theresa Reed What’s the one thing you wish you had known when you were first starting out as a professional Tarot reader? Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. This is a lesson I’m still learning. Tarot work requires iron-clad boundaries if you want to remain healthy and happy

Conversations with Theresa – and working in this industry for the long haul. Like any business that deals with the public, you have to have strong policies in place and be ready to enforce them. From rude skeptics to freebie seekers to copycat peers, you cannot be too nice. I’ve had to learn this the hard way but I think if I got some sort of training around that early on, I could have avoided a whole bushel of problems. What inspired you to create the Tarot Coloring Book? When I began working with my publisher, Sounds True, on a tarot book they asked me what I thought about a coloring book. I thought it was brilliant – so I hopped right on that.

Here’s why: when I was going through yoga teacher training (I teach yoga part time – it’s my labor of love), the anatomy part was tripping me up. I ended up purchasing The Anatomy Coloring Book and started working through it. I’m an experiential learner so this method helped me to grasp the anatomy with ease. I ended up acing that anatomy part of the exam with 100%! That shows you the power of coloring as a learning tool. Over the years, I have worked with lots of tarot curious people who struggled to understand the symbols and images. The Tarot Coloring Book has helped them to “get it” once and for all. And for old hands like me, the act of coloring helps to notice things that you never

saw before in the cards! For example, I never noticed that there is a small person kneeling by a cross in the background of the Death card. Seeing that helped me to get new insights into the Death card! Any future plans for The Tarot Lady? Yes! I have two new books coming out next year. I am busy working on editing one while writing the other. I’m also expanding my teaching and creating more in person workshops as well as a top secret online class. Also, I hosted a popular tarot-inspired pop up restaurant and am looking to do that again. I have other ideas that I’m playing around with too – I’m a creative thinker who likes to think outside the tarot box so you can be sure I’ve got more cards up my sleeve!

What Advice do you have for others looking to follow their Tarot dreams? Keep on practicing. That simple. Tarot reading is a skill that can be learned, not some gift for the rare few who possess special talents. If you keep at it, you will get it. And for those who want to embark on a tarot career: treat your business like a business. Be as serious about the business part as you are about the tarot part. As tarot continues to grow in popularity, we need more good tarot ambassadors out there, promoting it in a positive way. If you feel called, go for it! Just make sure you’re ready for what this work entails. Be a pro. Don’t half ass it.

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Jenna Diaz

Jenna Diaz is the creative designer and seamstress behind Moonlit Faye. She runs her home-based sewing business in her hometown of Bakersfield, California. Moonlit Faye was born in August of 2017, and has since sold over one hundred bags. Her bags have been featured in the Boho Tarot Journal and on Cackling Moon’s YouTube channel.

Moonlit Faye @ Etsy

How has Tarot influenced your professional life? Tarot has opened up a world of possibilities that I had never before imagined. I have always lived a creative life, even as a child. I grew up learning to sew, cross stitch, crochet. My mom looked for anything she could give us kids, during vacations, that might keep us occupied. Later on, as a young adult, I discovered Tarot and my world completely changed. I was mesmerized by the cards, the artwork, the possibilities! Melding these two worlds together has been the biggest blessing in my life. I have always believed that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I am so grateful to be able to relate to that motto. Where do you come up with your ideas for your unique bags? When a bag design comes to mind it’s usually because of something someone says. I will be watching someone’s live on instagram and they are talking about how they wish they had a bag that did this or helped with that. When I came up with the idea for the Clear View Zipper Bag, for example, it was because I kept hearing from fellow tarot readers that

they were frustrated with using bags for their decks. Often because they had no idea what deck was inside the bag. I think most of us have had the same frustration. New ideas pop into my head all the time! I pretty much have to carry a pencil and pad of paper everywhere I go. Inspiration is everywhere! What can we look forward to in the future from MoonlitFaye? Oh so much more to come!! I think Moonlit Faye will always be changing and evolving. I have never had the intention to stick with just one style of bag. I love to have options when I shop and I want to provide that in my store as well. I have just created a crystal zip bag that can be used for so much more, such as runes, charms, or even small decks. Those will be available in the shop very soon! Also be on the lookout for larger deck bags to hit the shop in the future. Until then if you need a certain size bag or want that perfect fabric to match a deck, I’d love to work with you!

What advice do you have for others looking to follow their Tarot dreams? Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged! Tarot can be a wonderful world of learning and personal growth. It can also be very intimidating when you are first starting out. I classify myself as a forever learner! I will always be reading a tarot book, taking a class, or working with a new deck. There’s a huge world of possibilities out there for you, as well as a wonderful community of people that would be happy to help, including myself!

