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Issue Three

Join us as we co-create a Tarot practice that supports your goals, helps you connect with your inner voice, and cultivates real results in your life!

Letter by Emberlyn Chase


As we welcome the rains of late spring and venture into the first days of summer, Mother Earth begins to blossom. What began as seeds have bloomed into the first fruits of Her labor. During this time, we are reminded to break free from our own seeds and invite new growth. Connecting to Mother Earth and engaging with the grounding energies of Tarot, we can further our own path toward personal development. In this issue, we will explore new growth through spreads, journaling and creativity. We begin our adventure with an exploration of the stepping stones to growth in Walking the Path of Personal Growth with Tarot. As Zoe Howarth, creator of Sacred Wild Soul, reminds us: This is your brave adventure. Further your exploration with The Chaos of Growth featuring insights, journaling prompts and spreads to nurture your development. Adding another dimension to your tarot practice, Sam Lofgren of Companion in Shadow takes us on a journey to Make a Deck Your Own in the first installment of Personalizing the Tarot. Back with another wonderful Tarot Doodle, Kimberly M. Tsan reminds us that growth is both an exploration of truth and a joyful celebration of life. Then take a transformative and enlightening journey with Ker Cleary through a Channeled Reading on Growth. Bluestar & Counsel of Light remind us that by accepting who we truly are, we can better appreciate the complexities of this physical existence. I hope that within these pages, you will find new inspirations and insights to help you explore your own personal growth practice with Tarot.


Walking the Path of Personal Growth with Tarot by Emberlyn Chase

6 20

The Chaos of Growth by Zoe Howarth


Personalizing the Tarot by Sam Lofgren


Tarot Doodles by Kimberly M. Tsan


Channeled Reading by Ker Cleary PLUS Spreads for personal growth

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DECKS FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura and Kiri Leonard The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington The Universal Mind Oracle by Michelle Black Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Sacred Wild Oracle by Zoe Howarth The Fountain Tarot by Jason Gruhl and Jonathan Saiz Food Fortunes by Josh Lafayette

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by Emberlyn Chase

Personal growth is, in many ways, like the Tarot. The Major Arcana (in the RiderWaite-Smith tradition) follows a 22 card progression through the Fool’s Journey, with each card representing a stage along the path toward wholeness.

Yet each deck is unique to the author and artist. Traditionally the Fool is found standing at the edge of the cliff, his pup at his heels, ready to embark on his new journey. But that is not his only way of being. In Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot, he balances on the hourglass, the whole world beneath him as he tosses the cards and sets things in motion. In Ann Moura’s The Green Witch Tarot, he is the Greenman representing the awakening earth and in the popular Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans, the Fool is the new chick ready to fly. No matter how the artist depicts him or the author interprets him, he is almost always the herald of new beginnings and unlimited potential, marked in his ever present, yet never specific position, with a 0. Like Tarot, personal growth is a progression with a familiar path but a unique journey. Everyone’s path follows five similar stages, stepping stones to growth, yet every journey is unique to the person. The experiences you collect, lessons you learn, and discoveries you make will be unique to you. Yet each of us who embark on a journey of personal growth will be given the same opportunity to experience, learn and discover for ourselves. Though my journey will be different from yours, we will follow the same path. The First Stone: Suspension At some point (perhaps even right now) you were living your life on automatic pilot. Bound by your habits, conditioning and fears. Like the Hanged Man, you have surrendered, but unlike our inverted friend, this suspension is not of your own free will. You have given in to the behaviors and programs that restrict you. You let life happen to you rather making your life happen for you. Though you have always been on this first stone, you were unaware of the path laid out before you.

The Second Stone: Awareness Then you begin to realize that your life has so much more potential. That you have the power to tap into that potential and grow your life into something that truly resonates with who you are. You are ready to begin you own Fool’s Journey. You begin looking for answers. For a time you may become the Hermit, retreating deep into introspection as you commit to your goal of awareness. Your inner High Priestess may emerge, tapping into your deep intuitive knowledge and guiding you from within. This is both an exciting and unnerving time, as you come to understand that life is about discovering your true self. You are finally ready to take that next step and embark on your personal journey.

