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EFFECTIVE NATURAL COSMETICS » ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty stands for natural cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from singular raw materials through innovative and sustainable action. «  ith plant extracts from w certified organic farming  with deep spring water confirmed efficacy  free of animal extracts

The fragrances of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty. A sensuous promise. People respond to smells on a very subliminal level. Although we’re often not even consciously aware of them, they none­­the­less evoke strong emotions. The feeling for whether something will be perceived to smell good or bad, is connected to ­expe­riences that are deeply rooted within us. Smells trigger memories, spark associations, and influence whether we ­dislike something or find it fantastic. We at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND make great efforts to con­­sciously shape the fragrances of our natural cosmetics – a very ­deman­ding task, because natural cosmetics ingredients have an in­herent smell that interacts with the fragrances added. ­Creating products with these components is a challenge that we take up with all our innovational strength. The basic benefits of cosmet­ics are care and beauty. But we want to offer more. We want the benefits of our products to be experienced on an emotional plane – through their fragrances – as soon as they’re applied. The fragrances of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products are a promise. A promise that is fulfilled by the effects of the products.

system cleansing

purifying care

Fresh and carefree, yet discreet and uncontrived: this fragrance is characteristic of the care system range Purifying Care. The first impression given by this fragrance is fresh citrus. Fruity peach and the light sweetness of raspberry enhance this freshness in the top note with a summery, invigorating component. Violet, with its character­ istically full floral note, and dry, woody vetiver ground the fruity-fresh scent and create balance. The discreet, pleasant fragrance complements the clarifying, cleansing character of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND care system range Purifying Care.

A care system for blemished skin. With soothing chamomile and ­antibacterial salicylic acid, plus licorice root extract to alleviate irritation. For skin that looks clear and pure.  ounteracts impure skin, pimples C and blackheads

 egular application helps to give R the skin a pure, clear appearance

 uards against new blemishes G forming

Efficacy scientifically confirmed


System Pre-Aging


Fruity-fresh with a delicate, ­floral­-­oriental note: this is the ­exciting ­fragrance of the EnergyNature care system range. Blood orange and mandarin make the top note of this fragrance ­pleasantly light and lively. Davana oil provides an exotic, fruity-sweet component and “opens” the fragrance for its full, sensuous heart note. This is defined by a harmonious bouquet of rose and jasmine that lend the fragrance composition complexity and depth. Cedarwood, ­san­dalwood and vanilla combine in the base to become an orientally inspired background, complemented by a sugary hint of sweetness that rounds off the accord. The exciting olfactory journey between citric freshness and oriental influences makes the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND EnergyNature care system range something very special.

A care system for normal to dry skin. Innovative, natural ingredients, such as organic caffeine, a menthol derivative, stem cells from Black Forest rose and a phytonutrient from cress, reduce and conceal ­symptoms of fatigue with an extra boost of energy and moisture. ­For a ­naturally radiant complexion.  ith organic caffeine for an W anti-fatigue effect

 ounteracts first wrinkles and C invigorates the complexion

 cooling menthol derivative provides A a kick of freshness

Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 he pre-aging effect helps to T preserve the youthfulness of the skin

6 −7

system balance


Soft, subtle, with a pleasantly light floral-balsamic note: these are the characteristics of the fragrance in the Combination Skin care system range. Three traditional and precious essential oils combine to create a sooth­ ing, rounded, unobtrusive olfactory experience. Sensuously fragrant ylang-ylang oil relaxes with its floral sweetness. The gentle, warm smell of sandalwood supports the balancing character of the fragrance ­composition. Slightly dry and woody-balsamic cedar oil provides a bal­ ancing nuance and brings equilibrium to the fragrance. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND’s Combination Skin care system range smells so relaxing.

