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BOHEMIA VILLAGE VOICE _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No 21 _ __ Tuesday 27 June 2006

Lidl gets tough

What’s a clerestory?

Today saw a team of about eight workmen clearing – with ruthless efficiency – the ornamental bushes and shrubs at our local supermarket. A Lidl’s spokeswoman said that a large amount of rubbish had accumulated in the shrubbery and it had been decided to cut down the vegetation to ground level. “The whole area will be re-planted with smaller shrubs which will be kept low for easy cleaning. The area was in danger of becoming infested with vermin”, she explained. Workmen said they had found a large number of bottles and cans and even needles and a fridge door!

Scaffolding erected on the east side of our local church. The four windows in the ‘clerestory’ have been so badly damaged by vandalism they now need completely replacing. [photo 27 June 2006]

How the shrubbery at Lidl’s looked before the big chop …

The ‘clerestory’ at St Peter’s Church is being completely replaced. For ‘years and years’, cumulative damage by vandalism now means that ‘patch and mend’ is no longer an option and the windows will have to be completely remade. ‘The leadwork is damaged too much’ says Don Ray of St Peter’s Church. Total cost of the work is estimated to be in excess of £22,000. So, what exactly is a ‘clerestory’? Collins Dictionary defines ‘clerestory’ (or ‘clearstory’) as a fifteenth century word meaning ‘a row of windows in the upper part of the wall of a church that divides the nave from the aisle, set above the aisle roof’ or ‘the part of the wall in which these windows are set’. Right.

Why Bohemia? .... why not? By Dave Kent, Cloudesley Road. [In response to Mr Winder's letter to the editor ‘Why Bohemia? of 22 June 2006.]

… and how it looked afterwards, with literally hundreds of old drinks cans and plastic bottles … all bought at Lidl’s of course.

Jolly hockey sticks Hockey for all levels and ages is offered by the South Saxons Hockey Club. South Saxons is the only hockey club in the Hasting and Rother area and aims to offer regular opportunities for hockey playing at all levels and all ages. Training is given throughout the season with matches on Saturday (13-16 year olds) and Sunday (7-13 year olds). All coaches are England Hockey trained. The training sessions are on Sundays for the 7-13 year olds and on Tuesdays for the 13-16 year old girls from 7 to 8:30pm and on Thursdays at the same time for boys. All the training sessions take place at Horntye Park Sports Complex, in Bohemia. For further info, contact Tim Eldridge on 852028 or Bill Butler on 439590. The website address is

It may well be the case that the port was flowing liberally when Bohemia Road received its name. It is true that Bohemia Road is not in Bohemia and may not even point in the direction of where Bohemia once was. Does any of this matter? Of course not. Cambridge Road does not take you to Cambridge (it takes you to Bohemia or Hastings); Newgate Road does not take you to Newgate (unless, on your journey, you simultaneously commit a crime and disturb the space-time continuum); North Road does not go North and South Road does not go South. So far as I can tell, the only reason for those two streets to be so named is that they are North and South in relation to each other. A combination of the curvature of the Earth and my poor eyesight makes it impossible for me to view Salisbury Cathedral or any well-known neolithic sites from Salisbury Road. Similarly, I have failed to spot any of Sir Christopher Wren's works from St Pauls Road although it may be that this road was named after the saint himself. However, I have heard no reports of a bearded tent-maker from Tarsus undergoing a dramatic conversion at a YMCA roller skate disco. So why does Mr Winder pick on Bohemia Road? It seems to me that very few streets are named for any good reason. I think Bohemia was an inspired choice of name for this road and, as I am descended from French gypsies, I feel quite at home. If visitors to Bohemia Road are disappointed because there are no fiddling gypsies or Absinthe-swilling artistic types, they can

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always amuse themselves exploring the glorious unnamed passages and maybe pick up a free piece of furniture. Tomorrow, I shall don my habitual duffel coat, sandals, beads and black stockings and wander up to Bookman's Halt to see if I can find a street map of Mannigtree, Essex. I suspect that Mr Winder doesn't give his full address because he lives in Bratislava Boulevard.

Letters Shornden Passage Did you know that the businesses that use ‘Shornden Passage’ [the pedestrian walk between Upper Park Road and Upper South Road] are hoping to gate it off? Using their own funds as they want to keep it looking good and not full of goods. I believe the passage is privately owned, so it could be gated off. Vivienne Bond Aldborough Road. __________________________________________________ Items for inclusion in Bohemia Village Voice: please send to the editor, John Humphries, 33, St Peter’s Road, Bohemia, St Leonards, Sussex, TN37 6JQ. Home: 01424 446759. Mobile: 07891 634377. Or e-mail to: To begin receiving this newsletter, please e-mail John Humphries with the message ‘Please subscibe me to Bohemia Village Voice’. To cease receiving this newsletter, simply e-mail John Humphries, with the message ‘please unsubscribe me from Bohemia Village Voice’. Current number of recipients of this enewsletter: 13. Please feel free to forward this issue to anyone you think may wish to receive it, thank you. First published Thursday 18 May 2006. © 2006 John Humphries.

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What’s a clerestory? Scaffolding erected on the east side of our local church. The four windows in the ‘clerestory’ have been so badly damag...