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December 2009

Dear friends, On the last day of the year we thought it was good to send out an English newsletter. The Dutch news described 2009 as a year with little room for ‘light’ news, and this is also how we feel about it personally. 2009 has been a year with many ups and downs. Read on as we try to give you a summary of it.


Personal support

In our personal lives, the last year has been marked by the illness of Marks father. Suffering from prostate cancer already for a few years, he was diagnosed incurable earlier this year. Over the last month, his condition has deteriorated very quickly to the point that doctors expect him to live only for a few months still. We know his life is in Gods hands, but it is still a difficult and emotional road to go for all of us.

As with all Agapè staff, we also have had to increase our personal support in order to comply with the new policies. And we also have found this not to be an easy task. We feel very blessed by knowing that as of next January, new supporters will join in that help us to be almost on full support. However, we are still looking for some extra sponsors, preferably monthly. Any gift is appreciated, as we need to make some extra household and personal expenses the next few months.

In the midst of all this, we have experienced Gods grace and protection in our little family. The kids are doing really well: Rosa turned 9 last November, and at the same day had straight A’s for a show-and-tell and a geography test! Sara is 7 years old, has ballet classes and is also doing well at school. Tomas almost turns 4, the age to go to primary school - which he and his mom are looking forward to! Last week, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Amsterdam with just the two of us. We enjoyed the Hermitage and Van Gogh museums, the dining, the little hotel and the beauty of the city. It was very good!

The new year In all honesty, we expect the year 2010 to be a difficult year for us personally. At the same time, for the ministry we hope it to be a year of growth and multiplication. And we know that what ever it will be, we can trust in Gods presence and rely on Jesus in every aspect of our lives. We are very thankful for all your support, prayer, finances and for the fact that you are partnering with us in Gods Kingdom. Enclosed is a ‘year in photo’ and our deepest wish for all of you: that whatever, whenever, you may experience Gods grace, goodness and blessings. Mark & Mira Rosa, Sara & Tomas

Agapè and church The year has been turbulent for Agapè as well. In March we faced severe financial problems due to the crisis. We were forced to make some hard decisions (cost cutting and even cutting some ministries). At the same time, we were restructuring the staff salary system. This brought a lot of stress to us as leaders. Fortunately, we were able to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ministry in September with a large group of staff, friends and disciples from the Netherlands, Europe and even abroad. And at the end of this year, it is very special to see that God is in control: we have seen major progress in finances, organisation as well as in ministry goals. This year was our first year as part of the church leadership. We have enjoyed making our contribution in preaching and teaching and overall vision casting. One special event was to have our ministry colleagues Henk & Tiny Veltman do a study weekend on discipleship.

COLOFON Are you interested in partnering with us and our ministry? Prayer: drop us an email and become part of our Club of 30, and pray one day a month for us. Financial support: give through giro 102.14.74 of stichting Agapè, Doorn, indicate code 2 (fam. De Boer). You can also give through CCC worldwide ( Mark en Mira de Boer Novemberstraat 67 NL 1335EZ Almere-Buiten +31 36-5352026

English Newsletter  

Dec 2009 newsletter of De Boer family

English Newsletter  

Dec 2009 newsletter of De Boer family