A care system for an oily T-zone and skin with large pores. With algae extracts and green tea to counteract oily areas of skin. With regular use of the products, the skin looks smoothed and refined. For a mattified complexion and visibly refined pores.  attifies the complexion and M gives the skin a smoothed appearance

Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 estores the original moisture R to the skin


System Stimulant


The fresh scent of a wild rose ­blooming in the morning, slowly turning into the fullness of an ornamental rose: this is the ­fragrance of the Rose Dew care system range. A fresh rose fragrance defines the top note, while citronella oil, gerani­um, petitgrain, and a hint of mint and bergamot provide light accents. Rose oil and rose absolute, carried by palmarosa, bring the ornamental rose to life in the heart note. The floral notes of neroli and ylang-ylang add to this impression and combine harmoniously with the honey-­like fragrance of mimosa. Accents of clove and ginger en­hance the com­po­ sition with their pleasant sharpness. The base of the fragrance captures the floral-rosy character of soothing patchouli and sandalwood notes, which are intensified by the subtly resinous character of labdanum. A hint of tonka provides a slight sweetness. It is the characteristic rose tones of the fragrance that give the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Rose Dew care system range its name.

A care system for small creases and dry skin. Moisturizing ginkgo and rose water relax the skin. For a smooth, plumped complexion.  timulates the skin and refreshes S the complexion

Counteracts first creases Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 upplies beneficial moisture and S relieves a feeling of tightness

10 − 11

system hydro


Sparkling and refreshing, light and discreet: that’s the invigorating fragrance of the AquaNature care system range. The invigorating citrus fruits grapefruit, lemon and bergamot character­ ize the top note of this fragrance and leave behind a clear and positive impression, full of energy. Maté, with its slightly herbal fragrance, ­gently supports these vitalizing nuances. Hawthorn gives honey-like harmo­nious accents to the heart note. Mastic softly symphonizes the fragrance composition and offers a light, balsamic, yet vitalizing base. The ­perfect fragrance for the intensely moisturizing ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND A ­ quaNature care system range.

A care system for first wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Only well-­ ­mois­turized skin is able to protect itself against wrinkles and retain its tone over a longer period. Phyto cells from papyrus reduce moisture loss. Hyaluronic acid revitalizes. For skin smoothness you can see and feel.  oisturizes the skin deep down M and helps it to bind moisture over the long term

 elps the skin to retain its tone H over a longer period Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 rotects against wrinkles caused P by dryness

12 − 13

system vitality

ll regeneration

Delicately floral, sensuous, and yet absolutely self-confident: ­the ­fragrance of the much-loved LL Regeneration care ­system  range. The classic scents of rose and jasmine form the invigorating, optimistic heart note of this fragrance. The expressive character of clove enhances this positive aura and gives the fragrance a spicy balsamic note. Vanilla offers a feel-good nuance, while geranium provides a floral co­mponent. Vetiver brings balance and grounds the composition. Cedarwood and sandalwood round off the fragrance experience with a velvety-soft note. The subtle synergy of these expressive olfactory ingredients ­contributes to the standing the LL Regeneration care system has  en­joyed for 40 years – as one of the most successful ­ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND product ranges.

A care system for skin in need of regeneration. The highly effective LL-Biokomplex® contains a combination of precious active ingredients that is proven to accelerate the cell renewal process. For a younger, fresher radiance.  ith the highly effective W ­LL-Biokomplex® that is proven to accelerate the cell renewal process

 or visible new freshness and F a vibrant radiance Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 or demanding skin in need F of regeneration

14 − 15

System anti-aging


Elegant, sensuous and feminine: the fragrance composition of the System Absolute care system range presents itself with self-­confidence. Precious rose and orchid combine with hyacinth, magnolia and white jasmine into an opulent fragrance composition that flatters, but is still discreet. The warm base of the fragrance creates balance: patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla blend to become a harmonious background. Sophisticated, elegant and self-confident, the fragrance corresponds to the character of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND System Absolute care system range.

