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BOHEMIA VILLAGE VOICE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No. 25. Your local newsletter - everything and anything to do with Bohemia Wednesday 12 July 2006 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chris Gimblett – ‘Y’ pays tribute

Park Road Church – extension ready at last

Park Road Church – how the extension looked on June 6

Chris Gimblett – 1946 –2006 ‘100% into everything’

[Chris Gimblett died in June 2006] Chris took over as Chairman at the YMCA annual general meeting in October 2005. The write-up in the Observer said a lot about his dedication to charity, and he was extremely well thought of by all of us who met him. Chris put 100% into everything that he did, and he will be sadly missed. He had big plans for the YMCA and we will be doing our best to continue with these. I personally met Chris in October last year, and worked with him in “Surviving Christmas”, before being taken on as an administrator at the YMCA in March of this year. On May 31st I was promoted to CEO, and have a lot to thank Chris for myself, so I will be personally doing my utmost to carry on with his wishes for the YMCA, along with the staff and board members who have all been hugely supportive so far. Karen Manning, CEO, The YMCA, St Paul’s Rd.

Yes, at last the new extension being built at Park Road Methodist Church is about to be officially opened. This coming Saturday, the 15th of July, sees a special ‘Service of Dedication’ taking place. Charles Levett, who liaises between church members and the builders, explained that the extension will act as an ‘outreach’ meeting room where members of the public can just drop in for a chat. Although it’s not a café, a servery is being built in the corner. The opening is timed to co-incide with the church’s Flower Festival which takes place this weekend, and also with the leaving of the church’s minister, Elizabeth Cresswell, who retires at the end of the month. A new minister will not take over until September and one or more ‘circuit ministers’ cover for the intervening period. Charles added that the extension won’t actually be completed until the following Friday, the 21st of July. Members of the public are invited to the Service of Dedication which starts at 10am and goes on till about 10:45. The Flower Festival begins on Friday and lasts over the weekend. ________________________________________________

Boot Sale Charity Boot Sale at Horntye Park Cricket Ground will take place on Sunday 16th July At 7am until 12 mid day Refreshments, toilets etc are available Open to all. Price £5 per stall Public by donation

Page 2 BOHEMIA VILLAGE VOICE Wednesday 12 July 2006 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Varmint News By Dave Kent

Mr Mabey restricts his book to plants and fungi so is therefore dumb on the subject of wild meat, and I have mislaid my copy of "The Fat of the Land" by John Seymour which, if I remember correctly, does give some handy hints as to what critters can go in the pot. Without the benefit of Mr Seymour's wisdom, I have had to find other sources of guidance on combining pest control with gustatory pleasure; I shall pass on my findings in the near future. Meanwhile, sharpen your knives, buy some onions and some herbs, then set your traps. Dave Kent. ________________________________________________

Some days ago, I was walking by the traffic lights at the Silverhill end of Bohemia Road when a gentleman stopped me and informed me that he had just seen a large rat in a front garden. This, I suppose, is a good example of what Jung called synchronicity; a couple of days previously, I had reported on rats and other supposed vermin for the Bohemia Village Voice. I wasn't sure what to say to this fellow but as he appeared to be in a state of some agitation, I tried to calm him down a bit by pointing out that, so far as I know, there is no great danger to health from rats unless they are infested with Weil's disease and their urine gets into your body; usually, the greatest risk is to those who take part in water sports and thereby come into contact with river water. UNSAFE TO SNORKEL

The only practical suggestion I could come up with at the time was that he contact his local councillor and suggest that a sign could be erected saying "BOHEMIA ROAD: UNSAFE TO SNORKEL" but, having had time to reflect, I now feel that I have been somewhat irresponsible as such a sign would almost certainly encourage sub-aqua danger junkies to descend on Bohemia Road. I may even join them as I'm up for any activity that involves wearing rubber. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to get to Siverhill to buy a jar of Branston Pickle (small chunk version, naturally) and did not have the presence of mind to point out that the rat was obviously free-range and possibly even organic. Also, it was supposedly fairly large so one might get a decent stew out of it, or something (ratatouille?). FAT HEN

There are many plants that grow in our gardens, fields, hedgerows etc. that are eminently edible and yet we eschew them in favour of produce that costs us our hard-earned shekels and is less fresh. Some wild plants that you can eat are: Dandelion, Nettle, Garlic Mustard, Fat Hen, Cleavers, Sorrel (high in Oxalic Acid, so mind your kidneys). Recently, there has been an upsurge of interest in gobbling garden greenery and anyone who's interested should get a copy of "Food for Free" by Richard Mabey. KEBABS

The same cannot be said for animals. In spite of the copious bad press that the Grey Squirrel has been receiving recently, we are still buying chicken legs, kebabs, sausages and beef burgers to put on our barbies. It may be partly because we are squeamish when it comes to killing animals, unlike the Americans, many of whom wouldn't think twice about hunting and chowing down on varmints such as squirrel and possum.

Horntye Park – where? So, just where is this oft-mentioned sports centre? (we have been asked - seriously). It’s at the back of the fire station and can be reached from Bohemia Road – and not Horntye Road. Take the road leading to the Law Courts, turn left as if you were going to pop into the Fire Station, and then immediately right. The road curves up and round to the left through a pair of gates. Once through these, if you are driving, proceed right round the cricket pitch until you reach the car park. If on foot, turn right immediately past the gates and walk the 100 metres of so to the building. Simple. ________________________________________________

Vie de Bohème …

How the Bohemian Club was Founded (4) “Why look here!” said Schaunard, righteously indignant, “‘Azure waters of the silv’ry lake’ – that’s really too romantic: the poet’s a fool; he’s never seen a lake, or any silver either. Besides, his song is stupid. The metre was getting in the way of my music. In future, I’ll compose my own poems. In fact, now, this moment, while I feel in the mood, I’ll rough out some specimen verses as a frame-work for the tune.” With his head between his hands, Schaunard adopted the grave attitude of a mortal having intercourse with the Muses. After some minutes of this sublime concubinage, he had produced one of those monstrosities that writers of librettos call ‘dummies’, and readily put together to serve as provisional canvases for the inspiration of the composer. Schaunard’s ‘dummy’, however, had some sense in it, since it well enough expressed the disquiet

Page 3 BOHEMIA VILLAGE VOICE Wednesday 12 July 2006 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

provoked in his soul by the callous arrival of that day’s date, April the eighth. Eight and eight, put six, Six and carry one. I am in a fix. Wouldn’t it be fun, If some dear old friend lent Me eight hundred francs? I would pay my rent With respectful thanks Refrain When the clock-tower chimed a quarter to midday, I would straightaway hie, Like an honest man, all my debts to pay(ter) Unto Mr B … “The deuce!” said Schaunard, as he re-read his composition. “ ‘Hie’ and ‘Mr B’ – they’re not exactly millionaires among rhymes. But I’ve no time to enrich them now. Let’s see how the melody fits with the syllables.” To be continued …

[Vie de Bohème by Henry Mürger, a vivid portrait of the ‘Bohemian’ life of the artistic quarter of Paris in the nineteenth century was originally published (by Michel Lévy) in 1851. The extract above is taken from a translation by Norman Cameron, published by Hamish Hamilton. The illustration is by Dodi Masterman.]

Letters Please send letters for publication to the editor, by e-mail, or letter post, addresses at end of this newsletter.

Tired moth? Dear Sir I have studied carefully your photograph of the moth that has taken up residence on your door frame and wish to inform you that it is a fine example of the Swallow-Tailed Moth (Ourapteryx sambucaria). The larva feeds mainly on ivy and hawthorn and is so uncannily like a twig that it would be a near miracle if you were to see one. Prof. Chris Allis, Professor Emeritus, Durbuy Institute of Entomology. ________________________________________________

Next issue Due to be published Saturday 15 July 2006. ________________________________________________ Bohemia Village Voice Edited and published by John Humphries at 33, St Peter’s Road, Bohemia, St Leonards, Sussex, England, TN37 6JQ. Telephone: 01424 446759. E-mail: Items for inclusion: please send to the editor. To begin receiving this newsletter: please send an e-mail to John Humphries with the message “Please subscribe me to Bohemia Village Voice.” To cease receiving this newsletter: please send an e-mail to John Humphries, with the message “Please unsubscribe me from Bohemia Village Voice.” Current number of recipients of this e-newsletter: 25. First published Thursday 18 May 2006. © 2006 John Humphries.

‘Enterprising’ lady [“More than one person mentioned the enterprising activities of a Horntye Road lady who keeps her own set of traffic cones in her front garden and pops out to claim her bit of road space as soon as hubby goes off to work” – Bohemia Village Voice 23’] Dear Sir The correct spelling is ' ILLEGAL' and not ‘enterprising' as she does not own the Queen’s highways and byways. The FBI and the MET and M.I.5. will all be on to her now you've blown her little secret. Spies will be everywhere down Horntye looking for those cones, tut, tut. Paul Elmes, St Leonards.

BV 25  

Chris took over as Chairman at the YMCA annual general meeting in October 2005. The write-up in the Observer said a lot about his dedication...

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