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by Esmi Gonzalez

A New Year is upon us and once again we tell ourselves we will strive and work hard for more organization in our lives; at home and at the office. But come early February that motivation is slim to none. The key to getting motivated and staying on course is by making a written plan with goals and challenging deadlines. Focus on what is important to you, your job and a successful year. Something to remember and always keep in mind, organizing systems are not a once and done all. You will be tweaking your list with the changes that come along during the year. It’s ongoing, maybe you get a promotion and your responsibilities change, maybe you move offices, maybe you finish a large project and the list goes on. There are endless tips to getting organized at the office, but I feel these 5 basic suggestions will help cut paper clutter and save you time which in return makes you more productive:


First, write down a list of what is not working for you, what is working for you, what you wished you had accomplished last year, goals, budgets, creative ideas for business growth, etc.


Prioritize your list with the help of your “Important Notes”. List what is the most immediate to you or your team, maybe its by deadline or budget. Continue to keep this list updated accordingly.


Designate areas in your office for certain projects and jobs. Not only will you know where everything is for every project you are working on but it will save you time. Time spent looking for the supplies and files for each project. Make another area for resources and references this includes file cabinets and drawers, a closet or cabinet for office supplies and a bookshelf for research materials. Your desk of course for daily tasks.


These drawers should hold what you use on a regular basis; daily weekly or monthly. This keeps you from having to walk across the room for a file or general office supplies.

You will be able to put your hands on a file when a colleague calls asking for information. Keep “like items” together in same drawer such as, writing pads, notepads, sticky notes and stationary. Drawer dividers help keep small office supplies nice and neat and easier to locate.


This task alone will save you lots of time. You’ll know exactly where to find a file when you need it. No more digging around for several minutes looking for a file or having to reprint a document you cannot put your hands on. Find a slow time of the week to get this done, once you are caught up this task will only take you a few minutes to accomplish and a week long of satisfaction knowing where everything is located. Organizing your office can be a big job and overwhelming, break this down into small jobs. Set a deadline but make it realistic and challenging. As mentioned earlier, organizing is ongoing, keeping up with it will no doubt increase your productivity. BBM

I enjoy helping people and seeing the end result, an organized space and a happily satisfied less stressed client! I am the principal of Sort It Out, Professional Organizing Solutions. Some of our services include organizing any room in the home, downsizing, merging of two households, preparing a home for the real estate market and so much more. Serving San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels. Organization is a big part of life editing and I’d like help you sort it out! Esmi Gonzalez, Professional Organizer, Certified AIOP / Principal Sort It Out, LLC (210) 818-8250 | SORTITOUTSA.COM


Boerne Business Monthly - January 2016  
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