A care system for wrinkles and demanding skin. Polysaccharides from a green alga and the tara tree intensify skin density and assist in activating collagen and elastin. For more tone and vitality. Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles

Pigmentation deposits are reduced

 oticeably revitalized and N smoothed skin

Efficacy scientifically confirmed

16 − 17

System biolifting


A feminine, modern fragrance that displays elegant understatement: this fragrance composition ­characterizes the NatuRoyale care system range. A fresh and vibrant top note, slightly reminiscent of Earl Grey, opens to the modern green character of ivy. Rose, magnolia, jasmine, violet and lily combine in the heart note as a classic, floral bouquet. Peach adds a light, velvety-fruity note. Sandalwood rounds off the ­fragrance with a nuance of sensuousness. A fragrance full of expression, expertly combining modern and classic elements, that underlines the exclusive character of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NatuRoyale care system range.

A care system for mature skin. Luxurious natural ingredients like white truffle are combined with the latest know-how from state-of-the-art biological science to create the natural Biolifting complex. This activates the skin’s natural regeneration and stimulates cell renewal. For a ­remarkable lifting effect, and visibly firmed and smoothed skin. Biolifting complex for a lifting effect

Stimulates cell renewal

 kin firmness and smoothness you S can see and feel

Efficacy scientifically confirmed

 ctivates the skin’s natural A regeneration

18 − 19


Timelessly masculine with fresh woody-spicy nuances: this is the fragrance of the For Men care system. Fresh citric nuances of lemon and lime are complemented in the top note by a modern, light herbal note of coriander and sage. Clary sage and lavandin add the echo of a relaxed, herbaceous lavender scent to the composition. The fragrance is given its body in the heart note and is enhanced with a dry, slightly floral component by jasmine, ­geranium and petitgrain. Cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, tobacco and labdanum blend together with a distinctively masculine expression to round off this timeless fragrance composition. A straightforward ­fragrance that captures the character of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND For Men care system in a pleasant way.

A care system for men’s skin. From revitalizing shower gel to rich ­shaving cream, right through to intensive care cream: men find all the cleansing and care requirements of their skin fulfilled. For skin that looks fresh, alive and cared for.  healthy, alive and cared for A appearance from head to foot

Moisturizing and invigorating Efficacy scientifically confirmed

With an anti-aging complex

20 − 21


Lively, warm and full of well-being: that’s the carefree, summery ­fragrance of our Sun Care ­products. The balanced synergy of citrus oils from lemon, bergamot, orange and mandarin characterizes the carefree top note of this fragrance. The fine nuances of juice and peel, and the sparkling freshness of a newly mown meadow provide invigorating accents. Delicate floral ­elements from lily of the valley, iris and jasmine give the fragrance body and ­cosmetic appeal. Moss, as a base note, rounds off the composition. ­The summery­-­ warm fragrance adds to the popularity of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Sun Care products.

Care products for untroubled enjoyment of the sun. Skin-compatible sun filters and kombu alga extract protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays. A sea buckthorn complex and vitamin E ensure healthy cell activity. For skin that is protected and cared for.  kin-compatible sun filters and kombu S alga extract, together with a sea buckthorn complex and vitamin E, ensure healthy cell activity

 un Care and Sun Anti Aging S products Efficacy scientifically confirmed

22 − 23

glossary of FRAGRANCES BERGAMOT Bergamot belongs to the citrus genus and is a ­hybrid of citron and bitter orange. It is primarily cultivated for its characteristic, fresh and tangy fragrance.

GERANIUM The geranium originates from Morocco. Geranium essential oil is very popular in cosmetics and ­perfumery. It has a fine floral smell, reminiscent of the scent of roses.

BLOOD ORANGE The tangier blood orange originates from Asia and is characterized by its dark red flesh. The blood orange essential oil used in fragrances is obtained from the peel. The oil smells fruity, slightly sweet and a little warmer than regular ­orange.

GINGER Originating from China, ginger is popular and well known as a spice, but is also deployed as a medicinal remedy and a fragrance. The euphoric smell of ginger is fresh and spicy, with a slightly bitter, sharp note.

