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Bohemia Village Voice No. 35. Saturday 2 September 2006.

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Post Office for Bohemia? - Mr Iqbal says ‘maybe’

New Horntye manager to keep everything ship-shape

Will Bohemia get back its post office? Maybe, if Mr Masood Iqbal gets his way. Mr Iqbal has recently bought 68/70, Bohemia Road, previously run as Lullabuys pram shop, and whose application for an offlicence to sell alcohol has run into local opposition. “I would like to open a post office there,” says Masood Iqbal, “but I’m worried that I’d waste a lot of time and money applying for a licence, and then be refused.” He speaks from bitter experience, and recalls his previous application for a licence, about ten years ago, when he owned Mary’s Foodmarket, which operated from the current Alldays site. At that time, the existing post office was “suspended because it didn’t open at the required times,” says Mr Iqbal. “So I applied for a licence and

Management problems at our local sports centre, Horntye Park look set to be resolved. John Ball, acting manager, seemed delighted to announce this week that Kevin Miller, will take up the position of General Manager as of Monday, the 4th of September. John has been keeping the show on the road for the past month, since Rob Newell left. “Kevin is in his early fifties, and comes with a large amount of experience in business,” said John Ball.

spent a lot of money, about £2,000, having architect’s drawings prepared, showing the exact layout of the counter and the positions of the windows, and so on, and I spent a lot of time on the application.” So, what happened? “I didn’t get the licence it was given to someone from Rye, who already had a post office and who had applied to run the suspended one at number 69, Bohemia Road. They took over the tenancy. I wasted a lot of money on the project.” How easy would it be to have a post office in his Bohemia Foodmarket? “It would be a lot easier to run than having the post office in a separate building, for instance, if someone were ill, I could supervise the office counter, and move staff around.” So, is Mr Iqbal going to apply for a licence? “No, I’m not, but if I were approached by the Post Office Continued on page 3 ...


Dorothy loses her perfect newsboy as Ernie retires Newspaper never, ever, let delivery ‘boy’ us down.” and greatErnie will put g r a n d f a t h e r, his feet up and Ernie Moore, spend a little 82, retired yesbit more time terday. Ernie with his 8 year has finally hung old greatup his fluoresgrand-daughcent blue bag ter, Jasmine. for the last He takes her to time. He has school, and become a regupicks her up lar sight, trudgagain in the ing the streets afternoon to of Bohemia as take her home. W o o d ’ s “His friends Newsagents’ in the ‘A21 ‘Paperboy’ Ernie Moore, 82, in the paper delivery A21 Café earlier this week Cafe’ will miss boy. him, as he Dorothy Wood, poured fulsome spends a lot of time in there. He goes praise on her paper ‘boy’ of many in there every morning for his breakyears standing. “He’s a good reli- fast and then again for his lunch,” able man, very honest, very trust- Dorothy continued. worthy, and we love him to bits and “He’s a really kind man, I could not we are going to miss him terribly,” ever find fault with him in anything she said. After many years of good he ever did or said. He’s been a very service he’s decided to hang up his loyal friend to us. Ernie is a great paperbag and to put his feet up. He’s walker, even after he was ill with been with Dorothy for about 16 sciatica, and had to use a stick. He years. “He’s done very well - he’s still gets about a lot - he walks Continued on page 3 ...

“He has been both self-employed and employed, mainly in the shipping industry, prior to this post. He’s a business man, rather than a sportsman, although he is interested in sports, his main background is business.” This is good news for all who appreciate the fine facilities at Horntye Park.  Horntye Park Sports Complex, 01424 424456 (admin), 01424 716666 (reception)


Stewart Buchan - illustrator Interview by John Humphries Local illustraand with the tor Stewart TV Times, and Buchan was s e v e r a l interviewed women’s this week, at his magazines. “I pleasant home, can turn my in Amherst hand to Road, situated almost anyon the edge of thing in the Bohemia, overgraphic art l o o k i n g field,” he N e w g a t e said. “Just Woods. about the only thing I can’t As a schooldo, is highly boy he was a technical keen draughtsIllustrator Stewart Buchan at home drawings of man. He did O and A level art and a year at Oxford cut-away motor engines and the on a pre-diploma course. Then on to like.” What he does do, and does Cambridge for a three year graphics well, are cartoons and caricatures. Shown here course (“So I are two he did have a problem for the TV on boat race Times, one of day.”) His art Eric Sykes, teacher at school and one of said “Forget fine S p i k e art - take a look Milligan. Does at any magazine he draw the and see how sort of carmuch drawn toons which material is appear in our included in daily papers? them. You’ll “No, I don’t do always be able ‘captioned carto earn a living toons’ as as a graphic they’re called, artist.” although I was On leaving commissioned Cambridge he to do a series was ‘lucky’ (his of 13 cartoons word) to get for Punch employment before it foldwith the Ford Motor Company

Eric Sykes - by Stewart Buchan

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Bohemia Village Voice No. 35. Saturday 2 September 2006.