The Third Stone: Implementation Awareness is the catalyst for change but it does not constitute transformation. You begin to realize that your experiences aren’t random, that you are the architect of your life and that growth comes from actually doing. Taking the knowledge you have learned (and will always be learning) you begin to apply that to your daily life. You are the Magician, tapping into your creative powers and manifesting your desires. You begin adjusting your belief system, letting go of the old stories and programs that have defined you. The fruitful energy of Death will begin to change your behaviors, replacing that which no longer serves you with healthier and more productive alternatives. You will tap into the energies of Strength to do the courageous work of healing old wounds and releasing regrets that keep you from moving forward. You will ride on the winds of the determined Chariot to do the work of healing your heart, mending your mind and tending to you body. You are moving along the path.

The Fourth Stone: Acceptance Somewhere along the path, as you begin to embody this new way of being, you will come to realize that you are still you. With the rebirth offered by Judgement, the truth of your journey presents itself. Your work toward personal growth does not change who you are, it merely helps you become more authentically you. You are not a new person, though you may have new insights, new beliefs and new behaviors, you are still the one and only you.

The Fifth Stone: Understanding You begin to understand that as life changes, you will find yourself revisiting the stones again and again. As new challenges arise or new insights inspire discovery, you will follow the path many times. Like the World, the final card in the Major Arcana, you will come to understand that each step offers learning opportunities and experiences to bring you closer to wholeness. You will also begin to understand that, like a shuffled deck, your stepping stones can pop up at any point in your life. While you may be on the third stone of implementation on your journey toward spiritual enlightenment, you may be suspended on the first stone in the journey of physical health. While your path to personal development may encompass the entirety of your journey, there will be many forks in the road. Before you begin on your journey, you should first determine what personal growth means to you. How do you want to grow?

Like the journey of the Fool, the five-step path to personal growth is woven with the threads of discovery, challenges, and change. In this light, the Fool’s Journey can be seen as our own search for wholeness. This makes Tarot a very personal and very powerful tool to help us expand our knowledge and discover more about ourselves and our way of being in this world.

Emberlyn Chase is an author, artist and seeker with a passion for creative living, manifestation, self-care and tarot. She is the owner of Boho Tarot and the editor for the Boho Tarot Journal. Discover your path to a beautiful and connected life at

Finding Your Place on The Path

tarot spread

This spread taps into the powerful archetypes and symbolism in the Major Arcana to help you uncover where you are in your personal journey. Bring to mind the first path you want to take on your journey to personal growth. How do you want to grow? Do you want to heal your heart, quiet your mind, find peace within? Focus on this branch of your path, then from the Major Arcana, deal five cards. Each card represents one of the stepping stones along your journey and the cards in these positions speak to your place on the path. 1. The First Stone: Suspension 2. The Second Stone: Awareness 3. The Third Stone: Implementation 4. The Fourth Stone: Acceptance 5. The Fifth Stone: Understanding Then lay down five more cards from the Minor Arcana, below each of Majors. These cards offer insight and guidance of each of the stones.





















Follow Your Own Path

tarot spread

Much of the time, we measure ourselves by others. We compare ourselves, our triumphs and our failures by the measure of those things in others. We make decisions based not on what rings true in our hearts, but based on what other people will think about our choices. When we guide our lives down someone else’s path we are not living the life we were truly meant to live. Anytime you feel yourself veering off course, let this spread help you return to your true north.

1. Current direction 2. Past influences 3. Present influences 4. Future influences 5. My guiding star 6. New destination

5 2

6 3 1


What happens when you infuse the insight of Tarot with the power of mindfulness? Inspired by traditional Tarot teachings and ancient mindful practices, the spreads and guidance in Mindful Tarot provide an anchor for the mind, open the heart and give voice to the soul. It allows us to look at Tarot not just as a divinatory medium, but a personal growth practice and a communion with our inner self.

Creative living for everyday life. Discover more at

MINDFUL TAROT: Spreads for Personal Growth in paperback & kindle ebook


tarot spread 2 4 8

5 1


9 7

3 1. Where is focus needed right now? 2. Hope(s) around making progress 3. Fear(s) around making progress 4. Next step/lesson: spiritual aspect 5. Next step/lesson: mental aspect 6. Next step/lesson: physical aspect 7. Next step/lesson: social/emotional aspect 8. Obstacle(s) to progress 9. Outcome of advancement

You can pull additional cards for clarity around each aspect. For example, if card 4 in the original (spiritual aspect) comes up the Hierophant, the next spread may look something like this:

2 4




1. Where is focus needed right now? (Hierophant, card 4 from previous spread) 2. Hope(s) around making progress 3. Fear(s) around making progress 4. Obstacle(s) to progress 5. Outcome of advancement

Spread provided by Sam Lofgren Companion in Shadow Tarot & Transition Services

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growth of

by Zoe Howarth

As dream seekers embracing growth, we are generally brave at heart, joyful in spirit and thrive from a place of freedom. Yet our path doesn’t always look like this and it definitely doesn’t feel like this! To be a dream seeker is to experience the uncertainty of change and these shifts can be a terrifying thing! Often leading us into the dense undergrowth of chaos. Here our brave hearts fill with worry and anxiety about what lies ahead and where our direction is taking us! Here we often feel lost! Yet we must remember that chaos breeds growth! This is our learning curve, the important lessons that teach DECKS USED: #theuniversalmindoracle by @MichelleBlackVision #sacredcreatorsoracle by Chris-Anne of @pixiecurio #wildunknowntarot by Kim Krans of @the_wild_unknown #sacredwildoracle by Zoe Howarth of @sacredwildsoul

us the tools we will need for our path ahead....strengthening our skills and our bravery as we go. So let go of the worries. Shed all the doubt and bring your thoughts back to a place of hope, faith and trust. These worries are only trying to keep us safe, yet ‘safety’ is not where expansion happens! Its in the depths of the mystery that the true magic lies! Keep true to yourself, your quest, your dreams and your actions will cocreate new magic around you. A path will appear, being led one step at a time through the undergrowth. Through the chaos to your next moment of clarity. For really the path of growth is all about navigating from chaos to clarity, to the next ‘aha’ moment which inevitably sends you descending into chaos once more and so the cycle continues!

This is your brave adventure .

Have faith that things are happening just as they should. This feeling of ‘being lost’ is a sign that your are shifting! Embrace the shift! Follow your passion and it will lead you step by step. This is your guiding light through the chaos so KEEP GOING! Don’t let your inner critic stop you! Instead embrace faith, fill your heart with the feeling of gratitude for just how far you have come and take a leap into the adventure of the unknown. The path is NEVER going to be linear.....and if it were, it wouldn’t be much of an adventure!!! In moments of doubt remember that the magic happens in those twists and turns, the unforeseen beauty that enters our lives is the reward our brave hearts receive for

staying true

to our path ,

to ourselves.

Growth comes in waves and as the cycles keep shifting we keep blossoming. Moving and manifesting. Changing and transforming into the newest version of ourselves. Unleashing the person we hope to become.

Journaling Prompts • Where in my life do I feel lost or confused right now? • What lessons am I learning through these moments of chaos? • What were my initial intentions and motivations for starting along this path, what was my ‘reason why’? (This is really important to get clear in your mind as this will help you to navigate the chaos and encourage you to keep going when things get tough!!!) • What worries or negative thoughts keep circling in your mind at the moment? • Where do these stem from? Is there a past hurt which is resurfacing here? (If so send it some love and journal about what you have learnt from this past experience!) • Create some positive affirmations using your worries or negative thoughts- turn them around into a positive statement or mantra that you can use to bring yourself back to your centre when you find these negative thoughts re-surfacing again!

Growth Card Spread Use with your favourite tarot or oracle deck for clearer insights into your story of growth.

Zoe Howarth is an artist, truth seeker and intuitive soul. She is the designer and creator behind the international selling Sacred Wild Oracle and Sacred Soul Searching Oracle decks. Zoe is passionate about spiritual living, conquering your mindset and spreading positivity wherever you go. As part of her own healing journey she discovered a deep love of tarot and her business Sacred Wild Soul was born. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Books NEW





7 4 2




Tarot for Beginners: A Holistic Guide to Using the Tarot for Personal Growth and Self Development

2 3 4

Spirit Clans: Native Wisdom for Personal Power and Guidance by David Carson (May 1, 2018)

by Meg Hayertz (May 1, 2018) Tarot Magic: Ceremonial Magic Using Golden Dawn Correspondences by Donald Tyson (May 8, 2018) Tarot Reversals for Beginners: Five Approaches to Reading Upside-Down Cards by Leeza Robertson (May 8, 2018)


The Wisdom of the Shamans: What the Ancient Masters Can Teach Us About Love and Life by Don Jose Ruiz

6 7

The Book of Fortune Telling: The Art of Divination and Clairvoyance by Michael Johnstone (June 1st, 2018)

(May 8, 2018) Dark Moon Magic: Supernatural Spells, Charms and Rituals for Health, Wealth and Happiness by Cerridwen Greenleaf (June 15, 2018)

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. - Gail Sheehy

Personalizingtarot the

by Sam Lofgren

Making a Deck Your Own I have a deep love for the variety of tarot decks available in the market today, whether sold by independent artists and collectives or the mass produced editions you find on major websites and in chain bookstores. The variety of art, the differing systems (Thoth, Rider-WaiteSmith, Tarot de Marseilles, independent, blended), the editions of a given deck each of these have a way of expressing the tarot in a way unique to the vision of the creator. When that expands to other forms of card-based divination (Lenormand, oracle cards, playing cards, art cards of various systems), those expressions widen dramatically. What if you were to take that a step further and contribute your personal touch? Welcome to “Personalizing the Tarot,� a column dedicated to exactly that - bringing your unique vision and skills to a purchased tarot deck in order to blend the work of the artist and the work of the deck owner into a harmonious expression of art and magic. In this column, we’ll explore the various methods and reasons behind altering a deck, including (but not limited to):

● Altering the physical cards - trimming off the borders, re-backing, edging ● Altering the art of the cards themselves - writing or drawing on the cards ● Storage solutions beyond the tuck box - bags, custom boxes, cloths ● Controversy around altering tarot decks - opinions, pros/cons, myths ● Tarot outside of cartomancy - using cards in crafts, intention work, and learning ● Printing your own deck - options for printable decks, templates, and personalization Over the series, I’ll provide photos of each step along the way from a deck I intend to personalize very highly - the Food Fortunes Tarot. On its face, Food Fortunes seems to be a satirical take on the tarot in flavor of tasty treats, but I’ve found a tremendous amount of value in using it for readings beyond “what’s for dinner,” and look forward to sharing its new form with you as it develops. I’ll also be utilizing a deck of cards from the popular board game “Dixit” to show what’s possible outside of tarot. The why of personalizing the cards is, in my opinion, more important than the how. Reasons to do so often include “releasing” or “unframing” the art of a card, concerns with inclusivity and diversity, reducing the physical size of a deck, deepening the connection between deck and owner, a desire to learn the deck itself more deeply by removing the “words” of a card, increasing visibility or color of a deck, supporting thinner cardstock, and general aesthetic preferences. As we look at various steps in altering cards, I’ll provide reasons and commentary for why I’m taking each step. All ideas presented here can be applied to all styles of cards, so get ready to break out your favorites and let’s make some magic! Join us next time as we begin our journey through Personalizing the Tarot! Companion in Shadow aids those in transition – consultations on the way forward through Tarot; ritual and object design to mark a change; energetic and environmental services to empower space; and coaching to support people on the journey forward. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram



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Zodiac Reading Cards by Patsy Bennett & Richard Crookes (May 1, 2018) Guardian Angel Reading Cards by Debbie Malone & Amalia I Chitulescu (May 1, 2018) TV Series Tarot by Gero Giglio (May 8, 2018) The Sibyls Oraculum by Tayannah Lee McQuillar & Katelan V. Foisy (May 15, 2018) Kawaii Tarot by Diana Lopez (May 22, 2018) The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson (May 22, 2018) Falnama: Turkish Oracle by Polat Canpolat & Asli Canpolat (May 28, 2018) Hip Chick Tarot by Maria Strom (May 28, 2018) Saints and Mystics Reading Cards by Andrés Engracia (June 1, 2018)

The Moon Oracle by Caroline Smith & John Astrop ( June 1, 2018) Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell & Danielle Noel (June 5, 2018) Arcanum Tarot by Renata Lechner (June 8, 2018) The Golden Nostradamus Oracle by Lo Scarabeo (June 8, 2018) Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson (June 8, 2018) The Tarot of Loka by Ralph Horsley & Alessio Cavatore (June 8, 2018) Flower Oracle by Antonella Castelli (June 8, 2018) Mermaids and Dolphins by Gillian Kemp (June 12, 2018)

Tarot Doodles by Kimberly M. Tsan Creator of Fables Den

Tarot Doodles & Fables Den Š Kimberly M. Tsan.





Dear Ones, Here is our take on the subject matter: You are of the Earth. You are spirit, also, but never forget the bounty of being in a body. In a body you get to feel things you never need experience in spirit alone. Yes, that is why you come here. In the Earth realm, being manifest in physical form, you can feel pain, and fear, and limitation. Oh, what fun, you say? Well, it’s not really about fun or not fun, is it? It is more about existence on the Earth plane. You made the agreement to show up here and to do what must be done. Sometimes what must be done involves loss, and suffering, and sorrow. Sometimes what must be done involves sunshine, and waterfalls, and spring. Sometimes even chocolate. In this particular season, we encourage you to spend time grounding into your Earthly plane of existence. Don’t try to escape through hyper-spirituality. Don’t reject, refute, or remodel by using your mind. Let the Earth inform you, simply, directly, bodily. Let yourself deepen into your physical existence, as it is, without telling yourself to be other than you are in this moment.