CEDARWOOD Today, cedarwood oil for perfumery is normally obtained from the North African Atlas cedar. The warm, woody-masculine fragrance is often used in combination with sandalwood and has a harmonizing effect. CITRONELLA OIL Citronella oil is obtained from lemongrass which originates from Asia and is also very popular as a herb. The fresh and fruity smell of the oil has a ­relaxing effect and relieves stress. CLARY SAGE Clary sage comes from the Mediterranean region and is known as a herb and medicinal plant. ­Today, it enjoys great popularity in perfumery and cosmetics. Clary sage has an intensely spicy ­fragrance with a sweet and dry note. CLOVE Cloves originally come from the Philippines. They have been a popular spice and medicinal plant since ancient times. Their fragrance is strong and spicy with a slightly sweet c ­ omponent. CORIANDER Coriander originates from North Africa and the Near East. In many cultures it is popular as a herb and a medicinal plant. The refreshingly ­invig­orating fragrance is spicy and intensive with a fresh, lemony note. DAVANA OIL Davana is an aromatic herb from India. It has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. The essential oil smells sensuously warm with a fruity sweet note.

GRAPEFRUIT A citrus fruit, grapefruit is a cross between sweet orange and pomelo. The refreshing, slightly bitter and tangy fragrance of grapefruit essential oil has a stimulating and uplifting effect. HAWTHORN Hawthorn belongs to the rose family and has a strong floral note. It is very widespread in North America, and is also indigenous to Europe both as a tree and a shrub. HYACINTH The hyacinth, with its strong scent, belongs to the asparagus family and is used both as an orna­ men­tal plant and in fragrance extraction. It has an ­intensive floral fragrance with a green note. IRIS Iris, which is also native to Europe, was named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow (Iris) ­because of its striking flowers. The mildly sweet iris fragrance is reminiscent of violets and ­exudes a light, earthy warmth. JASMINE Jasmine originates from India and has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant and fragrance. Jasmine flowers for fragrance extraction are picked by hand before sunrise. The essential oil has a very intensive, soft and sensuously floral scent. LABDANUM Labdanum is obtained from rock roses in sum­ mer, when they secrete an oily resin from their leaves. Labdanum was popular as an incense in ancient times and, today, is valued in perfumery for its mellow balsamic character.

24 − 25

LAVANDIN Lavandin is a hybrid variety of lavender and is ­primarily used in fragrance extraction. Like the classic lavender fragrance, lavandin has a sooth­ ing effect and smells floral and fresh with a ­herbaceous note.

MIMOSA The mimosa is a South American subshrub, but the name is also used to refer to the acacia culti­ vated as an ornamental tree or shrub. Mimosa ­absolute is obtained from its leaves. The fragrance is intensive and reminiscent of violets. It has a light green note.

LEMON The lemon came to Europe from China and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Its high ­vitamin content makes it very popular. Lemon es­ sential oil obtained from the peel is a much-loved fragrance. It smells fresh and fruity with tangy, clear notes.

MINT The smell of peppermint is well known from toothpaste and chewing gum. However, mint is also a time-proven medicinal plant and popular in aromatherapy. The clear, extremely minty ­fragrance has a refreshing effect.

LILY Thanks to its striking flowers and esthetic appear­ ance, the lily is a popular ornamental plant in many cultures, but has also been used medicinally since time immemorial. The fragrance of lily is intensive and very feminine.

MOSS When moss is used in fragrances, it is normally a lichen growing on the bark of oak trees that provides the oakmoss resinoid. Mossy and earthy, with woody, leathery nuances, moss is a popular fragrance note.

LILY OF THE VALLEY The domestic lily of the valley, with its character­ istic scent, is a much-loved herald of springtime. Its essential oil is a popular ingredient in perfumes. Its fragrance is intensely sweet, floral and ­bewitching.

NEROLI Valuable neroli oil is obtained from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. The oil has a healing ­effect, but is especially popular in perfumery. The light fragrance has a sweet freshness with a spicy, dry note.

LIME Lime originates from South Africa and is valued as an ingredient for its distinctive acidity which gives it a special note. It has the tangiest, freshest scent of all the citrus fruits. Lime fragrance has an invigorating effect.