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unknown path THE





by Zoe Howarth

In the many years I’ve been working at unleashing my own fire I have come to understand that this is not about the is a journey, a learning curve, an adventure waiting to be discovered!!! This quest has many layers, many twists and turns. Its not knowing the destination or what this journey has in store for you....its about embracing every situation that arises and letting life surprise you!!! We are all so busy in our day to day lives with our to-do lists, chores and things we need to get done that we forget our own fire, we dim our own light! Yet we really have DECKS USED: #theuniversalmindoracle by @MichelleBlackVision #sacredcreatorsoracle by Chris-Anne of @pixiecurio #wildunknowntarot by Kim Krans of @the_wild_unknown #sacredsoulsearchingoracle by Zoe Howarth of @sacredwildsoul

this immense power within us. This exciting adventure waiting to be explored, if we are only brave enough to take on the challenge!! To unleash your inner fire is a sacred soul searching path. It will teach you to reach for the stars, to dare to dream and actually take action, leap towards those dreams, step by step following the path that unfolds! To spread your wings and learn to fly. Unleashing your fire is to trust that you will fly and not fall. It is to have faith that your wings will carry you, taking you to places that you have only dreamed of before now! Piece by piece unravelling our own power, our own truth and beauty. And discovering things about yourself along the way that you never dreamed were possible!

Your soul is always pointing the way. There is a deep seated knowing within us, a nudging, a calling. It yearns within us, always stirring, always whispering. It is these whispers that will show you the way. They will always have the answers, the inspiration, the know-how to get you moving. To show you which way to go.....but you must make time to listen!!! Seek your truth, trust the path that unfolds before you. As it doesn’t always give you what you want but gives you what you need, it sends you on the path of where you need to be!

To shine your light is to walk the unknown path . To live not knowing which way you are going a lot of the time, but holding that flame high so that it illuminates the next step! Make peace with the fact that every step is a learning curve. Every step helps you to reveal more hidden gems about yourself, your truth and your path so you can unleash your fire even brighter and stronger than before, rekindling the flames as you go! Good luck and enjoy the adventure!!

Journaling Prompts What is my Soul calling for? What is yearning within me to be unleashed? What inspiration, ideas and passions keep floating around in my head, wanting to be born? How can I take one step towards one of these ideas? (One little step every day is all you need to unleash your fire!!!) The Sacred Wild Oracle (Tarot size) by Zoe Howarth of @sacredwildsoul

unleashing Spread Use with your favourite tarot or oracle deck to fan the flames of your inner fire.

Zoe Howarth is an artist, truth seeker and intuitive soul. She is the designer and creator behind the international selling Sacred Wild Oracle and Sacred Soul Searching Oracle decks. Zoe is passionate about spiritual living, conquering your mindset and spreading positivity wherever you go. As part of her own healing journey she discovered a deep love of tarot and her business Sacred Wild Soul was born. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Following your TAROT


Conversations with our staff

Zoe Howarth

my spiritual path. For so many years I had been denying it and pushing it aside until it was literally screaming at me. Sacred Wild Soul has always been about my spiritual path, about my own soul seeking, trying to uncover my own truth and to heal depression and grief. This is still the case now, as it is my own healing path that creates everything that I do.

How were you inspired to create your oracle decks?

What advice do you have for others looking to unleash their inner fire?

When I first created my decks they came out of a lot of my own journaling and healing work. I originally created them as my own sacred tool to help me on my healing path and they have inadvertently gone on to help others do the same!

Do it!!!!! Yaaaay, what is holding you back?!? What have you got to loose? Unleashing your fire is about living your best life.....and who doesn't want that!!! It can seem impossible in the beginning, like there is a mountain to climb but it is really about following the breadcrumb trail. Let your intuition guide you, follow the inspired action and step by step, day by day, just doing a little bit at a time all adds up to massive leaps in the long run!!! So start saying NO to the things you don't want to be doing, and start saying YES to yourself, your Soul and unleashing your fire!!!

What fuels your creative passion for Sacred Wild Soul? I love this question as Sacred Wild Soul was never actually meant to be a business! When I started it I just needed a place to unleash and explore

Personalizingtarot the

by Sam Lofgren

Making a Deck Your Own Welcome back to “Personalizing the Tarot,” a column about making a deck your own. Before you begin to alter a deck, consider why you want to change it: Is it to deepen your connection? Are the borders too distracting? Is the card size a poor fit for your hands? Is the color scheme hard on your eyes or intuition? What about the illustrations - do they fit your style, and can you read with them well? What do you intend to do with the deck once it’s altered? Do you intend to sell, trade, or gift the deck at some point in the future? Is the deck or your intuition crying out for more of your energy in the cards?

