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EFFECTIVE NATURAL COSMETICS » ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty stands for natural cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from unique raw materials through innovative, sustainable action. « WITH PLANT EXTRACTS FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMING OWN DEEP SPRING WATER CONFIRMED EFFICACY FREE OF ANIMAL EXTRACTS

Metamorphoses. Find out how beauty is created from unremarkable algae at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty. These days, when we talk about feeding the world’s growing population, solving our energy problems or finding new ingredients for cosmetics, the conversation quickly turns to water-dwelling organisms that seem unremarkable at first glance: algae. Algae are the most widespread organisms in our earth’s waters. There are around 40,000 known species of algae but the total number could be ten times greater. And the functions of the different algae are as diverse as their species. Half of the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere are produced by photosynthesis in algae. Algae are essential for human existence. Whether they are used for climate protection, as a raw material, a source of energy or food, the potential uses for algae are unlimited. Their appearance, smell and toughness do not make them the most appealing plants. However, they are an exciting research field for scientists. Algae have a fascinating ability to retain moisture, which enables them to survive at low tide and in dazzling sunshine. This is why they are of such great interest as a source of active ingredients for cosmetics. Research into algae and coastal plants has yielded a diverse array of potential uses and modes of action. These findings are being applied in the cosmetics industry – and in ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty products. Our company’s head of Research & Development is originally from Brittany. Perhaps this explains our affinity for these ocean treasure. We now use 14 different algae and other marine plants in our natural cosmetics – as either consistency enhancers or active ingredients. A pioneering scientific spirit drives our continued exploration of this exciting area of nature and ensures that we apply our latest findings to the development of new products. We work to create beauty from unremarkable plants.


Knotted wrack is found on rocks and walls in the intertidal zone, where the fronds are tossed about in the currents of the sea. This brown algae species is especially fond of the vigorous intertidal zones of the Atlantic but it feels at home pretty much anywhere. With its characteristic air bladders, knotted wrack can be found along the coastlines of Brazil, the Canary Islands, the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Knotted wrack from Brittany is used in ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products. We derive an extract that regulates sebum, counters free radicals and makes the complexion more radiant from knotted wrack.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products containing this extract include TONER, LIGHT DAY ESSENCE and NIGHT CREAM in the COMBINATION SKIN systematic care series. Regulates sebum.

Evens out the complexion.

Slight brightening effect.

Leaves the complexion more radiant.




Tangle grows in sublittoral zones. It anchors itself firmly to underwater rocks, forming opulent, extensive kelp forests. Each spring, these forests grow new fronds and shed the old ones. Tangle is a perennial brown algae species that is native to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic. In German-speaking regions, it is named “Palmentang” because it has the shape of a palm tree. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses tangle from Norway. This brown algae species contains a type of polysaccharide that is used as a natural botanical gelling agent. The gelling agent has a stabilizing effect and regulates texture fluidity.

This natural gelling agent is used in VITALIZING DAY CREAM, which is part of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND ENERGYNATURE systematic care series. Vegan gelling agent. Regulates texture fluidity.




Irish moss has a characteristic fan shape and it grows on stone substrate. It is found in both seas with strong waves and calmer waters. Irish moss is a red algae species and its color ranges from an intense deep red to a purplish brown. It tolerates fluctuations in salt content and can be found in the northeastern Atlantic from Norway to Morocco, as well as in the Northwest Atlantic. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND sources this red alga from Canada’s Atlantic coast, Ireland and France. An important gelling agent is derived from Irish moss. This red algae species also contains high levels of antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, which protect against the harmful effects of free radicals, thus preventing premature wrinkles.

The ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products with Irish moss include STRENGTHENING FACIAL GEL, MILD CLEANSING EMULSION and REGENERATIVE EYE CREAM, which are all part of the ZZ SENSITIVE systematic care series. Rich in vitamins E and C.

Counteracts premature wrinkles.

Protects against free radicals.

High moisture retention.




This unicellular green algae species likes very salty environments and occurs in both natural and artificial waters. The single cells of this extremely versatile green algae species vary in color from green to dark red. Although it spans the Antarctic to desert regions near the equator, ANNEMARIE BĂ–RLIND uses green alga from Israel. Green alga is known as an excellent source of beta-carotene. The colorless carotenoids that are derived from it provide protection against UV radiation and free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin.

Carotenoids derived from green alga are used in the BB CREAM from ANNEMARIE BĂ–RLIND. Protects against UV radiation and free radicals.

Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory.

Prevents premature aging of the skin.




Tape weed likes waters that are rich in nutrient salts, which is why it is usually at home in coastal waters. Tape weed is typically flat but contains air pockets enable the tube-like fronds to remain upright in the water at all times. This seaweed can be found worldwide in coastal waters. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND sources it from India. We derive an ingredient that reduces the signs of aging from this green alga. Tape weed is also used in Japanese cuisine.

The following products from the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND SYSTEM ABSOLUTE ANTI-AGING systematic care series contain tape weed: EYE CREAM, BEAUTY FLUID, NIGHT CREAM, NIGHT CREAM LIGHT, CLEANSING LOTION, DAY CREAM, and DAY CREAM LIGHT. Reduces the signs of aging.

Smooths the skin.

Fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.




Serrated wrack prefers protective environments. It grows from the intertidal zones subject to the ebb and flow of the tide to the depths of the submerged kelp forest. This perennial species of brown algae is considered a large alga because it can grow to a length of 30 centimeters. A holdfast anchors this alga to its substrate. Serrated wrack gets its name from the sharply serrated edges of its fronds. It thrives in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and along the eastern shores of the North Atlantic from Spitsbergen to Spain. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses serrated wrack from Brittany. The brown algae extract derived from serrated wrack protects and nourishes the skin.

The following products from the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND FOR MEN range contain serrated wrack: AFTER SHAVE BALM, AFTER SHAVE GEL, REVITALIZING CREAM and REVITALIZING SHOWER GEL. Relaxes the skin.

Provides intensive nourishment.

Fortifies and protects.



GREEN CAVIAR CAULERPA LENTILLIFERA (Sea grapes / green algae extract)

Green caviar, which is also known as sea grapes, is native to coastal regions in the Indo-Pacific. It is a green algae species. The characteristic tiny globules of this algae species are reminiscent of caviar. “Green caviar” is a very popular delicacy in Filipino and Japanese cuisine. In Asia, sea grapes are farmed in ponds. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses green caviar from Vietnam. The green alga extract improves the skin’s texture and has a firming effect. It helps to reduce the signs of aging.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products containing green caviar include ANTI-POLLUTION & REGENERATION SERUM for skin that requires regeneration and ANTI-POLLUTION & MOISTURE SERUM for dry skin. Improves the skin’s texture.

Reduces the signs of aging.

Firms the skin.




Golden kelp has adapted to life in the intertidal zone. This edible seaweed contains high levels of iodine and is very popular in northeastern Asia. Golden kelp’s habitat is the intertidal zone, which means that it is exposed to bright sunlight during low tide. As a result, it has developed active defense mechanisms. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses golden kelp from Brittany. The active ingredients in this algae species protect the skin from the negative effects of increased UV radiation and fortify the skin’s natural barrier.

The following ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND SUN products contain golden kelp: DNA-PROTECT SUN CREAM SPF 30, COOLING SUN SPRAY SPF 30, SUN CREAM SPF 15, SUN CREAM SPF 30, SUN CREAM SPF 50, SUN MILK SPF 30 and SUN SPRAY SPF 20. Protects against UV radiation.

Fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.

Anti-inflammatory effect.




Clawed fork weed grows deep underwater, either on rocky substrates or as large, floating mats. The large floating mats formed by clawed fork weed are easy to harvest and harvesting is most common off the coasts of Canada and Denmark. Clawed fork weed is also important as a habitat for spawning fish, for example. Due to its importance as a habitat, some countries have restricted the harvest of clawed fork weed to specific seasons. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses clawed fork weed from Estonia. We derive an ingredient that stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid from this alga.

Clawed fork weed is used in ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND HYDRO BOOSTER serum and HYDRO GEL MASK. Stimulates the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.

Firms the skin.

Boosts the skin’s moisture content.




Phytoplankton, which means “plant plankton,” prefer standing and slow-moving bodies of water. Phytoplankton are microscopically small organisms. The term mainly refers to diatoms, green algae, golden algae, cyanobacteria and bacteria. Their oxygen production capability makes them important. Estimates indicate that 50 – 80 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by phytoplankton. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses phytoplankton from the Aber Benoît river in Brittany. The polysaccharide that we derive supports cell regeneration and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier. It counteracts acne, decreases pore size and moisturizes.

We use phytoplankton in ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND BEAUTY SHOTS and our 2 IN 1 BLACK MASK. Supports cell regeneration.