PALMAROSA Palmarosa is a tropical fragrant grass related to citronella and lemongrass. The pleasant, rose-like fragrance is floral and mild, and has a balancing effect.

MAGNOLIA Magnolia shrubs and trees, with their striking, lush flowers, are popular ornamental plants. ­Magnolia has an intensive floral scent with a slightly spicy note that is reminiscent of mild honey. The fragrance has a calming effect. MANDARIN Mandarin is a citrus fruit. It has been cultivated for several thousand years and enjoys enormous popularity as a fruit. Its cheery fragrance is also much-used in perfumery. Its light citric note is complemented by a fruity sweetness. MASTIC This resin from the Greek mastic pistacia lentiscus is known traditionally as an incense. However, it is also used in cosmetics and medicine. The fra­ grance of mastic combines a harmonious balsamic note with fresh nuances of lemon. MATÉ The maté shrub comes from South America, where its leaves are traditionally used to make a stimulating infusion. Maté is also becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world. Its fragrance is light, dry and exhilaratingly fresh.

PATCHOULI The Indian and Javanese patchouli subshrubs are used to obtain the fragrance. Very intensive, sweet and earthy, balsamic-woody and l­ong-­lasting, ­patchouli is used in many fragrance c ­ ompositions. PEACH Originally from China, it was the Romans who brought the peach to Europe. However, the popu­ lar fruit with its characteristic velvety skin also stands for a typical fragrance with fruity-sweet, very feminine nuances. PETITGRAIN Petitgrain essential oil is obtained from the leaves of the bitter orange tree and other citrus trees. The blossomy fresh fragrance has a herbaceous, dry note and an uplifting effect. RASPBERRY The domestic raspberry is a member of the rose family. Its berries are a very popular fruit and ­contain a large number of vitamins. The typical sweet and fruity scent of the berry is a m ­ uch-loved aroma and fragrance.

ROSE The rose has been cultivated as an ornamental plant for more than 2000 years. Rose oil is ob­ tained from the petals, and rose absolute – one of the most valuable fragrance raw materials in the world – from the buds. The characteristic intensive fragrance of rose is long-lasting and often has warm, honey-like, spicy nuances. SAGE Sage originally comes from the Mediterranean ­region and is known as a herb and medicinal plant. Its spicy, herbaceous fragrance with fresh nuances is a popular complement for lavender and lemon fragrances. SANDALWOOD Sandalwood originates from India. It has been used as an incense and in cosmetic products for a long time. Both white and yellow sandalwood are deployed in perfumery. Sandalwood is charac­ terized by a soft, balsamic-sweet note.

VANILLA The vanilla is an orchid and its feel-good aroma was already valued by the Aztecs. Vanilla has an exquisitely sweet and warm, yet slightly balsamic fragrance, and is a mood-lifter. VETIVER Vetiver is a grass originating from tropical Asia. It has an aromatic-green aroma with balsamic notes and lemon facets. VIOLET Today, violet is found throughout Europe. Violet essential oil is an expensive fragrance raw material. The much-loved scent of violet is very intense, herbaceous and green, with leafy notes and floral nuances. YLANG-YLANG In Malaysian, ylang-ylang means “flower of flowers”. The sweet, floral fragrance of its essential oil is slightly heady, and very sensuous and relaxing.

TOBACCO The tobacco plant originally came to Europe from America and was used medicinally. The ­tobacco-­leaf resinoid is deployed in perfumery. It has a strong, sweet and warm tobacco fragrance, which harmonizes well with masculine fragrance accords. TONKA The tonka tree comes from South America. From its beans, which are also used as a spice, an absolute is obtained for perfumery. The fragrance of tonka is sweet and warm, and is reminiscent of woodruff with soft caramel notes.

26 − 27

Made in the black forest est.

Börlind GmbH Lindenstr. 15 75365 Calw, Germany Black Forest

Photography: © Frank Burkhard Fotografie


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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Fragrance handbook  
ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Fragrance handbook  

The fragrances of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products are a promise. A promise that is fulfilled by the effects of the products.