In this issue, we’ll look at the most common modification of a tarot deck - trimming. There are a number of reasons to cut a tarot deck: ● ● ● ●

physical card size or shape large or distracting borders removing keywords personal aesthetics

While the first two are the most common - either the cards are too big for comfortable shuffling, or they feel “closed in” by large or distracting borders - there could be any number of reasons to cut up a deck. Have you thought that you could cut your cards entirely in half? Into circles or other shapes? You have permission. They’re your cards, after all. If removing the borders isn’t enough, you have the power to alter the deck to suit your purpose. Listen deeply to that quiet inner voice, and see what the cards have to say about the best use of your combined energy - yours and theirs. Some ideas to consider when deciding to trim a deck: Are the borders even? In some decks, the borders are not a uniform frame for the artwork, meaning the deck wouldn’t be uniformly sized when I was done unless I cut into the illustration. For some decks I am willing to do that; for others I am not. It’s a deeply personal choice. In the case of Food Fortunes, the borders are not completely even. I’ve opted to reduce the card size by cutting a clean line on the inside edge of the border. How many edges do you want to remove? Most decks will look more uniform if you remove all four edges. However, you may want to retain the names of the cards, keywords, or other details often found on the top and bottom edge. Be aware of how the trim will change the shape, as well as the size, of the card. In my project, I’ve opted to remove all four borders, but retain the keywords at this stage (since I find them to be humorous). Does the cardstock support being trimmed? With certain decks, the cardstock will suffer if the edges are removed. Some cardstock is very thin, and any trimming may cause damage. This can be repaired by rebacking the deck. Perhaps the edge will fray. Often, this edge can be

restored/re-sealed or recolored. If you cut the gilded edges off a deck, you’re unlikely to get that effect back using the tools available to the everyday artist. We’ll cover rebacking and edging in the next issue, as trimming this deck has left the backs of our project deck without a uniform design. Do you need to round the edges? Trimming a deck will lead to a sharp corner, which can catch, tear, and be uncomfortable to work with. In order to restore that rounded edge, you’ll either need to round them by hand with scissors, or invest in a corner rounding tool. I vastly prefer to use a tool for this, to ensure an evenly cut corner for all of my cards (rather than use my sight for all 312 corners by hand!) What if you’re not sure how you’ll like a deck once it is trimmed or altered? Practice on the extra cards! Most mass market decks come with a title and an information card, and these are perfect to use for practice in addition to giving you an idea of what the deck would look like when personalized. When it comes to trimming a deck, there are two primary methods - using scissors by hand, or using a paper cutter/corner rounder. Each has pros and cons, mostly around the stability of the tool. I use a combination of a small guillotine style paper cutter, corner rounder, and multimedia precision scissors. Remember, you can always cut more off if you need to, but to keep the deck even, you’ll need to trim down to the smallest card!

One of my favorite things about paper cutters is the ability to use the guidelines provided, or mark my own so that I’m ensuring an even cut every time - but you can also mark the cards themselves if you’re not cutting off the entire visual border. Use a fluid, single motion to bring the lever down, and then step back to admire your cut! If it’s not even/too close to take another cut with the guillotine, use scissors to be more precise.

Once the cards are all cut, you’ll need to round the corners (if you’ve chosen to do so.) While there are a number of corner rounders on the market, I have a deep preference for the Sunstar Kadomaru; three corner size options, a smooth lever, and a compact size make it worth the wait for shipping. Take your time, and enjoy the process. The whole point of personalizing a deck is to really make it your own. Trimming cards is a good lesson in patience and precision, but the rewards are well worth it! Take breaks, both for your hands and for your vision. Remember to breathe, and hold your intentions clear when working on your personalized deck. There’s no rush, and you’ll have a freshly cut deck before you know it! rounded completed


Join us next time as we continue our journey through Personalizing the Tarot!

Companion in Shadow aids those in transition – consultations on the way forward through divination; ritual and object design to mark a change; energetic and environmental services to empower space; and coaching to support people on the journey forward. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Following your TAROT


Conversations with our staff How has Tarot fueled your inner fire? Tarot has fueled my inner fire by demonstrating the truth of so many situations. I’ve turned to the tarot for inspiration on new projects, new passions, and to generate new ideas and it has always seen me through from the Fool moment of initial idea through to the World of completion.

Sam Lofgren create

What advice do you have for others looking to unleash their inner fire?

The inspiration behind Companion in Shadow was a deep call to aid folks in transition or caught in tough times. I serve those who are stuck and can’t seem to find a way out, who are in the Darker parts of their life, or who have experienced a loss and aren’t sure how to move forward. I specialize in shadow work, and in affirming people as they traverse their struggles and re-empower themselves to their next life, more fully integrated and whole.

My advice to those looking to unleash their inner fire is to get quiet so that fire can be heard. Odds are good it’s just a spark or two at first, but if you listen deeply and fan that spark, it can blossom into the roaring fire that will keep you warm no matter the weather. Ask yourself: what is the deepest burning “yes” you have inside? That’s where your efforts should go, wherever possible. That’s the benchmark for whether or not to make a sacrifice, a decision, or walk a different path.

​ hat inspired you to W Companion in Shadow?



*decks and cards are not actual size

Indie Edition

Amethyst Oracle by Jessica Bott Anima Mundi by Megan Wyreweden Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot by Avalon Cameron & Ana Tourian Coffee Tarot by Janet Boyer & Ron Boyer Constellation Tarot by Iryna Darkness of Light Tarot Deck by Tony DiMauro Earthbound Oracle by A.L. Swartz Hardy Tarot by Colleen Hardy Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack Mermaid Tarot by Dame Darcy Mesquite Tarot by Bronwyn Walls & Alicia Fitz Ophidia Rosa Tarot by Nicole Rallis Our Tarot by Sarah Shipman Pastel Magic Tarot by Maria Morales Sasuraibito Tarot by Stasia Burrington Spirit de la Lune by Rachael Caringella & Marissa Moondaughter Tarot Fauna by Devin Strickler & Brittany Burkard Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll Textured Tarot by Lisa McLoughlin The Moon Deck by Aarona Lea Pichinson & Andrea Keh White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch Vagabond Wild Tarot by Tiffany Sosa

by our staff Sacred Soul Searching Deck by Zoe Howarth Sacred Wild Oracle by Zoe Howarth Tarot of Little Secrets by Laura Stamper & Sam Lofgren BlueStar Oracle Deck by Ker Cleary Sacred Stones Oracle Decks Volumes I & II by Ker Cleary


Tarot of

Little Secrets The Tarot of Little Secrets is a beautifully illustrated tarot deck filled with hidden pictures that speak to your intuition.

*cards not actual size


with illustrator Laura Stamper Can you tell us about the Tarot of Little Secrets deck? The Tarot of Little Secrets is a new 79 card completely hand illustrated deck. I used paint, ink, collage and gold leaf to make each card. The artwork for this project took more than 2 ½ years. The deck is based on the Rider Waite deck, with 56 minor arcana, but has a 23rd major arcana card exclusive to this deck called the Source. What inspired you to create this deck? First of all, I began the illustrations as a personal project in my own study of tarot. I am an intuitive tarot reader and I like artistic, highly detailed cards. As the deck progressed, a couple of interesting things happened. The collage work became more than just decorative. It became highly symbolic. Some of the collage work has personal meaning for me, as do the characters in the illustrations. Painting a deck that reflects the diversity of all our people was also very important to me. There are several portraits of loved ones in this deck as sell. And finally, I wanted to create a deck with a strong positive energy. Something playful, without being child like. How did you go about bringing this deck to life? For me, reading tarot is very much like the process of creating. The cards go where they want to and say what they say. The same thing happened as the Tarot of Little Secrets came into existence. I started with the major arcana, but then skipped around all over the place. Seriously, it felt the cards created themselves and I just provided the hands to get them here. What advice do you have for others who may be interested in creating their own deck? 1. Let the deck lead you and 2.make connections inside of and outside of the tarot community for perspective and support. Anything else you’d like to share with us? I hope this deck is useful for both the newer tarot reader as well as those who have been practicing a long time. As you discover the hidden images, identify what they mean to you in that reading. The cards spoke to me to be created, let them speak to you!

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PreOrder on Etsy


Doodles by Kimberly M. Tsan Creator of Fables Den

Tarot Doodles & Fables Den Š Kimberly M. Tsan.

Following your TAROT


Conversations with our staff How has your own life “leveled up” through Tarot?