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Stewart Buchan - from page 1

Vie de Bohème - how the Bohemian Club was formed

ed. Only three of the 13 were actual- I’m not at all interested in any kind ly used, but I got paid for all thir- of sport, but I do like chess, in fact, I teen.” played last night.” Is he a hot player? How does he “I reckon I’m a get his work? ‘decent amateur’. “It all comes I love the mental direct from challenge, trying publishers to outguess what who have seen my opponent will my style of do. If I lose, I feel drawings.” I could kick And how do myself for making the publishers a silly mistake.” get to know about him in What about readthe first place? ing, telly and “There is a films? “I don’t trade publicabuy newspapers tion called any more, ever Illustrators since The Times Contact, went tabloid, which is sent although I do buy out to all the the Saturday edimajor publishtion, just to test ing houses. I myself on the Spike Milligan by Stewart Buchan pay for a samjumbo cryptic ple of my work to be included - it’s crossword - which I sometimes finexpensive, but worth it, as it brings ish. As for television, I’m not a great in most of my commissions.” fan. I was well into my twenties How much does he earn from one before there was a TV set in the drawing? “Obviously it varies, but a house. I really don’t like the ‘reality’ small cartoon, such as the one of shows. I like films, but only on BBC Groucho Marx, (see page 2) which - the ads drive me potty, so I won’t was done for Harpers Magazine, I watch them on commercial TV. I was paid £150. The Spike Milligan occasionally go to the cinema, but drawing was done for the TV Times, I’m definitely swayed by what the as part of a sixty drawing commis- critics have to say. The last film I sion. They did an article on a differ- went to see was Shakespeare in ent personality each week for sixty Love.” weeks.” What about books? “I’ve got a couHow does he create each carica- ple of thousand books, on all sorts of ture? “I look at a number of photo- subjects, especially history, biogragraphs and create a sort of compos- phy, art and reference books. I love reference books ite image - it and will update usually takes them as necessary, me about threefor example I’ve quarters of a just bought a new day to produce C h a m b e r s one drawing.” Dictionary, as I’d The Eric Sykes had my ‘old’ for drawing was over 8 years. I’ve done for the got the complete same series. works of Dickens What music and have read does Stewart about a dozen of like? “I like old them.” fashioned, prePolitics? “I’m not war country a flag waver for Groucho by Stewart Buchan music, such as any political party. the Carter Family and Bill Monroe. In the classical world, I like com- I always vote at all the local and genposers such as Mozart, Beethoven, eral elections, but I only vote according to the issues, never just Rossini and Vivaldi.” For recreation, Stewart plays the for a party. I’m a genuine floating five-stringed banjo. “I used to play voter.” Stewart used to live in Salisbury on stage - back in the ‘70s. I also love walking, I like to go for a ‘good Road but now lives in Amherst stretch’, about four or five miles, Road, and is married to Anne. They especially when I’m on holiday. I have one daughter, Penny, who has a also like to indulge in my passion for daughter of her own, Katy. history wherever I am on holiday, Stewart Buchan, 77, Amherst Rd, visiting old castles and other places. TN34 1TX. 01424 435 922.

[Part 14 of 24] Schaunard found a seat in the ‘Grove’ - that is the name given at Mother Cadet’s to a shrubbery dotted with two or three rachitic trees, whose sickly greenery has been converted into a ceiling. “Ah, well,” he said, “I’ll give myself a blow-out; I’ll be Belshazzar all on my own.” Without more ado he ordered soup, a half-portion of choucroute and two half-portions of rabbit. He had noticed that two halfportions were larger by at least a quarter that one full portion. This order earned him the attention of a young person in a white dress, wearing orange blossoms in her hair and ballroom slippers. A veil of some kind of stuff, imitation of an imitation, was draped over shoulders that ought to have been more careful about their incognito. She was a singer from the Montparnasse Theatre, whose backstage regions practically open on to the kitchen of Mother Cadet’s. She had slipped out for a meal during an interval of Lucia di Lammermoor, and was ending with a small cup of coffee a dinner composed entirely of an artichoke dressed in oil and vinegar. “Two portions of rabbit-stew, my goodness!” she murmured to the girl who was waiting on her. “There’s a young fellow who does himself well. How much do I owe you, Adèle?” “Four the artichoke, four the coffee, one sou for the bread. That makes nine sous.” “Here you are,” said the singer, and went out humming: “Love that God has given me ...” “She puts a lot into her la,” said a mysterious person who was sitting at Schaunard’s table, half hidden by a wall of books. “Does she?” said Schaunard. “I would rather say that she takes all she can out of it. What an idea, any-

