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FUZZIE can teach you to stay you safe

A toolkit for Parents and teachers to help teach children to keep safe. Read with your children and explore how Fuzzie sets a good example for little ones in today’s world.

Presented by the Diocese of Rockville Centre

This is my furry friend, FUZZIE. I want you to know all about him. He loves to give doggie kisses, drink lots of water and go for long walks. Fuzzie makes sure he never leaves home without his collar. His tag will tell everyone his NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER and WHERE HE LIVES.

Do you know your name, address and telephone number?

Fuzzie cannot speak like you can, but he can let people know what he is thinking. He wags his tail when he is happy. That is like saying “’HELLO” or “Yes”! He barks when he thinks there is danger or if a stranger is near. That is his way of asking “Who are you?” Then Fuzzie uses his strong legs and comes to find me.

If he is worried about the stranger, he will bark louder and say “No”. Then he runs to a “cozy place”. His “cozy places” are his doghouse, the house where we live and the backyard. Your “cozy places” places should be your house, your school or your church. You can always look for your friend, the policeman.

If you meet someone new, make sure that mommy or daddy meet them, too. Stay close to them and hold their hands. You should always go with a trusted adult or a friend wherever you go. Never go ANYWHERE by yourself or with a stranger. Always be sure that Mom or Dad knows where you are all the time. Fuzzie loves to have treats, but does not take them from strangers. If someone offers you candy or a toy, say “No, thank you.�

Fuzzie is a dog and can’t use a telephone. If he could tell you what to do in an emergency, he would tell you to -find the telephone -punch in “9-1-1” -tell the operator what is wrong and that you need help -tell your name and where you live

LET’S SEE WHAT YOU REMEMBER: Fuzzie wants you to:  Practice your address, phone number and full name.  Stay with mom, dad, your baby-sitter or special person all the time  Follow directions  Never take food or presents from anyone you don’t know  Never go anywhere by yourself.  Say 'No' when you need to. It is ok to use you 'outside voice' inside if a stranger approaches you.  Always tell a trusted adult about anything that made you feel uncomfortable

Every night before he goes to bed, Fuzzie tries to think of all the fun he had. Then he and I say this prayer: Dear God You are my friend and the one who really loves me best. You made the world for me. The stars, the birds and the butterflies, puppies and kittens‌.. The air that I breathe And the people who love me. Thank You! Best of all‌..YOU made me. Thank YOU! Please keep me safe. Help me to grow so that I can always live in this beautiful world. Amen.