Kimberly M. Tsan What inspired you to create Fables Den? Long story short: Kelly-Ann Maddox, as well as my love for tarot, storytelling and leveling up in life! Kelly-Ann has always been my “mentor from afar” and her videos introduced to the idea of using tarot to get emotional clarity and develop spiritually. This inspired me to embark on my own tarot journey and do my own thing with it! As a creative, I have many things that I wish to share with the world and Fables Den is where everything I have ever been and ever loved converge. It’s a spiritual place. It’s a creative place. It’s a place of imagination and inspiration. It’s a place for revamping your lifestyle and productivity and answer your true callings. It’s a quirky place where I get to throw out some lighthearted humour. It’s the centre of my Universe.

Oh my gosh, I can probably write a whole book on this subject. But tarot has helped me gained the self-understanding and compassion that I desperately needed during a time when I struggled with really loving myself, when it was crucial for me to make a deeper connection with my innermost self because “I” needed to come out, and I could no longer reconcile with some of the wounds, ideas and expectations that were placed onto my identity. Tags and weighted things that I no longer wanted on me. In all the ways, tarot has helped me “find” myself. It’s helped me heal from a lot of my conditioning and a lot of my wounds. And it’s also given me a purpose in life - because tarot is my calling. It’s the most awesome thing in my life, like ever. What advice do you have for others looking to unleash their inner fire? Listen to it. If you keep thinking about doing something, like you seriously CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, you need to do it. Chances are that’s your inner fire nagging you like crazy and bugging you to please do something so it can come out. Unleash your inner fire. Let out your inner light. Let it out and let it transform you and light you on fire.




Dear Ones,

Many greetings! We have much to say on this topic. First of all, every single one of you has creativity and purpose. Just because you don’t know what it is or how to make use of it, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Creativity is just being here. It also happens to be the thing most people discount in their own lives and admire in others. You may or may not be a painter, but you might make amazing pancakes, or know just what to say in a birthday card to your friend. Never discount your own breath. You share it with the planet, and with your breath you grow trees. (Think about it.) Your inner fire burns eternally, even after the body is gone. It is your spark of life, the creation energy of unconditional love that brought you here and will take you home again (and bring you back here, but that is another story.) You cannot help but live your purpose, for your purpose here is to become yourself. We like to tell people that because it sets the bar very,

very low. We believe in low bars. We like to set the bar on the ground and step over it casually, as if it were a root we decided to not trip over on a hike. We think you know what that means. There is no failure in your quest to live your life. No matter what you do, you have shown up here as your Self, in these times and circumstances, in this place, and here you dwell. It may annoy a few of you that we say there is no failure, but it may set more of you free, so that is a chance we are willing to take. When you set the bar low for your inner fire, it means meeting yourself where you are. It means everything is fair game, and also that you have all that you require. It means why not take a chance, because what is the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work out? So what? It leads you into discomfort? So what? It takes more time than you thought? So what? You have as much time as you need. Which is not to say go ahead and fritter it, but it is to say relax and have a little fun for Pete’s sake. (Whoever Pete is…) Consider developing confidence in your own inherent resilience, in place of insisting that things Work Out. You can recover from just about anything, eventually, but it is harder if you never even tried. Life as a human is basically a series of accidents. What has ever gone exactly as you wanted? When everything goes to plan, you barely notice it. When something confounds the intended procedure, you laugh about it later and learn a lesson, or if you don’t, you will get another chance. That is the main thing we want to tell you. You Always Get Another Chance. So, take a risk and see what happens. The higher the bar the less likely a person is to risk it. Lowering the bar leads to freedom. Lowering the bar, you have less to lose, which in turn gives you more energy to explore with and play with and be curious with. These are the elements of your inner fire – air (space to explore) and combustible material (fun) combined with the spark of curiosity and boom! You get to say: oh, I never thought it would turn out like this! Which is all one can hope for, truly, in a lifetime, correct? Would you really want to be reclining on your deathbed, considering the scope and breadth and accomplishments of your life, and hear yourself say, “Oh, yes, that is exactly what I thought would happen…” Ha! Of course not. What do you want to be able to think when you look back? Maybe you want to think hey, I let myself be true. Hey, I made some mistakes that didn’t kill me. Oh, remember that time I leaped and found out I could fly??? Ker Cleary’s mission is to help people in need of clarity, support and rebalancing as they travel their life’s path, using channeled guidance, Bach flower remedies, and oracle cards. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram | Follow on Twitter Channeled readings © Ker Cleary.