Bohemia Village Voice Edited and published by John Humphries at 33, St Peter’s Road, Bohemia Village, Sussex, England, TN37 6JQ. Telephone: 01424 446759. Mobile: 07891 634377. E-mail: Proof reader: Valentine Torrington. Items for inclusion: please send to the editor. To begin receiving this newsletter: please send an e-mail to John Humphries with the message “Please

way” - he pointed at the plate on which Lucia of Lammermoor had been eating her artichoke - “pickling her falsetto in vinegar!” “It’s a strong acid,” said the other. “The variety produced by the town of Orleans enjoys a great reputation.” Schaunard looked with interest at the eccentric who used such odd baits for conversation. The fixed stare of the latter’s large blue eyes, which seemed to be always seeking something, gave his physiognomy that characteristic air of blessed calm which is to be observed amongst scholars. His face was of the colour of old ivory, except for the cheeks, which had an overlayer of the colour of powdered brick. His mouth looked as if it had been drawn by an elementary art student whose elbow had been jogged. The lips, curving back a little in negro fashion, revealed a spaniel’s teeth. His chin was settled in two folds on a white tie, one end of which pointed to the stars and the other to the ground. Under a shiny felt hat with an enormous brim his hair escaped in blond cascades. He wore a nut-coloured greatcoat whose threadbare material was corrugated like a grater. From its gaping pockets protruded bundles of papers and brochures. Heedless of the scrutiny to which he was being subjected, he was enjoying a choucroute garnie, with undisguised sounds of satisfaction. As he ate, he read a book open before him, in which from time to time he made notes with a pencil taken from behind his ear. [To be continued …] [Vie de Bohème by Henry Mürger, a vivid portrait of the ‘Bohemian’ life of the artistic quarter of Paris in the nineteenth century was originally published (by Michel Lévy) in 1851. The extract above is taken from a translation by Norman Cameron, published by Hamish Hamilton. The illustration is by Dodi Masterman.]

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Bohemia Village Voice No. 35. Saturday 2 September 2006.

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Gipsy teas and syllabub

Newgate Road - 1974

[Part 2 of 5 excerpts from a Hastings Observer, February 1966, article entitled ‘Bohemia For Gipsy Teas And Syllabub’, which explores the possibilities of how Bohemia got its name. Hastings Museum curator, Mr J. Mainwaring Baines, had said that the best known reference to Bohemia is in the first Hastings Guide, published by John Stell in 1794, which mentions a farmhouse called Bohemia, “famous for plenty of fine cream; on which account it is much frequented in the summer by tea and syllabub parties.” ]

The following listing is the one published in the 1974 edition of Kelly’s Directory of Hastings with St Leonards and Battle. The abbreviations are thought to be as follows: Arth = Arthur; Chas = Charles; Edwd = Edward; Fredk = Frederick; Geo = George; Herbt = Herbert; Hy = Henry; Jn = John; Margt = Margaret; Rt = Robert; Thos = Thomas; Wltr = Walter; Wm = William.


What about old maps? Hastings is very badly off for these. Samuel Cant, the old schoolmaster and surveyor, produced his excellent plans of the town in the middle of the eighteenth century, but none of them cover the Bohemia area. The first county map on a sufficiently large scale to show it was that by Messrs Yeakell and Gardner in 1783. This marks Bohemy Farm and this spelling was retained when the first edition of the Ordnance Survey map came out in

1813. Having come to a dead-end with maps, we must turn to other sources. Now the poor rate assessment book for the parish of St Mary Magdalen should provide some information. Bohemia is not mentioned till 1804; up till then, it was ‘for Genrill Murray Land, £53.10s. and the occupier Benjamin Foster. Murray, of course, is known as the gallant defender of Minorca and the man who as a jurat of Hastings, brought back the coat of arms trophy from the gates of Quebec after the city had been taken. He married one of the daughters of John Collier, the wealthy and all-important town clerk, and built Beauport. Trying further back, further study shows that one Samuel Cramp had the same assessment of £53 10s against his name ‘for Mrs Collier Land’ in 1762, but there is no mention at all of Bohemia. Earlier records are missing. [To be continued ...]