Refines the complexion.




Blood-rain alga is a small, unicellular freshwater algae species. When its habitat conditions are poor, the astaxanthin it contains gives it a spectacular red color. Astaxanthin, which is a carotenoid, is responsible for the alga’s red color. The blood-rain alga is one of the most important sources of industrial astaxanthin. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses blood-rain alga from Hawaii. Astaxanthin reduces the signs of skin aging caused by sunlight and protects skin against damage from UV light. It fortifies the skin’s natural barrier and has an antioxidant effect.

Astaxanthin is used in the following ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products: NATUPERFECT ANTI-PIGMENT & BRIGHTENING FLUID, BODY LIND FRESH DRY BODY OIL, VITAMIN ENERGIZER and VITAMIN DUO MASK. Protects skin against sunlight-related aging.

Antioxidant effect.

Fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.




Dead man’s fingers, also known as green sea fingers, is a green algae species that is found all over the world. It prefers temperate waters. Dead man’s fingers is classified as a large alga because it grows to a length of 20 – 50 centimeters. This dark green alga grows on a rocky substrate in the low intertidal and subtidal zones. It adapts extremely well to fluctuations in temperature. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses dead man’s fingers from southern France. The extract derived from this alga counters free radicals and moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

Dead man’s fingers is used in REVITALIZING REHYDRATION SERUM and SMOOTHING DAY CREAM LIGHT, which are part of the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND AQUANATURE systematic care series. Counters free radicals.

Regenerates the skin.





The sea daffodil is a coastal plant whose habitat of choice in the wild is the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This hardy, herbaceous plant grows to a height of 60 – 75 centimeters. It has a special feature: the large, fragrant flowers that bloom on one afternoon only and wither the next morning. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND sources sea daffodils from Brittany, where they are grown in greenhouses on an island. The extract derived from this plant reduces liver spots and prevents the formation of new ones.

Sea daffodils are used in the following ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NATUROYALE systematic care series products: LIFTING SERUM, DAY CREAM and NIGHT CREAM. Minimizes liver spots and prevents their formation. Leaves the complexion more even.




Glasswort also goes by the names of sea asparagus and marsh samphire. The origin of the name “glasswort” dates back to when the plant’s ash was a coveted raw material in the production of glass. Glasswort is mainly found on the tidal flats and seashores of the northern hemisphere. Glasswort likes salty conditions, so it can be found growing in salt marshes or inland in salty soil. The plant belongs to the amaranth family and the ends of its shoots are bent like horns. Glasswort is full of minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in food. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses glasswort from Brittany. The extract derived from glasswort has a moisturizing effect, activates the skin’s natural synthesis of urea and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.

Glasswort is used in the following ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND AQUANATURE systematic care series products: PLUMPING EYE CREAM, SMOOTHING DAY CREAM LIGHT and SMOOTHING DAY CREAM. Moisturizes.

Fortifies the skin’s natural barrier.

Activates the skin’s natural production of urea.




Oarweed is a large brown algae species whose shape is similar to that of a palm tree. It is found on the coasts of the northern Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Oarweed is perennial and although it was traditionally gathered from beaches following storms, nowadays it is harvested from the sea floor. This brown algae species is mainly used for iodine production. A byproduct of this production process is alginate. Alginates provide structure within the oarweed and are important for flexibility and strength. In cosmetic products, they act as a natural gelling agent. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND uses alginate from Iceland.

Alginates are used as a gelling agent in ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND ANTI-POLLUTION & REGENERATION SERUM for skin that requires regeneration and in ANTI-POLLUTION & MOISTURE SERUM for dehydrated skin. Natural gelling agent.




Also called slake, purple laver is predominantly found along the coastlines of the North Atlantic and the North Sea. Purple laver is found in the intertidal zone as far up as the high tide line. This red algae species forms folded, wavy thalli with smooth surfaces. It is a familiar sight on many beaches and harbor walls. ANNEMARIE BĂ–RLIND uses purple laver from Brittany. Due to its wealth of polysaccharides, fatty acids, beta-carotene and proteins, this alga is of great interest to the cosmetics and food industries. The active ingredient derived from purple laver firms, strengthens and regenerates the skin.

Purple laver is used in ANNEMARIE BĂ–RLIND 3 IN 1 FACE OIL. Firms and strengthens the skin. Regenerates.



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Algae handbook  
Algae handbook  

Metamorphoses. Find out how beauty is created from unremarkable algae at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty.