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My name is Zhang Bohong my English name is Justin. I was born in March 1994, making me seventeen years old now. I live and go to school in China's third largest city Guangzhou, which is in the south east of China, close to Hong Kong. I am fortunate to go to, what many people consider, one of the best middle schools in Guangzhou---Guangzhou No. 3 Middle School. Currently I am in Grade 11; school is one of my delights, I love learning and am well liked by my peers and teachers. My hobbies are diverse and touch art, sport and music. I believe the greatest educator is travel. Iam sure my sunny disposition, self-confidence, optimism, and determination will rise to a higher level should I be accepted into your school. I will bring a love of life, happiness and a commitment to success that will serve well as a role model for those international students that may follow me.

MY FAMILY I come from a family of three. My parents are both professionals; my father is an accountant and my mother a professor of English. My parents are intelligent, open-minded, caring and optimistic; they share the same interests in art, music, and travel as I do; the most favorite activities in my home are visiting museums, going to concerts and traveling. I like to think I inherited the same traits from them. With broad minded parents I am encouraged to do many things.

With my father at home


My name is Peter Guy, I have been Justin's private English tutor for several months and during this time I have developed a strong affection for him. Justin stands out from most other students that I have come in contact with primarily because of his love of learning and his single mindedness in achieving the tasks I assign him. Aside from Justin's high levels of motivation and persistence academically, it is his gentlemanly bearing that I find impressive; always courteous and willing to help he is certainly atypical.

Peter Guy

From my supervisor My name is Deng Yanping; I am both Zhang Bohong's supervisor and his mathematic teacher; I like Zhang Bohong a lot because he is an optimistic, accommodating and positive young boy. He always gets along very well with teachers and classmates and everyone likes him. What's more, Zhang Bohong always proves him hard-working and modest; he is not only good in studies, but also very active in many social activities. In conclusion, Zhang Bohong has developed into a morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically minded student, with a particular talent in Art and music.

From my English teacher My name is Yu Liping; I am Zhang Bohong's English teacher. Zhang Bohong is my good student and obliging assistant. You will not fail to find him amiable and cooperative. I must not forget that he has very good sense of English, above all, pronunciation and intonations. He has turned out to be one of the most active and diligent students in my English class. As a class caption of English, he is of great assistance in my work. The impression he has left on me deeply is that of a young man of politeness. He has a good sense of humor and a pleasant personality and always gets along well with peers.

MY TRAVEL 2007 in Turkey

My parents are crazy at travel and their occupations make it possible. So we go to travel every vocation, even, almost every weekend, making a one or two days' trip. I like traveling too. I have traveled throughout China expect Tibet, and many foreign countries such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Japan, U.A.E, Thailand, Laos. Travel has truly opened my mind. During the trip, I go to different places, meet different people, see different things, and eat different

2008 8 iin Dubai

food; above all, what I enjoy doing mostly are visiting museums and seeing buildings.

2007 7 iin Roma

2007 in Roma 2005 5 iin Qinghai

2005 in Laos


2010 in Canada

2010 in art gallery

2008 in United Arab Emirates

2007 in Roman

2005 in Laos

2007 in Santorini

2007 in Greece

2010 in Vancouver

2007 in Greece

MY TRAVEL 200 in Inner Mongolia

1999 in Thailand

2007 in Athens

2001 in the Imperial Palace

2007 in Sicilia

2007 in Sicilia 2002 in The Great Wall

2001 in Beijing

2003 in Xian

2007 in Turkey

2007 in Italy




My artworks

My artworks

My art is dominant among my hobbies and became so with my first art class at six years of age; it is the feeling of being able to create something of beauty that inspires me. I have been further motivated in my art by the accolades of others; specifically, when my works are published in magazines, newspapers and when I win national art prizes and awards annually from the year of 2000 to 2008; also, a piece of my art is on permanent exhibition in the Guangzhou Museum of Art. From the age of six I strove to be the best I could be; enduring long hours of training, physical discomfort and lost social experiences with my classmates, but it rewarded.



Second place in the Art Competition: Moore In Children’s Eyes

Certificate of Painting Collection in Guangzhou Museum of Art First place in the National Primary and Middle School Students Art Competition

MUSIC Along with sport and art, music plays a critical role in my life; I am a baritone and won first place in my school choir team and Yuexiu District Middle School Students' Chorus Competition; second place in the Guangzhou Middle School Students' Chorus Competition; I also love playing the piano.

SPORTS Sport is one of my hobbies. I like nearly all ball games such as basketball, football, tennis and so on; mountain biking, skiing, climbing mountains, and horse riding are of particular interest to me; these activities test my confidence and courage.


Certificate of Excellence~Guangzhou Peizhen Primary School Certificate of Excellence~Guangzhou Peizhen Middle School



Certificate of Excellence~Guangzhou Peizhen Middle School

MY GOAL I understand the importance of planning, and as a result I have written a long term “life-plan”. To fulfill my goals needs a lot of determination; I believe that my inner resolve comes from my love of art. Wherein, from the age of six I strove to be the best I could be; enduring long hours of training, physical discomfort and lost social experiences with my classmates. My life is full yet I believe just beginning. I know well about the hardship and challenge of my dream, and the truth of “ No pain, no gain”. I feel sure, with my endurance, commitment and persistence, my dream will come true.


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