In this manner, allow yourself simply to heal. This is what it is to heal, you know. To trust in your innate nature. To trust your body to communicate with you and take care of business. You know what we mean. The Earth plane is complex mainly because it comprises all other planes in one. Only here, in manifest existence, do you have the power and the opportunity to be your multitudinous Self. The Self of the Body, the Self of the Soul, the Self of the Mind, of the Heart, of the Past, Present, and Future. All your existences come together in the here and now, for you to make use of, neglect, or destroy. In your essence you are indestructible, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do harm to yourself. Humans harm themselves in many, many ways, through intentional and also unintentional manners. But here is the thing. The most insidious self-harm is the thing where you tell yourself to be different than you are. That you should be healthier, less weighty, more intelligent, stop wasting time, more spiritual, able-bodied, never lacking for patience, or humor, or wealth. We encourage you, therefore, to practice that notion of radical self-acceptance, the here-and-now appreciation of the complexities of life on earth. To remember that nobody has it figured out, that even if you found that perfect and ideal balance of every single thing in your life, it only teeters there for a moment before toppling into chaos once again. No, the best you can really hope for is the relief that acceptance brings. The sheer sweetness of allowing yourself to be fully who you are, warts, bulges, sprout hairs, goofy looks and all. What a concept, correct? Could you, for just a moment, imagine the arc of your life and how little your weight or your wealth or your social media followers matter, overall? Could you, for a moment, step outside and feel the Earth beneath your feet? Breathe real air into your lungs? Could you possibly simply recall that you are of this Earth, and also of other dimensions, and the fact that you exist at all is a freakin’ miracle, and everything after that is really gravy? Here’s the thing: you are doing your life just fine. It is messy on this planet. Being human, or rather, taking human form, is hard. So very, very hard. It is not a thing anyone ever succeeds at. Not in the way that most of you define success. But from our seat, you all have succeeded. You made it here. You were born. You are alive. Everything else? Gravy. Mmmmmm, gravy….. Ker Cleary’s mission is to help people in need of clarity, support and rebalancing as they travel their life’s path, using channeled guidance, Bach flower remedies, and oracle cards. Visit | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Instagram | Follow on Twitter

Channeled readings © Ker Cleary.

KEYSTONES a tarot spread

Step back for a moment and look at your life. Examine the moments, both big and small, without judgment. When you examine the decisions, choices and paths you’ve taken in your life, you can begin to see how your journey unfolds. As we continue down our personal path of growth, we can tap into the keystone energy of the Minor Arcana to provide guidance on our day-to-day journey. Keystone of Present. Sometimes we get so focused on where we are going that we forget to pay attention to where we currently are. The energy of the Pentacles connects us to the physical realm and creates the Keystone of Present. Tapping into this energy will help you remember to accept your current place on the path and know that it is where you are supposed to be. Keystone of Heart. We spend a great deal of our time comparing ourselves to others, and often, judging ourselves based on the achievements of others. The energy of the Cups connects us to our feelings and emotions and anchors the Keystone of Heart. Understand that your journey is unique to you and tap into the flow of this energy to create a truly personal journey. Keystone of Intellect. To be open to transformation we have to first open our minds. The suit of Swords connects us to our thoughts and creates the Keystone of Intellect. We must be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking to create a new way of being in the world. Everything begins first in the mind as thought and intention. Keystone of Action. Thought and intention only manifest themselves through action. The suit of Wands represents the energy flow of determination, strength and expansion that fuels your growth. Don’t just survive, thrive.

Tap into the practical energy of the Minor Arcana to help you understand how the keystones can support you on your journey.

1. Keystone of Present (Suit of Pentacles)

2. Keystone of Heart (Suit of Cups)

3. Keystone of Intellect (Suit of Swords)

4. Keystone of Action (Suit of Wands)





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The Boho Tarot Journal  

Issue no. 3 | Growth. Join us as we explore Tarot for personal growth in this month’s issue of the Boho Tarot Journal. Together, we’ll journ...

The Boho Tarot Journal  

Issue no. 3 | Growth. Join us as we explore Tarot for personal growth in this month’s issue of the Boho Tarot Journal. Together, we’ll journ...