Post Office for Bohemia? (from page 1) authorities to open one, I would probably say yes.” How is the shop coming along? “I thought the fitting out was going to cost about £60,000, but it looks like it’ll be nearer £100,000 before it’s finished.” And the application for an off-licence? “I’m not bothered if I don’t get it. There are a lot of other things to sell in the supermarket. I won’t know if the off-licence application is successful until October. I have to appear before the licensing board to speak about the objections

that have been raised. The law governing the issuing of licences has changed a lot since 2003. Now it is much easier to take away a licence and suspend a shop from trading.” Will he be selling fresh vegetables and fruit? “A lot of people say they want such things, but if they are provided, they’ll probably still go elsewhere to spend their money. So I’m not sure if I’ll be selling fresh produce.”

 Mr Masood Iqbal, Bohemia Foodmarket, 68/70, Bohemia Rd.


Salon opens - without Naomi Georgina Little and Louise Sadler open their health and beauty salon (GL Sanctuary) to the public today - without the help of supermodel Naomi Campbell. Georgie explains “Naomi is buying a house just three doors from mine in Sedlescombe Road South, and I was hoping to persuade her to open the salon for us. But unfortunately she’s working away this weekend, and couldn’t make it. That’s two supermodels in this area now: me and Naomi!” Everyone else, however, is invited

to the grand opening today at 10:00am. Complimentary drinks and a chocolate fountain will be available as well as free mini taster sessions. “We hope there’ll be something for everyone, for example our manicure service can cost as little as £5 and last just 5 minutes, or we can provide an hour’s manicure, including massage, for £20.”  Georgina Little and Louise Sadler, GL Sanctuary, 72, Bohemia Road. 01424 721890.

Newgate Road runs from 75 Bohemia Road to Amherst Road. NORTH SIDE 1. Cruttenden, K. 3. Simmonds, Arth. Wltr. 5. Knight, Mrs F. J. 7. Ray, Eleanor R. 9. Greeves, Margt. 11. Dale, Edwd. Chas. 15. Slade, Sidney A. 15a. Mann, Jn A. ..... Here is Clarence Road ..... 17. Taylor, E. A. 19. Coleman, Miss A. M. 19. Chacksfield, Miss E. 21. Collins, E. M. 23. Drury, E. E. M. 25. Sanders, Fredk, J. 27. Smith, A. H. 29. Sharp, Horace J. 31. Vinnicombe, N. E. 33. Scott, Mrs F. I.

35. Hyland, Colin T. 37. Hyland, Herbt. Thos. 39. Syrus, Wm. Hy. 41. Sims, Rt A. 43. Roffe, A. 45. Blackford, David J. ... Here is passage to Aldborough Rd ... 47. Jones, Brian E. 49. Robinson, Eric. SOUTH SIDE 2. Hayes, Geo T. 4. Symes, Leslie. 6. Day, Wm. Fredk. 8. Perry, D. K. 10. Steadman, K. L. 12. Ashenden, Mrs. 14. Mitchener, Miss E. 16. Ripley, Arth. 18. Harris, D. 20. Coote, Miss W. M. 22. Beaney, Kenneth. 24. Beale, Douglas Geo. 26. Torrance, Peter H. 28. Stapley, Leonard C. 30. Ralph, L. D. 32. Muir, M. M. M. 34. Maplesden, Wm. Walter. 36. Saunders, Jn. F. Newgate Hall 38. Standen, Alan D. 40. Jefferies, Wm. L ... Here is Horntye Road ...


Voice in print - now in shops A printed version of the Bohemia Village Voice is now available. A number of businesses have agreed to stock the free printed copies for distribution to the general public. The four page copies are printed in black and white. Shops which are now stocking the Voice include:  H A P Munday & Son, Newsagents at 54, Bohemia Road. 01424 437233. Woods Newsagents, 86-88, Bohemia Road. 01424 443340.

 Empress Art, 3/4, Tower Road. 01424 442000.  Bookman’s Halt, 127, Bohemia Road. 01424 421413.  Horntye Park Sports Complex, Bohemia Road. 01424 716666. Please remember that you can receive a colour version for free, by e-mail. Just send your e-mail address to

Ernie Moore retires (from page 1) almost everywhere.” Dorothy added “If you ever see him catch a bus, you know he’s not very well, and that’s not very often. He’s a very strong person. He used to be a builder in his younger days. He delivered to all of Bohemia, including Tower Road West, and right

down to the police station, Magdalen Road, Church Road, St Paul’s Road and Horntye Road.” Well done, lad. Enjoy your retirement. Wood’s Newsagents, 86-88, Bohemia Road. Tel. 01424 443340.

