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ADD GLASS – TO ADD THAT TOUCH OF CLASS TO YOUR HOME Glass is a fabulous thing in all its forms and it will enhance any room of your home if you give it the chance. A glass ornament or vase could be singing from a sunny window sill or shining on the mantelpiece. A tall glass vase could make a centre piece on a large table or in the quiet hearth throughout the summer, or sparkling from a stand or shelf in a study or sitting room. The quality of glass you buy is very important. There is no point buying a cheap Chinese import or some factory produced tourist trinket that are squeezed out of presses nineteen to the dozen. They will look exactly what they are – cheap and cheerless. A real piece of luxury glass will enliven any room and is also a great investment for the future. A piece of glass can appreciate in value by 20% a year while the banks are giving you nothing for keeping your money locked away for years at a time. You can’t take your money out and put that on the shelf. Crystal art glass of the finest quality hand blown by a master craftsman is both a fabulous investment and the ultimate in classy glass. A glass vase that has been hand made with great attention to detail and workmanship is what you are looking for. Once left to stand to cool on the glass studio workbench the quality of the piece will shine through. It will catch the light from a million different angles and ooze opulence from every angle. There is even a new wave of art glass that infuses to opposing materials – glass and metal – to produce some fabulous pieces as metal threads are woven into the molten lead and put back into the furnace to combine. It builds up in layers and you end with a highly reflective piece that catches the light perfectly. Whether you choose a dazzling glass sculpture to sit proudly on a stand or a pretty glass paperweight to brighten up a shelf, all these items can become part of a glass nest egg that you can dip into any time in the future. In the meantime, you have a home full of top quality glass to enjoy and be admired for a long time to come. Barnaby Kirsen is a partner at Boha Glass – an online shop selling in hand made art glass from Bohemia and beyond. You can read more about all types of glass on Boha Glass’s blog page here:

Adding Class with Glass  

Top ways to incorporate glass into your home.