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Conversations with our staff

Ker Cleary What inspired you to create your oracle decks? Well, it was my guides’ idea, and I am trying to learn how to follow their suggestions better (I am so stubborn!) It just kind of happened. So, we were posting these square photos on IG, and they wanted to put words on the photos, and then they wanted to make business cards out of the photos with words (on Moo, where you can make nice thick square cards,) and then suddenly there was all this information for each image/word set that I had to channel and then we had to get them made into decks and figure out how to get booklets done with the info. I like producing and putting things together, so it is fun, but it is a lot of work. Can you tell us about the many paths that have created Minerva Wisdom Arts? I think it is the result of continually following my guts and my guidance and taking leap

after leap after leap. It’s an evolution of the healing work I have been doing for decades, but it includes newer ventures like publishing oracle card decks and producing a psychic fair. It’s an umbrella for these endeavors, my channeling and Bach flower work, the card decks, and it is open enough to accommodate whatever comes next. Minerva Wisdom Arts is an integrated shelter for me and my work. What advice do you have for others looking to unleash their inner fire? I haven’t done the channeling for this issue yet, so this is just my human perspective, but I want to remind people that their inner fire already exists and it has a desire and drive of its own. If you tend to it, find the embers and feed them and blow gently on them, the fire will burn more and more brightly, and it will illuminate what is needed to release it into the world. Fire has a way of finding or making a path for itself, and we don’t need to be afraid of it, which I think sometimes we are. If we don’t engage with our inner fire, we don’t know what it is and of course we are afraid of the unknown. That which has been suppressed will have a tendency to come roaring out, sometimes destructively, so the more open and free we are with our fire, the cleaner it burns and the easier it is to direct and make use of it. Any forester will tell you it is the suppressed areas that create the wildfires that devour everything in their path.



d e w e k S PECTIVE P E R S Valeria Black by

How to Unleash Your Inner Fire Hello and welcome to the first episode of A Skewed Perspective – your Tarot horoscope for the next two months viewed through the offbeat lens of reversed Tarot cards and then told in a sometimes-funny-sometimes-seriousbut-always-eccentric manner. And when I say eccentric, I mean it. Because reversed cards are just that – cards that have gone a little cuckoo in their heads and so speak in a deliciously topsy-turvy way. And this time, when I asked them what you can do over the next two months to unleash your inner fire and align yourself with your true purpose in life, they cackled at me and served up twelve fortune cookies. So I put on my Sherlock glasses and deciphered their upside-down messages for you. Want to know what they said? Let’s find out.


Reversed Prince of Cups Aries, you live and breathe fire. In fact, there aren’t many zodiac signs who can match the passion with which you conquer whatever you set your sight on. But according to the Tarot, you can’t unleash your fire without some water. Confused? Let me explain. The Prince of Cups is a passionate person.

He goes after what he sets his sight on, just like you, but in a more romantic, knight-in-a-shiningarmour manner. And since he belongs to the suit of water, he’s comfortable expressing his emotions, even if they throw him off sometimes. It’s a masculine, outwardly-expressive card through-and-through. But all that changes when he shows up reversed. Because now, instead of marching out and expressing his heart, the Prince wants you to focus inwards and get inspired by your past. Specifically, from your traumatic life experiences. That’s the way you will truly unleash your heart’s fire.


Reversed 8 of Pentacles Taurus, if you have been working on a passion project or are planning to start one, the 8 of Pentacles suggests that you keep it a secret for the time being. And that advice is backed by science! According to a study recently published in the journal Psychological Science, most people give up on their goals once they announce their intentions to the world. It’s because certain goals, like writing a book or starting your own business, are tied to our identities. We wish to do them because of who we would become in the process. And so when we tell people about our goal, they immediately start seeing us as if we have already accomplished that goal. For example, if you are writing a book, your friends start seeing you as an author even before you actually finish the first draft. And makes you feel like you have already proven what you set out to prove, which makes you give up on your goal midway. So Taurus, keep your passion project a secret for now. Tell people about it only once it’s completely done.


Reversed Devil Gemini, before you jump up and shout out hurray, let me warn you: the reversed Devil does not mean good things for you. Sorry.

It just means, if you want to unleash your fire and find your true purpose in life, you need to stop getting distracted by all the small things in life that bring you joy only momentarily, like binge watching Black Mirror on Netflix or going bar hopping with your friends every weekend. Trust me, you might think you don’t have a choice because your friends are really pushy, but the truth is, you always have the option of saying no. So what are you gonna do? Choose fleeting pleasures and long-term unhappiness or short-term pain and long-term gain? It’s really your choice.