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Bohemia Village Voice No. 35. Saturday 2 September 2006.


Shopfront plans approved Plans have been submitted to refurbish the shop unit at 60, Bohemia Road, including replacement shop front and the provision of a bedsit flat at the rear of the shop. The plans received approval on 18 August 2006. The property was featured in a

Clive Emson auction in December of last year, with a guide price of £110,000 to £120,000. Hastings Borough Council Planning Department, 100 Menzies Road, St Leonards, TN38 9BB.

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Grapevine ST PETER’S ROAD Ex-antique dealer, Henry Baines, from Tonbridge Wells, has bought number 38, St Peter’s Road from art teacher and foster care home provider, Pauline Jones. It was whispered that one of the rooms was so full of car parts and another room so full of pants (!) that his surveyor told him he couldn’t survey the house properly because of all the clutter. JUNK MAIL You can stop junk mail being delivered to your house by sending a request to Royal Mail at Oxford, OX1 1RX, stating that you wish to opt out of receiving unsolicited mail. BOHEMIA VILLAGE VOICE Do you have any spare time? Would you like to help get the Voice into homes, shops and businesses in this area? A circulation manager is urgently needed. It’s a labour of love, but you do get your own business cards and the warm glow of satisfaction knowing you

60, Bohemia Road - how the shopfront looked yesterday

are helping this wonderful publication. If you think this might be fun, please contact John Humphries on 446759, or e-mail him at BOHEMIA FIRE STATION Application has been made to replace the hardwood stained windows with mahogany pvcu ones. LOWER SOUTH ROAD Christmas has come early to Lower South Road. No. 5 already has its Christmas lights up - or are they left over from last year? DANIEL POULTER Will be holding his monthly ‘surgery’ for his Bohemia constituents at the Red Cross Hall in Newgate Road on Saturday 9th September between 10:00am and 12:00 noon. VIVIENNE BOND Lib Dem Councillor Vivienne Bond will be holding her monthly advice surgery for her constituents at the Lib Dem Centre in London Road from 10:00am to 11:00am on Saturday September 9th.

Puzzle Corner Q. Where is ‘Memorial House’? Although it’s to be found on one of Bohemia’s main roads, you may not have spotted it. Picture taken last month. Answer next week.

60, Bohemia Road - how the new shopfront will look



Apollo bike stolen

Mirrors damaged

At some time between 2:00pm on Friday 25 August and 9:00am on Monday 28 August, a silver ‘Apollo’ bike was stolen from Woodland Vale Road. If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Sussex Police Call Handling Centre on 0845 60 70 999 (open 24x7). Or if you wish to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers (open 24x7) on 0800 555111. Please quote serial 645 of 28 August.

At some time between 1:00am and 9:30am on Monday 28 August, the wing mirrors on three separate cars in Church Road were damaged. If you have any information about this crime, please contact call the Sussex Police Call Handling Centre on 0845 60 70 999 (open 24x7). Or if you wish to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers (open 24x7) on 0800 555111. Please quote serial 488 of 28 August.

Where is Memorial House?

Answer to last week’s puzzle: Yes, of course it was The R a g g e d Trousered Philanthropists author R o b e r t Noonan, better known as ‘ R o b e r t Tressell’, whose Robert Noonan famous novel was published in 1914. Robert wrote the story in Bohemia at 241, London Road, where a blue plaque marks the house. Much of the

book is based on his experiences of working in the town as a signwriter and decorator. Robert Noonan was born in Dublin in 1870. He was brought up in Ireland and England but left to make a new life in South Africa where his daughter, Kathleen was born in 1892. In 1901 at the outbreak of the Boer War Noonan returned to England and settled with his widowed sister, Adelaide in Hastings. Another sister, Mary Jane was already living in St. Leonards where she ran a school. Noonan worked for a number of local building firms between 1901 and 1911, including Bruce & Co of York Buildings, Adams & Jarrett of Alfred St, St. Leonards and Burton & Co of Upper Queens Road. In August 1910 Noonan left Hastings for Liverpool leaving the manuscript of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists in the care of his daughter, Kathleen. He had intended to set sail for Canada but was admitted to hospital with advanced tuberculosis and died on February 3rd 1911. The first, edited, version of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists was published by Grant Richards in 1914.

BV 35 Final  

“He has been both self-employed and employed, mainly in the ship- ping industry, prior to this post. He’s a business man, rather than a spor...

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