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I would like to thank you for dining at , and wish you an enjoyable evening. If you have any special requests, or if there is anything we at can do to enhance your dining experience, please contact my restaurant manager or any member of the team. Kind Regards, Hugh Heifer

Boeuftail €9.50 Heff’s creation. With Pimms & Hendricks, cucumber, juniper berries, rosemary swizzle, rose leaves, chilled blueberries, FeverTree Tonic. €8.50 Prosecco Snipes Kir Royal Snipes €8.50

Garlic Pesto Bread Melted raclette, basil pesto, herb truffle drizzle

€2.75 per slice

Prawn Bisque €6.95 Rich prawn soup with caviar cream, garlic crouton

€6.95 Duck Pate Pink peppercorn crust, toasted baguette, red wine reduction Sautee Prawns €9.95 Large Atlantic prawns in garlic, chili & white wine, dipping baguette Garlic Mushroom on Toast €6.50 Melted camembert, herb salad, hollandaise sauce Buffalo Wings Heff’s hot sauce, celery and pickle sticks, crème fraîche dip


Boneless Coq Chicken bites tossed in Heff’s hot sauce, crème fraîche dip



Mon - Fri 12pm - 4pm Striploin Steak Sandwich With sauteéd mushrooms & onions, peppercorn sauce, pomme frites


Boeuf steaks are 100% Irish beef. All our beef is hip hung for a minimum of 28 days. Each steak is cooked to your preference, served on a seasoned cast iron plate with black truffle oil and sautéed french onion crouton.


Triple filtered still/sparkling water


10oz Prime Rump

This cut has a firm texture with a very rich beef flavour. Best cooked medium-rare or medium.

9oz New York Striploin


8oz Rib Eye off the Bone


7oz Fillet Mignon


A little firmer than fillet, light even marbling gives this cut a stronger flavour. Cooked to your preference

Highly marbled with a large centre of fat, giving this cut a juicy texture and succulent rich flavour. Best cooked medium-rare or medium Cut from the tenderloin, very tender steak low in fat, milder in flavour. Cooked to your preference

17oz Boeuf Tasting Plate for Two

A cut from each of the steak above. A great way to enjoy and compare all our beef cuts. Best cooked medium-rare or medium


Veggie Tofu Steak €14 Smoked pesto tofu with sautéed spinach, onion, green beans, avocado salad, hollandaise dressing

Steak Toppings

Smoked Boeuf €3.50 Smoke your steak in a hickory and rosemary mist

Sautéed prawns Pan Fried Foie Gras Grilled Portobello Mushroom Grilled Tomato Black Pudding Dijon Toast Fried Duck or Hen Egg Grilled Chorizo Sausage

€7.50 €5.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50

Herb Brandy Butter Garlic Butter Pickled Chilli Butter Blue Cheese Butter

€1.50 €1.50 €1.50 €1.50

Mash Potato

Buttered Black Pepper, Truffle Raclette & Onion Chorizo & Paprika Red Wine Gravy Pesto & Parmesan Blue Cheese Garlic & Herb

€2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50 €2.50

Steak Fromage

Grilled Raclette Peppecorn Raclette Chilli Raclette Pesto Raclette Melted Camembert Crumbled Blue Cheese

Croquettes Classic Blue Cheese Chorizo & Pesto

€2.95 €2.95 €2.95 €2.95 €2.95 €2.95

Horseradish Cream €2.00 Basil Pesto €2.00 Smoked Chilli Pesto €2.00 Boeuf Mayonnaise €1.50 Chilli Crème Fraîche €1.50


Steak Crusts

Mix peppercorn Crispy Bacon & Blue Cheese Smoked Minced Chilli Pesto & Parmesan English Mustard & Crumbs

€2.95 €2.95 €2.95 €2.95 €2.95

Brandy Peppercorn Blue Cheese Peppercorn Béarnaise Red Wine Jus Heff’s Hot Steak Sauce

€2.00 €2.00 €2.00 €2.00 €2.00

€2.75 Onion Rings €2.50 €2.75 Pommes Frites €2.75 €2.75 Parmesan & Truffle Frites €2.75 Home Frites €2.95 Gratin Grilled Raclette Home Frites €3.95 Raclette €2.75 Pesto & Parmesan €2.75 Crumbled Blue Cheese €2.75 Garlic & Camembert €2.75


Mushroom French Beans Wilted Spinach Creamed Spinach


€2.75 €2.75 €2.75 €2.95

Rustic Leaves €2.50 Tomato & Pesto €2.50 Spinach & Blue Cheese €3.50 Avocado Leaves €3.50

Boeuf Menu  
Boeuf Menu