Reversed King of Wands Cancer, someone is trying to stifle your creativity and passion. Someone with a strong personality and fiery disposition. Did that bring an authority figure’s face in your mind? I won’t be surprised if it did. And what was that thought that immediately tailed that image? Did you think you need to stop letting them rule your life? Well, if you did, you are right. Because if you don’t, life will pass you by and fill you up with regrets on your deathbed. So be courageous and do what you know you were meant to do.


Reversed King of Cups Leo, you know you are a creative person. But you also know that you like to tell people what to do. Especially when it comes to things you are good at. Unfortunately, that’s not really the path for you. At least not at the moment. So stop trying to lead people to give up

their boring jobs and do what their heart always wanted to do, and instead just focus on yourself for now and your own passion projects. Trust me, people will follow your example all on their own once they are ready. It’s called being an influencer.

So sit down, think which tasks are aligned with your goal in life, and then dump the rest.


Scorpio, it’s time to plant the seed of your finances. And by finances I mean the passion project that will ultimately bring you them monies. So find some time and sketch out your roadmap from where you are to where you want to be, and then create milestones for the next 3, 6, 12 months, and so on. Just remember: planting the seed (having a game plan) is not enough. You need to nurture this seed and help it grow (work on it every day) clear out the weeds (say no to distractions and bad opportunities) and then be patient because an apple tree will fruit only during apple season. And that starts with focusing on your 3-month milestone for now.

Reversed 9 of Cups Well, Virgo, have you been masking your stress and sadness with joy and success? Has it struck you recently that you might have climbed the wrong ladder to success and now are stuck at the top? You are not alone if you answered yes. It’s a collective conundrum where we get brainwashed by society into wanting things we actually never wanted. So if you want to get out of this place, you need to first introspect. Trust me, the decision to change your course in life is a major one, which needs the full conviction of your heart and soul. So introspect and figure out what it is that you truly want and then take your leap of faith.


Reversed 10 of Wands Libra, seems like you have taken on too many projects in your enthusiasm and now are getting crushed by the magnitude of work you need to put into each of them. Don’t beat yourself up for making this mistake. You are an air sign, after all, and so have a tendency to miscalculate your body’s capacity in excitement. So what should you do now? Put down those extra projects, of course! If you really want to shine and unleash your fire, you need to choose the opportunities that come your way carefully. Trust me, some opportunities are just dead ends or energy drains.


Reversed Ace of Pentacles


Sagittarius, the Tarot’s message for you is really cryptic. It’s asking you to focus on your sun sign and do what’s aligned with its lessons if you want to unleash your fire and find your true purpose in life. So I’ll just throw out a few Sagittarius life path meanings your way and hope something sticks. *finger crossed* As a Sagittarius, you were born to expand your horizon. To learn things beyond the scope of what you were taught at school. To travel beyond the boundaries of the nation you were born in so you can expose yourself to people and cultures vastly different from what you grew up knowing. To seek out answers to philosophical questions like “why are we here?” or “what happens after death?”.And to explore the vast terrain of organized religion and spirituality until you find the faith you resonate with. Sorry, if this was too cryptic. But if any of the above lines resonated with you a lot more than the others, then that one’s probably it.


Reversed Princess of Cups Capricorn, you probably are tired of hearing this but your emotions aren’t exactly what we call out and about. That’s cryptic for “you are emotionally repressed”.And that’s your biggest disadvantage. Why? Because emotions are not illogical. They are actually windows to our subconscious mind. They tell us exactly what’s wrong with us in the moment and give us clues how to fix the problem if we can use our logical mind to decipher their message. And then there’s the fact that our creativity is born from our emotions. So you can’t unleash your fire unless you are willing to express your emotions, even if it’s just to yourself.

take a dip in Eccentricville, it decides to climb off and stand straight. So what does that mean for you? Well, it just means that in these two months you will finally leave the fork in the road you are currently standing at and will choose the path that feels right to you. And while I don’t know what will happen next, you should embody the Fool and proceed with leaps of faith or cautious backtracks according to what your gut nudges you to do. Good luck!


Reversed Prince of Swords Here’s the deal with this card, Aquarius. It doesn’t mean the Prince of Swords. The world of reversals is very weird that way. In this case, the card you have actually gotten is the Princess of Swords (or the Page of Swords.) So what it means is that you need to stand up for your beliefs if you want to unleash your fire and find your true purpose. Because right now your mind is a cesspool of conflicting thoughts and ideas. So identify your core belief and then take a stand for it. You will find opposition by the bucketful. But that’s where the courage of the Princess of Swords to defend her ideas comes in. Getting the point?


Reversed Hanged Man I think the reversed Hanged Man is a very funny card, Pisces. Want to know why? Because when all the cards are upright, it chooses to hang itself by its ankles and go topsy-turvy, and when everyone decides to

Valeria Black is an intuitive Tarot reader and spiritual counselor known for her honest readings, which are packed with “aha” moments and action plans. You can book a reading with her on her website or check out her blog where she writes about Tarot, occult studies, and human psychology.

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Following your TAROT


Conversations with our staff How do you help others manifest their dream life through Tarot?

Valeria Black Did you always know that you wanted to be a Tarot writer? Let me tell you a story...Once upon a time there was a dentist. And that dentist always knew she was born to be an author because all she did in her free time was write. Well, long story short, that girl was me and I found the courage to do what I knew was the right thing all along – I took a leap, pulled the plug on dentistry, and became a full-time writer. And since I have always learnt better when I taught people what I knew, I decided to write a book on the Fool alongside my work as a freelance writer.

I do that through my honest Tarot readings. I feel people come for readings when they are particularly vulnerable in their life. They had a bad breakup or are feeling lost in their career and want the cards to validate what they are thinking. But Tarot doesn’t work that way. And I have noticed that when they see the cards out in front of them, especially the pullno-punches ones like the Tower and Death, it shakes them up. And that’s a good thing. I just follow up the revelations with an action step because that one small step often propels them to take the next one and then the next until they eventually manifest what they wanted all along. I especially love it when they give me a ring out of the blue after no contact for a year or so and tell me everything I told them came true. That really makes my day. What advice do you have for others looking to follow their Tarot dreams? Be courageous, don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s, and don’t let anyone tell you how you should learn or do Tarot. There are no absolutes.

Following your TAROT


Conversations with our staff

Emberlyn Chase For some, following your Tarot dreams means reading on a professional level. For others, like me, following your Tarot dreams simply means incorporating Tarot into your life as a meaningful and life-affirming practice. To practice something means to approach it deliberately with the intention to improve and grow. We can practice any number of activities, such as practicing playing the piano or practicing yoga to even practicing medicine or law. Any activity can become a practice when it shifts from something you are doing to a way of being. Practice is the process of becoming, it is through practice that we fully step into a way of being that resonates with who we are.

Cultivating a personal Tarot practice makes space in your life for you to grow, to learn and to love and reminds all the parts of you that you matter. You are worth showing up for. You are worth the practice. To me, this is what it means to follow your Tarot dreams. To incorporate Tarot into your life in a deeply meaningful way. My advice to anyone looking to follow their Tarot dreams is to simply cultivate a deeply personal Tarot practice that resonates with who you are and adds to your quality of life in a meaningful way. Even if you aspire to make Tarot your profession (or already have) you and your clients will benefit tremendously from your own personal Tarot practice. Being a “good” Tarot reader means more than just memorizing cards and interpreting spreads, it means having a deep and meaningful understanding and connection to Tarot as a practice. So don’t be afraid to follow your Tarot dreams, whatever they may be. Incorporate the practice of Tarot into your life in a way that makes sense with who you are, what you believe and how you go about being in this world. Tarot can enrich your life in so many meaningful ways. Find the ways that mean the most to you and make space for them in your world. Because honoring what Tarot means to you is the best way to follow your Tarot dreams.

What happens when you infuse the insight of Tarot with the power of mindfulness? Inspired by traditional Tarot teachings and ancient mindful practices, the spreads and guidance in Mindful Tarot provide an anchor for the mind, open the heart and give voice to the soul. It allows us to look at Tarot not just as a divinatory medium, but a personal growth practice and a communion with our inner self.

Creative living for everyday life. Discover more at

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Boho, whether in fashion, in life or in Tarot, represents the essence of the unconventional. It is more than an individual’s pursuit of selfexpression, it draws upon the oneness of self, the wholeness of nature and the nothingness of spirituality to open pathways to profound enlightenment and liberation. Boho Tarot celebrates a harmonious view of Tarot as a creative personal journey. It is our goal to help you co-create a Tarot practice that supports your goals, helps you connect with your inner voice, and cultivates real results in your life.

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Boho Tarot Journal  

Issue no. 4 | Inner Fire. Join us as we explore igniting your inner fire with Tarot through advice, spreads, messages and creative offerings...

Boho Tarot Journal  

Issue no. 4 | Inner Fire. Join us as we explore igniting your inner fire with Tarot through advice, spreads, messages and creative offerings...